Billions (2016–…): Season 3, Episode 10 - Redemption - full transcript

Ben has an idea for a quick play. Chuck and Wendy play host to an unexpected guest. Axe meets with an eccentric potential investor. Chuck opens a risky new investigation. Axe and Lara make a new arrangement.

Previously on Billions...

We're doing a massive cap raise.
And quickly.

First money
post-indictment precludes

institutional investors.

We need the icebreaker now.

We need Grigor Andolov.

There was this little boy.

And I take his mother
away from the square.

Behind the soldiers.

After, I leave her
for the soldiers.

This little boy, do you
know what happened to him?


No one ever knows.

Bryan Connerty, meet the
head of the New York office.

Assistant Director
Frances Lynch.


- Yes. I am.

Unless you're going to swing
on me like some Irish punk?

They say you can't ride two
horses with one behind,

but in today's business
world, it's a smart move,

Still pretty sharp
for an old dog.

When we spoke this morning,
you were in California.

You came to help me
with the algorithm?

To keep you company.

You are now officially
but unofficially

the proud owner of half of
my half of Panay's fund,

You decide what's right
and what's wrong.

With no one to appease.

You're forgetting Jock Jeffcoat.

His thumb pressing down on me...
I don't like it.

It's not enough to resist

or not resist Jock anymore.

You have to assassinate
this motherfucker.

♪ Dramatic music ♪

♪ Dramatic music ♪



♪ Dramatic music ♪





They call it the... wood,

isn't that right, Mr. Kornbluth?

That they do. The front page.

Even though almost no one
reads it on paper anymore.

Oh, they'll bring back the
bulldog edition for this one.

Carrie Caminetti...

Buffalo mayoral candidate?

Buffalo bunko man. Pay to play.

Corruption. Bribery.

It's all in there

and, though we're indicting,
you didn't get it from me.

What do you want in return?

Everything you have... Every
innuendo, allegation,

intimation... that you
couldn't substantiate,

that you've been
too scared to run,

that your editor has killed...


Jock Jeffcoat.

You're going after your boss?

Or am I protecting him?

By finding out what's
floating around on him.

You'd be pacing the perimeter
with only a walkie and pistol.

He's already well insulated
behind the moat and drawbridge.

Texas style.

The thing is: He's a rich man.

Everyone knows that.

What's he worth,
ten, fifteen mill?

No, Chuck. Whispers
are: Twenty times that.

Has PR folks whose sole job

is to keep him out of
the financial press.

Even when he was governor.

There always have been rumors
as to the way he earned it.

Many center around his brother.

The televangelist.

Right, and the ownership of the
networks he broadcasts on.


All that hidden money. Amazing.

Most folks these days
want everyone to think

they're richer than they are.

Unless they don't want questions
about how they got it.




I've received a tip that
I'm honor bound to pursue.

On Jock Jeffcoat.


Sweet Mary the Mother Blessed.

And Joseph the Carpenter too.

I'd like your help
to investigate.

Need it.

But this is dangerous.
For both of you.

So I want to give you
the chance to bail,

right now, at no cost to you.

♪ Suspenseful music ♪




Noted and appreciated.


Jock's brother is a Billy
Graham revivalist type...


During the Attorney
General vetting process,

they went deep on
him, I remember...

Oh, me too. Instead of a
tent, he has a mega-church.

They broadcast to
a loose network

of cable TV stations nationwide.

Which may be the open flank.

As the story is: The brother
owns those stations.

And that never came out publicly.
Even during the vet.

They must've planned
for that years ahead.

So they must have a reason
for wanting to hide it.

We'll dive into that.

People inside the organization
are likely to be loyal.

So find some who left. Accountants.

The New York Jews he'd hire

who got tired of the
Texas Two-Step and quit.

Maybe there's some rancor.

I'll spread some
rootie-tooties around,

make something happen.




Ask the question.

Well, I couldn't help
but think of a person

who knows a thing or
two about media deals.

Mm. I'm going to have to insist

that we leave my
father out of this.

I can't have his name written
down and talked about.

I cannot have him becoming
a target for Jock.

Of course.

I won't ask you to go to him.

Thank you.

- Ohh!

She says you have
a real forehand.

Do a thing, do it well.

Your mother teach you that?

The opposite, maybe.

Thanks for setting this up.

Listen, Axe, I'm
pulling capital.

♪ Suspenseful music ♪

All of it?

1.5 billion.

Oh, that's almost
half the investment.

I got a good opportunity.

Good for you.

A Russian oil venture.

What you would call
a "mortal lock."

Your money just landed.

I put it in, I take it out.
I shake it all about.

You know I normally
have a quarterly gate

for people with new money.

But as a courtesy to you

I let you come in without
that restriction.

And I appreciate the courtesy.

Now I must take advantage.



What'd he say?

To let you win next time.

I told him that's
never gonna happen.

You're way too smart to
believe that anyway.

You got that right.


Thanks. It was awesome.


Wags, rally the team.

We need to step up the
timeline on the raise.


The AG is here.

When you say "here"...?

Mr. Jeffcoat is in the library.

General! Had I known, I'd've
organized a marching band.

In no mood to be serenaded.

On my way in from the airport
I couldn't help but notice

what a... shithole
some areas are.

Yes, well, there's
underprivileged people

living out there
in low-income...

Shitholes, Chuck.

Gave me an idea.

Well, it was Giuliani's
brainstorm first,

back in the golden
era of Reagan.

But I'm gonna bring it
back like bell bottoms.

We are.

Federal Day.

I don't think a Federal Day

is really going to
change very much...

It will for a spell.

That's more than you've done.

You and your counterparts
are going to grab up

every city and state
drug case tomorrow

and make them our cases.

We are going to prosecute.
And hard.

You want to deploy
federal resources

in prosecuting dime bag amounts

in housing projects
and the like?

It is my fondest wish.

Ooh, by the by, um...

I have the missus in tow
with me on this trip.

And, uh, she's mentioned
how she's grown tired

of restaurant
eating on the road.


We both have...

Oh, well,

why are you eating
in restaurants,

when Wendy and I live here?!

- Oh, Chuck...
- No, no, you'll, uh...

you'll come for dinner.

What a neighborly offer.
We gladly accept.


Great. Well, all right.

Great. Okay. Very good.

Okay, we need to move
quickly on the cap raise.

The Sex Wax is going on the
surfboard as we speak.

Getting into the spirit of
talking to the primes...

I mean to say: We are
well positioned.

I've been backchanneling
with them,

and landing that Grigor money

lubricates as you
said it would...

it's telling the story
that we are back.

- Danger, Will Robinson!

I couldn't stop him, he said
it was DEFCON six urgent.

The DEFCON scale
only goes to five...


- And one is the most severe.
- Whatever.

We just had 1.5 big ones
pulled out of the firm.

- Oh, shit...
- Yeah.

That can only be one person...

It's Grigor Andolov.

And just so you know
for the future:

You don't have
walk-in privileges.


High end!


You knew? You were going to have
us lie in the raise meetings.

I thought I had a few more
days until the redemption,

which meant all the meetings we
had wouldn't have been lies.

The Street will see the drop
in assets under management

and read it as one of two
things: Redemptions or loss.

Either way fucks the cap raise.

Yeah, so. We lever
up big, and quick.

Leverage on that scale
would have to flow

from the institutions.

The Street will
know we're fucked.

Well, you have an alternative?

I do. Frotty Anisman.

- Gross.

Liquid as hell.

He works outside the
main of the business.

He's a middle man
for big money...

Middle Eastern money,
South American money,

dictators, anyone who's got it.

Sounds somewhat ideal.

You don't know him.

That is an unpalatable
idea, Wags.

Does that mean it's a no?

It's an unpalatable idea...

Taylor, scour the floor
for any quick plays

to make up the shortfall.

Obscure the reason, but make
it clear the timeframe is now.

Say it.

Carly. Victor. Panay. All
the satellite funds.

Bring them on board.

Now, that's a fucking
good idea...

But the one thing more
important than giving oxygen

to the fire of Axe Cap is
keeping my escape hatches open

in case those pricks
from the government

ever come after me again.

So, maybe, Raul.

Time to call the cops.

Bring his fund back
to the mothership.

♪ Dramatic music ♪

Raul, I got a treat
for you tonight.

This is the ramen that blew
Osakisan's mind in Tokyo.

- Enjoy.

Thanks, Ivan.

This is for you.

It's your piece of Panay.

The PIN is the date
you came to Axe Cap.

Prosperous day for us both.

As they shall continue to be.

More so once you've come back.

Shit. Come on, we've had some
quiet success with Panay.

With your hand on
the wheel, sure,

but my board of
directors likes quiet.

Your board likes
Devin Hester returns

and I'm the only one who
can take their money

a hundred and nine yards
to the promised land.

You're doing that.
Through Panay.

Still too soon.

Okay, if you're not gonna
come back yourself,

go to work for me.

Firefighters pension fund,
Sanitation workers fund,

Corrections officers...

Convince 'em to come
on board Axe Cap.

Come on, feed me some red meat, man.
You'll get a cut.

You putting me out on the
street like I used to

with my runny nosed junkie Cls.

Yeah, that drive
in your pocket's

gonna give you a lot
more motivation

than the crumpled twenties
and the methadone tabs

you used to give them.

I'll make some calls.

And I won't ask why
you're so desperate

for this immediate
cash infusion...

♪ suspenseful music ♪

I almost didn't
take this meeting.

Because Kate would
have called me,

told me the agenda

if it were something
on the actual agenda.

So you both need something from me...
but you're here alone.

You didn't want her
compromised by asking.

Well, uh...

there's a reason you're where
you are in life, Franklin.

- There are many.
- Mm.

Luck prominent among them.


And, yes, certain tools,
skills, abilities.

How can I use those
to benefit you today?

Good. Let's go right at it. Yes.

I'm trying to understand how
a particular set of deals

would have been made
several years back.

Local television station deals.
In Texas.

By powerful
government officials.

Dangerous ground for anyone
to look at these days.

More so for you.

Kind of man would I be if I
let that danger stop me?

Are you particularly
focused on deals

that revolve around
a religious center

and its ability to broadcast
its message widely?

I am.

I should be.


Follow me closely here.

I can't engage.

Can't talk
specifically about it.

I have a duty to my board
and shareholders...

Not to get the company
on the shit list

of the most powerful
lawman in the country...

And I must hew to that.

♪ Suspenseful music ♪

Let's speak more broadly, then.



Not going to sit here and run
you through how land deals...

Whose land?


How those deals were
struck a decade ago

to allow wires to run
across half the state.

How land leases,
conservation areas

and water rights might have
been eminent domained and such.

And what that might
have cost who.

And who might have benefited.

I'd never ask you to give
me that kind of info,

for the record.

No, that'd be helping me.


Which you are not.

The last time I was in Texas,
Jock was still governor.

And had oversight over
the entire state.

You know that.

What you don't know is the ways

in which he wielded
that influence.

We all, every one of us
in the media landscape,

had to kiss his ring.

After that, I thought:
Been there, done that.

And stayed away.

Never thinking he'd
end up in a place

where he could do more damage.

Unless someone,
somehow stopped him.



You're white-knuckling
your necktie.

Um... we're having dinner

with the Attorney
General and his wife.



Where are we going?

Well, they've, uh...

they've, uh, tired of
restaurant eating.

Restaurant eating?

That's like being
tired of air flying.

What other kind is there?

I'm really supposed to
cook for these people?

Do we know anything about Mrs.

Uh... goes by Anne.

Actually, that's her name.
Probably goes by Mother.

So we're doing this?

Fuck. We're doing this.

Well, I'm not putting
on an apron.

That's not a story
they're leaving with.

What then?

A quick thing?

- Sure.

Spartan-Ives for you.

Axe, I've got Kansas
City in town.

The Heavy Construction
Laborers Union fund.

They heard you got
your icebreaker.

They're coming to
you for a meeting.

Starting investment
is 500 million.

Well, we'll see about upping that number.
Send them in.

Just a warning:
They're straitlaced.

I'm taking them to
Cats, not The Box.

Okay. So we'll give them
milk with their Michter's.

And when we're sitting
at the table with 'em,

you sell them the
car with the Tru.

Go Bears!

You came in for something.

A minor key personal thing.

Can you arrange NoMad for me
and some out of town guests?

Sure. Oscar isn't
wired in New York?

He is, but I want to deliver
this for him as a present.

It's a business thing,
a little celebration.

Okay. I'll call
Will Guidara now.

You really are starting a war.

Like Costner did in Wolves.

Riding right up to
the enemy line,

letting 'em take
their shots at you,

almost daring them to kill you.

Like him, I am the
walking wounded already.

Might as well go out
Bon Jovi style.

Blaze of Glory, huh?

You've worked for me
a long while, Kate,

you've studied hard. Good one.

So we can't talk you
out of this one?


But we can be more careful than Mr.
Costner was.

So as not to tip
off Main Justice

until the case is built.

Not easy.

We refer to this
defendant as "Anonymous"

so we don't have to notify
the Inspector General

and do a Special Grand Jury,

which would blow
this whole thing up.

We have to build this one alone.

And yeah. That ain't
gonna be easy.

But, hey, if we wanted to
be in the "easy" business,

we'd have gone to med school.

I really have taught you well.

So the guy you need to
see is Ashley Cutler.

He's a principal at
Cutler Wealth Management.

It's that New York City
hedge fund that manages

the financial assets of
Jock's brother's megachurch.

Why don't I go over there?

Because Cutler Wealth
Management is a front.

♪ Suspenseful music ♪


It's a broom closet in Midtown.

What's behind it?

We don't know yet.

But we drilled down and
found his residence.

Expensive property
outside of Newburgh.

His EZ Pass and his phone
have him at the house.


You can't take your
government car.

Rental, in my name,
in the garage.


I should get on the road,

I have a dinner I
really can't miss.

I thought we were
making progress.

When I'd heard you'd
stood up to Dollar Bill.

Me too!

But it didn't last.

I think the snap back made
me even more timid, somehow.

What happened today?

You know we're looking for
short term cash generators.

I have one.

I'd like to talk,
um, to you later.

I have, maybe, I
might have an idea

to generate alpha, quickly.



This is where it all happens.
Let fly.




been tracking rental car
companies for years.

Is this an automotive play?

Because we're well
covered in that space.

- It isn't.

But there's a kernel of
an idea that's grown...

But I couldn't pitch it.

And then, I couldn't even...


It's hard to concentrate with
all of you watching right now.

Pee. I had pee fright.

Come on. Let's walk.

We do assessments of
everyone who works here.

To see who might be a candidate
for one of these offices.

The C.

That's right.

Most of the time
it just confirms

that most folks are exactly
where they should be.

They've topped out. Or worse,
are going to bottom out.

Is that what mine says?

Would I have brought you up
here if you were bottoming out?


Well, actually, I might. If I
thought you needed a jolt.

But this is not that. This is:
Right now, at this moment,

if you want to finally
live the fuck up

to your potential
instead of spiraling,

you must find a way to
shift the paradigm.

That could be your office,

or that.

CIO, picking the strategies.

COO, managing the risk.


Maybe even...


Yes, instead of
being down there,

with them.

But that's where
I'm comfortable.

No. It's where you've
made yourself fit.

Because you're so bound
up in being the smallest,

most helpful, unobtrusive
version of yourself.

Just like your mother

shits on your head for.

Now, what you need to
do to prove her wrong,

and prove it to
yourself, is something

totally out of
character, big and bold.

Something public,

that terrifies you, in
order to free yourself.

Like... recite a
sonnet to a crowd.

Invite the office
to see you skydive.

Become a Toastmaster.

Something totally
out of character.

You have to break through
the confidence barrier,

Because then...
you'll break through

the C-suite barrier, too.

♪ Dramatic music ♪




Sorry man, firefighters
won't touch you.

They sprint into
burning buildings

but they're afraid of us?

It's not fear, Wags, they're
still pissed about 9/11.

A little bit.

What about Sanitation?

Too many retired firefighters
in that union. It's a no-go.

If it's one thing
I know about you

it's that that wasn't
your only idea.

You'll move on to the next
one and make it work.

Not sure the next
one's fully formed.

That's because you
keep looking backwards

to the kind of people who
used to invest with you.

Instead of forward

to the sort of folks
you can get now.

You have to change.

That's what I
learned on the job.

Six percent of the class
gets promoted to lieutenant.

Other guys, they got a choice.

They either accept that
they were left behind.

Or they claw themselves forward
taking shit assignments

no one else is willing to take.

Hope to edge up from there.

♪ Suspenseful music ♪



Let's book that unpalatable
meeting on City Island.




I'm here to see Mr. Cutler.

I'm sorry, sir, Mr.
Cutler's not here.


'Cause I have information
that says he is.

He packed some things.
He's gone.

Look, uh...

I am the United States Attorney

for the Southern
District of New York.

It's an official matter.

You can check...

♪ suspenseful music ♪




Cutler's on the lam
or he went to the AG.

Either way, he didn't
want to be tracked.

Uh... impossible. He couldn't
have known you were coming.

Have you two been making your
calls on government landlines?

Encrypted wireless.


We have to find him.

Sacker, you got FBI
you can trust?

Yeah, I got a guy I can ask.
He's solid.

Do it.



Let's make this quick.

Gotta get back for
Gordie's birthday.

Mmm. Mm-hmm.

Mmm. Hey, listen, I could
do about six more of these.

I'll bet.

You want?



Ah, shit!

Alright. Look, Axey,
you're sitting with me.

So I know you must be desperate
as a fraternity pledge

who can't find a date for the
screw-your-brother dance.

Yeah, well, there's a
window into your youth

I could've done
without right now.


But what you must
need is capital.

I'll provide it.

I'll move in my
Jordanian investors,

as a purchase of twenty percent
of your fund, passively,

no controls at all

on investment, management,
risk, anything like that.

So what do you want,

apart from the payout that
you get year to year?

There are men who would
be too proud to tell you.

You're not one of them.

I want you to slap my name

on the ass end of yours,

so it's Axe/Anisman Capital.

There'll be no ass slapping
of any kind, Frotty.

It's Axe Cap. And it
will stay that way

until they drop me in a
hole and toss the dirt in.

Fine. Alright. Forget the name.

But, uh... I need your glow.

I want you to hug me in public.

Come to my conference in Tulsa,

tell folks I am a wise counselor

whose words have great
weight for you.

You think standing
next to our boy

will make that mirepoix
of psoriasis, dandruff,

and irritable bowel
syndrome disappear?

I don't have IBS. Technically.

And yes I do think so.

Because while he's
surfed above it all,

I've been treated like Eddie
Mush with a pocketbook.


If you want my Jordanian money,

you got to cuddle up.

I'll agree.

With one condition: If I want
to buy you out in a year...

Give you your money back with a profit...
you have to let me.

I need that freedom.

Well, that's why you
couldn't make this deal

with an institution.

No one would ever agree to that.


At a forty percent premium.

Okay, Frotty.

We'll sign the deal
at Axe Cap tomorrow.

I can't wait to fucking
announce this!

Hey. Alright.

You guys want one of these, huh?

They're Wellfleet's.

They're plump and briny,
like my dream dates.




Hey boys...

[sports announcer
talking indistinctly]

Hi, Dad.

Nice you showed up for
your own kid's party.

An hour late.

Well, looks like everybody's got

right into the spirit
of it without me.

Should we have waited
to get started?

Wow, you open any door
in this fucking city,

the dregs blow right in.

Well, this is my apartment.
So can't keep me out.

Enjoying that?

Hells to the yeah.

Pizza's ready in five minutes!


Sorry to encroach.

I had a feeling I'd see ya,
but Gordie likes the pies.


Look, whatever went
down between us,

I'd do anything for your kids.

Oh, fuck...

I never meant for business
to get between us.


I should've never brought it
to you in the first place.

Friendship should stay clean.


To your beautiful family.


Let me ask you something.

When you started out way back,

everybody else in
the neighborhood,

they took juiced up money,
Shylock money, mob money.

So how did you stay away
from it all these years?

Ahh, kid, the kind of money
those guys give you,

I mean, it's not like the
points on a regular loan.

You end up renting out

a hundred percent
of your own ass.

No seed money is worth that...

♪ suspenseful music ♪

So I scraped it together myself.


And I had my family looking
at me like I was a hero,

a good man.


I never wanted to lose that.


You kid...


Alright, come on!

I got pizza! Hot and ready.
Come on!

- Hell yeah!
- I got a Margherita.

I got a clam with bacon.

I got a pepperoni coming up...


You grind up about four
pounds of fresh meat.

Anything's acceptable...
Rabbit, possum, unidentified.

Stay away from skunk, though,

since its odiferousness
tends to have

a negative effect on
the final result.

And that's Texas Roadkill Chili?

It is indeed.

Smells a little bit
like this tuna.


Your cook seems good.


Where's Chuck?


Oh, motherfucker.

No service.

Oh, motherfucker.


♪ Where he's gonna run ♪

♪ Tell me where he roams ♪

Could you perchance raise
him via telephone,

find out what's keeping him?

I mean, if it's something big,
maybe I should be in on it, too.

Is it.

Did he say where he
is, what he's up to?

I have tried.

He must be stuck on the subway.

I rode it once and was warned

that they expose themselves
to women down there.

Who's "they"?

You know, in Japan they
took out all the seats.

So now they're all
crushed up together

like they're on some death
camp train from the Deuce.

Let's put Japan on the
never list, then.

Oh, it is, sugar. It is.

Oh, my God, oh, my God.


Who's the help?

Axe's chef.

Let's not share that
with our guests.

- Oh, hello. Forgive me.
- Oh, there he is!

Very sorry.

You remember my one and only?

Yes, of course. What a pleasure.

Where ya been? On a hot one?

You know, just
making the rounds,

seeing that all the patients
are in bed and well tended to.

- You know.

Uh, you know it. Yeah.


♪ Suspenseful music ♪

I don't think that's
where you were.

You wouldn't be late
'cause of that.


You're working something...

But you don't want me to
know anything about it.



You want to surprise
me with a big win.


Nailed me.

Shall we all to table?

- Absolutely!
- After you, sugar.

- Thank you.
- Please.

[Grizzly Bears' Mourning
Sound playing on speakers]

Welcome. This is compliments of Mr.

Dom Perignon P2.


Well, to Genometech Atlas,

and the closing on our
final round this week...

And to the man who built
it, Peyton Breen,

a unicorn walking among us.

Could not have done it
without you, Oscar.

Well, you could have, but how
would you have paid for it?

So, genomic mapping
and decoding.

A home-use diagnostic kit with
an app-linked database...

That's how we monetize.

Send in a sample,
map your genome,

find out exactly what drugs
you should be taking,

for what deficiency, what
disease, how much, when.

It will start as a shortcut

for doctors and patients,

but eventually, there
won't be doctors.

Only the app and the patient.

That's how we really monetize.

I never thought I'd be
excited to hear someone

cut the human interface
out of medicine

but I think I am.


We have so few nights together,

thank you for
spending one on this.

Thank you for including
me in your work.

You're incredible.

♪ Dramatic music ♪



Anisman should be
here any minute.

Grigor and his fucking money.

I never take it,
he never pulls it.

I'm not even considering this.

I feel like Rick in Casablanca,

selling out to Signor Ferrari.




Oh, Jesus.

Frotty Anisman.

I should have sniffed him out

from all the Sadelle's
they carted in before.

The fuck they call him Frotty?

Short for 'frottage.'

As in: Stay out of close
quarters with him.

I'm still lost.

The practice of rubbing against
another person's clothed body

in a crowd for sexual

But for the record, it's
pronounced frot-tahge.

- Ohhh...
- Ohhh...

Totally gross

unless you're ScarJo
and JoGo in Don Jon.

Then it's hot as fuck.

He's here.

I'm gonna go greet.

♪ Suspenseful music ♪


Hey, how was NoMad?

It was perfect. Thank you
so much for setting it up.

Oscar loved it. And so
did Peyton Breen...


Good. Glad to hear it.

So you're really doing it,

selling off a piece
of Axe Capital.

Will it be worth it
for the cap raise?

Well, we'll see.




- Ah, shit!

So, you ready to go?

Okay. Okay.

All right. I guess this
is what we're doing.

It seems to be.

All right.

We're almost there, huh?

Almost closed on the
deal of it all.

We have a deal.

Yes, we do.


Because I got to thinking
about what I am buying.

And I realized

I'm leaving the most
valuable part untapped.

And what's that?

Your trades.

♪ Dramatic music ♪

I can make far more
money following you

than I even will owning you.

You won't be owning me.

You'll be owning a small
piece of my company

that I can call back.

All the more, sir, all the more.

I need total transparency.

And you're gonna give it to me
because you got nothing else.

Gornisht. Bupkis. Nul.



I can't do it...


I won't do it...


Go home. I pass.


You need me.

You're not getting anywhere
without me and my money.

Frotty, I got billions of
dollars, hundreds of employees,

and two kids at home
who think I can fly.

What the fuck do you have?

The only thing you need.



All the same, get the fuck out.






You know I love it when you move
with the mystery of Yahweh,

but what the fuck?

I hope you have something

because you just threw
out the thing we had.

I might.

I just might.

We got Cutler. Dive
motel in Newark.

He bought a plane ticket from
Newark to Caracas, in cash.

But he entered his TSA
number when he checked in.

So we canvassed all
the local hotels.

Nice work, Dancshazy.

You want us to take him
in for processing?

Not sure what charges
you're bringing.

Even sitting on him for this
long gonna be a problem

unless you've got
something on him...

You can go. It's just a chat.

By the time we're done he won't
be filing any complaints.


Mr. Cutler.

Sweltering in Caracas right now.


Why the sudden trip
in the worsted wool?

I heard on the wind it'd
be a good time to go.

Ahh, New York finance
whiz like you,

you're probably making a
currency play on the Bolivar.

Oh, but that's right,

you're not a New
York finance whiz.

Why the New York bust out shop?

I keep an address.

It's a move that's
widely practiced.

♪ Suspenseful music ♪

Tell me about the
Jeffcoats' business

and you'll be on your flight
to Venezuela in no time.


Let's call the Jeffcoats.

Together. If you're so
fucking interested.


Sure, we can call them,

but would they be happy
to hear from you?

You've been on a hell of a
losing streak with their money.

Markets are tough.

Oh, a pack of monkeys
throwing darts at a board

would do better than you...

ten, twelve, fifteen
million dollar losses...

Ten years running!

The church has a longer horizon
than ordinary investors...

Come on, we both know you're
not executing any trades.

You know who that sounds like?

I'll give you a hint,

you'll be rooming with
him at Camp Butner.

That's right, Madoff.

Because I know the church
is 'investing' with you,

and you're kicking
it back as cash

and writing it off as losses.


Now, where the fuck did
Jeffcoat get all this money

he put with you?


I tell you, I get to leave?

You're fresh out of conditions.

Jail or not?



The cable company.

Jeffcoats made their money
by letting it run its lines

underneath the family ranchland
for monster licensing fees.

Four times market.

They kicked back a chunk of that

to the cable company
president, of course...

They got rich.

How come the money never
showed up as income?

Charitable donations.

- The church.
- Yep. That was their laundry.

And they split up the cash,
bought some television stations.

Parishioners donated
their money.

The church feeds that to me.

I... you know, with the books.

And cut the shell corp checks.

And to save yourself, you
are willing to testify.

Jock Jeffcoat profited
along with his brother?

Still profits.

I know he does.


Good thing is there's
no paperwork.

The Chuck Rhoades Special.

So which case are we
filing the OT under?

Nah, we gotta eat this one for Kate.
I owe you...

Have a good night.

You're Agent Dancshazy.

You're the new Special Counsel.

We know each other.

We've met... night at
the bar a while back...

just want you to know: I
have no beef with you.

Yeah. Sure. No problem.

Same team right?


You. Me. Director Lynch.

Sacker. Chuck Rhoades. All of us.
All the way.



♪ Suspenseful music ♪



Have you done it?

N-Not yet.

I just...

Don't you say the
word 'can't' to me.

You will.


The only question is when.



Beyond our long-short
strategies and derivatives

we look for options

in convert arb situations.

We get the stability
of a convert arb

plus the multiplier effect of
using those inefficient options.

Taylor's pitching a
shut out in there.

These Kansas City yokels
are lapping it up.

Between that and playing you
like the great and powerful Oz,

too busy for the
meeting, it's working.

- Good.
- Groups like this

never say yes in the room.

I'll text you when
the meeting breaks.

Okay. Hey, I'll catch you
down by the elevator...

"I had to at least say hello..."
and ride down with them.

And, you know, try
to ram it home.

Squirt some of that
winner musk all over 'em.

I plan to.

♪ Suspenseful music ♪



- Hey folks, folks.
- Oh. Hi, Axe.

I really wish I could've been
in on that meeting with you,

but I couldn't let
you out of here

without looking you in the eye

-and shaking your hand.

Eh, you know what, I'll
ride down with you.

Thanks, Bobby. We
appreciate that.

Yeah, thank you.
Sure you're busy.

And so, how is our fair
city treating you?


Not now.

Not now. Ben!

You tried Carmine's yet?

- Not now. Psst. Ben! Ben!
- Not yet.

We're going tonight before Cats.

Isn't it great they
brought Cats back?


[cellphone plays
Nelly's Hot in Herre]

♪ Hot in ♪

♪ Hot in ♪

♪ So hot in herre ♪


♪ Oh ♪


♪ With a little bit of, uh uh ♪

♪ And a little bit of, uh uh ♪

♪ I was like, good gracious,
ass is bodacious ♪

- ♪ Flirtatious ♪ - Ben!

♪ Trying to show faces ♪

♪ Looking for the right time ♪

- ♪ To shoot my steam ♪ - Ben...

♪ Looking for the right
time to flash them keys ♪

-♪ I'm leaving ♪

- ♪ Please believe in ♪ - Ben!

♪ I need you to get up
up on the dance floor ♪

♪ Give that man what
he asking for ♪

♪ 'Cause I feel like
busting loose ♪

♪ And I feel like touching you ♪

♪ I said ♪

- ♪ It's getting hot in
herre ♪ - ♪ So hot ♪

♪ So take off all your clothes ♪

♪ I am getting so hot ♪

♪ I wanna take my clothes off ♪

You know, when it comes
to pension fund managers,

these groups never give
an answer in the room.

But they did this time...

The answer was no...

It was 'heck no.'

They didn't like it?

Found it offensive,
called us unprofessional.

So... what the hell was that?

♪ Suspenseful music ♪


I've been tracking rental car
usage in business cities,

developing relationships
with managers there.

Based on lots of
activity in Milwaukee,

I've deduced a big
move is going down...

Talk more.

Managers of the main airport
locations have confirmed

that there are lots
of Dutch passports

being presented for car rentals.

Holland Inter-Bev's going
after Beer National.

My sources were able
to confirm, by GPS,

that all these cars have been
going from a Courtyard Marriott

seven miles to...

Beer National's
Milwaukee headquarters.


I think there's a merger coming,

if not an outright purchase...

And Axe Cap will have
positions in both companies,

ready for the ride up
on the announcement.

♪ Dramatic music ♪

Well fucking done, Ben Kim.

Maybe next time, keep
your shirt on...

♪ Hot in Herre ♪



♪ Suspenseful music ♪




What the fuck?!

This is where you would
make some kind of reference

to a gangster movie betrayal.

As in: I went to the barber

and ended up on the
floor like Joey Gallo.

And you were the only one who
knew I was getting a haircut.

I probably would. Yeah.

But Joey Gallo got
killed at Umberto's.

It was Anastasia who got
it at the barber shop.

Also: I didn't kill you.

You are standing
here in my office,

not bleeding out
on the linoleum.

Same difference in our world.

What, exactly, did you do?

♪ Suspenseful music ♪

- Breen.
- Bobby Axelrod.

Now I know I'm in New York.

It's like seeing the Empire
State Building or something.

Well, I'm gonna give you the
view the tourists never get.

The floor above the deck with
the coin operated binocs.

Uh, what do I pay
for that privilege?

No, no, no, the question
is: What do I pay?

How do I get you to break
your letter of intent

with Oscar Langstraat?


Bought 50 percent of Breen's
company, at 200 million,

which placed its paper
value at 400 total.

Nasdaq have already confirmed
they are ready to accept

our public offering at a
valuation of 2.4 billion.

That is a billion
added to the value

of our balance sheets

and 800 million in
gains this month...

It basically solves our problem.

You sold out my relationship
in order to do it.

No, no. You did.

That's why you told me
he was at your dinner.


Congratulations, by the way.

You've earned out
on your advance

and you're way into
bonus already.




I'm sorry.

No, you're not.






What happened?



I'm sorry.


















I just spoke to my dad.


I figured you would.

Was there really no
other fucking way

that you could've
accessed that info?

Perhaps. But I
couldn't think of one,

and he was happy to help.

For me.


And that's good for you.

It's like a Senator
writing a letter

nominating someone to
the Naval Academy.

There's nothing to be
embarrassed about.

I told you I need for
him to avoid jeopardy.

And I need to succeed on my own.

As do I.

And yet, I have
found my own father

to be an endless source of help.

Especially when I'm certain
that I don't need it.

I should be the one to
decide that, Chuck.


But you came here
to work for me.

Yeah, in a business

that rewards various connections

and keeps track of
favors and chits.

Sure, I did.

Still, it just feels, uh...

Kind of shitty.


And also kind of good, in a way,

that my father came through.

And that you went to him.
And now I own that chit.

♪ Dramatic music ♪


You really might have
taught me too well.


That could bite you someday.

Well, I will gladly
take that chance

to have you with me today.





My children. You'll
notice they don't whine.

You've trained them well.

Credit these women with that...

My wife, my ex, my mother,

but no.

The kids came out that way.
We were lucky.

Also, not American, which
when it comes to whining,

really fucking helps.

That it does.

But you trained yourself though.

I took from you. You didn't
make a squeal or spill a tear.

Very un-American.

Would it have worked?

Only to make me never
think of you again.

And somehow like the
man, Teófilo Stevenson,

you boxed your way
out of the corner

and found a way to
cover your losses.

Well, what were the choices?

Exactly as I'd see it.

In the end, I decided not
to make the oil deal.

For you?


Eh, maybe a little bit.

But now I put the money back.

Along with a promise
to give you a warning

before I pull it again.

Best I could hope for.

I know you must've
broken things...

People, deals,

someone's hopes and dreams...

In order to get money
back into your firm.

But you swallow it, here, now,

because this is
business and life

and who cares what it costs you?


I tell you...

you must always have a three
year old in your house,

to make you appreciate life...

And you must also have
your mother close.

To keep the line unbroken.

♪ Suspenseful music ♪

There is plenty I
would kill for,

you know, if we're being honest.

And there's no reason not to be.

But family, Axe,

I would do things
for these people

that you couldn't imagine.


As they have all done for me.

Especially her, my dear mama.




You're the boy.

Aren't you? In your story.


Who took the wine
from the stranger?

If that were true,

what would you be
saying about my mother?


That she did what she had to
do to protect her family.

And you.

And didn't complain.


I am fortunate to have her.

You are a fortunate man, Grigor.

We are both so.

And fortunate to have
met when we did.





[Dramarama's I Wish
I Was Your Mother ]




♪ I scream at you for sharing ♪

♪ And I curse you
just for caring ♪

♪ I hate the clothes
you're wearing ♪

♪ They're so pretty ♪


♪ And I tell you not to see me ♪

♪ And I tell you
not to feel me ♪

♪ And I make your life a drag ♪



Hi Mom.

♪ Oh, I wish I was your mother ♪

♪ I wish I'd been your father ♪

♪ And then I would
have seen you ♪

♪ Would have been
you as a child ♪


♪ Played houses
with your sisters ♪

♪ And wrestled all
your brothers ♪

♪ And then who knows ♪

♪ I might have felt a family ♪

♪ For a while ♪