Better Than Us (2018–2019): Season 1, Episode 8 - Episode Eight - full transcript

Georgy and Alla learn the truth about Arisa's capabilities; Gleb makes a management change within the Liquidators; Vic discovers Svetlana's plot.


First, Uncle Max's replicas.

You don't know him, babe.

You can't even imagine how difficult it is
when a person has eye problems.

Now my turn.

For many years,
society tried to make their lives easier.

Electronic devices, medical personnel,
even specially trained dogs...

I want a dog.

Honey, wait. Don't get distracted.

All right. Uncle Max steps in.

Now the situation can change drastically.

Now my replica.

The Early Retirement Program presents
a new type of social bot:

the Guide Bot.

It says "applause" here.

You have to clap.

Svetlana, I'm leaving.

What is he doing?

Enough, son. Thank you.

I'm learning the show's script.

- With him?
- Why not?

- He likes to help his mom.
- Yes I do.

Well, if he likes it... Here's why I came.

I wanted to thank you
for the bidding contest info.

That's really very cool.

Even your father tried,
but couldn't handle it.

You simply forgot
what your wife is capable of.

Did you start preparing
for the competition?

We'll start today.

Good luck.

Thank you.

Goodbye, Daddy.

Mommy, why doesn't Daddy love me?

Don't worry baby.
We don't love him either.

- But we won't tell him that, will we?
- No, Mommy.

Soon we'll make Daddy suffer.

We'll drive him out
and live the way we want.


Are you sure?

Let me go back and change,
and we'll go together.

Georgy, I can take her for her fitting.

Even to "Cronos".

- Alla, I'm talking about Toropov...
- We've talked about this...

- The main thing is to get to the bid.
- Right. To the bid...

Sonia, don't touch him! Sonia!


He's here for the second day in a row.

All right. I'll tell him to leave.

Me first.

- Jump.
- Me first!

See that Arisa is dressed properly.

All right, Dad.
And you watch over them here.

I'll do that.

- Bye.
- Bye.

Hey, buddy,
maybe you should move away from here.

You're lying here, scaring the kids.

Go on.

What the hell!


All right. Come on. Get up.

Get up.

All right. Time to go.

Time to go.

Get up. Up.


- Oh, it's you.
- It's me.

When I get back from my jog,
I'm not going to be me.

And I won't talk to you like that.

- Do you hear me?
- She'll kill you all. Do you get me?

Well, if she does, she does.
Come on. Let's go.

- Quiet. Shush. Go on.
- Are you getting all soft with her?

Advertising her.

While she keeps on killing.

She will kill your children.

She will kill your wife.
Like she killed Sergei.


What? What the hell are you saying?

Where is that bitch?

She won't touch anyone.
I won't allow it. I'll bash her head in.

Where is she?

Who? Who, Arisa?
What do you know about her?

Where is she?

Hello, Varlamov? Hi.
I've just had a strange encounter.

We need to see each other.

Gleb, here you go. You wanted this.

The kid took the robot
and took him to "Bot Net".

They spent two hours there.

Then Bars came.
They went out and came home.


- Is that it?
- Yes.

Thank you. You can go.




Where were you?

None of your business.

I asked you where you were.

- With Kate.
- Why the hell? Why didn't you tell me?

Because you shouldn't act like a jerk!

You invited Egor, then threw him out.

Asked him to bring Arisa,
then threw him out again.

- Wait. Please.
- Bars, just tell me you're jealous.


I'm an adult. I can do what I want.

Shut up. Wait.

Listen, something changed in me.

- Cyril didn't die. He was killed by Weiss.
- Meaning?

- How do you know that?
- He told me himself.

Everything's different now.

What are we supposed to do now?

Weiss is doing horrible things,
not even considering us.

We're on our own now.

We'll have our own gig. Our own events.


Egor is a good kid.
But it isn't safe being with him now.

Do you get me?


That's not bad.

This is another variation
of the presentation costume.

We need other costumes
for the competition.

I've sent you the ones we have chosen.

I remember.

Is there another choice? A stricter one?

Yes. Give me ten minutes
and we'll get it done.

Arisa, you're so beautiful!
Like a Christmas tree.

Thank you, Sonia.

Don't undress her here.


What's the difference?
She's not even a woman.

It's bad taste undressing in public.

You can change in the dressing room.

Kate, escort her please.

Let's go.

Mom, can I go with Arisa?

Yes. Run. Just don't bother anyone.

Do you want coffee, Alla?
Good El Salvador coffee?

No thank you.

I see your relationship
with Arisa has improved?

Yes, we've found our way.

How was your homecoming?

All right.


I'm glad, Alla,
that you made a wise choice.

Soon everything will be over.

I hope so.


Good morning to you.

What's next, Daddy?


Just that.

What's going to happen after the bid?

Will we leave or stay?

Will you go with us?

I don't know what's going to happen.

It's hard to think of us breaking up.

I love you, love Sonia, love your mom.

And Leo?

What's with him?

Are you and Mom together?

Let me put it this way, we're a team.

But I can't tell you
what's going to happen.

I don't want to leave.


Well... there's a girl...

That liquidator girl?

- What's that have to do with anything?
- Nothing.

- She's just a girl.
- All right. Just a girl.


Just don't forget that your problems
began with the liquidators.

And this girl was compliant with that.

So what?

I'm just begging you –
don't lose your head. Be careful.

Be wise. I'm counting on you.

I'm going for a walk.


Say hi to your girl for me.

I will.

Well? If it's all decided, we can go.

One last step.

Your show passes.

For you and all your family.

And you, little princess.

Can we order Arisa a pass?

Of course.

But only if your pass will be
on your mom's bracelet...

Arisa's pass will be under her skin.
Imagine that!

I'm against modifications.

But this show need
special security measures.

The only bots that will be allowed

will be the ones
with the special security chips.

You're not sure about what you're saying.

Yes. Because I consider
these measures excessive.

Do you want to see
how we'll hide the chip in Arisa?


Doesn't that hurt?

- No it doesn't.
- Why are you teasing?

It doesn't hurt, Sonia. I never feel pain.

That's it.

Well. It was great seeing you.

- Sonia.
- Kate will see you out.


Here's the remote. Just press the button.

- Will it work?
- No guarantee. But it should.

Listen, Svetlana is trying.

You need to reward her somehow.

Can you make Boris's behavior
more complex?

He can't do a thing,
except build this constructor

and say "Mommy, I love you"...

Add some variety. Surprise me.

We can expand his lexicon,
enforce behavioral patterns...

Yeah, do that.

Shock Svetlana.

All right. I'll come by tomorrow.

Igor, this is just software.
Cant' I handle it?

All right. I'll get you the information.

I'll write a simple instruction.
Just don't get anything wrong.

You think I'm an idiot?

Not really.

All right.

Do that today.

- Weren't you expecting me, tracer?
- Yes I was.

- You see that barrel?
- Yes.

First one to make it wins.

Only you can win at this.


I talked to my brother.


He wants me to choose.

Either you or him.

Who did you choose?

I haven't decided yet.

What's more important?

Bars is my family,

but I want to be with you.

Let's leave everything.
Run away to Lake Baikal. To India.

Enough of this trash.

Are you ready to leave your family?

I am.





Come on.

After Bars found out
that you killed Cyril,

he said that we'll act on our own.

Without you.

We'll bash them and fight
for our freedom on our own.

What do you think?

No, I think that if they killed him,
that's what needed to be done.

That was the plan.

I think that "Bot Net" needs a new owner,
and your unit needs a new commander.

And Bars?

Don't worry about him.

See you soon.

This is the Intari Bot. Completely dumb.

I've heard that the programming
is totally lame.

So he's no competitor.

I don't even know what they're planning
to do with this drag queen.

Boys, don't get too distracted with work.
Lunch is waiting.

The lamb will soon be ready.

Daddy. Vic. Don't let me get in the way.

I can't stay. I must go.

Too bad. The lamb is delicious.

Well, then they tell the truth.
There is happiness.

Well, if you select
the proper antidepressants...

What meds are you giving Svetlana now?

I don't think she's taking any now.
I'm surprised.

She's not taking any?

That's good.

You can get pregnant that way.

Well yeah.

After all, she can cry for Boris
all she wants. He's not coming back.

Am I right?


But you can always make it to the nuthouse
if you get too depressed.

Come on. Come in.


She can't hear you anyway.
You can say anything you want.

Will she be in that state for long?

Everyone deals with that kind of loss
differently. You turned out strong.

You wife...
Well, anyway, the most important thing

is for her to find the strength
for the future.

Do you think that's possible?

Everything is in our hands.

Don't you want her to stay here forever?

- Why didn't Arisa kill him then?
- I don't know. Ask her yourself.

I thought he knew what he's talking about.

Anyhow, he might be useful.

I hope so.

You've really helped me, Alla.

Because of my ability to lie
I managed to stay by your side.

And continue my main protocol –
protecting your family.

- Did something get in your way?
- Yes. Major Varlamov.

He and Georgy tried to find out...

whether I have committed
an act of violence towards someone.

I could have told Georgy the truth.

But I've decided to lie to Varlamov.

You told a lie?

So you've done something... violent?


A while back I killed two people.

The first one by accident,
the second one to defend the family.

She killed Sergei.

I've been working with robots
for six years.

Never seen anything like that.

Robots don't touch people.

Right. It's Toropov.

He brought her.

- So, she lied to us yesterday.
- Yes, she did.

Robots can't lie and can't kill.

How are we supposed to deal with it?

On the other hand – congrats.
We have a witness.

Arisa is not only evidence,
but also the murder weapon.

Wait. Where's Arisa now?

With my child? With my wife?

They're her family too.
That's how it works, isn't it?

Yes. Except Alla isn't authorized.

Your bot is our best shot.

She has the footage of the murder.

Sorry. I've got to go.

Distract the robot, and try to get
your family out of the house.

Alla, I react to heightened heartbeat.

Are you afraid? Why?

I'm just a little nervous.

Forgot to buy something.

And here's the trade center.

I can buy it.

That will be great.


Soap. Rough soap.

Six packs.

- Are you sure?
- Yes.

All right.

We'll wait for you in the car park.

- Mom, where's Arisa going?
- She'll be back, baby.

- Arisa?
- Georgy.

- I must have called you a 100 times!
- Sorry. Forgot to turn on the bracelet.

- Tell me, did you know that Arisa can...
- Kill?

I just found out today.

If I only knew, I would have
never allowed my children to...

Why is Sonia crying?

She's hysterical because Arisa left.

What do you mean "left"?

As soon as I found out what she is,
I got her out of the car and left.


What was I supposed to do?

Drive her around the town with Sonia?

No, no, no.
You did the right thing. I'm sorry.

Where should I look for her now?


Because Arisa is the main witness
to the fact

that Toropov committed a horrible crime.

- Dad?
- What's wrong?

Arisa is lost.

I'll draw her portrait
and we'll give it to the police

so that she's found.

We will. We definitely will.

To the police.

Where is she?

Major Varlamov. Cyber Crimes Department.

Have you seen this girl?

No, I haven't.

Can you get the head of security on line?

Yes. She came in today. She's cute.

Looked for rough soap.

I didn't even know
that they still manufacture it.

There she is.

When was this?

Two and a half hours ago.

If you want, I can drop you the files.

I miss Arisa.

Sonia, stop crying.

You know, Dad and I found out
something about Arisa.

She's not as good as we thought.

Arisa is good.

We thought so too.

But it turns out she can harm us.
Don't cry.

Calm down. Sit quietly. I'll come back.

Mom, open up. It's me.

You're afraid of me.

Because you kill people.

But that is just a drastic measure,

foreseen by the family defense protocol.


You're wrong. You're broken.

We don't need you like that.

Only you think that.

No. Georgy and Egor will agree with me.

And Sonia?


Leave and don't come back.

Pavel, there are 23 household stores
in the neighborhood.


Yes, Alla?


I'm scared.

Come quick.

All right. I'm coming home.

Don't worry. I'll be there soon.

I'll go. I need to be with my family.

I'll give you a ride.

- Search the neighboring stores.
- Boss...

The ones that are still open.

Hello? What's wrong?

Bars, have you seen my iPad?

Don't you have your own?

She's cool.

Yeah. Too cool.

Because of these "cool" ones
people will love bots even more.

They will trust them.
And they will replace real people.

We need a new event.

At that robot bid.

Bars, I was wrong. Call me back.

Come in.


- All right.
- Wait. I'll get it.


I like you.

I don't want to replace you with Stryga.
But I'll have to.

Otherwise everything
will get out of control.

Those are the rules.

You can't play by the rules.

Why doesn't she want to talk to me?


There it is again.

Clinical depression.

She basically doesn't want
to talk to anyone.

I don't understand.

Does she want to go to prison again?

Listen, maybe it's your fault?

She needs care.

Listen... I can find a new son-in-law.

A more attentive one.

Anyway. Tell her Dad called.

And remember:
Svetlana is your main task now.

All right.

Good bye.

And she says,
"Prove that you're not a robot."

And he's, like,
"Damn, I'll have to kill again."

He'll have to kill again...


Do you remember our kindergarten?

Are the models still there?

Just one. A six-year-old.


Load the latest PO with child imitation.

Make a face.

This face.

Are... are you mad?

Do what I'm asking you.
It's my private order.

And let no one know about it.


It's me.

I couldn't reach you.


Please forgive me.

I should have told you everything.

But that will be a very long talk.

Mom, I wet myself.

Sonia woke up.

Please call me when you get the message.

Mom, I've wet myself.

Not a problem, honey. I'm coming.


I won't let you out in this hat.

Do you sleep in it?

Guys, go on home.

Meaning, Stryga?

The club is closed. Go on.

Get out.

Guys, move along! Don't stand there!

That's our pal.

Where are the guys?

I closed the club early.

Who are you? Why so rough?

Had reason to be. And you?

- Haven't seen Bars in a while.
- He's okay. Don't worry.

He calls you a little schoolgirl.

That's offensive.

I don't think you're like that.

- Stryga, let me go!
- Now I'm the boss here!

- Stryga!
- Let me go!





Call Kate.

There's no one we can trust now.

Listen, you tech shitface,
get your ass to my office!

All right, Daddy.

Go on!

Close your eyes.

Hello, Mommy. Why are you sad?

What's this?

Our best memories?

I've dabbled a little.

Maybe you'll feel better?


- I'm going to bed.
- All right, Daddy.

Everything's quiet in the house

Everything's silent, the kitchen is dark

No doors are creaking

Mice are all sleeping

What's that sound behind the wall?

Mommy, will you play with me?

Why should we care, honey?

Shut your eyes and sleep

Sleep, my lovely, sleep

Media files.

Mommy, why doesn't Daddy love me?

Don't worry baby.
We don't love him either.

But we won't tell him that, will we?

Yes, Mommy.

Soon we'll make Daddy suffer.

We'll drive him out
and live the way we want.

And with whom we want.

With whoever?

Yes, babe.

Don't get distracted. Work on.

So, you all know the difficulties

that people with visual problems have.

- What's going on?
- Someone in "Bot Net" was murdered.

People, move out. Nothing to look at.

Call Jeanna.

Call Jeanna.

Bars, we need to go.

- Bars?
- Stop yelling!

Where can we take shelter?

There is a place.

Maybe not for long,
but the people are trustworthy.

All right. Let's go.

Bars, we need to go.

Come on. Get up.


Where are you going?

Our witness defense people
are working with it.

The radius is 20 km.

Press if you need to. I'll know.


Don't worry. Be with your family.
We'll continue the search.

Do you know what?

I don't understand.

Arisa was so loving. Human.

- We all trusted her.
- You shouldn't have.

Save your family.

What happened?

- She was here.
- What?

She came. She talked to me.

I got scared and drove her away.

All right... Did she say anything?

Where will she go?

Didn't say anything.

All right.


We'll think of something.

For many years,
society tried to make their lives easier.

Electronic devices, medical staff,
even specially trained dogs...

Honey, wait. Don't get distracted.

Once again, Uncle Max.

But the situation can now
change drastically.

Now my turn...

The Early Retirement Program presents
a new type of social bot: the Guide Bot.

It says "applause" here.

You have to clap.

What did you want to tell me?

I mean, besides the fact
that the competitions are stupid?

What guides?

Good. I like your plan.

You gave me a fake bid screenplay.

It's just that...

You shouldn't have gotten into this.

We'll chase Daddy out.

What will the real competitions be?

I won't tell you anything.

I won't host your stupid show.
Do what you want.

You will.

You will.

You will.

- Vic...
- Or I'll put your little Boris...

through the metal press.

Good evening.

Shit! You scared me.

You can have a heart attack that way.

What are you doing here?

Your family doesn't need me anymore.

They're scared of me.

Yes, they are.

I told them that I killed people.



- You decided to come back to me?
- No.

I'm continuing
to follow my main protocol -

Defending the Family.

Because the family doesn't want to see me,
I can't protect them directly.

But I can destroy the main threat to them.

- You.
- Wait, wait...




Your mother...

Good night, Georgy. System Deactivated.


Subtitles: Elena Korzhaeva