Better Than Us (2018–2019): Season 1, Episode 7 - Episode Seven - full transcript

After trying to leave, Alla is threatened by Vic; realizing that he and his family are guinea pigs, Georgy goes to suspended Varlamov for help.


What happened? Do you need help?

No. Thank you. It’s OK.

Don’t be shy.

We know how to give first aid.

Gentlemen, wrong address.

- Am I clear?
- Yes. Perfectly.

Mr. Toropov is not happy
you decided to break the agreement.

He's invited you to meet him.

For a chat.

Alla, I won’t lie: you and Georgy
have severely disappointed me.

I understand that your husband
is a nervous, impulsive man...

...but to break an agreement like this...

He didn’t know anything.

- I ran away.
- Ran away?

Aren't you all one big, happy family?

We agreed you’d all live together
until the bid war ended.

Those were your terms.

But my husband is in Australia, and...

...had Safronov not gotten in the way,
we'd be there, too.

Oh, really?

Is Safronov... that manipulative?

Is she telling the truth, Gleb?

I think you negotiated with the wrong part
of the Safronov family.

I think this family member
isn’t useful to us.

We don’t need you, Alla.

You’re in our way.

You understand, right?


- What'd you do to me?
- I am sorry.

In order to save your life
I had to block your carotid artery.

They really programmed you...

A bot knowing
how to find the carotid arteries...

I consulted your medical library.

Wow. Knowledge is power.

I beg your pardon, Georgy,
but I don’t understand you.

How did we get here? Who brought us here?



- You’re back.
- They forced me.

Alla, if you need anything, call me.

Now sleep.

Georgy, where are the kids?

- With Marina.
- Why?

Alla wanted to talk privately.

To cover up her betrayal?

It’s not exactly betrayal.

It’s the behavior of a woman
on the brink.

- Who got her there?
- Everyone.

You, Leo, me...

I did the most damage.

I don’t understand.

You pity her.

- She was really scared.
- Isn’t it all her fault?

I love this woman.

I’m only one who has the right
to torture her.

Wouldn't grapes be better?

Celery is better for you.

The paradox of the human life...

...we don’t like what’s good for us.

That’s very true, Georgy.

- Hi.
- Hi. Did you jog?

No, I’m about to.

Give me a minute. I’ll go with you.

I’ll wait.

Your smoothie, Georgy.

We don’t need you, Alla.

You’re in our way.



Where are you going?

Look at you, Forrest Gump!

You don’t understand.

You really don’t.

You don’t get
that the whole thing is beyond us now.

You think you’re ready to do anything,
because Toropov ruined your life.

But that was then!

Now he will simply destroy us!

All right...

It’s okay.

No one will destroy anyone.
I promise you that.

Is that it? Is it over?

Nothing is over.

- He won’t leave us alone.
- Why wouldn’t he?

The main thing now
is to wait for this damn bid.


when this is all over, I promise you...

...that I’ll do all I can to get you
and the kids...

...back to Australia safely.

I promise you.

- Did you see the thrashing bit?
- What do you mean?

The competition screenplay
that Svetlana got.

I’m looking over it now.
What’s the problem?

Teaching Arisa to cook will be easy.

The call center won't be a problem either.

We’ll put her on reception,
and let her learn.

I’m not talking about that.
Look at the 3rd stage.

Okay. 3rd stage: Robocop or Road Patrol...

The Bot must demonstrate the skills,
necessary for...

...patrolling and police duties.

The disarmament and arrest of a suspect,
armed with a hand weapon.

- Know what that means?
- What?

Our robot-killer will have to spar
with a human being.

That will be a thrashing.

Let’s look into that.
Maybe it won't be so bad.

What do you mean?

Georgy Safronov is here to see you.

Well, let’s see how this goes.

Good afternoon. We are not late?

Hello, you’re right on time.

It’s weird
that Cyril asked you to take the letter.

And not me or Bars.

The house is under surveillance,
and no one knows me.

I went in, left the note, and split.

Right. But now the police have the note.

I promised Cyril.

What are you? A courier boy?

Cyril asks you to deliver a note,
you do it.

Bars asked you to bring Arisa, you do her.

- I haven’t done that yet.
- Will you?

I will. Because I want to.

You think if we see her
we’ll stop killing bots?

What's the chance of that?

- Hi.
- Hi.

- Sorry, are you Cyril’s mom?
- What did you want?

He wrote you a note yesterday.
And lost it.


What note?

Well, he wrote you before leaving,
10 days ago.

Eugene, some boys are here.

- About Cyril.
- Go on. I’ll handle it.

What do you want?

Cyril wants you to know he’s okay.
He’s in Novosibirsk.

- Have you seen him?
- Yes. Before he left.

They murdered Cyril. 9 days ago.

What... Murdered?

No one knows.
The investigation is ongoing.

Wait here.

I’ll get ready,
and we’ll go down to the police.

It seems that you’re the last ones
who saw him alive.

Let’s go.


- Igor!
- What?

Where are you going?
Bot Net is the other way.

Why do we need Bot Net?

What? Bars needs to know.

- You sure?
- What choice do we have?

He said we were the last ones
to see Cyril alive.

So what?

Bars was the last one,
he put Cyril in that car!

So what?!

Do you mean Bars killed Cyril?

No. They’re friends.

You were surprised
Cyril had me to deliver the note.

- So?
- It means you’re a dumbass!

Bars is my brother.
You say that he’s a murderer.

Jeanna! Jeanna, I didn’t mean that.

Stay away from me!

If you dare come to Bot Net,
I’ll bury you myself.


What’s this all for?

To avoid mistakes
and remind us of our victories.


You’re nervous? Why?

Why do you say that?

Do you need help?

I don’t. Thank you.

- Are we waiting for someone?
- No.

Meet Leonid,
head of my security service.

Georgy Safronov.
He’ll present Arisa at the bid.

- Pleasure.
- Hello.

These are our staff members.
They’ll demonstrate the necessary skills.

Memorize this.

Stage one: disarmament and arrest.

This combination is known as
“Knife catch, throw, & pin.”


And another one.

Now let’s try it again,
but this time inflict more pain.

Well? Did you get it?

I need to take the knife?

Can you try?



Victor, can we talk for a second?

May I?


will you replace our man on the mat?


You see, Mr. Maslovsky noticed that...

...during the bid,
you’ll be the one presenting Arisa.

So you’ll be the one
she'll train with.

So she’ll throw me?

Sort of.

- You’re not against that, are you Leonid?
- Whatever you say.



Come on, Georgy.

Thanks everyone. Practice is over.

I beg your pardon.

- Can I have a copy of the footage?
- What for?

To avoid mistakes
and remind us of our victories.

Will you be able to catch criminals now?

I can.

Try it. Igor, run!

I’m running...

Please, Igor! Come on!

I don’t feel like it.

I hope the other tests are less violent.

They should be.

Answering calls at the call center.
Cronos will organize that.

Plus the cooking show.

Well... I can take on that training.

- Really?
- Yes.

Thank you. I didn’t expect that.

Why? It’s our family business now.

Right, Arisa?


Why? What seems wrong to you?

That you actually want
to teach me cooking.

Oh, that...

Humans do things
they don’t want to, isn't that right?

Does that mean you say things
you don't believe?

No one cares what you think.

What’s with him?

I don’t know. He's been like that.

I thought it would get better,
but it didn’t.

We’ll handle it.

I think Arisa went to handle it.

Igor? I’m detecting negative emotions.

Are you mad?


At whom?

Maybe at myself. Maybe at Jeanna.

- Jeanna is your girlfriend?
- Yes.

Do you love her?

I think so.

Then why be mad at her?

How can I explain...

On one side, I do love her.

On the other, I hate her.

That’s how your parents are.

I don’t understand it.

Why do you need to? You’re a bot.

I’m a bot, made for the family.

The foundation of family is love.

How can I build a happy family
when humans love to hate?

Can I take you to a club?
So my parents don’t find out?

Must I lie?

You don’t need to lie.
Just don’t tell them.

Sorry, I don’t see the difference.

That’s why you’re a bot.

Get out of here!

I said get out!

Don't touch me!

Come on... I thought you might need help.

Take your help elsewhere.
Grab some other chick.

What are you going to do? Snitch to Bars?

Maybe I will. Or I’ll handle you myself.

Is everything ok?

Stryga offered help, but I said no.
Too much to do.

Where’s your boy? He promised to help.

To bring the bot.

- Igor won’t come.
- Pissed his pants?

I got in a fight with him because of you.

- We went to Cyril.
- What?

What were you doing there?

Cyril asked Igor to take a note
to his mom, so we did.

His mom is in mourning.
They say Cyril was murdered.


Bars put him in the car for Novosibirsk.

- Bars, tell her.
- You think I don’t know about that?

That’s insane.

What are we going to do now?

What are we going to do, Stryga?

We’ll handle it.

How will you handle it?

I’ll call Weiss.

You’re in my way. Move.

Alla, I don’t see what I could learn here.

My memory has 52 cookbooks downloaded.

With traditional, national
and health-food recipes.

Jamie Oliver's 2004 book.

"The Non-traditional Kitchen,"
by Elena Rublevskaya. 2027.

Stop. I know you can cook.

And not only that.

I can offer your family better meals...

...than the ones offered in this cafe.

Yes. But our family has 4 people.

In the competition
you’ll have to feed several dozen...

...with little time and food.

And everyone must be satisfied.

Up to it?

Of course, Alla.

- Alla, let’s go.
- Let’s go.

So... The Savory Salad:
boiled egg, sausage, boiled potato...

- What kind of cuisine is this?
- What?

What kind of cuisine is this?

Uhh... which cuisine...

Ours! Russian.


Chunky Sausage: 608 kcal for 100 g.

- Mayonnaise provençal: 624 kcal. Eggs...
- We whip the eggs.

- And prepare the pancakes.
- Plus the fats.

- Is it oil or butter?
- Oil.

That’s a minimum of 800 kcal.

Overall, it’s 2032 kcal for 300 g.

Standard daily calorie consumption
for a human is...

I don’t know who you brought here...

Is this bot going to teach me?

I think we should improve the recipe.

Change the sausage to liver.
Boil the eggs. Add cress salad.

That’s it! Enough!

I’m sorry,
but I can’t leave her in the kitchen.

- Your boss sent us.
- You were sent, now go back.

That way.

Lecture about calories somewhere else.

- Thanks. Let’s go.
- Please.


Are you lost?

- I have a meeting here.
- A meeting? With whom?

It’s fine. They’re with me.

Lieutenant Plescheeva
said you wanted to talk.

I do.

About what?

I want you to help me
lock up Victor Toropov.

And two donuts for desert.

You should try pumpkin sorbet
with bananas.

Donuts are fried in oil
at approximately 130 degrees,

making the oil more carcinogenic.

Never thought about that.
Where’s your sorbet?

A great choice.

The pumpkin contains vitamin A,

as well as vitamins C, B1, B2,
iron, calcium, magnesium.

Wow, starting today I’ll eat only pumpkin.

- Hello.
- Hi.

Please give me a salad, soup,
pork neck and pasta.

I'd rather offer you chicken breast
with greens.

Judging by the state of your health,
I recommend...

What’s wrong with my health?
I feel great.

I think she got it.

- You have Stockholm syndrome.
- What do you mean?

Look at you.

They threatened to kill you.

Go to the police
and have them arrested:

Toropov, perhaps Safronov.
He dragged you into this.

Instead you help them,
teaching Arisa how to cook.

Are you mad?

What police?

Who knows how Vic freed Igor from prison.

He'd find a way to silence me.

And Safronov promised to sort it all out.

Since when do you believe
what he says?

I don't need to hear this crap!

Where is the manager?

- Please remain calm.
- Who the are you to tell me what to do?

If I want whipped cream, I'll have it!

With your body mass,
every calorie could be lethal.

Arisa, wrap it up.

If you think I enjoy talking to you...’re mistaken.

Why did you come here?

You’re the only man I know

who hates Toropov as much as I do.

You can’t build your case on hatred.

We need evidence.


As I understand it,
you don’t have evidence,

you don’t even have a crime yet.

But I have footage.

Footage of Toropov acting very strangely.

Alla, explain this to me:
I don’t know how to satisfy human desires

when human desires
are in conflict with human needs.

Still thinking
about the whipped-cream lady?

Don’t worry about it.
That case is hopeless.

You just need to choose the right words.

The words I used
described her state perfectly.

High calorie food
will make her more obese.

The words were right.
But they’re offensive.

It’s like if I were to tell you
your outfit is trashy.

I don’t understand
why you think I’m not dressed well.

Come with me.

What do you see?

- I see myself.
- Right...

- And what are you wearing?
- A skirt and a top.

Remember this:
only whores dress like that.

- Who?
- Doesn’t matter.

Girls who you don’t want to be like.

I put this on at Cronos.

Right. But they’re sex-bot oriented.

- It's tasteless.
- Tasteless? Why?

It’s hard to explain. Do you like to read?


Then go online
and read about dressing right.

- And you?
- I’m read up.

They were afraid
Arisa would do something to them.

Yes, they are acting strangely.

They should be worried about you:
you’re the one preparing her.

That’s the point.
But Arisa won't use her skills on me.

She didn’t even try.

- No way.
- That’s my point.

Georgy, I need you as a man.

I beg your pardon?

I have a question.

Take a look. Is this woman dressed well?

Yeah... Nothing special.

What is special?

Well... A scarf, some accessories.

You need to dress up nice.

This is a grey mouse.

Buttoned up to her chin.

Nothing to look at there.

And her?
Is there something to look at here?

Well... Yeah.

- Her legs. Her bust.
- Bust isn’t clothing.

How is she dressed?

You know, sometimes
a women’s clothing doesn’t matter.

That's the case here.

- Especially if she’s tall...
- Is my case like that?

One could say...

Where is Alla is anyway?

Georgy, last question.

How must a woman look to be loved?

Good night, dear.

Do you know what’s going on with Arisa?

She’s been asking me
about women’s fashion all night.

- Did you get a some of that?
- Some of what?

Don’t worry. It’s ok. The girl is growing.

Soon she’ll be asking about her period.

- Her period? Are you kidding?
- Of course I am.

But she is having adolescent problems.

She was trying to argue
harsh truths are better than sweet lies.

I had to treat her to some harsh truths.

As soon as I told her she dressed poorly,

the question of being genuine went away.

You realize you ruined
a very expensive lie detector?


I think I gave that expensive lie detector
a very good lesson.

If a person hides something,
it’s not out of spite.

You’re very smart. And very beautiful.

- I’m not getting at anything...
- Good night, Georgy.

You’re lazy today.

Lying in the house all day.
Haven’t even been in the hall.

Maybe we could go for a warm-up?

With you?

No thanks.

I’m not suicidal.

Come on. A light one, no injuries.

You think you can control yourself?
Go box with the mats.


You know what?

I think I can find you a partner.

But you’ll have to use all your strength.

Do you want to practice with Jeanna?


Let’s go.


It's on me.

- Jeanna, 3 tequilas.
- In a minute.

Jeanna, 2 beers.

Jeanna, I need 3.

- Who ordered “Sour burn”?
- Me. But I ordered 3.

- In a minute.
- Go on.

- Me first.
- Do you know how to mix a cocktail?

I know 72 recipes of alcohol
and alcohol free...

Yes or no?

- Yes, Igor.
- Then get to the bar stand.

Hey people! Get your beer here,
Arisa’s got your cocktails.

Jeanna has tea and water.

- 3 unfiltered.
- Will do.

- 3 tequilas.
- She’s got the tequilas.

- Two stouts.
- Wait.

What are you doing here?

I came to make peace.

You brought her?

I told you, I came to make peace.

Good boy.

- Your eye measure is the bomb.
- The bomb.

What’s the hurry?


Bars, you know any serious organization
needs discipline.

You broke it.

I hope for a good reason.

- Cyril was killed.
- Cyril?

Cyril, the guy you got out of prison.

Oh yeah, I know.


Why didn’t you tell me?

I wanted to shield you
from unnecessary information.

Maybe you know who killed him?

Maybe I do.

- Doesn’t matter.
- It matters to me!

You want revenge?

I get it.

Your buddy Cyril was killed on my orders.

Feels better.


Sorry about saying that crap about Bars.

It’s clear he did no harm to Cyril.

Hey... Pour me some tequila.

- Want to have a drink with me?
- Thanks, I don’t drink.

How about a chat?

Hey, bar girl!

Are you Arisa?

Igor’s bot?

And you’re Bars?
Igor said you wanted to meet me.

I’m Bars's replacement.

I’m Stryga.

But he’ll be upset
you’re scaring off customers.

I didn’t do anything bad.

Bartenders must do as customers say.

- What did you tell her?
- Nothing.

- Sent her to help a customer.
- How?

She’s a bot.

I needed to stall her
until Bars gets here.

I thought you and Igor
didn’t care about her.

Bars, I know what you’re feeling right
now. But he is really dangerous.

What’s the danger?

I picked him, I brought him,
sent him on his first mission.

And gave him the information...

- which he can share with the police.
- Me?

You think we should have held him... the cell,
until he gave up everyone?

I knew Cyril. He would never snitch.

But you took him out of the cell.

I feel very sorry for you.

But our mission
is above any personal sympathies.

You’re not just a fighter.
You’re a unit commander.

You’ll have to withstand hard decisions.

But you can’t kill your own men!

Sometimes it’s necessary.

I feel sick.

Work is shit. My boss is an asshole.

I wanted to leave. My girlfriend said
“Where? You won’t find the money”.

But happiness isn’t about money.

Words of wisdom.

Words of something...

Jeanna, hi.


You’ve got a new girl?

Sort of...

Is she a shrink?

She's a bot.

Seriously? A bot?
Is that a new cover up?

Not any old bot, she's up for a bid.

So Bars wanted to ruin a project
of state importance?

At least I’ll get into her hardware
for half the price.

What the hell is going on here?

Igor brought Arisa.

Just as you asked.

What's she doing behind my bar?


I thought
that was how you wanted it.

For the whole bar to see?

Wait, I thought you wanted to see her.

You think I haven’t seen enough bots?

Easy, she is really cool.

She’s just metal, Jeanna.





Arisa, let’s go.

Hey, where are you going?
Leave me your number.

“Cronos presents: the new
generation of empathic bots – “Arisa”.

It’s the first robot
capable of detecting human emotions.

Is that it?

Is it just me, or are you better today?

What do you mean?

Well... You’re running well.
Without slagging.

It happens
when you stop thinking about things.

You’re not thinking about anything?

Trying not to.

So... trying?

I’m trying too...

...trying to do what I promised you.

But it’s that easy.
Just so that I’d be aware of it.

We’re getting something already.

- Let’s go?
- Let’s go.

What is this?

You promised me a sparring partner.

- Why not a girl partner?
- Are you kidding me?

Believe me, this bot will surprise you.

- I’m ready.
- Come on.

Arisa, can you take the knife
from Georgy’s hand?


Is it real?

Might as well
simulate real fighting conditions.

- Are you sure?
- Let’s start.


I have a question.
Arisa, you’re supposed to take my knife.

Good question.

Arisa, that’s what you're supposed to do.

I don’t consider it necessary.

Georgy isn’t a threat.

And if I try to disarm him,
I could hurt him.

All right. We’ll change things up.

Change the situation.

Paul, you’re the criminal.
Georgy is the victim.

- Victim?
- Yes, victim.

Come on, Paul, hit him in the chest.

Arisa, what have you done?

You broke his arm!
Varlamov, call the ambulance.

Don’t worry. He’s used to it.

- Right?
- No, not really.

No one ever got me like that.

- So that’s a prosthetic arm?
- It is.

Give me your hand.

She will surprise us.

I don’t understand it. I really don’t.

But that’s Azimov’s first law.

Robots shouldn’t harm people in any way.

Not only did she violate that,
she did it intentionally.

For your protection.

Now we’ve got to find out one last thing.

Did she ever violate that rule before?

Yes. And if Toropov knew about it.

If he did and covered it up...

...then we will lock him up.

I helped Paul get in the car.

Thank you.

Arisa, we would like
to ask you a question.

We really have to know:
can you harm a human being?

I can. But only to protect my family.

Can you kill?

I can. But only to protect my family.

Have you ever... killed before?

No. There was no need for that.

You animal.


Subtitles: Elena Korzhaeva