Better Than Us (2018–2019): Season 1, Episode 2 - Episode Two - full transcript

Vic searches for Arisa, who is hidden in the Safronov household by Sonya; Det. Varlamov investigates a murder linked to anti-bot vigilantes.


[happy pop music playing]

- [man 1] Which way?
- [man 2] Go right.

- [man 1] I see.
- [man 2] Don't worry, the coast is clear.

[happy pop music continues]

Relax. You're just walking around.

They're perverts.
You're doing the right thing.

[man 2] There's a camera there.

Stop. Put on the mask.

Do you want a bite?

I'm on a diet.

I want you to like me.

- Do you see the diner?
- [man 1] Yes.

[man 2] Go along the wall.
Watch out for cameras.


[man 1] There are lots of them
in there.

[man 2] Easy.

See the guy leaving with the white doll?

[man 1] Yep.

[man 2] Let's do her.

- [man 2] Don't forget the memory unit.
- [man 1] I remember.

Go for it.

[pop music fades]

[man 1] Hey, pervert.

- You prefer dolls to real women?
- Don't worry, darling. He's crazy.

You're the crazy one!


- What are you doing, you idiot?
- It's just a hunk of metal.

Humans rule.

- [slicing]
- [gasping]

[man 2] What are you doing?

- It was an accident.
- She caught you on camera.


[bot] Baby...

I want you to like me.

I want you to like me.

[minimalist piano music playing]

[deep booming]

[electronic bleeping]

[music intensifies]

[music continues to build]


[rap-rock blaring upstairs]

[Sonya] Egor, turn it down!
Daddy is sleeping.

Too late. Dad's already awake.

Daddy, I'm hungry.

OK. I'll cook something.

- The news.
- [bleep]

[TV reporter] The Liquidators,
an extremist group

associated with vandalism
and street riots,

has moved on to attacking civilians.

- [switches off]
- God, what are you watching?

[Sonya] The news. Uncle Lev
always watches morning news.

Well, isn't Uncle Lev clever?

Good morning to you, too.

Won't you be late for school?

I'm not going.

Egor, you have to go to school.
I'll talk to the principal and explain.

He doesn't know who you are.

You've never been to my school.

I will, though.

You're going to school. Period.

Daddy, I'm still hungry.

[officer] I keep telling you, Miss.

The police look for missing people.
But a missing bot...

[Galya] They sent me here
when I said Sergey worked for Cronos.


Sergey. My fiancé.
He's a security guard at Cronos.

And I'm a sales manager.

Yesterday we were sent home
because of a blackout.

He didn't answer my call
and didn't show up that evening.

Have you tried his family?

I've asked everyone.
Nobody knows anything.

His partner said Sergey
was attacked by a bot.

[officer] I see!

If a man spends a night out
he must have been attacked by a bot.

Are you implying he's dumped me?

No, I mean...

Great! Everybody thinks he's left me.

OK. Calm down.

What's his number?



Will you look it up?

Just a minute.

[Irina] Morgue Number 3.

- [officer] What morgue?
- Wait a minute...

Don't worry. It must be a mistake.
Please have a seat.

- [Galya] Can you check again?
- [officer] Of course.




- [man] Georgy Safronov?
- Yes, that's me.

Detective Varlamov,
Cyber Crime Department.

What can I do for you?

I want to see the body of Sergey Panin.
When can I come?

Now you look just like me.

I'm sorry for keeping you here.
I need to figure out what to tell Daddy.

So you better stay hidden. OK?

You're my first-level user.
I will do as you wish. Yes.

- [Georgy] Sonya?
- [Sonya] Hide!


What are you doing?

- Huh?
- Huh?

Nothing. I was cleaning my room.

Good girl.

Get dressed.

I have to go back to work.

Come on.

What if I stay home?

Aren't you afraid to be alone?

I used to be. When I was younger.

Now I can just watch cartoons.

Very brave!

Thank you.

I promise I won't leave you again.

OK, I'm out of here.

Come out.

- Time.
- [female voice] It's 10:22 a.m.

Egorsky? Hi!

- I thought you were in Australia.
- It's my Dad's fault.

He stopped me from leaving
and made me go to school.

How can I show up after yesterday?
Kolyan will kill me.

Never mind. Come on.

- Where to?
- I know a place.

You can hang out there all day.

- What place?
- It's awesome. Trust me.

Why does your dad
need a second apartment?

[Dimych] You'll see. Take off your shoes.

- [Dimych] Censie.
- [bleep]


[Dimych] It's a gift
from Dad's partners in Taiwan.

Hot, right?

- Sure.
- Censie, come here.

Does your mom know?

Yeah. She's fine with it
as long as Dad gives her money.

[Dimych] Come here, Egorsky.

She has a heating function
and a heartbeat.

Well, who's a bad girl?

Who's my dirty slut?

[Censie] I am.

Look, Egorsky, I'll go. You stay, OK?

Just don't use her. Dad would kill me.

I wasn't going to.

Is your name Egorsky?

Sorry. Did I hurt you?

Can you just sit quietly?

If you want me to.

[suspenseful music playing]

- [bleep]
- [whirring]

Well, Igor, the night is over.
Where are your ideas?

Sorry. I'm an engineer, not a magician.

Doesn't it have a GPS module?

It does. Two.

But neither will answer my signal.

Then make them answer.

Otherwise my father-in-law
will make life difficult.

Why is that my problem?

You're with me, and I'm with him.
Figure it out.


[squeaky voice]

You are having fun. Why?

It squeaks so funny!

Like this?


You can actually do it!

Imitate voices? Yes.

Cool. Can you do my voice?

[in Sonya's voice] Yes. It's just a set
of acoustic characteristics.

[Sonya] Cool! How about Daddy?

[in Georgy's voice] Daddy? Yes.


Someone's at the door.

Your father said not to let anyone in.

I'll just ask who it is. Hide.

[Sonya] Who's there?

[woman] Sonya, dear, it's me.
Will you open up?

- Hi.
- Hello, Aunt Marina.

That's my girl!
You can open the door yourself.

And where's Egor?

At school.

Really? And where's your father?


[Arisa as Georgy]
I'm in the bathroom. Is it urgent?

No. Nothing. Excuse me.


Well, as far as I can tell,
everything's fine.


you and Egor can call me
any time you need.

Is that a deal?

- Deal.
- That's my girl.

Lock the door.

That was a great idea,
talking to her in Dad's voice.

[Arisa] Who was it?

Aunt Marina. She's Mom's friend.
She worries about us.

Where is your mom now?

In Australia. We're going there soon.

- With your father?
- No, he'll stay here.

Why? Don't they want to be together?

Why don't your parents want
to live together?

They are a family.

[minimalist piano music playing]

[door slams]

- How long have you been waiting?
- Not that long.


- Well, let's go to the autopsy room.
- OK.

Wait. Can I see your warrant?

What for?

Without it, you're just a civilian.

And we don't show bodies to outsiders.

Protocols? I see.

Maybe you could...

I should have asked on the phone
whether you had paperwork.

But... I didn't.


Well... It happens.

If you don't mind...

I see you're using bots here.

How do you feel about them?

I don't understand. They're staff.

- Why do you ask?
- No reason.

Personally, I don't like them.

What do you mean?

They have plastic faces.

You can never tell
if they're telling the truth

or lying on their master's orders.

But people are another story.

Everything is written on their faces.

Anyway, I'll be back.

[ominous music playing]

[Vadim] What is it
you couldn't say on the phone?

[Georgy] A detective was here.

What? What detective?

A Varlamov. From CCD.

He's interested in what really happened
to Sergey Panin.

Damn it.

Shit, shit...

I don't know about you,
but I decided to confess.

Are you insane?

I was insane yesterday.
Now I'm trying to fix it.

Believe it or not, my kids rely on me.
What happens to them if I go to jail?

What will happen to them
if you're killed?

You can't even imagine
who is behind this body.

Great. Let's go together.

You can tell them about the gangsters.

I'm not going anywhere.
And neither should you.

Thanks. I already took your advice once.

Not anymore.

I gave you a chance.

A chance? I gave you one, too.

[pulsing electro music playing]

I just want to know the truth.

I hate being lied to.

I do understand.

Who lied to you, Galya?

But why?

My fiancé died
and no one tells me anything.

What will I do with the baby
and the mortgage?

You're not alone.
Surely the company will help you.

You'll receive a pension
for the loss of a provider.

As far as I know,
you weren't married to Sergey, though.

There, there.

It's OK. Don't cry.
Give birth to your child and come back.

Your job will be waiting for you.

you can consider the mortgage paid off.

Thanks a lot.

You know, I was sure
nobody cared for us.

Our life had just started improving.

We were planning to buy
a country house.


You're an experienced seller.

You know the rule.

Don't push the client
or they'll change their mind.

Yes. Right.


I hope we have an understanding.

[female voice]
Your mortgage is paid off. Thank you.

- [ringtone]
- Yes?

Are you from CCD?

No, I won't file a report.

That won't change anything.

No, I can't talk right now. Goodbye.


[Svetov] I see. I'm on it.


Where have you been?
The Chief's already mad.

- What can you say about the victim?
- Was Panin reported as a victim?


Sergey Panin,
the security guard from Cronos.

According to his fiancée
he disappeared yesterday.

Today his body showed up
in the morgue.

I need a warrant to see the body.
It feels like something is wrong.

That's why you're here?

Did you know the Liquidators
killed a man this morning?

The city is on high alert!
Our department is at stake.

They say we're wasting
taxpayers' money.

My case is big, too. Cronos could be
behind the Panin murder.

Cronos, Cronos...

Forget your old cases.
This is not your business anymore.

But if we don't find the idiot
who stabbed that man,

they'll close our department.

Is that clear?

It is.

Then do something.

[man over speaker]
Do you want a bite?

[female bot over speaker]
I'm on a diet. I want you to like me.

[officer] Fast forward.

[audio recording speeds up]


[audio plays at normal speed]

[man over speaker] Hey, pervert.

You prefers dolls to real women?

- Don't worry, darling. He's crazy.
- You're the crazy one!

- [man over speaker] What...
- [woman] Stop. Polyscreen.

Data from CCTV cameras
outside the cafe.

You can't see his face.

[man] I see.
He was under surveillance.

[woman] Select the object.

Extend search area
up to one kilometer.

Make a comparative analysis.

[Varlamov] Hi. Any results yet?

- [woman] There are some matches.
- [Varlamov] Well done.

[woman] Face recognition software.

- [bleep]
- [woman] Here he is. Beliaev, 18.

On record for attempted theft.

We have his address
and phone number.

[Varlamov] What are you waiting for?

[Kolyan] Hey!

Wait, wait...

Has Safronov left?

He's made me mad.

What's that got to do with me?

You're his best friend.

So you will answer for him.

[Dimych yelps]

I know where Safronov is!

- Come on.
- Let's go.

Move it.

[electronic music over speaker]

[videogame pings]



Goodbye, Egorsky.

Hey, Safronov.

[Kolyan] Stop!

[tense rock music playing]


- Watch it!
- And you!

What was that?

Cola. Diet cola.

That's the first time I took
a cola shower after practice.

- It's kind of refreshing.
- You owe me a cola.

Fine. Let me get the money.
Can you wait here?

Are you going like that?

Wash it and bring it back.

With my cola.

- You know the Bot. Net club?
- I can find it.

It's here, on Kosmicheskaya St.

Tell them you're there to see Zhanna.
Will you come?

I will.

See you, then.

[man over TV] They don't destroy phones
or cars. Why do they hate robots?

Robots never hurt a human.

But now they kill people.

- Got it.
- What?

I've written the code.

Or rather, deciphered the original one.
Same thing.

I found the frequency,
launched the network and... bingo.

What do you mean?

She responded.

Are you sure that was Arisa?

Ninety-nine percent.

- Get the Head of Security in my office.
- Yes, sir.

Igor, you're a genius. A frigging genius!

[Sonya] Count to ten and don't peek.

Then go look for me. Got it?

- Yes.
- Close your eyes.






Take five or six people. Go to this spot.

Be careful. The object is fragile.

Only use tasers in an emergency.

- We've done this before.
- Move it! Move it!

[ambient music playing]



Hello. I'm here to see
Detective Varlamov.

He just left.

For how long?

I have no idea.

You can wait if you want to.


[on TV] Which is more perverted: loving a bot or the desire to destroy it?

We're joined by one
of the so-called Liquidators

who goes by the name Mikhail,

and psychologist Oksana.

[Oksana] Hello.


[animal growling]

[growling continues]

[roars like a lion]

[Sonya giggles]

This is Arisa. Isn't she great?

- Where is she from?
- She's mine. I'm a user.

You can be one, too.

Arisa, log him in.


You are authorized
as a second-level user.

Cool. And who is the first-level user?

Your sister.

[Sonya] Dad doesn't know Arisa is here.

Don't tell him, and I won't tell him
you came home early from school.

Are you going to snitch?

Not if you aren't.

- Deal?
- Deal.

[Arisa] Nice shirt.

Yours is OK, too.


[presenter] ...the initiation
which all Liquidators must allegedly pass.

Mikhail, do you think today's assault
was part of such an initiation?

[Mikhail] Looks like it.

Usually they turn off
the memory unit first

with a sharp object

to the solar plexus.

The camera, too.

- [presenter] Is the paint necessary?
- [Mikhail] The paint sends a message.

We're trying to tell the world

that humanizing the bots is a big mistake.

Do you have a cigarette?


Hello, Georgy Nikolayevich.

My name is Gleb.
We have friends in common.


You're a smart guy.

Not smart enough
to follow his advice, though.

Who did you talk to?

Nobody, yet.

But I'm not going to cover for you.

You killed a man. So pay for it.

Fair enough.

But having done it once,
don't you think we can do it again?

And again...

Is that a threat?

Why threaten a man
with such lovely kids?

Consider this your last warning.

- [beeping horn]
- [screeching tires]

What's going on?


What's in there?


Take the camera.


What's wrong, Daddy?

Nothing, baby.

I just missed you terribly.

Why were you gone for so long, then?

I'm sorry. I had to.

Are you hungry?

No, Egor gave me some food.

- Is he in his room?
- No.

- Where is he?
- I don't know.

[Dimych] Egorsky!

[Egor] Why are you yelling?

[Dimych] Sorry, I just...
Where have you been?

[Egor] Nowhere.
My wristband died on me.

Really? Are you going somewhere?

Cool! Can I come?

No. Not in that outfit.

- I'll change.
- Let's meet there.

- [Georgy snorts like a horse]
- [Sonya giggles]

That's it. I'm tired.


That's Mom calling.
They're in Australia already.

[ringtone continues]

Answer the call.

- Hi.
- Hi, Mom. Are you in Australia already?

Where's Uncle Lev?

He's out. How are you guys?

- Hi!
- Everything is fine.

Egor gave me some soup.

- We went for a walk.
- We did.

Sonya, give us a minute.
I need to talk to Dad.

- Will you fight again?
- Nope.

Come on, tell me what you did.

- What are you talking about?
- Your message.

"Alla, send me Egor's friends' contacts."

What's wrong with that?

Do you think I'm stupid?

It's clear as day.
You fought, and he ran away, right?

Of course not.

I want to talk to him. Call him.

- I can't.
- Why not?

He's out.

At this hour?

Wait! Let me remember.

"He's 16, and I can't stop him."
Isn't that what you said?

You know, Safronov,
you never used to be like this.

Well, I am now.


What are you doing?

You almost blew it.

How would he know?

It's the middle of the night in Australia.
Close the curtains next time.

Well, in that case
I'll go to my children.

Remember, you left your kids
with your ex so he would screw up

and give you incriminating
evidence in court.

But if he finds out you lied,
he's the one with the evidence.

See the difference?


[Varlamov] You're in deep shit, Kirill.

You're not just a hooligan.
You're a murderer.

Actually, I shouldn't talk to you.

I deal with bots.
You should be talking to Homicide.

But if you behave,
I might be able to help you.

Who put you up to this?

That was your initiation, right?

I get it. You don't want to be a snitch.

But why should you
take the rap for them?

Bots steal people's jobs.

Some people go crazy.

And you...

You see all that, and ignore it.

But we will not stop.

What I did was just the beginning.

It will only get worse.

[electro music playing]

[music booming inside club]

Excuse me. Is this Bot. Net?

Thank you.

Can I go in?

Five grand.

I'm here for Zhanna.

Wait here.

Do you have my shirt?

Why didn't you iron it?

I forgot.

Come in.

[trap beats blaring]

This is my brother.

- Bars.
- Egor.

Cool tattoos.

Want a drink?

Two beers.

She's underage.

I have to get back to work.

Are you coming back?

That's 250.

- [bleep]
- [ping]

[reporter on TV] The Liquidators have
a unique MO.

They leave their signature
graffiti at the scene.

The robots are usually struck
by a sharp object to the power unit.

This causes the memory block
to burn out.

The Liquidators cover bots' eyes
with red paint to attract attention.



Hello. This is Sber Telecoms.
I'm Anastasia.

How can I help you?

Hello, Nastia.

How can I locate my son
by his phone number?

You need to activate
the Parental Control feature.

Let's do it.

Is your son's number registered to you?


In that case, I'm afraid I can't help you.

But I'm his father.

I'm sorry, but that's not enough.
Can I help you with something else?


[man] Well, Chief,
here's to a successfully resolved case.

Irina, are you joining?

- Count me out.
- Why?

I see no reason to celebrate.

You see what we have here?

- The criminal.
- He's a kid.

The real criminal who got him involved
is still on the loose.

Contact on Desk 1.

Here it is.

Panin's parents' address.


Anything else?


[trap beats blaring]

Egorsky, they followed me.
I didn't know what to do.

- [Kolyan] Your friend sold you out.
- [Dimych] I didn't!

- Who lured him out of the house?
- Egorsky, I didn't.

You got a problem with me?

Let's take it outside.


What shall I break first?

- Wash your face first.
- What?

Step aside. I'll deal with him.

That's not fair, bro.


I'm sorry. I didn't mean to.

Go home.

[faucet running]

Come on.

[electronic hip-hop blaring]

- [Zhanna] Where were you?
- [Bars] Clearing up cockroaches.

What happened?


Come with me.


I'm holding on.

- Done.
- Thanks.

Come on.

[woman] Cronos will pay an allowance.

They promised to help.

Thank God for kind people.

Antonina Ivanovna,
I'm truly sorry for your loss.

But we're talking about a major crime
and you can help us solve it.

What difference does it make?

It won't bring Sergey back.

We really need your help.

I'm sure Sergey would want you
to do it.

Everything is fine.
Panin's mother will sign the papers.

You can send a request
to the morgue to retrieve the body.


[Georgy] Do you know what time it is?

Where have you been?


What's with your face?

Were you in a fight?

No. I just fell over.

Did you drink? Breathe out.

I don't have to report to you.

Don't talk to me like that.

We're leaving in a month.

[man] I don't care.

Was it him?


I found that punk.
Come to the precinct. I'm on my way.

You broke into my house,
in case you haven't noticed.

Explain, before I kick you out.

I'll explain. You'll both go to jail
for what you did to my son.

- Got it, scumbag?
- Scumbag?

My lawyer will explain. Come on.

Don't touch my son.

You'll go to jail, too.

[Kolyan] Dad!

[Egor] Dad, calm down!

[man] You've broken my arm!

[Kolyan] Stop it! Come on.

[Georgy] There's no fracture.
Just a sprain. Put some ice on it.

- Get lost.
- [door slams]

So what really happened?

Who are the punks?

What punks?

That was my friend's big brother.

I would have handled it
but there were three of them.

They won't touch you again.

If they do, tell them your dad is crazy

and you can't control him.


Check if Sonya is still asleep.



Read the message.

[female voice]
Request for releasing a body. Panin.

Tomorrow at 9:00 a.m.
Requested by CCD.

She's asleep.

[tense music playing]

Georgy Nikolayevich, can I help you?

Thanks. I can do it.

[bot] Am I doing it right?

Yes. You're doing everything right.

Thank you.

- [crunch]
- [fizzling]

[motor winding down]


Looks like she pulled out the module
and planted it in the van.

Igor, I don't care
who pulled it out of her.

In a few days my father-in-law
is coming to see the superbot.

I'm done. You need
to find a replacement.

And let this one kill people?

You'll find her. But for now
we need something to show him.

Otherwise I'll be on the street,
broke, and so will you.

[newsreader on TV]
A new exoplanet has been found.

- Currently, this is the most...
- [voice fades]


You are authorized as a main user.

Family complete.

[tense music playing]