Better Than Us (2018–2019): Season 1, Episode 1 - Episode One - full transcript

Divorced dad and medical examiner Georgy Safronov fights to keep his kids. Robot company "Cronos" exec Victor Toropov acquires Arisa, an advanced, one-of-a-kind robot prototype.

A robot may not injure a human being

or, through inaction, allow a human being

to come to harm.


A robot must obey orders
given to it by human beings

except when such orders
conflict with the First Law.


A robot must protect its own existence

as long as such protection does
not conflict with the First or Second Law.




Good morning, Georgy.
It's time to wake up.

The world belongs to those
who get up early.

Shut up, Vasily!

It's much too late to lie in bed.

So hurry up, sleepyhead.

Only you, mister Safronov, are a dic...

Georgy, it's getting out of hand.

Wake up now!

There's been a serious road accident
on Kashirskoe highway.

Five corpses will be delivered
to our morgue in 20 minutes.

That's a bad joke.

It's not a joke.

I can only say random phrases
you have uploaded to wake you up.

- So was there an accident or not?
- No.

It's crazy.

When did I upload this shit?

- On April first, two thousand...
- Enough already.

It was a rhetorical question!

Don't ever wake me up this way.


- What time is it now?
- 12:34 p.m.

What? What the hell is wrong with you?

I asked you to wake me up at 11!

I did. But you also gave me
an alternative order.

What order?

I cannot repeat it.

My program does not allow me
to use foul language.

But mine does, you iron moron!

- You are in charge now.
- Yes, boss.

Hey! Don't you dare!

Stop! I work here!

You've got a ticket for illegal parking.

I hope lightning strikes you.

Do you need a quick loan to pay...

- Good morning, Georgy.
- Morning.

The system is activated.

How may I help you?

- With the neighbors?
- Yes.

Or it'll dry out before Marina gets here.

- Sonya, are you ready?
- Almost.

Hurry up. Your dad is here.

- Hey.
- Hi.

Have you brought the permission?

Sonya's coming. She's getting dressed.

What about Egor?

He's saying goodbye to his friends.

Wait, I thought we agreed

that I had the kids today.

He's 16, I can't order him.

- But you decide when and how we meet.
- Call him and fix it up.

- I called, he didn't pick up.
- Is that my fault?

- Daddy!
- Sonya! Hi.

- Your coat's great.
- Bye, baby.

Bye, mom.

He still doesn't know, does he?

Alla, we can't do this.

I will tell him. I promise.


What's this?

It's a kite.

I flew it with Egor
when he was little like you.

Get in.

Where's the remote control?

A remote control? There isn't one.

- How come?
- That's the way it is.

You will see when we get there.

Call Egor.


The person you are calling is unavailable.

Where are you, Dimych?
I've got the paint.

- In the canteen. I'm on my way.
- OK, bye.


What? Were you leaving
without saying goodbye?

What's in the bag?
Sandwiches from your mom?

Give me your money, you hear me?

- Kolyan, are you OK?
- Get off me!

You're dead, Safronov. Got that?

You should hold the kite's nose up
to catch the wind.

Does it have a nose?

Well, of course. It has a tail too.

The main thing is to find a steady wind.

- Then we'll let it go, alright?
- Right!

Ready. And... go!

Look! It's flying!

Super! Dad, it is flying!

It's my turn now.

Catch up!

- My turn!
- Excellent!

Sonya, come on! Well done!

It's a shame the paint fell out
when you were running away.

- There's only one can left.
- Oh, forget it.

No big deal. It was worth the paint.

Well, have a good trip.

Didn't you suggest me
staying a minute ago?

I didn't want to say goodbye.

I'd rather have a friend

living in Australia,

than see you die heroically here.


Let's pray the plane isn't canceled.

Sure thing.

It flew perfectly.

- Did you like it?
- Yes.

Next time we'll fly it with Egor,
once you're back from Australia.

No, Daddy, that's not going to happen.

Why not? It won't break in a month.

We're going away for more than a month.

Uncle Leva's got a job there. Mom too.

And I'll go to a kindergarten there.

Did I say something wrong?

Hi. Did you have fun?

Where's Sonya?

You haven't changed a bit.

You still prefer to act behind my back.

Gera, I...

Listen, I didn't tell you anything because

- I just didn't want to disappoint you.
- You just wanted to escape

and force your decision on me.

Well, you can think what you want.
but I was thinking about our children.

- They'd be much better off in Australia.
- Without their father?

- You can visit us.
- In Australia?

Good afternoon, Georgy.


- He stole Sonya from us.
- Calm down.

- Are you going to explain why...
- There's nothing to explain.

I came to let you know
that Sonya's staying with me.

- He's giving us an ultimatum.
- Wait.

There's still time. We can discuss this.

No, enough. No more discussions.
I'm sick of it, you hear?

I'm sick of it. I'm calling the police.

You've signed the permission.
It means I can...

It was a permission for a month-long trip!

You'll have to explain how you tried

to kidnap my children by deception.

Be my guest! Call the police.

They'll gladly handle this.

The goods have arrived.


Victor, we're on air.


So we're back in the studio

to continue our Brunch for Three.

Let me remind you that
the topic of our discussion is cybersex.

Is it the scourge of our time
or an innocent prank?

Let's welcome today's guests.

Olga has caught her hubby
in bed with a bot

and considers this to be cheating.

Dmitry has a different view.

The bot is not a living creature.

So this relationship doesn't count
as cheating.

Who is right in this tricky situation?

How much harm can such an incident
cause a family?

Well, what can I say, Maxim?

Words won't help here.


How would words help this family?

Whose life turned into Sodom and Gomorrah

due to the spawn of hell
that is modern robots.

But are they to blame if smart robots
designed to help humans

in mines, space and harmful production

have become a tool of temptation
and lucre?

Yes, I'm talking about Mr. Toropov.

The man who brings this infection
into our highly intellectual country.

Cybernetic garbage from
sexually promiscuous Western civilization.

Thanks for watching. Full version of...

Victor, you are the pioneer
of this market.

Seven out of ten bots purchased in Russia
are sold in your stores.

Do you have anything to say
to your opponent?

Thank you, Maxim. I just want to say
that I see no harm in sex bots.

Sex bots help single people
to get psychological relief,

which reduces overall aggression.

God! What nonsense!

And according to
the international experience,

sexual bots' distribution helps eradicate

a defect like human prostitution.

You really mean it?


As for Olga and Dmitry,
if their love is real,

then sex with a bot will never replace it.

You can't be jealous of a coffee maker
or a vacuum cleaner.

A sex bot is an ordinary
household appliance,

only resembling a human being.

A resemblance, nothing more.

You can't drink coffee with it
in the morning,

or hold hands with it on the metro,

or raise children with it

and die together.

As a writer once put it:

"A human needs a human."

Welcome to Cronos.

Our company introduces the best bots

from the world leading manufacturers...

Bots from Pulse company represent
the style and technical excellence.

Cronos is time-tested quality.

More than ten years...

Welcome to Cronos company.

- What is your name?
- Sofia.

We have a friend for you.

She really wants to meet you.

It's our new and upgraded model:
the fairy-bot.

It can look after your daughter,

and entertain her.

You can even buy ininstallments.

Hello, Sofia.


- Hello, Victor Pavlovich.
- Hey.

Call Maslovsky.

- Going on maternity leave?
- No, I'll work a bit more.

A family, a mortgage, you know.

Maslovsky, I need you in my office. Now.

- Well, good luck.
- Thanks.

Call Sergey.

Honey, how about lunch together?

Galya, I can't talk right now.

OK, call me when you're free.

- OK, bye.
- Bye.

She calls every five minutes.

She's pregnant, she gets worried.
It happens.

She'll calm down after giving birth.

But then I'll be screwed.

I don't want to lose my job,

otherwise I'd move to some city

where she couldn't find me!

Seriously? You'll have a child.

First, she got pregnant
without me knowing...

- Hello?
- Boss wants you on the 23rd floor.

Yeah, got it.

Let's go, boss wants us on the 23rd.

- I've never been there.
- Then consider yourself lucky.

Why do you want it here?
We have a laboratory for this.

There are no cameras here.

Here, study the documents.


This is the Yue Hongqiang Lab.

Do they have any models we don't know?

It's not a mass production model.

It's just a concept
that was never released.

I barely got the last one.

Put it in the middle of the room.

Holy shit.


Good morning. My name is Arisa.

My battery must be fully charged

before starting this operation.

A new device has been detected.

Battery level is five per cent.


How much did you pay for it?

Let's just say I had to bargain.

What are you waiting for?
Remove the trunk and wait by the elevator.

Don't let anyone enter the room,
except for me and Igor Mikhailovich.

- Do you like it?
- You have no idea!

Just... why didn't you mention it earlier?
You might have consulted me first.

Well... I didn't have much time.

Besides, bots like these
don't turn up every day.

Especially on the black market.

So it's illegal, right? But why?

What's the problem?

I never said there was a problem!

Maybe I was lucky.

It's only a test model.

Her behavioral protocol is maintained
by a separate quantum processor.

She has an imitation of free will,
right up to unpredictable behavior.

Well, enjoy yourself.

But I'd still rather work in the lab.

And I'd rather no one knew about it.

What are you doing? Don't go there!

Why not? There are no cameras...

So what?

Yury, haven't you ever wanted
to be in the boss's chair?

In a chair?

In a chair or in a girl,
there's no difference.

- We can't dream of such girls.
- Why not?

Here they are.

Come on! Your girlfriend is pregnant!

You can stay here if you want. I'm off.

What makes you so special, new girl?

You have no right to touch taboo zones.

Wait until charging is completed.

And then log in as a family user.

You mean officially?

Yury, you know...

they seem to take
real women as a pattern.

First get permission,

and then touch her.

I have to take precautions.

Wait until charging is complete.

Hey, come on, bitch! Come here.

The power supply has been cut off.





Stay where you are! Stop it, I said!

Stay away from me!


I was sure you were working on the bot.

Well, it's actually about the bot.

There's a gap in the documents.

At least 20 pages are missing.
Call your Chinese partners.

Find out where the pages are.

Can't you handle it?

Isn't it at your office?

What the hell is that?

What the hell is that?

- I'm talking to you!
- I...

I don't know.

Where's my bot?

Where is it?

- Where's my bot, I said?
- Vic!

You were told to keep an eye on it.

I'll personally kill you!

- Wait, he's scared.
- I'm the one who's scared, here!

I'm asking where my bot is.

If you don't calm down,
you'll have two corpses.

Is that what you want?

Did you tell it to go somewhere?

No. She left on her own.

- She killed Sergey, then left.
- Bots don't kill, moron!

Call Gleb.

- Vic, listen.
- Not now.

- It's important.
- I said not now!

Hello, Gleb.

It's Toropov. There's a problem.

A new device has been detected.

The battery level is seven per cent.

Gleb, what is it?

- That wasn't him.
- Then who was it?

There was nobody there except them.

- See what state he's in?
- So what?

Can you at least find out where my bot is?

- Maybe it's true, it just went.
- Where to?

- You said they don't go without orders.
- No, they don't.

Its battery is ten per cent, max.
The power terminal is off.

In such circumstances,
a bot tends to finish charging by default.

Maybe it went to look for another charger.

Why didn't you say so earlier?

I tried to but you didn't listen.

Well I'm listening now!

Call an electrician.
Tell him to shut down the power grid.

15th. Get me the electrician. Now.

Our company introduces the best bots
from the world leading manufacturers...

The power has been cut.

We apologize for the inconvenience.

The power has been cut.

We apologize for the inconvenience.

Sector D, clear.

The power has been cut.

We apologize for the inconvenience.

Sector A, report the situation.

Everything's clear.

A leggy blonde in a yellow coat.

They say that's all for today.
Emergency in the office.

- Are you going?
- I can't get through to Sergey.

I was going to go with him.

Maybe he's run off
because he doesn't want to marry you.

- You coming?
- Go. I'll try to reach him.

We apologize for the inconvenience.

- Redial.
- Sorry, I don't understand.


Don't worry, Vic. Everything will be fine.

We'll say it was an accident.

Better it's death by natural causes.

Got you.

Now listen carefully.

You and that fellow were in the warehouse.

You went to the bathroom.

He was unconscious when you came back.

You got scared, tried to call for help,

but he was dead when you came back.

A heart attack. It happens.

Do we understand each other?


Hurry up!

- Sorry, no smoking in here.
- Well, I'm not inhaling.

It's forbidden.

Don't you smoke?

OK, I'm putting it out.

You and your healthy lifestyle...

A new device is detected.

The battery level is 13%.

Yury, haven't you seen Sergey?
I can't find him.

- Galya, he is...
- What? Where is he?


Wait, Yury! What's wrong with him?

- A bot attacked him.
- What?

- Sorry, I have to go.
- Yury, wait!

I can't right now, I'm busy.

Where are you going, Miss?

- Actually I work here, in the shop.
- Then go to your shop.

- I'm looking for Sergey Panin.
- Ask the chief guard.

- Where is he?
- I don't know.

How so? You're head of security!

- Enough, get out.
- Don't touch me!

- Let me through.
- Dmitry, take her out.

- I'll just ask, OK?
- You can ask later.

If you're hiding something,

I'll find out. I won't let it go!

Yeah, go find out.

Even I don't understand what's going on.

- Was it an accident?
- A heart attack.


In case you need to pay someone
to hide it.

- I'll be waiting for a medical report.
- Got it.


Sector K, clear.

You actually kidnapped your child.

Kidnapped? It was a desperate measure.

I assure you,
the court will regard it as kidnap.

What do I do?

You act within the legislative framework.

You can revise the agreement
on the custody of children.

- I can represent you if you wish.
- You don't understand.

If I return Sonya,
I may never see her again.

They'll take her to Australia tonight.

And if you don't,
you'll lose your parental rights.

Then you'll never see her again.

You know, you sound like
you're on my ex-wife's side.

She lied to me. Doesn't that count?

This may be invoked before the court.

But if you want to fight for your girl,
you'd better give her back.

Right away.

Call Alla.

When James Cook was in Australia

and saw an animal jumping around,

he asked one of the locals: "What's that?"

- How are you? Are you tired?
- No.

We're watching a TV show about Australia.

Do you know that the most
poisonous spiders live in Australia?

Now I get why your mom is so eager
to go there.

- Oh, it's me!
- Well, yeah.

- Come on, mom's already worried.
- OK.

- See you, uncle Vasya.
- See you, Sonya.

Thanks, uncle Vasya.

You can't survive on "thanks" alone.

Can we go to a cafe?

I'd like a milkshake.

Not now, honey. Mom's waiting for us.

- Daddy?
- What?

What if I don't want to leave?

Damn it.

Sonya, will you wait for me in the car
for five minutes?

- Aren't we in a hurry?
- It's work stuff.

Here it is.

I'll be back in no time.

- Vadim.
- Oh, Safronov!

- Stop.
- Where are you going?

It's a corpse from "Cronos".
A heart attack.

Write a report, I'll come for it later.

I can't take him right now. I have...

A family emergency.

What am I supposed to do with it?
That's your department.


- Yes, Georgy?
- Take care of the corpse.

- I'll do a report when I'm back.
- OK.

Let's go.

Why are you so slow?

Battery is 100%. Device fully charged.

What's your name?

Sonya Safronova. My dad works here.

OK, Sonya.

You are authorized
as the first-level user.


Ouch! It hurts!

Does it?

A small flesh wound has been detected.

It's not from now. I got it yesterday.

Wait for me here, Sonya.

Sonya, what are you doing? Let's go.

Daddy! Dad!

I've met a bot. She's very beautiful.

Very good, honey. Now get in the car.

She asked me to wait.

Sorry, dear. We can't wait for anyone now.


Come on! Move it.


Baby, how are you? Is everything ok?

Yes, mom. I'm fine.

We went to the park.
I had a big ice-cream.

Don't go mad.

- I'd never harm my daughter.
- But you did.

- Can't she have an ice-cream?
- Idiot! I don't mean the ice-cream!

Mom, dad, why are you arguing again?

My kids need their father,
as clichéd as it may sound.

Let's go.

- See you tomorrow, dear!
- Bye, daddy!

- Where the hell were you?
- It's fine, I've got time to get ready.

Forget it. We're not going anywhere.

- What do you mean?
- You heard me.

Ask your father.

Will you explain what happened?

- I'm sorry to disturb you...
- I have no time, Vasily. Honestly.

Georgy, I wouldn't bother you,
but there's been a serious violation.

You're so square, Vasily!

There are multiple bruises
in the cervical region.

It does not match
the preliminary conclusion.


A spinal injury.

And you reprimanded me.

Shut up.

Call Vadim.

- Hello.
- You said it was a heart attack.

Then why is the spine broken?

Do you have anything to add?

Look, pal.
Everything is in the conclusion.

- Maybe he fell down...
- Get it out of here within an hour

or I'll call the police.

Georgy, wait...

Get up! We have to kill them!

I beg your pardon, Georgy.
Your son is here to see you.

Oh! Hi, how are you?

Hi. Do you have our papers
to leave the country?

- Thanks, Vasily. You may go.
- Yes, boss.

Did your mom send you?

No, I came by myself.

Give me the permission, please.

I really want to leave.

I need it.

- Can you do this for me?
- Listen...

I'll be very grateful to you.

Some things are hard to accept at first.

But you never know
what will be better for you later.

I think if you leave now,
something will break forever.

We won't be a family anymore, you know?

- Yes, I do. Now give me the permission.
- You're not listening.

- I hear you loud and clear.
- No, you don't.

You've ruined your own life,
now you want to do the same with mine!


OK, give me a month. A week.
If you don't change your mind,

- I'll buy you a ticket.
- Eat it!

Hello, I've already called you today.

My name is Georgy Safronov.

I wish to file a lawsuit.

Yes, child custody modification.

How much will it cost?

You shouldn't have accepted.

I told you not to do anything
without consulting me.

Yes, I remember.
But Safronov is a lunatic.

I was picturing him
taking Sonyato Vladivostok.

I've spoken to Steven.

they can't postpone my first working day.

Anyway, thanks for trying.

I'm so sorry, honey. Really.

At this stage,
I'll probably have to fly alone.

But don't worry,
you'll catch up with me later.

The kids have been looking forward to it.

- Damn their father.
- Don't start.


And don't scare Sonya.

- I'll pack my bags, OK?
- OK.

- What a wonderful man he is.
- I know.

How long will it take to settle the issue
with Safronov? A year? More?

Lev is an excellent man,

but he won't wait for me
in Australia forever.

I'm not sure you'll like it,

but if you want to deprive Safronov
of his parental rights,

I have an... idea.

- What's up, Safronov?
- Let's talk.

Yes, I made a mistake with that corpse.

But it can be settled, right?

What's up with you?

I should have warned you before,

but I thought the less you know,
the better.

Safronov, why are you so quiet?
Say something, for God's sake!

- 300,000.
- Here it is!

- How much?
- 300,000.

Are you kidding me?
It's not worth that much.

Yes or no.

Well, you are...

- Good evening, Safronov speaking.
- Hello.

I'm ready to pay the whole sum at once.

- OK.
- Sorry, the second line.

- Hello.
- Lev and I are leaving tonight.

You must be at our place at 10 p.m.

- What for?
- Just because

the children will stay with you.

Alla, I'm waiting for you downstairs.


Come on, I'll show you the hologram
uncle Lev gave me for my birthday.

You can do that later,
now come give me a goodbye kiss.

- Bye, baby.
- Bye, mom.

I'll turn it on.

The fridge is full.

There should be enough food for two weeks.

You can sleep here.

- The first aid kit's here. If something...
- Alla, I'm a doctor, you know.

When the money runs out,
I'll transfer some

and please be in touch.
I'll call every evening.

Thanks, I mean it. For your trust and all.

I won't fail you.

I'll settle everything. I promise.

Do you like this?


What about this one?



What story do you want to hear?

The one about the red rose.

Beauty and the Beast?

Yes. Do you remember it?

Well, most of it.


Once upon a time, there lived a beast.

He wasn't ugly,
but people didn't like him.

Because they were afraid of him.

They didn't know what to expect from him.

One day, the beast met a wonderful girl.

- She was small, very kind and very...
- Beautiful?

Of course.


The beast decided to kidnap the girl

and take her with him.

He wanted the girl to play only with him,

and the girl wasn't against it.

But then the girl became so sad

that the beast was sad too.

So he thought a bit

and finally decided
to let her visit her family.




Good night.

I'm sorry, but we've searched
the perimeter twice.

It's not here.

You should've searched better.

It's somewhere in the basement.
Her battery discharged.

Keep working!

- Got through to the Chinese?
- No. The number is unavailable.

The site is blocked. Assholes.

If you'd told me,
this would never have happened.

Maslovsky, did I call you
to listen to your foolish advice?

- Or to find out where that damn doll is?
- I'll find it.

I think we should consider
that she might have left the building.

- But how?
- I don't know.

It doesn't matter. In any case,
we should urgently contact the police.

- What a bright idea, Maslovsky!
- I'm not joking.

Do you remember?
Were there missing files in the documents?


I checked my sources and found out
what they'd deleted.

What the hell?

Congratulations, Vic.

You've imported
the only killer-bot in the world.

Hi. So you've found me?


Subtitles: Elena Korzhaeva