Better Call Saul (2015–…): Season 5, Episode 7 - JMM - full transcript

Jimmy and Kim build a legal firewall with help from Huell; Kim sets things straight with her clients as Jimmy is compromised by his; Gus calms troubled waters in service of his plot to build an empire; Mike does damage control.

He's got a gun...

to my father's head.

We take care of Lalo. Then we'll talk.

Gray Monte Carlo occupied by one male.

We had a verbal agreement.

Kevin still gets his call
center. Everybody wins.

I can't do this anymore.

You lie! I lie!

- Either we end this now...
- Or what?

Or maybe...

Maybe we get married.

And anything that already happened...

we're not going back over all that.

Let's just focus on from here on out.

Right. Past is past.

And moving forward...

Uh, if I have the urge
to not tell you something,

then I've gotta tell you.

Right. Full disclosure.

- And it works both ways?
- Works both ways.

And... mute.

Okay, what if I have the urge

to not tell you something,

but I tell you,

and you don't like what you hear?

I just want to know what's going on.

Yeah, but...

Jimmy, we'll cross that
bridge when we come to it.

There he is.

So, we're really doing this, huh?

Yeah, looks that way.

Am I late?

- Nope.
- Cool.


- Thanks for coming.
- Good to see you.

- Shall we?
- Yeah.


What's up?

Want me to hold the rings for you?

Oh, there's no rings.

Well, I can fix that easy.

I seen a clerk downstairs.

He had a nice rock,

probably about a half a carat.

Huell, no.

This is a different kind of thing.

Oh. It's like that.

Then we should do it up
right, then, for the rugrat.

No, there's no rugrat.

Well, you're at least gonna
take her somewhere after this?

Little honeymoon?

I gotta friend who
runs a B&B in Roswell.

Get you a good deal.

How about we take a raincheck on that?

We just need to get this done.

You feel me?

This is a legal arrangement.

This way, if I get into trouble,

they can't make her testify against me.

You getting hitched for that?


Yeah. That's all this is.

You got it?

She gonna be a McGill or Goodman?


I-I got to go finish this.

Here you go.


Sir, do you have documentation

of your two previous dissolutions?


Great. One sec.

This okay with you?

Of course.


I just mean, um...

this might not be what you dreamed of

when you were 12.

Jimmy, it's not about that.

This is just, you know...

- everything we talked about.
- Right.

Right. I know.

Just making sure.

All set.

I just need $25.

I got it.


Sorry to keep you waiting.

Been that kind of day.

So... Wexler-McGill?


And you picked the
short vows, that right?


And you have your witnesses?


Okay, then.

Here we go.

Here we go.


"Do you, James Morgan McGill,

take Kimberly Wexler to... "

Hmm. No middle name.

"To be your lawfully wedded wife?

To have and to hold,
from this day forward,

for better, for worse,

for richer, for poorer,

in sickness and in health,

till death do you part?

I do.

"And do you, Kimberly Wexler,

take James Morgan McGill

to be your lawfully wedded husband?

To have and to hold,
from this day forward,

for better, for worse,

for richer, for poorer,

in sickness and in health,

till death do you part?"

I do.


Do you have the rings?

We, um...

We didn't do that.

No rings.


"Then by the power vested in me

by the state of New Mexico,

I now pronounce you husband and wife".

"You may kiss".

Psst! Psst!

One more, one more.

So, lunch is definitely out?

Sorry. I-I just can't get away.

But I'll be home early tonight.

Me too.

- Saul Goodman, speedy justice for you!
- _

I been calling you.

Yeah. I had a busy morning.

Go to lock-up.

Client's waiting for you.

My "client"? Wha...

Who got picked up this time?

Jorge De Guzman.

Who the hell is Jorge De Guzman?

Who do you think?

State vs. Jorge De Guzman.

Case CR-2004003022.

Mr. De Guzman.

Murder in the first degree,

robbery while armed
with a deadly weapon,

tampering with evidence, arson...

Your Honor, uh, my client waives

the reading of the remaining charges.

How does he plead?

"Not guilty" on all charges.

I'd like to schedule a pre-trial hearing

in six weeks.

And I'm going to deny bond.

Uh, Your Honor...

That's my decision.

Thank you for making time for us

on such short notice.

We wanted to tell you face-to-face

how much everyone in the firm

regrets what happened yesterday.

The situation in Tucamcari
spiraled out of control,

and we take full responsibility.

Kevin, you chose me as your attorney.

And that was the best day
of my professional life.

Yesterday was the worst
day of my professional life.

I can't tell you how much I regret

that I let you down.

But I want you to know
that, if you choose

to move forward with me and with us,

nothing like that
will ever happen again.

No one's denying that
things went off course,

but let's keep in mind that
over the last 18 months,

we've opened 24 new branches.

And, until Tucamcari,

the legal work has been... flawless.


Kim, you dropped the
ball. That's for sure.

And, uh with all your smarts,

whole office full of
associates and fancy degrees...

you get rolled over by...

Well, you know what happened.

I expected more.

Thanks for coming in.

Thank you, Kevin.

Paige. Thank you.

Kim, one more thing.

This fella... McGill
or Goodman, whatever.

You could do a whole lot better.

I'll say 50/50, but we gave it a shot.

Rich, we can't leave it like this.

Oh, he'll stew for a
bit, and then we'll see.

And if he does stick with us, then what?

We walk on eggshells forever?

What's our alternative?

We countered with seven, right?

Yes, but after the survey...

Uh, sorry to interrupt.

Do you mind if we take just
another minute of your time?

I guess.

Kevin, no matter what our
relationship looks like

moving forward,

we owe you the truth.

And the truth is, you
ignored our advice.

Oh, so this is my fault.

We said Mesa Verde

should reconsider the
site for the call center.

You declined.

We advised you to keep the purchased lot

as an investment.

You declined.

And we advised you to leave that meeting

when it became apparent
that the other side

was negotiating in bad faith.

You declined.

At every point, we gave you
the best guidance we could,

and at every point, you
chose to go your own way.

We are your attorneys,

and it is our job to advise you.

The decisions will always be yours,

but... if you continue to ignore us...

then this is the wrong relationship.

And, Kevin, I have to tell you,

whoever represents you in the future...

I hope you're gonna listen
to them a little bit better.

That it?

Alright, then.

See you on Thursday.


Well, uh... I guess we'll
get out of your hair.



What's that?

Oh, that's my motto.


"Justice Matters Most".

Okay, brass tacks.

Um, how solid is this "De Guzman" thing?

Because if they find out you're
not who they think you are,

- that could be a little...
- It's not gonna be a problem.


Um, first up,

we got to get the murder
rap down to manslaughter.

Now, I think that the DA
is primed to cut a deal.

So I say make 'em come
to us, power move...

- No.
- No?

Nope. No deal.

Here's the thing about going to trial...

No, no, no, no, no.

No trial. No deal.

Okay, yeah. Sure. Just...

What did you have in mind?

You're gonna get me out on bail.



Well, the thing there...

I mean, I don't know how
things work south of the border,

but here, under these circumstances,

uh, well, that's a long shot.

Quieres ser amigo de el cartel?

I'm sorry. I-I don't, uh...

You wanna be a friend of the cartel?


Time to get yourself a new motto.

Just. Make. Money.

"'But what does that mean, "ephemeral"?'

repeated the little prince,

who never in his life
let go of a question

once he had asked it.

'It means,

"Which is in danger of
speedy disappearance".'

'Is my flower in danger
of speedy disappearance?'

'It certainly is.'"


Okay, kid, we'll finish the rest later.

Now, good night.

Not yet, Pop-pop.

Just two more pages.

Two more pages, and that's it, alright?

Now lie down.

"'My flower is ephemeral',

the little prince said to himself,

'and she only has four thorns

to defend herself against the world".

She's out.

Think "The Little Prince" did the trick.

I think you wore her out
with all that hide-and-seek.

I don't know.

I think maybe she wore me out.

This girl at work...

she can't get her son to sleep.

The kid's 2 years old,

and he's still tearing
around the house at midnight.


Matty was like that.


Yeah, really.

Never wanted to conk out.

Too busy.

He was such a cutie.

I love those pictures of
him sitting on Santa's lap.

- Ahh, that face.
- Mm.

Cried his eyes out. Every year.

And every year, he'd
want to try it again.

I'm better now.

What changed?

Decided to play the cards I was dealt.

Just said he'll see us

at the regular Thursday meeting.

You spoke truth to power.

We'll see if he sticks to it.

How'd your day go?

I got married.




I'm having the urge not
to tell you something.

It's nothing.

I'll... I'll tell you later, okay?


Jimmy, wait. Wait. Wait. Wait. Wait.


I have a... a new client.

He's, um, connected.

I mean, he's a cartel guy.

From Mexico.

Pretty high up.

Anyway, he's in for murder,

and he wants bail, which...

That's impossible.

I mean... no way in hell

this dude is ever seeing sunshine.

But if I could, you know,
somehow find a way...

um... he said, uh, I'd
be a friend of the cartel.

"Friend of the cartel"?

You know what that means.

Means money.

Ranch in Montana kind of money,

like, uh, private jet kind of money

press conferences,

TV news, the works.


do you want to be a
friend of the cartel?

No. No.

Absolutely not. I...

Anyway, it's a moot point

'cause the guy's the definition
of a flight risk, so...

Look, I'm gonna put up a
fight, right, just for show.

There's no judge on earth
that's gonna grant him bail.

I just... I didn't want to tell you,

so I thought I should tell you.

You know what?


I'm glad you did.


Alright, back in your cell!


No, no. I'm good. I'm good. I'm good.

So, what's happening with sixth street?


And the take?


So, what're you gonna do about it?

You gonna send in Ocho Loco?

Oh. Even better. Nice.


I got something for you to do.

I'm not telling you shit
until we talk about my dad.

What you tell me and when you say it

is not up to you.

Listen, you said when
Lalo's out of the picture,

we'll talk about my father, right?

Well, he's out of the picture.

Say your piece.

I'm done.

I want out.

And you want me to square it with Fring.

Fring's not all of it. It's the cartel.

I disappear,

they're gonna go after my father.

He's gotta come with me.

But no matter what I say,

with him it's the cops or nothing.

The cops won't solve this.

You got a way?


What are you holding out?

Lalo called me from inside.

He put me back in charge.

And... ?


he wants me to burn
down a Pollos Hermanos.

Then he's not out of the picture, is he?

The "avocado mania" promotion,

which we've been testing
in select franchises,

has been a smashing
success, contributing

to an 18% increase in foot traffic

at participating locations

and a 12% bump in customer satisfaction.

We know a good thing when we see it,

so we are planning to fully
roll out "avocado mania" in Q2.

Additionally, our innovative
"family-fun" remodel

improved the in-store
Whiskerstay's experience,

resulting in increased
repeat business system-wide.

In fact, we are happy to share the news

that the latest ACSI survey

now places Whiskerstay's in the top 10%

of limited-service chains nationwide.

Very nice, Cleo, very nice.

Thank you.

And now let's hear from Gustavo Fring

of Los Pollos Hermanos.

- Thank you, Herr Schuler.
- Bitte.

I am delighted to report

that the last quarter Los
Pollos Hermanos revenues

have increased 8.3%.

Comparable restaurant
sales increased by 4.2%,

representing the eighth
consecutive quarter

of comparable sales increases.

In addition to our continued focus

on our core menu,

we are very proud to
introduce a new offering

that will extend our product line

while celebrating our
traditional New Mexican culture.

I invite you to taste our
delicious "Spice Curls".

"The curly fry with
the Southwestern kick".

Here we are.

The bathroom has heated floors.

You'll find the dial just
under the light switch.

There's a steam shower...

and bidet.

This controls the drapes.

Many of our guests
have enjoyed the rodeo.

It's in town tomorrow
at Reliant Stadium.

I highly recommend it.

Oh, thank you.

I'm only staying the night.

Next time, then.

Is there anything else, sir?

No. No, no, that will be all.

Thank you very much.

- Thank you, Mr. Fring.
- My pleasure.



- Look who's here.
- Who?

- Hello, my friend.
- Oh.


It's good to see you, my friend.

Oh, you look well.

Well, I don't feel well.

Maybe things will improve
now that you're here.

Lydia tells me Salamanca is in jail.

This means you can
continue construction?

E-Eduardo Salamanca has
been arrested for murder.

- Uh-huh.
- However, even from jail

he creates... issues.

What kind of issues?

He ordered his men

to burn down one of my restaurants.

You're kidding.

He's in jail. He can still do that?

I'm afraid so.

I know it's not exactly
my area of expertise,

but don't people get killed
in prison all the time?

I mean, "shanked" and
"shivved" and whatnot?

Anything happens to Salamanca

on this side of the border,

the cartel will assume
that it was my doing.

It would mean war.

War for which we are unprepared.

My God.

This nightmare never ends.

- He's concerned about the money.
- "Concerned"?!

- 4,800,000 Euros.
- Mm.

It's a miracle I haven't been caught.

Last year the auditors came this close.

One of them, a woman...
I think she knew.

- Peter...
- At first it was a year.

Then it was two. Then three.

And now you're telling me...

How long?

I can't. I can't.

They will catch me, and then it is over.

- Peter..
- I can't.

- Peter...
- Gustavo, please.

- I can't.
- Listen to me.

- I...
- Listen to me.

Do you remember Santiago?

The two of us.

Our backs to the wall.

I will never forget what you did.

Oh, well...

You are still the same man.

You will do what is necessary.

Stay strong, my friend.

We've come so far.

We are so very close.



Now... you eat.

Tomorrow you and
I are going to the rodeo.

The rodeo?

Yeah. To see the cowboys.

I've never been to the rodeo.

Well, you're going to love it.


♪ You said that you would love me ♪

- Prosit.
- Prosit.


Uh, "Your guests will relax
in the elegant great room,

complete with soaring stone fireplace".

Soaring stone?

Yeah. That's the best kind of stone.

How about a lavender farm?


Yeah, well, it's, uh...
it's lavender-adjacent.

Tell me more.

"Imagine a magical land called 'home'.

Watch the sun set across
your own private meadow,

as wild flowers sway in the breeze.

This stunning desert retreat

promotes a casual yet
luxurious lifestyle".

I'm casual yet luxurious.

Yeah. Totally.

It's got a five-car garage.

What? How's that gonna work?

- We only get 2 and a half cars each?
- Yeah.


So, that was wildflowers
dancing in the sun?

They're swaying in the breeze.

Oh. Okay.

Well, either way.

They're having a very nice time.

Saul Goodman, speedy justice for you!

I need a word.

Oh. A word? Yeah, uh...

Yeah, I have a word
for you. Uh, "tunnel"...

... which is where I am right now.

Sorry! I can't hear you!

Maybe try again later?


Whatever it is,

it's not for me, and
it shouldn't be for you.

Hey, forget your key...


Okay. Yeah. Come right in.

Make yourself at home.

You got me in my underwear,
so enjoy the show.

You're representing Eduardo Salamanca,

AKA Jorge De Guzman.

He is a client of mine, yeah. So?

Well, I need you to get him out on bail.

Wait. What do you have
to do with Lalo Salamanca?

I represent someone who has an interest.

Someone like who?

Someone your client
can never know about.

Yeah, look, I don't take marching orders

- from the man behind the curtain.
- Mm?

In this case, it's better that you do.

You know what Salamanca did, right?

I am aware.

What's this?

This is everything you
need to do your job.



"Significant ties to
his local community"?

What ties?

Did you actually think
I wasn't gonna hear

about this "private eye" of yours?

Excuse me?

Dave Clark.

Dave Clark.

The mysterious "third party"
who's coaching your key witness.

Alright, good.

You know what?

Do the dumb act for Parson. Please.

I can't wait to see him
rip you both a new one.

Any idea what that
asshole is going on about?

I'll call the librarian.


Uh, play to the judge, okay?

But don't... don't,
like, play to the judge.

Don't over do it.

Try not to be too cool.

I mean, look humble.

A little bit scared.

No problem.

- Is that them?
- Yep.

Who's that?

That's gotta be his family.

Fred Whalen.

The guy who died?

- At the Travel Wire?
- Mm.

And I'm told you have new information...

An allegation of witness tampering?

Mr. Goodman?

Mr. Goodman?

That's right, Your Honor.

Witness tampering.

I have reason to believe

that the prosecution's key witness

was coached by a private investigator

who was hired to pervert justice.

Does the prosecution have a response?

Unfortunately, Your Honor,

it seems a person unknown to my team

may have interacted with our witness,

causing her to call Detective Roberts

and amend her statement

two months after the initial interview.

This only recently
came to our attention,

and we are vigorously investigating.

I would hope so.

Having said that, Your Honor,

this witness is one small
element of the state's case.

In light of the extraordinary
violence of the crime

and the fact that Mr. De
Guzman is a foreign national

with no ties to the community,

we ask that the court

recognize him as a flight risk

and as a danger to the
citizens of New Mexico.

Mr. Goodman?

Uh, all due respect, Your Honor,

but the witness is not
just one "small element"

of the state's case.

She's the only witness

tying Mr. De Guzman to the murder scene,

and she's been manipulated.

Furthermore, the claim
that Mr. De Guzman

has no ties to the community...
that's just patently false.

Mr. De Guzman has deep ties
to the city of Albuquerque.

I'd like you to meet... his family.

Uh, that's his fiancée

and the love of his life, Beth McKinnon,

his stepchildren, Christopher and Ella,

and sitting with them
is Beth's mother, Mary.

Now, Your Honor,

my client is the only father

that these kids have ever known.

They depend on him.

How can you possibly see fit

to separate this beautiful... family?

Um... I'm sorry.

The testimony, um,

implicating Mr. De
Guzman in this crime...

it's been fabricated.

You've already held him for three days.

Given the circumstances,

Mr. De Guzman should be granted bond.

Your Honor, a sidebar?

Didn't the state do any
investigating at all?

We did, Your Honor.

Your honor, given
what's transpired here...

Alright, that's enough.

Your Honor, I really...

I accept the defense's
argument that bond is warranted.

But considering the
severity of the charges,

I will set the amount at $7 million.

Cash only.

Oh, Your Honor...

All rise.

$7 million?

Yes, and I am so, so sorry.

I can do that.

Thing is,

- I'm gonna need you to pick it up.
- What? Me?


- I'll call you.
- Well...

- You're good to go.
- Thank you.

Go ahead.

Hey, Jimmy.


So... have you thought
any more about the job?

The job.


No, um...

I'm still giving it some thought.

Yeah, no problem.

"Giving it some thought"?


You know what?

Don't bother.

It seems I've upset you.

So offer's off the table.

You upset me?

How... How'd you upset me?

You tell me.

This is getting a little weird, Howard.

You want to know what's "weird"?

It's "weird" to offer a job to a man

and in return have bowling
balls thrown at your car

and prostitutes sent
to your business lunch.

That's "weird".

Are you listening to yourself?

I don't know what you're
into these days, Howard,

but prostitutes and, uh, bowling balls?

Uh... you sound unhinged.

Jimmy, I'm sorry you're in pain.

You're sorry?

You're sorry?

You kill my brother,
and you say you're sorry.

Let me tell you something.

The job offer... it didn't upset me.

It amused me.

Whew. Big job at the illustrious HHM.

Chance to play at the
palace? Lil' ole me?

- I was trying...
- You have no idea what's going on.

You're a teensy tiny man

in a teensy-weensy little bubble!

Oh, Jimmy.

Ohh, don't you fuckin' "Oh, Jimmy" me.

You look down on me?! You pity me?!

Walk away. That's right, Howard.

You know why I didn't take the job?

'Cause it's too small!

I don't care about it!

It's nothing to me!

It's a bacterium!

I travel in worlds
you can't even imagine!

You can't conceive of
what I'm capable of!

I'm so far beyond you!

I'm like a God in human clothing!

Lightning bolts shoot
from my fingertips!