Better Call Saul (2015–…): Season 5, Episode 6 - Wexler v. Goodman - full transcript

Kim tries to pump the brakes on Jimmy's latest scheme, but it may be too late to stop Saul; Mike turns the heat up on Lalo; Nacho attempts to enlist support from above.

Are you wondering how healthy the food you are eating is? Check it -
Hey, baby.

- You ready?
- Where were you?

- What?
- Where were you?

I'm sorry, hon.
I got held up down at the Clover.

Guess I kind of lost track of time.

You were drinking?

Kimmy. It was one beer.

- Doesn't smell like one beer.
- Well, that's what it was.

So let's go. Get in.

♪ It's an affair of the heart ♪♪

Kim, I'm not doing this.
Come on. It's cold out.

Let's go get some food, go home.

Split a box of McNuggets,
see what's on TV.

I'm just gonna walk.

Really? You're gonna walk three miles
with a cello.

Don't be stupid. Get in.

I'll let you choose the radio station.
Come on.

Kim, get in the car right now.

I said it was one beer.
You're gonna be like this?

You don't believe me?

Kim, get in, or I'm driving home.

Right now, in the car.

I mean it. I'm going.

Fine. Don't listen to me.

You never listen!


Freedom to ride.

Freedom to explore.

Freedom to bank...

the way you want to.

Hi, I'm Don Wachtell,
president of Mesa Verde.

For the past 10 years,
our family has taken pride

in helping your family grow your savings
out here in the Southwest,

with freedom from hidden fees,

and freedom to choose the account
that's right for you.

- Ain't that right, Kevin?
- That's right, Dad.


Let our family help find your freedom
at Mesa Verde.

So can you do it?

The media lab has a Vision Mixer. I think
we can get the effect you're going for.

And with makeup and costumes, we can
make it look like the same time period.

That's great.

I love it.

It's gonna sing.

I'm sensing that Schleprock here
is gonna puke on my parade.

You want it when?

Uh, as soon as possible.
Tomorrow would be optimal.

Let me break it down for you, chief.

You got 10 spots.
I count 12, 13 locations.

And then there's post, graphics,
this video-effects thing you're talking.

That's a week, maybe more.

Probably more. We have midterms.

And plus, we have to lug
all our stuff around.

And actors, craft service...

You scout these locations?
I got a place to plug in?

Oh, and bathrooms. People need bathrooms.
They literally...

Whoa. Whoa, just...

There's gotta be a way, right?
Because we're smart.

So we can figure out a way, right?

- Cut the number of spots.
- No.

It's... Shock and awe is what I'm going
for here. Anything less, no.

What if you use voiceovers
instead of actors?

Or if we did in all in one location.

So no actors, no scope, no impact.
No. Just...

I just feel like
if we just get out there and this...

We hustle. We can do it. We can.

Dude, can't be done.

- We can...
- Dude, we can't.

I don't know.
What if we did the Superman thing?

Uh, a what?

You know, like Superman. Like, um...

Well, like a weatherman.
Blue screen, I think.

Do you mean a green screen?

Whatever. Blue, green, just...

Can we do that?

You got a green screen?

Looking good, gentlemen.

- Red leather, yellow leather.
- What?

- Red leather, yellow leather.
- Very nice.

Mah. Mah.

Mom makes meat.

- Mom makes meat.
- Red leather, yellow leather.

Red leather, red... Yellow. Yellow leather.

We're ready ready.

Oh. Ahem. Everyone, a lot to do,
no time to do it.

- Who knows their lines?
- Yes, I believe I have it.

Ah. I love a man of confidence.

I played Prospero on the plaza
a month after prostate surgery.

- One has to have confidence.
- Wonderful. God bless.

Now bring that confidence
right over here to this mark on the floor.

That's your spot.
Do not move from it. Okay?

But also, don't be rigid, okay?
Try to be natural.

And speak to me.

You know, conversational,
everyday, like a friend. But... Ugh. Ahem.

There's fear here, there's emotion.

You're searching for a hero, you know?

Will no one save you?

But don't hit it too hard.
Just throw it away, but with feeling.

Okay? Good. How we doing?

- Let's shoot this mother.
- All right.

Oh. Ahem.
There's cue cards if you need them.

But don't look at them, look at me, okay?

But you know, they're there.

- So roll sound.
- Rolling.

- Camera?
- Speed.

And action.

This is great. Stand right there.
You look great.

Eyes open.

Yeah, good. Good. Can I drop your jaw?
Sideways, a little?

- Perfect. That's it. Press record.
- I can't...

- And five, four, three, two, magic.
- Magic.

- Delicious.
- Can't have pizza while we do the thing.

We're trying to shoot the commercial,
that's why. I'll keep it here.

Look up this way. Right?
And then stay right like that.

All right. Show it to me. Boom.

You're a cool guy, okay? But not too cool.
I need you to be relatable.

Give me that "Fonz." All right. Good.

Put it down. Nobody's buying it.

Okay. The cane, I think,
is a little too much. Can I have it?

And five, four, three, two, magic.

- What?
- Leave it. Let go. Just really... Okay?

You look very, very officious, okay?

All right. Can you smile warmly? No?

I'm trying to direct.

- Good. Get out of the way. Out of the way.
- Okay.

And acting.

Cool. All right. Do that. Ready? Yeah.

Yeah, like this.

Too much... Put your hand right...
Yeah, yeah.

Stand on the X. This is great.


Turn sideways.
Take your coke out of her hand.

And now, look sad. Glum.

And then when I say, "action,"
you look here. No, faster.

Make it a whip. Whip your head.
Up here and then go. Action.

Look back. Okay. Anyone else?

So that they don't reflect, okay?
That looks normal. Look right in.

Look at me. Point.

No. Like this.

More. More.

Good. Make it look real.

And cut.


I'm Saul Goodman. If you...

Just hold on. Hold on.

You came. I'm sorry, you missed
most of it. I'm almost through my part.

Now, you coming in? Because, hey,
we still got a slice or two of pizza left.

No. I ate at the office. I'm good.

Are you sure? Because it's cold pizza
fondled by community theatre actors.

You're gonna pass on that?

Yeah, I think I will pass.
I just wanted to talk.

Talk? Yeah, sure.

Of course. Five.

Um, good news. I tracked down
Olivia Bitsui. She is 92 years young.

She's part of the Navajo Nation.
She lives out by Window Rock.

I'm gonna call her first thing
in the morning.

Hopefully have a face-to-face.

- Jimmy...
- I'm gonna bring a floral arrangement,

or maybe a cake assortment
from Brother's Bakery?

- Good idea...
- Jimmy. Do you think...?

Will Acker settle for 75,000?

- Seventy-five?
- Yeah. Will he go for it?

Are you saying that Kevin is willing
to go up to 75 on this?


Look, we'll negotiate as far up as we can,
and then I'll make up the difference.

Okay, hold on.

You'll make up the difference,

as in, out-of-your-own-pocket
make up the difference?

I... Yes.

I just need to end this now and move on.

But why? No. Hey, we have him.

Rich is suspicious.

He said some things.

He's second-guessing
how you got to be Acker's lawyer

and questioning my intentions.

Enough to want me off the case.

We move forward with this,
Rich figures out what's happening.

Here's the truth. Rich knows nothing.

- Well, not yet. No.
- Not ever.

He has nothing.
There is no way to prove anything.

You may be right.

But it's just not worth it.

But what about the play here?

The play is beautiful.

God, this is like watching
a walk-off home run just drift foul.

It's your play.
If you wanna walk, we'll walk.

So I gotta break it to the kids.

Well, there's a lot to clean up before
Mrs Nguyen can open in the morning, so...

- I'll help.
- No. You've been all day at work.

Jimmy, you're out here doing all this
because of me. I'm helping.


All right. Just don't touch the camera.
He claims it's an extension of his body.


You're Michael?

The gringo Lalo
had a bug up his ass about?

If Hector or the cousins
ever find out about...

They're not gonna find out.

Get on with it.

Lalo's using his C.I. connection.

He's having Domingo call the DEA
to rat out your dealers.

Times they're slinging, locations.

Your guys are gonna get swept up.

Promote low-level dealers.

Or find new ones.

Let them get arrested.

Protect our people.

- You got it.
- What else?

He talks about a lot of things.


Hitting your supply trucks,
going after your restaurants.

Getting your customers sick.

Cutting off power, busting open pipes.

He's gonna chip away at your business

until the bosses down south don't think
you're worth the trouble.

From now on, you report to this man.

He needs you, you do not hesitate.


Guessing there's something
you wanna get off your chest.

You know who you're working for, right?

The shit that this guy does.

They shot me.

Left me bleeding out in the desert,
all part of some plan.

I don't know what to tell you.
I warned you.

- What?
- I warned you,

when you started going
after Hector Salamanca,

there'd be others to worry about.

You made a choice.

You got in with both eyes open.

My father didn't.

He's got a gun to my father's head.

I don't do what he says...

Look, first things first.

We take care of Lalo.

Then we'll talk.

Paige, you've got Kim, Rich and Marcie.

I hope you're calling with good news.

- You sitting down?
- Oh, God. Really?

Yep. Acker's decided to settle.

Tell Kevin he's got his call centre.

Fantastic. Kevin will be over the moon.
When is it official?

There's a meeting on the books
with Mr Goodman for Wednesday at 3:00.

Music to my ears.

Kevin's gonna wanna be there
to close this out and celebrate.

I can't wait.

- Congrats, Paige.
- Congrats to you guys.

Kim, this was another tough one,
but you did it again.

Uh, team effort.
We'll e-mail you the details.

Great. Talk soon.


Well, now that that's behind us
and I have you here,

I wanna talk to Jason in Charlotte,

walk us through
these Fannie and Freddie changes.

can you set up that North Carolina call?

Actually, before we do that...
Sorry, Marcie, would you give us a minute?

Sure. Absolutely.

Dorothy, hold off on that call, please.

I, uh...

I wanted to talk about yesterday.

Rich, you've been nothing
but generous to me,

and you don't deserve to be yelled at.

It was unprofessional.

I believe me staying on the case
was the right thing,

but that was the wrong way to react.

That's it.

Just that I'm sorry.



you have a bone to pick with me,
pick away.

In fact, you wanna lose your shit,
that's all right too.

I'm not perfect.
I've broken plenty of times.

But never in front of the troops.

I don't have to spell out
what it does for morale, confidence.

Never again.

Hi. Yeah. No, let's punt the call
to Charlotte to another time.

Also, cancel my 12:30,
but keep the reservation.

Yeah, that's right. Thanks.

You and me,

we're going to lunch.

And everyone is gonna see us.


- Good.
- All right, then. After you.

- Hi.
- Hi.

Excuse me.

- Are these really only a quarter each?
- That's right.

Why so cheap? Is there
some kind of damage I'm not seeing?

No. We get lots of donations,
books we already have,

and there's not enough room
on the shelves,

so we sell what we can,
to pay for newer releases.

Wow, I mean, you're kidding me.

Treasure Island.



And The Little Prince.

Hmm. My granddaughter's gonna love these.

All right. Well, I will start with eight.

- All right. Eight. That's $2.
- Yes, ma'am.

- Thank you. Do you need a bag?
- No, I'm fine. Thank you.

And may I ask...

- Is there a Lillian Simmons working here?
- Yes, I'm Lily.

Lily. Great.

My name's Dave Clark.

I'm a private investigator.

- Oh. Is this about Travel Wire?
- That's right.

I already told the police
everything I saw, which wasn't much.

You saw a man with a moustache,
dark hair, kind of tall.

I'm not even sure anymore.

It was through two sets of glass,
and he was leaning over a desk.

Are you free to sit and talk somewhere?
See if you remember any other details?

As I said, I told the police
everything I could remember.

Oh, I know.

And the police are doing their best
with that information.

But I've been hired by the family.

And I am trying to help them find...


They're looking for closure, Lily.

Anything to bring them peace.

I send money back to my parents
back in Taiwan.

I do it every month.

Fred was always there.

We didn't really talk much.
But he was efficient.

So you see that man inside
on the day in question?

That's right. The door sign
was flipped "closed," which it never was,

and then the man pointed at the sign
and waved me off.

I don't know, I thought they were having
Internet problems or something.

I came back 20 minutes later...

Oh, it was horrible.
Thick black smoke and flames.

And the man with the moustache,
you didn't see him when you returned?

No. I got there
just as the fire engines were arriving.

Well, let's talk about
when you first got there.

You drove, I assume.

- Yes.
- Where'd you park?

Right out front,
just to the right of the entrance.

- Were there any other cars parked there?
- Um, a few.

- The normal amount.
- Mm-hm.

- Any unusual or unique cars?
- Unusual?

Older cars, classic cars.
Something you might not see every day.

Actually, I think there was.

Do you remember what kind?

Oh, I don't really know cars.

- It had four wheels.
- Ha-ha-ha.


That look familiar?

- Is this the car?
- Um...

That's not for me to say.


Yes. Now that I look at it...

- Yes. That was the type of car it was.
- Uh-huh.

A customised 1970 Monte Carlo?


And that is a huge help, Lily.

Thank you very much.

Oh, good. Anything for that poor family.

- Uh, there is something else.
- Yes?

If you were able to call the detectives
who interviewed you

and pass this along firsthand,
tell them that you remember that detail.

That was so long ago.

I don't think I can remember
who I spoke to.

Well, I have that right here.

Detective Tim Roberts. That's his number.
Probably catch him at his desk right now.

Oh, okay.

A grey 1970 Chevrolet Monte Carlo.

- Grey?
- Mm-hm.

And if you don't mind,
don't mention my name.

Police get a little funny

about private investigators
horning in on their business.

They can have all the credit.

I only want justice.

Oh. Absolutely. I understand.

Thank you, Lily.

Count your lucky stars
we got Judge Papadoumian.

She likes my flair.

Baby, you went the extra mile
for us today. Don't think I didn't notice.

Hey, you want a quick rub-n-tug,
just to say thanks?

We won't mess up your suit or nothing.
We'll clean you up nice with a warm towel.

A warm towel? I appreciate the offer,

but I'm gonna politely decline,
if that's okay.


Well, we gotta get back to it, anyway.
Almost lunchtime.

Oh, hey, do you two think, maybe...
Maybe you should take a break.

You don't see restaurants
closing doors at noon, do you?

Lunch is peak traffic.

Just be careful, all right?
And try not to get picked up again. Okay?


Ladies, hey! Ahem. Ladies. Heh-heh.


Hey, how much for an hour of your time?

Excuse me. Judge Greene?

I keep hearing the news.
A hole-in-one at Sandia?

I don't wanna say it was all luck.

Then don't say another word.
U.S. Open, here we come.

- Cliff. Been waiting long?
- Not at all. You're right on time.

Uh, thank you, Francisco.

Saw you shaking hands
with Judge Greene.

I don't know if you heard
about his retiring.

No. Retiring?

Retiring with his 22-year-old law clerk.

Really? Wow.

Guess she's been filing
a different type of brief

for the judge now, hasn't she?

Very good.
Let's hear more about that hole-in-one.

Can I round up some drinks for the table?

Absolutely. More time with the menu,
or you ready to pull the trigger?

Let's do it.

I hear S&C are following the playbook.

Erin and the gang already had a jump
on redrafting the complaint,

then another box of receipts
were suddenly discovered.

What are you hearing from Kiley?


Can I help you?

Howie. You know.

I, uh... No. I don't know.

Oh, don't try to play us like that,


This is... I don't know them.

Ladies, I don't know you.
This is some sort of mistake, so...

Yeah, we made a mistake, all right.
Joe Dog ain't happy.

You owe us.

- Owe you?
- Yeah. Owe. Mm-hm.

You can't take a ride
on the Carnival Cruise

and only pay for a tugboat,
you know what I'm saying?

- I can leave, if you need...
- No, no. Ahem.

Look, I don't know any Joe Dog
or tugboat.

So we can end this right now.

We ain't leaving
without our cash money, honey.


I don't know you
and owe no money to you.

- That's it.
- Don't touch her!

- I didn't...
- Aah!

No, Cliff, these are not
my hookers. They're somebody else's.

Howard, are you sure
they're not your hookers? They seem to be.

No, no, Cliff. My hookers
were taller than these. Heh-heh.

Oh, God, I'm good.

Hello. Uh, Olivia Bitsui?

Yes. Good afternoon, ma'am.
My name is Saul Goodman.

I'm an attorney
based in Albuquerque, New Mexico.

Yes. Yes, I'm a lawyer.

Well, I wanted to ask you, um,

have you ever heard
of a bank called Mesa Verde?


What's that?


That. How long has it been down there?

Uh, I don't know.

It's an interoffice envelope.
Isn't there a date?

Uh, yes. Today.

And where is it supposed to be today?

Detective Roberts.

And don't you think
that Detective Roberts should get it

sometime today?

Yes. Absolutely. Sorry, sir.


If the smell is coming from under
your porch, it is most likely a possum.

That's right. A possum.

If it's a human body,
yes, I'll investigate.

But you need to call animal control first.

Yes, I'm sure.

You can also shine a flashlight
under the porch

and see what's under there yourself.


if the porch isn't big enough
for you to get under,

then there's probably not a dead body.

Yes, sir. You have a good day.

Ed. You need to put eyes on this.


Same day as our Travel Wire murder.

Check out the make of the car.

1970 Chevrolet Monte Carlo.

Same model our librarian just called in.
What are the odds?

Who sent this? Officer McFloss?
I can't even read that.

The guy rammed his car
right through a parking gate? Wow.

So we got a Monte Carlo at a lot here,
half hour before the murder.

Leaves the scene of the hit-and-run,
headed east towards Travel Wire.

Twenty blocks.

This is sounding like our guy.

James usually run late?

He'll be here.

All I care about
is getting this behind us.

Done. Finito.

We won't have finalised contracts today,
but we'll definitely land on an agreement.

Hello, folks.

Nice to see lots and lots of happy faces,

and you too, Rich. Kidding.

- Jimmy. Always a pleasure.
- Saul.

Saul Goodman during business hours,
s'all the time.

This is Paige Novick,
Mesa Verde's in-house counsel.

Nice to meet you.

Paige. I know you're the one
who brought Kim Wexler onto the team,

so I consider you the brains
of the operation.

I actually think you're right.

And this is Kevin Wachtell,
CEO of Mesa Verde.

Oh, you know what? I could tell
from the impressive belt buckle.

Looking forward to settling this.

Me too. Let's do this.

Ahem. Hey, Viola. How's it hanging?

- I, uh... Good.
- Cool.

- Just to jump into it...
- Jump away.

As discussed, considering we're only
contractually obligated to pay 5000

on top of fair market value
for Mr Acker's home,

we believe 45,000 is more than generous.

I hear that,

but you and I have a different definition
of the word "generous."

Because that's not
how I would describe it.

And here we go.

We're not prepared to offer more
than what's on the table.

No, no, I knew there would be dickering,
so let's just...

Let's just hear the number
you're looking for,

so we can all move forward with our lives.

We'd like nothing more.

What amount are you asking?

Four million dollars.

Four million. Very funny. Very funny.

Mr Acker would like to be paid
4 million dollars

for his pain and suffering.

- It's what's fair.
- What in the world are you talking about?

Well, it's a four with six zeroes,
and it's preceded by a dollar sign.

- We had an agreement.
- We had a discussion.

We had a verbal agreement on a number
that both sides would be happy with.

And I discussed the offer with my client,

and he really, really doesn't wanna leave
his house, his home.

Four million is the only number
he'll be happy with.

I apologise.

We need to end this meeting now

so Rich and I can have a conversation
with Mr Goodman.

Just incredible nerve.


What's your endgame here?
You know you'll never get that money.

- Wait, don't leave.
- You're not wasting more of their time.

- No...
- Kevin, meeting's over.

Not while the gang's all here.

I would love to bring up
a completely unrelated matter.

- Kevin, we can handle this.
- No, this is really good.

You're gonna wanna see this.
Kevin, stick around. Your dad's in this.


Kevin, I insist.
This is a waste of your time.

There's only one way to find out.

Kevin, I'm advising you
to please keep walking.

No. I wanna see this.

Viola, you mind getting the shades?

Viola? Shades, please.

Here we go.


I'm Don Wachtell.

President of Mesa Verde.

My bank took my home over a technicality.

And I never missed a single payment.
It's not right. It's un-American.


Hi, I'm Saul Goodman.

Have you or a family member

been wrongfully evicted
from your home by Mesa Verde?

Then you may be entitled
to a large cash settlement.

Call 505-503-4455 today!

- Are you kidding me?
- None of that is true.

- Libel. It's libel.
- Defamation.

That's my father you're making a fool of.

- Turn it off. You know you can't do this.
- Shh. This is a good one.

I went into my bank to withdraw cash
for groceries, and I came out with a rash.

I can't stop itching. It's everywhere.


Hi, I'm Saul Goodman.

Did you or a family member visit
a Mesa Verde branch

and come into contact with black mould?

Then you may be entitled to a...

There's no way in hell
you can legally run these.

Mm. Maybe.

But, you know, we'll fight it out after
they run in New Mexico, Arizona, Utah...

No, no, we will stop it
before it ever gets that far.

Some might call that prior restraint.

You know what? You could stop us.

Some news outlet will pick it up,
they'll run for free. open my safety-deposit box,

and Mr **** was standing there
with his pants down.

- Bare genitals.
- Yup!

My dad never, ever did anything like that!

None of this is true. This is all fantasy.

Doesn't matter. This trash airs,
our reputation is in the toilet!

It'll never, ever get that far.



I'm Don Wachtell.

The bank manager couldn't explain
where all the extra fees were going.

So I followed the money trail.

The evidence was as clear as day.
My bank was funding terrorism.

- Yup!
- Just stop.

- Stop it!
- Hi. I'm Saul Goodman...

I've seen enough of this horseshit. Jesus.

There's lots more.

You know, I can leave you this one,
because I've got plenty of copies.

What do you hope to gain with all this?

We agree to Acker's ridiculous demands
and you don't run this garbage?

It's illegal to do that.
No lawyer can play one case off another.

It is unethical, and it is blackmail.

She's right.

One has absolutely nothing to do
with the other.

Which leads me to my next topic.

This is Olivia Bitsui.
She's a photographer.

In fact, she took this self-portrait.
Really lovely.

Here's another picture
she took 54 years ago.

- Kevin, say nothing.
- No, Kim, I got this.

- Kevin, I strongly advise...
- I know this picture.

- My dad bought it, fair and square.
- Kevin.

I have a copy of it hanging
in my office at home.

I think we all just heard
Mr Wachtell admit

that he owns a copy
of Olivia Bitsui's photo.

A photo that looks remarkably
like the official Mesa Verde logo.

That's right. We own it.

You own a copy of the photo,
you don't own the rights to it.

That's copyright infringement.

You'll never be able to prove that.

Well, you know what?

Wow. Looks like a mirror image there.

So I think I can convince a judge
and probably a jury

that Mesa Verde misappropriated
Miss Bitsui's intellectual property.

It's not your fault. Sins of the father.

But we filed an injunction.

So you're gonna have to take down
all your horsey logos,

or at least throw a big tarp over them,
till we can get this settled.

Shouldn't take more than, I don't know,
a couple years?

We'll be seeing a lot of each other.
Till next time.

The problem we're facing

is that none of the so-called victims
said, "Mesa Verde did this."

Everybody said, "My bank."

- They never used the words "Mesa Verde."
- But it's our images, our logo...

Paige, it's all heavily inferred,

but it's done in a way
to keep us in the courts.

- We'll be going round and round.
- How do we keep them off the air?

- We're gonna have to get ahead of him.
- How?

We notify the stations that
they're susceptible to a libel suit...

It might be an extended game
of whack-a-mole.

Any way you slice this,
it's a long-haul battle.

We have to take things one at a time.

Meanwhile, we have to counter
the copyright injunction.

We can start with that.
That's important...

- Kevin.
- Kevin, Kevin.

I know you're upset,
but please, don't do anything rash.

Let your lawyers take care of it.
We'll fix this.

Kim, can I just go to the men's room?

Of course. Yeah.

Okay, now, with the
copyright infringement, I think we...

"505-503-4455 today."

Where are you?

Stay there.

What'll it take?

Oh, you're gonna have
to be more specific.

I let Acker stay
in his shitty little house,

and I move my call centre,
and the rest goes away.

- Is that the game?
- Ah.

As your counsellor, Miss Wexler,
informed you, I'm not allowed to do that.

Give me a break.

You're a third-rate huckster

who'd sell your own mother's organs
to get what you want.

What will it take?

Mind you, again,

I'm not actually allowed to do
any of this, not intentionally.

Cut to the chase, jackass.

Well, Kevin, would you close your eyes
and imagine a world with me?

Just... If you...

It's a world where Mr Acker gets
to keep his house.

Plus the $45,000 you were gonna pay him
for his pain and suffering.

And in this world,
you throw in a public apology.

And imagine a world where Native American
photographer Olivia Bitsui is compensated

$200,000 for the use of her photo.

In addition to receiving future credit

for the inspiration and use of the logo
for Mesa Verde.

Also, you know what,

throw in a public apology
for Miss Bitsui while you're at it.

And then, then, I can imagine a world
where the injunction disappears.

And those commercials?
Well, they'll never see the light of day.

Then, poof, away they go, into a vault,
never to be seen by mortal eyes again.

What do you think of that world,
huh, Kevin?

You can open your eyes now.

Heh. Can you imagine a world
where we shake hands on that? Man to man?

Yeah, he just dropped me off.

The usual route, going south.


Baker 2-4-1 PD.

Baker 2-4-1, go ahead.

Ran a 26. Got a hit on a New Mexico plate,

Grey Monte Carlo occupied by one male.

Last seen headed south
on Brighton towards Lawrence.

Units stand by for an attempt to locate
on a grey Monte Carlo

occupied by one,
last seen in the area of...

Turn off the vehicle.
Drop the keys out the window.

Turn the vehicle off
and drop the keys out now!

Hey, how'd it go?

It was pretty perfect, right?

Kim, uh...


Look, apologies, all right? I'm sorry.

For sandbagging you
with the old switcheroo.

I should have warned you.

But you know what?
You being angry at me, that worked.

You were concerned that Rich
was suspicious. Did he say anything?

- No.
- Great. See?

That anger, real anger,

it worked like a protective
immunity shield, you know?

I mean, hey, emotion like that,
you can't fake it.

No, you can't.

Yeah, right? So, what did Kevin say?

Uh... He said he was tired of lawyers.

Wait, wait. Do the voice.
You gotta do the voice.

Kevin is sick of lawyers,
wants to be done with all of it.

We explained that your agreement
is non-binding, but he doesn't care.

He is sticking with the handshake.

Boom. There you go.

That's a plan cooked
and served to juicy perfection.

We should celebrate, really.

We'll go to a steakhouse,
get a couple bottles of red wine,

some tiramisu, the whole nine yards.

Okay, Kim, look, I said I was sorry.

And again, it worked.

No way that Rich or Paige could believe
that we were in cahoots.

Because guess what, we weren't.

Acker gets to keep his home,
plus a nice chunk of change.

Olivia Bitsui gets reparations
for being cheated.

And Kevin still gets his call centre.
Everybody wins.

- You win, Jimmy.
- What?

You win.

Uh, yeah. Well, I mean... Well, we win. Us.

No, I didn't.

What didn't you get that you wanted?

- I don't trust you.
- Why?

You played me.

You made me the sucker again.

Again? What... Wait.

How can you be the sucker?
It was your plan.

Oh, fuck you, Jimmy.

God. I... You know what?

I can't do this anymore.

Kim, I was just...

No, you turned you and me versus the bank
into you versus me.

And it is not just this.
It's the same thing, over and over again.

No, I kept things from you to protect you.

Look, if I got caught, and God forbid,
you're questioned under oath,

you have plausible deniability.

Jesus, Jimmy.

You can excuse stabbing me in the back
by making it about protecting me?

Is that... Is that really supposed
to justify everything?

Okay, Kim, I'm sorry.
I'm sorry. All right?

- It will... It will never happen again.
- That's a lie.

I swear. I swear, it won't.

Look me in the eye
and tell me it'll never happen again.

You can't.

I don't believe you.

You don't believe yourself.

It is a lie. You lie. I lie.

This has to end.
I cannot keep living like this.

- No, no, Kim, we can fix this.
- Shut up. Jimmy. Jimmy.

You know this has to change.

If you don't see it,
I don't know what to say,

because we are at a breaking point.

- Oh, God! No.
- Either we end this now...

Either we end this now
and enjoy the time we had

and go our separate ways, or we're...

Or what?

Or we're... I mean...

Or maybe...

Maybe we get married?