Better Call Saul (2015–…): Season 4, Episode 6 - Piñata - full transcript

While Jimmy daydreams about reconstituting Wexler-McGill, Kim sets out to secure her own future; Mike puts a plan into motion for Gus.

Here you go.

Are you sure about these?
The pool's up to 200.

I've made my choices.

Confidence, an admirable trait.

- Clara.
- Hey, Jimmy.

- What do you got for me?
- I'm stuck on documentary, short subject.

Yeah. Just go with your gut.

Howard's End all the way down, huh?

I just love Emma Thompson.

- Who doesn't?
- She's so pragmatic.

Yeah, well, fingers crossed.

- Hey, hey.
- Hey. How'd we do?

This is everything from two.

And I even got Chloe to throw in.

Many have tried to argue
with Kim Wexler, all have failed.

I'm headed up to four.
You got anything?


- And I'll do three.
- Already done.

You know, you're making
the rest of us look bad.

If you wouldn't stop
at every cubicle to chat...

It's called being friendly.
It's great for morale.

It is great for wasting time.

- That too.
- Okay, so...

Discovery for Cordero is coming in
this afternoon... you might wanna kick it up a bit.


He really did it.

- What?
- Isaacson.

The case.

Isaacson v. Vakarian Holdings, Inc.

We've been assembling binders
for months.

I've been slammed with the Oscar pool,
in case you weren't paying attention.

Right. Sorry. I'll try harder.

So this guy, Isaacson,
he dies of a heart attack.

And his family, they're our clients,
sort through his financials...

...looking to track his assets.
Lo and behold...

...they find some old shares
in this company he invested in... 20 years back.

Family tracks down the CFO...

...looking to cash out, but he tells them...

...that corporation's been dissolved.

Isaacson's shares are worthless, right?

But Chuck does some digging.

Turns out, they formed a new corporation
that's virtually identical... the old corp Isaacson invested in.
It's the same officers...

...same structure, everything.

Right? So Chuck finds exemption 4
in Leannais v. Cincinnati.

Okay, yeah, listen,
I appreciate the effort...

- ...but can you just "big picture" it for me?
- Shut up. I am.

Chuck won a case
Howard thought was unwinnable...

...using only the power
of obscure case law.

And that's good?

Yeah, very.

- Congratulations, Mr. McGill.
- Jimmy.

- Chuck. Big day, huh?
- Yeah.

- Thanks...
- Kim Wexler.

- Of course. You're one of our students?
- Yes. Third year at UNM. Thanks to HHM.

How's it going?

Very well, thank you.

Congratulations, again, on Isaacson.

- Well...
- I'm sure that you considered it.

I wanted to ask, Vakarian Holdings Inc.
would have been liable...

...under the continuing enterprise
exception as well?

That's right. Yeah, we looked into that.

What was the case law on that?

Garcia v. Coe Manufacturing.

Sounds like it was Isaacson v. Chuck
Handing Him His Butt On A Platter, huh?

Well, yeah,
but Isaacson is our client.

Oh, really? Okay.
Well, the other guys' butts, then.

Yeah. Served on platters. Right.
Thanks, Jimmy.

- Hail the conquering hero.
- Thanks, Howard.

I hate to interrupt, but there's
a Mr. Bushmills waiting in my office.

Kim. Jimmy.

That'll be you soon.



See you later, Jimmy.

See you.

Ben. What've you got for me?

There's your winner.

Think Pacino's gonna "hooah" his way
to Oscar glory, huh?

Last call for ballots.

With respect to the zoning committee,
we maintain that the Mesa Verde statue...

...should be exempt from
sign-code restrictions...

...on size and location...

...because it is a work of art.

Specifically, its function...

...extends beyond furthering
the company's economic interests...

...which distinguishes it from commercial
speech under legal precedent.

Viola, can you look up the relevant
case law here for me?


I think it is maybe...

...U.S. v. United Foods.



Jimmy. Morning.

Oh, good morning.

I just was making the OJ.

I see that.

I didn't hear you come to bed.

I was up late justifying
a giant horse statue...

- the Park City zoning commission.
- How big we talking?

"I'm definitely overcompensating
for some other shortcoming" big.

Your hours pretty much set now?

Yeah. Weekdays, 9 to 4.

- The busy time.
- Oh, yeah?

It's dead, Kim. It's deader than disco.

Oh, sorry.

Does that mean you were able to schedule
an appointment with the therapist?

I decided not to go.


I thought you'd already decided to go?

I know. I did.

But then...

...time went by
and I kind of calmed down...

...and I realized it's just...
It's just not for me.

Why not?

It's just not.

I don't think that navel-gazing
is gonna get me where I need to be.

- Yeah, but how do you know...?
- Unless I try?

It just doesn't feel right.

I need to be moving forward, you know?

And now I got this job.

And I'm kind of on a path...

...and just wanna give this a try.

Is that okay?


Yeah. Of course, Jimmy.

Yeah, listen,
I know you wanted me to go.

You have to do what's best for you.

I should go open up.

Sushi tonight?

Yeah, that sounds great.

- Should be fine for Friday, I think?
- Yeah, Friday works.


- Hello, Rich.
- So good to see you.

You too. Thanks for seeing me
on such short notice.

You kidding?
I've been wanting to thank you...

...since you sent Billy Gatwood our way.
So shall we?

- So how long you got with that thing?
- Three more weeks.

Can I sign it? Do people still do that?

Please have a seat. Have a seat.

I won't lie, losing Billy Gatwood
definitely hurt.

Well, if it makes you feel any better,
I think he misses you.

As long as he's taken care of, I'm happy.

Well, you made it easy for us.
We just continued what you started.

So how's James holding up?

I didn't get to speak with him
at the funeral.

We're taking it one day at a time.

Grief moves at its own pace.

And it's different for everybody.

So give him my best.

Thank you.

So, what can I do for you?

I have a question for you.

How's your banking division?

Well, we have some banking work,
but I wouldn't say we have a division.

Would you like one?

Well, it's a good long way
from the rest of your operation.

It must remain completely separate.

Two bedrooms each.

Werner will probably take his own.

The rest of the guys can double up.

- Wired and plumbed?
- Yes.

This is a good start.

What do you have in mind?

Couple treadmills over there.

Barbells, weight bench.

You build out a stocked bar, beer on tap.
I mean, they're German, so...

Entertainment system here.

DVD player, projector and screen set up
might be nice.

A few La-Z-Boys or couches.

Pool table, I don't know, foosball?

Hell, we could even put up a hoop.
Germans play basketball, yeah?

I believe so.

Werner said that this was gonna take
six months...

...which means eight, at least,
probably 10, in total isolation.

These guys are gonna be doing
10 hours heavy labor every day.

Or night. Then coming home to this.
We can't just keep them alive...

...we gotta keep them
from climbing the walls.

Make a list.


I'd like a full-camera perimeter inside.
We'll keep it low profile.

They'll know we'll be watching, we just
don't need to stick it in their faces.

Outside too, obviously... case someone tries to find
a way in or out.

I'll put a sally port on that door.

We'll control it from the outside.

And we're gonna need a trailer
to monitor the cameras.

Close by...

...two guys, 24-hour monitoring.

Work in shifts.

Let's say five guys, minimum.

Probably help to have
a couple German speakers as well.

I can provide you men.

I'm gonna need to vet them. No offense.

Of course.

- What is it?
- Infection. Bad one.

I must leave.

Tell Tyrus what you need.

It will be done.

You got a pen?

- I'll remember.
- Yeah?

Treadmills. You wanna check
wholesale providers...

...these guys are gonna tear
right through consumer-grade.

I'd love to see what something, say, like...

...a 24-footer would run me?

- Sorry, we just don't make them that big.
- Who does?

I can't think of anyone around here.

Well, who makes those
huge signs that the casinos have?

You know what, never mind.
Thank you very much.

Jimmy McGill.

Yes. I'm looking for Jimmy McGill.

Yeah, you found him.

The lawyer?

Yeah. What can I do for you?

My name's Brett Dunst.

I think you did my aunt's will?

At least, that's what it says here.
She... She died.

- I'm sorry to hear that.
- Thanks. I'm the executor...

...and I've distributed all her stuff,
but there's some finer details... this that are tricky.
I thought you could help me with those.

Who was your aunt?

Geraldine Strauss.

Oh, Mrs. Strauss passed away? How?

She... She went in her sleep
a couple weeks ago. Heart failure.


Did Clarence get
the Alpine Shepherd Boy?

I'm sorry?

The Hummel?

Oh, the little figure?

Yeah, yeah, he got it.

So he finished college, then?

Yep. Just this last semester.

Good. That's... That's good.

How did you know?

Oh, because you did the will. Right.

Is there a memorial?

Oh, sorry. It was last week.

Anyway, it's my busiest time at work,
and Angie's doing the best she can...

...but I have to get back to Salt Lake.

Are you on an hourly rate or would
this be, like, a flat-fee kind of thing?

Mr. McGill?

I'm sorry. I...

I'm not practicing any longer.

Oh, darn it.

I can refer you, though.

Hamlin Hamlin McGill has an excellent
estate law department...

...and they'll help you sort things out.
Just ask for Francis Scheff.

He'll point you in the right direction.

Hamlin Hamlin McGill.

McGill? Wait, isn't that you?

It's just a coincidence.

All right, well, thank you, Mr. McGill.

You bet.

Goddamn it.

My husband and I scrimped and saved
for so many years.

We did our best to build a nest egg
so that we wouldn't be...

...a burden to our family.

After Ronald passed,
I moved to an assisted-living facility...

...a nice place.

They told me
they'd take care of everything.

But then one day,
they said all my money was gone.

How could that be?

Where did it all go?

If you or a loved one is a resident
of the Sandpiper Crossing facility...

...or other associated
retirement community... may be eligible to receive
compensation for a...

- Hey there.
- Hey.

Guess where I am?

Somewhere good?

Somewhere very good.

You could be here too.

- Hey there.
- Hey, Giselle.

I was thinking we could just be
Kim and Jimmy today.


Those two aren't all bad.

Rumors and hearsay. How's work?

It is a job.

And how about you? Work's good?

Yeah, actually. I have news.

Good news. It's great news, really.

It could change things
for Wexler-McGill.

But I met with Rich Schweikart today.

- Really?
- Yeah.

Well, they took on Gatwood,
so I've been meaning to follow up.

And anyway, we were talking...

...and he offered me a job.


What, he can't take no for an answer?

They want me to run
their banking division.

Build it, really.

You're not seriously considering it?

I'd be coming in as a partner.

But I thought things were going okay
with Mesa Verde since...

They are. They were.

My workload has gotten
a lot more complicated lately.

I've been taking on some pro bono work.
Overflow from the public defender's office.

PD overflow? When did you...? Why...?

I like it.

I'm good at it.

And I'm helping people, Jimmy.

I know that sounds cheesy.
It's whatever, but it's the truth.

No, it makes a lot of sense.

I have been thinking
about criminal law myself lately.

You know,
for when I get my license back.


Yeah. You know, like you said... know, you're helping people.

I'm thinking an office in one of these
refurbished bungalows, you know...

...downtown by the courts. Stick around
where all the people who need help are.

Boy. It has a nice ring to it now.

Wexler-McGill, criminal law.

That all sounds great.

The thing is...

...if I go to Schweikart & Cokely...

...I have all those associates
to help cover Mesa Verde.

It'll keep paying the bills...

...and free me up to do the work
I really care about.

So you'd kind of get to have
your cake and eat it too.

Kind of, yeah.

I'll be right back.

- No, Jimmy.
- What? I... No, I just...

I gotta hit the head.

I say do it.

It's a great opportunity
and you should jump on it.

- You mean that?
- Yeah.

Kim, you gotta do what's best for you.

You sure?


I can't ask you to wait around for me.

And who knows?

Ten months, a lot can happen.

Yeah. Yeah. Who knows?

Yeah, so to Schweikart and Cokely,
and Wexler.


I only have a few minutes.
I have to pick Kaylee up.


What did you want to tell me, Mike?

I stand by what I said.

The guy's a charlatan.

But there's a time and there's a place,
and that wasn't it.

You left me quite the mess.

Yeah, I can see that.

It'll be okay, eventually.

Anita's not happy.
You might wanna call her.

Probably better if I don't.

You know that I would
never forget Matty.

I know.

No one expects you to wear
a hair shirt the rest of your life.

Same goes for you.

You and Kaylee okay?

We're good.

Then I'm good.

I was thinking...

...maybe I could pick
Kaylee up from school tomorrow?

Yeah, that'd be a big help, Pop.

See you then.


I don't know. I'd tell you.

Nobody's heard anything.

You can go in, Jimmy.
He's expecting you.

Thanks, Julie.

Oh, hey, Jimmy.


This was going in the mail.
You would've got it Friday.

Yeah. I got a pressing need
only $5000 will cure.

There you go, then.

Everything correct?

- Looks good. Thanks.
- Of course.

Hey, I see a lot of empty cubicles
out there. What's going on?

We're doing some reorganizing.

Just making the office
a little more feng shui, I take it?

We've had some setbacks.

Paying out to Chuck's estate?

That is part of it.

And to be frank...

...the firm's reputation is...

...not what it was.

So, what's the plan?

The consultants call it "rightsizing."

No, I mean, what's the plan
to get HHM back on its feet?

Are you kidding me?
I just referred a client to you guys.

You're welcome, by the way.
You tell me this place is falling apart?

Get your shit together, Howard.

- Excuse me?
- Oh, please.

You suffer one little setback and
you're gonna let your entire legacy go?

One little setback?

Fine, your pain is very special.

Woe is you. Just stop wallowing.

Okay? This place is all you've got.

That and your hair, which, let's face it,
the clock's ticking there too, so...

You wanna save your business?
You wanna save your dignity?

You're gonna have to fight. Hey.

You're a shitty lawyer, Howard.

But you're a great salesman.

So get out there and sell.

Fuck you, Jimmy.

There you go. Use that.

- It's $4000. Plus tip.
- There you go. Thank you very much.

- Pleasure doing business.
- You as well.

All set over here. You got a spot yet?

Piñatas? Are you kidding?

No, no, that could... Could work, yeah.

Regardless, we have full run
of the place? There's no prying eyes?

All right. Well, that's it, then.

Yeah, she's fine.

Yeah, I change half the water
in the tank every week.

She's good.

No, I know. Don't overfeed.

All right. Goodbye.

What are you doing?

Mrs. Nguyen.

Just, you know,
step right on in anytime, you know?

What's all this?

It's a side business.

I thought you were a lawyer.

I've had a temporary setback.

Lost your job again?

Did you need something, Mrs. Nguyen?

I don't want people coming in and out
to buy your phones.

I won't sell them out of the office,
so don't worry.

You can't keep them here.

I pay rent for this place.
I can do whatever I want with it.

They're a fire hazard.

Well, they're not gonna be here
very long, okay?

That's... That's on me.

No, it's prepaid, 350 minutes.

Get-rich-quick schemes never work.

Just watch me.

The doctor tells me
your fever has gotten worse.

They say this infection may kill you.

Even if it doesn't... doctor tells me again and again
that you may never wake.

And yet...

...I wait.

I grew up quite poor.

We lived in the hills.

In a place my brothers built
from things they found.

Metal sheeting, plywood.

When it rained, it smelled like hay.

We were always hungry.

But there was a lucuma tree.

Scrawny. Barely alive.

My family had given up on it
years before.

Never bore fruit.

When I was 7...

...I became fixated on it.

I watered it...

...tended to it.

It took a long time.

But the buds grew into green fruit.

I was so proud.

I didn't tell anyone.

I plucked one
and hid behind our shack.

I ate the whole thing.

I'd never tasted something so sweet.

It was like caramel.

At first, we ate the fruit ourselves.

And then I began
taking it to the village to sell.

One day, much of the fruit
was gone from my tree.

Pieces were scattered on the ground,

I thought it was probably a coati.

Have you ever seen one?

About the size of a large house cat.


I built a snare...

...using branches and wire.

It didn't take long
for the animal to set it off.

But the coati thrashed so hard... broke out of the snare.

Broke its leg as well.

I tried to grab it...

...but it slipped away.

It ran under the house.

I knew it would show itself
sooner or later.

So I waited.

For hours.

Into the night.

When my brothers called for me...

...I did not answer.

I didn't make a sound.

I was so still.

Finally, it came out.

It knew I was there...

...but it was hungry.

This time...

...I was ready.

I caught it.

It fought me...

...but I was stronger.

The merciful thing
would've been to kill it.

I kept it.

It lived for quite some time.

I believe you will wake, Hector.

This is huge.


I'm starving. I hope
there's something in the kitchen.

You idiot, should've eaten
on the plane.

Is that a bar?

It is. Wonder what's on tap.

We're here to work.
Why do we need a bar?

Because we're here to work.

All right, gentlemen,
we have a few things to go over here.

That means you too.


Over here, Kai.


For what they're paying you, you'll listen.

We got four bedrooms
between the two houses.

I leave it to you to figure out
the roommate situation.

I assume you're all friends, I don't
really wanna hear about it if you aren't.

Working kitchens, so you can cook
whatever you want.

The refrigerator, the cabinets
are stocked with the essentials.

There's a shopping list. Write down
whatever you need and we'll get it.

There is a phone in each house.

It goes directly to me or one of my guys.

Anything you need, call.

So when do the girls get here?

Anything within reason.

Any more questions?

All right, you've got some time to relax
and settle in.

Work starts tomorrow night.


They all are good boys.

Once the work begins, they focus.
I'll see to it.

What you've done here
is very impressive.

- Thank you for that, Michael.
- Hey.

If you need anything to make
this go better, let me know.

I will, certainly.

- Hey, Mike.
- Hey.

Keep an eye on this one.


I come in peace.

I'm just... Just here to make a deal.

What kind of deal?

Look, fellas, we...
We got off on the wrong foot.

I'm sure you saw me here
selling my wares and thought...

...I was just some rube out
looking to score a quick buck...

...and just begging to be rolled.
But, guys, I'm thinking long-term.

I see a real need in this community
for safe, affordable, untraceable phones...

...and I'm ready to fill it.

All right. All right, straight talk.

I need to be able to sell my phones
without worrying about getting ripped off.

I'm proposing if you let me sell
my phones without hassle, I cut you in.

Say, a hundred bucks
every night that I'm out?

And that's money
for literally doing nothing.

Why wouldn't we just take all of it?

Because I'm talking consistent,
reliable profits, you know?

Sure, you can rip me off again,
take all that I've got.

But then I stop selling,
and you lose a valuable revenue stream.

Give me all you got. Now.

I'm trying to make money
for all of us here. Just work with me.

- Give.
- If you'd just expand your thinking a little.

You talk too much.

All right, all right.
We got a man of action.

You should've taken the deal.

You're, like, the stupidest person
I've ever met.

Didn't know I had friends, did you?

So, what's it gonna be? Fast or slow?

It's gonna hurt like a bitch either way.

What was that? Was it slow?

Let me...

We're sorry, man, all right? We're sorry.

Yeah, you are. Very much so.

We'll leave you alone.
We won't mess with you anymore.

Easy to say now.
What about tomorrow?

I... I'll swear, man.
I'll swear on anything you want me to.

- Cross your heart and hope to die?
- Yes. Yes, man.

You mean it?

Yes. Yes.

Look, after this,
you'll never have to see us again.

And you will spread the word
that I'm off-limits?

Yes, yes, yes. We'll tell everyone.

We'll say, "Don't... Don't...
Don't mess with the cell-phone guy."

All right. We're done.

We're done.

I think they get it.

Seriously, guys, we're done.

Okay, we're good. All right?
That's enough.

I appreciate the enthusiasm...

- ...but they got the message.
- That's right.

Listen to what he says.
I got the message.

All right, you know what,
if it's that important to you...

- ...go ahead.
- No, no, no. Please.

No, no, please, please.

No, no, no. Please. Please, no!

You get one warning.

And that was it.