Better Call Saul (2015–…): Season 3, Episode 7 - Expenses - full transcript

Jimmy tries to settle his debts. Nacho reunites with an old acquaintance. Mike helps Stacey with a project and makes a meaningful connection.



James mcgill.

Bring your card?


Sign there.

Can I read it first?

It's just a waiver.

We're not responsible
if you hurt yourself.

Good morning.

Saul Goodman productions.

T-that's right.

We, uh -- we do it all --
we write it, shoot it,

get ya on the air
for one low, low price.

May I ask
what business you have?

Computer repair?

That is a perfect business
to advertise on television

because, you know,
computers are our future.


Yes, well, our rates are --



That was, uh, one of our trucks.

We're, uh,
location shooting today.

It's a big production, actually.

Our usual rate
is one commercial, one airing --

$850, but you're in luck --

we have a one-time special.

Our elite package.

Seven commercials,
seven airings for forty --

forty-six hundred dollars.

Forty-six hundred dollars.

And we can a-- hello.


No, I didn't, because you keep
putting me on hold.

Okay, my situ-- hello?

My sit--
yes, my situation is this.

I -- two months ago,
i paid for a full year,

uh, but, due to
unforeseen circumstances,

I'm not gonna be a lawyer
for the next 12 months.

Uh-huh. Yes, suspended.

So I'm not practicing,

so I don't need
malpractice insurance,

and I'd like to speak to someone
about a refund.

But y-- well, then,
may I please speak to someone

who can make a decision?

No, no, no. Don't put me
on hold again, please.

He-- hello? He--

Wait a minute.
This says 30 minutes.


We were out here
for four hours.

You were
on your phone.

You knew the rules
when you signed up.

But I collected more garbage
than anybody out here.

I have to be able
to conduct business

to earn a living.


What do you mean "no"?

Think of community service
as your jail time.

No phones allowed
in jail.

hold on there, buddy.

I mean, who do you think
you are, huh?

Y-y-you think you can
treat us like this? Yeah?

We're out here
for the good

of the great city
of Albuquerque -- not for you.

You're not our lord
and master.

You don't get
to sit back and decide

who's worthy
and who isn't.

Am I right?

Dude, are you gonna
get in the Van or what?

C'mon. 30 minutes?
That stuff's not right.

You can do
better than that.

We could make it zero.

Come on. Come on!

Come on, baby! Ohh!


so come on down
to Duke city recliners

and put your feet up!

Mention this ad and
get 10% off your first purchase.


How was that?

Good for camera.
Sound was good. Yep.

Thank you.
That was great.
Hold up. Hold up.

I wanna do
one more.

Was that okay?

It was great, uh,
but I just -- I want --

I want you to connect more
with the audience.

Like you're talking
to a friend.

Look into that lens
and see a friend.

Can you do that?

I mean, think of
a specific friend.

Do you see him?

Okay. Who is he?

My friend Ron.

Look into that lens
and see Ron.

And just two guys,
just chattin' about chairs.

D-don't think about it.

Just throw it away.

Last looks.
Roll sound.

Sound speed.

Cam-camera set.


Havin' a conversation
with your good friend Ron.

Just a couple
of guys talkin'.

And you got
some very exciting news

about the recliners

that you've been dyin'
to share with him.


So come on down
to Duke city recliners

and put your feet up!

Mention this ad and
get 10% off your first purchase.


That's the one!

Check the gate!
How did that feel?!

Good, I guess.
What -- what did you think?

So good!

Just very, very...
Just great!

It was very nice.

Listen, you are on a roll,
my friend.

I say we strike
while the iron is hot.

Remember that other offer
we discussed?

More commercials
at the discounted rate?

Got my whole crew here.

We could
bang out seven more

and give you a run that'll
make you a household name.

Waddya say?
But, Mr. Goodman, I...

Love the idea
of more commercials,

but I just
can't swing it.

My wife didn't want me
to do this one.

You know what?

They say you gotta spend money
to make money.

And, uh...

And I tell ya what --
you got a chance here

to potentially spike your sales
by hundreds --

hell, thousands --
of new customers

who'd never even heard
of Duke city recliners.

What do ya say?

Sure, s-sure.

B-but --
but like I said,

I only have enough
to pay for the one.

Well, you know what?

I like you,
and I wanna help.

So I know we discussed
a discounted rate

of $545 per commercial,

but if you sign up right now
for our elite package --

that's seven commercials --

I think we can do
the whole thing for...

$500 per commercial.

Now, that is $3,500,
all in.

That is the bargain
of a lifetime.

I don't know.

Any chance you could do it
on credit?

On credit?

No. No.

I can't.

I'm sorry.

maybe another time.

Uh, let me get your money
for this one.

Uh, can we make this easier
and just split it four ways?

"Split it four" --
I'll split you four ways.

Don't they teach you capitalism
in that school of yours?

I'm just sayin',
we got expenses, man.

You -- expen--
you don't have expenses!

I've got expenses!
You see this?

This is money
I've already spent

on airtime
for that commercial.

445 bucks.

You know
what that leaves me with?


For writing, directing,
producing, client outreach,

sales, transpo --
all of it!

I get it.

So let's get you in the editing
room and finish this thing,

and I don't want to hear
another word about expenses.

Okay. Electric.

I paid this month.

Anything else?

I bought a couple reams of paper
for the printer.

Hmm. Paper.

One hundred...Sixty-two.

Okay, so...


Looks like puts me ahead
this month...


All right.

And what's it
to even me up?

Uh...Divided by 2.



One thousand...

Five hundred...


Mr. moneybags, huh?

So this...

Commercial thing.

It's turning a profit?

It's TV.

How could there not
be a profit?

You didn't...

Drain your bank account,
did you?

No, I didn't --

Uh, oh, that's,
uh, Chinese food.

I ordered it for us.

You're workin' late,

Yeah. Right. Thanks.
Oh, uh...

Wait, here.

i got this.

Hey, hi.

Keep the change.

A dollar?


We can make it zero.


What the hell?!

I mean,
what the hell?

How'd you
get in here?


I just want to talk.


You mean, like, apologize?

'Cause that's really
the only talk I want to hear.

I want
to do some business.

Like before.


Is that, like, code
for stealing my baseball cards?

I'm not here
for your baseball cards.

I'm here...

For this.

Can you get
more of these?

You want me
to steal this?

Get a prescription
and go to a pharmacist.

It'll be cheap.
I need
those capsules empty...

Before they're sealed.

With those
exact markings.

Well...The place I work
doesn't make these.


But what?

I could probably
get some samples diverted

on an R&D request.

So do it.

I mean, what's the point?

I need them.


And if
i don't get them?

Then what?

Are you
gonna threaten me?

Break my legs?

You get me those pills,

and I'm gonna
pay you $20,000.

Get them.

Let her have the ball.

Hold on, okay?

Hey, pop.

You doing okay?

Uh, yeah.
It's coming along.

Have a couple of volunteers here
who want to help.

Well, thanks,
but I think I'm good.

Please, we can't let you
do it all by yourself.

Certainly not after
you bought all the supplies.

At least let the church
reimburse you.

It's a donation.
Woman: C'mon.

You've got unskilled
but eager laborers.

Let us do something.

Just point
and tell us what to do.


All right, uh...

How about you dump
one of those packs

into the wheelbarrow?

And you --
you fill that bucket

up to the brim
with water.

And then you dump it in,
little by little,

while he stirs it
with a hoe.

You got it.

I'm ready.
What can I do?

I think we're covered.

You're kidding, right?

It's not
that big a job.

Am I doing this right?

Why don't you try
using this instead?

Excuse me?

It's for the walkway.


It puts down a texture

so the kids don't slip
when it gets wet.

Like this?

You got it.

Nice and gentle.

You're Kaylee's pop-pop,

I am.

I am
the very proud grandfather.

I'm Anita.

Nice to meet you,
And you.

And thanks for helping.

Well, thank you
for not trying

to do this
all by yourself.

Hey. Carl?


Hold the fort
for a few minutes, wouldja?

You got it, Mike.

Oh, hey.

You're here.

This your idea
of stealth?

I never claimed
to be good at this.

Any of it.

On that,
we can agree.

Yeah, I know.
That's why I'm here.

I wanna
hire you again.

Do what now?

Hire you.
As my back-up man.

Same terms as before.

I don't wanna make
the same mistake as last time.

You don't wanna
make the same mistake,

then don't get involved

with whatever it is
you're getting involved with.


I'm involved already.

I'm not.


It's nacho varga.

What about him?

He broke into
my house.

He was inside,
waiting for me.

Somehow, he got past
my security system.

I have no idea how!

All he had to do
was unplug your phone lines.


That's it?

What'd he want?


Well...Not exactly.

Empty lydristel capsules.


They're like

And he offered me money --
lots of money.

Way more
than they're even worth.


I'm afraid if I don't do it,
or even if I do do it...

I don't know...

Tell him you can't
get what he needs.

I already ordered them.

I mean, the shipment gets here
in two days.

He knows.

Then make up an excuse.

Fine. $3,000.

I'll give you $3,000.

I'm not interested.

And you find a way
out of it.

But --

not interested!

Torrent downloaded from RARBG

Paige: Look...
Full disclosure.

When you told us about
the disciplinary hearing,

I admit it --
i had concerns.

So, just so you know,
i had to do my due diligence.

I read
the transcripts.

All of them.

It was amazing.

What you did
to Charles --

you and James
set him up perfectly.

You destroyed him.

Oh, my god.

I couldn't believe
some of it.

"I'm not crazy. It's 1216,
one after magna carta."

The magna carta?

It was perfect.

"You think
this chicanery is bad?"

Who talks like that?

On page 5
is a breakdown

of loan-to-deposit ratios
by county,

and you can see,

if mesa verde is going to comply
with section 109,

you will have to raise
your loan numbers.

That can't be right.

We were fine
in Arizona.

Yes, but the fdic requirements
in Utah are different.


Is it really
that high?

I thought Arizona
was only 79%.

Again, it was,

but Utah has a higher
loan-to-deposit ratio.

I think we're gonna need
to check that.

That number
seems way off.

The numbers are right.

But you can review
the guidelines if you want.

Right here.

You gonna check 'em
or can we move on?



Of course.

If it's 96%,
it's 96%.

We'll increase
our loan numbers.


Can we review
these fixed mortgage rates?

'Cause that's
definitely an area

we're gonna need
to focus our attention --

Paige, I'm s--
that was...


I didn't mean
to speak to you that way.

Don't worry.

It's not a problem.
At all.

No, I'm sorry.

There's no excuse
for talking to you like that.

I know how hard
you've been working on this.

Please, I've forgotten
about it already.

You should, too.


As far as I'm concerned,
all we did...

All we did
was tear down a sick man.

Fixed mortgage rates.

I think it's page 3.


There's an acquisition
comparison at the top,

and you want
to go by total...

Get in!


C'mon, c'mon!


Get in!

Let's go.

That doesn't sound good.

C'mon, c'mon.

I think
you're flooding it.

I'm not flooding it!
You're over-cranking it.

Oh, you don't know
what you're talking about!

We're still getting paid
whether we get there or not.

Maybe we should
catch the bus.

come on!

Just --
it's gonna start, okay?

Yeah, you definitely
flooded it.

He drained the battery.
You drained the battery.

Can you not
talk about something

you know
absolutely nothing about?

There's a bus
we could get in.

Shh! Shh!

I just need to think
for one minute!

we're taking the bus.


Film crew!

Hold up the bus!

You see that?

Fender stratocaster,
signed by ritchie blackmore.

You know who that is, right?

no one's ever heard of?

That's real good.

I hope your parents
enjoy supporting you

for the rest
of their lives.

ritchie blackmore.

Deep purple.


"Another brick
in the wall."

Oh, I weep
for the future.

Mr. mcgill,
we have a problem.


Hey, fellas.
Uh, you ready?

We got the first shot
all lined up.

Can i
walk you through it?

We hate
to do this to you, but...

We're having
second thoughts.

I get it. That's just nerves.
Just stage fright.

Uh, tell you what --
we got cue cards,

and with the magic of editing,
we're gonna make you guys

look like James garner
and mariette hartley.

It's not that.

It's just that it...

It seems like
too much money...

For not
a whole lot of return.

And that, my friends --
that is where you're mistaken,

because this is about
brand awareness.

From now on,
when people think guitars,

they're gonna think
"abq in tune."

When they think pianos --
"abq in tune."

Drums, xylophones...
For less than the price

of that ritchie blackmore beauty
you got on that rack,

you're gonna have the whole town
thinking, "abq in tune."

Yeah, but -- but
what about the time slot?

I mean,
"murder, she wrote" repeats?

Come on.
Come on.

Hey, grandmas love
buying the gift of music

for little Johnny and Sally
and skip, hmm?

And it's
school-recital season,

so where are the kids
gonna get those recorders?

Uh, we don't sell

Synthesizers, then.

But the point is,
those social security checks --

they got
to be spent somewhere.


Hey, uh...

As it happens,
uh, today only,

I can, uh, offer
the same package, but...

50% off.


I'm sorry,
but we can't.

Not today,

Don't do that.

Now, come on.

Look, I know
you want this.

I know you do.
50% off!

Yeah, we get it,
but we're just not...



I'll shoot the spot
for free.

For free?

You will shoot this spot
for free?

I'll film your ad,
and I'll put it on the air.

But when you see more traffic
coming through here --

and you will --

then we do the other spots
for the original rate, okay?

Now, how can you
say no?

I mean, when he puts it
like that...
I guess we can't.


That's the best decision
you're gonna make.

The -- the best!


You gonna catch the bus,
Mr. mcgill?

No, I...Um...

You guys...

Get to
the editing room.

I just need t--
to sit.

Mr. mcgill?

Oh, no.

I-i can't.

It's okay.

that's yours.

You earned it.

But you're losing money.

We'll see.

It --
it'll be fine.


So, I finally
got my act together.

I pulled a bunch of Alan's boxes
out of the closet.

Only took me eight years.

I gave all of Alan's clothes
a last wash

before driving them over
to goodwill.

I cried.

I cried when I washed them.

I cried when I folded them.

I cried when I dropped 'em off.

But once it was done...

It felt good...

To let them go.

I kept his uniform, though.

Can't let that go.

Lord, he'd never forgive me
if I let that go.

But I figure it's okay
to keep one thing, right?

I mean...

People can use
the other clothes, but...

Not sure what use they'd have
for an old uniform.

I just don't remember
this much homework

when i
was Kaylee's age.

It doesn't seem to bother her,
but still...

Most of it's
just busywork.

A couple of us actually
spoke to the school board,

and they agreed...

All yours.

Fair warning,
the coffee's not all that.


I guess they feel
if you can face this,

you can face anything.
Could be.

I must be stronger
than I think.

You mind if I ask --

and I really don't mean
to pry, but --
let me guess.

You have another construction
job you need my help on.

Uh, no.

But if I do, you'll be
the first person I call.

Okay, ask away.

You said you kept
your husband's uniform.

Was he on the job?

On the job?

Oh, you mean
the police.


Alan was a Navy man.

He was well out of the service
when I lost him.

I'm sorry.

The group has heard my story
over and over.

Well, that's what
we're here for.


Alan loved to hike.

We even opened
a camping-supply store.

I helped him with
the mail-order side of it.

And then, uh...

This was
eight years ago --

he went hiking
in gila national

and never came back.

They found our car,

but they never
found him.

And I don't know if...

He slipped and fell
or had a heart attack

or met someone who didn't like
the way he looked...

I don't know.

And even after
all these years,

not knowing how he passed
or where he is...

I wish
it didn't matter.

But it does.

Pryce: Hello?

It's me.

You make the deal?

Uhhh, no.

Not yet.


I'm in.

let's get outta here.


Get out where?

I am up to my neck
in mesa verde. I can't.

we're going.

No, I can't.

Jimmy --

Nope. Nothing --

Nothing you can do
to stop this.

Uh, one thing --
you have to drive.

Oh, oh, oh.

Lookit this guy.


It's Alfred Hitchcock
in a rented toupee.


Why would you
rent a toupee?

from the toupee store.

So you don't
have to maintain it.

All right.
Seven and seven.


And an old fashioned.

Keep 'em coming,
good sir.

Uh, oh.

Can you, uh,
start charging this card

instead of
that other one?
Yeah, yeah.
You got it.

Thank you.
No problem.

You're not maxing out
your cards, are you?

Of course not.

I'm, um,
spreading the points around.

I got a system.


That moron
takes the bet.

He took 3 points.
He's a fool.

is it wrong...

Hey, hey, this guy over here.

Yeah, he wants everyone to know
what a big spender he is.

I got every dollar
the guy owns.

We're here
to meet a celebrity

who's donating
to my charity.

Kevin costner.

I-i will go stand
in that corner.

You point me out --
you're meeting Kevin costner.

What? You don't look like
Kevin costner.

Uh...I look exactly like
Kevin costner.

People are always
coming up to me,

saying they loved me
in "bull durham."

Never happened.

No, not once.

Hey! Hey, you!

Yes, sir?
What is this?

Uh, dirty Martini?

No, this is
a $14 glass of puke.

Why don't you get
that idiot look off your face

and get me another one?

That guy.
Who said anything
about gin?

How do we get him?
i want vodka.

W-what -- am I just
gonna hold it here?

What do you think?

You go
and get me another one.

The -- the trick with the coin
you told me about?

I know your boss.
I'm an investor here.

Or the
counterfeit bill?

I know your boss,
and I know your boss' boss.

That guy's
a real asshole.

...act together
and get me a real drink.

He needs
to go down. Hard.

What kind of menial job
is this?

here's what
we're gonna do.

We're gonna sell him
a worthless credit card

for 5,000 bucks.

Here's what you do.

Make eye contact
with him.

That's all it'll take for him
to think you're interested.

I'll act
good and drunk,

and he'll think I'm a loser
and try to steal you away.

He will persist.


Tell him
you can't leave me.

Not -- not yet.

Let him know
you're trying to roll me.

He'll want in.

He'll help you
ply me with booze.

Then you take my wallet.
You lift the card.

Following this?

We're not actually
doing this, right?

We're just talking?


Just talkin'.



It's not nothing.

I keep thinking...

Was there
another way?

Another way?

W-- Chuck?

Is that what
you're talking about?

Kim...He had us
in a corner, okay?

We did
what we had to do.

But Rebecca...

Everything that happened
was his own fault.


And put him
in the rearview mirror.

He is not
worth thinkin' about.


Why, thank you.

Have a good evening.

How about that one?

I bet
we could get him to...

Invest in some of Giselle St.
Claire's land in South Africa.

Oh, yeah.


The mining rights
would be all his.


He called me.

For obvious reasons.

Look, I'm not here
to rip him off.

He has the stuff,

I need to know
what you're planning.

What's it matter
to you?

I know
they're for salamanca.

Nitro pills.

Your boss
has heart problems.

You already
got it all figured out,

why're you asking?

How you gonna
make the switch?

Hector keeps the pills
in his coat pocket.

When he hangs up his coat,
I'll make the switch.


He goes down.
Then what?

His heart goes out.
That's it.

A lot of eyes
on salamanca.

You do this,
how are you gonna stop them

from finding out
it was you?

Are you tryin' to tell me
not to do this?

I'm not
tellin' you anything.

Just want to make sure you know
what you're getting into.

I'm not
getting into anything.

I'm in it.

I've got no choice.

Hector wants to use
my dad's business.

My dad
is a straight arrow.

He won't
stand for it,

which means
he goes to the police,

which means
he's a dead man.

And that's not happening.

You get caught,
it could get worse.

You don't think
i know who I'm dealing with?


I don't.

What are you doing?

There are more people
than the salamancas

to worry about here.

Now, if you manage
to pull this off

without a bullet in your head
and switch those pills,

then switch 'em back.

Switch them back?


Anyone gets an itch
about the medicine not working,

they're gonna look at
those pills.

You do this...

Switch 'em back.


You gonna
let us make this deal?

You got the money?


before we do this...

I'm gonna need
one more thing from you.



Miss valco
will see you now.

Second door.

Hi there.
Come on in.

Yeah. Hi.

Uh, called
quite a few times

about an issue
I'm trying to address.

Do you have
your policy number?


Can you just
look up my name?


Charles mcgill
of Hamlin, Hamlin, mcgill?

that's my brother.


I'm Jimmy.

James mcgill.

Solo practitioner.

There you are.

Looks like you're all paid up
through the year.

That's sort of
the issue.

Long story short,

through a series
of unfortunate events,

my license
has been suspended.

i see that here.


Well, I was hoping
i could get a refund

for the time
that I won't be a lawyer.

Now, that's only fair,

I'm sorry,
Mr. mcgill.

It doesn't work
like that.

We don't refund for
unused malpractice insurance.

But it's a --
it's a lot of money for nothing.

I understand
it seems that way,

but if
one of your clients

decides they want
to bring a suit against you,

this continues
your coverage.

That's the thing.
My clients?

They love me.

And they would never bring
a suit against me.

Extremely lovable.

I can see that.

But it's company policy.

What about
we put the insurance on hold?

And then, if someone were
to try to sue me --

which they won't --
then we just, uh,

Kick that ol'
policy back into gear?

I understand
your situation.

I do.

But there are rules
preventing us

from stopping
and starting coverage.

And I regret
to inform you that...

When your license
is reinstated next year,

because of
the suspension,

your premiums
are going to...Go up.


How considerably?


Looks like roughly...


Mr. mcgill?



Mr. mcgill,
I'm sorry.

I wish we could help you,
but we just can't.

I'm sorry.

It's hard.

Very, very hard.

I'm just having
a rough time.

I just need
a break.

Just one break.

And I know you -- I know
you can't do anything, but...

I'm getting run out on
this community service and...

Getting ripped off
left and right, and...

My car won't start.

My gal is disappointed in me,
and my brother...

My brother is sick!

And he's alone.

I spent years
caring for him,

and now he hates me.

He's the only family
i got left,

and he hates me.

He hates my guts.

Is this
your brother, Charles?


And I pretend not to care,
but he's my brother.

How can I not?

He's mentally ill.

He's -- he's holed up in a house
with no electricity.

He's working
by the light of gas lanterns.


he's making mistakes
with his clients.

He's mixin' up numbers
on important documents.

He -- he -- he had
a complete mental breakdown

at the bar hearing.

Your brother --
he had a breakdown in court?

It's in
the transcripts.


And I'm worried,
I'm just --

if he screws up
with one more big client...

It's just
gonna destroy him!

Oh, don't --
don't write --

what are you writing?
No, don't write.

I-i didn't mean
to say that.

I don't want him
to get in trouble with you guys

'cause of me.
I --

I'm sorry.
I'm gonna go.

You're not gonna
do anything, are you?

I-i wouldn't worry about it,
Mr. mcgill.

please feel better.

I'm sorry.

Just for--
uh, forget.