Better Call Saul (2015–…): Season 2, Episode 4 - Gloves Off - full transcript

Jimmy and Kim face the repercussions of the TV commercial. Mike makes a deal with Nacho in regards to his newest job offer.


My husband and I scrimped
and saved for so many years.

We did our best to build a nest egg

so that we wouldn't be a
burden to our family.

After Ronald passed, I moved to
an assisted-living facility...

a nice place.

They told me they'd take care of everything,

but then, one day, they said
all my money was gone.

How could that be?

Where did it all go?

If you or a loved one

is a resident of a Sandpiper
crossing facility or

- other associated retirement community...
- Jesus. You used your own voice?

Strictly to save money.

- All in, the whole thing cost...
- Just...

Call the law offices of
Davis & Main at 505-242-7700.

That's 505-242-7700.

The production costs... $647, all in.

The one single airing was
a $700 ad buy, so dirt-cheap.

You think this is about money?

You think that's what this is about?

I'm just trying to offer
complete information here.

Now, this one airing...
it was an experiment,

and as such, by any measure, a success.

You keep using the word "experiment"

like you're ‭the goddamned Wright Brothers.

When exactly were you gonna
tell us about this experiment?


This morning.

I-I admit, I got a little ahead of myself,

a little... Exuberant.

And for that, I apologize.

But the headline here is... I think...

We've gotten nearly 200 phone
calls since this one airing.

Cliff, since you and I spoke
last night, 72 more.

You hear that? Right there...
That's the sound of victory.

Jimmy, stop selling.

And don't act like
‭you don't see the problem here.

I don't.

You cut us out.

You did an end run around us.

Exuberance is no excuse.


Client outreach is my department.

Now, you told me that from day one.

Jimmy, if I put you in charge
of payroll, would that mean

I'd be okay with you giving
everyone a million-dollar bonus?

You and I did discuss the
possibility of a commercial.

The possibility in the abstract,

for a grand total of 30 seconds
when I was halfway out the door.

I guess... I thought I heard enthusiasm,

so I... I took some initiative.

"Some." Wow.

We are a team at Davis & Main.

This is a team approach.

You coming to us
‭as a solo practitioner...

I knew there was gonna be a learning curve.

But if you simply can't fit in
as part of the team...

I can fit in. I... I fit in.

I am here to help you and HHM win sandpiper.

That's all this was about.

Sandpiper's not what keeps
the lights on around here.

We have clients who wouldn't
want to be associated

with this kind of... this.

Our image, our reputation

is something we've been
carefully building for years.

It's worth far more than any one case.

Something like this could damage it.

Suffice it to say,

there's not a lot of love for
you in the room at the moment.

The vote is currently two to one
to fire you for cause.


I believe in second chances.

But know this is both strike one
and strike two.

Going forward, you can expect
a great deal more scrutiny.

Come on. Come on.


You've reached the voicemail of Kim Wexler.

Please leave me a message,

and I'll get back to you as soon as I can.

Hey, Kim.

I need you to call me
as soon as you can, all right?

It's a time-sensitive thing, so, uh,

I mean, I may have, uh, just...

well, please call me
before you talk to Howard, okay?


It's a simple question, Kim...

did you or did you not
know about this commercial?

I... yes.

He showed it to me.

He showed it to you?

Yes. A few days ago.

And you didn't say anything to anyone?

No. I didn't.

You didn't think I deserved a heads-up?

I didn't realize...

at the time, ‭I didn't
think it was necessary.

Well, you were wrong about that.

We were caught flat-footed
in front of our co-counsel,

which I don't need to tell you,
does not reflect well on HHM.

Or on you.

That'll be all.

You can go.

What are you going to do?

So, what do you think?

I figure from here, you've got
a good bead on the place,

but someone inside...
they can't pick you out.

Tuco and me... that's our spot.

He always sits facing out,

makes it look like it's a gangster thing,

but I know it's just so
he can keep an eye on his ride.

Every Tuesday, ‭we're
here squaring accounts.

Dealer comes in, pays what he owes.

Tuco... he likes to get face-to-face.

Says everything he needs to know
is written right here.

Looks 'em in the eyes.

Just stares, like he's
looking inside of 'em.

I've seen him go like that 5, 10 minutes.

And what does that accomplish?

Calls it his lie detector.

That's why these things go all day.

Just the two of you? No extra muscle?

Don't need it.
‭we can handle our business.

Anyway, it takes hours.

Collect the cash, count it, lie detector.

One at a time... guy comes in,
transacts, then the next.

Then, when we're done, Tuco gets
in his car, I get in mine.

Boom. We go our separate ways.

That is where you come in.

You see him packing up...
wsssh... drive over.

Pull up in the spot next to Tuco's.

Pop. Head shot.

Roll out. Easy.

I-40 onramp is eight blocks up.

You're in the wind before
anyone has time to blink.

And here's the beauty...
all these, um, dealers?

They know we're here, so the story is,

one of them got ideas, decided to kill Tuco,

get a cut of the business.

Could've been any of them, as
far as the cartel's concerned.

These Tuesdays of yours...

day or night when you wrap it up?

- Day.
- So, full daylight.

- Mm-hmm.
- Plenty of traffic.

How exactly do I not get seen?

My car, at least.

Murphy's law tells me
somebody's gonna pull a plate.

Fine. Go to the yard. Buy a beater.

You're gonna stay in the car.

‭ain't no one gonna see you.

And if they do see you, so what?

That's why you're perfect.

You're no one. You got no connections.

- You're a ghost.
- Mm-hmm.

So, I pull in next to him...

that assumes there's a parking spot.

Our guys park next to him.

They come and go from the same spot.

Last one takes off, you're open.

Someone comes in behind me, I'm blocked.

Who's gonna pull in behind you?

Well, I'm guessing someone who likes tacos.

What then?

What's my exit?

I don't know.

Get out and run.

Bad knees.

Look, the details...
that's what I'm paying you for.

You've got a better plan, go on, tell me.

I'm all ears.

You sure about this?

Killing your partner...

That's a bell you don't un-ring.

See this?

You know how I got this?

Back in '96, '97, Tuco and I

were working with these bikers
out of riverside county.

They were running
‭this peanut-butter crank...

real shit, y'know?

But cheap, and we could sell it
as fast as we got it.

Anyway, ‭Tuco develops a taste for it.

And crank does not bring out
the best in people.

Made Tuco erratic.

Our connect was a guy called Dawg Paulson.

One day, ‭Tuco's settling up with Dawg.

He decides ‭to put on his lie detector.

Dawg's like, ‭"what the hell?" You know.

Tuco just keeps staring at him.

Then he goes real quiet.

"You think I'm an idiot, Dawg?"

He thinks dawg is supplying his competitor,

trying to cut Tuco out.

Dawg... he denies it.

"No way! Not me!"

Tuco doesn't even
‭raise his voice, but suddenly,

he's got a sawed-off and...

Right in Dawg's face.

I was behind him.

Sickest thing I ever saw, to this day.

And this?

A piece of dawg's skull...

under the skin, a little piece of him.

I tried digging it out,
but it's in there pretty good.

Anyway, not the kinda thing
you go to the doctor's for.

The thing about it was,
Tuco really liked Dawg.

Kind of felt bad afterwards.

But when he's using,
Loco, crazy.

There's no other way to put it.

And he's using again, Crystal.

Much bigger kick.

So... it's like you said.

If Tuco finds out about my,
y'know, independent ventures,

it's gonna be Dawg all over again.

It's him or me.


A man with a scoped rifle
could get a clean shot.

Fire a single round,

disappear before anybody knew
what had happened.

No witnesses. Clean egress.

Pretty far.

You can make that shot?


You saying you'll do it?

50 grand?

50 grand.

I'll look into it.

Hey. Uh.

Your brother isn't here, Mr. McGill.

I know.

Uh, he sent me to get his ink blotter.

- I'll just be a second.
- Watch yourself.

The floor's slick.

Oh, thank you, Gesualdo.

Sorry about the floor!

Oh, no.

Are you looking for Ms. Wexler?

I guess I'm too late, huh?

No, she's still here.



I am so, So sorry.

I should have told you last night.

You think?

I honestly thought I could fix it.

I thought they'd understand
once they saw the numbers.

I knew it would work, and it did.

It worked.

Howard can't just stick you in doc review

because of something I did.

Plus, at an ‭entirely different law firm.

What the hell kind of sense does that make?!

I told you this would happen.

He can't blame you for this.

I warned you he would.

I'm talking to Howard.


And call him a pig fucker again?

Yeah, that'll help.

I screwed up, you know?

I know that.

But this... this is total bs!

I'm... ‭I'm talking to him tonight!

Jimmy, no. ‭you'd only make things worse.

I'll explain it to him. ‭no!

I'm not asking you... I'm telling you.

If you go to Howard,
you and I... we're done.

So, we're not done now?

I need this job.

And there's a weekly billing quota

that I'm about 40 hours behind on,

so could you please just go?

I'm sorry.



Come on!

I'm not going away!

All right, you asked for it!

I'm comin' in!



Can you hear me?

Can you talk to me?

Do you want me
‭to get you to the hospital?

No. No hospitals.

I'll... I'll be all right.

Get some water, please.

Extra protection here.


Here. You know what?

Sit up.

- Aah!
- Can you sit?

- Ow.
- All right.

Okay. All right.




That's the Armalite AR-50...

state of the art,
‭accurate to 2,400 meters.

I got the Leupold Mark 4 on it now,

but I can always upgrade you
to a Schmidt & Bender.

Single shot, bolt.

Simple, effective, reliable.

It fires the .50-caliber BMG...

very effective against
soft targets in light cover...

behind cars, ‭small-diameter
trees, and such.

As always, I've gone to the trouble

of grinding down the serial number.

Well, unless you
‭ground a hole clean through,

acid will recover it.

Well, that would be true,

but I follow up with a pass

through ‭a random-stipple machine press.

Hides the patterns in the metal density.

Should throw off your x-ray diffraction

and some other higher-end methods.

Nothing's perfect, of course,
but this is close.


Looks like a hernia with a scope on it.

34 pounds,

not including your bipod,
which adds some heft.

Too much gun.

For most applications,
I would tend to agree.

SR-25 match rifle... Eugene
Stoner design, semi-auto.

That's about 11 pounds there.

Not quite the range
or the punch of the AR-50,

but you're still talking about a .5 M.O.A.

At well past 1,000 meters.

I've heard they're prone to jam.

Well, it's been known
to happen in the field,

but there's not a semi-auto
built can boast it never jams.

If that's a concern,
you ought to stick to bolts.

Good bolt-action rifle... if you jammed it,

I'd wager ‭you were setting out to do so.

Which brings us to the M40...

tried and true, battle-tested.

Essentially, the same rifle used
by marine snipers since 1966.

It's light, accurate, good for soft targets

in the 800 to 1,2000-meter range.

You seem to know this one.

Oh, yeah.

You could say that.

That's the a1 model.

There's not much change from the original.

Biggest difference is the stock...

it's fiberglass instead of wood.

It changed it over in 1970 or so.

Good. Wood warped like hell.

You get it wet,
‭you put it in the sun... gone.

Somebody probably
‭should've figured that out

before they sent it into a damn jungle.

Yeah. Probably.

If these aren't to your liking,

I could get my hands on a few more.


I've changed my mind.

Thank you.

I don't need anything at this time.

For your trouble.

Oh, it's no trouble.

I make my living on repeat business.

When you need what I'm offering,
you know how to find me.

You're still here.

Yeah, I'm still here.





Did you get any sleep?

- Some.
- Mm.


How you feeling?

I could use some tea.


- Ohh.
- You scared me last night.

Yeah. Happens sometimes.

Sometimes, I overdo it... that's all.

It passes.

Going into the office really
takes it out of you, doesn't it?

If I stay too long, yeah.

Guess it's hard not to stay.

There's so many important things
for you to do there...

like, you know, stick it to Kim Wexler.

What did I do to Kim Wexler?

She's back in the cornfield, isn't she?

I didn't do anything to Kim.

I mean, I was present, yes.

But management of personnel...

those decisions are all Howard's.

That is rich.

But tell me,

when Howard was makin'
his "management decisions,"

was he sitting on your knee
with your arm up his ass?

Hey, can he talk while
you drink a glass of water?

That's uncalled-for.

And if Howard were my puppet,

he certainly wouldn't have
recommended you to Davis & Main.

Actually, I'm sure it was Kim Wexler

who talked him into doing that.

Hence his anger.

Don't punish Kim.

If you're mad at me, take it out on me.

I know you like to think

the world revolves around you, Jimmy,

but this has nothing to do with you.

Kim had a responsibility
to Hamlin, Hamlin, McGill.

She should have been looking out
for her firm's interests.

Not letting us know what
you were up to was her mistake.

Oh, come on.

You can't be pissed off at her about this.

I'm not.

Howard is.

And why shouldn't he be?

Because she didn't know.

She didn't know ‭I was
gonna air the commercial.

She didn't know
‭I hadn't gotten it approved.

She just... she didn't know.

I see.

So, she didn't know

there was anything that
she was supposed to tell Howard.

As far as she was concerned,

Cliff Main was already looped in.

You told her he was?

I implied it.

So it's on me, not her.

She didn't say anything to us about that.

Well, she wouldn't.

Sh-she wouldn't want to make me look bad.

You have to admit this shows
a lack of judgment on her part.

She knows you.

She should have known better.

You are such an asshole.


For pointing out that her one
mistake was believing in you?

For Christ's sake, can we get
some perspective here?

It was a simple, little commercial.

It aired once... that's all.

And can I remind you... it worked.

It worked like a dream.

See, that's your problem, Jimmy...

thinking the ends justify the means.

And you're forever shocked when
it all blows up in your face.

What did I do that was so wrong?

You broke the rules.

‭You turned Kim into your accessory.

You embarrassed Howard, who...
God help him...

inexplicably vouched for
you with Cliff Main!

You made Cliff and his
partners look like schmucks!

Shall I go on?!

How he hasn't fired you for this
positively mystifies me.


You want perspective?

I'll give you mine...

You're my brother and I love you,

but you're like an alcoholic

who refuses to admit he's got a problem.

Now someone's given you
the keys to the school bus,

and I'm not gonna let you
drive it off a cliff!

Now, can we just get down
to brass tacks here?

What can I do to put Kim
back where she belongs, huh?

What... you want me to quit Davis & Main?

That's fine.

I... I never wanted that job
in the first place.

I can't get through to you.

Life is not one big game
of "let's make a deal"!

Yes, it is! ‭ I'm Monty Hall!

What's behind door number two?

What'll it take, huh?!

You want me to quit being a lawyer?

Ju... a chimp with a machine gun...

That's me, right, huh?!

So, what do you say?

You help Kim, I quit the law.

- Is that a deal?
- ‭I didn't say that.

No, you didn't say it, but
that's what you want, right?!

That's why you put the screws
to Kim in the first place...

to squeeze me!

I didn't say that,
‭and I would never say that!

Why not?!

Because if I were impeding the
career of one of my employees

for the purpose of compelling you

to do something against your
will, that would be extortion.

Yeah. ‭It would.


You gonna extort me, Chuck?

It's a lead-pipe cinch
you'd get away with it.

I'm not gonna tell anyone.

It's real easy... you just
set things right for Kim.

You get her back in her office,
out of doc review...

everything back to normal,
and I quit the law for good.

No more Jimmy McGill, esquire... poof!

Like he never even existed.



But I need to hear the words
come out of your mouth, okay?

‭You're a man of your word.

You're an upstanding man, right?

- For God's sake, Jimmy.
- Come on, Chuck!

Extort me!

Say "quit," and I will quit,

but I need to hear it from your mouth!

You want me to commit a felony...

Because that's what you'd do, right?

Because you want to believe that
deep down, I'm some hypocrite!

Let's find out.

Come on down, Chuck!

Roll around in the dirt with me!

All your dreams will come true!

Go on! Do it! Go on!

I am not the bad guy here.

You don't want to be a lawyer...

that's between you
‭and the New Mexico State Bar.

You want to quit Davis & Main? Be my guest!

You clearly don't need any help
from me to tank your career.

You're doing just fine on your own.

Speaking of which, it's an
hour's drive to Santa Fe.

Even iyou leave right now,

you're still gonna be at least
20 minutes late for work...

another feather in your cap
with Clifford Main.


I'm not gonna do it.

What... ‭are you negotiating now?

No amount of money makes this
a good idea... for you.

Look, man, ‭I told you that I'm not...

No, it's a bad move because it
doesn't solve your real problem.

My real problem? What's that?

It's not Tuco.

It's keeping a secret.

A dead Tuco ‭draws salamancas like flies.

The cartel noses into the business,

looks for who hit one of theirs.

You gonna be able to keep your secrets then?

Something's got to give.

With you, without you... I don't care.

But something's gonna happen.

You said it yourself.

You don't need him dead...
you need him to go away.

You mean snitch?

Man, I drop a dime on Tuco,

who do you think the cartel looks at?


And if I call the cops,
I get picked up, too.

I'm what you call a known associate.

So I'm locked up with Tuco,

who's looking for the guy
that put him there.

Tell me how that helps me.

You won't have to talk to the cops.

You won't have to do any time.

There's no killing, but your Tuco problem?

It goes away.

It's all there.


Let the man count.

We're good.

So, uh... till next time, huh?





I'll, uh... ‭I'll see you next week, Tuco.


Yeah, see you, Domingo.

He's got good numbers.

He's hustlin'.

What do you think?


Uh, uh, y-yes, I would like
to report a fight going on

at the El Michoacano Restaurant

in the 5000 block of the Isleta Boulevard.

There's a man threatening
another man with a gun.

It Looks to be
some sort of gang thing.

Oh, uh, uh, uh, sorry.

I... I... I'm a passerby.

I... I don't want to get involved.

The fuck?

Did you see that?

See what?

That old man just hit my car.


- Hello.
- Oh. Hmm.

Well, let me see.


Give me the number four,
the pollo, por favor.

- That's to go.
- Yes, sir.

Hey, you.

Hey, gramps.

You just hit my car.

Uh, you're talking to me?

Check out Mr. Magoo here.

Uh, y-yes, sir.

You see that car that you parked
your piece of shit next to?

That's mine.

You just ran into it.

No, I don't think I did.

You calling me a liar?


Uh, no.

Hey. I saw it, too.

You gonna stand here and deny it?

Um, guys, um, I... I don't
know what to tell you.

I'm not aware ‭of hitting anyone's car,

but if I did... I apologize.

- So...
- $6.33.


You keep the change.

Thank you.

Excuse me.

Don't you walk away from me.

Hey, pops. You better listen to the man.

Come on, guys.

Let's just keep things friendly, all right?

I ain't your friend.


You see that? You... you did that.

Oh, come on. That'll buff right out.

You're gonna make this all right.

You're not leaving until you do.

Fine. You got a pen?

A pen.

A pen... we'll exchange
information, insurance.

I have very good coverage.

They'll take care of this.

I'm not messing around with insurance, ése.


Listen, I'm willing
to accept responsibility,

but if you're not going through insurance,

then I have maybe 20,
30 bucks on me... that's all.

Kay, now you're lying to me.

I saw your wallet.
You got plenty in there.

Take it out.

Let's look together, jog your memory.

You heard him.

Take out the wallet.

I just cashed my social security check.

It's all I have till the end of the month,

and I am not giving it to you.

You're not?

I offered to do this the right way.

If you can't accept that,
then I can't help you.

Aw, come on, guys.

I'm gonna make this real simple for you.

Give me your wallet, and maybe
you walk away from this.

I'm not giving you a damn thing.

Nah, homes.

Give me your wallet.

Let's just stay calm here.

You see me sweating, bitch?

- Wallet.
- ‭



There's like $400 here.

You got some crazy lip on you, old man.

Your life worth 400 bucks?

Hey, Tuco, time to bounce.

Yeah, go. Go.

You're... one lucky old man.

What the hell? Leggo!

Let go!

Let...Let... let go!

Let go!

‭Let go!

Let go!

Let me see your hands!

Hands up! Now!

On the ground!

That all you got?

Get on the ground!


Look at you.

Are you gonna have to testify?

The cops witnessed him
in the commission of a felony.

My wallet in his pocket.

Add the gun... ‭he gets a 5 to 10 stretch.


You definitely earned it.

Still, you coulda gotten twice as much

for 1/10 the hassle.

You woulda done the world a favor.

You wouldn't look like someone
took a lead pipe to your face.

Plus, when Tuco gets out,
maybe he comes looking for you.

Get to the point.

Just saying... you went a long
way to not pull that trigger.