Bering Sea Gold (2012–…): Season 6, Episode 3 - Golden Dreams - full transcript

Before Shawn can head to the Bluff, he must contend with another setback on the Christine Rose. While Derek finds out what the baddest dredge in Alaska can really do, Vernon hatches a plan to steal a boat from an old enemy.

Narrator: Nome, alaska.

The reason people come to nome
is finding their dream.

That's what gold really is.

For more than a century,
starry-eyed miners

Have come with nothing
but blind ambition.

117 years later,
they're still dreaming big.

I know you keep
thinking bluff's a pipe dream,

But I want to go
down there.

For some, it's the next
great hot spot.

Shawn: I'm looking forward
to going out

And chasing this dream.

I guarantee you
there's gold down there.

I've seen it.

We're gonna have
to take a chance.

Narrator: For others...

Derek: I want to dominate. I
want to be the best gold miner.

...It's changing the game.

The harder the struggle,

The better the reward
in the end.

This is my dream.

Narrator: But for every dreamer,
the goal remains the same.

Emily: I just want to get more
gold than everybody else.

Is that too much to ask?

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Leaving nome harbor.

We're about 300 feet

From this thing
actually being in the ocean

Instead of on a piece of paper.

That's pretty awesome.

The fleet's newest captain,

34-year-old derek mclarty,

Is setting out to make history.

I'd say I'm not nervous,
but I'm not a good liar.

Narrator: After spending half
a million bucks

Building his own mega dredge,

The high noon
is headed for the grounds.

By far the biggest endeavor

That I have ever tried
to tackle in my life.

I've definitely bitten off
the absolute max

That I could chew.

At this point,
it's make or break time.

Game on in a whole new way.

For derek, this machine

Is the culmination
of a lifetime of elbow grease.

I was definitely the black sheep
of my family.

You know, my brother
was student-body president.

And I was the dude
on the skateboard.

Growing up,
I was always interested

In taking things apart.

Every christmas, I'd ask
for the same thing --

"could I get
a remote-control car?"

Every christmas, I'd get
a remote-control car.

And then I would take that thing
down to every nut and bolt.

And I'd never
put it back together.

We're looking for a big
topo drop.

It's pretty virgin ground.

Basically, as far
as big boats go,

We want to be the first ones
to go out there and tear it up.

Narrator: Derek's strategy --
use the power of the dredge

To mine where no one's ever
mined before, in deep water

Under massive amounts of sand.

I'm chasing that elusive pay
that's a little bit deeper

Than other guys want to chase.

I mean, they just can't do it.

They don't have the suction.

They don't have the horsepower.

They don't have... They --
they don't have the high noon.

Let's drop anchor here.
This looks good.

It's real interesting-looking.

Spenser and I are gonna
go down, game face.

Give me your
"a" game, please.

This is the first dive.

This is
definitely dangerous.

This is when we're
finding out exactly

What kind of animal
we're trying to tame.

Narrator: Running a 12-inch hose
with a turbo-diesel engine,

The high noon is the first
of its kind...

I want to run
this thing wide open.

I want to run it
to two grand,

Whatever we can get
out of that throttle.

...Pushing nearly double
the horsepower

Of its closest competitor.

Derek: This pump puts out
3,000 gallons per minute.

Levi: Fire it up.

We're moving a ridiculous amount

Of material and water
with this setup.

This is the big and nasty.

And, absolutely,
it can kill you.

But, I mean, anything
can kill you if you're dumb.

With such immense power...

Let's make some gold,

...The first test
will require two divers.

Derek: All right.

I'm gonna make my way
towards this nozzle.

Spenser: Yep.

Levi: Yes, sir.
We're at 15.

I'm coming up a little.

Derek's getting ready
to close the flap.

Good luck, boys.

All right.

Let's see what this
[bleep] got.

This thing's weak
right now.

It's not scary at all.

What the hell.

Man, that thing should just
be running away right now.

You guys getting more rpm
out of it?

We're sitting at 1,500.

I can't get nothing
more out of it yet.

There's the hose

That goes from the turbo
to the manifold.

It's the only hose
going to the turbo.

What do you need
to do to it?

All right.
I'll give it a shot.

By clamping the actuator,

Derek is hoping to jolt
the turbo into life.

Hey, we're starting
to climb.

Hold on.

Yeah, we're climbing.

1,700 rpm.

That's what we need.

Oh, yeah.
Way better.

That's actually
some suction.


Yeah, that's 1,700.
You want 1,800?

Give it to me.

That's 1,900.

Yeah, everybody's scared
to work sand.

We're annihilating
this [bleep]

With a 250-horsepower pump

Providing 2,000 rpms
of suction,

The high noon
is chewing up the sand.

I have never, ever
in my life

Gone through
this much sand.

The question is,
is the sand hiding gold?

5 miles to the northwest...

...On the outskirts of nome...

Been panning for hours now.

Narrator: After a grueling
8-day run on the water,

Shawn pomrenke is cleaning gold
for the second time this season.

A couple weeks into the season,

Alls we got is 78 ounces,
you know, 80 grand.

Back when I first started,
it wasn't out of the ordinary

To do 10 ounces a day.

Now it's just been beat up
and picked over so much,

It's harder and harder
to find those spots.

That's why I want
to venture out and get away.

-How's the clean up going?
-Going good.

Just need some help
panning here.

Man: I think
this one's for you.

Narrator: So far, mr. Gold

Has scratched out
78 ounces worth 92,000 bucks...

Looks like we got money

To buy our excavator
engine parts with.

...All of which has gone

To support his father's
new inland mining dream.

More parts, more parts.

I'm gonna go down to the bluff.

I want to do at least
a trip down there.

Narrator: But shawn
has a dream of his own.

For crying out loud,
ain't there

Some place
closer than bluff?

Over the winter...

There it is.
There's the bluffs.

Narrator: ...Shawn traveled
100 miles into the bush...

There's a [bleep]
blizzard out here right now.

...To prospect a new claim.


Striking gold...

Look at all
that fine gold.

...On an untouched piece
of sea floor

Known as the bluff.

I'm really concerned
about you thinking

That you're gonna go down
to the bluff with that thing.

...Father and son are at odds
about whether to return.

You take the boat out there,
and it ends up sinking,

And then
what do you got?

Nothing ventured,
nothing gained.

You get 300 ounces,

Then maybe you can go
to the bluff, maybe.

-No, maybe.
-Get all the bills paid here,

And then go that way
in case you don't have...

Well, yeah.
Quit spending money.

Otherwise, we'll never
have all the bills paid.

Gonna get me pissed off.

There are two different
kind of risk,

Calculated risk and stupid risk.

Taking the christine rose
down to the bluff, I think,

Is a stupid risk.

All right.
I'm done.

Let's get this stuff
cooked up.

Shawn: I don't care
if he tells me

I can't go down to the bluff
with the christine rose.

I'm gonna do it.

All right.
You ready to do this?

What are we at?

Steve: 32.






103. 105.



Better than a poke in the eye
with a sharp stick.

Narrator: For most crews,
$133,000 on the scale

Would be a windfall.

We're off our step,

We need to pick it up.

Last year,
that would have been 200.

But not for mr. Gold.

I want to do better
than I did last season.

If we're gonna hit 1,000 again
this year,

We should be at 400 by now.

78 and 111
makes it, um...


So you guys got 111 to go
before you can go to bluff.

111 before
you can go to bluff.

While shawn heads back to work,

Off the coast of nome,

On claim 14...

...Eroica owner emily riedel
is desperate for a good cleanup.

Daryl v.:
I think a 60-hour run

Would give us 50 ounces
of this stuff.

That sounds good to me.

We got to really pound
the hours.

Emily: The men up here
don't take me very seriously.

A lot of the men
who mock me up here

Would shut up
if I produce a lot of gold.

But we're a couple weeks
into the season.

And we only have 10.5 ounces.

And I was expecting to do
a lot better by now.

Daryl's not really happy.

He's getting pretty frustrated
with the lack of production.

So far this summer...

Emily: Oh [bleep]

Narrator: Break down...

Whoo! Hold it!
Hold up.

Sluice box has fallen off.

...After break down...

...Has kept her crew
off the gold...

The way it's been going,
I can't stay up here.

...And put her star diver

On the brink
of calling it quits.

I make my living
off of gold.

That's it.


...To boost their gold count
and keep her ace happy...

Emily: Why don't you go ahead
and come up?

All right.

...Emily's rolling the dice on
an untested greenhorn miner...

Emily: Go ahead and change
into your wet suit.

All right.

28-year-old nick mcglashan.

Nick's been working
in the bering sea

Since he was about 14 or 15.

He's been crabbing for 15 years.

Nick isn't a greenhorn to me.

He's pretty much
all the way there.

He just hasn't dove.

I'm ready.

Well, the moment has arrived.

Doing good.

I think I'll be able
to handle it.

Sounds good.

It'd be one thing

To send a greenhorn
down on a six.

A six is pretty benign.

With nick, putting
a greenhorn diver

Down on a 10 inch
is pretty heinous.

Nobody starts with
a 10 inch up here.

It feels incredible
to finally be earning.

This is what
I've been waiting for.

Oh, you're a natural.

I feel really comfortable
down here.


Off the coast of nome...

Oh, you're a natural.

Hey, nick, what's up?

Well, I'm okay now.

I just got a little bit
close to the nozzle.

Narrator: Feeling his way
around, emily's greenhorn

Got a sharp lesson
of the dredge's power.

So the gold's not really
going to accumulate

In the sluice box

Until you clear
a big face.


I've never seen anyone
have never dredged before

And go on a 10 inch,
never in 30 years.

Narrator: With daryl leaving
the nozzle on good gold,

It's up to nick
to shake it off

And start loading the sluice.

He's going to need to step up.

He's going to need
to go from greenhorn diver

To advanced
professional gold dredger.

Well, he's working
in the wrong direction.

You're going west.

Daryl v.:
It shouldn't be the big deal.

You know, it's not a big deal.

You map out an area

Where you're gonna attack
and then a working game plan.

And you carry it out.

Narrator: While the greenhorn
tries to find his way...

...In the center of nome...

...Two weeks into the summer,

Vernon adkison's gold count
is stuck at zero.

I got to have
a floating platform

Big enough to support
the sub dredge

And all the equipment
that goes with it.

We got about two thirds
of the season left.

It's time to get out there
and get after it.

It's time to go for the gold.

For me, it's the way
of the future.

Narrator: For years...

Hey, I need
some cooperation here!

...Vernon has been plagued
by two things...

Gold that was on the bottom
of the sea is now in my bucket.

Narrator: ...Gold fever...

-You want to go, vern?
-You're damn right I do.

-Come on.

...And problem divers.

This winter, he tried
to go diver free...

Come meet
your competition.

...Bringing to town a 2-ton,
state-of-the art sub dredge...


...And riding its success
to the top of the gold count.

Now, in need of a boat
strong enough to launch it...

The only thing that
I've got available right now

That I can get together
in short order

Is this boat over here.

...He's come to the harbor

To inspect one
of his last possible options.

The name of the boat
is sort of prophetic.

It's the, uh, all in.

The all in's a, um,
50-foot landing craft.

It's about the only one --
it is the only one in nome

That, to my mind,
is even feasible.

Double-dealing [bleep]

He left that boat
with johnny wilson.

Bill left and left that boat
with johnny wilson.

All right.
So, um, that's [bleep]

Johnny wilson.

Narrator: Vernon's play
for the all in is sunk.

I was making a deal
with the owner of this boat.

And johnny wilson shows up.

Narrator: Worse yet, the boat

Has been promised
to an old enemy.

Wilson worked for me.

So I let him stay at my place.

And then when I finally
got rid of him,

Then I'm looking around
out there,

And I found my buckets out
in the backyard

All full of human excrement

That he left for me to clean up.

So, I mean,

Anybody that'll do
something like that, I mean,

That's the lowest of the low
as far as I'm concerned.

[ cellphone ringing ]

Bill: Hello?

Yeah, hey, bill.
It's vernon here.

Yeah, yeah.

I'm not happy about getting
screwed yet once again

By wilson.

I want you to know
what you're getting into.

I mean,
maybe it's a done deal.

Maybe you can't back out of it.

But I don't want you
to feel good about it because,

By god, it [bleep] me up.

Uh, I was counting on that
to put my rig in the water.

And that son of a bitch,
he got in there.

I know he told you
a bunch of lies

And promised you the moon.

And that son of a bitch
can't deliver.

He cannot deliver.

So, um, you know...

Well, what can you do about it?

I mean, have you got
a legal document or what?

He's not gonna -- yeah.
That won't happen.

How about if, um,

If we work out
some kind of a deal where,

Um, I buy the boat from you.

And I can go down there
and take possession of the boat

With that bill of sale.

Thank you, bill.

Johnny wilson.

While vernon plots revenge,

7 miles to the west,

On the tomcod claim...

Grabbing the bottom,
pulling myself forward,

Maneuvering myself around.

We're gonna try to get
in between a couple

Of these old spots where we dug,

See if we can find
some good gold.

Narrator: ...Fresh off
a 110-ounce cleanup...

Trying to figure out
if there's some spots

That we left behind
that were good.

Narrator: ...Shawn pomrenke
is back on the hunt...

Shawn: Drying up here.

I mean, you look at it.

I got this whole area
all dug up.

Narrator: ...And looking
to close in on his dream.

Shawn: Old man said,
"once you get 300 ounces,

You can go to the bluff."

One more good run, we're there.

You're done spending.

It's my turn.

Narrator: After striking a deal
with his old man,

Just 111 ounces

Separate shawn
from a trip to the bluff.

It's getting harder and harder

To find...Really good pans.

I don't want to dig
this mediocre dirt.

I want to dig dirt
that's gonna

Make me a lot of money
and a lot of money fast.


No whammy. No whammy.

[bleep] [bleep]



Swung this barge so hard.
I was in this chair.

And I [bleep] tipped over

And flew
all the way over there.

Oh [bleep]


On the christine rose...

Get some oil diapers.

Narrator: ...A hydraulic line
exploded, sending shawn

Scrambling to keep oil
out of the ocean.

Shawn: Whoa!

[bleep] [bleep]

Something [bleep]
gonna happen [bleep]

Blew a hydraulic line.

Narrator: Without hydros,
shawn can't move the dredge.

And the $20,000 excavator arm
could be torn off completely.

Not good.

Right now, the stick's down
in the water.

We're dead in the water.

It's kind of holding us
in place.

But it just turned
the whole back hoe.

There it goes again.



Blew a hose on the excavator.

The big one.

No. No.

Those are the ones
I wanted to change, remember?


All right.


Waiting on the old man

For a spare,
shawn's dream

Of quickly heading
for the bluff...

Shawn: He could spend $160,000
on inland mining equipment,

But I want to spend $4,000,
$5,000 on some hoses,

He shuts it down.

...Is dead in the water.

8 miles to the east...

...On the high noon...

I was worried about how hard
we were gonna have to work.

I'm not working at all.

At first, I was freaking out
and trying to muscle it.

Then I just let it do
its thing.

That part I like a lot.

...The first test

Of derek mclarty's
half-million-dollar super dredge

Is in full swing.

-It does the work for you.

As long
as you don't fight it,

And you just kind of know
which way to turn it.


Get back here,
you nozzle.

Narrator: Chewing up massive
amounts of sand,

Derek is gambling it all
on what lies beneath.

I'm gonna change the nozzle
and aim it straight down.

Levi: Damn.


Like, raw egg.

That's a good sign.

So what, are you
on the bottom now, or what?

Oh, well, I don't know
if we're all clear.

We can't see because our hole
is covered in with just,

Like, a waterfall of sand
that's rushing down around us.

They haven't reached
the bottom yet.

But it's got to be down there.

And the thing is,
nobody ever goes that deep.

They say there's bottomless.
There ain't no bottomless.

Everything's got a bottom.

Oh, yeah.
There's gravel.

Oh, look at that, derek.

I just grabbed a handful
off the bottom.

Of [bleep] course, baby.

Look at all that pyrite.

That's a good sign.

Oh, dude,
I'm on a hard pan.

We're on a hard pan,
10 foot down.


Oh [bleep] yeah.


Buried under 10 feet of sand,

A pay layer.

We can work where nobody,

Nobody else can work.

The christine rose

Couldn't even
chew through this sand.

I can't even see you,

I just see
your air bubbles.

-Can you see the pit?

That's all I can see.

Narrator: In a matter
of just a few hours,

Derek's dream

Is starting to look
like a reality.

Wow. Look at the crater
we built, dude.


In the center of nome...

I'm just gonna go
on the damn boat

And just tell him
that that's it, you know?

After making
a last-minute deal

To buy the all in,
sight unseen,

Just to spite his enemy...

I agreed to $100,000.

That's more
than the boat is worth.

But, you know, it's something
I can live with.

...Vernon and the boat owner

Are headed for the docks

To serve up
a steaming pile of revenge.

Wilson, um, he operates
on pure [bleep]

I'm not gonna let a turd
like that jack me over.

Well, there's the boat.

That's it.

let me see them keys.

Get your stuff off.

I'll tell you what, johnny,
to be honest with you.

I sold the all in.
-What do you mean?

I sold it for money,
you know, not a promise.

I told you
because the money

That come from you
was funny money.

I ain't getting none.

Where's he at?

He's right over here.

Johnny: Come on, man.
I didn't do nothing wrong here.

You pulled it out from under me?

Well, you know, I mean,
that works both ways.

I mean,
I had a deal with him.

And it kind of got
pulled up on under me.

I don't know
what our problem is, vern.

-Yeah, right.
-My kids love you, man.

You're, like, uncle vern.

I don't know
what happened, really.

We used to eat
and live together.

And we didn't have
no problems with you.

I don't know
what happened.

We were going to use
the porta-potty down the road.

Well, anyway, it's
all in the rear-view mirror.

I'm glad this went
down the way it did

Without a whole lot
of fuss and feathers.

That's good.

All right.

Successfully repo'd
the all in.

Now I got a platform.

I got the title in my pocket.
She's an old girl.

But, um, I'm not an ageist.

Narrator: With the all in
fully signed over...

We oughta,
while we're down here,

Fire this thing up
and give it a test run.

...It's finally time for a top
to bottom inspection.

I think it's the only thing
in the harbor older than me.

If the old girl floats,
it runs, it sounds good,

I think I can make
the season with it.

It's not good.

This deck is not steel.

Narrator: Built in 1943
for use by the navy,

The all in is mostly aluminum.

Not good.

This deck won't support
that weight.

Sub dredge weighs 5,000 pounds.

These beams will not support it.

Narrator: After throwing
100 grand at a boat

That won't work
for his needs...

That's gonna make a problem.

...Suffice it to say,

Vernon really [bleep]
the bucket.

Oh, boy.

Narrator: Off the coast of nome
on the eroica...

What's up, nick?
How you doing down there?

See a lot of rock.

...Against the odds,
emily riedel's greenhorn

Has managed to keep mining
for six hours straight.

That's what
it's all about.

He says he sees gold.

What's that?

Daryl v.:
All that dirty stuff.

Oh, yeah, dirty box.

That's looking good,

What you got coming
through the box.

That's how we want it
to look.

Oh. Okay.


Nick is doing
astonishingly well down there.

He's calm.
He's composed.

He just wants to find out
how to work, how to mine gold

And how to produce.

Nick, why don't you come up,

And we'll check
the sluice box out and,

Uh, check out
what you're in?

Nick: Okay.

I'm coming up.

I'll see you at the top.

That was a lot of fun.

I had a sense that,
because of nick's work history,

He would know
how to remain calm and collected

In a potentially
dangerous situation.

And that's exactly
what he's doing.

Any gold in the box?

[ speaks
indistinctly ]

There's a little bit
over there.

Oh, yeah.

And there's a little bit
up here, too.

Looks like you were
in something.

There's some here
in the corner.

Yeah. So you were
seeing some, right?

Yeah, there's some
gold in here, for sure.

You're doing really well.
There's some here.

I'm gonna go back down,
try to make some more gold.

Nick is incredibly competent.

I think as long
as daryl goes ahead of him

And shows him where the gold is,

And nick kind of starts
to learn what to look for,

He can really start producing.

Narrator: While emily's new team
may be starting to gel...

Emily: Glad you're learning
so quickly.

Nick: Yeah.

...The proof won't come
till the cleanup.

9 miles to the west,
on the tomcod claim...

Shawn: Told the guys --

I told 'em to change
all these hoses.

And I leave to go do something.

I come back, and they are like,
"your dad told us not to."

For what [bleep] reason,
I don't understand.

With the hydraulics blown,

The million-dollar
christine rose

Is stranded and helpless.

He's trying to hoard
all that money

For his inland mining operation.

Narrator: And shawn has a good
idea who's to blame.

Dad's spending all the --
all the money.

It sucks because, I mean,

There's things that I want
to do to the christine rose.

And he's just
burning every dime.

Oh, lookit. He's here.

You ain't got that off yet?

Too busy
cleaning up oil.

Why didn't we have these guys
change these this spring,

Like I asked to?
-I don't know.

-Because you told them --
-got the top ones changed.

-Yeah, well...
-You're the boss.

You should have made sure
they were changed.

You told 'em not to.

I did not.

Say I told 'em not to.

-yeah. You did.

The hell I did.

I was gonna change
every [bleep] hose

From there on back.

Then I was told
that they were told not to.

Then you might as well put
every -- every hose on.

Well, yeah because then
I'd have [bleep]

Spares from here all the way
down to there.

And I'd be up and running.
And I'd bring...

Nobody told me...

I'm telling you that.

Well, that's not
what the boys had told me.

That's [bleep]

You didn't --

I ordered every hose
you told me to order, didn't I?

Get this hose on.

Get this thing back up
and running

And start putting
some gold in this box.

Most of the time, I love my dad.

But still, it still seems
like he's really hesitant

About giving me any respect

Or any "attaboys"
for doing so well

For being
such a good gold miner.

Got it fixed.

Let's get all these tools
out of here.

It's time
to get out of here.

Gold's getting skinny
around here.

You ain't go
no other place to go.

I got some other places to go,
and I'm going.

No. You ain't got
no other place to go.

There ain't no damn port
down there.

There ain't no place
to hide.

We want to go to bluff.

There's no gold here.

There's gold here yet.
You know it.

We're gonna just disappear
and go.

Yeah, right, yeah.

You're gonna -- right.
That's right.

You're gonna
just disappear, yeah.

Where's the christine rose,
and where's the crew at?

They're all at the bottom
of the ocean.

We ain't
finding gold here,

We ain't gonna pay
for any inland stuff either.

I'm going to bluff.

We're gonna have
some serious conversation

If he thinks he's taking
that thing to bluff,

I'm telling you.

Over my dead body.

Vernon: [bleep]

This is not the easiest
damn engine room

To get in and out of.


In the center of nome...

Look at that, daryl,

Some healthy
little scoops here,

Hardy little scoops.

...Emily riedel and her ace
diver are looking to see

If the new greenhorn
has pulled his weight.

I really don't know
how to pan gold.

Nick seems to want to,

Um, find a lot of gold

And run a lot of material
through the sluice box.

Those are the qualifications
of a diver.

You know, I'm only good
for so many hours a day diving.

And nick was, literally,
surrounded by gold.

So we'll see.

This is cleanup number two.

I've got 30 hours in the box.

And we're hoping to average half
an ounce an hour at least.

So 15 ounces
out of this cleanup.

Oh, I hate this part.

-What's it at?



That's good.
All right.

We were on really good ground,
0.63 an hour.

Narrator: 16.9 ounces
is worth 20,000 bucks.

Not a bad score.

But for the greenhorn,
the next lesson in mining...

We just, we need more time
out on the water.

I want more gold.

It's never quite enough.

7 miles to the west,
on the tomcod claim...

Right now, I just got
to get my 300 ounces.

Narrator: ...With his hydraulics
back up and running...

I don't even have
to get 300 ounces.

Alls I need is another 100,
and I'm going.

Mr. Gold is digging angry.

You know what?

If he owned the whole company,
it'd be a different story.

But it's 50/50.

I'm gonna get what I want, too.

I had to fight dad to go
to the tomcod tooth and nail

And made millions
down there since then.

So I want to go to the bluff.

I'm going to do it.

Steve: You're going to the bluff
over my dead body.

You and shawn need
to get on the same

[bleep] page here...

Well, I can't get on
the same page with shawn

At this point.

Because you guys
are partners.

He's 30 years younger
than me.

You say,
"I don't give a [bleep]"

He don't think
the same way I think.

Steve: This idea of shawn
taking the christine rose

Down to the bluff
where there's no safe haven,

You know, lives could be lost,
the boat could be lost.

That scared
the living hell out of me.

It could be the end
of everything, you know.

It's not -- not a funny thing
to think about.

On the other side of town,

In the nome's
small boat harbor...


...Half a million in the hole
for the dredge of his dreams...

Dang, look at all
these ones.

...Derek mclarty is finally
headed for his first payday.

The pressure's on.

Money is just flowing,
free flowing out of me.

And there is nothing
coming back in.

I mean, I had to poke
another hole

In my belt this morning
because my pants were too big.

Let's get this loaded up, man.

Let's go clean some gold.

My bottom dollar,
we need to make 6 ounces

In order to basically
just keep playing.

I mean, that's --
that's the number.

Narrator: To prove the skipper's
theory on gold and deep sand,

This first 6-hour run

Needs to yield an ounce
an hour of gold.

It looks pretty good
for 6 hours by what I've seen.


For his first official cleanup,

Derek's called in a favor,

Use of the pomrenke
cleanup shack.

Derek: I got to give credit
where credit's due.

I mean, without the pomrenkes,

I definitely wouldn't be
where I am right now.

I mean, that's for sure.

Let's cook this [bleep] off.

That looks pretty good.

Oh, moment of truth.
We ready?

-Let's see what we got.

One at least.

There's an hour, 2 hours,
3 hours, 4 hours...


Get to that eight mark, baby.

Get there.
-Oh, man.

-So close.
-Eight ounces.

Oh, that's awesome.

Narrator: 7.98 ounces
is worth $10,000.

Good job, kid.

Good job, fellas.

Thank god that worked out.

You know, I went from
a pile of aluminum

To a functioning dredge.

I mean, that's -- that's
absolutely mind-blowing for me.

I mean, it's like...Whew.

That's the tip of the iceberg.

It's about to get serious.

Narrator: While emily's new
greenhorn boosted her total,

The christine rose still
has a commanding lead.

Kick ass.
Good luck.

Stay alive.

Time to go diving.

There was an incident.

Stay calm.
You'll be fine.

Man #2:
That's quite a pile there.

Man #3: Here we go.