Bering Sea Gold (2012–…): Season 6, Episode 4 - Father's Day - full transcript

Mining is a family business, which means Father's Day in Nome has a whole new meaning. While Shawn looks to give his dad a golden gift for the inland mining operation, he pauses to pass on a dive lesson to his own son.

Narrator: Nome, alaska...


Come by daddy on this side.

...Late June brings
father's day weekend.

Steve: Just a fact of life
in nome, alaska.

Gold mining is the family farm
of the north.

Narrator: For much of
the dredging fleet...

Hey, dad, you're still
too far away. I miss you.

Narrator: ...Gold has always
been a family business.

Okay, I love you.

For one mining family...

Got three pomrenke dads
here in nome.

My dad's dad's here,
my dad's here, and I'm here.

Narrator: ...This weekend
will bring fathers and sons...

One hell of a road
rebuild here, dad.

...A little closer together.

For another...

Come on,
you fat [bleep]

Okay, I'll get out.

...Not so much.

[ shouts ]

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[ seagulls squawking ]

30 miles east of nome...


...On the reaper...

We're not here for gold.

We're here
for large amounts of gold.

Right, eh?

Right, kris.

...With $10,000 invested
on their very own claims

Off the solomon river...

We can make a million dollars.

That's what
I'm [bleep] here for.

Narrator: ...For the fightin'
kellys, it's do or die.

I really need to lead
my family to gold.

We're not making any money.

If we keep up
at the rate we're going,

We're gonna be out
of the mining season completely.

Today, the plan
is to punch 1,000 holes

And hope to god
we reach the cobble somewhere.

Like, I know there's a lot
of gold on this claim.
I know it.

Narrator: This summer...

These claims right here
are the new reaper claims,

Owned by the kellys.

-Let's go for it.

...After his dad lured him back

With the promise
of untouched riches...

Come on, you [bleep]
sandbar piece of [bleep]

...All kris has found so far...

...Has been headaches.

My dad's a [bleep]
we all know that.

Kris: Turns out we weren't even
working our claim.

We were working
other people's claims.

That was extremely embarrassing.

When you claim jump,
you do that to get money easy.

You know, it's more
of a cash and dash.

You fly in,
you get the money,
you get the [bleep] out.

You're not spending hard work
trying to prospect sand.

Narrator: Now...

[ whistling ]

All right,
anchor away?


Narrator: ...With one last shot
to hit it big,

Kris is looking to lead his dad
and brother to glory.

Anchor away.

The first year when your dad
breaks up with your mom

And starts a new family,

There's always some kind
of anger

Towards the whole situation.

Brad: Start here, and then
who knows where we'll end up?

Whatever kris the diver says --

Super kris,
as he likes to be called.

Kris: We really need to start
to turn this around.

Everybody needs to get together.

We need to all hug it out.

And we need to make
some money as a family.

I need this season
to work for me right now.

We got to go, go, go.

How's your air pressure?

Kris: It's okay.

How's the ground look?

Uh, the ground
looks like all sand.

Going to work.

Hey, there's rocks
in this sand.

No gold, though.

No gold so far.

Well, dude,
it looks like a lot of sand.

I'm already at 2 feet,
nothing but sand.

Okay, I've got to make
the hole a little wider.

I've got to find
how deep it is.

[ bleep ]

This is stupid,

Yeah, so far, it doesn't look
like there's a bottom in sight.

We have no cobble at all,
and I'm at 3 feet already.

Do you think I should try
to keep going

And hope I find
a bottom?

Why don't you come back
to the boat, hook up the nozzle?

Narrator: Lacking the horsepower
to chew through the sand,

The kellys' only hope...

Keep going that way.

...Is that somewhere on their
claims lies gold-rich cobble.

Right here, eh?


Kris: What the [bleep]

It looks like a [bleep]
load of sand.

What was that?

It turns out
we're on sand.

-No [bleep]

We're on sand.

Narrator: The kellys aren't
the only family business

Struggling to find gold.

38 miles to the west,

On the tomcod claim...

Just sand over dirt --
not good.

...Just 111 ounces
away from fulfilling

His promise to dad
and heading for the bluff...

Shawn: Not good.

Not good, not good, not good.

Narrator: ...Shawn pomrenke
is sifting through scraps...

Shawn: We're back to hunting,
trying to figure out

Where we've been
and where we're going.

A lot of marks.

We've been doing a lot
of mining in the area.

We've been just digging
this mediocre crap.

Yeah, I mean, that seems to be
that's all that's left here.

In need of a new hot spot

To support
the father-son operation...

I don't know
what dad's talking about.

I'm going to bluff
whether he likes it or not.

...Shawn and his old man
aren't exactly feeling the love.

The tomcod's drying up.
I knew it was coming.

I kept warning dad.

And I'm telling dad, "yeah, hey,

You know,
we got to do something."

I wish dad would just
let up and trust me.

Narrator: For years...

I'm tired of people
talking [bleep]

About me
to other people.

Because you give us
so much ammunition!

...Shawn and his dad, steve,
have battled to work together.

Don't need you to run
the christine rose.

You think
we need you that bad?

-You're a [bleep]

You're a [bleep]

But there's one thing

That's always managed
to smooth the way.

181 ounces.

We needed
a bigger jar, huh?

Now, with his dad

Firmly against the plan
to head for the bluff...

Kris: Maybe I'll have
to remind the old man

What father's day
is all about --

Getting a bunch of gold
so he'll shut up.

Narrator: ...Shawn's looking to
deliver another golden bribe.

Dad's been giving me a hard time
about going to the bluff.

I've been giving him a hard time
about inland mining.

So I figured I'd bring him
a little father's day gift

Just so he knows
we're doing our job out there.

Making a bunch of gold
so we can keep everybody

In the family
in the gold mining business.

The pomrenke legacy's
a big deal to me --

To have my son, dylan,

Look forward to being able
to possibly hold everything

That I've built.

It makes me proud
that I can do that.

As for that pomrenke legacy...

Derek stole my boy from me.

He's got dylan working for him.

Narrator: ...Just
a few hundred yards away...

All anchored up.

Everything looks good.

Time to get
in the water, I guess.

...Rookie skipper derek mclarty

Has nome's newest mega dredge
ready for action.

The pressure of being
the captain versus

Just a crew member
is completely different.

I mean, now,
everything's in your lap.

I put everything
I had into this boat,

And this boat
has to pay me back.

I mean, if this boat
doesn't pay me back,

Then what am I doing?

Narrator: Headed for the nozzle
with him...

You got your diving gear
ready to go?


...First-time diver and heir

To the pomrenke throne,
17-year-old dylan.

Dylan brings to the table
what a lot of people don't have,

And that's lineage.

His dad, his grandpa --
I mean, he's been immersed

In gold mining
since he was born.

You've got to graduate.

I'll go
in the water first.

I'll go down.
You'll follow me down.

We'll get her
all figured out.

My dad wants me to go work

For my grandpa
in the inland mining.

But derek mclarty asked me

If I wanted
to come work for him.

And I said,
"how much would you pay me?"

He said $30,
and I went and worked for derek.

As long as he's safe,
and he learns something,

You know, more power to him

'cause it is hard
working with family.

I know that more than anybody.

I have a feeling eventually
he'll come work for us.

Hey, derek,
you got your ears on?

What's happening,
big dog?

I got you over here.

Make sure you teach him a lot
and treat him good.

Roger that.
Good luck over there.

Dylan's 17 years old.

Am I concerned?

But I was doing the same thing.

I was 17, 18 years old,
by myself.

My dad didn't give a [bleep]

He was like, "pfft, here.

Here's a dredge.

I guess I'm a little
more concerned than my dad was.

I know you're probably getting
a little bit nervous right now.

Just breathe.

Dylan: I don't have experience
on the nozzle.

That thing's got
a 250-horse pump on it

With a 12-inch hose.

That's ridiculous.

If it sucks your hand up,
it's not taking just your hand.

It's taking your whole arm
and your shoulder with it.

It's a little bit intimidating.

It's a lot of responsibility,

And that's a lot of things
to worry about.

I want be a gold miner,
and it's my future.

I mean,
that's what pomrenkes do.

You good?

You first.

Kick ass, bro.

Kick ass.
Good luck.

Stay alive.

Diver two.

Good luck, buddy!

Divers down.

[ respirator hissing ]

You all right, dylan?

Get out of the way so you don't
get your umbilical tangled up.

Stay calm.
You'll be fine.

Derek: Turn up.

Turn up two diver.

Hey, dylan?

He can't hear us.

I mean, he can't hear derek.


Off the coast of nome...

Hey, dylan?

I mean,
he can't hear derek either.

Narrator: ...17-year-old
dylan pomrenke is just minutes

Into his first dive ever
in the bering sea.

Come on down, dylan.

Let's go, come on.

See, look.

You see me
way down here?

I'm standing
on the bottom.


Dylan's coming up.

Come on, dylan, calm down!

You all right?

What's up?

Did you get to the bottom?

You got to relax, man.

Talk to me.

A little nerve-racking,

I know, I know.

So want to take a break
or what?

Well, you got to make up
your mind 'cause he needs help.

Somebody's got to be
down there.

Spenser: Dylan, are you gonna go
back down, or should I suit up?

I can't hear a word
derek's saying.

Because you're overbreathing
the mask.

And every time he tries
to talk,

You're all...
[ gasping ]

You got to relax.

Every time
you hear somebody talk,

Hold your breath
and hold it tight to your ear.

You got to just stay calm.
You can do this.

You're completely capable
of doing this.

Your dad's been doing this
since he was the same age as you

Right now.

Put that mask back on
and go down there and dredge.

If not, I will put
my wet suit on,

And I will go down there.

Levi: Yeah, 'cause he
needs help down there.

I'm gonna be really disappointed
if I have to go down.

You should really
get back down there.

I think you can do it.


Yeah, well, somebody
needs to go down there

'cause they just idled up,
so shut all these dudes up

And just get in the water.

You know what I mean?

Then you can graduate
from baby gold

To big [bleep] gold.

Man, I just don't
feel comfortable right now.

Okay, then take
your weight belt off.

Yeah, I'm pretty disappointed
right now.

Dylan only did,
I don't know, maybe 2 minutes

And started to freak out,

Started overbreathing the mask.

Talk to me, brother.
How you doing?

So I'm suiting up
really quick.

I'm gonna go down
and try to give derek a hand,

Leave dylan to sit up here

And think about it
for the next couple hours

While derek
and I are making money.


Narrator: ...Just a few hundred
yards away...

Dylan's down right now
diving with derek,

So it's a great experience.

Narrator: ...Dylan's old man,
mr. Gold, still on the hunt.

Shawn: Hopefully he doesn't
have to learn like me --

The hard way.

Dylan, he's the spitting
image of me.

Yeah, I have a lot
different relationship

With my son than my dad
and I have.

I seem to have
a lot more patience

With my boy than my dad
has with me.

Dylan's got gold fever bad.

I see him get out there

And want to get down
and go diving.

And it's great,
but he's still a kid.

I want to see him have some fun
and enjoy life.

I don't know how many samples
I've done now,

But I've lost count.

But here's another one.

Hopefully we can find
something here.

Narrator: Looking to deliver
a golden father's day gift,

Shawn is also gunning
to get a little closer

To his own dream.

After two cleanups,
I'm only 110 ounces

From going to the bluff.

It's right there.

Now dad's trying to say,
"you're not going to the bluff."

Over his dead body --
well, damn.

I hope he doesn't die
anytime soon 'cause

We're going to the bluff,
whether he likes it or not.

That's what we were
looking for right there.

That ain't that great of a pan,
but it's real easy digging.

And you can put a lot of it
in the box

In a short amount of time.

So we're gonna go ahead
and fire back up

And throw this dirt
through the box.

Narrator: After scrounging up
one more spot with gold...

Let's start running some dirt.

Narrator: ...Shawn puts
the pedal to the metal.

Shawn: I'm just trying
to move as much dirt

As I possibly can in my ship
'cause the more dirt you move,

The more gold
you're gonna make.

So you have to move the dirt
to make the money.

I just want to get
enough gold to get --

To be able to afford
to get down the coast

And go prospecting
down the coast.

I want to get back to bluff.

Speaking of down the coast,

30 miles to the east
on the reaper...


...Desperate to find some cobble
on their 120-acre claim,

So far, they've tried
the northeast -- sand.

In the northwest, more sand.

Right in the center
of the claim,

There's a whole lot of sand.

And now, in the southeast...

Kris: Hey, I -- I don't know
how there's no cobble

On this entire claim.

This hole is literally
filling in

As quick
as I can dredge it out.

I knew it was [bleep]
when he said,

"oh, there's a lot
of gold."

I have a hard time
to listen to him just

Complain, complain, complain.

This is a [bleep] gamble.

There's nothing.

That's what we're gonna get
on this land.

We're gonna get nothing.

Hey, jay, hook the nozzle
and get back to the boat.


-This is another failure.

Brad: Just shut up, kris.

So [bleep] negative
with everything you talk about.

Solomon's a bust.

Those claims
have no gold on them.

The whole thing was a failure.

We've just thrown thousands
of dollars away.

Everything that we've done
to this point was all wasted.

This whole idea of coming
out here

Turned out to be [bleep]

My dad [bleep] us over again.

just feeling down.

You wanted to be the first one
to strike gold.

I understand.
-Shut up.

Kris: You're such a --
just be quiet.

Don't talk to me
for a little while, please?

Have one of your little
protein drinks.

Just be quiet.

You're just
a miserable man, kris.

No, I'm not --
I'm angry at [bleep] god

For giving me
a loser father.

No, you're angry
'cause you're --

When I get to the gate
of heaven, I'm gonna tell

St. Peter to go
[bleep] himself.

You're not even going
to heaven, first of all.

Stop talking to me.

Brad: Kris is the only negative
player on our whole team.

He's the fault.

He's the flat tire on our wheel.

He needs to shut his mouth

And just quit
disrespecting andy and I.

You know, this is probably
gonna be the season

For him to learn a lesson --
grow up and be a man.

Kris: We're going bankrupt

Because we haven't
found any gold at all.

And I'm a pessimistic person,
I give you that.

We're basically [bleep]

In the city of nome...


No, it's not going.

It's got to go
in this side.

Steve: Let me get that.
Get your hand out of there.

You got it.
-Oh, oh, oh.

...With his 89-year-old dad

And pomrenke family
patriarch, wallace,

In town for father's day,

Steve is taking
some family time.

I think '94 was the first year
you came up here, correct?

No, I got up here in '93.

Well, yeah, since the last
time you were here,

They weren't doing none

Of this mining here
like they are now.


Well, there's five generations

Of pomrenkes in town
right now --

It's my dad, me, shawn,
shawn's child,

And shawn's child's child.

Boy, that's a lot of pomrenkes.

It really, really makes me proud
that they're all here.

At loggerheads with his own son

About heading for the bluff...

Thought I'd run you back
out here through that road

That we built there,
back to you --

The road
that's named after you.

Yeah, wally's way,
you know.

...For steve, a little
perspective never hurts.

There it is, wally's way.
Wally's way.

You know, it isn't
wally's road, you know?

Wally's way
or no way at all.


Steve: My dad, wally,

Was the first pomrenke
to ever go mining.

And that was back
in the later '50s there,

in rapid city, south dakota.

You know, dad was just a hard --
he was a hard guy.

He grew up in depression era,

And I think he felt,
for many years,

That, "you should have it
as hard as I had it."

And I think that's
how he sees life, you know,

That everybody should have it
as tough as he had it.

Remember when
we started building

This son-of-a-bitching

It was nothing but tundra here.

One truck load at a time.

Up here, yeah.

It's one hell of a road
we built here, dad.

Still driving on it
after 25 years.

Steve: Well, you know,
you look back at your life,

And you look at the bad things
and good things of it.

And the bad thing was that me
and my dad cannot work together.

We've been
through so many hard knocks,

Just realizing that I'm not
doing much different than him --

Hard-headed, don't know
when to quit, just like --

Just like shawn.

All right,
well, we're gonna head home.

Gosh heck, when I get there,
I'm gonna have a beer.

Beer sounds good to me.

-Let's go have a beer.

Narrator: Steve and wally
aren't the only pomrenkes

Doing some father-son bonding.

On the other side of town...

Got the dredge in the pond.

We're gonna go ahead

And give dylan
a little 101 gold dredging.

...After catching wind of
his son's first failed dive...

Shawn: There's no point
in being in a rush.

I mean,
you get in a rush,

Then that's
when you make mistakes.

You don't want to make
any mistakes,

Especially when you're diving,
'cause you'll end up dead

If you make
a mistake underwater.

Dylan: All right.

...Nome legend shawn pomrenke

Is suiting up for a good,
old-fashioned dredging lesson.

A lot of people, their first
experience suction dredging

Ain't with a 12-inch.

Yeah, I mean, dylan's nervous
to do it again,

Diving on the 12
with the high noon.

Well, my advice was
to him was stick with it.

That's why I took dylan
out on the 6-inch

And get him some experience.

It's time to go diving.

Yeah, I mean,
safety's the biggest thing,

So I wanted to get him
to feel comfortable underwater.

How you feel, dylan?

Everything's working
out awesome.

Another pop.

Roger that.

I think once he gets down there

And starts moving some dirt,
he's gonna love it.

The more bottom time you get,
the more confident you feel.

I mean, I'm gonna let dylan
do his thing, work for derek.

But I'm gonna make sure
he knows what he's doing.

Well, here he goes.
He got some trouble.

There's so many
different systems

On a dredge that could go wrong.

I mean, you got to be prepared
to do any one of them.

If you're not comfortable on
the bottom, you're gonna panic.

And when you panic underwater,
you're gonna end up dead.

Yeah, I know
this is only a 6-inch nozzle.

But it'll still hurt you.

I want to see dylan succeed,

And hopefully
he doesn't have a hard lesson

With the high noon.

Hopefully it's
a good experience for him.



30 miles to the east...

Brad: Sand everywhere.

...After finding nothing
but acres of sand

On their $10,000 claims...

...The kelly boys are waving
the white flag,

Heading down to grab the dredge
and return to nome.

It's disappointing,

And I wasted enough time
this season.

I got to go get
some gold, you know?

We're just gonna go
move the boat.

We're gonna get on more gold
than you've seen.

This one was supposed
to be our retirement,

You know, a thousand ounces --
make $1 million out of this.

And we didn't find anything,
you know?

All the money
we spent down there,

We basically just threw it away.

It's really gonna be hard
to tell my mom that I [bleep]

Up really hard --
really bad this year.

So we'll just go work
right next to the hawaiians

Who already got
15 [bleep] ounces in 4 days

On their little piece
of [bleep] rig.

They don't have 15 ounces
in 4 days.

Yeah, they do.

-What's your problem, kris?
-You're my problem.

-No, I --
-no, you're my problem.

You got
a few screws loose.

Life makes you mad.


We didn't make a dime,

And we're leaving here
with our tail between our legs.

Do you understand we pissed off
all of this money

Because you're an idiot?

-Every time you turn around --
-what's wrong with you?

Be quiet.
-Shut up.

-you shut up.

No, that's how we get
into these problems.

I hate your guts
a lot of days.

I don't know how I get
in business to you.

drop me off.

I want to get the [bleep]
out of here.

You're lying.
You're delusional.

You believe your lies.
That's a sociopath.

Jump out [bleep]
break your [bleep]

You fat [bleep]

Okay, I'll get out.

You want to see, you piece --
piece of [bleep]


[ both grunting ]

30 miles east of nome

On the day
before father's day...

Kris: Yeah, I'm [bleep]
drop me off.

I want to get the [bleep]
out of here.

...After blowing $10,000
on claims with no gold...

Jump out [bleep]
break your [bleep]

Come on,
you fat [bleep]

The kelly boys...

You want to see, you piece --
piece of [bleep]


...It's on.

[ both grunting ]

Get the [bleep]
off of him, kris!

Let him go!

Let him go.

You stupid [bleep]

Get the [bleep] off me!

-Get the [bleep] off.

Kick him
right in the [bleep]

Get the [bleep]
out of here,

You yellow-bellied
sap sucker.

Why don't you take
your dentures off

And then tell me that

Why don't you, you [bleep]
toothless [bleep]

Oh, I'm not toothless,
you [bleep] toothless prick.

-I won't, man.


Walk home.

I'm not walking home.
[bleep] yourself.

Let's go, dad.

You don't talk
to your dad like that.

Adios, amigo.

[bleep] you.

I'll break your [bleep] face.

You're lucky
I didn't strangle you.

Man: You all right?

my dad [bleep] had kids

When he was 16 years old
and then blamed his children

All of their lives
for ruining his life.

He's not a man that takes
responsibility for anything.

And honestly, that's the truth.

Narrator: 38 miles to the west,

On the high noon...

This is an exciting day.

[bleep] we worked
for 3 months,

Making zero money
at all for, what?

Not to dive?

...Armed with some
dredging tips from his old man,

17-year-old dylan pomrenke

Is nearly ready
to give it another shot.

This is what
we spent the last,

You know, half of
our summer building.

Do you want to dive?

Like we're being mean
or something.

We're not bullies.

We're pushing him to success.

He needs to go down there.
He needs to just go down there.

And once you get down
to the bottom,

It's just like standing
on the ground.

All right, [bleep] it.

-You ready to go down with me?

All right, thank you.
Thank you.

Want to see you
[bleep] do good.

All right.


Dylan: I'm a sixth-generation
miner now.

My family's been miners
for pretty much ever.

It's our backbone of our family.

Baby steps for baby gold.
Stop letting me --

I [bleep] hate that nickname
so damn much.

You have no idea how much
I [bleep] hate that name.

That's why I said, "you man up
and go get some gold,

And then you'll be
like, 'I'm big [bleep] gold.'"

I mean, I'm pretty proud
to be a pomrenke.

Just because my dad
and my grandpa

Have been successful,

That doesn't mean
I've been successful.

The more experience you get,
the more respect you get.

Whenever you're ready.

[ respirator hissing ]

Don't worry
about a thing, buddy.

Derek: So far, so good,

A lot of breathing
but no panicking.

They're not sucking
down the air,

So he's not freaking out.

Look how badass
this nozzle is, dylan.


A small step for dylan,
a giant leap for dylan-kind.

here's the nozzle.

That's all you got to do.
It's not that hard.


Oh, yeah!

Yeah, there you go.

See, you can do it.

Let me talk
to dylan real quick.

Hey, little gold,
you're doing it, buddy.

You're [bleep] doing it.


Yeah, man, you're starting
to do really good.

Come on.

20 miles from nome...

It's real hard to be me.

Whenever sadness hits me,
depression, I go down.

Then I just think about it
for a while, wallow.

And then
all it turns into is rage.

Man: Kris!


You always raise
your [bleep] voice.

No, 'cause everything
[bleep] for two,

Three times,
everything you do!

A lot of people,
hate their parents, you know,

Feel real anger towards them.

I really love my dad.

You know, he's getting older
and older.

Sooner or later, I'm gonna end
up hurting him,

And I'm gonna regret
it the rest of my life.

But he [bleep] us.

You know, he really did [bleep]
us on this whole thing.

You know,
we spent all this money,

Everything, to get over here.

After who knows
how long we've been here,

We [bleep] everything up.

The whole thing
is heartbreaking.


As a new day dawns in nome...

My daughters all
checked in today.

And come to find
out it's father's day.

Narrator: ...For fathers...

Shawn: We're gonna go ahead
and get it washed up,

Get it in a bucket, bring it
to dad for father's day.

Narrator: ...Sons...

That should make dad happy.

Let's see how you've done.

...And grandsons alike...

Good work, guys.

That's what dreams
are made of right there, boys.

-...It's time to celebrate.
-Give me some!

I think my dad's
gonna be very proud.

In the center of town...

Andy: We're ready to go.

Let's go.
Let's get out of here.

-I'm ready.
-Okay, grab the anchor.

Narrator: ...Brad and andy kelly
have returned the reaper

To the comforts
of belmont beach.

Look, I'm disappointed.
I'm disappointed

I didn't find a million dollars
already, you know?

But now, we're gonna have
to go back to the western area

To a claim that we know
we can get productive gold.

No, I'm sick of kris.
He's got to show some respect.

First of all, he can't find
gold worth a [bleep].

I got andy as my main gold guy.

I just got kris tagging
along so he feels good, dude.

You know, he's our [bleep]
third wheel.

You know what I mean?

I need the whole team
together for the operation,

But I don't need
kris' ignorance.

Come on.

I need that like I need a kick
in my left nut.

I don't know
what to say about kris.

There's something
definitely wrong with him,

But we're kind of
a very dysfunctional family.

But we're really close.

Narrator: As for kris...

Aw, [bleep]
there goes my day.

kid's back.

Well, what's he want?

What's the phrase --
"glutton for punishment"?

Like a freak of nature
walking down the road here.


Hey, howdy doody.

I came to work [bleep] out.

You know, I've got no other boat
to work on this year.

So you came
to apologize to me?

You came to give
me an apology?

Well, yeah, I did come
to give you an apology.

It was -- I'm sorry I've been
freaking out and super stressed.

And, you know,
we haven't been --

We haven't been making
any gold.

You can't keep
disrespecting me.

I want you to recognize
my super skills at dredging.

I'm gonna do my best
to rein in my attitude

And try as hard
as I can to make this work.

Okay, well, that's fine.

Let's grab the anchor.
And let's get out of here.

We fight. Whatever we do,
that means nothing.

Tomorrow's a new day, you know?
We thrive on it.

Believe it or not,
we thrive on it.

We feel the thrill
of the fight, the argument.

We love it.


Kris: I may yell and scream
and do whatever.

And I know
I am stressing him out.

I can see the look in his eyes,
but I don't really care.

I'm stuck with him
for the rest of the season.

He's stuck with me,
no matter what.

Brad: Get on, kris.
Let's go.

I'm coming.
Let's go.

Watch the boat.
We're gonna hit the boat.

Andy [bleep]
look at the boats hitting!

Sorry, I just
picked up a [bleep]

Metal rod with the anchor.

Hey, get the [bleep]
off the boat

If you're gonna start

Shut the [bleep] up,

[bleep] [bleep]

While the fightin' kellys
live to fight another day...

...On the other side of town...

Well, today's father's day.

Narrator: ...After scratching
out one more hot spot,

One pomrenke father
is headed to see another.

Wonder where dad's at.

Oh, looks like he's
in the little dozer.

Man: You think your dad's
gonna be happy to see you?

It's father's day, so...


-Hey, dad.
-Hey, son.

What's going on?

Happy father's day.

Just thought I'd bring you
a little father's day gift.

[ chuckles ]

I figured this could get this
operation up and running.

Well, I couldn't see
a better father's day gift.

That's for damn sure.

Yeah, that's quite
a pile there, son.

So happy father's day.

Happy father's day
to you, too.

Yeah, I love you.

I appreciate it.


Well, that's a heck
of a present for father's day.

I can't get any better
than that.

I just hope we can
do this together as one.

That's what I hope, too.

I mean, me and my dad
could never work together,

But I'm sure hoping me
and you can.

Now, your dream
is to go to bluff?

If you got the chance
to go to bluff,

I guess go to bluff
'cause I love you.

I love you.

We're a team.
You know that.

Yeah, there ain't nothing
we can't get done,

That's for damn sure.

I feel like he's giving me
some more respect.

And then I -- yeah, it's a lot
easier for me to respect him.

One more
"happy father's day."

I love you.
-Happy father's day, dad.

I love you.

Well, that's -- I got to admit,

That's the best
father's day present

I ever got in my whole life.

Narrator: Shawn's gift --
53 ounces of gold

Worth $62,000,
bringing him just 58 ounces

Away from heading for the bluff.

I'm sure this will all work out
between me and him.

I sure want it to.
I hope he wants it to.


Narrator: After a lucrative
father's day weekend,

Shawn is closing in
on his dream.

And the kellys --
well, they're still the kellys.

He's on the gold!


-Oh, my god!
-Oh, my god!

Oh, are you gonna
[bleep] hit me?

Derek: Here it goes.