Benidorm (2007–…): Season 2, Episode 7 - Episode #2.7 - full transcript

Kate disappears with her luggage, and Martin, after an initial assumption that maybe she had gone to the shops tracks her down. She has good news for them. Dorothy, the mother of Gavin, half of the gay couple, comes to visit. Gavin is annoyed by Donald and Jacqueline's constant comments that he and his mother look the same age. Jack also comes to the complex in search of Janice, declaring his love for her, though she gets rid of him. Chantelle and the Oracle's date is ruined when he drinks too much Dutch courage and passes out.

Are you wondering how healthy the food you are eating is? Check it -
Oh, I was hoping
they'd be drilling again this morning.

I think my head's gonna explode.

Mick, can you open the window?

Oh, God. I'm sweating gin and tonic.

Mick? Mick?

Oh, Jesus!

GEOFF'S MUM: Yoo-hoo, breakfast in bed.

Oh, you're up.

- Here you are, son.
- What have you got me all that for?

- I'll have it if you don't want it.
- No, you're all right.

I thought you'd need to build
your strength up

for your big date tonight.

How many times? It's not a date.

Now, I know I've left this
a bit late, son.

But when a man and a woman

- get together...
- Oh, for Christ sake!



- MARTIN: Excuse me?
- I was just looking at them.

Oh, it's you.

Sorry to bother you, but you didn't
speak to my wife yesterday, did you?

- Ah, no. why?
- She's gone.

Right, she might've nipped out
to the shops.

She left yesterday afternoon
and took all her clothes and passport.

Right, probably not at the shops then.

- No.
- Hmm.


- You'll let me know if you see her?
- Oh, yeah. No danger.

- Bye.
- Yeah. See ya.

- GEOFF'S MUM: Hello.
- Oh, hiya. You all right?

Hang on a minute.
I've been meaning to ask you something.

- Yeah.
- Now what was it?

- Well, you can always ask me later.
- Oh, that was it. Now...

No, it's gone again.

- Look, I've got to go.
- Oh, that was it. That was it.

Does your... Oh, now, what's her name?
Bonnie white lass with the black baby?

- Chantelle.
- Oh, that's it.

Does Chantelle still want me to babysit
for her tonight?

- No idea.
- Because if she does,

-can you tell her I am available?
- Aye, all right.

Do you know what time she might...

- What was that all about?
- Oh, it's Chantelle's father.

He's just pinched them flowers
from the reception desk.

- Oh, right.
- Eh, son.

# Love is in the air everywhere #

Will you just pack it in?

- Hola!
- You all right?

- You would like to check-in?
- No. I'm fine, thanks.

- I'm meeting somebody.
- My name is Mateo.

I offer you a very special tour
of the Solana Apartments

-on this very hot day?
- He should be here somewhere.

- That is a very beautiful dress.
- Thanks.

It would look even better
on my bedroom floor, no.

Oh, there he is.

Oh, I'm sorry I'm late.
You look gorgeous.

Pretend you know me.


- Sorry, I think you got the wrong...
- I'm sorry about that.

I can't stand Spanish waiters.
It's the only way to get rid of them.

- Actually it's ruddy well not okay.
- Oh.

I mean, you come in here, you know.

All guns blazing,
invading my personal space.

- Personal space?
- Kissing me on the lips

without even an introduction.

- My name's Dorothy.
- Oh, right. I'm Martin.

And you know, I'm a married man
and well, you know, it's just not on.

Right, so I suppose
a fuck's out of the question then?

- That was a joke.
- Right.

Look, Martin, I'm sorry
if I've offended you, okay?

Please accept my sincere apologies.

Oh, Martin, nice lips!

Come on, Telle, get up.
Do you know where your father went?

This is supposed to be an holiday.

Unfortunately, love,
when you have a baby

you sign away any right to
a proper holiday for about 18 years.

I should know.


MICK: Hola, room service.

- Room service?
- TELLE: Come here.

Room service? When did they start
doing room service here?

- Beautiful flowers for a beautiful lady.
- Oh, my God!

Look at 'em.

I've just gone mental with them down
there. I ordered these for yesterday,

so technically it wasn't me
who forgot our anniversary.

Yeah. Funny you never mentioned it.

Oh, I love the beautiful English ladies.

(SNIFFING) They smell of fish and chips.

Get off.

- So, what time is your mum due here?
- Ah, not sure, sometime today.

Oh, I wish my mum was still alive.
She was a magician's assistant

and drowned in something called
the Chinese water torture cell.

Now, why does that not surprise me?

Is she staying for the rest of the week?

No Idea. I tried calling her,
but her phone's switched off.

Well, remember if you boys
want to go out clubbing,

Jacqueline and I will be very happy
to look after her.

There's a cracking free bingo night
over the road.

That's very kind,
but probably not necessary.

Dorothy, Gavin's mum, had him
when she was young, very young.

- More like brother and sister really.
- Oh, ain't that lovely?

Blimey, will you get a load of that?

We may not be available
to take your mum to the bingo

if our friend in the white dress
swings our way, if you know what I mean.

- What do you say, Jacqueline?
- Oh, yeah.

Gavin! Oh!

Come here, Troy. Give us a kiss.

Oh, look at the pair of yer.
You look gorgeous.

Donald, Jacqueline,
this is Dorothy, my mother.

- Oh.
- Hello, love.

- So it's just a flying visit then?
- Yeah.

I've got a friend who's a pilot

and he was coming to Alicante
so I thought, why not?

I do like to keep me eye on me baby,
don't I?

So are you Gavin's real mum?
'Cause you look about the same age.

None taken.

Oh, we've been through a lot together
these past two years, haven't we, babe?

Right, and you've obviously coped
a lot better than Gavin?

Sorry, you do realise you're saying
these things out loud, don't you?

When do you have to go back?

Not sure yet.
Why don't we play it by ear?

You're not going back today?
I've hardly seen you.

I'll tell you what, why don't us three
get some more drinks in?

- A very good idea.
- JACQUELINE: Oh, yeah.

I'd do anything for a white Russian.

Look, why don't we take a walk
into the town?

All right. Is it okay if I use your room
to freshen up?

Is it okay? I'm not sure.
Have you been vaccinated against TB?

Oh, and tell your friend I wouldn't mind
one of those white Russians.

Oh, and a drink would be good as well.

Dad, that was beautiful.
Can I have another one?

Of course you can, son.
After tomorrow, we go home

and have to start paying
for stuff again. Fill your boots.

Hey up. Look who's here?
Butch Cassidy and the Sundance Flid.

They've been shopping. She said she was
gonna get a white wedding dress.

Jesus! She'll get done under
the Trades Descriptions Act.

Unfortunately, that's more or less
what I said.

- Hiya, mam.
- You all right, Madge?

You'll be pleased to know we've been out
and made all the arrangements

for tomorrow,
so you don't have to lift a finger.

- Mam, don't be like that.
- Mel brought me a lovely wedding dress.

I didn't know they had a Primark
in Benidorm.

And for your information, yes,
it is white.

I didn't mean to say
what I did yesterday, mam.

It just came out all wrong.

If you're happy,
then we're happy for ya.

- Apology accepted.
- I didn't hear anybody apologise.

Oh, mother, I can't believe
you're getting married tomorrow.

- Come here.
- Oh, get off me.

I've just put a load of tanning
accelerator on. You'll rub it off.

MICK: Tanning accelerator?

Fucking hell, who are you going
to this wedding as? Diana Ross.

Oh, very funny, I'm sure.
Make yourself useful

- large vodka and orange.
- I've just sat down.

- Mick!
- Ah.

What did your last slave die of?
Tanning accelerator poisoning?

Don't run!

That's more like it, son.

Excuse me, I don't mean anything by it,

but you've got the best tits
in this whole bar.

Do you mind?
You could at least buy me a drink first.

How long are you staying for?

Well, I could either go back tonight
or tomorrow afternoon, it's up to you.

I wonder if we can get you a wristband
from somewhere.

- Do you mean one of these?
- Oh my God!

# It's raining men! Hallelujah!

# It's raining men! Amen!

# It's raining men! Hallelujah!

# It's raining men! #

Here you are, gin and tonic.
Vodka and tanning accelerator for Madge.

And viagra and soda
for the condemned man.

I beg your pardon.

You're all right, keep your thong on.

It's only tonic water,
like you asked for.

Well, I'd like to propose a toast
to the happy couple.

Aye, hang on, what about these two?

- Madge and Mel!
- Madge and Mel!

- JACK: Excuse me?
- Janice.

Jesus Christ! I mean, yes, love.

Sorry. You were in my bar yesterday
and well,

this was under the table when you left.
You must have dropped it.

Oh, that'll be mine.
Must've dropped out me bag.

Anyway, I just didn't want you
to be out of pocket.

Right, okay, well, I'll let you get on.

Nice to see you again. Bye.

- Wa-hey, look who's got a toyboy.
- You what?

Did you see the way
he was looking at you?

- No!
- Bloody hell, his mum ought to

put the old boxing gloves on him
before he goes to bed tonight.

- Give us that back.
- Hey.

You didn't lose any money yesterday.
Poor little lad's made a mistake.

Hey, be careful, he don't drag you
behind the bike sheds.

What the fuck do you think
you're playing at?

- Are you all right?
- I'm so sorry.

Well, so you should be.

- I was bang out of order coming here.
- Yeah, you were.

- But I can't stop thinking about you.
- Listen, you're gonna have to go.

I just wanted to look into your eyes
one more time, Janice.

Oh, Jesus Christ! How did you find me?

I promised myself I'd look in every
hotel in Benidorm until I found ya.

- Are you serious?
- Yeah.

Although I did start with the one
written on your wrist band.

All right.
Jack, you've had your bit of fun.

- Now go home and don't come back again.
- One more kiss.

- Sorry, are you on drugs?
- One more kiss and I'll go.

I've never been kissed like that
before in my life.

My husband's gonna be out here
in about 10 seconds.

- It's 'cause I'm ugly, innit?
- You what?

You only kissed me 'cause I'm ugly
and you felt sorry for me.

Jesus! Where's Jeremy Kyle
when you need him?

Jack? Jack, don't be daft.

Come on. You, you're a good-looking lad.

- So kiss me.
- I'm a married woman.

Kiss me like you kissed me yesterday
and I promise I'll go.

You'll never see me again. I promise.

- God, you are so gorgeous.
- Jesus wept.

- God, you're amazing.
- Now, that's your lot. Go!

I'm going.
Look, I'm doing what I promised.

- You are absolutely gorgeous.
- Keep walking.

Hiya, are you all right?

Oh, hello again.
I'm sorry about that earlier.

Well, you bloody well should be sorry.

My wife has left me
and you just think I'm an easy target.

It wasn't like that.

And, yes,
you're a very attractive woman.

I can't deny that,
but I'm just not interested.

I love my wife. And I'm sorry,

but you don't even compare
to her in any way.

If I had the choice of ten of you
or one of my wife, I'd choose her.

Every time!

But I don't have the choice
because she's not here.

- DONALD: There they are.
- Oh, I do love the gays.

They're always so well turned out,
aren't they?

- DONALD: How was your afternoon?
- Yeah. Good, thanks.

I had a siesta and Gavin and his mum
had a bit of a heart to heart.

- Oh, they haven't had a row, have they?
- No, nothing like that.

Gavin's mum has a few, well,
commitment issues.

- Everyone all right?
- Yeah. We were just talking about...

Dogging! Ever tried it?

No, no. Here's me thinking
you'd be talking about world peace.

Hey, here she is, the child catcher.

- I could have had that 20 euros.
- Hey, she's got hot flush.

You didn't have a quickie around
the back of the bike sheds, did you?

I had to run after him.

I don't know what it is,
but all the women that fancy me

- seem to be younger.
- Oh.

That's because all the ones older
than you are dead.

Well, nearly all of them.

Right, same again?


Just dropped me son off with your mam
in your apartment.

- I know.
- She said you were down here.

I know.

I thought we were going out for a drink.

We might as well have
a few here first 'cause...

Well, they're free.

- Are you pissed?
- No. I only had four.

- What do you want?
- You're all right. I'll get it.

- What's her name then?
- It's Dorothy.

I put your mother down to sing
Bonnie Tyler, Holding Out For a Hero.

Oh, my God,
we'll never get her off the stage.

Excuse me, we need an extra chair.

So...being Lancashire Pub Quiz Champion,
unbeaten for three years,

I don't have a lot of free time. So...

Look, I've not had a great deal
of experience with girls.

- Really? Never would've guessed.
- No, seriously. I mean...

I know I come across as bit of a player,
but I've only ever had one girlfriend.

- Really?
- Yeah.

Her name was Elaine. We met on internet,
but we did meet up for real,

but she was very shy and, well,

It's not easy to chat up a lass
who won't take her crash helmet off.

Can I tell you a secret?

I don't know whether you want
to take this upstairs at any point,

you know, but I'm not...

I've not had... You know,
when it comes to...

Geoff, are you trying to tell me
you're a virgin?

What? No. God, no.

Jesus! No. I'm...

You know, it's...

Bloody hell,
I can't believe you thought...

You are, aren't you?

- Yeah.
- It's all right. So am I.


God, you see...

I know we don't look like
the perfect match, but, well...

When you think about it,

we've got so much in common.

- I have message for you.
- Message? Who from?

It's my mother. She had to leave.

Right, next up we have Dorothy.
Come on, Dorothy. Where are you?

- Okay, one more chair.
- No.

No extra chair, thank you.

Dorothy? No.

ANNOUNCER: Okay. Sorry, Dorothy,
that was your last chance.

I'm sorry. Would you excuse me?

ANNOUNCER: Right, ladies and gents,
I'll sing the next number.

But before I do,
I've a special announcement to make.

As some of you may remember,
a few nights ago

we had the wedding proposal
right here on this stage.

And I'm very excited to tell you that
I had a word with the groom today,

and Madge Barron and Mel Harvey
are to be married on Levante Beach

tomorrow afternoon at 3:00
and we're all invited!



Hey, Mel, that's what you'll be singing
on your wedding day.

# Who's sorry now? #

- Kate, where have you been?
- I just needed some space.

# For breaking each vow

# Who's sad and blue?

# Who's crying too? #