Beecham House (2019): Season 1, Episode 6 - Episode #1.6 - full transcript

John has spent several days and nights in his cell and has finally worked out who betrayed him. Daniel, Margaret and Chandrika desperately try to help release him, but only the Emperor can ...

- What in God's name was that for?
- You are to be a father.

She was complaining of pain
in her stomach all day.

You must tell me where she
is so I can bring her back.

She must get well.

Your Highness.

I would, like you to sell it for us.

- This must've been in your family...
- 250 years.

Lieutenant Beecham is
a thief and a traitor!

I must know how he
acquired the Star Of Agra.

It is better to shed an
Englishman's blood than your own.

When I have the information
I need, he's all yours.

I must warn you about Samuel.

- What is it?
- Debts.

And notes on John's past
with the East India Company.

'Mother I think we are
making a grave mistake.

'We asked him to sell the diamond to
fund our army against the British.'

But Beecham should be
seen as our greatest ally.

He could've exposed me
to father but he has not.

Because he knows my cause is just.

Is it possible that an Englishman

could value India's future above his own?

John Beecham does. He does
not deserve to be punished.

Sometimes, a pawn has to be
sacrificed to protect a king.

You must agree to let me speak to
father, whatever the consequences.

When your father finds out you've
betrayed him, you will be banished.

As the Empress and your
mother, I forbid it.

'I must go to the Palace
and speak with the Empress.'

What of Captain Parker?

Have you any idea of his
whereabouts this morning?

There's been no sign of him in the house.

But those letters reveal a desperate man,

who'd stop at nothing to achieve his goal.

God willing, the Empress
will listen to reason.

Surely she cannot stand to see
an innocent man treated this way.

Good luck, Miss Osbourne.

She is indeed John's last hope

to expose Prince Akbar
as the real traitor.

Chalo. Walk on.

'I must speak to you about
your prisoner, John Beecham.'

Why is Lieutenant Beecham
the name on everyone's lips?

Because he is a good man.

Because he has a baby son.

But mostly, because he is innocent.

That's not what the evidence suggests.

I realise that, but there may
be an explanation closer to home

that I believe would exonerate him.

They say he was planning
to sell the diamond

to raise money for the Company.

That is impossible.

His hatred for the Company is well known.

You care for him deeply?

I respect him.

He is honest and moral.

And you are in love with him.


You have no difficulty accepting

that he has a child by another woman?

All children are gifts
from God, are they not?


So why come to me?

Because you have influence.

And I think that John Beecham
will be useful to you here.

He is a man of great character.

He would give his life for
his son, for his family...

.. for a cause he believes
is worth fighting for.

Surely as a mother you
can understand that?

John is innocent.

He does not deserve to be
hanged for protecting another.

Thank you, Your Highness.

Summon Prince Akbar.

Are you ready to talk?

I've been thinking, General.

How did you know I had the diamond?

Or where it was, exactly?

Or the details of the
delivery of the automaton?

I am not aware what is considered
protocol in England, Lieutenant.

But in France, the prisoner
rarely interrogates the jailor.

I have permitted you a visitor.

- Miss Osborne?
- Sadly, not.

There has been no sign of her.

Bring in the visitor.

- Captain Parker.
- How is your face recovering?

A braver man would not
strike another in such a way.

Anytime you'd like a
fair fight, I'd enjoy it.

You have five minutes with the prisoner.

How is everyone in home?

They are chanting blessings
for you round the clock, John.

We will leave no avenue unexplored.

Thank you, Samuel.

I believe...

.. I may be able to negotiate
your release with Castillon.

You can never make a deal with that man.

There could be one way, but
it will not be to your liking.

I believe I can convince Castillon
to release you to my custody,

to take you to England...

.. with a signed promise that
you will never return to India.

You must accept the
seriousness of your situation.

Unless you come with me,
Castillon will never release you.

You'll die in this prison.

Samuel, there is nothing
for me in England.

But there is, John.

There is a chance to see justice done.

Opposition MPs have gathered new evidence.

This time, they are confident of success.

They could put Hastings
on trial a hundred times

and it wouldn't matter a whit,

because the government is
just as corrupt as the Company.

Hang it, man, the government
practically is the Company.

Change will come to the way
England conducts itself in India,

but only if you testify.

Tell the Court of the
Company's atrocities.

That will seal the Company's fate.

They will pay us
handsomely to give evidence.


This is my chance to restore
my reputation, my name.

And your chance to see justice
done to the East India Company.

You know it's the right thing to do.

Try to make your deal with Castillon.

If he agrees...

I will give you my answer.

This will end well, John.

And there will be a fortune for us both.

Guard, take me to General Castillon.

We are praying for John, Saheb.

Baadal, get a stool... Please
remove your shoes. Come.

♪ Om Jai Jagadiish Hare

♪ Swaami Jai Jagadiish Hare

♪ Bhakta Jano Ke Sankatt

♪ Daas Janon Ke Sankatt

♪ Kssann Me Duur Kare

♪ Om Jai Jagadiish Hare... ♪

Don't touch me!


We have to bring Chanchal back.

August is suffering and her
responsibility is to him first.

Well, if I knew where she was...

Baadal knows, but will not tell.

Why, Baadal?

You know why, Saheb.

Whatever is wrong between us...

.. August is in great need of her.

Please tell, for baby's sake.

She must return to her duties.

Tell us where she is and
I will bring her back.

- Saheb. We must follow him.
- Baadal!

Ma! Chanchal! Ma!



They're coming to take you back.

You must hide if you do not want to go.

'His Royal Highness, the
Emperor Shah Alam II,

- 'King of Kings...'
- Miss Osborne, look,

it is His Highness, the Emperor.

This must be a very important visitor.

'Welcomes with great joy and fellowship,'

His Highness, The Maharaja Of Kalyan.




- John is in great danger.
- I'm aware, Miss Osborne.

Why do you think I have
returned with my father?

He has some influence, but John
was caught with the evidence

so I'm not sure what we can do.

You must tell your Father
that John is protecting someone

who asked him to sell the diamond.

It's in order to raise
money to fund an army.

What is the meaning of this
intrusion? Your Highness.

Miss Osbourne. This is a Royal occasion.

You have no place here.
You must leave now.

Your Highness, please.

- Your Highness?
- Who, Margaret?

Be sure to see how handsome
Prince Akbar has become.

What is your interest
in Lieutenant Beecham?

Some years ago he saved my life,
and those of my daughters,

when we were attacked by bandits
sent by my brother Devji Rao.

In return, I have come to
humbly ask for his life.

It is my understanding

that Lieutenant Beecham
has forged a relationship

with a certain young
man within this palace.

You are speaking of my son, Prince Akbar.


What if...

.. the Prince...

.. out of patriotism...

.. took that diamond himself?

It is possible.

What if he gave it to Beecham to sell?

Intending to use the money

to raise an army of his
own to defend Kannauj?

The Prince knows the
state of your finances.

Many of us are in the same
state, caught as we are

in fighting royal houses
and greedy invaders.

Perhaps you and I are
simply presiding over

the end of a civilization, and
soon, nothing will be left of us

but the story told by the victors. Well...

If that is true, let them at least say,

that we died with our swords in our hands.

Your words speak to me
in a way no others could.

I pray that my son is not the
last Mughal Emperor of India.

Then you must help him.

Today, for the first time,

this emperor's turban
feels heavy on my head.

Then Your Highness, lay your burden down.

Your Highness.

Forgive me, Father.

God bless you, my son.

General Castillon has agreed!

- What were the odds?
- Long against.

And you may thank me my salesmanship.

Yes, indeed.

Though... not quite salesman enough.

- What do you mean?
- Samuel...

I know it was you...

.. that told Castillon about the diamond.

How could you, even for a moment...

And you also told him about the automaton.

- Never, John.
- Samuel...

You know there are innumerable candidates.

I have arrived at one simple question.

Who had the most to gain?

I realise now,

you did not meet my mother by
chance at the docks in Calcutta.

You were there by design.

You knew exactly where she was
going and when she would leave.

You'd probably been
monitoring her for months.

Two years.

Captain Parker, the prisoner
will not be joining you.

What are you talking about, General?

Prince Akbar has declared
Lieutenant Beecham innocent

and given the order to set him free.

It appears I have misjudged you, sir.

In fact, we have been fighting
on the same side all along.

There is a first time
for everything, General.

- No, no, no. This cannot be.
- Please, Captain Parker.

Events have betrayed the betrayer.

Accept it with dignity
and admire its poetry.

I shall deal with you later.



My God, what have you done?

Samuel! Samuel! Please...

- Unlock it.
- All right.

Come now, friend...

Do not make this any more
difficult than it need be.

We are due to set sail for
England in a matter hours.

Your journey will be
eased by the knowledge

there will be a great
fortune waiting for you.


But my friend, how little you know me.


So tell me, how exactly were you
planning on forcing me to testify?

If you don't testify, you'll
never see your family again.

Now, move!

Guards! Guards!

The prisoner is trying
to escape! Seize him!

No! No! No, look, he stabbed
the General! Stop him!

You're making a mist... Samuel!



Please, sit.

No, no.

The baby will be a girl, I am sure.

How can you tell?

When a mother-to-be
craves this combination,

it can only mean one thing, hm?

A little Beecham-saheba in this house.

When John-saheb returns I shall ask
his permission to leave this house.

You cannot.

Where will you go?

Back home to Kalyan, to
my mother and to my...

You think that your mother

will be pleased to see
her daughter like this?


Think of the shame.

An unmarried girl is like Malaria --

unwanted and impossible to live with.

I may be cursed, I may be unwanted,
but what I did was for love.

Why am I the only one
that suffers, why not him?

You are right, Chanchal...

Daniel will suffer if he does not
do the honourable thing by you.

But do not leave.

The child you carry is a Beecham
and our home is this house.

I shall leave you.

Chanchal, you are not cursed.

I am here...

Baadal, you have been a
very good friend, but I...

Not friend...

If only you would think
of me as a husband.

You do not have to suffer alone.

Congratulations on your
freedom, Lieutenant Beecham.

Thank you, Your Royal Highness.

- How fares General Castillon?
- He will live, thanks to you.

He is now in the capable
hands of the royal hakims.

I am pleased to hear it.

Lieutenant Beecham, your
loyalty is appreciated.

My son must be my eyes
now to see the future,

if we are to have one.

Your Royal Highness,

may your integrity help your family

to retain its position
for generations to come.

For that, sir, we have much work to do.

Today, a new age dawns

in which India throws off
the yoke of its oppressors.

The fight shall not be swift, but
one day, it will end in victory.

If you are still willing,
Lieutenant Beecham,

I hope you will join us in that fight.

The Royal house seeks to make good
use of your license, John Beecham.

And secure great funds to bolster
our armies in that fight.

Your Royal Highness,
it would be an honour.

My son has gained a loyal friend
and a lieutenant for the future.

We shall have to see

if the Englishman's heart
beats for Hindustan.

I fear his compatriots grow
closer to Delhi each day.

Saab? Dekh kaun, saab, saab aa raha hai.

It is good to see you. Ram.

John! Oh, thank God, you've returned!

Mother, it is good to see you again...

- But you have grown so thin.
- Mother, it's only been a few days.

- Brother.
- Daniel.

- It's good to have you back.
- It is good to be home.


- Violet.
- Where is Captain Parker?

Is he still at the Red Fort?

Mr Beecham-Saheb. We've
been praying for you.

Agastya missed you, Mr Beecham-Saheb.

It is good to see you both, all of you.

Daniel, have you seen Margaret?

Miss Osborne played a brave and
vital role in your release, John.

- You saw her?
- At the palace.

She told to me the truth about
Prince Akbar and the diamond,

and she interceded with the Empress.


August, my son. I have missed you.


- You're safe!
- All thanks to you.

I'm so sorry, Violet.

Samuel duped us all.

He turned out to be not
the man we thought he was.

But you will find better in time.

In the end, it was my father's
business that was alluring,

not I.

It's very hard to accept that fact.

And now I shall have to return

to England a spinster...

Miss Woodhouse...

I have known you since we were
not much older than August.

It is not possible that one so lovely,

so full of light and laughter,

could spend the rest of
her days as a spinster.

I shall make it my mission,
to find you the right husband,

one who you deserve.

Shall we?

- Welcome, Your Highness.
- Charming bungalow.

Your Highness, this is my brother, Daniel.

Pleased to meet you, my boy.

I understand you risked your life
to visit your brother in jail.

Thank you for coming to his
aid so quickly, Your Highness.

And may introduce my mother,
Mrs Henrietta Beecham

and her companion, Miss Woodhouse.

Mrs Beecham...

you are the blessed
mother of two heroic sons.

And you the father of
two heroic daughters.

And we the grandparents of a very
fetching little maharaja-to-be.

Just how big is August's palace, exactly?


Ah, my boy, my boy, my Agastya.

He looks just like you, Father.

If his mother was alive,
she would be most pleased

to see such happy, healthy boy.

Your Highness.

I would also like to
introduce Miss Osborne.

Ah, Miss Osborne.

I have heard so much about you

and your tireless efforts,
to secure John's release.

We are indebted to you.

Your Highness, John's release came about

because we all played our part.

Walk with me, my son.

You made my dear Kamlavati so
very happy when she was alive.

And together, you gave me an heir.

When she was killed, although
you were in despair...

.. you found the strength
to protect the child.

I wonder if you realise
how grateful I am to you.

As a parent, I believe I do.

You alone have the power
to insure my family's rule.

August will be raised with
a clear eye to his destiny.

Nothing is more important to me.

Then surely, the best course of action

would be for you and Chandrika
to marry, would it not?

Your Highness, I cannot do that.

I understand your fear, but I also believe

that August should be raised
in a home full of mutual love.

The same love he was born
into this world with.

Miss Osborne...

So this is the woman you
have set your heart on?

It is.

And I know that we can provide
a home and the protection

that August requires.

So be it, you have my
blessings, John Beecham.

From this day on, this house
will belong to Agastya.

May it keep him safe from harm.

It shall be known as Beecham House.

- Goodbye, John Beecham.
- Goodbye Chandrika.

I'm loathed to admit, General,

but I am glad you are alive.

High praise from you, indeed.

The dashing John Beecham
is indebted to you.

Should I set my army
on Samuel Parker also?

I have it in hand, mon amore.

I am happy to be recovering
in Your Highness's bed.

The more wicked you are,
the more irresistible.


Resistance is futile.

You have proved your loyalty.
Now come get your prize.

Is John Beecham not your top prize?

Come now, General, jealousy
doesn't become you.

I understand you have plans
to return home, to Kalyan?

So I can be out of your way forever?

Chanchal, you speak as
if you will punish me.

I never thought I would be
one of those Indian women,

happy to raise an Englishman's
baby out of wedlock.

But if you do not do the
honourable thing and marry me...

.. I will raise this child on my own.

I hope, sir, that I can look forward

to your continued business in the future.

I'm sure we'll be doing business.

Thank you very much.

Ah! Chanchal.

Oh. No, no, no, no, no.
Erm... Ah, you, you...

Take this for her.

Brother, I've been thinking...

Might you still be in the
market for a partner?

Nothing would make me happier.

I could get used to a life in business.

- Fewer bullets than the battlefield.
- Not always.

I wish to start tomorrow.

- I want to learn everything.
- Good.

Tomorrow you will take
over running the business

- whilst I am away.
- Where are you going?

I intend to take Miss Osborne on a trip.

Without a chaperone? Wouldn't
that be inappropriate?

It would be absolutely inappropriate.

- Almost there.
- Where are you taking me?

Somewhere very special that I've
wanted to show you for a long time.

We're here.

John, it's breathtaking.

The greatest monument
to the greatest thing

of which human beings are capable of...

.. love.

I always dreamed I would
see the Taj Mahal.

- But I never thought that...
- Miss Margaret Osborne.

You are living proof of God's glory

and the preciousness of existence.

You have given me life again.

And I would be honoured...
to share that life with you.

Isn't it supposed to be
phrased as a question?

Will you marry me, Margaret?

Is there not supposed to be an answer?


Why are the gates open?

Roko, Roko!

What happened?

Kya hua, kya hua!

We need fresh, clean bandages!

- Quickly! Bring bandages!
- Daniel. Good God.

- Brother!
- What has happened?

We don't know. They
came dressed as servants.

There has been a tragedy...

Where is August?

Where is my son?

- Mother! Mother, what has happened?
- The baby's gone!

- What has happened?
- He's been taken!

- Taken by who?
- I don't know!

Brother! We have to find them! Baadal!

Be careful. Be careful...