Beecham House (2019): Season 1, Episode 5 - Episode #1.5 - full transcript

This is the Star of Agra.

Why does he want you to sell
it? What are the funds for?

To raise his own army,
to challenge the Company

if they do decide to try
and take Delhi from him.

Without the Emperor's
consent? Stolen goods!

My injury leave is over. I've
been ordered back to my unit.

You allowed me to fall in love
with you. You have ruined me!

Beecham stole a diamond
from the Royal Treasury.

He intends to sell the diamond

to fund the British East India Company's

military operation at Kannauj.

We have to talk, about the opium.

You must not tell your brother, Daniel.

This isn't about John!

You have a grandchild.

I must divulge a part of my
life that I've kept from you...

I realised just who it was that I
had saved -- the Maharaja of Kalyan

and his two daughters.

We will call him August.

My grandson is a king?!

You will say you seek
your fortune in trade.

You'll acknowledge you are the
boy's father, but nothing more.

Never divulge the secret of his identity.

I will not fail my son.

I understand.

Uh! Uh!


I'm relieved that you were able

to tell your family the truth last night.

Our secret is no longer one to inhibit us.

I too am relieved.

The burden of it had
weighed heavily on me.

Miss Osbourne said that she understood.

And perhaps now you understand, too.

Duty exceeds love.

I trust that Miss Osbourne will
now do the honourable thing

and step aside so that you and I
may live the life that we must.

John, I will be a dutiful mother and wife.

My father will be very happy.


I admire your strength
and your convictions.

When my beloved wife
lay dying in my arms...

.. I thought that my
heart would die with her.

Were it not for our son, I might
never have found love again...

.. but, since coming to Delhi

I have found my heart behaving
in the most unexpected way.

I do not expect you to condone it,


I have found such comfort
with Miss Osbourne.

And you must find that too, with
somebody that will be your husband,

but that is not I.

I cannot put duty so far above love.

John Beecham...

.. you insult me,

my family and the memory of my sister.

You may have lived in India a long time,

but there are some things
you'll never understand.

John, there must be something you can do.

I have my Company orders,
Mother, I must return.

But so soon! Can't you stop him? It
is a miracle he has escaped death,

unlike so many young men
in this cruel country.

- I'll be fine, Mother.
- I have implored Daniel to stay.

It is too risky to go to Kannauj. I
fear there will be a war there soon.


Financed by your misdeeds.

Have you got rid of that diamond yet?

Wh-wh-what diamond? What harm
should it do to Daniel in a war?

Stay and come into the business with me.

I thank you for your generous
offer, brother, truly.

I know you do not make it lightly,

and maybe there will be a day
when I would accept it gladly.

But not today?

My horse is being prepared.
Mother, let's enjoy breakfast.

Where are you going, John?

Mother, please excuse me.
I have an urgent visit.

I must see Miss Osbourne.

Daniel. God speed. You will
always have a home here.

Come back to us safe.


Ram Lal.

What do we do?

- Mr Beecham, pleased to see you. - Ah.

Apologises for coming by
unannounced, but, erm,

I must speak with Miss Osbourne.

But I thought you knew, she
left early this morning.

Er, she's gone?

Where, may I ask?

Meerut. She's taken a position

as the head of a school for Begum Samru.

I need a fresh horse.



I have great news from Lucknow.
It could not have gone better.

I have several potential
buyers for the diamond.

Samuel, that is wonderful news,

but I'm afraid I have an
urgent matter I must attend to.

Of course. Make haste.
We have much to discuss.

Ram Lal, I must leave urgently for Meerut.

I have to catch up to Miss Osborne.
She's but two hours on the road.

Yes, saheb.

What is wrong?

I must inform you of some
news regarding the staff.

Brother, I did not
expect to see you again.

John! No... No!

What in God's name was that for?

I have had enough of your selfishness!

What are you talking about?

You are to be a father.


A father?

It's impossible!

You cannot return to the Company now.

You have responsibilities here.

Well, if it's true, there
are ways to deal with it --

herbs, mercury...

Come now, John. You were in the army.

Violet, what is happening?

Daniel is to be a father.

Stop that! You are...

You are gentlemen, not ruffians
in a Whitechapel alley!

What are you gonna do, John?

Kill me for ruining my own life?

Think very carefully, Daniel.

You will never recover
from a mistake like this.

It will haunt you for
the rest of your life.

So says the man whose life
is a model for everyone.

Saheb! The army is coming!

General. What in God's name is this?

Lieutenant Beecham! You are under
arrest for the theft of a diamond

belonging to his Majesty the Emperor.

This is not us. Wait! Stop! Stop!

What is the meaning of this,
General? This is outrageous!

Samuel! Samuel!

- What are you doing?
- Making it convincing.

I think they're quite convinced!

General! General!

I present you the proof.

Lieutenant Beecham is
a thief and a traitor.

You are charged with
conspiracy to commit treason

by selling that diamond to fund the
operations of the Emperor's enemies.

This is nonsense.

Save your whining for
Shah Alam. Shackle him!

- Oh, my son!
- My brother!

This is a misunderstanding. Stay
calm! This is a misunderstanding!

I set aside everything I knew
to be true about the English,

and I extended the hand
of friendship to you,

and you stole from me.

I stole nothing, Your Majesty.

Then, tell me, how did you
happen to come by this diamond?

I cannot say.

"Cannot say"?

Have you suddenly lost your memory?

My Treasury is well guarded.

You must have had an accomplice
from within this palace. Who was it?

Who was it?

Speak up!

General Castillon, I have heard enough.

Make this man speak
else keep him imprisoned

till the rats leave no trace of his flesh.

But I must know how he
acquired the Star of Agra!

Yes, Your Royal Highness.

Keep going.

You know, Lieutenant, I
have fought three wars,

on three different continents.

From the moment I met you,

I sensed that you were not
what you said you were.

But I could not prove it. Until now.

What did you plan to do with the money?

Fund the East India Company in Kannauj?

I know you have been there.
Who is your accomplice?

Write down the name of your accomplice

or you shall be here for a very long time.

Ram Lal...

There must be someone with
some influence at the palace

who could help John?

Saheb, your brother was intending
to go and bring back Miss Osbourne

before she reaches Meerut.
She knows the Empress.

Surely she can seek an
audience to request her help.

Yes, Ram Lal, go at once, bring her back.

Yes, sir.

I-I don't understand.

It's not possible that John would
do those things, is it, Samuel?

Course not. I will have
him freed by tomorrow.

This is some sort of grotesque mistake.

You are injured, Samuel.
We must get the hakim.

Thank you, Violet, but it's nothing!

I don't know what I would do
if anything happened to John.

I have decided to return to Kalyan.

I think it is best that
I take Agastya with me

after the events of today.

You want to take my grandson away?

Mrs Beecham, I must protect him.

This house is no longer
safe for a future Maharajah!

John is innocent...

.. and I am here in his stead.

I understand your concerns,

but August is safer here
than he is anywhere else.

This is his home.

Son, you must not act out of the ordinary.

You must remain calm and assured.

Mother, Castillon has been
baying for Beecham's blood

since he arrived in Delhi. And now
we have given him an excuse to act.

We must do something!

And risk your father's wrath?

He will be furious if he discovers
we tried to raise our own army

without his knowledge.

It'll put all of our plans in jeopardy.

It is better to shed an
Englishman's blood than your own.

The General seemed to
take extra-special pleasure

in taking John away.

There is no excuse for French
people under any circumstances,

but put them in uniform and
they turn especially monstrous.

I will go to the Red Fort to
try to reason with Castillon.

I shall come with you.

I think it better if I
remedy this matter on my own.

We both know Prince Akbar asked
John to sell that diamond.

But help me understand
something, Captain Parker.

I cannot for the life of me

conceive how Castillon
knew the diamond was here.

Can you?


Listen to me.

We are on the same side here.

Don't come back without my
brother, Captain Parker.

On that you have my word.


So you have decided not to co-operate.

You have disrespected the Emperor
and now you disrespect me.

Do not confuse idiocy with honour.

This is beneath us, General.

I will not fight you.

It is not me you will face.

A traitor lurks in this palace.

Tell me his name or Mr Singh shall
happily tear you limb from limb.

I will not do it.

What in God's name are you doing?


Stop this at once.

- Enough!
- Samuel.

Lieutenant Beecham is an honourable man!

Put the weapons down.

Enough for now.

Seize the prisoner.

I need to speak with him.

The prisoner is not allowed visitors.

- General!
- No visitors.

Now look here, we made a deal.

I have made arrangements
to sail to England --

you need to release him to me, swiftly.

When I have the information
I need, he's all yours.

Alive, preferably.

Tell the General to bring
me something edible.

I know what I'd like to tell the General.


Brother... You take a
great risk coming here.

- I must warn you about Samuel.
- Daniel...

He is in league with Castillon.

I do not know how or why, but he
is somehow involved in your arrest.

Find Margaret, give her this.

Ram Lal has already gone to fetch her.

We'll be back for you, brother.


Stop! Stop the carriage.

Stop the carriage.

Ram Lal?!

I'm happy you responded to my invitation.

It's been far too long.

It has, your highness Begum Samru,

but you are always present in my dreams.

I'd thought you were too busy
interrogating your new prisoner.

The dashing John Beecham.

You have shown the Emperor
your suspicions were correct.

Beecham is a traitor and
he is where he belongs.

I have always been loyal and expect
that to be held in high esteem.


Samuel, it's Daniel.


How is Chanchal?

She's sleeping, saheb. She
has not been well today.

I am feeling very tight in my stomach.

You think it is easy bearing a child?

I have had four.

The pain does not get any easier.

Your saheb will never know your pain...

Or my humiliation.

I wish to escape this unfortunate house.

It is not written in our destiny.

We're tied to Agastya for many more years.

Go to sleep now.


I'm concerned about Miss Chanchal.

She's clearly unwell.

She will not see me.

I'd like to help her.

You cannot.

Saheb, she is weak.

What she needs is love,


and an honourable way
out of her situation.

How can you help her with that?


She was complaining of pain
in her stomach all day --

I fear she has miscarried.

- She's very hot.
- What can we do?

I will arrange for her to be taken
care of. Please, Saheb, you can go.

But I-I feel...

We will take care of her. Please leave.

What are you doing?

Do not speak of this to anyone.

Mr Beecham, sehab.

Thank you, Ram Lal. It's good to
see you. You're greatly missed.

How is he?

I managed to see him. He's
as well as could be expected.

He wanted you to have this.

It was a shock to hear of
this terrible predicament.

All the way back I have
been thinking about

what could have happened. Have you
any idea what's behind all of this?

Not yet, but I must tell you, I have
reason to be suspicious of Samuel.

Samuel? But he is John's trusted friend!

I cannot prove it. We must stay vigilant.

"Dear Margaret, I am writing
to you because you must know

"that if these are my final
moments, it is only you and my son

"that fill my heart and give me hope.

"Before I had the great fortune to
meet you, I was lost and struggling.

"You have given me a
reason to dream again,

"of a future filled
with joy and possibility.

"In our brief time together

"you have told me more
than you will ever know.

"Your courage has given me courage.

"Your compassion and
understanding moved me deeply,

"and I promise you, if I am
fortunate enough to leave this cell,

"that I will never again squander
an opportunity to be by your side,

"to show you the love and
affection that you deserve.


".. John."


Who is she?

She works at the house with me.

Then why bring her here?

We needs your help. She
was with child, but...

Huh! Your child?

Then where is her husband?

Please, enough. What can
we do to make her well?

Take her inside. Come. Take her inside.

Does she have fever?

Prince Akbar!

Your Royal Highness.

I had almost given up hope.

And... I am sorry it has come to this.

Can you insure my release?

Have faith. I will resolve this.

The Empress is against
me speaking to my father.

But I will.

We just have to wait for the right time.

Miss Osbourne!

It is kind of you to return.

With your son wrongly imprisoned
like this, Mrs Beecham, it...

must be awful for you.

I hope they realise their
mistake and release him soon.

I hope so, too.

And I will do whatever it takes
on my part to make that happen.

Thank you.

I will visit the nursery,
Violet, in the hope of bringing

some small comfort to little August.

I shall follow you down to breakfast.

How is baby August
coping without his father?

Fine, I think.

I imagine having Chandrika here
must be comforting for him.

Oh, she left yesterday.

Why did she leave?

I'm not certain.

Perhaps John asked her to.

And what news of Captain Parker?

I am not embarrassed to tell you

that Samuel and I have recently developed

quite a strong friendship.

I know you and I have had
misunderstandings before,

but I trust now they
are firmly in the past.

Of course.

I hope you will allow
yourself to be happy for me.

I have been sworn to secrecy
so you must not tell a soul,

but I shall burst if I
do not tell another.

Samuel has spoken of me joining him

in London where he is promised a fortune.

A fortune? From where?

I did not dare ask. A lady doesn't
pry into such delicate matters.

Maya. Maya!

How is Miss Chanchal this morning?

What is it? Is she all right?

I do not know, saheb.

What do you mean?

She left last night.

She left?!

Who has left? Who are you talking about?

Chanchal, Mother.

In her state? Where has she gone?

Baadal, you were there last night.

Why was Barton with her?

Baadal, tell me where she is.

What has happened, Mrs Beecham?

It appears Channing has fled.

Did you speak ill of her, Daniel?

A woman carrying a child is not herself.

What have you done now?

What's to be done and
who will tend to August?

She's safe and recuperating.

What do you mean, recuperating?
Is the baby in trouble?

Chanchal has been very ill, Mother.

There may be complications with the child.

I'm truly sorry for you all.

I shall visit the chapel and say a prayer.

In many ways it may be a blessing.

Excuse me?

Well, now Daniel perhaps is released

from what would have been a mighty burden.

Let this be a lesson
to you, Daniel Beecham,

not to tread so lightly on
the lives of poor women.

Good morning, everyone.

Oh, there you are, Samuel. I hope
you have some good news for us.

Pleasure to see you, Miss Osbourne.

It's a relief to see you are returned.

What news of John?

Unfortunately, no-one
is allowed to visit him,

but General Castillon
assures me he is well.

Oh, thank the Lord! Is he coming home?

I am not certain, but I feel
my influence with the General

will soon pay dividends.

How well do you know the General, Samuel?

The way he singled you out for a beating,

perhaps you have less
influence than you think.

These are trying times,
Daniel. I am doing my utmost.

We need John back in this house.

Violet, my dear,

shall we take a turn in the carriage
before the heat becomes unbearable?

That would be lovely.

I have no appetite. Please excuse me.

Mrs Beecham?

How long have Miss Woodhouse
and Samuel had an association?

Well, it's all been rather sudden, really.

Miss Woodhouse is desperately fearful

of a life of spinsterhood.

When she realised John's feelings
towards you are unshakeable,

she turned her attentions
to Captain Parker.

She informed me that he has invited
her to return with him to England.

As John's partner here,
that seems rather odd.

Violet has not mentioned this to me.

Life here makes less sense
with every passing day.

♪ Praise God From whom all blessings flow

♪ Praise Him All creatures here below

♪ Praise Him above Ye heav'nly host

♪ Praise Father, Son And Holy Ghost. ♪

♪ Praise God From whom all blessings flow

♪ Praise Him All creatures here below

♪ Praise Him above Ye heav'nly host

♪ Praise Father, Son And Holy Ghost. ♪

What is it?


And notes on John's past
with the East India Company.

- ~
- ~

See, only a mother's love
and food can do such magic.

I am very grateful to you both.

But I must get back to my duties.

You must fully recover, Chanchal-bai.

Saheb has not been released, but
August is being well-cared for.

I'm happy to hear that.

But I miss him.

Do not worry, son, you
have done the right thing.

We'll continue to pray and do
whatever we can for the baby.

There's still hope.

You must tell the father.

I'm sure he'll be very happy.

Make sure the plate is
clean. Pour some oil.

Hey, where is Chanchal?


She is my responsibility.

She is not.

Saheb has put me in charge of his
son, and therefore his ayahs, too.

Tell me where she is
so I can bring her back.

She must get well, then she can
decide if she wishes to return.

It's not your decision.

And you cannot make her care
for you by holding her prisoner.

Now I demand you tell me
where you are hiding her.

You do not give me orders!

In this house, I am in charge.


Miss Osbourne. I thought you
were now calling Meerut home.

General, I had to return to Delhi

after I was told that a friend
of mine is in need of assistance.

You are deluded if you believe
Lieutenant Beecham is your friend.

He left the Company. Why insist on
making him pay for their crimes?

I have proof, he is an
agent of the Company.

You couldn't be further from
the truth. John is innocent.

You and I have a friendship,
General. Trust me.


You speak of friendship, Miss Osbourne,

but you have betrayed me.

Perhaps I should arrest you
also for being an accomplice.

- Me?! - Please do not act the innocent.

Beecham has an accomplice in the palace.

If you know who it is,
you must tell me at once.

It is John that has been
betrayed by your accomplice.

Whom do you refer to?

Captain Parker.

You think I would waste my breath on
someone as lowly as Captain Parker?

He is lying to you. Captain Parker
is desperate, and in crippling debt.

If the truth is revealed to the
Emperor that you have been deceived

then you will look very foolish indeed.

Miss Osbourne, there are larger
forces at play here than you and I.

If you continue,

you may feel the rage of others
less fond of you than myself.

I do not know how or why, but he
is somehow involved in your arrest.

Mother, did you know we were acquainted?

I did indeed. Captain Parker
called on me in London last year.


Yes, and he insisted on
delivering us safely to you.

I received a dishonourable
discharge from the Company.

They've spread rumours and
they've sullied my name.

Gopal, I trust you more than any
man to deliver it safely back.

John, maybe we should reconvene.

Do you think my gift
will satisfy the Empress?


But I have one that will.

What is it?

A gold automaton.

Where in the name of God did you find it?

Steady on, Captain.

If I didn't know better,
I'd think you were afraid.


This is an incredible opportunity.

You will make a huge profit

and know you did all you could to
help the Emperor defend his kingdom.

Everything you say is true.

You have no choice.