Australian Survivor (2016–…): Season 7, Episode 24 - Grand Finale - full transcript

After 47 days in the Queensland wilderness, it all comes down to this. An epic challenge weeds out the weak from the strong, and one castaway is crowned Sole Survivor, walking away with $500,000.

Are you wondering how healthy the food you are eating is? Check it -
The ancient Australian wilderness...

..a place like nowhere else on earth.

And the unforgiving stage...

..for Blood v. Water.

Say goodbye to your loved one.

You're gonna be playing
against them.

Oh, God.
Torn apart before the game
even began.

Get him, Jesse!


Mel, go!


JONATHAN: Vicious.

..even Survivor royalty...

JONATHAN: Queen Sandra
taking on her princess, Nina.

..locked together...
(CHEERING) a brutal...
Is she OK?

..individual game...
Medic! Medic!

..of raw power...

JONATHAN: Charging that wall.

..and epic endurance.

Over 50 minutes.


Cheers me, my dog.

New bonds emerged...

Joker and Two-Face.

This is gonna be crazy! old relationships
felt the strain...

Don't get angry at me.

Don't try and burn relationships
that I spent ages building.

..and trust turned to betrayal.

I am so sorry, baby sis. a season that delivered...

MARK: What do you mean
you've got Jesse's idol?

..the most treacherous act...

Jesse. Australian Survivor history.

What a stitch-up!

It's eat or be eaten.

I have become an animal out here.

I can't decide if this is worse
than being blindsided.

Through painful...



..and I'm so proud of you.

..and shocking goodbyes...


Noooooo! by one, they fell.

The tribe has spoken.

That was flipping epic!

And now...just four remain.

The commander.

I was a professional soldier.

I won't stop
until the mission is done.

The warrior.

I have been to hell and back.

I didn't come all this way
to fail now.

The pilot.

My whole game has been
a game of control.

I am the captain out here,
I'm coming in to land

and I'm gonna do what I have to do
to get to Sole Survivor.

The social strategist.

If I had to do a vote now on
who's played the best social game,

it's 100% me.

I'm going for that title.

Four very different games.

And tonight, one will be crowned

Sole Survivor.

SHAY: Day 46.

Tomorrow is the last day
of this entire game,

and it's done, it's wrapped up.

It just feels so surreal.

I came into this game
with my partner, Ben.

And when Ben was eliminated,
it was really hard.

I was pretty emotional,
but it's given me double motivation

to take this out
and be the Sole Survivor.

I feel like I deserve to be here

because, having been on the bottom
most of the time,

I feel like I've forged my way
into this final spot.

To be the Sole Survivor,

I think you should really have
had to put up a fight.

It's written in the word,
'Survivor'. You've got to survive.

You've got to actually have
put in blood, sweat and tears.

And I don't think any of the other
23 players have fought this hard.

Um, yeah, I'm proud. I didn't
realise I'd say those words.

I'm pretty proud.

When it comes to immunities,
I have won 10 immunity challenges,

three of those being
individual immunity necklaces.

That says I am a physical threat.

It says that I am worthy
of playing this game.

Now the only thing standing
between here and the final three

is today's challenge.

And I have no other option
except for win.

There isn't room
for a second or third place.

So I'm aiming for Sole Survivor

and I'm gonna reach out and grab it.

The winner of Blood v. Water is
going to be decided tomorrow night.

I'm almost there and I can taste it

and I've just got to focus
and make sure I do everything I can

to just get through
one more day in the game.

I've played socially,
I've played physically.

My strategy is one step ahead,
two steps ahead, sometimes,

of everyone.

When I really stepped into
that captain's chair

was that vote on Jordie.

But, you know, I've worked
with a strong alliance.

You have to trust
your conversations.

You have to trust your

You've got to trust the people
you've been working with
this whole time.

I'd love to make top three
with Chrissy and Mark.

Standing in my way for Sole Survivor
is Shay.

Everything's on the line.
This is the way I've wanted
to play the game.

Now I've got to beat the challenge
beast, so it's a must-win.

I've sacrificed
being away from my fiancee,

who's pregnant
with a little baby on the way.

So, that's priceless time
that you can't get back.

So, I don't want it
to be for nothing.

I've got to do this for my family

and the people that, you know,
matter to me back home.

I think if I compare
the Chrissy that I was on day one

compared to me today,

my confidence in what I actually
can do are two different things.

I teamed up with the best
in the biz, Mark and Josh.

Being out here with these people,
absolute gurus of the game,

and I've kept up...

You know, you underestimate
what you're capable of.

I underestimated myself big-time,
coming into here.

If I had to do a vote now,
with the jury,

on who's played
the best social game, it's 100% me.

And I'll back myself
as hard as I can for that

because my whole life
revolves around people.

I love people.

I don't think there's anyone at camp

that loved everyone there
more than me.

I think the role that I had
let me go very clean,

without any blood on my hands.

You know, like, I got through votes

and putting people over in that jury

without getting dirty.

And that's clever in itself.

$500,000 would change
anyone's life.

It's a ridiculous amount of money -

an amount of money that no-one would
ever see in one lump sum, ever.

You know, it's years and years
and years of work.

Oh, my God.

I couldn't have chosen
three bigger targets.

But if I want to be the Sole
Survivor, I've gotta beat the best.

So bring it on.

Survivor means everything to me

because it changed
the course of my life.

The first time I played,
I met my wife, Sam.

We have a family now
and it''s given me everything.

So, the chance to come back
with Sam, it's a dream come true.

Sam and I were the last
of 12 couples,

and I could have
played the idol for her and...

..I could have saved her.

But we always said, at the start,

if one of us win, both of us win.

So now I'm just gonna have to
carry through.

Just coming back a second time,
this is redemption.

This time, I'm a far more savvy
social player.

I wanted to meet everyone
and be a trusted team member.

I had a really strong
strategic game,

and, so, from that social bond,

I got a lot of information

and it just totally changed
the way I played

and I had space and time to think.

And then, finally,
I wanted to make sure, physically,

I was seen as indispensable
to my tribe.

I found an idol.

I held a second idol
for 44 days combined.

That takes nerve, it takes courage,
it takes steel.

I've put everything into this game.

Like any family, we struggle,
we pay bills, we have a mortgage.

I'm playing for Harry,

and to bring him home the title
of Sole Survivor

and the half million dollars
that goes with it,

it would change our lives.

Now I'm at the final step,
I have to get it done.

This is the final part.
I've just got, like, one last push.

The only way
I'm coming off that challenge

is by total and complete failure.

It'll be because my body
can't hold me anymore.

Come on in!

Congratulations on making it
to day 46.

You have endured intense conditions

and outlasted 20 others,
including your loved ones,

to make it to the final four,

which is significant

because this season... tribal will include
not two but three people.

That means three of you will
have a chance to pitch to the jury

why you deserve the title
of Sole Survivor

and the half a million dollars
that goes with it.

Now, this is a big moment,

and there's a lot on the line,

so you might need
a little love from home...

Aw... help you through it.

Chrissy, are you ready
to speak to your family?



MAN: (ON PHONE) Hello?


What are you doing?

What are you doing?!


I miss you guys.

I got a couple more things to do
here, and then I'll be home.


OK. Put the cordial on ice.

I'm coming home soon.

Love you, bubbies. See you then.


Oh, shit.

Chrissy, did hearing from your family

remind you why you're out here,
playing this crazy game?

Yeah, that's long overdue.

Yeah, I'm ready to go now.

Alright, Mark.

Here you go.
Great. Thank you.


Hello, it's Mark.

How are you?

Get the boy.

Hold up.

(WHISPERS) Say, "Hello, Daddy."

Hey, mate, it's Daddy!

It's Daddy! Hey.
It's Daddy. How are you?

I love you.

I love you, mate.

I'm coming home.
I'm coming home soon.

I love you, mate.

I love you, mate.
I'm gonna see you soon.

No, thank you because,
you know, I don't...

I haven't had my mum for
a long time, so I appreciate it

and you're my mum now.

I tell you what...

I love you. See you soon.
OK. Bye-bye, Mark.

So, Mark...

..that's the most emotion
I've seen from you in two seasons.


Oh, God, he's a young...
he's a young man.

We left him behind for a long time

and it's hard to do that.

But I came here to do a job

and I owe it to him to get it done.



I don't know who this is gonna be.
I wonder.


CHRISSY: Aw, bless!

Hi, Dad.

Oh... Mum's here, too.

I'm good. How are you?

I miss you so much.

I'm sorry I was away for so long.

What's up, Benny?!
That's...that's Chrissy.

We, um...we're about to do...

our last...our last challenge.

Love you, Dad. Bye, Mum, love you.

Miss you.

BEN: Bye, Spuddy.

So, Shay, you gave up your letter
for everyone else.

Was it nice to finally have
some love of your own?

Yeah, I really needed that.

I've been thinking about
that letter,

and that's the boost I needed to...
to just hopefully get through today.


Josh, you ready?

There you go.
Thanks, mate.


Hey, babe.


What's goin' on?

How you goin'?

Oh, babe, I found out
about a week ago.


Oh... I was so happy.

Oh, my God, I was so happy.

Amazing, babe!

Thank you. I love youse all. Yeah.

Love you, bubby!


Love you!

Alright. I'll see youse later.

See you soon. Bye. Love you, bye.

So, Josh,
did hearing from the family

give you the strength you need today?

Yeah. They've given me
a little boost, man.

I know it's the last effort, so...

..I'll just give it
everything I've got.

Well, I know you're all dying
to find out why we're here.

Are you ready to get to
your final immunity challenge?

ALL: Yeah.

Shay, I'm gonna need it back.

For the last time,
immunity is back up for grabs.

For today's challenge,

you are going to hold onto pegs,

perched over a waterfall.

At regular intervals,

you'll move further down the pegs,

making it more difficult.

As time goes on, your arms will tire

until you can no longer hold on...

..and you fall into the water.

Last person standing wins immunity,

guaranteed a spot in the final three.

As for the rest of you,
tribal council tonight,

where somebody is going to become
the 20th person voted out

and 10th and final member
of our jury.

This is it.

This could be a half-million dollar
challenge right here.

Let's sort the spots.
Let's get to it.

Alright, everyone's in position.


I don't know what's better -
to look up or down.

For immunity
and a spot in the final three...

..this challenge is now on.



This challenge is now on.


If you only win one challenge
this season...

..this is it.

All you gotta do is stay up there
longer than anyone else...

..and you will have secured your spot
at the final tribal council...

..where you will have the chance
to pitch to the jury

why you deserve the title
of Sole Survivor.

These first couple of pegs
are the easy ones.

You can take your hand off at this
stage to get a little relief.

CHRISSY: Oh, the stretch
is real now.

Hands are gonna hurt, shoulders are
gonna hurt, forearms are gonna hurt.

Nowhere to hide in this challenge.


You've been on that first peg

for 15 minutes.

I think it is time
to move on to the third.

I'm gonna give you three seconds.

Three, two...

CHRISSY: Oh, shit.

Everyone on the third post.

I don't understand how your body
reaches that bottom one.

You must be horizontal.

Pretty much.

That discomfort soon is gonna
turn into pain.

Then it becomes
about pain management.

What a game.
What a game.

After 46 days out here,

there's not gonna be much
left in the tank anymore.

You're gonna be running on fumes.

Mark, how you feeling?

Definitely locking the arms up.

Triceps, biceps, forearm.


Yeah, quite difficult.

Yeah, it's a forearm burner, man.
It is?

CHRISSY: Mark? Mark?

How are you feeling, Shay?

Laser focus.


You've all been up there for an hour.

Now we're gonna get to
the meat of the challenge.

We're gonna move on
to the next peg.

Three, two and one.

Lots of movement from everyone.

Everyone trying to find some relief.

Chrissy, head down,
trying to breathe through it.

Immunity is on the line tonight.


The tightest alliance

versus Shay.

But it might have to
break tonight, though.

CHRISSY: Tribal will be interesting.

We've got some big decisions to make
if I come out of this alive.

Head or heart.

Head or heart.
Whole game.

But then you put my kids
on the phone.

Shouldn't have done that
for these guys.


We are gonna move on to the next peg.

In three, two, one...

Mark just slowly working those arms.

Methodically keeping it moving.


..really starting to struggle now.

CHRISSY: She's not even close.

Doing everything she can to work
through that pain in her hands.



Chrissy, groaning now.

Really trying to shake it out.

We're gonna move on
to the second-last peg.

Three, two, one...

We're really stretched out now.

Shay, Josh, looking strong.

Chrissy still in it,
despite all the pain.



Chrissy almost loses her balance.
Nice save!



Chrissy giving it everything.




I'm going, Joshie.

Hold on.

Chrissy first in.

After an hour and 32 minutes,

she is out of the challenge.

No shot at immunity.

We're now down to three.

Mark, Josh

and Shay,

all battling it out
for that final necklace.

Those pressure points
are taking a beating.

Gotta stay focused.

Everyone giving it everything.


Josh really starting to shake.

Putting in a tremendous amount
of work to stay in this.

Amazing. Amazing.

Trying to find some relief somewhere.


Let's go, let's go. Focus.

Josh continues to fight.

Josh continues to shake.

But he is still in it.

Oh, I'm gonna go, bro.

That's it!

After an hour and 38 minutes,
Josh can no longer hold in.

He drops. No shot at immunity.

We now have a showdown
between Mark and Shay,

the biggest and the smallest
left in the game...

..going head-to-head.

It's all come down to this.

Who can hold that plank position
the longest?


Battling it out
for that final necklace.

It's the only way to guarantee that
you do not end up on the jury

and that you end up
in the final three

where you will have a shot
to pitch your case to the jury.

Mark is a big boy,
but he is still in it.

Hold, Marky.

Mark really sweating now.

Who's gonna reach their limit first?

Oh, Shay, gracefully doing
some ballet moves right next to him.

Taunting him.



Mark has been consistent
this whole time

but he is flipping from side to side.

He is digging deep.

He's clearly in pain now.

Can Mark hold on?

No! That's it!

Shay wins final immunity!

Whoo! (LAUGHS)


Good job, Shay!

Good job, Marky.

Shay, come on over.



Final immunity is yours.

You have guaranteed yourself a spot
at the final tribal

where you will get a chance
to pitch to the jury

why you deserve the title
of Sole Survivor.

Well done.

As for the rest of you,
tribal council tonight

where one of you will become the
10th and final member of our jury.

Won't be you.
Alright, head back to camp.

I'll see you tonight.


MARK: Tonight at tribal council,
there's really not many options.

Shay having immunity, it means
it's basically Chrissy or Josh.

It's a hard choice deciding whether
to vote out my best mate, Josh,

or Chrissy, who's been tight with me
since day one.

One of us is going home
and the other three

are gonna be pitching to a jury
for the title of Sole Survivor.

Someone's going to be disappointed,
so there's a lot at stake.

Congratulations, Shay.

Oh, I'm sorry.

I can hear it in your voice,
you're just like, "Screw you."

I just won today's
final immunity challenge

so I'm wearing the final necklace.

That means I'm safe
from tonight's vote

and I am a one-in-three shot
from winning this game.


Mate, well done.

Sorry. I'm sorry.
Don't be sorry.

I wasn't in your top-four plan.
Don't be sorry.

That was the risk of taking...
Stop ruining our plans.

You know?

Who forged their way
into the top three.
That's it. That's the whole game.

Yeah. Oh, we're gonna have a chat.

We'll be back.

Surely they're not leaving us
together, are they? (LAUGHS)

This is going to be the hardest vote
for you.

Let's sit. I feel weak already.

It feels nice to finally
have a little bit of a comfy seat
in this game

'cause I have struggled from
the bottom and fought my way here.

In the top three, I want to be
sitting at the end with Chrissy.

However, now my next thought is,
who do I want to sit next to

out of the two big physical threats,

and they're both strategic players.

So my vote tonight
is definitely based

on who I think I can beat at the end.

Just don't speak too loud
'cause they're behind us. Um...

Um, yeah, Mark's my first option.

I feel like he's got so much
up his sleeve.

The ball is kind of in both our court
to do the same thing.

I know.

The only other option is
that they're gonna both write you.

Yeah. 100%.

So, do you think Josh will vote you?

I don't think Josh will write me.
So he's gonna pull you aside

and say Mark.
100%. 1,000%.

But you'd be stupid not to take me.

MARK: What?

Chrissy was happy to
throw you under last night.


And she would have jeopardised
my game if that plan went through.

So you and I load up on her...?

I'm 100% locking in on her
now I've thought about it.

OK. Let's just do it.

Plan tonight is me and Mark
vote for Chrissy

and we hope the girls
get their signals crossed,

Chrissy voting for Mark
and Shay putting my name down

and then Chrissy goes home.

It's a master plan, mate.

Me and Mark, if we stay solid, which
we will because we're tied together,

are gonna guarantee each other
at least fire.

The beauty is about this play,
right, we will mope around camp.

We're gonna pitch that this chat is
us saying, "May the best man win."

"We know where we're at."
We do all this.

Yep. Sentimental.

Sentimental, that's it.

Me and Chrissy have been tight as
since day one

but $500,000 is on the line

and this play is strategic,
it's smart play.

I'll go and pitch 'em anyway.

Pitch your ass off, mate.
I'll just pitch you.

Pitch me hard.
Are you ready for my acting?

Both of us, mate, let's put it on.

So...what did Mark say?

We actually just realised that
we can see the writing on the wall

and it was more of just a chat

between blokes, saying...
OK. know, we knew that we're gonna
gun for each other today.


You don't wanna give away your plan.

I'm acting like Shay and Chrissy
have my game in their hands

and I need them to believe
that that's the case.

Oh, my God.
Yeah. Yep.

Mark's game's similar to mine
and Mark's had two idols.

Oh, 100.

He's had idol play,
he's done all that, so...


Yeah, he's got claims,
that's for sure.



Tonight at tribal council,
there's really not many options.

It's basically Chrissy or Josh.

I've told Josh I'm voting Chrissy

but...I've thought about it
for a long time.

I predicted that this would happen

and I knew I'd have to go
for Josh eventually.

I'm gonna tell Chrissy that as much.

Alright, elephant in the room.
Let's go.

I'm writing Josh.

One of the most important moves
I've made in this whole game

didn't last one tribal,
it's lasted for about five weeks,

and that was the decision
to push Josh forward

as the leader of our alliance.

This was my design the whole time.

I knew to get to the end, I had
to have a shield in front of me

when we got to the four.

After five weeks
of putting Josh forward,

at the final hour, the perceived
biggest threat is Josh.

And that's all I needed.

I just think...

..he's a bigger risk and...

..he's a big threat
and he'll probably win.

He does have a lot of things
that he's done in his resume.

Why would I take him? Honestly?

He's better at... The jury likes him
more than they like me.

He's played better.



I've got a massive decision to make.

Mark will not be voting for me.

He definitely wants Josh to go.

Your vote will probably be
the decider.

The thought of voting for Josh
breaks my heart.

I don't know how I'm meant to
do that.

Goes against everything I stand for.

So you're not sure at this point.

Or you're not...
I don't even know.


Who I want by my side in the final
three and who I should have... my final three
are two totally different things.

I should have...

..Mark and Shay.

I want...

..I think Josh.

But I think all bets are off.

Like all...
All alliances are gone.

Exactly. All conversations
are basically dead and untrue

and all that matters is who
people want to sit next to.

I need to switch on.

This is gonna be one of the biggest
nights of my life.

But...for the entire time
I've been on the Survivor journey,

I have absolutely battled,
day in, day out,

with head versus heart.

Those two are my best friends.

So, yeah, I don't know what to do.

We absolutely made...

Absolutely made our tribe
a little family.

(TEARFULLY) Can just about say...

..that blood is not thicker
than water

'cause none of these guys
are related to me

and they'll be in my life...



We'll now bring in our jury.

Oh, damn.


Mel. Jesse.

Michelle. Jordan.


David. Jordie.

KJ, voted out
at the last tribal council.


Before we get started,
I wanna get the jury up to speed.

So today was the final immunity

which means tomorrow,
at the final tribal council,

there won't be two,
there will be three people

pleading their case for the $500,000.

So, Shay, no-one wanted to go up
against you today

and I think that necklace
around your neck proves why.

Yeah. Yeah, it was a tough one.

But, um, everyone put in a solid
effort, it was nice to see.

Chrissy, you stayed up there
for a good 1.5 hours.

Yeah, I did.
1.5 hours, it was pretty full-on.

I think the phone call prior
bought me some time.

That was pretty...

(SIGHS) ..pretty good timing,
actually, yeah,

to hear from the rug rats
just before we went out there.

What about for you, Mark?

I think, um...

(STAMMERS) When I heard Harry's
voice, he'd grown up a bit and...

..that was... It was...

Oh, like, we've been gone
eight weeks from him

and, um, it was great
to hear from him. (CHUCKLES)

And he was OK,'s just
a reminder of why we're out here.

Everyone has left a lot behind...

..and we have a lot to play for
and a job to do so...

..that's what we're gonna do.

So, Josh, everyone today predicted
that Shay would win.

Do you think everyone's able to
predict what's gonna happen tonight?

Oh, you never know.

It's the final tribal, people might
throw some curve balls in there but,

um...I think it's one or two of us
are on the block tonight.

And, uh, we'll wait
and see what happens.

So, Mark, the moment you walked into
tribal, you looked quite concerned.

If you are being targeted tonight,
what can you do to protect yourself?

It's pretty hard
because a 30-minute scramble

is not gonna be what protects you.

It's the six weeks of game play that
we've had leading up to that point

which is gonna be
the deciding factor for people.

They're gonna look at what's
in their interests

and they're gonna probably vote
in accordance with that.

Well, Chrissy voted for you
last night.

Are you concerned she could do
the same again tonight?

There's just not many options, so...

..I understand copping a vote. Yeah.

So, Chrissy...

..can't vote for Shay, obviously
you can't vote for yourself.

The only two people you can vote for
tonight are Josh and Mark

and you've described both of them
as family, in this game.

It's the worst predicament to be in.

And Shay knows, like, when she won
today, of course I'm happy for her

but I was gutted inside 'cause
I knew it was only inevitable.

It's, uh, not the position
I wanted to be in.

I said on day two,
"Alright, him and him."

I don't know how to say,
without swearing, how bad it is.


So, Shay, it is interesting tonight.

With you safe, the alliance
of Chrissy, Josh and Mark,

which has been tight since day one,

will have to turn on itself.

That is a fact.

It sucks I have to come between them

but at least it gets
my foot in the door.

I think the necklace obviously
brought me some time, twice,

and now I'm just lucky enough
to be able to sit back

and watch it implode a little bit.

But it's down to each person to play
their role with their vote.

So it's a gamble.
It's a massive gamble.

Josh, do you think your relationship
with Chrissy

is enough to protect you tonight?

I have, uh, all my fingers
and toes crossed, mate,

like I've done my pitch
to the two girls,

and me and Mark have shook hands and
said, "Mate, it's been a pleasure,

"but, you know, we've gotta go for
each other tonight, pretty much."

And, you know, I'm relying heavily
on my relationship with Chrissy,

so...fingers crossed, man.

Alright, well, I think
we should find out

exactly how this is gonna play out.

It is time to vote.

Josh, you're up.

Fingers crossed. Let's see
what happens tonight.

It's been an honour.

Well, here we are.

Gotta write one or the other.

I'll go count the votes.

I'll read the votes.

First vote...


Chrissy. That's one vote Josh,
one vote Chrissy.

Two votes Josh, one vote Chrissy... vote left.

20th person voted out
and final member of our jury...


You need to bring me your torch.

Josh, the tribe has spoken.

They have, mate.

Cheers, guys. Thanks, mate.
Well done, mate.

Cheers, brother.

Well, congratulations,

you three have gone as far
as you can go in this game.

Tomorrow night,
the power shifts to the jury.

So I suggest go back to camp,
get a good night's sleep

and think about how you're gonna
convince THEM

that you deserve to win this game.

Grab your torches. Head back to camp.



Are you serious?
Keep telling ya, just hang them up.

They were wet, Mark!

Oh. 47 days.

We'll go for our last little
morning stroll?

Yeah, let's do it.
Do it.

Go this way?
Yeah. Let's go.

MARK: This is too surreal to take in.

I just wasn't expecting
to get this far

and to get to the final three
in a game like this,

it's the world's greatest game
and I'm proud I got here

and I think Sam
will be proud of me too

because she's part of the reason
I'm here.

Nearly home.

I think, looking back at the game,

this has been a lot
about confronting fear.

I spent a long time putting myself
in situations that were horrendous.

They tested me in every way -
physically, emotionally.

Family's gonna be so proud.

Kids are gonna be so proud.

MARK: Being out here for weeks,
whenever I woke up,

I thought a lot about the time
I'd spent away, fighting.

It was the first time I was involved
in combat as a young guy.

And I was on a river
that was just like the one

we were sleeping next to.

And in the early morning, in the
dawn, we had to cross this river

and, um, I came up
against a cornfield

and we got stuck there for -
in a battle - for about 12 hours.

It was super rough.

I mean, I was only 27.

But one of my soldiers was killed.


Yeah, it's funny 'cause
I never thought about it and then...

..when I was here, every morning,
I had to think about it.

Maybe now when you see creeks like
this, you'll have Survivor memories,

not those memories.

Yeah. Hope so. Better.

Let's do that. About laughing.
About Juicy Dave stories.

I think after this,
I'm gonna see it differently.

I'm not gonna see that same river
that I fought in, I'm gonna see...

..a camp site where I have mates.


Well, it's been a ride.

It's been a ride.
Hasn't it?

Sure has.
Been a ride.


To come out and compete in the game,
it's blood, sweat and tears

to try and get to the end.

It's... I feel a real mixed bag
of emotions,

and I think being here
is a sense of relief

and also, a sense of anticipation
because I know tonight,

I'm gonna have to make the speech
of my life.

What the?


Oh, champagne!

There's champagne there.

I have played such a massive game

compared to what I thought
and when I started.


"Celebrate a game well played
with this feast

"fit for the final three."

Originally, I was doing
this for myself

but now I feel like I'm doing it

for a whole generation
of younger girls

who are maybe scared to lift weights
and they were scared to be strong,

but this will show them that we
are more resilient than we realise.

And all it takes is sticking strong
to yourself and backing yourself.

Cheers, 21 fallen men.

And here we are. (CHUCKLES)

We've lost a lot of good people.
We lost some good people!

We lost some good people.

I was a massive fish out of water
coming in here.

Now, here I am,

final three, baby.

Who would have thunk it?

This game puts you into an immediate

state of the opposite
to how you live your life.

BOTH: Yep.

CHRISSY: I've stayed true to myself.

I've been truthful, reliable,
caring, social butterfly.

I need to really tell Khanh
how good he looks tonight.

Like, drop GQ.

And I definitely
had the social connections

for people to just forget
about my name.

Like, my name never came up.

Week one, once.

Isn't that in itself a strategy?

35, 40, 45...

ALL: 47.

That's a lot of days.

This is it. Now we're gonna play
ball for the last quarter.

It's time now to pitch for
my life to that jury.

You know, I've gotta preach to them
why I deserve to win.

SHAY: And then there were three.

Then there were three.

I'll now bring in
the members of our jury.

Khanh. Mel.

Jesse. Michelle.

Jordan. Sam.

David. Jordie.


And Josh, voted out
at the last tribal council. we are, day 47,
in your final tribal council.

The three of you have gone
as far as you can go in this game.

And tonight, the power now
shifts to the jury -

10 people you've had a hand
in voting out,

either directly or indirectly,

will now decide which of you three
deserves the title of Sole Survivor

and the $500,000 that goes with it.

This is how tonight's gonna work -

you'll each make
an opening statement.

This is your chance
to pitch to the jury

why you deserve to win this game.

Then the jury will address you.

They'll ask you questions
and you'll answer them.

Then they'll have a chance to respond
to your answers in an open forum.

Once everyone's said their piece,

the jury will go up to vote

to decide who wins
Australian Survivor Blood v. Water.

Mark, would you like to kick if off?

Just like that?
I'd love to, Jonathan.

When I walked onto the sands
of Samoa four years ago,

I came to play the game of Survivor

..I met the love of my life,

And it's been a huge part of my
life, it's given me everything.

So we didn't want to be the couple
that had a second chance,

came back and blew it.

I know we all came here to play in
these battles and to fight it out,

but I came to win the war as well.

To do that, you need a strategy
and the strategy I came up with,

it was to win.

Sounds simple
but very, very difficult to execute.

So the first move
was really to go after Andy.

Andy was a returning player,
he was a big threat

and I could have run on
his coat-tails for a long time

but I decided not to.

I worked tightly with Nina

and decided to cut him down
as early as we could in the game.

The next move was the tribe swap.

So when that came,
I had the really fortunate position

to being able to choose between the
new blue tribe or the new red tribe.

And I could have taken
the safe option,

gone back to my old blue tribe,
Sammy was now there.

But I didn't,
I chose the riskier option -

red 2.0, we formed a new majority.

We were able to pull off
some pretty cool early moves.

Went straight after the queen,

'Cause we knew
she was a huge threat.

And then, after we'd gone
to the merge,

we had been planning to go
after Khanh.

Because you were such a good player
and you had an idol for so long too,

I think the record - 21 days.

The next move was a real dilemma
for Sam and I.

We had to make a choice
between Jordan and Josh

or Jordie and Jesse.


..we made the tough choice
to go after you, Jesse,

because you two
are like yin and yang.

You've got, like, cool-headed,

You're complementary game players,
right, both incredible threats?

And so it was a really tough move
but it was a move we wanted to make.

We were managing a lot of different
parts, including the second idol,

which Jesse had given it to Sam
and it was now a new threat.

That really set up
the final move for me.

For about 30-plus days,
I'd been tight with Josh

and, mate, I had been pushing you
as a leader of our team.

What I was trying to do
was make you a relatively higher
threat than I was.

And in the final vote,
the votes landed on Josh.

I'm sure it still stings
but you are my mate.

They were the major moves
that I made.

I feel like I have outwitted,
outplayed and outlasted.

When you go up tonight to vote,

I just ask you to think
about considering me

to represent all of you
as this season's Sole Survivor.


Nicely said.

Shay, what would you like to say
to the jury?

SHAY: Here we go. me...

..the essence of a survivor
is to fight.

To actually survive and have to
be at the bottom at some point

and to work their way up.

And I had to make sure
the tribe knew,

"Hey, Shay is a physical strength,
she's gonna help us get to rewards."

And I sure did.
I tried as hard as I could

so we did get to a fair few rewards
and immunity wins.

Then merge happened.

That was a huge, joyful moment.

You know, day 32 came
and that was the day when

I knew it was me or Jordie.

Whoever wasn't wearing the necklace
was going

and basically woke up in purgatory.

So to go through that was...
Sure, it was painful

but fought my way back
into the game.

I had to fight my way through

and use my physical strength
against all odds.

I ended up with four necklaces,

if you include the one that Khanh
and I got before merge,

which is the most in the game.

I've shown myself that I am
a physical threat.

I'm an absolute beast and could have
gone for an extra half an hour,
hour, in that final challenge.

This whole time,
I've been at the bottom,

actually fighting for my life.

That is why I'm deserving
of Sole Survivor.

Nicely done. Chrissy.

You're up.

Thank you, Jonathan.

The last 47 days have been
the hardest 47 days of my life.

But if you think for one minute
that I left my three babies at home

with no idea where I was going,
what I was doing,

or how long I was gonna be,

you are sorely mistaken.

I'm not here as an accident.

I made my way here on purpose.

..I guess let's start
at the beginning.

So coming into this,
I had one intention

and it was to play a social game.

I've been social my whole life.

I definitely wasn't gonna be
a physical threat.

So I had to align myself
with the best in the business

and I pinpointed them straightaway.

Started my socialising

and started to meet you guys
on a little deeper level.

I have attended more tribal councils
than all of you,

I've been to 19 in total.

And Briana wrote my name down
on the fifth day

and it didn't get written down again
until the 41st day.

My loyalty to you guys, Jesse
especially, shouldn't go unnoticed

and I will remind you...

..I went against my blood and... prove my loyalty to my alliance
with Jordie over the other side,

I went against Croc,

I didn't go
with what he wanted to do

and I didn't write your name down.

'Cause I needed to look Jordie
in the eyes and say,

"You've still got my back over

With that, ramifications,
Croc ended up going home

and it was at Benny's hand.

So there's no way
that was gonna go down lightly

and I needed to take
my revenge on Benny.

And then...

..there was my number one, Joshie.

What a team we made.

After 46 days,

I've realised that blood
absolutely isn't thicker than water.

And you will be my family,
even if you don't wanna be,

I know you will be my family
after this.

But you taught me to respect
the big moves

for the days leading
into last night.

And you were my big move.

So I hope you can see...

..why that went down last night.

In saying that, other people on this
jury taught me some hell stuff too.

Jordie, you friggin' taught me
how to laugh again, man.

And in here, we are out the back
of nowhere with nothing left,

and humour is absolutely key.

KJ, you reminded me why we're here,
we're doing it for the kids.

Every day,
you'd say they'd be so proud.

I doubted it so much.

If I can take a tiny bit
of each of you with me

to possibly represent you,
as the Sole Survivor,

my job here is done.


Alright, jury, you've heard
three very good pitches...'s now your turn
to ask questions.

You're looking for information
to make a $500,000 decision.

Alright, jury, you've heard
three very good pitches.

It's now your turn to ask questions,

looking for information
to make a $500,000 decision.

Alright, Khanh?

Would you like to start us off?

Hi, guys.
Firstly, congratulations.

You guys, you got to the end.

There's a lot of us that would have
loved to be there, so great job.

You played all very different games,

Chrissy, I love you.
I don't have any questions for you.

I love you, Khanh.

Um, Mark, you...

..said it yourself you played hard
from the beginning,

you got Andy out, you didn't make
any excuses about being a threat,

that was known.

I think that you were willing to
make sacrifices, that being Sam,

to get there.

But what I wanna know was,
was that hard?

Because I think naturally, you would
want to preserve your wife, right?

That is a really good one.

When Sam and I sat down to play
the game, we basically said,

"We've got two chances to get to
the end, we're both the same person,

"if one of us wins, we both win."

There was a point
where we had two idols

and I had the chance to save Sam
and I didn't do it...

..however, it was a decision
we had made

in the cold light of day
before we got to tribal council.

That we're not playing an idol.

The other person will go back
with two idols.

It was hard
but that's what happened.

OK, well, that's
where I wanna pick up, you know,

because you sent Jesse over here

and then made ME feel responsible
for Jesse being there.

Tell me why those actions
were necessary to your game.

Um, Jesse and Jordie,

I don't think anyone was on
the receiving end of our moves

as much as you both.

The other part about lying about the
second idol, that was very difficult

but very necessary.

The fallout to that was making you
look like you're a bit crazy.

And I knew eventually,
you would be vindicated.

And you were.

And, um, I do apologise for it.

Because of that decision, I was able
to get more steps in the game.

To be honest, I didn't
care if it was me or Sam.

It ended up being me.

That's how it unfolded.


What have you got?

Oh, Chrissy.

You are literally the right mix of
fierceness and tenderness out here

and I know that you would do

for the people that you love.

But do you think
within the game of Survivor,

that clouded your judgement
at times?

And do you think maybe putting those
that you love,

such as Josh or Jordan or Mark,

ahead of your own game
may have jeopardised it in any way?


..I think last night, I showed

that I didn't put all the people
that I love ahead of myself.

And I'm gonna have to deal
with that later on.

I got a friendly reminder
from a 7-year-old

that I was out here to be loyal
to me first and...

..if I hadn't have got
that phone call,

I don't know if I'd be answering
like this, but absolutely not.

I'm here for myself

and I think that's why I'm sitting
here in a good chance tonight.

Yep. Good answer. Thank you.

Alright, Michelle.

Shay, um, on a scale
from zero to 10,

with 10 being the ultimate
game player of Survivor,

where would you rate your game?

I wanna give it an eight.

And I know that people
are gonna say,

"Oh, you didn't orchestrate
these massive blindsides,"

but I made it to this final-three
spot, I fought from the bottom.

It isn't comfortable and easy
to make moves

from the position that I was in.

And you don't really have
the numbers

and so it's a lot easier for someone
sitting in the majority to go,

"Alright, let's blindside
this person,"

and so I'm actually gonna give
myself an extra half a point.

I'm gonna go up to 8.5.

All of you guys, obviously,
wanted to be sitting here right now,

and I did something right.

Alright, Josh.

What question do you have?


..mate, we had it from the start.

The bond that we built,
you're calling me family, you know,

and we said we were gonna look out
for each other

the whole way through,

the whole game, you pitched loyalty,
family, you're talking about,

you know, "My new incoming baby,
we're family together."

You just threw me under.

And I suppose my question
is just you know, why?

I've been looking into
your blue eyes the whole time.

You were absolutely my number one.

And my social cues picked up
that you had changed yesterday,

and for the first time ever,
we talked strat.

And I didn't wanna talk strat with
you, I just wanted to talk to you.

You were different.

And I knew you were coming for me
so I had to be so brave.

And that's something...

..that I will never forget,
writing your name down.

OK. Um, Marky.

That day after the challenge
when we got back to camp,

I said, "Bro, I've us."
We could have sent Chrissy home...

You know, we shook on it, we said,
"Great, right. Let's go."

My question is at what point
did you then go away from that

and change your vote to me,
you know?

Why did you take that option
when I was willing to just back you

and let's go one more together
and pitch next to you, man?

Yep. I knew at some point I was
gonna have to make a play on you.

And I knew when you came up to me,
I felt like your pitch was gonna be,

"Let's go Chrissy."

And I knew at that point,
for the first time in 46 days,

I was gonna look you in the face
and lie to you and say,

"Of course, mate,
I'll do it with ya."

And I had no intention
of following through.

And as heartbreaking as that was,

it was a move I-I had to make
at that late stage.

Part of the reason was,

when I'd spoken to Harry that day
at the challenge,

I realised I had a choice to make,
it was gonna be either

going after and supporting my family
or having you there at the end

and I chose my family.
And I hope you understand.


You're up.

On this jury stands...

..well, sits... (CHUCKLES)

..some...players who love this game,

who, like, genuinely love this game,

but for a whole range of reasons,
we now sit on the bench

and have the most important decision
ahead of us.

And whilst there probably
is a degree of bias,

I actually take this role
really seriously.

Chrissy, what does this mean to you,
coming into it, to go for this title

and what does it mean now to be on,
potentially, the precipice of it?

What does winning Sole Survivor
and taking the title mean to me?

It will far outsee anything that
I even thought I was capable of.

I came on here,
this is Croc's bucket list.

I came on here with...

..nearly no idea what
I was getting myself into

and every day, I learnt off the best
in the business.

What does it mean?

It means that I absolutely
have smashed it

far further than I thought
I ever could.

Alright, Jesse.

What would you like to ask?



Me and my brother, um, you know,
we were fully committed

to you and Sammy

and you were able to build
a lot of trust there,

uh, which really led
to my blindside.

That was completely unsuspecting.

I didn't think that was coming.

You came in here
as an ex-SAS soldier,

115 kilo, you're 6'3",
you're a returning player

AND you performed the first
blindside of the game,

removing Andy.

Yet somehow,
you were still underestimated.

I think people don't see how massive
a game you played.

So could you just expand
a little bit more for me

about how managing your threat level
throughout the entire game

has allowed you to sit
in that position right now?

Very...very good question.
And, uh, well considered.

I think one of the ways I did it was
try and be as social as possible

and build tight links with people.

You bring a lot of trust in
with that.

I formed genuine connections
with just about everyone here.

Also, really trying to
lower my physical threat profile,

so keeping myself low.

I was on my back as much
as I could be.

I was in the water with just my head
sticking out as much as I could be.

And then, the time I was tagged
later as a threat,

I can't remember who did it,
but they basically said -

oh, it was you, Jordie?

You basically said, "Yeah, Mark
and Sam, they're threats."

I was like,
"Yeah, absolutely, we are."

And I think just being open
like that is disarming

'cause people connect the dots,

like, "I thought he might be
threatening. He's admitting to it.

"OK, no worries,
I know what I'm dealing with."

And it worked
because I didn't get my first vote

until we were 31 days in.

And that was the longest stretch
of time for anyone in this game.

And so I'm really proud of that.

And I really thought
about everything I did.

And everything I did was deliberate

and aimed at that one strategy.

Which was to win.

Perfectly answered.

And, you know, full respect.

You know, game respect game,
and to be honest,

we still look up to you
as a role model

and someone we wanna be more like.

So I appreciate that.
Thank you, mate.

Alright, jury, you should have
all the information you need now

to decide who you think deserves
the title of Sole Survivor

and the $500,000 that goes with it.

Remember, tonight,
you are voting for a winner.

For the last time,
it is time to vote.

Alright, jury, you should have
all the information you need now

to decide who you think deserves
the title of Sole Survivor

and the $500,00 that goes with it.

Remember, tonight,
you are voting for a winner.

For the last time... is...

..time to vote. Khanh....'re up.

I'm voting for you tonight because
you have the right to represent us.

Well played.
You played the most rounded game.

Got nothing but respect for ya.

You are not just my soul mate,

but you are my Sole Survivor
of this game.

I genuinely believe
you have played the best game

and on top of it,
it's been a privilege

to have played twice with you
on Survivor. vote's for you.

Just so much respect for you
as a person on Survivor

and even more respect for you
as a person who's survived.

And it's an honour to write down
your name tonight.

I'll go count the votes.

Well, there's no doubt this has been

an incredible season
of Blood v. Water.

The only thing left to do now
is read the votes.


..a moment like this really should be
shared with people you love the most.

Mark, are you ready to see
your little one?

Course, Jonathan.


GRANDMA: Love you.


What are you doing? Hello.

Sam, did you wanna come over
and say hello?

Harry just wants to say,
"I love you, Daddy.

"I love you, Mummy."

Look, it's Mummy.

Hello, darling.
OK, so who's taking care of Harry?

My mum, Christine.

So, Christine,

are you surprised that Mark
has got this far in the game?


Well, Mark promised me
he'd only be going a week.

One week, Mark.

And look how long -
nine weeks I've had this little boy.

Amazing. No, I'm not surprised
he's done so well.

He's a champion. A real champion.

That was the answer you were
hoping for, right, Mark?

I was hoping... Yeah, and
it's so great to see Harry.

We've been apart from him
for so long and, um...'s been the hardest run.

Really, it's the hardest thing we've
done and we just wanna come home.

Well, Mark, we've got some
more surprises for you tonight.

Come on in!

Oh, no way.

I didn't recognise you.

Where's Mark? Where's Mark?
You've lost so much weight!

SAM: Hi. How are you?

Mark, you wanna bring your family

Come on. Come on over.

Come over.

Can you introduce us?
Everyone, this is my dad, Robert.

ALL: Hello.
Hello, everybody.

And this is my stepmum, Jen.

So, Robert...

..Mark has said that he's out here,
playing this game for his son.

What's it like seeing your son
so close to realising a dream?

Oh, we thought he'd last five
minutes, so it's a shock, yeah.


Alright, Shay,

are you ready to see
some familiar faces?

Come on in!

Welcome! (LAUGHS)

Hello, gorgeous girl.

You look beautiful.
I can't believe you guys came.

What a surprise. (LAUGHS)


Mwah. You smell so good.

Don't smell me.
Come here.

Shay, bring 'em all over.

OK, come. Come and join.


Obviously, we know who Ben is.

Can you introduce us
to everyone else?

This is my mum, Anne.

She's dyed her hair extra pink
for this moment.


And my dad, Jean-Marc.

Jean-Marc, how proud are you
of your daughter right now?

Oh, absolutely.

There's no words that can describe
how proud I am.

Um, with Shayelle, she's tenacious.

And...she'll conquer whatever
she can that's in front of her.

Well, I can tell you
that the ballet paid off here.

Definitely did.

Alright, Chrissy, I know that
you're missing your kids.

Are you ready to see them?
Yeah, absolutely.

Come on in.


Shut up.

Come here.


Oh, that's cute!

Look how tall you are!

Look how tall you are!
What the heck?

I wish... I wanna...
Who's that?


Alright, Chrissy,
we know who Croc is,

but can you introduce us
to the rest of the crew?

Yeah, this is my little tribe.
This is Lulu.

She knew your name, that's so cute.

Uh, this is Mia-Moana
and Essie-bear.

These are my babies.

So, Croc, when you conned Chrissy

into coming out here
to play this game,

did you have any idea
that she would make it this far?

Absolutely not.

Not until about,
I reckon a week in

and seeing her every day
grow in confidence

and being able to play with her
and be on the same tribe

and see how she interacted
with everyone

and how much everyone loved her
and be really proud.

Like, all of us are so proud of her.

So, Lulu...

..what do you think about your mum
sleeping in the dirt for 47 days?

Um, I feel sad for her.

Oh, you feel sad for her?

It's pretty bad, Lulu.

I didn't like it.

Alright, Chrissy,
before I get to the votes,

what's going through your head
right now?

Oh, it's a lot, you know?

We just did the best we could do.

I did the most I could do with
the information that I had.

Had Croc in my corner,
had these guys by my side, so...

Yeah, it is... It is what it is.
It is what it is.

It is what it is. (CHUCKLES)

Mark, what's going through
your head right now?

Oh, it's pretty surreal.

I actually wasn't expecting
to have family here.

They've come a long way from WA,

so it's pretty special
to have them all here.

It's what we were playing for.

Shay, what would it mean to you
to win this game?


It would mean the respect
of the jury,

it would mean all the fight
was worth it.

(CHUCKLES) Yeah, I'm speechless.
It was so tough.

It was so much tougher than
I expected.

Um, so to be able to take that title
away is just tremendous.

It's massive.

Alright, let's get to it.

these votes are for a winner.

I'm gonna read the votes.

First vote...

That's four votes Mark.

That's five votes Mark.

Winner of Australian Survivor
Blood v. Water...


Sorry, mate, I don't smell great.


Well done.
Thanks, mate. I'm sorry, brother.

All good.

Thank you so much. I'm pumped.

This is my beautiful KJ.

Can you say hi, KJ?

Good man.

you are $500,000 richer.

Wow. Wow.
Sole Survivor.

I don't believe it.
Blood v. Water.


You deserve it, mate.
You deserve it.

Well done, mate. You played
an absolute cracker of a game.

You dominated challenges,

you played a really nice social game

and you played a kick-ass
strategic game.

How you managed to make people
not believe you had two idols

I still have no idea.

You outwitted,
you outplayed and you outlasted.

And that's the definition
of a Sole Survivor.

Tonight just shows what happens
when you bring knives to a gunfight.

Mission accomplished, soldier.

You owe me that steak, big man.

I could have written this down
hours ago.

So much respect for you
as a person on Survivor

and even more respect for you
as a person who's survived,

and it's an honour to write down
your name tonight.

and it was a pleasure

rolling through to the end
with you, mate.