Australian Survivor (2016–…): Season 7, Episode 23 - Episode #7.23 - full transcript

The end is nigh as five Castaways are whittled down to four. At the Immunity Challenge, everyone digs deep but one tribemate pulls out all the stops, giving them a great shot at being Sole Survivor.

JONATHAN: Previously
on Australian Survivor...

If your time's up, your time's up.

..just six players remain.


..Joker Jordie staked his game
on his relationship with Josh.

The Joker and Two-Face
working together -

isn't it amazing?

But Josh was playing both sides.

Me, you, KJ and Mark.

I want that four.

Josh was in control.

Josh can smell victory.

And that's it!

Josh wins!

And when he cruised to
a second straight immunity win...

A one-in-five shot
at winning this game.

..Mark worried he might be
the next target.

You can see why I'm nervous, right?

100%, bro.

You're trusting in me
to not flip on you.

Everyone thinks I've got an idol,
which is true.

I'm just asking once more.
I don't have one.

Their either wanna flush it
or they want to get me out.

Then at Tribal Council,
Mark came clean.

Jonathan, everyone keeps asking
if I have a second idol.

Finally! Guys!

But he could have held on
to his secret for another day...

18th person voted out of
Blood v Water, Jordie.

..with the Joker
finally folding his hand.

The tribe has spoken.

Five remain.

With just one vote left
before the crucial final challenge,

who will be going home tonight?


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I'm top 5 on Survivor.

Girl power.

I can't speak and I have to act
like it's really cool and normal.

But I'm losing my head.

SHAY: Mark, leave it.

And Mark flushed his idol
and he didn't even get one vote.

Like, where... How good is tonight?

I'm shaking.

I'll have to just be like,
"Good job, guys."

In my head, I'm like, "Ah!"


Then that big soldier of a thing
has been lying for days

about that damn second idol.

JOSH: Mark, did you say that?
(BLEEP), I did.

He played it for no reason.

Silly big soldier.


He was a good kid.

Yeah. Played it cool.
Played a sick game.

I don't think my game's
ever looked better.

I don't even think they know
how good my game looks.

My social game is on fire.

I have single-handedly strolled
my way through to the top 5

unnoticed and unscathed.

KJ and I are this tight.

Mark and I
are this tight.

Josh and I are like this tight.

And Shay's from the Sunshine Coast.

She's definitely gonna want
double action from me.

I'm telling you right now,
I'm top 3.

Tonight I'm top 3.




CHRISSY: How good is it?

SHAY: Hmm?

How good's a sleep-in?
So good.

Hi, girl.
KJ: Hiya.

It's life-changing, sleeping in.

Hey, someone do the calendar.
I haven't done it for ages.

MARK: Go do it.

Day 45. Survivor...


All the right way
and I just iced it.

We'd better do a...
No, J's already on there.

'Cause he came back
and then he came back

and then he came back.

So I'll just leave him.

MARK: Last night
I chose to play my idol

and the votes didn't come my way.

Sam blindsided her best buddy in
the game and took the idol from him.

She got it really well
and sacrificed her game

and I played it
really, really badly.

Now...I gotta deal
with this bloody mess.

It's pretty scary being
this close to the end

and not having
any protection at all.

If I get sent home now,
I'll be devastated.


Everyone was thinking
the same thing. Kind of.


'Case tonight's
the last idol use, right?

That would have been nuts.

MARK: I've been here before.

I've trained in this space.
I've fought in this space.

But it doesn't make it any easier.

I don't see this as being a game
that I'm playing

for my own personal amusement

and I'm going to win for my family.

Sacrificing time
with your loved ones,

especially a child that needs you, a big sacrifice.

HARRY: Hello, Daddy.


The only reason I came back

and left my
three-and-a-half-year-old boy behind

is to come and win.

It's tough because I miss him.

But at the same time,
I've got a job to do.


And I'll see him
when the job's done.

Playing the idol has put me
in the firing line,

but I'm gonna fight
till the last minute.


..that's what soldiers do.

My strategy is to make sure I have
the right people I need at the end

so I can win the game.

Push that.






That's right.

JOSH: The game plan today
is simple - we need to beat Shay.

If we can stop Shay
winning the necklace,

then we can vote Shay out tonight.

I'd love to make top 3
with Chrissy and Mark.

I want to keep KJ around
for this one.

Then we just send her home
the following vote.



JOSH: Shay's obviously
a great physical threat.

She's a yoga master,
she's lithe and she's super-fit,

so I'm looking ahead
to the next challenge

and the last challenge in Survivor.

Generally it's some sort of
torture, endurance event

and Shay has proven that she's really
good at those, so Shay has to go.

When you get to the end,

there's two approaches
that people like to sprout.

You know, people are saying,
"Oh, don't you want to take the best

"and pitch against the best?"

And I look at past games and I go,
"Who's done that? No-one."

Because when you get that close
to $500,000,

you need to stack the deck
in your favour

and do whatever it takes to win.

I'm gonna have a family
to provide for now

and I want that money now.

KJ: In this game, I've never really
had a strong long-term alliance.

Last night,
I voted with the majority,

but I guarantee you

Josh and Mark will
send me home tomorrow.

So, I need to really
get thinking of endgame.

My ultimate goal is to go home
to my three children

and say, "Mummy won Survivor."

I would love to make the Final Three
with Chrissy and Shay.

There's three very powerful women
left behind

and if we do get our games aligned,

we can be
an incredibly powerful force.

But the challenge is going to be

that Chrissy's incredibly close
to Josh and Mark.

So, we just need Chrissy to see

what the path forward
would look like without them.

Just quietly.
Yeah. What's going on?

Obviously, the challenge.


No, I don't know.

I think she may take Mark.

I may be in the minority,

but never discount the underdog.

Yeah, we've certainly put ourself
here with the best,

so if you're gonna be the best,
you'd better beat them.

Yeah. Let's do it.

Anything's possible.

I've got to be really positive about
this and I've got to power through.

I think we're in a strong position.
We've got the numbers.

But I need Shay to stick around

'cause she's part of my plan
to take out one of the boys.


Oh, a lot of pressure today.

Like, if I don't win that necklace,
I am going home.




Yeah. Yeah.

The only way right now
that I can get to the end

is to win the next necklace
and then win the next necklace.

Because I've been told

no-one wants me at the end.


I think the others
should be a little worried.

I'm definitely the top threat
for the final challenge.

My yoga and meditation have
contributed massively to the game

and made me feel like
I have the strength to get through.

So it feels like that
has led me to this point.

Because I've just been at
the bottom, been through Purgatory

and I hurt on every level
that's possible to hurt.

Today's not really about wanting
to win the immunity necklace.

I need to win it.
Otherwise I'm going home.

That's so much pressure
on my shoulders,

but that's all I've got.

I can only fight to the end,

so I just need to keep Ben
and my family in my head

because they're the ones
that motivate me.

I'm so close to going home
and seeing them

and I wanna be able to say
that I won those last two necklaces.

It's gonna be tough, but it is
within reach and I'm not giving up.

And that's why I deserve to be
Sole Survivor.



Come on in!

And then there were five.

So, Chrissy, are you happy with
who you woke up next to today?

I'm so happy!
I had the best night's sleep ever.

Yep. Bring it on. Final Five.

Shay, do you need immunity today?

Or are your relationships enough
to carry you through?

Yeah, I definitely need
immunity today.

If that necklace
isn't around my neck tonight,

you're probably gonna be
snuffing my torch.

Alright, shall we get to
today's Immunity Challenge?


Thank you.

Once again,
immunity is back up for grabs.

For today's challenge...'re gonna drop a ball
into the top of a maze,

run down to catch it at the bottom

and then feed it back in at the top.

At regular intervals,
you'll add an additional ball,

making it more difficult.

At any point your ball drops,
you're out of the challenge.

Last person standing wins immunity,
safe from the vote.

Losers - Tribal Council,

where somebody's gonna become the
19th person voted out of this game.

Let's draw for spots.
Let's get this thing rolling.



Here we go.

SHAY: Good luck.
CHRISSY: Good luck.

For immunity, survivors, ready?


Need to grab a ball,

drop it into the top of the maze.

This first one is nice and easy.

Give you a chance to figure out
how this works.

Shay...counting the seconds.

Doing the math in her head.
20, 21...

Do this for a few minutes

before we start to turn up the heat.

Definitely at the pointy end
of the game now.

You win this challenge

and you'll have secured your spot
in the Final Four.

That is one step closer
to that half-million bucks.

So close you can almost smell it.

Chrissy and Josh
trying to stay in sync.

Let's see how long
they can keep that up for.

Alright, you've had a few minutes to
figure out the timing of the ball,

timing of the stairs.

We're now gonna go ahead
and add a second ball.

You have 60 seconds starting now.

Eight seconds to get up.

Your placement is critical here.

In this challenge,
just like in the game of Survivor,

timing is everything.

Shay has her second ball in the maze.

Now it becomes about spacing.

Making sure you have enough time
between the balls

to get up and down the stairs
without dropping one.

You now have 30 seconds.

All it takes is one mistake...

..and you're out of this challenge.

10 seconds.



Seven. Six. Five.
17. 18. 19.





Everyone has their second ball
in the maze.

Now you need to start
thinking about the timing.

Gotta go! Gotta go!

'Cause that's gonna determine how
much time you have to get back down

and catch it
before it hits your tile.

Everyone counting.

Everyone trying to figure out
the perfect timing.

All your timing's gonna change
as we add additional balls.

Alright, we're gonna add
a third ball.

I'm gonna give you 60 seconds
to add a third ball.

Starting now!


KJ first to drop.

Out of the challenge.
No shot at immunity.

Just to rub salt in the wound.


Josh and Chrissy
trying to stay in sync.


Josh and Chrissy
drop in their third ball.

Marks drops in his third ball.

Shay has three balls in the maze.

Everyone has three balls now.

The pace has picked up.

You don't wanna stitch yourself up

so you don't have enough time
to get back down.

Oh, no!

One mistake and that's it.
The ball will drop. You're out.

JOSH: Oh, shit!

Just like that, Josh is out!

And now we're down to three.

We're down to Chrissy...


Come on, Chrissy, let's go.

..and Mark.

Don't let the rhythm of those balls
distract you.

Nothing easy about this challenge.
You are in constant motion.

Up and down.
Up and down those stairs.

Trying to keep track of the timing
between your balls.

Am I too early?

Perfect. Your timing's perfect.

Josh trying to give Chrissy
some advice.

Go, Chrissy, easy, easy.
KJ: Come on, it's OK.

Yeah, that's good.

Josh's turn
to help out Chrissy today.

Alright, here we go. You've got
60 seconds to drop in a fourth ball.

SHAY: Six, seven, eight, nine, ten.

Shay has four balls in the maze.

Mark has four balls in.

Now you're gonna have
to adjust your timing

to accommodate that next ball.

Your placement is critical here.

This is where the challenge
is gonna be won or lost.

Come on, Chrissy!
You've got to run up hard, OK?

Drop it and then wait.

You have 15 seconds.

Quick, quick, quick. Drop.

Wait, wait, wait.


Chrissy drops in four balls,
but she has some very close spacing.

Chrissy has four balls in,
Shay has four balls in,

Mark has four balls in.

Spacing is critical now.

Come on, Chrissy. You got this.

These two are gonna be tight,
so you gotta be careful.

Oh, no!

Chrissy has two balls close together.

That would be impossible
for her to get back.

She's not even gonna bother.

Chrissy...out of the challenge.

It's now down to Mark...

..and Shay.

Only guarantee you will see tomorrow

is to walk out of here
wearing that necklace.

Mark determined to get that necklace.

Come on, Mark!

Shay...determined to stop him.

Your spacing needs to be perfect
right now.

Mark's timing is tight.

Mark's in trouble now too.

Mark has some very close spacing.

Can he get to that last ball?

Gets down. He saves it.

Oh, he drops it!


Oh! Jeez.

That's it.
Mark's out of the challenge.

And Shay wins individual immunity!

Oh! No way!


Are you serious?

KJ: She's unbelievable.
Are you serious?


KJ: Well done.

I talked to myself the whole way.
That was insane.

Just counting
and, like, telling myself,

"Don't stop here.
Second drop there."

Shay, come on over.
JOSH: Yeah, mate.

Well done.
You worked hard. Congratulations.

Second individual immunity win.

But right when you said you needed it
most. How does that feel?

Yeah, really good.

I feel like these guys
are probably cranky now

'cause this could be bad news
for them.

It is bad news.

Well, you are safe tonight,
cannot be voted out.

Guaranteed a one-in-four shot
at winning this game.

As for the rest of you,
Tribal Council tonight,

where somebody's gonna become

the 19th person voted out
of Blood v Water.

Won't be you. Well done.

Head back to camp.
We'll see you tonight.

MARK: Oh, I was so devastated
to lose that challenge.

I thought it was one I could win

and I just made one mistake
and that's all it takes.

Literally one mistake
will cost you a challenge

and it can cost you your game.

I really have to work hard to
make sure I'm not a target tonight.


SHAY: Of all of
the individual Immunity Challenges,

today's, for me,
was the most important one...

..because it felt like my life
was on the line.

Well done, woman.
Thank you.

What actually happened to yours?

Very good, good, good.
It wasn't mentioned.

Oh, I just had them too close.
Too close together.

So you were sprinting up the stairs?
Oh! Hot mess.

I was pretty much picturing myself
getting my torch snuffed.

And here I am wearing the necklace,
safe from tonight's vote.

Well done, honestly.
That was... That was really hard.

To make it to the top four,
for me, means everything.

JOSH: Congratulations.
Thank you.

A guaranteed one-in-four chance
of being Sole Survivor.

What happened to you, Joshy?
I saw you, I was like, "What?"

JOSH: What an idiot!

Yeah, cooked it.

The vibe in camp
is a little dark and gloomy.

Oh, yay, beans are good!

The lookout's gonna be busy.


After I've come back
with the necklace around my neck,

people are freaking out
because I was obviously the plan

and there was no contingency,
I don't think.

I might get some...

The chopping block is busy tonight.

There could be Josh, there could
be Mark and there could be KJ.

I know, going forward, the last
person I want to stand next to

in the final Tribal is Josh,

so I stand pretty strongly by
my vote for Josh.

We are snookered yet again.

Do you talk to yourself
in the challenges?

KJ: Absolutely!

I find myself saying like, "Go
again. Soft and smooth." (LAUGHS)

Yeah. I don't know. Really weird.

JOSH: I missed out on individual
immunity today and I'm shattered.

I'm disappointed in myself.

Are you gonna exfoliate
your hair off?

I'll do my abs when you go.
I don't want you to be embarrassed.

If the three girls
actually team up tonight,

then it's either me or Mark
going home.

I'm very wary of Mark
and I know he's got to go eventually,

but if Mark goes home tonight, I'll
be the number one target tomorrow.

Who else? (BLEEP).




He knows that
we're snookered together.

The girls are gonna take
all the girls to the top three.

So he'll be keen to work with me
to vote out KJ.

And then I've got Chrissy
who's my number one

and everyone thinks
they're tight with Chrissy,

but I'm the tightest with Chrissy
and I know that for a fact,

so we gotta just keep Chrissy in line
for another couple of days.

We need to take back control
of the numbers

by me, Mark, Chrissy
putting three votes onto KJ.

Me and Mark are snookered.

And we have to go KJ.

So we would like you to come to KJ.

Me and Mark will stay in the game.

OK? You know, I know I don't have to
ask, but I would prefer that option.


But I've go think of that resume.

You know.

I've got you, but I've gotta have...
It's a big call.

..a little bit of me.

Puts me in a trickier spot.
I know.


But that's it. That's the game.
That's your call.



KJ: Shay's been wanting to
vote out Josh as well

because she's very aware that
if Josh is sitting there at the end,

he most likely will win this.

Are you 100% on board?
I was already gonna go Josh.

'Cause we all know,
at the end of the day,

he's the one person
that'd take out this game.

KJ: The plan tonight hinges on
a locked-in third vote.

It just needs one more.

I'm really tight with Chrissy.

I would ask her to vote
with us tonight,

but her ultimate loyalty out here
is to Josh.

If she knows that the votes
are going Josh's way,

she's going to tell him
and it could blow up our plan.

But Shay and I have a plan B.

We all good, mate?


Man, that was annoying.

Ohh. Honestly.

What are you gonna do today?


Oh, come on.

The issue for me is, if we go to four
and I'm the only guy,

I know I'm cooked. I don't win.

This is my last great acting piece
I've got to roll out

and it is the Josh vote.

I'm totally OK with it.
OK. Shay's good.


Shay's coming back here.

I don't want Josh going home

'cause it means when we go four
and Shay wins, I'll go home.

I want Josh with me at the four

because when Shay wins,
it'll be Josh that goes.

Yeah. Let's do it.

'Cause if he wins next...

I have to convince them
that they vote for Josh

and then us three - me, Josh
and Chrissy - load up on KJ.


Just tell me where...where you
want it and I'll work with you.


If it's not me, I don't care.

I think they've taken the bait.

Right. So here we are.

Chin up.
Chin up?

It's a shit position to be in.
Stop being a sook. Game on, miss.

We knew that
it was gonna get brutal.

I'm very well aware of how close
Mark, Josh and Chrissy are,

and for him to turn against them,
I don't really believe him.

So we need a plan C -
to vote for Mark.

What are you doing?
Basically it's me, Josh, Mark.

You'll have to write down one of us.

What does Shay think?
She doesn't want to write me.

Oh, of course she doesn't.
I don't want to write you.

She wants to do one of the two boys.

Alright. So, Shay writes Mark.

So, do you wanna...
do you wanna tell me

who you're writing, just so I know?

At this stage, I'm writing Mark.

It's a huge moral dilemma tonight
for Chrissy.

I said on day 2, "I won't write
your name." I haven't yet.


Eventually, you have to turn
inwards. There is only one winner.


I have not for one second

been heavy, hard-out,
meticulous strategy.

I've just cruised through
with little strategies

to get me to where I am now.

Social was the only thing
I came in with. The only thing.

I need to make a big move
with the jury to seal the win.

If I don't do one big thing,

it could possibly think that I've
been the weakest link in the game.

I'm gonna have to put my big girl
undies on and step up tonight.

It's do or die.

It's time. I've got to have a crack.


Oh, yeah, 100%.

It's like you're in a schoolyard.

I've got my two boy best friends
that wanna take out the girls.

And I've got my two girls
that wanna take out one of my boys.

Do you wanna just get fire and
I'll just put the rice on and go?

If I make a big move tonight, which
would be to take out a powerhouse,

one of the people that I have
single-handedly teamed up with

and made my new loved one, I reckon
that the jury would respect it

because this would be my move.




Yeah, 100%.

This is probably the most worried
I've been at this stage of the game.

We've got such little numbers that
your name's gonna get floated anyway.

But I'm in a decent spot if I can
get Chrissy to do the KJ vote.

If she goes with the girls tonight
and votes Mark,

then she's putting my game
in jeopardy tonight.

You can never take
anything for granted.

It's not a good feeling.


MARK: What did Chrissy
say initially?

Is she on the fence or not?

I think... I think she actually might
be a little bit on the fence, bro.

I think she is.

CHRISSY: Ay-yi-yi!
Need to settle that.

Chrissy isn't as silly
as she makes herself out to be.

She knows what's happening.

The skills I learned
in the military,

especially the intelligence
collection... to talk to people, how to tell
if they're lying or not... to look for ticks
and small things that people do

that give away when they're
telling the truth or not.

Chrissy is super nervous today,
which is making me nervous.

Can we eat?


Canary in a coalmine.

Every time. Hey, I'm not being
led out to a firing squad, am I?

Maybe... (CHUCKLES)
I don't know.

Maybe I am!

Ooh! I'm nervous.

If Chrissy's not with me tonight,

that could be the end,
could be curtains for me.

I might have to vote with the girls
and vote Josh for real.

SHAY: Yeah.

Did you talk to her again?

Uh, I had about 20 seconds with her
before Josh, 'cause he was trailing.

She was whispering. She was nervous.

I'm like, "Just stop talking
about it."

What would Sam tell you to do,
do you reckon?


She wanted Josh gone
a long time ago.

I know. Are you...
So we're locked in?

I'm locked in. I'm doing it.
We're doing this. This is good.

KJ: Ooh, yeah!

Quick. Come and have
some cheeky rice.

He has never...been uncomfortable
until now.

And I'm, like, "Welcome to
me and Shay's whole game."

Whatever happens, like,

I just don't know
that Chrissy's gonna stick to it.

Mark, um...

There's just more chance.

I just want to be the girls
at the end.

Yeah. And we're so close.



In this game,
when control gets taken away,

it's quite a strange feeling
and a bit scary.

I'm in a decent spot if I can get
Chrissy to do the KJ vote.

But Chrissy wants to do a big move.

It's day 45. There's half a million
dollars on the line.

My kids have been without their mum.
My husband's been running the show.

Maybe the biggest move you can make
is do the absolute complete opposite

to how you have played the game
and just blow their socks off.

I needed to wait for the right time
to strike.

And then pow-pow!

So, it's goodnight, see ya, soldier,
and it's game on.

JONATHAN: What goes on
when the torches go out?

exclusively at



We'll now bring in our jury -

Khanh, Mel, Jesse, Michelle,

Jordan, Sam, Juicy...

..and Jordie.

So, Josh.

Shay said her win today
was bad news for everyone.

Was it bad news for you?

Um, I think it's at the point now
where, you know,

we sort of had an idea
of the top four

and Shay's thrown that to, uh...

..into the fire, essentially.

So, good on her and now we have
to figure out what we want to do.

So, you've just come
straight out and said

that Shay wasn't part of the plan
for the top four.

It's nothing personal towards Shay.

It's just Shay is that good at
the challenges we're expecting,

you know, coming up.

Shay, is it as simple as that?
You're just too good at challenges?

It's not too good at challenges.

I think it's just a particular type
of challenge.

It's expected that
the last challenge

is going to be something painful

and I endured a lot of pain

and I might have more of a shot
than the average person.

So, Mark, you almost got
the necklace today.


You've used both your idols.

Are you feeling
a little vulnerable tonight?

I loaned you that idol
in good faith, Jonathan,

and I'd like it back tonight,
if that's OK.


I went out today to compete and win,

and, uh, you know,
Shay won fair and square,

so, yeah, I'm as vulnerable
as everyone else is.

No more tricks.

So, Chrissy, do you think Mark is
right in being worried about tonight?

It could be anyone's name
on the list.

Could we still see
a blindside tonight?

Um, yeah, absolutely we could.



So, Shay, did that necklace make you
very popular this afternoon?

Um, there were some chats, yeah.
There was definitely some chats.


Did you hear anything this afternoon
that worked for you

or were the...or were the pitches
a little more self-serving?



Sorry. It's hard to concentrate...
when there's whispering.

Um...can you say...

What do you think's
going on back there?

Oh, just probably going over

the several different conversations
this afternoon.

I think no-one's truly set
on where they're voting tonight.

Really? Even with five people?

So, Chrissy, how much of tonight's
vote is about keeping someone

that you want to sit next to
at the end?

Well, it's all about that, isn't it?

But it's as usual, signature by me,
the old heart versus head and...

..they're both pulling
completely different ways, so...

You know, I wanna
stand next to people

who I've done this whole journey
with the whole way, you know?

I probably wouldn't be here
if it wasn't for them.

Then I also have got to think about,
you know,

the sacrifices I've made to be here

and maybe I've got to go hard

and lock in someone I think
that's a little less threatening.

Which way do you think
you're gonna vote tonight -

your heart or your head?

$500,000 question, isn't it?

It could be.

I'll shout it out
on my way down there.

KJ, could tonight's vote be
a game-changing move for someone?

Absolutely it could be.

This could be the icing on the cake
for someone's resume tonight.

Do you think people here

are considering
what the jury is thinking

at this stage when they're
trying to decide their vote?

Yes. You'd be mad not to.


You know, they want to see us
play the game that we all love.

They want to see us do it justice.

But as a group, yeah, I think
we do have to think about that.

There's only two days left

and there's so much going on,
as you can see now.

Is it a concern
that those conversations

have not involved you yet?

Um, yeah, it is,
but I'm used to that now

and I know my head is firmly
on the chopping block tonight.

Tonight could be it.

Why would you be the target
this evening?

Because Shay's wearing the necklace.

And...these three are very tight.

Mark, is that true?

We have been tight for a long while.

But, um, every alliance gets tested

at some point in this game.

You think it'll get tested tonight?

Yeah, I do.
You do?

What about you, Josh?

Do you think the alliance
is gonna get tested tonight?

Oh, it's being tested right now,

but if you say you're gonna do
something with someone

the whole way through the game

and then you face a hurdle
at the last point,

do you just drop the game
and change it up?

Or do you find a way
around the hurdle?

If I'm here tomorrow,
I'll be backing myself against Shay.

And if I get that win,

I'm gonna take my two that,
you know, I've said I'm gonna take.

You keep talking about Shay

like she's the only person
you need to worry about tomorrow.

Is that how you feel?

I think that's just been the
narrative. Look at this guy here.

He's an absolute weapon as well.

And look at these two, if they
tap into that motherly strength...

And know, they're
gonna have some drive as well.

Everyone's gonna be fighting
for something different tomorrow.

So, Chrissy, earlier you said

you're not sure if you're gonna vote
with your head or your heart.

What do you think
the jury's gonna do?


Can I ask them?



Not tonight.

I know there's some massive fans
and some big players over there,

so they're definitely
gonna appreciate big moves

and good resumes.

Let's hope that
whatever I do tonight,

they go, "Yep,
that's really, really, really loyal

"or really, really, really brave."

So, are you saying it's not too late
to put a big move on your resume?

Is that what you're saying?

Well, maybe.

Sooner or later, I've gotta be
a little bit unpredictable, I guess.

Maybe it's time.

So, Josh, are you voting
with your head or your heart tonight?

I'm voting with both, you know.
They align for me tonight.

KJ, head or heart tonight?

All head tonight, yes.

What about you, Shay?

80% head.

80% head?

Mark, where are you at?

I'm voting with my gut tonight,

OK, I didn't give you that option,
but OK.

But I think've got
to trust your instincts.

I thought about tomorrow
and the next day

and, uh, I believe I landed
on a pretty good option.

So I'll be voting
based on that option.

Alright, well, I think
it is time to find out

where this vote is gonna land.

It is time to vote.



Alright, well,

I think it is time to find out
where this vote is gonna land.

Josh, you're up.

I might finally
get you tonight, mate.

Not sure what's gonna happen,
but I think it might get ya.

Pffft! Head versus heart.
Story of my life.

Head versus heart.
Head versus heart.

I'll go count the votes.

If anyone has a hidden immunity idol
and they'd like to play it,

now would be the time to do so.

I haven't got any.

No more tricks. (LAUGHS)

I'll read the votes.

First vote - Mark.



Two votes KJ, one vote Mark.


One vote Mark, two votes KJ,
one vote Josh.

One vote left.


We're tied.
Two votes KJ, two votes Josh.

Alright. This is how it's gonna work.

We are gonna revote.

KJ and Josh, you will not vote.

Everyone else,
you can only vote for KJ or Josh.

Chrissy, come grab the urn.

You got it?

What are you doing to me?


Sorry, sis.

You shouldn't have changed
your vote.

I don't want KJ to go.

I'll go count the votes.

I'll read the votes.

First vote - Josh.


That's one vote Josh, one vote KJ,
one vote left.

19th person voted out
of Blood v Water...


That's OK. All good. Thanks.

You need to bring me your torch.

Hey, Jonathan.

We meet again.
Yeah, we do.

KJ, the tribe has spoken.
Yeah, they have.

Thank you so much, guys.

I came in here with a strategy
of listen more than I talk,

and I'm really glad I stuck to it

because I got to hear
from some really incredible people.

It's gonna be a pleasure to
watch you play. Alright.

Love you, mate. Take care.
See ya, Kage.

Well, with two days to go,
the summit is in sight.

The question is, will your game scale
new heights or go into freefall?

Grab your torches, head back to camp.


MARK: A close one, buddy.


Tomorrow night
on Australian Survivor,

just four remain.





Ahead of them,

an epic challenge of endurance...

Shoulders are gonna hurt.

Hands are gonna hurt.

..that will push them
right to their limits...

What a game.
What a game.

..and set the stage...

..for a fierce...

There's no way this close
we're gonna give up control.

..and highly charged endgame.

MARK: When I go to something
like this and I leave my boy behind,

he's only three and a half,
I come to win.

And for the first time ever
on Australian Survivor,

a Final Three will pitch to the jury.

Alright, these votes
are for a winner.

Who will be voted Sole Survivor?

Sophie would be
fist pumping right now.

She was in my thoughts a lot

and I channelled a lot of her
"Don't give a shit" attitude

and just power on,
just to a lesser degree.

There's a strong young woman
still sitting on that tribe

that could potentially take out this
title that they didn't want there.

I think Shay is gaining some real
momentum. That girl is tough.

If one of the underdogs
is gonna take out the title,

she's the right person to do it.