Australian Survivor (2016–…): Season 4, Episode 8 - Episode #4.8 - full transcript

Who is controlling the game? Will their antics soon be uncovered? Will they fall victim to their own success or are they still calling the shots?

Are you wondering how healthy the food you are eating is? Check it -
with AK in control,

outcasts Locky and Tara
fought for survival at Samatau.

I don't understand why you'd want
to move forward with that person.

But with bad blood running deep,
Tara knows her time is running out.

At Asaga...

OK, run. Run, run!

..the camp was on the run. Mark set out to avenge
his close ally Sam.

Revenge is really important,
and I kind of want blood.

Go, Sarah! That it!

When Asaga lost
the Immunity Challenge...

Anneliese wins it for Samatau!

..Mark found friends
in Luke and Jericho.

And together they tried
to break up the power couple

of Henry and Jacqui.

It's really an eye for an eye,

and that'd actually be
pretty awesome.

But, come Tribal Council,
ex-soldier Mark was outmanoeuvred.

Seventh person voted out
from Australian Survivor...

Henry getting rid
of yet another rival.

Mark, the tribe has spoken.

You guys were a great crew.
See you soon.

17 are left.

Who will be voted out tonight?

So, tonight, um, Mark went home,
seven votes to three.

He basically outed me and Jacqui
as a power couple -

which is 100% true.

And well done for him fighting,

but I hope nobody believed
what Mark was saying.

Oh, for God's sake!
Stop raining, God!

To see Mark gone
is really upsetting,

because Mark's the fire guy.

He's a shelter guy.
He's a machete guy.

He's a challenge guy.

I'm upset about it.

And so I decided...


..if everyone's going to decide
that Mark goes out...

..then the fire goes out.

The minute you vote out
somebody like Mark...'re voting based on vengeance.

And if you're gonna play like that,
then I'm gonna play like that.

There is no Asaga
in my blood anymore.

I am completely disowning them,

and there is gonna be a bloodbath
for every single one of these guys.

I don't care what happens.

I just want them to suffer.

the greatest game ever.

It's pretty much like
the ultimate adventure.

But my head's
pretty all over the place.

I had a quick time
for a fish this morning.

Dive under the water...

..just takes everything away.

I just love swimming around
as long as you can underwater.

It's free,

and just completely took my mind
off just everything.

But, here in Survivor,
you're never really out of the game.

I'm on the complete bottom now.

I'm not usually on
the bottom of anything.

So, it just means
I need to work harder.

Did you catch
something, Lock?


I came into this game
wanting to be a provider,

wanting to be a strength,

but I could be the next one going.

It's a tough pill to swallow.

In my alliance I've got Tara,
who I feel pretty solid with,

and then Anneliese.

But the alliance that are on top
at the moment is...

AK's definitely running the show.

He's amazing. He can
get people to do anything.

Tessa calling some shots.

Petey just being stringed along
like a little puppet.

Jarrad waiting for his move.

And Ziggy just going along with the
flow, seeing how far she can get.

Why they would follow AK over me
is weird.


It's killing me!

For me to make it further
in the game

I need to get Ziggy on my side.

Ziggy, from my view, is on
the outside of their alliance.

I see she's struggling to follow AK.

She's annoyed with him just
sitting around, doing nothing.

So I definitely think she's gonna be
someone that I can flip.

She can kind of be the swing vote.


AK's super dangerous

and he has the ability
to, like, just cut my throat

without me even knowing -
like, from behind.

We have to get to him
before he gets to us.

But timing is everything
in Survivor.


Yep. That makes sense.
Alright. Awesome.

I know that I'm in a really
powerful position right now

and I know that I could make
some big game-changing move

and get AK out of here.

I have the power to totally
turn this game on its head.

This morning,
we all woke up...

The fire's completely out.

But...I don't care.

Everyone can starve.

I know, but...
It sucks.

Mark went home.

I think we've lost
a strong team member

just purely 'cause two people
want to be calling the shots.

Stuff that, man.

But they all look at me like,
"Luke, when do we start the fire?"

You know? Ugh.

Part of me's like...

..I don't even want to start a fire.

Nah, me either.

They want to get rid of Mark, then
vote him out and see what happens.

Rely on old Luke, Mr Fire God,
to take over? No way!

Yeah, I'm like, "You know
where the flint is. You do it."

You voted out Mark,
you start the fire.

I don't trust Jacqui.
I don't trust Henry.

I don't trust them
from a bar of soap.

I'm just gonna beeline
for Henry, I think, eh.

As soon as I get the chance,

Henry's gone.

Come on in, guys.

Samatau, take a look
at the new Asaga tribe.

Mark voted out
at the last Tribal Council.


Anneliese, you had
a big reaction to that.

It's a complete shock from our side.

I think we said, as a joke,
that it would be Mark,

because we felt like
he was the least likely.

Jericho, losing Mark -

what impact do you think that's
gonna have on future challenges?

We kind of weighed that out,

and I hope that we're
still Asaga strong

and that we can still
win challenges without him.

You don't sound very convinced
by your own argument right there.

I think last night,
it was unnecessary, but, uh...

I would be lying if I say
I wasn't gutted, but... happens.

Alright, you guys ready to get to
today's Reward Challenge?


Alright, for today's challenge,

six of you will transport a ball
on a small platform

through an obstacle course.

If you drop the ball, you have to go
back to the start of that obstacle.

Once you're through,

the final two tribe members
will shoot the ball at targets.

The first tribe to hit
all four targets wins reward.

Want to know
what you're playing for?


The winning tribe will get
to spend the afternoon

at the stunning Sliding Rocks
of Papase'ea...

..where you'll get
to pamper yourself

with soap, shampoo, conditioner.

You'll get to brush your teeth
with toothpaste.

- There'll even be razors there.
- Yes!

Plus...'ll get to snack
on cheese and crackers...

Cheese. Cheese. Cheese.

..and wash it all down
with champagne.



- Worth playing for?
- Yes!

Asaga, you have an extra player.

You're gonna need to sit
someone out. Who's it gonna be?

I think it should be me.
I'll sit out.

Are you sure?
Yeah, I'll sit out.

I'll sit out.

Jacqui, you're on the bench today.

Everyone else, a minute to
talk about it, and we'll get to it.

Throwing for Samatau,
it's AK and Locky.

For Asaga, it's Kent and Henry.

Survivors ready?


Alright, let's suss it out
a bit here first.

This challenge is
all about teamwork.

OK, wait, wait. Before we lift it...

You need to work together
to keep that platform level.

First up, you need to get it
over a balance beam.

Alright, me and Ben
will guide youse

because, obviously, youse can't see.

You need to communicate.

You need to vary the lengths
of the pieces of rope.

Slow it down a little bit.

Just slow it down a bit.

Asaga slightly ahead.

Keep going, Jerry.

If that ball drops off,

you've got to go back
to the start of the obstacle.

Jerry... Whoa! Whoa!
And that's it.

Just as I said that,
Asaga has to go back...

Is that better?
..opening the door for Samatau.

Pull it tight.
Slow and steady might win this one.

Don't worry - we've got it.

Um, Peter,
can you pull yours tighter?

Every time Asaga drops that ball,
they fall further behind.

Hold it tight. Nice and tight.
Luke taking charge for Asaga.

Right, there we go.

You need to work together, Asaga.

Everyone, shuffle. Keep shuffling.

Keep shuffling.

Hold, hold, hold, hold.
Hold. Hold. Hold!

Asaga loses it again.

They need to go back.

Samatau has a big lead
at this stage.

Go, Samatau. Nice and easy.

Asaga's really having trouble
keeping that ball on the platform.

It takes a lot of coordination.

Hold, hold, hold, hold.
Hold. Hold!

Pull it tight! Pull it tight, Ben!
Towards you, Ben.

Ben, you've gotta pull it tight.
Oh, OK.

Asaga starting to panic.
You need to hold it together.

Alright, Jarrad? Ready?

Samatau's almost at the end
of the balance beam.

Everyone's gotta be off
the balance beam and on the mat.

And...we're safe. We're safe.

Samatau through the first obstacle.

They're living on to the next -
it's a steep ramp.

Oop. Hold, hold, hold, hold.
Got it.

Alright, yep.
Good boy.

Alright, let's go.

Slow. Slow.
That's it. Just slow.

Asaga's closing the gap.

Alright, stop. Stop.

Everyone ready?

Samatau had a nice lead, but...
Keep going.

..they seem to be squandering it.

Slow. Slow. I'm gonna go down.

Asaga's right on their tail.

Almost through the first obstacle.

Same level. Before you go, wait.
They've come a long way.

They don't want to go back
to the start of this one.

Everyone's gotta be off
and onto the mat.

Keep the same level.

And that's it - Asaga's through.

We are neck and neck at the ramp.

So, keep
the tension in the rope.

You need to figure out what works.

Stop, stop.

That ramp is so steep it's difficult
to keep that platform level.

You really have to account
for the height differences.

Is your tension strong?
Is your tension strong?

The ramp proving difficult
for both tribes.

It's gonna take
a lot of coordination

to get through this part.

Stop, stop, stop, stop. Crouch down.
If we get a crouch position...

Crouch down, um,
but make sure it's tension.

Jericho's taking charge
for Asaga now.

Ben is so awkward again.

He's contorted into
all kinds of positions.



And they lose it on Ben's side.

I've got as much pull as I can.

OK, you guys can keep going.

Samatau inching
their way up the ramp.

Keep it really low.

Tessa still in charge.

Any sudden movements will prove
to be disastrous on this section.

Freeze. Freeze.

I think we should start
coming up now.

No, we need to... No, we do not...

Oh! Alright, let's go back.

And Samatau, almost at the top,
loses it again.

I'm not quite there yet.
It's slippery.

Asaga fighting for their
first reward in 18 days -

playing for the opportunity
to get clean.

First time to brush your teeth
in 19 days.

Finally, Asaga's
at the top of the ramp.

Can you move out a little bit more,
Benny, if you can?

Now you've gotta get across
and put the ball in the gutter.


They do not want to lose it now.

Samatau's right on Asaga's heels.

Asaga very close to that gutter.

Trying to get it in.

Come on! Alright! Let's go! Go!

You need to pull the handle
to tilt the gutter.

It needs to be all the way through
before you can move on.

It's almost in the gutter.
It's alright.

Alright, now, everyone's gotta
scramble under the net...

Go! race against the ball,
to catch it at the other end.

You need to catch the ball

before it makes its way
to the end of the ramp.

Quick! Quick! It's coming!

Jericho, you're holding the rope.

You can only hold the handle.

You've gotta go back.

Go, Luke!

Come on, Samatau!
Get the ball in the gutter!

In. Yes. Alright.

A slow roll's good, hey?


Go, Samatau!

They have their ball
through the gutter.

Sprint. Sprint.

You need to catch the ball before
it comes out of the pinball chute.

Come on, Locky!

Get it out. Get it out.

OK, here we go.

Samatau drops their ball.

Ziggy, you've gotta take it
all the way back.

Can Asaga catch it?

Alright. Here we go.
Let's go, let's go.

Get it low. Get it low to the
ground. Low to the ground now.

Asaga has it now.

Wait for Sarah.


OK, Ziggy, you need to get back!

You need to get the ball on the post
before they can start shooting.

Bring it this way.

Asaga's very close.

Samatau, still waiting
for that ball up the ramp.

Come on! Let's go!
And that's it.

Go, shooters.

You've gotta hit all four targets
to win reward.

Henry just misses.

OK, focus!

Kent goes...

Oh, he just misses.

Give it force, boys. That's it!

Henry just misses.
Samatau still in this.

Almost at the post.

Come on.

Kent connects.

He scores for Asaga.

Henry misses.

Try it double-handed!


OK, Samatau, you can start shooting.

Go, Kent.

Kent scores again!

Asaga leads two-zip.

AK fires, and he connects!

Samatau still in this.

They can still win.

Go, Locky.

Locky misses.

Henry connects.

He scores for Asaga.

Asaga leads 3-1.

Come on! One more! One more!

Asaga have one more.

They can look it up right here.

And that's it!

Kent wins reward for Asaga!

Oh! Well done!

Oh, my God!

Asaga, congratulations.

A well-deserved reward.
The first in 18 days.

Head on out, enjoy your afternoon.

Thank you. Thank you.

I'm sick of being dirty.

I'm missing going
for champagne with the girls.

This is the high that we've been
waiting 19 days for.

Samatau - got nothing for you.

Head on out.

Even though we lost,
it's just a Reward Challenge.

We've won our fair share.

I don't give two rats
about cheese, champagne.

I don't care how much I stink.

I don't win money for being clean.

We haven't won a reward
from day dot,

and then all of a sudden we just
pull this one out of the bag.

Yes! Whoo!

And there's just a waterfall -
running, fresh water.

Yeah, wash off all those hard times,
you know.

Oh, guys, look how big
this thing is!

- Yay!
- Oh, my God!

Just a platter of cheeses,
crackers. There was alcohol.

Screw all the other rewards -
this is the one you want.


- Asaga, baby!
- Asaga!

Man, they put on a feed, you know.
I needed this. I was starving.

Is the water warm?


Me and Henry were the first to
go for a bit of a swim,

'cause obviously we banged down
as much food as we could.

Should we go in?
Oh, in a minute.

I don't want to leave it.
Like, I don't want to leave it.

I know, I don't wanna
leave it either.

And on the table,
it was, like, a folded up...

It looked like an idol clue.

You know, simple idol clue.

First one to see it, daks it,
you know what I mean?

Oh, Luke. Hey.


The dude's got a clue,
he's gotta tell us,

otherwise we'll tell
the whole tribe.

I look over at the other table
and there's another idol clue.

I'm thinking, "What the hell?"
I just grab that and dak it.

But they don't see it.

I want to get an idol,
you know what I mean?

I want one.

I'd chuck it around my neck and walk
around the beach with it all day.

Oh, this is...this is what
I've been waiting for.

Oh, my God, this is the best.

I feel myself again.

I feel clean
and my hair's not knotty.

Which sounds silly,
but it makes a massive difference,

so I couldn't be happier.

I just feel like I want to get
into bed with myself.

Oh, the shampoo
and conditioner felt amazing.

The turmeric balm,
oh, the coconut oil,

the body lotion, it's all amazing.

I just... Oh, I've never
appreciated it so much.

It's probably one of
the first moments

where I've actually enjoyed
being among the elements.

Ben spent more time
looking at himself in the mirror

than all the girls combined.

Luke found the need to shave
his testicles. I'm not sure why.

Yeah, I found that a bit strange.

I got rid of that terrible beard.
Do I look dead hot?

You may tell I'm a little bit hyper,
'cause I've had sugar.

I'm feeling a million dollars.

Oh, yeah.

I haven't had a chance
to read what's in the envelope yet.

So, Luke knows, Kent knows.

But I've got the envelope and
I've got a few tricks up my sleeve

to give them the wrong message
that's inside.


And it's bloody tweezers
and scissors.

I was like... I couldn't believe it.
I was shocked.

Oh! Oh!

What is it?

Oh! Is there any more?

Where did you guys get that?
Where was that?

You're getting us all
worked up. I dakked scissors!

That's what I dakked.
There's my idol clue.

I'm talking big game, like, "Yeah,
I've got this mad idol clue dakked."

Oh, well,
at least I can do my nails.

On this tribe
I'm sitting pretty low.

But I feel there's a way to get out.
Maybe bringing in Ziggy.

Me and Ziggy seem to be the only
ones out holding the fire going,

and we're getting
absolutely drenched.

And I couldn't help to notice
AK just doing nothing.

It's definitely my opportunity

to get Ziggy to turn on our side
and vote AK off.

I just cannot stand it
when you see people working for you

and you don't do anything to help.

And that's exactly what
AK was doing.

I'm getting super frustrated,
because I'm not a lazy person,

and when I see people being lazy,
that really ticks me off.

All my eggs are in Ziggy's basket.

So, I have to sit back
and watch them hatch.

If this all happens,
all hell could break loose.

Go, Ben.

Just put it out
to the universe.

Universe, we'd like some fire
and a bowl of rice, thank you.

And I want the sun to be right here.
Please! Please!

And some more coconut.

It's day 20. Starting to get
a bit fatigued, I think.

Fire's out, I'm hungry.

You're just so drained.

It's time for me
to just step up to the plate.

We'll get fire. You watch. Ready?

It is good being a hero,
you know what I mean?

Bring it over, Michelle.
Yeah. That's it.

It does make me last
a little bit longer in camp.

My nature's, like,
I'm providing as much as I can.

I'm making sure everyone's happy,

I'm making sure, like,
the fire's going

and everything's rolling in.

And they all don't think
I'm strategising.

And I'm strategising hard,
but no-one knows.

Luke is the social threat
in this game.

Sitting next to him in the end
will be disastrous.

So, I'm gonna target him now.

You know, right now... and Jacqui are 100%
in control of Asaga.

Things are definitely
moving and shaking.

I've got everyone with me
and on my side except Luke.

Yeah, that's fair enough.

I think it is once again becoming me
versus the person I want out.

It happened with Sam,
it happened with Mark.

It could be a one on one,
another alpha man.

Just remember, the reason
Mark said we're the power couple

is because we ARE the power couple,
and we'll show how powerful we are.

Come on in, guys.

You guys ready to get
to today's Immunity Challenge?



First things first, Tara.

Thank you very much.

Once again,
immunity is back in play.

For today's challenge... pairs, you will race out
and unlock a series of gates.

Once the path is clear, you'll then
pull a heavy sled through the gates

carrying one of your tribemates

who will then use a torch
to light a cauldron at the end.

First tribe to light their cauldron
wins immunity -

safe from the vote.

Losing tribe will go
to Tribal Council

where somebody will be voted out.

Asaga, you have an extra player -

you're gonna need to sit
someone out today.

Cannot be the same person
in back-to-back challenges.

Who's it gonna be?

I'll sit out for this one.


OK, Sarah, you're on the bench.

Alright, guys,
you have a minute to strategise.

AK, allocate now.
OK, listen, listen...

Alright, Tara, we're doing bamboo.

Is that OK?

Stand behind me.

I'm keen to climb up with you on...

OK, me and Jez are last.

You're in the middle, with Ben.
Alright, so...

For immunity - survivors ready?

Go, Jac.

First on the gate for Samatau,
we have Anneliese and Locky.

For Asaga,
we have Odette and Jacqui.

Need to reach through the top.

That's it.
Well done, Jacs.

There's 20 knots each.

Need to undo all the knots
before you can lift out the brace.

Brace has to come off
to open the gate.

Good job, guys. Keep going.

Jacqui's ripping through it.

Odette's ripping through it.

Locky making quick work of it.

Oh, Locky's got fat fingers!

But you have to have both sides
undone to release the brace.

Let's go, Anneliese.

Locky has his rope out.

Anneliese still working on hers.

Odette has her rope out.

Good work. Pull.
Come on, Jac.

She's getting tangled up
in the rope.

That's alright.

Jacqui and Anneliese, neck and neck.
Who's gonna get it first?

Good, good, good.
Rip it, rip it, rip it.

Open. Don't worry about...
There's one knot...

Jacqui thinks she has it
but she has one knot left.

She's struggling to get it out.

Jacqui, struggling with that rope.

Anneliese has it out.

Open the gate!

Samatau pulls out their brace.

That's it, pull it.

- Need to open the gate!
- Open. Open the gate.

Open the gate!

Alright, now you can go back.
Straight down the middle!

Alright. Good job.

Next up is AK and Tara for Samatau.

Take all that bamboo out
to build a bridge.

It's alright, Jacqui,
just work your way through it.

That's it.

Jacqui has her rope out.
Get ready to do the wood!

Down the middle.

Jacqui and Odette,
struggling with that brace.

Come on, back here! Back here!
Touch the thing.

That's it, let's go!
Let's go! Let's go!

You need to open the gate!

No, no, no, no! Go back.


Alright, now you can go, Asaga.

You go first left,
I'll take right.

Ben and Luke racing out
to the second gate, for Asaga.

Samatau has a nice lead.

Guys are smashing it.

Tara and AK,
working nicely together.

Tara, come on, let's go. Push. Go.

Good, Tara.
Come on, Benny.

Ben and Luke, whipping through it.

They're closing the gap,
putting the pressure on Samatau.

Nice, Ben!

Immunity is on the line here.

No-one wants to be voted out

Luke, kicking the bamboo.

Oh, it's stuck!

Come on.

! It's stuck.

Try pushing it...
You go.

Let's go.

AK, Tara, very close
to having this finished.

Two more,
they almost missed the last two.

Samatau needs to get
that last piece in.

Let's go. Let's go.

Samatau still have their lead.

Good job, Tara. Good job, AK.

Alright, go, Samatau!

Peter and Ziggy out
for Samatau on the last gate.

- You're there.
- Here?


The third gate is a peg maze.

So you've gotta reach through.

Find the handle that has the key.

Is that it? Or not?

Nah, that's...

Once you've found that, you can
make your way through the maze,

all the way to the end, to release
the handle and therefore the key.

Now watch them.
Watch them do the puzzle.

Luke and Ben are slowing down.

Starting to get exhausted.

Panic starting to set in.

Great work, Pete!

Good job, guys, just work
through it. You're doing so well.

Ziggy and Peter,
on the final gate for Samatau.

Got a lead, but can they keep it?

Luke and Ben, still struggling
on the bamboo bridge.

Can't get that last piece in.

Really opening the door for Samatau.
They have a big lead here.

Challenge is a race.

Not fitting!
Should be a nice slot.

It could... They're probably
not tight enough at one section.

I dunno.

We're gonna have to try and take
the fatter ones from the middle,

which is taking them all out.

You serious?
Keep working.

Luke and Ben, arguing...
over the bridge.

They're pulling pieces out.

This could be disastrous for Asaga.

Stomp them down!


OK, go, guys, go!
Come on.

Benny, touch it, touch it, touch it.

Go, Asaga!

Henry, reaching through, trying
to find the handle. Where is it?

This maze is hard enough
if you can see it,

and if you can't see it,
it's almost impossible.

Ziggy, I'm really struggling.
Yeah, me too.

Like all mazes, there are dead-ends.

I don't get it. I can't...

Let's go, guys, keep it up!
You're doing great!

Have you found the key, Jay?
Yeah, I found it.

Try here.

It's hard to know if you're moving
forward or backwards on this one.

Is it meant to go in this thing?

It's hard to remember what parts
worked and which ones didn't.

I can't get it.

Doing great, guys. Keep going.

Henry, really trying to make up
some lost ground there.

slowly working his way through.

There's no great equaliser
like the puzzle.

Keep going, guys. Don't worry.

! Everything's
a freaking dead-end.

Nothing's as easy as it looks,
is it?

Henry, really working quickly
on his.

Peter and Ziggy,
losing valuable time on this maze.

Ziggy, at the top of it.

Henry is flying through the maze.

Good job!

Henry, the first to get the key out,

he's overtaken Peter AND Ziggy.

Good on ya, Henry.

Henry has the first lock open
for Asaga.

Jay, it's high.
Listen to me, just right here.

Back here, pull it.

Jericho has his key.

Whoo! Good work, Jericho!

He's working on the second lock.

What a great comeback.

Samatau had a huge lead,
completely lost it on this gate.

Keep going, guys! Don't give up!


Jericho has his lock open.

They've got the third gate open.

Back to the sled.

Gotta wait.

Touch it, touch it, touch it!

Michelle, light that torch!

Alright, Asaga, start pulling.

Slowly. Slowly, guys. Slowly.

Everyone pulling that sled.

Keep it going.

Jerry, go on the other side.

Oh, shit.

Count us in on three.

One, two...

Keep going.
Keep going.

Oh, shit.
Oh, we need another three here.

Keep going!
Asaga, stuck on the bamboo bridge.

Ziggy was so close to getting that
key out but she's moved away now,

she's in the middle of the maze.

One, two, three - go!
That sled is very heavy.


Three, two, one...

Pull! Pull!


Peter and Ziggy, stuck at the gate,
just watching Asaga go past them.

How frustrating.

Oh, my God.

So much pressure on Samatau
right now.

They had a huge lead.

But Asaga, they're on the ramp.

They're on the last section.

Go, go! Go for it!
Go! Keep going.

They can tie it up right here.

Everyone pulling that sled.

All at the top.

Soon as they light the cauldron...
Do it!

Do it!

That's it!

Asaga wins immunity...

You're amazing!
Good work.

..sending Samatau to Tribal Council.

Far out.

Sorry, guys.

Don't worry about it, mate.
It's alright.

Asaga, great comeback.

Congratulations -

immunity is yours.

You guys are safe.
No-one going home.

Grab your gear, head on out.
Thanks, Jonathan.

Enjoy your evening off.
Thanks, guys.

Samatau, no such luck for you guys.

Someone being voted out tonight.

You'll have the afternoon
to work out who that's gonna be.

Grab your gear, head on out.

I'll see you at Tribal.

The fact that we lost today

means that I'll be more likely
going home tonight.

It's hard work, being on the bottom

but...I'm not gonna give up
until the flame is out.

Locky and Tara and I,
we're definitely on the bottom.

And it's between the three of us
to go next.

But even though I'm not
sitting in the best position,

you just need to constantly think,
"How can I change this around?

"How can I make this better?"

I'm not ready to go home.
I don't want to go home.

But obviously my name's the one
that's getting thrown around.

My best bet at this moment is that
Ziggy comes over on board.

So if we can just get the four
over the line,

AK will go home.

Guys, I should say
I'm really sorry about...

Dude, it's a puzzle, man.

I have to over there.

I'm gonna join you.

You good?


Don't worry. Oh, do you want me
to get the fire going?

Do you want to eat?

Do you want me to get the fire...

Everyone, I'll do it if I have to.


Tara doesn't fit
into my game plan at all.

She doesn't offer anything for us
in the challenges

so the fact that she's been able to
pass Tarzan and pass Adam,

pass Kate, even,

that speaks volumes
to her social game.

But I'm really confident
going into Tribal Council.

We're sitting in a powerful
position right now.

Ziggy and Pete are part
of our five alliance

along with Jarrad, Tessa and myself,

so we have a numbers advantage

The only way it could backfire
is if an idol is played.

We need to see where Anneliese lies.

I'm hoping that Anneliese
is gonna flip.

An idol can't hurt us
if that scenario plays out.


Basically with AK,
I just need to make sure

that I am above Tara,

because it's between the two of us.

I know, in order to put
myself in a better position,

I really need to act as
devil agent for this vote.

I kind of, like,
wanna abandon this sinking ship

and just see what
you guys are up to.

So it's like...
So what's the plan?

The alliance thinks
I'm voting for Tara

and what I've said to them

is I want to abandon that sinking
ship of that failing alliance.

I want to protect myself.

But I think that would be
a bad move for my game.

I wouldn't be loyal
to my original alliance.

I would also be coming in
as a firm number six,

and I'm not comfortable
being a number six.

The fact that I'm playing
both sides,

the fact that I'm not actually
voting with the majority,

I'm walking some
very dangerous territory.

'Cause if we can go 4-4 split,

I think they'll get rid of AK...

I know Ziggy is
thinking about coming across.

So that's what I'm hoping for.

Oi, that's exactly what
I was looking for.

Yeah, it's like a really good spot.


From what I've seen
from Ziggy, she seems pretty honest,

but it's the game of Survivor -

like, lying is the best
strategy you can have.

What I was thinking,
this is why I'm nervous saying,

is that tonight I'll be writing
AK's name down.

You look really nervous.

Honestly, the last few days,
I've been, like, umming and ahhing

which is the best way for me to go,

and I know that AK
is frigging smart,

and, like, two steps ahead,

and so lazy as well.

I don't think he's as smart
as people are giving him credit for

and I think we can get him.

Yeah, OK. OK.

Timing is difficult.

I'm not sure when the right time
to turn on AK will be.

I could potentially get AK
out of here tonight.

At the moment I have two options

and I just need to decide
which option

is gonna be best for me
moving forward

and just commit to that
and run with it.

I feel powerful.
If I want, Tara's going home.

Or if I want, AK's going home.

Their life, like, is in my hands.

Like, they could be getting
their flame snuffed tonight.

Is Ziggy OK?

Thanks, babe.

And so, Locky and I were like...
like, do we get excited?

But at this stage
and this part of the game,

all you can do is just let
a little bit of trust in.

We're trying our best to keep calm.

We all know things can change
just like that again.

Yeah? Hey, babe.


Internally, I was like an
eight-year-old eating ice-cream

because I was just so excited.

Inside I'm like, "Whee!"

You know, we could be building
a strong alliance.

I've got Ziggy and Locky who
are frigging amazing at challenges.

Anneliese and myself, ehh, we're OK.

But the four of us
could do some damage

and get rid of all the cockiness
out of this tribe.

Jarrad and Pete and AK,
they just sit around

and they think they're so safe.

Why not let someone else
run the game?

Definitely AK has to go.

I've voted for him three times now.

It's been me versus him
this whole time

and he's been wanting
all my friends out.

I just want him out.

Going into Tribal
tonight, the plan is to vote out AK.

But I have said this before and I've
thought AK was going home before,

and so I just hope this time
we have the right numbers

and the right people

who'll do what
they say they're going to do.

I just hope everything turns out OK
and I come out of it alive.

Tonight I'm the top dog.

Tara is a huge threat

so I need to get rid of her
before she gets me.

If I've read the game correctly, and
the votes lay where I've put them,

I'm gonna be back at camp tonight

still not helping with the fire.

Well, I'll be honest with you guys -

halfway through the challenge today

I really didn't expect
to see Samatau here.

But here you are.

Peter, what happened?

Um, I think Ziggy and I struggled a
little bit on that maze door thing.

I think it's a bit of luck

and also just a bit on our part
not performing our best.

You know, I think we both
feel really, really bad

for not pulling through
on that challenge.


You got your belt on tonight?
Only for you.

Always at Tribal.
I don't wear it to challenges.

Good. You've made my day.
Thank you.

So, Tara,
last time you guys were here

there was a pretty big blindside

and you seemed quite shocked
when Aimee went home.


Why? What was going on?

Because in my little head
I had the whole thing worked out.

So when a blindside hits you,
like, "What just happened?"


And that's probably where
I'm in my position now.

What do you mean,
the position you're in now?

We knew once Aimee left that
there was a new alliance of five.

So, um, myself, Anneliese and Locky
were on the outs.


I feel a little bit like tonight
is my last night.


Yeah, I do.


It sucks.

So, Locky, it appears
that you're on the outside, too.

Yeah. Definitely.
I've tried my best to...

I haven't really been trying to
exploit cracks or anything,

I've just been trying
to show my worth.

I mean, I'm not a quitter
but I'm not a beggar.

I'm not going to, like,
beg for someone to save me.

I'm going to show my worth -

tell you what I can do,
tell you what I'm going to do

and then see what you have to say.

So, Locky, if you're on the bottom,
who's on the top?

Uh, I mean, from the outside
it looks like AK's on the top.

Just whenever you see them talking,

AK's always the one
voicing his opinion.

He's a mastermind at the game.
Like, everyone knows that.

He can come up with numbers
in a second.

So, from the outside I'd definitely
say AK's on the top.

Is that true, AK?

It is far from true.

I am part of a five

and we know the game
is 55 days long.

We're not even halfway.
Why talk any further than the five?

We know that we're
all on an even playing field

and we're going to stick together.

That's exactly what he said
about the eight as well.

And then he divided that
pretty quickly.


You've been
on the bottom of this tribe.

What can you do to get yourself
out of that position?

The approach I took probably isn't
available to these three right now

because the numbers
were so much more in my favour.

You know,
when you've got eight people

it's easy to find the bottom.

And, you know, what we did,
I think,

is we gathered up
a group of vulnerable people

and we took control.

You know, we took power
for ourselves.

Yeah, I mean, you have to work
with the situation that you have.

Just wish I had a Tarzan
to give me an idol.

Get your own Tarzan, Locky.

I mean, I would if I could.

I wouldn't have took the idol,

What's going on?

Oh, big fella's getting fired up.
I just have to keep him down.

You know, you've just gotta...

Just calm down.



Great. You're making me nervous.
Oh, really?

I didn't think
that would be possible.

I'm extremely vulnerable tonight,

which I know sounds silly
having a 5-3 advantage.

But five isn't enough
to split the votes.

An idol could be played and
any one of us could be going home.

And the fact that Locky says
that he feels I'm on the top -

why wouldn't you take out
the top person with an idol?

Ziggy, this game
is all about timing.

If a strategic opportunity
presents itself,

how do you know
it's the right time to take it?


I think that's something which you
might not know until it's too late

or you might look back

and realise that it might have been
the wrong timing on your behalf.

So, I think timing is,
like, essential in this game

and you just have to, like,
trust your gut

and go with the timing you think
is going to benefit your position.

Anneliese, how safe do you feel

Oh, not very, Jonathan.


Yeah, I don't feel very safe tonight

..I'm doing what I can
and I hope I can make it through.

Locky, what should the tribe

as you go up to vote tonight?

Looking forward, like,
do you want someone that's loyal,

that can help out around camp,

that's going to do good
in challenges

and is going to
lay down their life for them?

Or do you want to go forward with
someone that's a bit sketchy,

has already lied to everyone here

and will lay down his life
to save his own life?

Alright. It's time to vote.

Anneliese, you're up.

I really do hope this is the last
time I have to write your name down.

I'll go count the votes.

If anyone has a hidden Immunity Idol
and they want to play it,

now would be the time to do so.

Alright. Once the votes are read,
the decision is final.

The person voted out

will be asked to leave
the Tribal Council area immediately.

I'll read the votes.

First vote...

We're tied - two votes AK,
two votes Tara, two votes Locky.

That's three votes Tara,
two votes AK, two votes Locky.

One vote left.

We're tied - three votes AK,
three votes Tara.

This is how it's going to work -
we're going to re-vote.

We're tied -

three votes AK, three votes Tara.

This is how it's going to work -
we're going to re-vote.

AK, Tara, you will not vote.

Everyone else,
you can only vote for AK or Tara.

Anneliese, come grab the urn.

I'll go count the votes.

OK. I'll read the votes.

First vote...

That's three votes Tara,
one vote AK.

That's four votes. That's enough.
You need to bring me your torch.

I love you.
I love you too.

Tara, the tribe has spoken.

But... will not be leaving alone.

'Cause tonight, two people will be
voted out.

You will vote again.

And that vote will take place
right now.


Leave your torch there. Take a seat.

Anneliese, come grab the urn again.

I don't know
how this could get any worse.

I'm sorry, Anneliese,

but I'm voting you... that we can keep our five

I'm sorry, Anneliese.
I wish you'd worked with us tonight.

I'm voting Anneliese.

I'll go count the votes.

Alright. I'll read the votes.

First vote...

That's four votes. That's enough.

You need to bring me your torch.

Tara, come on up.

Tara, Anneliese,
the tribe has spoken.

But tonight, things are different.

You have been voted
out of the tribe...

..but not out of this game...

..because you will be spending
the night on Exile Beach...

..and tomorrow
you'll be joining Asaga.


Grab your torches...

..head on out to Exile Beach.

Bye, guys.


One piece of advice -

if you ever think you know
what's going to happen in this game,

think again.

Grab your torches,
head back to camp.


There's just so much to process.

I'm just feeling really numb.

I don't have many emotions
at the moment. I just...

I'm in shock. I...I don't know where
I am. I don't know what I'm doing.

I don't know what to say.
I don't know what to feel.

I'm glad I'm not going back there.

I cannot imagine
going back there tonight.

Yeah, but... I don't know.

I know.

I completely understand that Ziggy
wanted to be with her alliance.

But there's no need to build up
someone's hope. It's cruel.

The game has so many twists
and here I am on Exile Beach.

I honestly think
tonight is going to be

as low as it will probably get
for me.

What is that?

Next time on Australian Survivor...

Because this is a tribe swap... will need to decide as a tribe

which two people you want to swap.

And you'll be leaving right now.

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