Australian Survivor (2016–…): Season 4, Episode 7 - Episode #4.7 - full transcript

There are shake ups all over for both the Champions and the Contenders when the two tribes face a switch. Will the old alliances be broken?

AK, anything you say right now
is nothing to me.

You guys are all puppets.

He's the mastermind
and you're the puppets.

Having started the game at the bottom
of the tribe,

AK showed himself as
the game's biggest player...

..finally snatching
control of Samatau.

Believe it or not, I've gone from
the bottom to the top in 14 days.

Former tribe leaders
Locky and Tara

found themselves at the bottom
of the pecking order.

It just really pissed me off.

Over at Asaga...

Oh, shit, someone can't get out. was sink or swim for Sam...

Tried to swim out myself

and I realised that
I wasn't going to have the strength. she tried to keep
her head above water.

It is good being a hero,
you know what I mean?

But Sam had bigger
problems on dry land.

I can make my move finally.

Henry was so keen to
take out his biggest threat,

he pulled the boldest
move of the game so far...

Henry looking a little confused now.

..deliberately losing
the Immunity Challenge.

Sam's only ally, Mark, tried to
get to the bottom of the plot.

Which way is it going?

Michelle and Ben, right?

Are you sure?


But come Tribal Council, there was
nothing he could do to save her.

The sixth person voted out of
Australian Survivor, Sam.

Sam. The tribe has spoken.

18 are left.

Who will be voted out tonight?

It was a blindside for Sam.
We were in an alliance.

She was calling all the shots.

She thinks I'm some dumb

She's got all the letters and
numbers behind her name.

Well, I'm still here and the tribe
didn't want her here either.

That sounds a bit harsh
but she threw herself under the bus

with the type of game she played.

I wanted her out since Day 4
and didn't have the chance

and then stepped up to that threw
the challenge to get to this

position so I'm taking the
credit that

I was able to turn the whole
tribe against someone that's

a pretty good asset to the tribe
but was a threat in my eyes.

Mark was a bit shocked tonight.
He didn't see it coming.

I think he probably thought me,
Sarah and Jacqui

were in close alliance
with him and Sam.

So we need to nurture him and
somehow throw out another lie

to make him feel like
we're still trustworthy.

I'm actually pissed off at
half my tribe at the moment.

I'm using pretty much
all my self-discipline

not to bloody hammer
some of those girls.

I'm pretty annoyed.

My game plan will be to act
as though it hasn't fazed me
too much...

..but I hold a grudge.

If I get an inch,
I'll make these people pay.

Sam was sent home last night.
I didn't want her to get sent home.

The over-riding emotion is
that I'm actually livid.

Livid at the tribe
for sending her home,

blindsiding her and me
in the process

and I want blood, to be honest.

I wanted to chat to Kent.

He's a bit of a trusted guy for me.

I wanted to find out
how this originated

and this is part of me
lining someone up to be accountable.

My relationship with Jacqui
is fantastic.

However, we don't advertise
the fact.

We just keep it quiet.

You don't want to advertise
how close you are to people

because it's detrimental.

It highlights your game.

People say, "If they're too close
they'll be voting together."

Of course we will.

Mark, he's trying to
fit it all together.

He's a very intelligent person.

I know from my last career
in special ops... of the key skills we learned
is to be able to read people.

Someone's posture, their stance,
the look in their eyes.

So after chatting to Kent,
I actually think at the moment

Jacqui and Henry
are pulling the strings.

Mark went for a water run with Kent
this morning

and he was asking Kent
how close he was with you

and how close he was with me.

I've already heard
whispers of my name.

I believe Mark has
basically thought I was

the genius behind getting rid of Sam
and he was 100% correct.

He's a smart guy.

So he's gunning for me.

Mark is my biggest threat right now

because he is 1,000 times better
the version of me.

So he's better looking,
he's got a better body,

he's more charismatic,
he's more successful.

He's just a guy that if
I'm sitting next to at the end

everyone's going to vote for him
over me.

So I need to get rid of him now
while I've got a chance.

Henry is a very crafty

But behind that yoga outfit and
the Zen meditation

is a very dirty and
dangerous player.

Right now, I've got
full control of this tribe.

We're getting rid of Mark.

I think I am the most
competitive person

that you're going to meet out here.

I'm a two-time Olympic
water polo player.

I'm going to play
the game of Survivor

like I would play a game of
water polo.

In water polo,

people on the outside only see
what's happening above the water.

But the real stuff happens
underneath the water.

Tara, you need to have a look.

It is so beautiful out there.

At the moment in Samatau,
there's, like, a clear division

with Locky, Tara and Anneliese
on the bottom.

Locky and Tara are trying to
get out of their misery

and form some new majority.

And so they came up to me
this morning and asked me

why I'm following someone like AK
who can't be trusted.

Honestly, it's been pretty easy
up until this point

to be aligned with AK.

He's very smart but I think that
if I was to take AK to end

he'd beat me.

So there's definitely going to have
to be a time where I turn on him.

I really want to build
more of a friendship with Ziggy.

I thought maybe I could get Ziggy
in from the alliance

which is AK, Tess, Pete and Jarrad.

He will make a move.
Just think.

I think of that constantly.

I'm not afraid to say that
I don't like AK.

We're not going to just throw our
arms up and say, "OK, AK, you win!

"You can take everyone now."

We're going to give it our all.

I don't understand why you'd want to
move forward with that person.

With both of us you're like,
"We're solid."

Yeah. There's nothing sus.
We're not going anywhere.

I've just always been honest.

The thing that frustrates me
with Ziggy

is that she admits that he's
a threat and she doesn't trust him,

so why would you keep him on?

Do you know what I mean?

I don't feel like you were trying to
put thoughts in my mind

because I'd thought it all
before anyway.

If I was to flip, Locky and Tara
would owe me their life

and then that would eventuate to
them owing me.

I know that I'm in a really powerful
position right now.

She could flip for me.

I wouldn't keep her
in my alliance long

because I feel that she would
just do what she has to do
to get through.

But for me at the moment
if we don't get Ziggy on board,

we're pretty much going to be
sitting ducks

and they'll just pluck us out.

It's been three weeks
on the island.

Food is massive for me out here.

It's the one thing
I'm missing most.

It may look like paradise
and we're sitting on a beach

but eating rice and beans,
to nothing at all,

and going into challenges,
it ends up draining you.

And it's not paradise anymore.

You're out here to survive.
That's why it's called Survivor.


Locky caught a shark with
a frigging machete! Who does that?

There was this big
commotion in the ocean

and of course it was Locky
holding a shark.

Not a fish, a shark.

A shark.
What a man!


Nice work, Locky.

Enough to get us all a bit...

Who eats shark?

I do.

I've never had shark.

Just when I thought we'd gone a day

without an excessive show
of manliness!

Great work, Locky.

We had shark for dinner,
which is ridiculous.

Oh, wow!

Shark and rice.

It was great.
We really came together as a tribe

and there's nothing like a good meal
to make everyone happy.

Catching anything in this
environment is an achievement.

I was absolutely loving it.

Oh! Fresh, baby!

A fresh coconut fell from a...

..obviously a coconut tree
and it landed mid-bush.

I decided to go in
and try and find it.

I was thinking it was a mean feed.

It came off this tree here.

Damn! I was in the wars, bro!

Just getting bitten by everything
out here.

I'm in the wars for sure.

My fingers have been getting
chewed up, but I'm still here

and I'm still smiling,
you know what I mean?

That one hurts.
What is wrong with your hand?

Look at it.

My finger and my leg are on fire.

Wasps! Damn wasps.

Knock me down,
but I'll get back up again.

Is that good?

And that one there?

It's not a big secret that Henry
and Jacqui are calling the shots.

No-one seems to want to
go up against them.

So I'll bring it on.

I'll go up against them by myself.
I don't care.

I'll just start lying, cheating -
whatever I've got to do.

I want to bring them down early

before they start getting
too many people loyal.

Three at the same time.
Wait, wait.

Ready? Three, two, one.

Oh! My finger!

Jacqui and Henry, bro.

I feel like they're getting
a bit too close.

Yesterday was like
they got everyone.

I don't like getting told how to
vote, you know what I mean?

Sam's gone. Mark was spewing.

So it gave me the perfect

to get in there and give him

exactly how
I want him to play the game.

They're knocking out Sam.

They're knocking out people
they shouldn't have knocked out.

Yes, exactly, bro.

I don't like two people feeling they
can tell everyone who to vote for.

And that's what Sam was doing.
I know.

At the start.
I know.

So, Sam was telling everyone,

so then all of a sudden,
look at her, she's gone.

Henry wants to take that role,
but criticise that role.


You criticise that role
but you take it.

Unbelievably hypocritical.

It was Henry and Jacqui.

Them two. Do you know what?
Personally I'd like to split them.

What do you want to do?
You know?

The thing is taking out Henry
might be a hard push

for everyone right now.

I just want to split up
Henry and Jacqui.

Henry is my main target,

but I thought if I knock-off Robin
first then I'll go for Batman later.

Revenge is really important
and I will get that.

I'm going to knock off Jacqui.

I'll do everything I can
to destroy that pair.

Looking ahead now,

I've got to be able to
quickly pull a vote together.

The only people I trust
to do that at this stage is Luke.

The next fall-down is going to be
Henry versus Mark

and I'm the referee.

Come on in, guys.

Samatau, take a look at
the new Asaga tribe.

Sam voted out last Tribal Council.



What was the mood like
back at camp after Tribal?

It's always a bit sombre
to lose one of your own.

We knew our winning streak
at immunities

would come to an end eventually.

So, a bit of a day of reckoning for
us but we'll come out stronger.


You guys had the night off
from Tribal for a change.

Yes, it was really relaxing.

It was good running around.

I was off running around,
looking for something else.

Believe it or not,
Locky caught a shark with a machete.

Really? He caught a shark
with a machete?

Yeah. Saw it there, chased after it
and jumped on it

and hit it with a machete.


I'm properly impressed with that.
It was good eating too.


You guys ready for today's
Immunity Challenge?


First things first - who's got it?


Goodbye, man. You've been nice.
You can win him back.

Once again, immunity is back in play.

For today's challenge, you will
square off one-on-one sumo style.

Using a large bag, you'll attempt to
push the other person

off the platform into the mud.

Two rules.

Hands must stay on the bag
at all times

and you cannot use your legs
to knock over your opponent.

First tribe that scores seven
wins immunity.

Safe from the vote.

Losing tribe,

they'll be seeing me
at Tribal Council

where somebody will become
the seventh person voted out.


Asaga, you have two extra players.
You need to sit out two boys today.

Who are they going to be?

Alright. Ben and Jericho,
you guys are on the bench.

Everyone else,
a minute to talk about it.

Let's get muddy.

OK. Advice?

Stay low. Use your legs.
Use your legs.


Guys, all of the guys
bigger than me,

you should use one of
the big guys in there.

Yeah. The big guy.
You take Mark.

I'll take Mark.

Samatau, who are you
putting up first?


Alright, Asaga,
it's your turn to pick now.

Do you want to do it?
I'll do it.


Round one, Ziggy for Samatau
versus Jacqui from Asaga.

Let's go, Mamma Jacqui!
Go, Ziggy!

We are playing to 7.

Go, Ziggy, you've got this.
Let's go, Zig.

For immunity.

Survivors, ready?

Go, Jacqui!

Go, Zig!

Oh, Ziggy makes quick work of that,
pushes Jacqui into the mud.

Samatau leads one-zip.

Get underneath them, guys.

Alright, next round...

I'm up?

Mark for Asaga.
Don't jam it...

Jarrad for Samatau.

Totally got it, Jarrad.

This should be interesting.

Jarrad, just stay low.

I am the sacrificial lamb.

Let's go, Jarrad!
Survivors, ready?

Come on, Jarrad!


Get down!
Lay down!

Jarrad not giving up.

He's on the ground, he's fighting
back, he's staying in this.

Asaga scores.
Good work.

We are tied - one each.

Good work, Mark.

Alright, next round.
Survivors ready?

Come on, T.


Oh, Odette slips!

Tara got her dead on the rope.

That opens the door,
but Odette not giving up.

Tara's on the edge!

Odette pushes her into the mud.

- Asaga score!
- Yeah!

Asaga lead 2-1.

Good job.

Survivors, ready?

Go, Luke!

He pushes... He pushes Luke
right in the mud!

Easy score for Samatau.

We are tied 2-2.

Survivors, ready?


Oh, Sarah has got her on the edge.

But no, Anneliese saves herself.

Stay strong!

Now she has Sarah on the edge,
and she pushes Sarah in the mud.

Well done, Anneliese. Well done.

Samatau lead 3-2.
Good job, Anneliese.

Next round. Survivors, ready?


Oh, Tess straight out of the gates

and pushes Michelle in.

And she scores for Samatau.

Samatau lead 4-2.

Let's stop trying to push
their chest.

Get low and push them in the waist.

We're playing to 7.
Survivors, ready?


Kent slips.

But he has Peter on the ground now.

Kent's trying to push him off.

And that's it.
He has him in the mud.

Kent scores for Asaga.

Samatau still lead 4-3.


Survivors, ready?


Oh, both boys hard out of the gate.

AK's on the ground,
but he gets up!

Oh, that's it,
Henry pushes him into the mud.

We're tied 4-4.

Good work, Hen.

Everyone's had a go. That means
we're back to the beginning.

So, survivors, ready?


Aw, Ziggy pushes Jacqui in.

She slips, but she does it.
Well done, Zig! Brilliant.

She scores for Samatau.

Samatau lead 5-4.
You're a rock star.

Alright, next round.

Jarrad for Samatau
versus Mark from Asaga.

Survivors, ready?

Go! Mark slips!

Jarrad has him on the ground.

Mark trying to push him off,
but Jarrad is not giving up.

Here we go, here we go!

Good, Mark!
Come on, Jarrad!

Yes, come on, boy! You've got this.

Probably the biggest weight
difference in this challenge so far.

Both guys locking down.

Jarrad giving him
a run for his money.

Go Jarrod!
This is epic.

Mark trying to drag him across now.

Here we go, Jarrad, he's standing.

Mark trying to push him off.

Jarrad loses his bag,

and he goes in.

Well done, Jarrad.

Come here.
Asaga scores.

Good work, mate.

We're tied 5-5.

Good tactic. Good stuff, man.

Alright, next round.

Survivors, ready?


Odette, you've got to get low,
get that bag under.

Another epic battle from these girls.

Push! Push! Push!
Go, go!

Roll in!
That's the way!

Oh, Odette has Tara on the run.

She's on the edge!

Come on, Tara!
Tara is in the mud.

Odette scores for Asaga.

Well done, Tara.
Well done, Tara.

Alright, next round.

Asaga leads 6-5.

One point away from victory.

Luke could win it right here.

Come on, Locky. Smash it.

Locky needs to win this one if
he wants to stay on the board.

Here we go, survivors, ready?

Go, Luke!

Oh, Luke goes down low.
Straight away, Luke!

Oh, a bag between the legs!

Locky trying to pin him down.
Get his legs, Luke!

Luke is really scrambling
to stay in this.

He's not giving up.

Locky! Oh, he's right over him,

and that's it, he pushes Luke in

keeping them in the challenge.

Locky ties it up for Samatau.

We are tied 6-6.

Nice, Lock.

Alright, next round.
You've got this, Sarah.

You've got it, you've got it.
Wear her down.

This is match point right here.

We have Anneliese for Samatau
versus Sarah for Asaga.

Just remember, Sarah, you're tough.

We are tied at 6-6. This is it.

Come on, Anneliese!
Smash it!

There's a lot riding on this round.

One tribe is getting immunity, the
other one is going to Tribal Council.

Here we go. Survivors, ready?


Anneliese hard out of the gates.
She's pinned Sarah down.

Trying to push her off the edge.
Roll, roll, roll her off!

Can't quite do it.
Sarah is still fighting back.

Anneliese trying to pin her down.

Go on! Push her!

Push, Sarah! Get up!
Sarah fighting back.

Go, Sarah! That's it!
Immunity on the line here.

Go, Sarah!

Sarah has her on the edge.

Oh, she almost flipped this.

Sarah clearly exhausted.
Don't let her move.

Yeah, that's the spirit!
Sarah, you've got this.

You've got this hands down.

A lot riding on this battle
right here.

Someone going home tonight.

Push her legs, Sarah!
Sarah trying to get up.

Oh, Sarah is up now!

Got Anneliese on the run.

Now Anneliese has Sarah on the edge.
She's on the edge!

Anneliese wins it for Samatau!

Samatau wins immunity...

..sending Asaga back
to Tribal Council.

Good try, man.
Go, Sarah.

You alright?

Great work.


Good job, babe.

Samatau, epic battle.
Congratulations. You got it done.

You have immunity.
Someone come grab it.

Anneliese, that's yours.

Anneliese, brought it home
for the tribe.

Well done.
Thank you.

You guys are safe tonight,
no-one going home.

Grab your gear, head on out.


And get clean.

Well done, guys.

Despite the massive effort...

..we're going to be seeing you guys
tonight at Tribal Council.

Someone is going to be
the seventh person voted out.

Grab your gear, head back to camp.
I'll see you tonight.

Yeah, we lost
the Immunity Challenge.

We're going to Tribal, and someone
is going to get voted off.

Guess who's going home tonight?
Jacqui, baby!

Our numbers are dwindling,
so losing today hurts us

against that tribe.

but at the same time,
I get to go to Tribal,

and I love Tribal because
I can get another threat out.

I've made sure Joan went home
and I made sure Sam went home,

and now I'm going to
make sure Mark goes home.

From day one, he's been the threat,

but I haven't been able to get
numbers on my side to get him out,

and I think now is
the perfect chance to do so.

The power, once again,
is right in my hands.

And I've got the tightest
of alliances with many people.

I'm very strong
with Jacqui and Kent.

Yeah. Got it.

I believe Odette is in with us.

Me and Jericho,
we haven't really aligned,

but I believe
we're on the same page.

And then I've also got Ben in
the back pocket.

Yesterday, Sarah came up, and said,

"I want to align with you
till the end."

I think I've got the numbers
and the control of this camp,

but I want to make sure
everyone is on board.

Are they even close, those beans?

I don't know yet.

It's like two alpha males
going at each other,

but if I got the support around me,
I can take down the bigger threat.

So, for my game,
I've got to get rid of him.

We lost a challenge.

Again, someone's
going home tonight.

I have to move really quick,

I have to speak to
a handful of people,

starting with Luke,
to try and shore up some support.

Man, this mud is not easy
to get off, bro.

At this stage, I have to trust Luke

'cause I don't really have anyone
else to trust at this point.

They will.
And then I'll pull up Sarah...

For me, if I take Jacqui,
it's really an eye for an eye.

And Henry is going to feel
what it is like to have his mate

knocked out and to be isolated,

and that would actually
be pretty awesome.

It's Jacqui that's going down,
so Jacqui's going home,

but she does not know that yet.

Henry and Jacqui
think they're running it.

They want to get rid of Mark,

they want to take
the powerhouse out, you know?

It just shows how crazy
they want to be, you know?

They're just a power couple,
take out the top dog straightaway.

But they didn't realise that
Mark's hooked up with the big king,

the boss, the one
who's running this thing.

They've told everyone "Mark".

I was like,
"No, we're not doing Mark."

So I managed to just throw Jacqui's
name straight out there.

Once again, Henry is telling people
how to vote.

Taking Jacqui away from him
takes the power away from him.

It's the best thing
because he's going to come closer.

You know?

What do I do?

Who do I vote for?


OK. I don't care, as long as
it's not my name.

The real loser tonight
is going to be Henry,

because Henry and Jacqui
are like this here.

He's going to be spewing.

I think it's time he needs
a reality check.

He needs to get reminded
who's in the control right here,

and that's right here.


Yeah, you've got to make the moves.

I want a blindside, pretty much.

I want to make sure that Henry
gets the same taste of

what he tried to give Mark.

I have a conversation with
Luke, who's ready to make a move.

He sees Jacqui and Henry
as a strong couple,

and he wants to split them up.

I found myself, again, in a tricky
situation where I'm the swing vote,

I have all the information,

and who I choose to go to
is all up to me.

I could stick with
my alliance of where

I'm feeling pretty strong
with Henry at the moment.

Or I can make a big move right now.

It's a bit of a toss-up, and
I don't really know even still

who I'm going to pick.

I swear to you. You'll see tonight.
I believe it.

Mark. Yeah? I swear to you.

Well, what else have you heard?
No, don't ask.

I'll discuss it after.
It's not important.

See, Mark's talking Luke now.

It's all good.

Yeah, it's good of him now
to do it he's scrambling.

Taking over from Sam's spot.

We've got six,
and that's all we need.

Henry and I have an idol.

The idol is in Henry's bag.

But I trust Henry.


No! No way.

How come I never heard it?

Are people voting with Luke?

'Cause Luke's like,
"Everybody's switched!

"Everybody's voting Jacqui."

No, nobody's voting Jacqui.
I thought we were all voting Mark!

Shit! Alright.


Luke is trying to get me
to rally behind him

to split up the "power couple",
Henry and Jacqui.

I don't see them as
a power couple, quite frankly.

Luke has a problem with authority.

Not a bad quality to have -
he just has too much of it.

He doesn't know how to tone it down.

He's far too spontaneous
and bombastic.

I reckon at some point
he'll end up screwing himself -

sooner rather than later.

How many have you got?

Me, you, Ben.

So who's voting for Jacqui?

You got me, Ben, Michelle,
you got Sarah, and you got Mark -
and Odette.

So 6-4, baby -
that's what's happening!

Kent thinks you, Henry thinks you,
and Jacqui thinks you.


Well, obviously
they think everyone thinks you,

'cause they even said to me,
"9-1. It'd be 9-1."

Yeah, this is the blindside
on them, for you, you know?

Massive blindside.

Jacqui and Henry have
a lot of influence,

so I kind of feel like this is going
to be a bit of a do-or-die.

I know I'm in a lot of danger.

It's going to be
an interesting night.

You're pretty close to him,
aren't you?

I am.

But Henry's voting for me.

You go after the big rooster, you're
going to ruffle a few feathers,

but I believe in these people,

and I'm 100% confident
that Mark's going home tonight.

I'm going to fight
to stay in this game

because it's kind of
what I was born to do.

And tonight is going to be
the last throw of the dice to try

and take these guys outs.

They actually deserve it.
They know the do.

And I really hope
that justice will be served.

Welcome back, Asaga.

So, I want to talk about
the challenge today.

That was about as close as it gets.

Sarah, you were in the last round.
We're tied 6-6, we're going to 7.

It's match point.

What's going through your mind
when you step up on that platform?

Yeah, you definitely
feel the added pressure.

I guess it's like anything else -

you just try your best
no matter what,

and that's all you can do, really.

Well, it was
a tremendous effort today.

Oh, thank you.

Henry, how important do you
think it is keeping the tribe strong,

moving forward?

Yeah, it's hugely important.

You want, you know,
a tribe that's strong in challenges,

but the thing is, there's a list of
strengths in this game.

It doesn't have to be physical.
It's all about the balancing act.

We've talked about it
for many weeks,

about having the most balanced tribe
going into a challenge,

and that's how we'll win.

Odette, how do you see it tonight?

I, from the beginning thought,
you know,

you keep the strongest people
in the team.

But this is a human game,
this is a personality game,

and it's turning out a little bit
different than what I expected.

Jericho, what are you basing
your vote on tonight?

I'm just going to lay it out there.

I just feel like tonight, we
shouldn't vote based on vengeance.

I feel like tonight
there's going to be a few people

who's going to vote based on that.

I'm Asaga blood.

If we vote on vengeance tonight,
it's going to cause massive chaos.

Sarah, do you think tonight's vote
is about vengeance?

I don't know what
the vote should be based on.

I just think consistency
is the best thing to go with.

Henry, I see you nodding your head.

Yeah, I'm a man of my word,
I'm going to stick to

what I said I'd do, and I'm going
to base this one on trust.

I feel, going forward, no matter
how strong you are in challenges,

if you've got that trust together,

that's how we'll move forward
as one.

Mark, how much of this game
is about secrets and lies?

Yeah, a lot of it is.
A lot of it is.

In fact, there's two people
pulling the strings

in this tribe at the moment,

and it's Jacqui and Henry.

They've done it for
the last three votes,

they're doing it today,
and the question we need to ask is,

how long do you want that pair
to go on for?

That's pretty harsh.
It's true.

Mark, it was very clear that
Sam and yourself were...

..the power couple.

And that's why she's not here.

So who's the power couple now?

I don't think there is
a power couple.

There were nine votes to two.

I don't think you could say
two people swayed

the other seven people
this early in the game.

If you are saying that
to save yourself, well...

Mark, what do you think
the right move is,

if you've identified a power couple
dictating all the moves?

I think the right move
is to split them up.

If you don't do it now,
they are going to call every shot

from now on, and 90% of this tribe
will be gone before you know it.

And I think being passive about it
is saying, you know,

"Just tell me the majority
and we'll go with that."

It's only going to delay
the outcome.

I'd like to keep Henry.
He's strong at the challenges.

Jacqui, less so.

So that's where I'm going to go.

So what are you proposing?

Jacqui gets knocked out,

we start again as a new tribe.

There's no power couple,
and we have a fair chance.

Jacqui, how does that make you feel?

I think...

..what you are doing, Mark,
is projection.

And you are trying to say

that Henry and I are in the position
that you and Sam were.

How is it not?

You are just singling me out because
I might spend more time with him,

or more time with Kent, or...

Like I was spending more time
with Sam.

But massively different degrees.

You two were in each other's
pockets, and it was clear.

Me and Jacqui, yes, we get along
because we've got

that mother-son kind of connection,

but I swear I've got that same

with many people on this tribe.

And I don't think you could call
that a power couple situation.

Clearly not.

Look, I have been willing to
throw myself

on the barbed wire
for this tribe.

I've been doing it since day one.

Everyone here knows it.

And, yeah, I got stung with Sam,
I suppose,

but you're looking at
the same situation now.

The logic still applies.

If these guys stay together, you'll
be dealing with them on day 55.

And I am a killer in these

Hang on to me.

Ben, what's your take on all this?

This is amazing.

I'm loving it.

Look, as long as they're not,

you know, glaring daggers at me,
I'm OK with that.

Obviously, it does make
a tough decision.

I'm weighing up my options.

Look, I've got to respect Mark
for fighting for his life.

And I think as
the conversations develop,

people are just flip-flopping
in their mind.

It's not over till it's over.

Henry, are you worried about
the vote tonight?

I am worried,

but there's a reason I put trust
in the people I did.

Luke, do you know how
this is going to play out tonight?

Look, personally, I'm going to vote
the same way

because I just think that
it's a smart way,

to just stick to your guns.

Hopefully, it plays out.

Jericho, what should the tribe
remember when they go up to vote?


..base your vote to keep Asaga
as strong as possible.

So I would say... a liability.


It's time to vote.

Alright. It's time to vote.

Henry, you're up.

You're an absolute legend,

but you are about 1,000 times
better than me,

so I've got to get rid of you.

As promised, mate.

I'll go to count the votes.

If anyone has a Hidden Immunity Idol
and they want to play it,

now would be the time to do so.


Once the votes are read,
the decision is final.

The person voted out
will be asked to leave

the Tribal Council area immediately.

I'll read the votes.

The first vote...







Three votes Mark, three votes Jacqui.


The seventh person voted out
from Australian Survivor -


You need to bring me your torch.

Mark, the tribe have spoken.


Time for you to go.

You guys were a great crew.
See you soon.

See you.
We'll miss you, Mark.

See ya.

Well, the Tribal Council has a habit

of throwing all the pieces
up in the air.

But now the crucial question is,
where are they going to land?

Grab your torches.

Head back to camp.


Next time on Australian Survivor...

..Mark's parting words
have fractured Asaga...

If Mark goes out,
then the fire goes out.

..and exposed the tribe's
power couple.

Remember, the reason Mark said
we're the power couple

was because
we are the power couple.

And we'll show how powerful we are.

But loose cannon Luke...

No, no, no, no! just getting warmed up.

Panic's starting to set in!

Let's get some fireworks going.

Some drama.

It was a bruising final Council.

It was good to kind of
duke it out a bit,

but I knew a fair bit of the damage
had been done,

so I kind of had
my back to the wall on that one.

But, hey, it's good
to go out fighting.

I'm a fighter,
it's what I've always done,

so to go out like that was unreal.

It's a shame it had to go this way,

but I've got to
fight fire with fire.

I'm not going to pin it on
being close to Sam.

I think I'm a quiet person,

and it takes a while to
warm up to a group.

I think by the time I had come round
to the group,

they kind of pinned me as someone
that was a player,

and it actually wasn't true,

so it was kind of my own fault.

To be a part of it and to really
throw everything at it