Australian Survivor (2016–…): Season 4, Episode 10 - Episode #4.10 - full transcript

The tribe members have been given a wake up call that makes it clear to everyone that in the game, it is every person for themselves.

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Tara, you will not be leaving alone.

..a shock tribe swap
turned the game on its head...

Anneliese... two members from
each tribe change places. will be spending
the night on Exile beach.

Tara and Anneliese
were voted out of Samatau...

What is the other tribe's name?


..while Ben and Henry
volunteered to leave Asaga.

I'm happy to nominate myself.

Just let me process it for a bit.

I'll go.

Oh, wow.

At Samatau, Henry set about
creating new connections...

If I can get control of both tribes,

I'm a great chance to
win this game. two of the game's
biggest players

came together for the first time.

I need to assess how
conniving Henry can be.

At Asaga...

We were supposed to be
a power couple...

..Jacqui was exposed after losing
her closest ally in Henry.

Henry has the idol
and he's taken it to Samatau.

Frankly, I was quite ticked.

And she was right to be worried,

as old rival Luke
recruited the newcomers

into his alliance.

We want Jacqui gone.

I'm taking her out of the game
and I'm taking her out bad.

And at tribal, Luke used his
new numbers to powerful effect.

The eighth person voted
out from Australian Survivor,


The tribe has spoken.

16 are left.

Who will be voted out tonight?

We just got back from tribal.

Tribal played out
exactly how I wanted.

So Jacqui is gone.

And you're like, oh...

I'm thinking, I beat you!

Even if I get voted out next week,
I beat you.

I beat you, Jacqui. Shiiit.

As soon is Henry went, man,
see you later!

There goes your girl, bro.

You left her out to dry, so...

I can't wait to see
Henry's face tomorrow

because I just voted out your
one little closest alliance.

I'm taking over, baby.


Eight and eight, eh?

You know what, Jacqui going home,

that's probably the most excited
I have been after a Tribal Council.

We are starting to
bring down the Henry alliance,

so this game has been
flipped on its head.

I was really excited.

There was high fives all around.

Odette and Kent are filthy.

I'm extremely sad
that I've lost Jacqui.

And that's the honest truth.

All the talk of getting
rid of Anneliese,

and Tara,

clearly that was all a ruse.

No, I'm not going to eat.

Everyone is waiting for me
to do a big dummy spit,

and I won't give them that.

But at this stage,
I haven't got much currency.

Are you off?

I'm extremely vulnerable.

So, I feel like I'm
a dead man walking.

I'm going to assume that we
are going to get a roaring fire.

Yeah. Or even just
dry out over the top.

It's Day 23,

and I've just had my first
Tribal Council with Asaga,

and Tara and I managed to dodge
the easy vote bullet,

and I am so excited.

This is the start of
something really cool.

We've come over here, we've found
cracks, we've exploited them,

and you can't get rid of us
that easy.

That should be ready.

I just want to try and organise...
Look how big that rainbow is.

Oh, that is pretty, actually.

It's like a vertical rainbow.

Since Jacqui has gone,
I feel lonely.

I think I've got
the plague or something

because there's not a lot of people
talking to me.

Every single person
in this tribe underestimates me.

That's fine.

I'll make them think I'm no threat.

Just sitting around
being miserable about it.

They are completely wrong and naive.


I work with children, and Kent
is behaving like one of them.

If the kids start to lose,
or they're not winning the race,

they sit themselves down and say
"I don't want to play any more."

And that is exactly what
Kent and Odette are doing.

Now, Kent and I clash.

We do not get on.

You - are you getting water?

Yeah, I just said that.

He has voiced to everyone
that he does not get on with me,

and he does not like me.

I suppose I shouldn't complain.
She did manage to get up today.

that doesn't affect me at all.

What affects me is making sure
I can get the numbers to get him

out of the game.

If he's just going to
mope around camp,

and be filthy that Jacqui's gone,

This is Survivor.

Play hard or go home.

I feel like going for a swim, too.
It's so nice this morning.

It's moments like this where you
really appreciate just being here.

Every...every minute.

We've been in Samoa
for three weeks now,

which is the longest I've been
away from my family.

I'm the youngest out here.

I'm 20 years old,
I still live at home,

and I tend to be fairly introverted.

So, I do struggle with group
social situations sometimes.


I definitely feel that I made
the right decision swapping to

Samatau with Henry.

Always at Asaga,
I felt kind of awkward.

I felt like that pipsqueak that
got wedgied at high school.

I'm wearing them!

Samatau is treating me

I certainly feel more accepted,

and I hope to be able to
capitalise on this.

I would like to clarify that...

While it's five of us, and honestly
when you first came here,

everyone was like, it's so obvious -

just split the vote
between you and Henry.

But then we, yeah, get to know you

and, like, you fit in with
me and Pete.

Yeah, because we're not exactly

That's the way.

That's the thing.

So, like, all the conversations have
been about getting you in with us.

So, like, yeah, man, we would really
like to move forward with you.

Jarrad's plan is to make the core,
I think five or six, myself, AK,

Petey, Ziggy, Tess, and Jarrad,
going forward in Samatau,

which, hell, if it puts me
in the majority,

I'm down, you know.

But here's the thing...

How are you with Henry? Because,
from the outset, it seems like...

I will tell you right now,
I do trust him.

But, if need be...


As much as it saddens me
to vote out Henry

who I have trusted
for a long time now,

sometimes, you've just got
to do what you've got to do.

If they're gunning for him, it is
stupid to try and shake the boat.

I don't think he does.

I've just got to go along with it
and get into this dynamic.

If Henry is outside that dynamic

and they're willing to
spare me over him

sorry, Henry, but you've got to go.

How is this morning, boys?

Living the dream.
Living the dream.

At the moment, there is
no regrets about swapping tribes.

The mood here in Samatau is good.

I'm starting to pick up on
these little connections
with these people.

I feel my stocks are already rising
in the control.

And it's exciting.


And I've still got
the majority of my old tribe.

I'm happy with where I've left

I'm in 100% control over there.

It will, yeah.


Pick Tara.

And then with Jacqui and Kent,
I've got my alliances all set up,

and they will take me to the end.

So, we'll do today's challenge.

Coming face-to-face with
Asaga will be interesting.

It will be good to see their faces
and I'll give them a wink,

I'll give them a nod, I'll let
them know that I'm still with them.

Asaga strong.


I'm on track.

Game on. I'm coming. I've got
an idol. I've got alliances.

I'm going to be sitting
there at the end, winning this game.

Come on in, guys.

Samatau, take a look
at the new Asaga tribe.

Jacqui voted out last
Tribal Council.



Are you surprised that
Jacqui has gone?

I am. I thought it would be pretty
easy pickings

to knock off the two
that came from Samatau.

I wouldn't have minded being there
to see how it all went down.

But, uh, yeah, big surprise.

So, Tara, do you think
last night's vote

cemented your position
as a true Asagan?

Oh, absolutely.

It was a shock for me
just as much I think as anyone.

But, you know, we are
in Asaga now, so this is us,

and we're going to move
forward as much as we can.

Locky, you're still smiling.

Yeah, I mean,
it's great to see them, like...

We were kind of expecting
one of them to go

but to see both of them just brings
the biggest smile to my face.


23 days out here,

is there anything that
you're craving out here?

Oh, like, pizza.

Something substantial.


Tessa, what do you want?

I want ice-cream!

You guys ready to get to
today's Reward Challenge?

What is it?

You're going to have to
wait for that. Come on!

For today's challenge...

..half of the tribe will push a very
heavy cart containing puzzle pieces.

Once you get to
the end of the course,

two of you will pull on a rope,
lifting the first piece of a puzzle.

Last two tribemates
use the pieces inside the cart

to complete the puzzle.

First tribe gets their puzzle right,

wins reward.

Want to know what
you're playing for?


Winning tribe
will spend the afternoon

at the Survivor
ice-cream parlour...

..where you will get to enjoy
vanilla, chocolate, strawberry,

- banana, waffle cones...
- Oh!

..every kind of topping
you can possibly imagine.

Chocolate sprinkles, marshmallows.

- Worth playing for?
- Yeah!

Alright, Kent, you are sitting
this one out for medical reasons.

That means someone else in your tribe
will need to double up.

Everyone else,
a minute to talk about it.

Let's get to it.

Alright, here we go.

For the ice-cream reward that you
have all been dreaming about...

Survivors ready?


Alright, pushing first up
for Samatau, Ziggy and Locky.

For Asaga, it's Jericho and Luke.

Put your shoulder into it, guys!

That cart is very heavy.

Locky proving to be
a powerhouse yet again.

This is all about brute force.
Good work, guys.

Go, Luke!

It's got square wheels
to make it even harder.

Halfway through the course,

you are going to pick up two more
players to help you.

Don't stop when you go past us,
we'll build the momentum.

Go, go, go, go.

Jarrad jumping in for Samatau.
They're pulling ahead.


Keep going, keep going.
Keep going all the way, boys.

Keep going.

Michelle and Tara
jumping in for Asaga.

They're falling behind.

Come on, guys! Come on!

Give it everything!
Give it everything!

Go, go, go!

Move it on!
Go, go!

Nearly there, nearly there.
Samatau using brute force.

Samatau is here first.

Samatau, you've got to align
your pieces.

Alright, I've got three pieces.

You need to get all
the pieces on the mat.

Give me another one,
give me another one.

Keep going, guys.
Push it!

Come on, Asaga.

Samatau has a huge lead.

Come on!

Lack of strength proving to be
a problem for Asaga.

Guys, a little bit more,
a little bit more!

Luke, we need you to undo it.

Go, Asaga, start unlocking
those pieces.

Somebody help us bring it.

Get those pieces out of the cart
and on the mat.

You need to catch up!

Come on!
Go, go, go, go!

Alright, Samatau have their
pieces on the mat.

Rope pullers, unhitch the ropes.

You've got to unhitch the ropes

Unhitch it, unhitch it!

Ben slowly working on the rope.

What's all this shit?

Samatau appeared to have
slowed down.


This is a huge vertical puzzle.

Rope pullers need to hold it up,

while the puzzle makers
build from below.

First piece for Samatau.

That's the one.
What have we got now?

Three and a two.

That one, that one there.

No, three and a two.

This puzzle may look simple
but it only fits together one way.

OK, this goes together.

Anneliese and Sarah
on the puzzle for Asaga.

This one?
Try it.

I got it, I got it!

OK, what's the next one underneath?

Sarah and Anneliese working
together very well.

Quite calm.

Asaga making quick progress
over there.

Guys, just concentrate.

They have two pieces in.

Pull it up a bit.

Closing the gap.

Come on!

Two inside, two inside!

OK, really trying to whip through it.

In front, here.

There are pieces in there
that may trip you up.

No, not that one.

In front of me, second one.

Second one.

I need a fourth!

Asaga are starting to
pull it together.

Even four, even four.

Asaga making a comeback.

Here, here, here.

Wow, they're really
catching up here.

Good work.

What's that one, AK?

All even!

We are neck and neck right now.


This puzzle gets
heavier as you build it.

It is 100kg there,
when it's completed.

Higher! Higher!

I need a five.
Three on one, two on the other.

Samatau thinks they have it.

That can't be it.

But, no, they still have
a couple of pieces left on the mat.

That's not it.

Something is wrong.

It's over there.

Take that one off!
Take that one off!

They are starting to
pull pieces out now.

This has opened the door for Asaga.


Two pieces left.

Tell me if you need a hand.

They've pulled ahead.

Go, girls!

Keep it in the order, Tess!
Keep them in order!

Panic starting to
set in for Samatau now.

Come on, guys!

Last piece!
Come on, Anneliese, put it on!

They can do it right here.

Pull it, pull it!

Pull it!

That's it!

Asaga wins Reward.

Who needs strength!

Tess, we're sorry.

I'm going to cry.

Well done, guys.

Asaga, congratulations.

That ice-cream parlour is
waiting for you. Head on out, enjoy.

Thank you.
Thank you, Jonathan.



There'll be ice-cream at home.

You don't come on Survivor to eat,

I'll tell you that much right now.

That's the attitude.
There we go.

In any case, I know it was
a tough one to miss out on,

but got nothing for you.

Grab your gear, head back to camp.

So, my old tribe, Asaga,
they got rid of Jacqui,

my biggest ally.

I can't believe
how silly these people are.

I set up a game, and I leave,

and they just don't know
how to play anymore.

My game has now turned a bit ugly.

We can eat them!


Oh, my God.

This reward is like something
out of a movie.


The cherry on top
of an already good day!

That is so good.


Look how much there is!

We get lollies, too.

The ice-creams and the toppings,
the location, the warm sun,

like, it could not be more perfect.

I'm so happy we won Reward today.

Oh, this is so nice.

I'm already on my second.

Chocolate syrup!

I think if Survivor was about
who could eat as much ice-cream...

Oh, my God, Jericho!

..I am already the Sole Survivor,
in that sense.

Every time I have ice-cream, I don't
have ice-cream, I have sorbet,

because I'm lactose intolerant.

Oh, really?

Stay away from dairy.

Now that I've had, like,
maybe, I don't know, 15 ice-creams,

I don't know how it's going to
sit when I get back to camp.

But I know that right now
I feel good.

How many ice-creams have you had?
I don't know.

Jericho, are you going again?!

you're literally going to be sick.

Yes, darling?

Yes, because...
He thinks he is so good.

He thinks he's puzzle man,
but I knew I was puzzle woman.

Oh, it was so good to see him lose.

Guys, I'm so happy.

This is so good.

This is the best!

I was eating my ice cream, and I
stumbled across this bit of plastic.


"In front of the ice-cream parlour
stands a palm tree.

"Concealed in the tree
will be your next clue."

That's going to be so difficult.

I'm going to try and see
if I can do this subtly,

without anyone noticing.

Who's that?


You know what, guys, I would trade
ice-cream for immunity.

Ice-cream sucks.
I don't even want it.

You can have more ice-cream
when we get home.

So, Tara and Anneliese made it.


At today's challenge,
I found out Jacqui went home.

Jacqui going is a huge
negative to my game.

It's frustrating as hell because
I spent 20-odd days over on Asaga

building an alliance base
over there, and I left them

with majority, and then just
like that, my strongest ally's gone.

Do you reckon it was Luke?
I reckon Luke.

He was so happy with himself.


Alright, so, it looks like

if I go back there,
it could be a bit dicey.

Well, you were on the side of
Kent and Jacqui.

I was, yes.

Was Henry on that side, too,
with Jacqui and Kent?


So, wow.

That's huge.

Losing control today
has kind of shaken me up.

Right now I'm in
an absolute sticky situation.

I'm on the bottom, and I don't
think there are as many cracks here

as I thought there might be.

AK and Jarrad and Tessa,
Peter and Ziggy are tight.

Locky, me, and Ben,
we're on the outs.

I need to get these guys
to like me more

because I've got no chance here
at Samatau unless I get in there.

I need to figure out my plan.

I'm, like, you know when your body
knows that you've had enough food

but I won't be happy
till it's all gone.

Come on, Locky, boy.

It's like, you know, on Christmas
Day when everyone eat heaps

and then you get, like, sleepy.

That's where I am right now.
I'm so sleepy.

I know.

Yes, I finally found the next clue.

It's a map of the challenge
that we will have coming up next.

It has a very clear
X marks the spot,

here is where your Hidden Immunity
Idol is going to be.

I mean, that's fantastic news,

but the downside of this
is that this is going to be

in a place in front of every
single person playing this game,

and I'm going to have to just
somehow subtly pick up this

Hidden Immunity Idol
and keep it for myself.

And that's going to be difficult.

I'm going to need someone's help.

So, I need to work out a plan.

That's a good idea.
I'll help out with that.

I didn't want to show anyone the
clue for the Hidden Immunity Idol

but I knew I had to open up
to someone and show them trust

and I really want to
nourish my relationship with Sarah.

Out of all the people
here in Asaga, Sarah is someone

I want to go far with.

And I can use this connection to
get myself further in this game.

I think we should just be
completely honest

because I want to work with you.

I'm being serious.

OK, good.

Like, I don't have anyone.

I'd love that.

Also, because I feel like
we want to play a similar game,

and that's been what
I've been looking for.


But, like, we are solid, yeah?

Just trust me.

You will see, I'm really excited.

OK. Promise?

Mate, it's not Samatau.

There's a what?

Anneliese me telling me
about her idol clue

is exactly what I needed
at this point.

I've always said,
that's so good to know.

I don't like going along
with the majority.

I had no control with the Luke,
Jericho, and Michelle Alliance.

And that makes me nervous.

Oh, it's so exciting.
Like, I see a path for me.

Now I have an Anneliese onside and
working with me, I've got the power.

And I think I can work this
to my advantage.

I'm putting lots of trust in you.

Just trust me. You'll see.
Like, I'm really excited about this.

Really. Really.

It's wicked.

When you're in the position
of playing both sides,

it's a massive balancing act.

But I've put myself
in a pretty risky position.

But that's what it takes
to win you the game.

Rice, rice, baby!

Smells good.

So, what do you reckon
happened over there?

Did they see you as a power person
over there or just, like...

Probably power. They probably
want me out now.

As it stands right now, I have
no power over Asaga or Samatau.

So, I need to regain control,

I'm over here.

I've got no say in what they do,

how they feel towards me,

or what kind of path
they want me to come on.

Good move with the jump.

But I've got a plan.

I've basically
just come up with this game.

Just to get these guys
to like me more.

Do you need help
or it's a one-man's...

It's a one-man job.
I'm kind of freestyling it.

Because, at the end of the day,
if they like me more than Ben,

they might keep me around.

It's time for me to work my magic

and finally put
my charm to good use, I think.

Right. Are we ready?

Welcome to Hensville!

I'm your host, Hen the fantastic.
Hen the fantastic?

Alright. Come on down!

So, there is sport, movies,
general knowledge, TV, music,

Survivor, Survivor, Survivor.

Henry brings a lot to our tribe.

He brings some, like, fun
and a bit of cheekiness.

What would you like, sir?

I will go with sport.


In which sport, Ben, did
the name Awesome Foursome come?

Oh! I know this. Oh, come on.

Oh! Don't believe this.

Is it swimming?

Jump in! Jump in!

No stealing.

But the correct answer was. Rowing.

It was really nice
having your mind off strategy.

And, also, just having, like,
a laugh with your tribemates.

Whoo! Round two.

Yeah! Henry's really good
for tribe morale.

So, we all love having him around.

Everyone's a winner.

Go on through.

This is an easy one.

Henry is extremely smooth
and he's a good-looking rooster.

He is the healthier version of me.

Which I hate.

What colours are in the flag?

But, what I do know about Henry
is he's here to play it his way,

which is charming people.

And he's doing a great job of it.

Red, yellow, and black, Hen.

Yeah! Nice!

Henry is super fun.
I enjoyed it so much.

And it made me
really think that Henry has to go.

Are you ready for the next one?

Pressure is with you guys.
You don't often lose.

What artist had the songs A-Punk
and Step?

It's all a whole lot of fun
but the positive thing

about what came out of that is that
everyone in my alliance now sees him

as someone who's trying to be
too smooth and win over everyone.

First-ever Henville winners.

And I encourage him to do more of it
because the more he does,

the more he's actually pushing
himself under the bus.

Oh, that was good. Thanks.

Waking up, Day 24, is fantastic.

So, we can put a pot on.

Like, 72 hours ago, everything
seemed so grim but, yesterday,

we won ice-cream,
I also had a chat with Sarah

and we formed a new alliance

and I got this clue for the idol.

So, I'm glad I told you
because, like, I need help.

Yeah, exactly.
Do you want to sit in here?

If I get this idol, this could
be the greatest turnaround yet.

Can I just quickly say
that I'm really excited about this.

OK. Cool.
Like, really excited.

But, to find the idol,
it's going to be really difficult

because we've got to pick it up at
the challenge in front of everyone.

"The idol is hidden at
the last station before the puzzle."

To give yourself the best chance
of getting the idol,

do not volunteer
to solve the puzzle. Good luck."

So, to find the idol, I can't do
the puzzle in the challenge,

but there is no way I can pull out
of the puzzle with my track record.

It would be way too suspicious.

Yeah, yeah. Exactly.

Like, I need your help getting it.


So, Sarah is going to grab the
idol for me.

That's a huge trust exercise.

I mean, I've had to delegate that

to someone that
I've known for 48 hours.

Going into this immunity challenge,
I need to get this idol.

It's my lifeline here.

So I'm unsettled.
I'm pretty worried.

It's, like, almost petrifying.

For me,
this is the biggest challenge yet.

Come on in, guys.

I am absolutely freaking out.

I've put my trust in Sarah,

who is going to pick up this hidden
immunity idol for me.

I need this idol.

This is so intense.


Hot enough for you?

Jericho, how was your afternoon
at the ice-cream parlour?

I think I lost count of how
much ice-cream I had.

I literally had all the toppings -

hundreds and thousands,

banana split with the cherries...

Whipped cream.

The whipped cream
just put in your mouth.

Oh, Henry, there was, like,
the peanut M&M's.

Oh, was there?
Your favourite.

They were there as well, so...

Just to let you know.

Well, Henry,
first immunity challenge

you competed as a Samatau
tribe member, you won.

How important is it to win
two for two today?


Clearly, me and Ben coming over
on the bottom.

So I've got to turn up today

and play hard because me
and Ben are on the chopping block,

and I've got to win.


You brought it home for Asaga

You got another
win in your sights today?

Winning's imperative,

especially at this
point in the game.

No-one's position is sure here,

and I'm nervous just standing here.

The stakes are really high.

We've really got to pull it
home today.

Alright. Are you guys ready to get
to today's immunity challenge?


OK. You know the drill.

You can come to me, mate.

Oh, really?

We'll see how that plays out for you.

You know that only happens once.

Once again, immunity is back in play.

Alright. For today's challenge,

six members from your tribe

will work together to slide
discs to the end of a rope

high above your head.

Once you've released all the discs,
you will then

roll them into a barrel.

Once all your discs
are in the barrel,

you will then push them into a chute

that releases a key,

which you'll use to unlock
a box of puzzle pieces.

Last two tribe members will use those
pieces to solve a puzzle.

First tribe gets the puzzle right,
wins this guy.


Safe from the vote.

Losing tribe -
trip to tribal council.

Someone will be the ninth person
voted out of this game.

OK. You guys have a minute to
talk about it. We'll get to it.

Puzzle? Cool.

Cool, we got this.

Puzzle-makers, go take your position.

Good luck.
Just do your best.

That's all we can do.

Alright. Here we go.

We have AK and Henry
on the puzzle for Samatau.

Kent and Anneliese for Asaga.

For immunity...

Survivors ready?


My forehand on your back?
OK, ready?

There are 20 discs
and you've got to feed all of them

through a tangled rope to
release them on the other end.

No, no, swing her out,
swing her out.

Get onto my shoulder.

Ziggy goes up on Locky's shoulders.


Jarrad is trying to get up
on Ben's shoulders for Samatau.

Ready? One, two, three.


Sarah is on Luke's shoulders

for Asaga.

Leave it.

Samatau have two sets of people
high up on the pole.

Well done, guys. Well done.

I've got it.

Asaga with only one person winding
the discs through the top there.

This could put them behind.

Samatau working quickly.

Just go two at a time.

What are you figuring, Zig?

Ziggy has three.

She passes it to Jarrad.

He's got to wind it all
the way down to the end.

You want more, Ziggy?

Doing good, OK?

Ben proving to be very
strong for his tribe.

Great work, Ben!

Ziggy moving those
discs along quickly.

Well done. Watch your back.

Ziggy passes another
three along to Jarrad.

Sarah struggling over
there for Asaga.

OK. Now we're moving to the next.

That's too many.
Let's move on.

Now Jericho is on Tara's
shoulders for Asaga.

Yeah, Tara.

She's a strong girl.

You need to step it up, Asaga.

Just take...
OK. Now go back.

Samatau working together
very well as a tribe.

Asaga really struggling getting it
past that first loop.

What do you want me to do,
support her?


This is taking its toll already.

Asaga way behind at this stage.

Oh, man, this is...

Oh, Jerry, I can't!

Sorry, sorry.

You need to go on,
you need to go on.

How are you?
Yeah, I've got you.


Asaga still struggling.

Immunity on the line here.

Someone going home tonight.

I can get down.

Samatau almost have their last
five through.


Samatau, you have all your pieces.

Release them
and move onto the next section.

Samatau has a huge lead now.

You need to roll the disc up
the ramp into the barrel.

Locky just misses.

Get the next one in.


Really widening the gap for Samatau,

All day, Locky.

Need to pick it up, Asaga!

Put your feet...

Jericho now on Odette's shoulders.

Jerry is doing three at once.

Asaga really struggling back there.
This could be a complete blow-out.

Jerry, Jerry, back here!

Locky misses that one.

One more left for Samatau.

Good lad, yeah, Jarrad.

Yes, yes!

Samatau gets their last disc
in the barrel.

You need to pull them all out.
Move onto the next section.

Leave them in here. Leave them here.

Thread them through.

OK, now you need to feed
the discs into the chute

to release the key at the top.

Locky taking charge, here.

Clearly the hero for this tribe
on this challenge.

That's it, Samatau has their key.

Good, guys!

Yours, it's all yours.

AK and Henry on the puzzle
for Samatau.

Get all those pieces
out on the table.

Look at the pieces as you grab them.
Yeah, we are.

Huge lead for Samatau.

This could be a blow-out.

Asaga still struggling back here.


Slowly trying to wind those discs
around that top pole.

The rope needs to be loose,
I can't...

We should have done three at a time.

Asaga still on the first obstacle.
They may not even get to the puzzle.

Anneliese looking on, frustrated.

Desperate to get in on the action.

Is that all of them?

Never give up, guys,
you're doing it well.

Henry and AK,
working at that puzzle, now.

Can you help me out?

Huge head start for these guys.

Asaga finally have their discs
to the end.

I'm going to have to squat down.

No! There's a bunch still at
the start, you need to go back.


The corner of the table, put that
closest to you there. Yup.

Oh, nice work, Zig.

They're still on ropes, guys,
they're still on ropes.

Asaga still have five discs
at the start of their row.

They are so lost in this challenge.

My God.

It'll take a miracle for them
to come back now.

AK gets another piece in.

Another piece for Henry.

Let's go, Adelaide!


Half a dozen pieces left.

Chuck it, chuck it!
Mate, I'm doing my best, OK?

I'm not...
Mate, I'm not having a go at you.

Another piece goes in.

We can still come back.

Asaga, so far behind,
they're starting to get frustrated.

More toward the end! Move!

Another piece goes in,
we're down to the last two pieces.

This could be it.

Last piece in.

That's it.

Samatau wins immunity,

sending Asaga to Tribal Council.

What a huge blow-out.

We totally dominated that, guys.

- One, two, three...
- Samatau!

There we go, guys.

Look, they're still on the ropes.

Samatau, congratulations, easy win.

AK, if you want it, you're going
to have to come to me this time.

Once again, immunity is yours.

You guys are safe, no-one going home.

Head on out.

Well done.

Thanks, Jonathan.

Asaga, you have the accolade

of the first official blow-out
for the season.

We're going to see you tonight
at Tribal Council.

Someone will be the ninth person
voted out from Australian Survivor.

You've got the afternoon to work out
who's that's going to be.

Grab your gear, head on out.

That is the hardest challenge
I've ever done.

As always,

my name is going to come up
at some point,

as it does every single
Tribal Council,

and I've been lucky, but I don't
know when that luck is going to end.

So, we lost the challenge today.

I was the only one really with
someone on my shoulders, like,

I didn't lose the challenge, so...

But, look, it was a tough one.

We did not have the bodies
to do that one.

Everyone did what they could.

I don't really care about going
to Tribal these days.

I actually like going there.

I'm safe as houses, baby.
I ain't going home.

Why don't we all get a leaf
and have something to eat?

Think of it as crunchy risotto.

Crunchy risotto?

It's been a huge day for me,

because I knew the idol was there,

I knew where it was hidden.

You guys,
can you keep the fire going?


The plan that Sarah
and I had laid out

was that Sarah was going to get it.

But Sarah was nowhere near
where the idol was,

and I knew things were finishing,

So I slumped down and pretended
to be all upset.

I somehow managed to put the idol
under my shirt.

Did you get the idol?

That's so exciting!
Oh, my God.

I was so, so upset
that we didn't even...

I wasn't in the right kind
of clothes for it.

And I had it, like, here.

And everyone was like...

It was loose enough, thank God.

I don't know whether people knew
that I got it.

I have the idol.

That's an amazing step forward from
here and I'm so excited to have it.

I want to work with you as much
as I can, but this is your idol.

This is yours, you found it.

I really don't feel like
I have a claim to it.

It just makes me even more

want to work with you.
Yeah, cool.

You have massive leverage.

I trust you so much,
and I hope you trust me.

I do, yeah.

But other than that,
we do actually need each other,

and we could go really far.

Since Jacqui is gone,
I lost my allies.

I'm a dead man walking.

So I need to reduce the target
on my back

and Michelle is an easy target.

She does nothing in challenges,
she is lazy around camp.

She has got to go.

Last few Tribals, people have been
running around like

chickens with their heads
chopped off.

I'm not into that.

My plan this afternoon
is to not go running for votes.

I'm going to open my little shop.

And people can come into my shop

and I'm not going to ask them
to vote -

I'm just going to tell them a story.

I'm just going to sit down
on the beach

and, hopefully, people come.

Not a lot of customers today.

I thought I might have got
a queue going,

Did Kent want to be disturbed?

Or did he say don't go near him?
No, go and...

Being here at Asaga, you know,

I can't just sit by now,
like I did over at Samatau.

I was just drawn to one alliance.

This is my game and I am going to do
what I have to do

to keep going forward.


Can I just say straight out that
even after today's performance,

we obviously need to keep strength?

So I'm looking at Michelle.

I am going to vote Michelle.
Oh, good.

I kept looking around,
she just was doing nothing.

I'm like, "What are you doing?"

What she does in challenges,
which annoys me,

is she points out
other people's inadequacies.

And yells.

We only need five.
Yeah. Well, we've got a pool.

You, me...

Odette and Anneliese.

I haven't spoken to her yet.

They'll keep you, now,
because you've got strength.

Well, I'm saying if you want me,
vote Michelle.

OK. My decision's made.


Alright, cool.

I have a little gut feeling

that if I just stir up
a little bit more of Asaga,

you know, I've got to remember
I'm in this tribe now

and I need to feel confident,

so if I get as many originals
out as I can,

I feel now, while I have the numbers

and Kent and Odette will be
on my side,

why not get Michelle out?

For us to stay in this game...

..I think we need to shake up
the old Asaga part a little bit.

I think we need to vote Michelle.

I think if we got rid of Michelle,

it would mean Sarah is
a little bit more...

Like, we could get her on our side.

After we vote Michelle?

We can't go through
all that no strength thing again.

I seen it first hand.

Samatau voted out Tarzan and Adam,

then we lost four times in a row,
so why would I then

encourage this tribe to get rid of
another strength?

People like Kent shouldn't be
going home yet, you know?

He's a strong player.

So it's really put me
in a hard position

and I had to vote with my head
and not my heart.

We can't get rid of Kent.

No, no, no.

I think it might be Odette.

Yeah - well, the thing is, who else?

Well, Michelle.

Oh, look, this is going
to be a tough one.

Sorry, Tara, but you've just come
here, you know what I mean?

You don't call the shots.

But I like your try,
you've got to have a crack.

Now that Jacs is gone,
that whole alliance

that got made up on day one
has just swallowed itself up.

Henry has decided to jump
to the other tribe.

Off goes Jacqui.

The gameplan is just to keep
taking out that alliance,

so Kent is next.

Well, the thing is, like, Kent's on
his own now, 'cause Jacqui is gone.

You know?

Yeah, yeah.

You get rid of that alliance,
that's not the real Asaga.

The real Asaga
is whoever is Asaga with me.

I'm the real Asaga,
so if you want to jump on my train,

then you're the real Asaga.

Yeah that's what...

They're writing my name down

I mean, this is not going to happen.

I mean, like, they've got no...

We've got the alliance of six.
A very clear, divided alliance.

And then you've got Kent
and Odette on the outers.

How they think they're going
to scramble...

They've become very, very quiet,
very sheepish

and not much has been said,
so, fight for your lives,

but if our six stay strong,
we've got this in the bag.

She's not going to get swayed,
is she?

Even if she went to that side,
they've only got three.


I'm not stressed, 'cause...

Without sounding cocky,

if I was Annaliese and Tara,

I'd do exactly what I tell them to.

You've been here five minutes.

If I was you, I'd just follow orders
for a little while

and that's going to allow us
to trust you more

and work with you
in the future.

I've been trying to get him out know?

He's 22 days past his expiry date.

Are you opening a kissing booth?

Oh, look, I just...

Kent is a tricky one
to send home tonight.

He's a very unique body
in this tribe.

He is tall, he's strong, he's heavy,

and we don't have a lot of that
in our tribe.

So it would be good
to keep him round.

Tonight's vote, you know,
it's you or Odette.

Do you?

Well, that's how
it's sort of sitting

among a lot of people.


I'll tell you how I think
it's sitting.

In my little office.

I think it's Michelle or me.

Oh, Michelle or you.


Michelle is hard for me
to let go of,

because she's obviously
working with me.

So what is your...numbers...

..against Michelle
that I could then solidly join?

This is...
I know Jericho and Luke are close,

and I will now be looking for
a chance to break away.

Tara has told me she will vote

And Anneliese.

Samatau girls?
One has told me, the other hasn't.

I assume that both...

You, me...

That's five out of...


And then, if we stuck strong...

..we could get rid of
Luke and Jericho.


It's a good argument.

And, for me, it is also
an opportunity to flip sides again

and stick with a new alliance.

If I was a betting man,
and I am a betting man,

I know I've got Odette's vote.


Yeah, I'm sticking with you.

I'm still voting for Michelle
and I'm still going to, like,

not go out with a fight.

Anneliese and Tara,
I'm fairly confident.

Sarah - that's big maybe.

So, that's three maybes
and one definite.

But I'm backing the maybes
have gotta be in my favour.

Tribal Council - only two things
will happen tonight.

Either I'm completely wrong
and I have to eat humble pie,

or I'm completely right,
as per usual.

The simple plan - girls vote Kent.
Four votes there.

Luke and Jericho vote Odette.
Two votes there.

Simple, simple, simple.

If it gets screwed up
and somehow I go home tonight,

I will be livid.

Alright. Let's get straight to it.

Asaga, that was a massive blow-out
in the challenge today.

Jericho, you were up there
moving the disks, what was going on?

Um, I guess we were just
trying to work with

the limited height that we had.

We knew that Kent was on puzzles

and, yeah, we just got stuck

and we didn't even
get through the first obstacle.

No, you didn't.

Every time I looked back it was like
you guys were in quicksand.

Luke, you were a pillar of strength
for the tribe today.

Why do you think you lost?

Look, there's no-one to blame.

We just didn't handle that part of
the challenge pretty well,
you know?

The one thing we can take from it
is we didn't quit.

That was the most difficult
challenge I've ever done.

It was a big loss
and I hate to lose by that much,

but it wasn't without effort.

Anneliese, are you worried

that the physical challenges
coming up may be a problem?


I think
we're all extremely concerned

but I don't know what we could do.

They have much stronger men

and the women are super athletic
and it's very difficult.

It's not like we're adding people
into the equation here,

we're losing people.

And it's very concerning,

but I feel like we're all
working really well together

and that's a fantastic place
to start.

how much does someone's personality

factor into your decision making

when you're trying to work out
who to vote?

At this stage,
do you go for strength

so you can keep winning
the challenges?

Do you go for
who you're getting on at camp life

or do you go for who's a threat
potentially down the line?

For me, it's who covers all three
of those bases moving forward.

So you think it's more important
to have a tribe that's strong

or a tribe that gets along?

Me personally?

A tribe that gets along
and people that you can trust.

What about you, Odette?

Um, I think a tribe that's strong.

From the beginning I thought
just the team that is strong

and that can win at challenges,
that's who I'd be picking.

Tara, you're a newcomer.

Have you noticed
any personality conflicts going on?

Well, not from my,
like, side of things.

Luke, is everyone really
getting along in this tribe?

Look, it's obviously tough.

We've got two newbies
that have rolled in

and it's changed the dynamic
of the team a little bit.

Let's not beat around the bush.

Obviously I notice that Kent
and Michelle sometimes butt heads.

And, like, you see that
in some of the challenges

where they're yelling at each other.

I would say
that's the two most prominent

that I see have conflict
quite often.

So, Michelle, is that true?

Look, I think, you know,
in the real world

some people don't even have
24 friends.

So to come out here and expect to be
best friends with all 24 people

is just not realistic.

Kent, is this an accurate assessment
of your relationship with Michelle?

Yeah. I'm a grumpy old man.

My tolerance is pretty low at parts

and I reckon Michelle would be
fantastic on a Saturday night,

but 24 hours a day, you know,
she has some things that grate me.

I find Michelle will yell out,

pointing out other people's
weaknesses during the challenges.

Is she pulling her weight
around camp?

Uh, one would think not.

You know, you've got Jericho
and Luke who are tireless.

They are tireless,
so no-one can match them.

But on the average scale,
which I'd probably sit,

and there's some
on the below average scale.

So, Michelle, what would you say
to Kent's assessment?

I'm a little bit confused

where Kent contributes
around camp.

So, where's your clear role in camp,

Like, where do you think
you contribute the most?

Because if he assesses me
as below average,

I just want to hear what Kent does
that's that bit above me.


I've done a fair bit of work
on the floorboards, I keep...

You know, I made the floorboards.

They were, like, two weeks ago,

Yeah. True.

But I keep maintaining them
and putting extra ones in.

Kent, are you worried
about tonight's vote?

Oh, look, I...

I think Michelle's probably
brought a knife to a gunfight.

There's a cryptic one for you,

I like your cryptic comments.


How rock solid are the alliances
in this tribe?

I think there's definitely

a majority in this tribe
at the moment.

But unfortunately
when there's a majority

there's people on the outs
of the majority.

Obviously those people on the outs

I think should do
everything that they can do

to try to sway things
to go their way.

But, Michelle, every time
you guys come to Tribal Council,

I've got to be honest,
I'm kind of confused.

I just can't quite figure out
who's working with who.

It feels like
there's shifting sands all the time.

It is.

The people who were in the majority
now were in the minority before.

They had the numbers.

Henry and Ben go,
we get rid of Jacqui,

boom, now we've got the numbers.

So, how safe do you feel tonight?

You know, you can never feel safe,
there's idols,

but I'm pretty confident

that everyone knows
what they're doing tonight

and the exact name to write down.

If someone does flip, or does break,

what does that mean
for their future?

Alright, then.
On that note it's time to vote.

Alright, then. It's time to vote.

Anneliese, you're up.

This moment is long overdue.


I'll go count the votes.

If anyone has a hidden immunity
idol and they want to play it,

now would be the time to do so.

Alright. Once the votes are read
the decision is final.

The person voted out

will be asked to leave
the Tribal Council area immediately.

I'll read the votes.

First vote...


Michelle. You're tied.

Two votes Kent. Two votes Michelle.


That's two votes Kent, two votes
Michelle, one vote Odette.

That's three votes Kent, two votes
Michelle, one vote Odette.

Ninth person voted out
from Australian Survivor.

Kent, that's enough votes.
You need to bring me your torch.

We'll miss you, Kent.

Kent, the tribe has spoken.

They have.

Loved every minute.
Wish you all the best of luck.

Catch ya.

Time for you to go.

Miss you, Bear.
Don't poke the bear!

Well, tonight there was a lot of
talk about strength in numbers.

The question is, how long
can those numbers stay strong?

Grab your torches,
head back to camp.


Next time, on Australian Survivor...

You're here to choose
one of your tribe mates

to compete for the ultimate reward.

The most powerful tool
Survivor has ever seen

is about to enter the game.

Oh, look, I loved the game

and it's one of the experiences to
get voted off and I got voted off.

I don't have any regrets.

Kent, tonight this vote for me
is just about furthering my game

and doing the best thing
for my game play.

I'm sorry I have to do this.

I'd like one or two to win.

I'd love Henry to win
and I'd love Luke to win.

Both made of solid character.

I tried my best today
to get some numbers, but I couldn't.

And I have to stick
with the alliance. Sorry.

I was tolerant for 23-odd days.
That's a record for me.

My family hopefully will be proud.

My three children and my mother
thought I'd only last three days

before everyone would hate me.

It's taken 24,
so that's pretty good.

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