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Ashes to Ashes (2008–2010): Season 2, Episode 6 - Episode #2.6 - full transcript

Colin Mitchell's corpse is found in a canal and his father Stanley points the finger at vicious loan shark Riley who once employed Colin. Alex - witnessing her successful operation in the 2000s via an out of body experience - finds Riley too obvious, even though Colin and his wife Donna were planning to flee the country to escape him, and first Stanley, then Hunt, are assaulted by Riley's goons. Hunt terrorizes Riley in a junk-yard but Alex's belief in his innocence is eventually exonerated. Shazz and Chris, after arguing, agree on their wedding plans.

Resync: Xenzai[NEF]

If anyone is anything less
than squeaky clean,

get the hell out.

Shazza, would you do me the
amazing honour of becoming my wife?

- Did he leave a name?
- Boris Johnson.

I know you could be
my only chance of getting back.

But what you want me to do.
What you want me to be

is corrupt and dishonest.

- Are you seeing Boris again?
- Why, jealous?

Don't flatter yourself, sweetheart.

Operation Rose
will be your exit route.

It won't be pretty.

If I were to say to you,
"You've been shot in the head,

"you've just arrived at the hospital

"and Molly is on
her way to see you."

Would that help to convince you?

Told you. The daft bastard
fell down some stairs.

Very original. What next?
"He walked into a wall"?

Not my fault he's go two left feet.

Clear the corridor.
Move out of the way!

- Mum. I'm looking for my mum.
- Molly?

She's going into surgery now,
Molly. You must wait here.

Female, 30s, severe
gunshot wound to the frontal lobe.

We must hurry, this could
go either way. Respiration...

Pupils - the right side is...

The left is sluggish.


Oh, my God. This is it.

I think they're getting ready
to operate...

Think you've got problems- I have
to put up with this every day.

When you've stopped
being Doris Stokes,

we need to get Heroin Harry
here into a nice comfy cell.

You see?

Walked into a wall.

You know, you forget sometimes,
how beautiful London can be.

The architecture, the canals.

Dead body floating along.

You really have no poetry
in your soul, at all, do you?

No. That dead body, there. Look.

My name is Alex Drake.

I've been shot and that
bullet has taken me back in time.

Now I'm lost in 1982.

And all I can do is fight and search

and stay alive.

Because somehow
I will find a way home.

- Think he drowned, then?
- No, Christopher.

I think he tried to drink the
entire river for a bet and failed(!)

I'm not certain
drowning was the cause of death.

Lung samples showed low amounts
of water imbibed,

enough to suggest the time of death
was before the body entered the water.

Oh, but let's not forget this...

Blunt force trauma. Right on the
frontal lobe. Certainly suggests murder.

Could be murder. Could be bloke
walks home from the pub,

pissed as a penguin, trips up,
smacks his head, right into the Swannee.

Well, yes. That's a possibility.
Excuse me, gentlemen.

Except for this...

- Satanists.
- What?

Yeah, they do that all the time.
Marking people and stuff.

It's like that film we saw, what's it
called, Vault of Evil or something?

No, that was vampires.
Not Satanists.

Same thing, really.

Anybody has an opinion that doesn't
emanate from the works of Vincent Price?

Judging by the scabbing
on the wounds,

it happened the same time
as the blow to the head.

Full marks to DI Drake.

- Don't suppose you have a name?
- No ID at all.

No, of course not.
That would be too much to ask.

You wouldn't think
so many people go missing.

Maybe some of them don't want to be
found. Pressures of work, home life...

Be pretty hard
for her to go missing.

- You'd hear her coming a mile off!
- Could plug the Watford gap with that.

She's so fat, that wherever she's sat
in the room you'd be sat next to her!

Maybe she's somebody's mother!

Maybe somebody's worried about where
she is, whether she's dead or alive.

Maybe she'd like nothing more
than to let them know that she's OK.

So why don't you two just keep
your stupid jokes to yourself, OK?

- Ma'am.
- Not now, Chris, I'm not in the mood.

No, no. I think I've found our fella.
Colin Mitchell.

Wife reported him
missing a few days ago,

the father also phoned to ask.

Guv, we got an ID on the victim.
Colin Mitchell.

Right. Me and Bolly will
go talk to the father.

Chris, Ray - you inform the wife.

Remember, this is a murder
investigation, so for the moment...

We're looking into
the causes of death.


No point tipping our hand
until we need to.


- So?
- Have you thought of a date yet?

Just my mum's driving me crazy
asking every five seconds.

Almost, yeah.
Lot of planning these weddings.

Tell me about it.

Wait till you see
the dress I've got my eye on.

You'll be needing
some over-time for that one.

Stanley Mitchell?

The neighbours said
we'd find you here.

I'm DCI Hunt. This is DI Drake.
Can we have a word?

Ah! You're here for the meeting!

So good of you to come. I must admit
I was a bit sceptical myself at first.

It was a great success in America
but we're different here, aren't we?

Not quite the turn out
I was expecting.

- But you've got to try, haven't you?
- The turn-out for what?

Neighbourhood Watch.

- You're here to give the talk?
- Well, you see the thing is... Eh?

Could you just give us a second.


We can't tell him now. Look at him.

He's just trying to do
something good for the community.

You're not seriously suggesting that
we give a pep talk to the senile squad?

You are, aren't you?

You know it's amazing
how much these places change.

Nice to give them a bit of hope.

I've got Garibaldis.

Bloody hell!


How can you help your community?

DI Drake, any ideas?

Well, um...

you should never be afraid to call the
police if you see something suspicious.

Well, within reason.

I mean if some bugger's nicking
a milk bottle off your doorstep,

it's hardly worth calling
the flying squad round, is it?

Feel free to give them
a clip round the earhole.

You should never take the law
into your own hands, of course.

Not unless you can handle yourself.

It's best just to stay out of it.
Even if you can handle yourself.

Well, obviously.

But if some bastard climbs
through your bedroom window,

you're within you're rightsto smack
him over the head with a vase,

or any other blunt-ish object
that may come to hand.

Technically though,
that would be assault.

Just make sure the bugger's
still breathing when you ring 999.

Nobody will have a go at you
for fighting back.

What if you can't fight back?

Remember the Dunkirk spirit
and run like hell.

No, what if fighting back
makes it worse?

Well, that depends on
how you define worse.

Worse than 3 guys
and a baseball bat.

Worse than being dragged
under the wheels of their car.

They're not going to do anything.

They'll just stand there, bugger off,
and we'll still be left in the shite.

Well, we're here now.

So whoever's causing this trouble,
I'll go and have a word with him.


That's great. Just bloody great.

- Maybe best we end the meeting now.
- Yes, definitely.

It's not actually
the reason why we came here.

We're sorry to have
to tell you like this.

No, no, I...

I understand.

Thank you for waiting.

And thank you for the meeting.
It means a lot to them...

trying to keep the community alive.

Do you know how he died?

We're still pursuing
lines of enquiry.

There were markings on his arms.

Cut in. Spiral shaped.

Does that mean anything to you?

Trevor Riley.

He's the man Colin worked for.
Used to.

Financial investments, he says.

He's a loan shark.

There isn't a street around here
where he hasn't left his mark.

Never heard of him. If someone makes
waves on my patch, I tend to know.

That's Trevor Riley all over.
Sneaky with it.

I loved my son.

But when he started working for
that man, I cut him out my life.

And now he's gone.

You take as much time as you need.

- Bloody hell.
- Bit swanky, innit?

- Got your eye on something like this?
- Why would I be doing that?

You get married, you can't
live in a pokey little flat.

Sooner rather than later
she'll be all...

- Fat?
- Up the duff.

- We haven't talked about having kids.
- Biological clock.

Once that goes off
it's worse than Hiroshima.

How would you know?
You've never had a proper girlfriend.

I've had plenty. I'm not dumb
enough to get stuck with one.

- I'm like Liberace.
- The poofter?

No, no... The other one...
What's his name?

That's it, I'm like Valentino.



We're the police.

Oh. Right. Please. Come in.

You reported your husband missing?
Colin Mitchell, a couple of days ago?

That's right, yeah.

We had an argument and he went
for a drive to clear his head.

He'll probably get in touch, though.
Maybe I just panicked.

- Didn't need to get you lot involved.
- Right, well, er...

- What?
- Would you like to sit down at all?

- Cup of tea maybe?
- Um... no, I'm fine.

- He's dead.
- We found his body.

- What?
- In the river.

There must be some mistake.
He's not...

He's not dead. He's just missing.

He definitely looked dead.

No. I think you must
have got the wrong person.

I'm sorry you've wasted
your time coming out here.

- Sure we're doing the right thing?
- Grow some, will you?

Come in.

This really is a waste of time.
My husband isn't dead.


Oh, my God!

Trevor Riley.
For some reason this roach

has scurried under my radar,
but we're going to change that.

This scumbag has got an MO:

spiral brandings on the arms
of those that piss him off.

Shaz, see if we've got
anything on the files.

In the meantime, you lot, knock on
some doors, ruffle some feathers.

I want everything there is to know about
this man. He's now the prime suspect...

He's now become the prime suspect
in a... What is that noise?

- We didn't know what to do with her.
- She just won't stop.

She's like one of them dolls
that cries. All the time.

Mitchell's wife.
Before you go in there, Guv...

we might have done something stupid.

We showed her the body.

She wouldn't believe us.
We had to do something.

Well, it needed a positive ID
anyway. I take it you got one.

Very classy.

God only knows what sort of trauma you
two have put that poor woman through.

She kept saying we were wrong.

I'm so sorry.

Donna, you might not
believe me now, but...

sometimes it's almost
better to know,

one way or another,
when someone's missing.

I just... I didn't expect this.

You always want to hold on
to a bit of hope, don't you?

Yeah, yeah.

Did your husband mention any problems
he was having with Trevor Riley, at all?

No, that's not possible. Riley
wouldn't do this. He wouldn't.

It's just a line of investigation
that we have to follow.

Did he mention anything?
Anything you think might help us?

No... No, there's...

there's nothing.

I can't believe this is happening.

Sorry, ma'am. There's a call.
They say it's quite urgent.

Right. Thanks, Shaz.

- Do you mind if I...?
- No, that's fine.

So, Alex, they're about
to start operating on you.

You might not have much time left.

- I know.
- You're new life could soon be over.

It's a shame.

We could have made such a difference
to this world we find ourselves in.

- I am making a difference.
- That's sweet, Alex.

Do you really believe that?

Why do you seem so keen for me to
get involved? Feeling a bit lonely?

They're not holding out
much hope for the operation.

Lots of brave faces
for little Molly.

I'll say goodbye now.


Trevor Riley?

Let me guess. Cheap suit...

- Nice looking bird... Police?
- You're smarter than you look.

I've had you lot come round. Don't
want to waste your time so, here...

- What's this?
- My lawyers.

Whoever is complaining about me,
whoever is spreading lies,

talk to them.
They'll sort everything out.

You still here.

OK. That wasn't very nice

We'd like to talk to you
about Colin Mitchell.

He worked here. And then he didn't.
That's about it.

We found his body.

He's dead?

He was found with very
distinctive markings on his arm.

Your own personal brand.

Well, that's different. I'm starting
to think someone's messing with you.

- I want to talk off the record.
- Sorry. I don't negotiate with tossers.

- Let's just speak hypothetically, then.
- Ooh, let's.

If these marks are such
a trademark of mine,

I'd be pretty stupid to brand someone
just before doing them in, wouldn't I?

At this point I'm not ruling anything
out. Including your stupidity.

You think I'm scum. That's OK.

I run a legitimate business.

Personal financial services. Yes, people
don't always read the small print.

People are stupid. That's not my fault.
Not up to me to look out for them.

"There's no such thing as society".

There you go. I'm just taking advantage
of the current economic climate.

Now, as the situation stood...

I had no problems with Colin.

I'm guessing Mitchell's dad

and his cronies at the Neighbourhood
Watch put you up to this.

Show me some evidence. A warrant.

Something more than these bollocks
accusations, cos at the moment,

I'm two seconds away from taking this
and getting you charged with harassment.

One second. Two seconds.
Go on, then. Try me.

You know, I've had harder shites
than you, Friday nights, after a curry.

And when I'm done

I don't sit and ruminate about the
individual's role in society, my son.

I flush'em away.


Riley had a point.

Why would he do something
that would lead directly to him?

He's dirtier than a bank
holiday weekend in Blackpool.

I'm sure he is.
But it doesn't change the facts.

We still don't have anything on him.

Uniform found the deceased's car,

abandoned on a wasteland
by the canal.

Give me the address.

Some of us still don't think
this is an open and shut case.

We've got a body and a suspect.
What more do you like,

a bloody great neon sign
over his head saying "It's a fair cop"?

Riley was smart enough
to stay off your radar.

Branding the body,
drawing attention to himself -

doesn't seem like the sort
of mistakes he'd make.

Go on. Oi, Raymondo.

Do you want to accompany the good
lady to said abandoned vehicle?

- Thank you.
- It's not a favour.

This is punishment for arseing up
the house call to the wife.

Chris was there too.

Well, he's not here now, is he.
And you are. So shift it. Mush.

- Making tea?
- You want one?

Yeah. No.

- About the date for the wedding...
- Finally.

Yeah, well it's all becoming
a bit of a circus, isn't it?

I like the circus

Yeah, right.

It might be easier just to,
you know, elope or something.

Easier or more romantic?

More romantic?

You had to think about that.
So that's not what you meant.

You meant easier. Cheaper.

Less of a hassle for you.

There's no point in getting married
if we cripple ourselves with debt.

I never asked you to do that.

All I ever wanted from you
was to set a firm date.

But you can't
even be arsed doing that.

Or what, did you think, "It's Shaz,

a couple of cans of lager and registry
office, and she'll be sorted."

Be a lot less hassle.

Right, so marrying me
is a circus and a hassle.

Cheers, Chris. It's nice to know
how you really feel.


Proceed with the anaesthetic.

Blood pressure still rising.
Stay with us.

Ray, erm,
why don't you take this one.

I get it. You think I'm a twat
for messing up with the wife.

No, I don't, actually.

All right. Let's just say it's that.

OK, you take the lead.
Ray, tell me what you see.

Let's start with the car.

Well, it's a poof's car.

- Meaning?
- Driven by poofs and show-offs.

And from that we can deduce?

They liked to show off.

And maybe the Mitchells
were living beyond their means.

Maybe they were victims
of '80s excess.

Anything else?

It's just a car.

Details, Ray. It's the little details
that will illuminate the crime scene.

- Well, it's not locked.
- Because...?

Because the little
black thingy's up.

- And that could mean...?
- I don't know what it means!

Maybe it means he's a knob.

You should never leave
a car like this unlocked.

I can't believe
nobody's nicked it yet.

Maybe the person who drove it here

didn't care about things like cars.

There's a couple of blankets
in the front. Bloody, too.

Don't touch them, Ray.

- You'll contaminate the crime scene.
- I wasn't planning to.

Maybe whoever drove the car here
put Colin in the front.

And then drove him here
in his own car.

Ray, contaminating the crime scene.

Hang on a minute,
I've found something.

- Let me see.
- Flight tickets.

There's one for the day his
body was discovered. To Turkey.

And this one's for the wife.
Two months later.

Sounds to me like somebody's
been spinning you a line, ma'am.

Yes, Ray. It does.

Well, Bolly,

people don't hide things from me.

They just forget to mention it
till my boot meets their arse.

Get her in here.

Delivery man dropped these off.

- An admirer?
- Hardly.

I think it might be somebody
reminding me I've missed my chance.

Lot of that going around today.

Why didn't you tell us
about the flight tickets?

It's just a holiday.

Travelling separately,
two months apart?

See, DI Drake here, she does this
thing called Psychological Profiling.

Now if you ask me,
it's a lot of bollocks.

But I'm going to have
a crack at it anyway.

So... nice house.

Nice car.

Enough jewellery to
signal ships off the coast.

Doesn't hide the fact
that you're from the gutter.

And all the perfume in the world

can't hide the smell of scum.

That's not psychological profiling,
that's just you insulting the lady.

I'm saying Blondie here likes the
good life. Maybe a bit too much.

You haven't considered that
they might have been running away.

You run together.
Not two bloody months apart.

Well, what if there's a reason
that you're going to run...

Donna, did you know
that Colin was going to disappear?

I think you did, didn't you?

Colin took out an insurance policy.

On event of his death.

We just needed the money.
I was to report his disappearance...

Right. Enough time passes,

and the two of you are living
it up on the Costa Del Scam.

Right, well that is lovely, Donna.

So meanwhile there are people who are
genuinely missing and need our help,

people whose families are
sick with worry about them.

So you lied to me, then.
Straight to my face.

I was scared.

Or you didn't want us to
link you to his death.

No. Really.

You were right about me.
I grew up on the estate.

I knew Riley. I saw how he went
from selling knock-off goods

to building up his business. And Colin
was so much smarter than him. I just...

- I wanted us to share in his wealth.
- So you were running away from Riley.

We just wanted to start again.

Colin's dad was barely speaking
to him, because of the business.

I thought,
if we could just get away...

Riley promised he wouldn't touch
Colin. He gave me his word.

Right. So you took
the word of a loan shark.

You know,
you're as bright as you look!

I've been going over her statement.
Still seems like she's hiding something.

I think you're giving
her too much credit.

- You can't just dismiss this.
- Right, Shaz.

Two choices.

Box A, we've got
a nasty little loan shark

who likes to brand
those who piss him off.

And Box B, a dumb housewife
who struggles with the alphabet.

Which one would finger as
a suspect in a murder case?

Don't underestimate
the power of a woman, Guv.


Got some bad news for you.

Good of you to look after him.

Hospital said he wanted
to discharge himself. Least I could do.

Funny really, all that's happened, makes
you realise how important family is.

It's not as bad as it looks.

Good. You look like you've gone
seven rounds with Giant Haystacks.

When I said sometimes you have to
fight back, I didn't mean literally.

Bill. The one who had a go at you.

Some of Riley's boys went down to
the wrecking yard that he owns.

They wanted to brand him
and everything.

What, so you and the others grabbed
your pitchforks and headed down?

You've got to make a stand.

And I know what it feels like when
they do that sort of thing to you.

Oh, God.

The wife...

she got cancer.

I wanted to do it properly.

- One of those fancy private hospitals.
- And there was Riley, cash in hand.

Didn't make any difference
in the end.

She never made it.

- ICU connectors.
- OK. Proceed with the anaesthetic.

Am I still under...

Sorry what?

Blood pressure still rising.

Am I still under?

Are you drunk, Bols?

No, can I have some water...

Kitchen's just through there.

Now, we're going
to get him for you, OK?

What he did to you, your son,
your family. We'll get him.

Stay with us.

OK. I'm seeing the bullet
lodged in the frontal lobe.

Come on Alex.

Nurse, forceps.

ICP now stable.

Well done.

Retrieving the bullet... now.

I feel different.

I feel better.

I think they've done it.

You know, Guv, you haven't
seen the best of me.

Before I go... I think you're
going to be really surprised

because I haven't felt
this good in a long time.

Low expectations, Bolly.

As long as you're not tripping all over
the place like Norman bloody Wisdom.

I'm still alive.

Good. Because you and me...

we're going after Riley...

the old way.

Shall we?

Right gents, shore leave
has been cancelled.

We're working late tonight.
Trevor Riley. Smug bastard.

Thinks he's untouchable.
Remember Al Capone?

Do you know what they got him on?
Taxes. Silly bugger forgot to pay'em.

What, like he dodged fares?

I am betting that Riley's office
is crawling with evidence,

like roaches in a Chinky.

go fetch me my search warrant.


- Really.
- Oh, brilliant.

When did you have time
to get search warrant?

Right, Bols we're going in.

My search warrant, Raymondo.

Yes. That'll go down well in court.

We'll cross that bridge
when we come to it. Right.

Let's get cracking.

Oh, shit. Riley.

- He must have come back for something.
- Guv. You've got company.

Trevor Riley. Heading your way.

I've seen enough of these bastards
squirming their way out of trouble,

rendering me and people like me
helpless to stop them.

Not any more.

Guv! Shit. Batteries.

Guv, oh, bollocks come on.

Quick, get out.

Come on, bloody seat!

Come in!

- Do you have to do that?
- It's locked.

- Guv, come in.
- Wait there.

If something's locked away

it usually means there's something
in there you're not supposed to see.

What's going on?

- What do we do now?
- Nick it.

We're the police.

Come on, get out of the way.

Oh, shit.

- Hurry up!
- Don't shout at me.

Shouting won't make me
go any quicker.

Oi! Get out of my bloody car!

Come here! Get out!

You're enjoying this, aren't you.

Ways and means, Bolly,
ways and means.

Bet it's a skin flick.

Why do you lot have to drag
everything into the gutter?

Cos we like it.

It could be a hundred and one things
and you're thinking about sex.

Hello, they're not wrong.
The life of Riley.

Oh, bloody Nora, look who it is!

I think we get the idea, don't we?

Bols, this is evidence.
We need to watch the whole thing.

He'll strain a muscle doing that.

Donna and Riley.

You were right,
she was hiding a secret.

Oh, bollocks!

I'm telling you,
she wasn't enjoying it.

If you let a bloke put you in a video,
you're into it.

You're assuming she knew
she was being filmed.

It's the wife of a murder victim,

shagging the prime
suspect in said murder.

Not to mention the life insurance.
What part are you struggling with?

She wasn't part of it.
Her face, her body language.

Is it a biological necessity for women
to change their minds every five minutes

or am I unlucky
with the women I meet?

I say it's Riley. You suspect Donna.

We're both right. I'm agreeing with you.
You should be doing hula hoops.

Yes, and I am not agreeing
with me any more.

- Well, that there is a woman.
- I hear you, Guv.

Like you know anything about it.

You might not have to worry about it
for much longer, I might be going away.

What, you're looking for a transfer?

No, it's not that, it's...

Well, it's something
I've wanted and it's good.


so... I've written
you all something.

Just a little something.

Just some observations, you know.

Bit of advice. Just in case
I don't get to say goodbye properly.

- Great.
- But only if I go.

Please. It's important to me.

Right come on you lot.
Busy day tomorrow.

- Night, ma'am.
- Night, Shaz.

Bicerina, signorina?

Luigi what do you think happens to the
world when you're not in it any more?

Do you think it all
just carries on or...

do you think everything disappears?

Your mum's resting now Molly.

She's had a very big operation
and won't wake up for a long while.

We just have to wait now and see
how she responds to the surgery.

Don't be worried.

I'm coming back, I promise you...

You have to believe me, Mols.

You got a light there mate?

Check in there.

- She here?
- No.


- Guv?
- Walked into a wall.

What does the man on the door mean?

- The man on the door!
- Men only.

When are you going to bloody well
learn that. Sacred turf, Bolly.

- What happened?
- I'm clumsy. Two left feet.

They came to my flat.

- They lay a finger on you?
- No, I hid behind the sofa.

But, Guv, I've...

Not now, OK? Not now.

I've called Donna in.

- I do not want to talk to any people.
- What's that supposed to mean?

Stop yapping like
a demented Chihuahua.

She is in the video
with our main suspect.

You're not going to let a couple
of thugs intimidate you, are you?

I want you to stick me in the cells.

That way, I might get a bit of
peace and quiet.

He might be having one of them,
you know, breakdowns.

Not the Guv. Breakdown come anywhere
near him, he'd twat it in the face.

He can't sit down there
by himself all day.

- I'm going to go have a word.
- Said he wanted to be alone.

What people say and what they
need are two different things.

Guv, you know...

it's OK to be scared.

They went after you, Bols. A woman.

- That's a line. Right there.
- We can't sink to Riley's level.

You know there's always been scum.

Praying on decent ordinary folk.

But there was a code
of honour as well.

You came at him from the front,
not like a coward from the back.

Everybody wants to be the centre
of the universe these days,

writing their own rules,
doing whatever they want.

And what are you planning to do?

You know a good beating
clears the head, Bols.

Our M. Riley thinks
he can run his little empire.

Thinks he can bump off
a someone like Colin Mitchell

without retribution.

I'm just working out exactly
what sort of retribution is required.

Will you promise me something Guv?

That we'll do this the right way.

Sometimes, Bolly,
you have to fight fire with fire.

I don't want to show it to you,
but if I have to...

No. I know what's on the tape.

- I didn't want to do it.
- Didn't look like that to me, love.

Riley said Colin
couldn't just walk away.

I knew Riley had always wanted me,

we grew up on the same estate...

I did it to protect Colin.

So Riley said if you did what
he wanted, he'd leave Colin alone.

You're disgusted with me.
I don't blame you.

No, I'm not.

Colin had done everything for me.

The car, the house -
it meant nothing to him.

But he'd taken the job because
he knew it's what I wanted.

It was my fault.

So that's why you were running away?

Fresh start. Me, Colin.

He even planned to send
for his dad later.

So if Riley was shagging you,
in order to...

A little bit of sensitivity, please?

So, if Riley was shagging you

in return for leaving your husband
alone, why did he change his mind?

I don't know.

If Colin had never met me
he'd still be here.

I'm the one who wanted everything.
I wish he'd never met me.

I know.

It's the ones who are left behind
that have to live through it.

I know you don't
want to speak to me.

I was wrong. I just kept thinking
I'll never be able to do this.

Never gonna be able to give
Shaz the wedding she deserves.

The life... and...

You wrote down what
you were going to say?

Well, yeah, cos otherwise
I thought I might panic

and say something stupid and...
you know...

I really wanted
to tell you how I, um... felt.

Well, give it here.

It's all right, I's'pose.

You spelt "fantastic" wrong.
But, yeah, I am.


- So you're an idiot.
- I know that.

Doesn't have to be
the perfect wedding. Or any of that.

Are you going to get an haircut?
Wear a suit?

Decent suit, though, not that brown
thing you drag out every so often?

Shine your shoes, brush your teeth,

clean fingernails,
show up on time, and all that?

- Yeah, yeah of course.
- Then it'll be perfect enough for me.

You mean it?

Oh, for Christ's sake!

Not in the workplace, please.

Raymondo. Your mate still
run that car rental firm?

Yeah. Why? What's going on?

Taking a scenic drive down
to a friend's scrap yard.

Can't get rid of the Quattro,
Guv. It's quality.

I need you two to stay here.

Nobody else is going to get involved
in this. It's going to get messy.

Nice day for a drive.

Yeah? Not going to go
in this shit motor, are we?

You know this thing you do,
this psychic stuff.

Psychological profiling.

Yeah. That. I don't really get it.

Do you really want to know or
are you just going to take the piss?

Yeah, yeah, go on.

Right, well, it's about

looking for behaviour that might
provide an indication of character.

Like looking at the crime scene
to see if any of the details

provide a clue to the kind of
person who might have done it.

Like Colin's car, right?

It might be nothing but...

if I wanted to off someone, I wouldn't
put the body in the passenger seat.

No. You'd put it in boot.

Otherwise some plod could come along
and you know... you'd be done for.

So the kind of person
who did this...


Or they couldn't face putting
Colin in the boot.

He's be a dead weight too.

This blanket's all
folded up on itself.

- Like a pillow or something?
- Yeah! Exactly like a pillow.

So the kind of person who did this
cared about Colin.

Where's the Guv?

- He's gone out.
- Where?

I don't know, just out.

Do you know I've got a list.
Hunt's Big Book of Bastards.

You're a new entry,
straight into the top ten.

- How's business?
- Could be better.

Right, go stick this on the dogs.
Make yourself scarce, for half an hour.

What happened to Colin Mitchell?

Speak now or forever
hold your peace.

- Sod off!
- Right.

What you doing!

No! Let me out!


What are you doing?

All you've got to do is tell me and
I can press stop.

I don't know what happened to him!

What are you doing, you mad tosser!

You've got about thirty seconds before
you end up squashed into a cube.

I didn't kill him!

Jesus! I did not kill him!

Oh, come on.
You were shagging his missus.

What was it? Jealousy?

With him out the way
you could have her full-time.

Get me out!

- It wasn't him!
- What? Are you sure?

- Bloody hell.
- Stop it!

What the hell do you think
I'm trying to do!


Get me out of here!
Get me out of here, now!

- You nearly killed him.
- Well, better luck next time, eh?

Mind you I had my suspicions.

If a man isn't going to squeal when he's
about to have his bum conkers crushed,

chances are he's telling the truth.

We'll have to let him go boys.
Got nothing on the worm.

Parking tickets.

We thought about what you said,
you know, Capone and his taxes.

So we ran a few little checks.

Outstanding. Loads of'em.

That's a good start.

Come on then, speak to me.
What have you got?

Well, you know how you hate
all the psychological bollocks?

You're really going to hate this.

They're not just going to confess.
You'll have to trust me on this.

Why do women always say trust me just
before they do something really stupid?

Should've brought you
grapes this time.

S'fine. Still, we've brought you
something anyway.

Donna Mitchell, you're under arrest
for the murder of Colin Mitchell,

aka the poor bugger who had
the misfortune of being your husband.

What? No, you can't.
I don't understand.

I think you understand
perfectly well.

Come on,
we know exactly what you did.

I know this is hard for you.

But at least you get
to see justice served.

What do you reckon, Bols?
Twenty years?

- At least.
- Mind you, depends on the judge.

If you get one of the ones that want
to bring back hanging and flogging.

- Maybe 25.
- 30 in that case.

I swear, I didn't.

You were baking cakes and being
the perfect little housewife.

You're, what, 26? Let's be generous.
Let's say you only get 25 years.

You'll be 51 when they let you out.

It'll be the 21st century. We'll
be zipping about in flying cars

and living on the moon.
Except you.

You'll have pissed away the best
years of your life in a cell.

- That's if you last that long.
- Do you have evidence?

I know she did it.

Any evidence we need,
we can conveniently find...

See I told you, we'd find
the person that killed your son.

Stop it, Donna.
Tears won't help you now.

Nothing can help you.

Don't do this!

Don't... do this.

She didn't...

she didn't do anything.

Oh, God forgive me.

It's my fault...

It's all my fault.

You killed your own son.

You cut markings into his arm.

Drove him down to the river
and dumped his body.

I want to believe
that there are still,

decent folk out there, Stanley.

I want to believe that you had
a good reason for what you did

but I am struggling.

- It's not like you think.
- Never is.

Flash of anger, lifetime of regret -
it's still murder.

He told me that he'd quit the
business and walked out on Riley,

and I thought, I've got my son back.

The boy that I raised,

and he wants to start again.

But then he told you
about the insurance scam.

I was just so angry,

cos there has to be a line
where you say "no".

Where you say, this is wrong.

I wish I'd never said anything.
I wish I'd just nodded...

Where did it happen?

- I can't.
- You don't have a choice any more.

It was at the house.

I just... pushed him,

I didn't even mean to.

I just pushed him... No!

He fell over and cracked
his head on the table.

He was just lying there.

So you wanted us
to think it was Riley.

So that your son's death would
mean something, make a difference.

Otherwise everything
was for nothing.

Is that why you joined
the Neighbourhood Watch?

Got yourself beaten up, cos you
thought it would make a difference.

My son...

Your son walked away
when he found out what Riley did.

He could've stuck with it,
be rolling in it. Most fellas would.

But he walked away.

It's not much,
but it's something, right?


Don't you feel sorry for her at all?

She wanted the good life.
She pushed him into it.

Never live beyond your means.

You two, let that be a lesson to you.
There's three types of people.

The have's, the have-not's, and the have
not paid for what they bloody have's.

Don't worry, Guv. Got it all sorted.
It's gonna be the best day of your life.

And most disappointing night.

You can't blame them though, Guv.

You know, TV, magazines,
it's all aimed at young people,

"You can have this."

Wise words.
Debt, is bad, Signor Hunt, si?

Yes, Luigi. Always keep a sticky
penny in the pocket for a rainy day.


Just the, small matter of the bar
tab. Only it's not so small!

Right. Duly noted.

Stick some music on whatever Mussolini's
speech that is, it gives me a headache.

It's football, Signor Hunt. Italia.

Campione del mondo,
greatest team on earth.

Yeah, it's only cos
you didn't meet us on the way.

Is there any news, Doctor?
Is my mum going to be OK?

No, no. Don't touch it!

Yes, Molly.
Your mum's doing really well

and the operation was
a complete success.

Now we just have to wait
for her to wake up.

It won't be long before
you can be with her again.

Thank you.

The coma patient in room five
is having a seizure.

- I'll be right there.
- Goal!

Goal! Si! Bravo Italia!


- Champagne, Luigi, I think.
- Si, si.

You know, I'm going to miss these
nights. You lot, you're not that bad.

That's not
what you said in your letter.

- In my what, Ray?
- The letter, you know,

the one we're not supposed
to open until you've gone.

These are going in my desk and if...

WHEN I get back,
then you can have them.

And I'm not repressed or
whatever it bloody said.

It's bollocks that.

What you said, ma'am,
about my potential.

I really appreciate it.

I couldn't understand
a bloody word of mine.

What did you do? Steam it and
then seal it back up again?

Didn't read it?

Not even a little bit curious
about what I'd written about you?

That's your problem, Bols.

Always got a question.

Meanwhile there's a perfectly
good bottle of shampoo there

just waiting to be opened.

Give it here.

You'll miss me really.

Yes, Bols. I'd miss you.


Resync: Xenzai[NEF]

Mummy, the Doctor
got the bullet out.

- You're going to wake up.
- Go, go, go, go.

- Do you want a hand, mate?
- Log it as an accidental death.

- It's not an accident.
- Murder. Bugger.

DCI Hunt? PC Summers.

It has come to my attention
that someone on my watch

a vital piece of evidence

jeopardising the entire case.

And when I find out
who's responsible,

I will be very, very angry.

I'm the only man you
can really trust.

- Then why won't you let me go home?
- Whose back have you been rubbing Ray?

- I could ask you.
- Take that back.

Who knows what she'd do
for a quick thrill.

How are you going to
sort this mess out, Alex?

You can't go home until you do.

Resync: Xenzai[NEF]
Custom sub.