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Ashes to Ashes (2008–2010): Season 2, Episode 3 - Episode #2.3 - full transcript

Alex hears that young Hales has died in prison, endorsing her conspiracy theory, and when Mackintosh wants the case closed even Hunt starts to agree with her. After a man who runs an animal research lab and his little girl are injured by a bomber Alex visits dogged anti-vivisectionist Robin Elliot, serving a jail term for a similar attack seven years before. He seems unnervingly aware of Alex's position but offers no help when the police are told to expect more attacks. After he has starved himself to death Alex learns from his effects who is continuing his campaign. The resultant shoot-out brings her closer to recalling her life in the 2000s but a celebration of her being saved coupled with the fact that Shazz and Chris are getting engaged is soured by the news that Mackintosh wants Hunt transferred to Plymouth.

Kevin Hales! I know
you murdered your mate.

I can't bear hearing
the name of that cop killer.

- Suspected cop killer.
- Suspect? He confessed.

Or was forced to.

You asked about that bastard
cop killer, Kevin Hales.

Not a trace anywhere.
Not at Pentonville or the Scrubs.

Might have been farmed out to a
nick. Coppers inside are high risk.

Not a trace. Don't you
find that suspicious?

Welcome, brother Hunt.

I had to join even though it
sickens me to the pit of my stomach.

In the words of Marlon Brando,

"Keep your friends close,
but your enemies closer."

If you trust me, Alex,
we can go home together.

If this is real, you can help me.
Please, I want to go home.

You and me, Bols. We're a team,

fighting the rot together.

These things will never replace
a good old-fashioned typewriter.

- What's it saying?
- ETA something?

I thought I knew what that meant
but it's gone, forgotten.

Can you guess what this one is?

Something large I think.

Morph. Aren't you going
to help Alex?

Please. Please help me.


Come on, Morph, let's try again.

- Why not?
- What is the point?

Please, please listen to him.
Please don't stop trying.

What do you mean,
she's given up fighting?

No, no, please don't give up on me.

Don't stop trying to save me!
Please don't let me die.

My name is Alex Drake.

I've been shot and that bullet's
taken me back in time.

Now I'm lost in 1982.

And all I can do is fight and search

and stay alive,

because somehow,
I will find a way home.

Kevin Hales has been in Belmarsh,
Pentonville, Wandsworth, the Scrubs.

He gets moved round
every couple of days.

So he's the Alan Whicker of remand
prisoners. What does that prove?

That someone didn't
want him to be found.

- We're here to see Kevin Hales.
- Afraid you won't be seeing him today.

- Says who?
- Says him.

That's Hales there.

Hold up.

Hanged himself.

Did nobody try to stop him?

Got there too late.

Health and safety, you know.
No running down the corridors.

I wanna see your DCI.

He's reviewing
evidence at the moment.

I'm DI Drake.
Perhaps I can help you.

I would like to see your DCI.

Bloody hell, what's that stink?!


Put your head between your legs.
All right, Chris.

Mr Pattison runs a commercial lab.

Uses animals for research.

Very thoughtful of you to bring a
sample of your work.

D'you think it's funny that my
daughter came downstairs

and found this on our doorstep?

It's Charlotte's birthday.
She opened it thinking it was a present.

- She should've asked for a bike.
- I came to see you weeks ago.

And you told me...

Yes, to tell us about
any dodgy-looking mail.

Which I did.
Now they know where I live.

I can assure you, Mr Pattison,

there's been no intelligence to say
any attack has been planned.

Here's some intelligence.

There's a new Vivisections
Bill going through on Friday.

Surprise, surprise that's brought
all the loonies out in force.

I want protection.
A couple of guys. Round the clock.

You can't hire us by the hour.
We're not Toms.

Or pedallos.

Yesterday, a suspicious
looking package. Today, this.

God knows what those lunatics
will bring tomorrow.

- What did you do with the package?
- What do you mean? I sent it here.

Ta very much.
We'll keep a look out for it, shall we?

There's the postie now,
eyebrows singed, leg hanging off,

but at least he stopped
bloody whistling.

This is unbelievable!

Mr Pattison,
they're trying to intimidate you.

And you are giving in to them.

Come on, Charlotte.

Chris, send a panda round,
keep an eye on his house.


Ray, get rid of Bugs Bunny
and roll your sleeve down.

You look like you're
about to milk a cow.

- Should I phone the RSPCA?
- Bit late for that, you twonk.

Guv. Can I have a word?


Kevin Hales was not suicidal.

Thank you, Miss Marple.

Wake up, Guv! We ask Mac
for a meeting with Hales,

a couple of days later he disappears,
a couple of weeks later he's dead.

Detective Superintendents don't go
around having junior officers killed.

The closer we get to
the centre of this,

the more the evidence
just seems to melt away.

One plus one equals 48.
Mac's bent. He's not a murderer.

Oh, God!


A little girl is critically ill in
hospital today after a home-made bomb...

Someone has got that envelope. He sent
it yesterday, it must have come in.

What's this?

Stuff they sent in weeks ago.
Nothing's come in today.

Bomb fragments have been sent for
analysis. Should be back next week.


That's a list of members of
the Anti-Vivisection Front

and Stop Hackney Animal Cruelty.

Post room haven't got it, but they're
wondering if they should be evacuating.

They've cordoned off the front.
I haven't been able to get back in.

I only went out
for a Curly Wurly. Sorry.

- Are you all right?
- Yeah. Right as rain.

Shaz, have you any correspondence
forwarded by Nigel Pattison?

I picked up the post on my way in.

Don't open it!
There could be anthrax in there.

- I'm calling Special Branch.
- Listen, I've just seen a little girl

get blown up like a firework
right in front of my face.

I don't need Special Branch to tell me
how to open a bloody envelope.

There's going to be six attacks
in the next three days.



Phone your birds, phone your mums,
tell them you won't be home for tea.

- Oh, Guv.
- Shut it!

Nobody leaves here,

nobody empties their bladder or
evacuates their bowels until I say so.

- Is that clear?
- Yes, Guv.

Animal rights groups have spoken
out against the bill,

accusing the government of
proposing a charter for cruelty.

Right we're looking
for a loony cell,

some wacko on the fringes
of the mainstream movement.

If they're going for six attacks
before the vote on Friday,

we're looking at two hits a day,
possibly one this afternoon.

Chris, start interviewing anyone who's
been vocal in opposing this bill.

Raymondo, I want you to start
arranging cover for possible targets.

- Shaz, black coffee for 25.
- You think we should issue a warning?

Saying what?
One attack down, five to go?

Any journos phone up, tell them
that this was an isolated incident.

No point putting the fear of God into
the public until we've made progress.

Tens of thousands of signatures
on these petitions.

Maybe the English really
do prefer animals to people.

It's not the English. It's the posh.

Look at some of the names.
Virginia Hezelgrave.

Geraldine Wellcroft-Bell. Poshos.

They're the ones who join
these animal rights groups.

"Hello, Virginia, did you throw a bomb
off the back of a motorcycle today?

"Oh, you didn't? Maybe I'll hang on
the phone until you ask Geraldine."

Violent attacks on vivisectionists
are rare on British soil.

The most recent was in 1975...

- What's this, Jackanory?
- Go on, Chris.

... when a home-made bomb was thrown
from a car, killing a researcher.

It's the same MO.

Who's the bomber?

His name's Robin Elliot.
He's been held in Felhurst.

Just a sec...

Not for much longer. Says in here he's
on hunger strike, protesting the bill.

Twice in one day. Let's hope
this one's still breathing.

Robin Elliot's the only
animal rights extremist

ever to be convicted of murder.

At his trial he made a speech
comparing vivisectionists to Nazis.

He knows how to work
the publicity machine.

Do you think he can
scale prison walls as well?

40 days without so much
as a cup of tea.

Internal organs packin' up
one by one.

Would you like to sit down?

Gene Hunt. Metropolitan Police.

Someone threw a home-made
bomb at a vivisectionist today.

Only it missed him.
Got his eight-year-old daughter.

Seems you're an inspiration to someone,
Mr Elliot. Any idea who?

- Who are you?
- I'm DI Alex Drake.


Do you believe there's a difference

between the moral status of humans
and the moral status of animals?

This is a police enquiry into an
attempted murder, not Radio sodding 4.

Tell me something,
if your argument is so persuasive,

why do you have to throw
bombs out of car windows?

Because fear closes down labs.

Not arguments. Fear.

That's what happened
seven years ago.

And you'll see.
The same thing will happen again.

That's my legacy.

That's what I'm leaving behind.

The only thing you'll be leaving
behind will be a nasty smell.

New laws are coming in that are
going to shit all over your statue.

That bill will never become law.

You think that starving
yourself will stop it?

Not exactly Bobby Sands, are you?
I don't see you on the news every night.

The public's had a bellyful
of hunger strikers.


But there are other ways of bringing
the cause to wider attention.




That's three.
But I'm sure there are more.

Do you know who did this?


I saw you count six

on your hands.

Why did you do that?

Is that the number of
attacks that are planned?

You know, an eight-year-old girl
was nearly burnt alive today.

She was on her way to
her birthday party.

Do you have any children, Alex?

You do, I think.

Yes, one, little girl.

You don't sound very sure.

I can feel something from you, Alex.

A sadness.

You're physically present,
but really,

you're elsewhere.

- Elsewhere?
- I understand.

Because I am too.

I'm playing the piano.

The same piece,

over and over and over again.

Until it's perfect.

You know, you sound to me
like someone who wants to live.

Everyone wants to live, Alex.

But who are we to decide
who's worth being saved?

Who did this?

Who did this?!

We have enslaved
the rest of creation.

- You should be in Broadmoor.
- Gene!

- I'm sure he knows something.
- He had his chance to tell us what.

Guv, I've been down to
Nigel Pattison's lab.

- Anyone dodgy on the payroll?
- I've checked it out. It's legit.

He knew that more attacks have been
threatened and he knew how many.

That hasn't been released
to the press yet.

Guv, these are Elliott's
telephone records,

correspondence records
and visitor lists for the last 7 years.

- Popular bastard, isn't he?
- I spoke to the Governor.

He doesn't see anybody, doesn't have
phone calls, he doesn't send letters.

- Who's Lillian Bloom?
- His old mum. Died three months ago.

So much for controlling
a cell from the inside.

I think he knows where the targets are.
We have to keep him alive and talking.

Whatever he knows or doesn't know, he
ain't the bloke who threw that bomb

and that, DI Drake,
is who I'm trying to find.

Preferably before he strikes again.

I can't get those marks out.
I think they're cigarette burns.

I just did that.

Yeah, but without the elbow grease.

Doing it again
won't make any difference.

There's no brain activity.

She's clinically dead, Mike.
It's not going to work.

No, no. Now you listen to me...

My brain is not dead.

It might have slowed,
but it's not stopped.

Please, please keep trying.

Are you all right, love?

I know you've been working all
night, but Robin could be the key.

We need to find a friend, a girlfriend,
some significant relationship.

- I need to find out who he was.
- So many possible targets.

31 labs just in London.

All the medical ones,
then the ones that test consumer goods.

What, like tellies?

No, make-up, washing powder,
pesticides, food additives.

Sorry, is this an incident room or
the make-up counter at Kendal's?

Seven years bad luck, that!

As opposed to the run of good fortune
we're currently enjoying

with no new leads and another attack
due in a matter of hours.

Raise your ruddy game, you lot.

Gene, can I have a word.
All right, Ray.

DC Skelton, Fenchurch East.

This Kevin Hales business.

I'm keen to avoid a protracted
investigation. Very bad for morale.


Hales's custody record.

For some reason, the fact he was
a potential suicide wasn't noted

while he was in your charge.

Since he clearly was,

we may as well
set the matter straight now.

I appreciate it, Gene.

We're brothers now,
as well as colleagues,

so if I can do anything for you,

you only have to ask.

What did he say?

He wants me to make a note
on Hales's custody record

that he was a potential suicide risk.
Close down any investigation.

Ma'am. I can't find anything
about a girlfriend,

but there's an old lodger in
London or a relative in Hull.

Get me the lodger's address, Chris.

Robin Elliott is in jail.
He's no contact with the outside world.

Would you like me to tattoo that onto
my testicles and wiggle them about,

just in case
you're inclined to forget?

Something about Robin
really bothered me.

And right now he's the
only lead we've got.

His name's Jeremy.

He was Robin's lodger in 1975.

Please, take a seat.

You're a psychiatrist?

- Psychoanalyst.
- Right.

Mr Hulse, we're investigating the
attempted murder of a vivisectionist.

I read about it. It was awful.

It's a copycat crime to the one Robin
Elliott carried out seven years ago.

It's the first thing I thought of.

Is he not still in prison?

Please, Shaz, can we do it
with the lights on?

We think he knows who did it
and that more attacks are imminent.

He could help us,
but I need to find a way

to appeal to him,
something he'll respond to.

You're a psychologist?

Just a simple humanising detail.

Piano music.
He told me he likes piano music.

Something wrong?


Just brings back memories.
What he did, it was...

a long time ago, but traumatic.

He had a...

cheap room to rent out, close to
where I was finishing my studies.

He was a bit nuts, but, you know, it
was the '70s, everyone had a cause.

Any girlfriends,
friends, significant relationships?

None that I remember.

Just his mother...

If you want to know what
he was like as a man,

that's about as much
as I can tell you.

- What about if he were your patient?
- If he was my patient?

I'd probably diagnose narcissistic
personality disorder.

Sorry, come again?

He had a wildly exaggerated
sense of his own importance.

As if only he knew "the truth".

Sounds familiar.

Do you really think
he knows something?

Without a doubt. I was wondering if
you'd come with me to interview him?

Not be in the room, but it would
just be so much easier

if somebody was there who knows him, who
could maybe filter through what he says.

Yes, of course.

That's amazing, that is.
But not for beginners.

So when you are... Who holds it up?

It should stay up itself.

- No, the book?
- Oh, I don't know.

Come on.

- Viv.
- Guv.

Anything new coming in?

There's some vegetarians
waiting to be interviewed.

Right, force feed them
some Oxtail soup until I get back.

You two, make your own
way back to the station.

Join the library.

I'll, er, post it back.

Room for a couple in here.

I'm not going in that poof-mobile.

I don't mind escorting
the old Quattro back.

That's very nice of you, Ray. Then
you won't mind escorting the bus.

How many psychiatrists does it
take to change a lightbulb?

- Psychoanalysts.
- Psychologists.


This is rather unsettling.

I haven't seen him for seven years and
suddenly, he's a few feet away from me.

It's rather bringing it all back.

How much do you charge
for listening to this?

You came back.

I wonder if the public
ought to be warned.


Is that what you want, Robin?

Your name in the papers?

My name?

But I'm in here.
How could I be behind all this?

Where's your daughter, Alex?

I'd hope she's at school.

What time did she go
to bed last night?

What time did you
get her up for school?

- Why are you asking me this?
- What colour are her eyes?

Do you know, I can't remember.

I wonder, Alex,

when was the last time you saw her.

You know, I think you're trying
to create intimacy between us

by referring to something personal.

So, tell me.

Do you miss your mother?

Not as much as calves
and lambs miss theirs,

when they're taken away
as soon as they're born...

Don't hide behind doctrine, Robin.
I'm asking you a question.

To be fattened and slaughtered...

then packaged and sold...

- like they were never living things.
- Do you miss your mother?

You know, even as you dehumanise
yourself, you want to humanise me.

I think there's
still a spark in you.

A spark that wants to reach out to
other people, perhaps to be saved.

Look around you, Alex.

- There's so much suffering.
- What about your suffering?

All life is precious.

Every single second of it.

And you felt that once.

I saw when you remembered
playing the piano,

you remembered what that felt like.

I can tell you now,
Robin, that your death,

more deaths,
will achieve absolutely nothing.


sit-ins and petitions.

- What have they achieved?
- Things will change.

There'll be happy
cows and free range

and a total ban on
vivisection for cosmetics.

That's the future, Robin.

No, Alex.

In the future,
they'll clone animals.

How do you know that?
How could you possibly know that?

Was it you,
did you send me the roses?

What's she on about?

He's a fantasist.

Your bog standard psychopath seeking
attention from a bit of skirt.

I think you might be right.

What do you know?
What, what do you know about me?

What do you know about my daughter?
Please tell me.

If you know something, please help
me because I have to remember.

I'm tired now, Alex.

I'm going back to base. Even Freud here
thinks you're wasting your time.

What about all that stuff
about the future...

These Nostradamus fantasies are
very much part of his self-image.

He thinks of himself as someone
with higher powers, as a seer.

He keeps looking at his watch.
I think he's waiting.

I think he's waiting
for the next attack.

OK, go back in there, tell him you're
done and walk out. Call his bluff.

If he's got something
to say, he'll say it.

I've come to say goodbye.

Did you get what you came for?

Thank you for your time, Robin.

Allied City Bank.

Essex Road.

Two o'clock.

I'm afraid you haven't
got very long.

- Let's go. Now.
- How do you know it's true?

We don't. But if it's happening, it's
happening now. We've got ten minutes.

Bomb squad heading for the Allied
City Bank on Essex Road. Over.

Clear the bank,
get everyone out of the shops.

We're not going to make it.

Guv, there's been
another attack, not the bank.

Lab assistant shot
at University science lab.

Lying bastard's fed us
the wrong target.


Sorry. I really thought
he knew the targets.

The only thing he knows is how to waste police time.
He's no use to anyone. He's better off dead.

No problem, OK.

Ambulance bloke said if she didn't get
to hospital quick, she'd lose that leg.

Robin said that.

Probably lifted it from the bumper
book of terrorist quotes. What else?

Paint's leaked.
He'll have chucked the can.

Mind you,
we might get some dabs off it.

Right, let's get looking.

Me and Shaz might get a...


I'll tell you where I am.

I'm playing the piano.
The same piece,

over and over and over again.

Until it's perfect,
to the very last note.


Robin talked to me
about piano music.

But it wasn't a memory.
It was a clue.

He knew the lab was one of
the targets. And the slogan...

Yeah, shut up, we've found the can.

This is Shaz's jacket,
she's going to kill me.

- You're wearing a bird's clothes?
- The shooter will have green hands.

Today a jacket, tomorrow a blouse.

You won't like me when I'm angry.

Wait! Oi! Stop!

Guv! He was in the room!

Stop, police!

Got an ID on him, Raymondo?

Yeah, scruffy, scrawny bastard.

- Bloody students.
- Secure the exits.

Don't tell them he's got a gun,
you'll panic them.

Gene Hunt, Metropolitan Police.

We're looking for a scruffy,
scrawny bastard

wearing a stone-washed denim jacket.

There he is there. You've got him.

Oh, trouble in the trouser

If I see that again,
I'll confiscate it.

Sorry, Ma'am.

I want all the men over on that side
of the room, the women over there.

We'll need to check
your pockets, bags, coats...

And hands.

The man we're looking for
is an anti-vivisectionist.

He's also the chief suspect
in yesterday's terror attack.

It was on the news.

That's that short programme between
the Magic Roundabout and Playschool.

Yes? Miss.

Can I go to the toilet?

You lot, mush.

I've been awake for over 50 hours
and there's nowhere

I'd rather be less

than in here with you lank-haired,

four-eyed spongers.

Now somewhere in this room,
someone has got a gun,

who could be about to put a bullet
into one of your over-fluffed brains.

I want all men on this side of the room.
And all women over there.

And you, anywhere you like.

Now, where were you this afternoon?

Where were we?

What do you think this is?
University Challenge?

She asked you a question, not him.

Can you empty
your pockets please, mate.

ABC Party, what's that?

Anything but clothes. Or there's a
Vicars and Tarts in the Southern Union.

I'm a mature student.

What position do you take
on animal cruelty?

I'm against it. I think it's wrong.

Well, like them PG Tips ads.

Some of them monkeys in
dresses are actually blokes.

Well, not blokes. Male monkeys.

In dresses.

It's not natural.

Right you lot, off you go.


Scotch. Double. No ice.

Is that standard?

- Drinking on the job?
- What's your name?

- Adrian.
- Adrian what?

Adrian Mansfield.

Well, Adrian Mansfield, when I want your
opinion, I'll ask for it, smart arse.

Now be a good boy
and get me a scotch.

50 pence.

50 pence.

Aren't you a bit old
to be a student?

I'm part-time
so it takes a bit longer.

I've got to work. I don't have
a trust fund like most of them do.

No, I don't have a trust fund neither.
So I'll be having that 50 pence change.

- What do you study?
- Philosophy.

What a relief to know, Adrian, that
while I'm out there catching scum,

you're in here, pondering
the bigger question.

Sweat and steel.

You thought you'd got it all
off your hands,

but when you put
the change in the till,

the hand to metal contact
came off on the coin.

- Philistine.
- Thanks very much.

Can you empty
your pockets please, mate.


A-Z, very flash.

It was a gift.

Motorbike license.

Handy for chucking bombs
off the back of motorbikes.

That course you're on
must be very flexible.

A bombing yesterday,
a shooting today.

We were expecting another
little attack this afternoon

but funnily enough, because
you're in here, it didn't happen.

You've had your phone call, cup of tea.
Let's get down to it, shall we?

Where were you around
noon yesterday?

University. I was working.

Bar doesn't open till two.
That's what time you opened it today.

Why would your presence be
required at twelve yesterday?

Who saw you there? Who were you with
before two o'clock yesterday afternoon?

Found this at his digs.

Is it a crime to read a book?

- Who gave you this?
- No-one gave me it.

Are you going to
keep me here all night?

Let's see. You're an animal rights
sympathiser who sweats green paint.

Hmm. I think we're
just about time for going home.

Go home! Take the book and read it.

And it'll blow to pieces
how you see the world.

- What do you mean?
- The working class are bled for profit.

So are animals. Only the animals
have got it so much worse.

They're part of the power struggle.
And once you see that...

I'm afraid I'll have to
press you for those Hales papers.

What with everything that's been
going on, Sir, I actually haven't...

All that's required is a small
amendment together with your signature.

To tell the truth, Sir, I don't
remember Kevin Hales being suicidal.

Also he wasn't drunk.

For that reason, I think we should allow
an investigation to run its own course.

No. I don't think so, Gene.
I don't think that's the best approach.

Another attack today.

Yes, and I've got
somebody in custody, Sir.

No doubt. I'm sure you're feeling
the pressure to tidy this up.

I should be frank, Gene.
I know you appreciate frankness.

A child almost died
on your doorstep.

Once you become associated
with something like that,

it becomes difficult to be seen
as a safe pair of hands.

- I'm not sure that's fair, Sir.
- Fair or unfair, you understand, Gene.

The public needs a DCI it can trust.

Just leave those papers on my desk.

There's a man in jail, who
knows what your target was today.

- What?
- Robin gave you this book, didn't he?

Who's Robin?

You're off your head.
Interview paused.

I need to go to the toilet.

I didn't know I was living
in a police state.

Did you not? Well, now you do.
You've just entered Gene Hunt country.

Head of state, Gene Hunt.

Chief of justice, Gene Hunt.
Executioner, Gene Hunt.

Shit at football,
would never win Eurovision,

but can spot a terrorist
gobshite from 100 yard away.

What are you planning for tomorrow,
blow up another innocent child?


Yes, innocent!

Blameless, lacking culpability,
free of wrongdoing.

The exact opposite of you.

And what about monkeys?


Aren't they innocent too? They're
starved until they perform tasks.

They get it wrong, they're electrocuted.
Aren't they innocent as well?

Where do you think you are,
the Oxford bloody Union?

The only thing I want to hear
out of you is, are you a solo act

or is there some other nutter out
there planning something for tomorrow?

You're shitting yourself,
aren't you?

You're crapping your pants.

OK. OK. I'll tell you.
I'll tell you.

There's thousands of us.

A whole army.

So you can keep me in here,
you can batter me,

but what are you
going to do tomorrow?

The Guv's beating him to
wallpaper paste in there.

Guv, open this door!

Ray, break the door down.

- You're joking, aren't you?
- She's not joking.

Ray, I'm your superior officer. Now
you break that door down right now!

Deaths in custody.
Very common now, apparently.

Is that why Mac popped in?
Brief you on his methods?

I need to know if he's on his own
and that way works!

Oh, does it? Was that working?

Surely you can see
Adrian is not going to crack.

I can see exactly
what sort of suspect he is.

- Young, defiant, brainwashed.
- Yes, exactly! He's been radicalised.

He's spouting somebody else's ideas.
This is somebody else's crime!

Don't do this, Bolly.
Don't mention that man's name.

Robin is masterminding this.

How? ESP? He doesn't see
anyone, he doesn't talk to anyone.

- How is he doing it?
- I don't know.

Why are you so obsessed
with keeping him alive?

I can get what we need.
Just give me until morning.

So that you can sit by his bed and
wait until he gives you the answers.

What a waste of an expensive
education. Dancing with the devil.

He leads, you follow.

- Robin is controlling this.
- You! He's controlling you!

I've got the bloke
who did this two feet away

- and you're chasing after a dead man.
- No, he's not dead. Not yet.

Go home, Bolly.
You're no use to anyone.


Ma'am, prison governor called for
you. Robin Elliot's still alive.

But they've moved him
to the prison hospital.

They're giving him fluids,

but he won't be well enough to talk
to anyone until tomorrow.

- Night, Shaz.
- Night Ma'am.

Hope you get some sleep.


Anyone. Is anybody out there?


Molly, you didn't disappear
when I looked at you.

Maybe that means somebody is
fighting for me. Maybe that...

means I'm closer to death.

You're bleeding.

You're brushing too hard, Mols.

I thought you could help me.


I wanted to help you.

I think that you
haven't been touched

since your mother died.

Maybe that's what this is.

The physical pain is easier than...

the loneliness and the grief.

I know what it's like
to be separated from someone.

I don't know what time
my daughter went to bed.

And I don't know what time
that little girl got up.

But I feel like you know that.

So if you think that nobody cares,
whether you live or die,

you are so wrong.

So wrong.

Who else is out there?
Who else is doing this?

There's only one person.

Just him and me.

- This better be good.
- He says there's only one person.

Adrian is a lone operator,
you've got him.

This come from Skeletor?

How do we know he's not making it up?
He's lied once.

He gave me the list of targets.

Check out Adrian's A-Z.
These targets are all over London.

Chris, Adrian Mansfield's
A-Z in here.

He'll have marked them or turned
down pages or something.

If they're in there,
Robin is telling the truth.

Tablets the Chemist.
Southwell Street.

Tablets the Chemist.
Southwell Street.

- Let me have a look at that.
- Come on hurry up.

- Page is turned over, Guv.
- Give us another.

Hill Road, Hainault.

- It's also marked.
- Target five.

It's all right, Bolly.
I believe you.

Do you think
if I've saved some lives,

that means I'm worth saving?

If you say so.

Get your boney arse back here.

Reports of an arson attack
on a shop in Southwell Street.

Tablets the Chemists.

Adrian's down in the cells, Robin's
on his death bed, it can't be them.

Gimme that. Bolly.

- Guv.
- He lied to you.

Some monkey lovers
just set fire to a chemist.

- What?
- He lied to you Alex, again.

No, he didn't.
He wasn't lying, he wasn't.

You said there was only one -
one person.

Now who else is out there?
You tell me.

Tell me!

Help me! Someone help me!

Do something!

There really isn't anything
we can do at this point.

But he wants to live.
Just... Just...

- Please save him. Please.
- Multiple organ failure.

He may want to live
but his body's given up.

Approximate time of death, 07:12.



What's up?

- I'd wondered where that had go to.
- You said you'd no contact with Robin.

But you wrote this.
And you wrote it recently.

What are you talking about, Alex?

Robin said there was one person.

But it wasn't Adrian, was it?

It was you. He didn't know Adrian.

I think you were involved in 1975.

I think you collaborated on the bombing,
but only Robin went down.

And he wanted something in return.

Service to the cause
you once believed in.


Yes, Jeremy - stop the Bill
and he wouldn't tell the police

that you were involved in 75.


I didn't want to do this.

He blackmailed me.

He sent me a birthday
card in January,

hand delivered by his mother.

Said he wouldn't die until I did it.

Birthday cards?
That's how you planned this

There was nothing to plan.
Don't you understand?

All the targets had been
agreed seven years ago.

Except Robin got caught
after the first one.

Why didn't you go to the police?

And tell them what?

That I'd murdered
someone in cold blood?

- Listen to me, Jeremy...
- Don't patronise me, Alex.

Unlock the door, please.

Look, you were under pressure.
He was blackmailing you.

You don't have to do this.
Talk to me, tell me what happened.

Yes, talking is very
effective, isn't it?

That's all it takes, showing
them a few videos, a few pictures.

Giving them attention. Flattering
them. Then they're under your spell.

Is that what happened
with you and Robin?

Is that what happened
with you and Adrian?

I went down to the Union bar.

My alma mater.

We started chatting and
I knew he'd do it. I just knew.

He reminded me of myself.

He turned out to be just like Robin.

I wanted this to be threats, Alex.

No injuries. Just threats.

It doesn't have to be like this.

Darling, what is it?

No-one got hurt in that shop.

Well, aren't you
one of the good guys.

- Put the gun down.
- I'll do it.

On you go then.

- Put the gun on the table.
- Better still, pull the trigger.

- Stop it, Guv.
- Shut up!

Shut up! Shut up!

Look, I know that you
don't want to die, Jeremy.

Robin crawls into your head.

He talks like he can see inside you.

I just want to be free of him.
I need to be free.

Jeremy, you're free of him. He died.


Stop lying. Don't lie to me.

Yes, he did. He died this morning.

We're losing her.


Don't give up, she's a fighter.

One more time.

And again... Clear!


I'm alive.

They saved me.

They? They were stood there like
lemons, the pleasure was all mine.

Nice one.

Oi! Rip van Wanker. Well done, Shaz.

Cheers, Guv.

What did you do?

She went down Bond Street,
took Adrian's A-Z back to the shop.

Each one is numbered and monogrammed,
so they still had the order on file.

Jeremy Hulse.
20 Lake Street, Hampstead.

Right, go home everyone.
Go to the pub. Do what you like.

I'm going to the toilet.
I'm bursting.

You told us all not to go to the toilet
until the case had been solved.

That pranny must've
took it literally.

Who's Mandi?

She's the most gorgeous thing
you'll ever see on two legs.

Not that that woofter
would take any notice.

He seems to love you
more than life itself.

Is there any news about Charlotte?

As of this morning, she was sitting up,
asking when she can open her presents.

- How are you doing, Ma'am?
- Better now.

Who left this here?

Dunno, Ma'am. Secret admirer?


About this wedding, mate...

- Do you want to be Chris's best man?
- What?

Well... do you want to, mate?

I do, yeah. But...

Well, it's just not how
I imagined being asked.

Ray, do you want to be my best man?

Of course I do, mate.
Of course I do. I'd be delighted.

I wish you both the best.

Oh, brilliant - me, best man.

It's 9:40 in the morning.

Thanks. For coming to save me.

Never trust a man
who owns a sex guide.

There are some things you should know
how to do without reading a manual.

You didn't put this on my...?

I bloody did not. What do you
think I am, the Milk Tray Man?

No, no, of course not. No. Good.

Right. Luigi's?

- I'll meet you down there.
- Aren't you coming with me?

It's not a date, Bolly.

You didn't sign the papers.


Thank you.

Perhaps they could roll the celebrations
into a bon voyage party.

- Sorry? Come again?
- I'm transferring you, Gene.

Plymouth. Lovely part
of the world, apparently.

It's being processed now. Shouldn't
take more than a fortnight.

Congratulations again.

Oh, I haven't had a wash for three
days. Here, get a whiff of that!

- Come on, Luigi!
- Closed is closed. Open is open.

When it's closed I'm not open.

Air fresheners. Job-lot off that
petrol station raid off the M25.

Champagne, Luigi, for everyone!

- Why are you so happy today?
- Just being alive mainly.

She's gone all Pentecostal lately.
All that saving me stuff.

To the best bunch of colleagues
a girl could wish to have.

To the Met -
which can only get better.

To the Met!

And to Gene... to Gene Hunt.

The Guv.

The Lion of Fenchurch East.

Come on Luigi, get
that champagne on!

There you go.

I hope you enjoy.

Oh, we'll enjoy my friend,
don't you worry about that.

Resynchronised by Nathbot
~ bufgelfly ~

Between you and me, Bols, I've
been wanting to do this for weeks.

Me too. I just didn't know
you felt the same way.

Jackie Queen, as I live and breath.

- That's my coat.
- You left it at my flat.

Come to think of it,
that's not all you left behind.

Drake's been trouble
ever since she arrived in CID.

She's poisoned the barrel.

A girl died last night
because of you.

This is an outrage.

I made it quite clear, DI Drake.

Either with me or against me.

Oh, hello Molly. Are you a rat fan?

Oh, Mols.

- Go on, then.
- Go on then, what?

I'll make a semi-decent woman
of you, and a non-bastard of him.

Are you proposing?

If he comes out Gene Genie pink.
If not, you're on your own.