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Ashes to Ashes (2008–2010): Season 2, Episode 4 - Episode #2.4 - full transcript

After Alex and Hunt bug Mackintosh's office for evidence of his corruption they are visited by Jackie Queen, Hunt's journalist old flame who has come from Manchester to investigate the disappearance of teenage runaways,including her niece Rachel. A stake-out at the coach station leads to businessman Ralph Jarvis, a friend of Mackintosh,who denies everything. However Rachel appears and offers herself as bait, enabling the team to interrupt one of Jarvis's sex parties, also arresting him for another young girl's murder which Mackintosh covered up. A shoot-out between the two villains prevents Hunt's transfer to Devon but one's dying word "Rose" is a mystery which Alex believes is intended for her.

Cause I've got a brand new
combine harvester

I'll give you the key

Come on now let's get
together in perfect harmony

I know this station is corrupt
and Super Mac is bent.

I tell you this, Drake, I hate what
they are doing to this force.

To tell the truth, sir, I don't
remember Kevin Hales being suicidal.

I think we should allow an
investigation to run its own course.

No, I don't think so, Gene. I don't
think that's the best approach.

- I'm transferring you, Gene.
- Come again?

Plymouth, lovely part of the world.
Shouldn't take more than a fortnight.

Congratulations again.

- Bloody A division need a little slap.
- Just ignore it.

They're won't really send you
to Plymouth, Guv?

Not if I've got
anything to do with it.

- Come on, babe, let's go home.
- Hey, sounds like you're on a promise.

No. She's got me watching tapes of
Brideshead Revisited.

I was eating that!

- She was eating that.
- Please! Don't throw the food!

- Right, I'm going home.
- Right, I'm going home.

- I'll stay and keep Shaz company.
- Well, maybe one more.

I'll see you all tomorrow.

- Good night.
- Night.


Right, come on, then, if you
think you're hard enough!

Please, I beg you, take it outside.

One for all and all for one.

Where's the guv?
He didn't finish his drink.

- Something's going on.
- Think he's slipping her one?

- Don't be disgusting.
- Come on!

- Ebony and Ivory!
- Watch your face, baby.

Are you sure you're ready for this?

- I'm ready.
- It's a big step.

Between you and me, Bols, I've been
wanting to do this for weeks.

Yeah, me too. I just didn't
know you felt the same way.

Oh, yeah, let's do it.

It really will be Operation Burning
Ring if you get caught up there.

I've never been west of Chiswick High
Road, Bols, I don't intend to start now.

What amazes me is
where all the money is going.

You know, like the gold bullion
job on the Balls Pond Road.

We know Mac was involved,
yet his situation doesn't change.

Same car, same house,
same holiday in the West Country.

Don't mention the West Country,
I'm trying to concentrate here.

It's hundreds of thousands of pounds,
over the years. There must be a trail.

Listen, Mac might be bent but he's
not stupid. It'll be well buried.

It's a lot of work.
We should tell Ray and Chris.

Mac's already killed
one of his own foot soldiers.

He wouldn't hesitate
in killing one of mine.

OK. What now?

Fire up the flip chart.

My name is Alex Drake.

I've been shot and that bullet
has taken me back in time.

Now I'm lost in 1982.

And all I can do is fight and search

and stay alive,

because somehow,
I will find a way home.


- Morning.
- Morning, ma'am.

Tea. Five sugars.

Copped a bit of a hiding, Guv.

Yeah, you left,
there was only three of us.

And me. I threw a roll.

He always did run away
from his responsibilities.

- Who are you?
- Jackie Queen, as I live and breath.

That's my coat.
I was looking for that.

You left it at my flat.

Come to think of it,
that's not all you left behind.

Bugger me!

Will you please stop smoking?
Cos you'll stunt your baby's growth.

It will come out easier then,
won't it?

- I can't have been that drunk.
- You were very drunk.

I had to tie a pencil to it.

You've not worn that coat for years.

I was back in Manchester
for that police charity do.

He was so drunk,
no taxi would go anywhere near him.

So I took pity on him and
took him back to my place.

- You actually had sex with him?
- The heating was broken.

It was cold.

She's a journalist - don't
believe a bloody word she says.

And, no offence, Jackie,
a bit of a slapper.

It's yours or the black bass player
in Neil Diamond's backing band.

- I think you're winding me up.
- Am I now?

We'll just have to wait and see,
won't we?

The little pitter-patter
of tiny crocodile boots.

Guv. Just had Devon and
Cornwall on the phone.

They're very excited
about you joining them.

- They want to know if you shoot?
- Yes! People from Devon and Cornwall.

How'd you get from Plymouth to
Manchester to visit your kid?

- What is this? Slap Gene Day?
- There is one other reason I'm here.

You're only police officers,
so you probably don't know this,

but every month dozens
of young Northern kids

come down to the bright
lights of London.

- Some don't ever go back.
- Well, they can't be blamed for that.

Since when did you let
your typist have opinions?

Excuse me, I'm not a typist,
I'm a detective inspector.

I'm writing a piece for the paper.

What happens to these kids?
Where do they end up?

I'm hanging it on this girl.

Her name's Rachel Lessing,

she's 16 years old, she went missing
last week and her mother's in pieces.

Yeah, and that is
all very commendable,

but you can't waltz into CID and
expect us to drop everything.

I wrote several letters to the Met,

I've phoned several times,
I got fobbed off every time.

Have I become invisible?

Who fobbed you off?

Why weren't Jackie Queen's enquiries
put in front of a senior officer?

I was told to ignore
enquiries from up north.


Don't know, Guv.
Just to annoy them, I suppose.

Who told you to ignore them?

Mac did?

Bay 6, for the 10.30 from Liverpool.

We're on the verge of uncovering
corruption deep within the Met

and you're chasing a pregnant
Glaswegian round London?

Why would a senior officer
stop Viv from acting

on a simple request
from a journalist?

What? You think Mac's
connected to runaway kids?

I don't know what I think any more.

Is she really having your baby?

I don't know.

My memories of that night
in question are somewhat hazy.

"I remember Sebastian
that Michaelmas term."

"Pink buttocks
quivering in the quad."

At least make her sit down?

He made her lie down easily enough.

That's him. That's the bloke.

He's here every morning to meet the
coaches from up north. I've watched him.

It's not an offence to try and pick up
a pretty girl in a bus station.

It's a lovely hobby.

Am I going to have to hurt you?

Aye-aye. The dog's seen the rabbit.

Good girl, she's turned him down.

No chance, he'll have her ankles
behind her head within the hour.

- How d'you figure that?
- She's from Liverpool.

Ah, right.

Come on, let's follow the perv.

- DI Drake?
- Yep, Drake.

I could smell your hair, Alex.

Even as I put it in your pocket.

Where are you?

Don't spoil my fun,
or people will get hurt.

We're in this together, we could help
each other. We don't have to be enemies.

No, we don't.
We could be anything we wanted to be.

Can we meet?

Bolly, get a ruddy,
bloody move on, we're losing him!

The landlord says he rents
a room out above the pub

to a bloke called Gordon Lannigan.

Right, are we ready?
Don't you need to light up?

You haven't had a cigarette
for at least five seconds.

Good point.

Let's go and dance
the light fantastic on Gordon's head.

Come on, love, give us a smile.

Cheer up, you're on the beach.

It's all right, it's all right.
We're police officers.

You better have a warrant!

You better have an arsehole the size of
Gwent, because where you're going...

- Be careful! Some of those are lethal.
- Are they?

make the gentleman a cocktail.

Do you know this girl?

- What's your name, love?
- Debbie.

Right, I'm a police officer
and I'll give you a bit of advice.

You never, ever do what scumbags
like him tell you to. Understood?

Your life is too precious.
Keep it that way.

Right, get yourself
back up to Liverpool.

Enjoy life stealing hubcaps
and being over-sentimental. OK?


Right, seems that some of our fine
northern lasses are going missing

and I think you might have
something to do with it.

Chris, I think the gentleman
needs his whistle whetted.

I call this "Pornographer's
Guts Against The Wall", Guv.

Is that her?

It's just photographs.
I paid her.

- Where is she?
- I don't know.

Right, start talking.
Where do you send the girls?

It's just a party.

- There's only the special ones.
- What do you mean, special?

He likes them to be virgins.

Whose party? Give me a name.

I can't, he'll kill me!

This is your last chance.

Jarvis! His name's Ralph Jarvis!

Oh, Jesus Christ.

Oh, God, she's...

It's all right love, come on,
we're gonna find her. I promise you.

- She's my niece, Gene.
- Come on.

Failed to mention she was related to
Rachel, didn't she? Your girlfriend.

She's not my girlfriend.
You don't like her much, do you?

- It's none of my business, really.
- That's true.

- You could've done better.
- What's wrong with her?

Apart from the fact she's
a journalist and from Glasgow?

Blimey, you sound like me, Bolly.

So you don't think her niece needs
protecting from a scumbag like Jarvis?

Of course I do. I just feel like
Mac's slipping through our fingers.

Listen, Mac is very smart.

If he knew someone would come knocking,
he'd bolt his doors and windows.

Another one of your metaphors?

There must be another way in. A side
door, one that he's forgotten about.

And you think that's Jarvis?

A little dig wouldn't hurt,
that's all I'm saying.

All right. But you get your little
friend to show me some respect.

Ralph Jarvis. Companies House say he's
a moderately successful businessman,

made his money through
his own haulage firm.

- He's got nasty eyes.
- There's nothing wrong with his eyes.

- Any associates?
- Nothing untoward.

He leads a fairly quiet life,
makes regular charitable donations.

Never trust a man
who gives to charity.

- Fax for you, ma'am.
- Let's bring him in.

Excuse me. Me, police officer,
you, pregnant journalist.

- Why did she leave home, Jackie?
- The usual.

She thought life was boring,
she wanted adventure.

- Hang on.
- What?

In 1977, he was arrested for
the murder of a young girl,

- Wendy Gorman.
- How young?

14. He had an alibi,
so no charges were ever brought.

I think we'd better have
a word with Mr Jarvis.

Told you. Nasty eyes.

Please look at this, Mr Jarvis.
Her name's Rachel Lessing.

She comes from Manchester
but she's gone missing in London.

What makes you think this would
be of any interest to my client?

I'd like to help the police,
but I've never seen this girl before.

How about this girl?

Wendy Gorman. You remember her?

Cheap shot, Inspector.

My client was cleared of
any wrongdoing in this case.

What do you do for a hobby,
Mr Jarvis?

- I don't follow you.
- Collect rare stamps?

- Or fishing tackle?
- Or garden gnomes?

Or young virgins straight
from the coach station?

On what grounds was
my client brought in?

We have reason to believe
that Mr Jarvis's agents

procure underage girls for him.

I have a lot of eyes and ears
in this city, DCI Hunt.

I could have helped you
find a missing girl.

Well, we'll be in touch.

I don't think so.

Get Rachel's photograph to
every plod in the West End.

Shake down your narks,
talk to the street.

Please find her.

Don't ever bring Jarvis
in for questioning again.

- Ever! Do you understand me?
- A girl's gone missing and he has form.

He does not!
He's never been charged.

You can't drag innocent
people off the street!

- He's got nasty eyes.
- Who the hell are you?

- A friend of mine.
- Are you a police officer?

- No, I'm the missing girl's...
- Then get the hell out of CID!

I've just been on the phone
to the Deputy Commissioner.

Our mugging clear-up
rate's a disgrace.

I want arrests. Drop the rest.

- What about the girl?
- Are you deaf, DI Drake?

Cities attract young people.
Some don't wanna be found. End of.

What's wrong with him?

Shaz, how's it look
in Lost And Found?

Packed to the rafters.
Bikes, briefcases, umbrellas.

Pull the nastiest scrotums in
and charge them with stealing them.

Should generate paperwork
and get Mac off our backs.

We also need to talk to any northern
girls we've brought in recently.

- But Mac said...
- I know what he said.

- What is going on around here?
- I've got no idea.

Bit risky, isn't it?

We're running out of time.

Thanks very much for your time.
Thank you.

You don't think the guv
and DI Drake are...

- you know?
- What?

I can't even say it.


- What is it?
- Bank statements.

- Whose are they?
- Metropolitan Police officers.

- Where did you get them?
- Don't ask and I won't tell you.

Willis, Crawford, Ferguson, Collins.

CID, Plain Clothes, Traffic, Flying
Squad - all of them with bank balances

way out of their league
and connected to Mac.

We can't use this in court!

This is not netball, Bolly!
This is serious.

Look at the date the money went in.

The week after
the Balls Pond Road job.

A week after the Heathrow...
What about Mac?

He goes slightly in the red
every month before his money goes in.

- What about...?
- Chris and Ray?

I don't like to think about it.

They're both skint.
Mac hasn't got to them.

Well, can't we let
them in on it now?

Not unless we really need to.

- I told you never to come here.
- Turn it down!

Don't tell me what I can and can't do.
Not any more.

You know the deal, Jarvis.
You never bring attention to yourself!

You're paranoid.
They can't touch us.

Do nothing to jeopardise
the arrangement. Nothing.

Don't tell me what to do, Mac.

If you push me,
I'll show you what I'm capable of.

Are you threatening me?

How's your Victoria, Mac?

Blooming, I hear...

Bloody hell!

You confess to stealing the Harrods
pickled walnuts in a port vinegar

and I'll let you have a little
nap in a cell. How's about that?

Can I spend the night?


Look! The whale woman returns!

Where's the father of my child?

He's in there with DI Drake,
but I wouldn't...

Oi! Hunt!

- What they doing in there?
- Don't know.

Are you shagging my future husband?

Don't be ridiculous!

- Have I got news for you.
- Get in.

I knew your boss was hiding something.
Too angry by half.

So you're a psychological
profiler now, are you?

A profiler - someone who creates
a psychological profile of a suspect

based on what he or she knows about
human behaviour.

- Like an agony aunt?
- Moving on.

I talked to some old friends
at the Times,

had a rummage through
their picture library.

There's your friend, Super Mac.

It's Hendon, 1962.
It's where he trained.

I was a few years below him.

Look at that bloke there.

That's Jarvis, isn't it?

Dropped out in his final year
to start his own haulage firm.

So Mac knew Jarvis way back, before
the allegations that he killed the girl.

The door is ajar, Bolly.

What do we do now?

We knock it down, Guv.

You're good at that, Chris.

Taught by Sam Tyler
himself - the best.

Sam Tyler!

There's a blast from the past.

Did you ever see Sam Tyler,
after the siege?


Right, they're all homeless kids
hauled in on vagrancy charges.

They think they'll get a caution. Find
out where Jarvis is having his parties.

Shirt up.

I bet you say that to all the girls.

Women in the police force,
it's just not right!

You warm those fingers up.


Oh, dear God! When you're ready.

Well, there's
a hostel on Old Street.

It's always full but give the guy a
quick hand-job, you get a bed and meal.

That's horrible.

- How long have you been down here?
- Got off the train yesterday.

You're not from up north.


Cops picked me up this morning.


You're next.

Where's he taking her?

- You're brand new, aren't you?
- Yeah, suppose.

Go on, ask her.

Are you a virgin?

Yeah, I am a virgin. Why?

D'you want to earn
yourself some decent money?

Yeah. How?

We're not meant to say.
He doesn't like it talked about.

- Who?
- You ask a lot of questions.


- It's just that I'm a bit skint.
- He'll never know it's come from us.

There's this bloke.
He's got this big house,

out in the middle of nowhere,
dead posh and these parties.

If he likes you,
you can get extra cash.

We were going to go
but the cops picked us up.

Where is it?
Please. I'll do anything.

You'll have to
if you go to his party.

The house is registered
to an off-shore company.

Managing director, Ralph Jarvis.

It's fenced off.
It doesn't even look lived in.

Can we get a move on?
My niece might be in there.

Right, four uniform round the back,
two of you with me.

- Bit quiet for a party.
- Has Shaz got the right address?

They'll all be inside, won't they?

- Oi! Where d'you think you're going?
- I'm coming with you.

- This is highly trained police work.
- No mouthy fat bird in the way.

Let her come. She can head-butt
us out of any trouble. Right!

Quick word about police
brutality - lots of it.

I told you! Nobody lives here.

Maybe they just use
it for the parties.

- Bastards!
- Duff information.

- Looks like Southfork.
- You lot are bloody useless!

- They knew we were coming.
- Impossible, we didn't tell anyone.

I had to get a warrant.
I told the judge.

What? You think Mac's
got judges in his pocket?

Is this a private conversation
or can anyone join in?

No, it's private.

Is this where the party is?


Auntie Jackie!

- You always were late for everything.
- Told you we'd find her.

- How did you get here?
- I hitched.

You hitched?!

You stupid, stupid little girl!
You could have been killed!

Your mother's worried sick!
What are you playing at?

I'm not playing at anything!
I'm trying to live my life!

I do love a happy ending.

Well, I had no idea what
they charge for rent down here.

And I was skint so I talked to
some girls I met and they said

that this bloke pays good money
just to have you at his parties.

And what do you think happens
at his parties? Pass the parcel?

I doubt that very much.

I don't know,
that's why I was going to find out.

Listen to your auntie.
Maybe you wouldn't have come back.

Five famous people from Devon? Go on.
Name five famous people from Devon.

- Sir Walter Raleigh.
- I didn't ask you.

I've got a brilliant idea!

I hope it involves you
putting on your pyjamas.

If your mother knew...

Use me to catch this Jarvis bloke.

- God give me strength.
- Shut up!

You can mic me up,
I'll go to one of his parties

and if things get dangerous,
you burst in and arrest him.

I don't use civilians as bait, love.

Ignore her.

This time tomorrow she'll be wrapped
up under her Bananarama duvet cover.

This is why I ran away from home,

you keep treating me like I'm a kid!

- Where are you going?
- To have a piss.

Your baby's going to have
those same delicate genes.

Our baby.

Nigel Mansell - I think
he comes from Devon.

Very good. That's two.

No, I can't think of any more.

Sir Francis Drake,
Samuel Coleridge, Agatha Christie.

You spoil everything, you do.

Go on, then.

Go on, then, what?

I'll make a semi-decent woman
of you and a non-bastard of him.

Are you proposing?!

If he comes out Gene Genie pink.
If not, you're on your own.

- Don't do it, Guv. Sit down.
- We could have a double wedding.

It's like watching a car crash
in slow motion.

Three rules - I never ever
see you without your make-up,

I am never going to Glasgow
and he is going to be called Gene.

Good. Luigi, a bottle of your cheapest
champagne. I'm about to become a daddy.

Mr Hunt! Wonderful news!

- Complimenti!
- Shut up.

Before we all get too carried away with
romantic joy, can I point out one thing?

That this is a total nightmare?

I wouldn't sleep with you if you
were the last man on the planet.

So, um...

- we didn't?
- No.

- So, it isn't?
- No.

You were so drunk,
I said you could stay at my place.

You repaid this generous offer
by trying to get in my knickers,

so I kneed you in the balls,

took off those stupid boots
and threw you on the sofa,

and, my little rozza friend, there
is a dry-cleaning bill in the post.

On the house, Mr Hunt.

And I wish you and your beautiful lady
every happiness.

Put the cork back in, Luigi.
We just separated.

Where is that girl?

Oh. The signorina, she leave.

She asked me to give you this.

She seemed like a smart
sort of girl to me.

She's probably on
the first coach back home.

It's my fault.

I shouldn't have riled her.
She's just a kid.

I've got one.

- 12 going on 35.
- Where is she?

She's... she's not
with me at the moment.

I don't think I'm cut out
for this motherhood lark.

I can't even fetch my niece home.

- Little bugger!
- Can I feel?


- That's one lively little baby.
- You're right.

I'll settle it down with a fag.

You don't mind if I smoke
in the flat, do you?

So, what's it like?

Being a mother?

Once you have a child, you're
no longer in control of your own life.

There's somebody else who is far,
far more important than you.

Someone you'd lay down
your life for. Here.


Did Sam Tyler have any kids?

Did you know Sam?

A little bit, yeah, yeah.
He married Annie?

Happiest couple I ever saw.
But no kids, no.

Did he ever ask you about anything?

Like what?

Oh, I don't know. The future?

The future?!

Did he seem unhappy? Did he ever
talk about getting back somewhere?

Once he settled down
and stopped fighting

whatever it was he was fighting...

Yes, he was happy.

I wrote his obituary for the paper.

I wrote that he was
the most loved man I ever met.



I'm glad.

That's the difference, you see.

I have to get back.

Somebody needs me.

You're quite a strange person,
aren't you?

Have you and Hunt got
something going on?

God, no! Why do you ask?

Chris and Ray said you're
always slinking off together.

- On police matters.
- That's what I said.

I can't believe he thought
I'd let him sleep with me.

I'm actually quite offended.

I think he was a little disappointed
that he's not going to be a daddy.

He was not put on this Earth
to have kids.

He's got other work to do.

Right, well,
we'd better get some sleep.

- You sure you won't take the bed?
- Positive.


Please, make her be all right.

- Mum?
- Molly!


Now you've done it, Alex.

You went and got Mac all agitated.

You know Mac?

When are you going to learn?

What you do in this place
has consequences.

- What consequences?
- You'll find out.


What's up?

I just... I was having
a dream about my little girl.

Come on.

I need you to be strong.

Go on, make some smutty comment.

- Don't you knock?
- Get dressed.

Where are we going?

A man walking his dog heard a splash

and thought he saw
a young girl in the river.

We've found a body, Guv.

It was wrapped in
nets and old wires.

Stay there, Jackie.

If it's our Rachel,
I want to be by her side.

Just let them do it.


It's not her.

- It's Debbie.
- Who?

The girl from the photographer's.

She's been fighting someone.

Jarvis must have found her.
He did this.

He's telling Mac he's untouchable. If
he goes down, he'll take Mac with him.

What's this got to
do with Super Mac?

It stops here, Bols.

It stops here.

That poor girl was innocent.
I should have put her on the bus myself.

We can get Jarvis for this, and through
Jarvis we can get to Mac. You said so.

We found the side door, all right,
Bolly. Trouble is, it was shut tight.

We were never going
to get Mac on evidence

or bugging or through intimidation.

Mind you,
he does have an Achilles' heel.


Believe it or not,

at one time,
he was once a decent man.

Drake's been trouble
ever since she arrived in CID.

She's poisoned the barrel.

But there's still time, Gene.

Come back to us,
rejoin your friends.

A girl died last night
because of you.

What girl?

Her name was Debbie. Just another
grain of sand on the beach, I suppose,

but somebody's little girl,
somebody's pride and joy.

What's this got to do with me?

You told Jarvis to keep his head down,
didn't you? He didn't like that.

I don't know if Jarvis is paying you, if
he's a Mason or what deal you've struck,

but I know you're protecting him
and another girl is dead because of it.

- I've got work to do.
- Come on, Mac.

Just give me the word and I'll arrest
and charge Jarvis with double murder.

Hanging around gents' toilets?

You'll get a reputation.

Right, we need Ray
and Chris for this.

- Mac? Bent?
- It's a bloody lie!

That's what I would have said.

Is that what you've been doing,
plotting against a senior officer?

A corrupt senior officer.

That man's got more decency and courage
in his little finger than you'll ever have.

- Your loyalty does you credit...
- Don't you bloody patronise me!

Keep your voice down.

There was no man I respected more
than Charlie Mackintosh.

But he's involved
in murder, racketeering,

- corruption and intimidation.
- I don't believe you.

Well, believe it,
because he knows we're onto him.

How serious is this?

As serious as anything
we've ever been involved in.

If you don't want anything to do
with this, you don't trust me, fine.

You know where the door is.

I'd jump off Tower bloody Bridge
for you. You know that. I'm in.

Yeah, and I'd hold his hand.
In a manly way.

It's Mac.

Double, double toil and trouble.
Here's a pretty picture.

- What can I do for you, Mac?
- Absolutely nothing, Gene.

- I'd have expected more from you.
- Why don't we just sit down talk?

DI Alex Drake, I'm arresting you on
suspicion of embezzlement and corruption

of perverting the course of
justice and receiving stolen goods.

Are you insane?

I've got a warrant to search
your flat. Shall we?

This is an outrage!

I made it quite clear, DI Drake.

Either with me or against me.

I didn't know we'd started
paying overtime in cash.

I'm sure you've got
an explanation for everything.

We found those at Kevin Hales' house.
You said you didn't want one.

I didn't!

You don't believe him, do you?

You can always tell a man
by the company he keeps.

You never said you were at
Hendon with Ralph Jarvis.

I know some nice beaches
down in the West Country.

The wife and Victoria
go there in the summer.

I thought maybe the Bahamas
was more your style.

On my salary?

Bank statements.

You don't mind if I have a little look,
as you've got nothing to hide?

- He phones me, you know?
- Who phones you?

The man who leaves me roses.
You know who.

I have no idea what you're
talking about, Drake.

Now, here's a lady who can
afford a trip to the Bahamas.

Get her back to the station.

You have considerable sums of money in
your bank account you can't explain.

Your phone bill shows calls
from known criminal elements.

I have statements from several officers
who say you tried to bribe them.

This is a farce.

I want a list of all your contacts,
both inside and outside the force,

who assisted you
in your illegal activities.

I'd ask for a solicitor,
but you'd only pick a bent one.

If I feel you've helped us with
our inquiries, I'll let any judge know.

Piss off.

Isn't this where you engage
in some magnificent piece

of physical intimidation?

Softly, softly,
catchee bent bastard.

You must hate police
corruption, Gene.

- It sickens me, sir.
- One of your own, too.

So, you won't do
the decent thing and confess?

I'll bring you down.
I give you my word.

Consider yourself
on indefinite suspension

until we've pursued
all lines of inquiry.

Go shopping, have a nice hot bath,

because the facilities in Holloway leave
a bit to be desired, it has to be said.

I don't care what anyone says, ma'am.
I believe you completely.

- Thanks, Shaz.
- Me, too.

Yeah, but how did that new telly
from Kevin Hales' get there?

- I was just asking.
- Can we get on?

- Are you still here?
- Don't let Mac see you.

If your waters break
on my nylon tiles...

Please, do something.

Jackie, I've been suspended.
I can't help you.

Miss Queen, it's the phone for you.

For me? But no one knows I'm...

Shaz, speakerphone!

Gather round.

- Rachel?
- Hiya, it's me.

Just wanted to say I'm going to a party
tonight, so don't worry if I'm late.

- Where are you?
- I'm fine. Tell Dad I'm fine.

Not how are you, where are you?

Sorry, gotta go.
I just wanted you to know I'm all right.

At least we know she's still alive.


- Good luck.
- I don't believe in luck, Bolly.

Oh, God.

Please let me go home.

Let's see if we have
another Ratfan on the line.

- Hello, who's there?
- Molly.

Hello, Molly. Are you a Ratfan?

- Yes. It's my birthday today.
- Oh, wow!

Happy birthday, then, yeah.
Get any fab pressies?

There's only one present I want.

Don't tell me - a Roland Rat soft toy,
a cuddly reminder of yours truly. Yeah!

I want my mum back.

- Oh, Mols.
- Where is she, then?

She's in an ambulance.
I'm waiting for her.

- I know you are.
- Oh, good luck, Mol, yeah.

Give your mum a big kiss from me
and you have a fab birthday. Bye!

Let's see if we have another
Ratfan on the line...

Look, you saw what happened.
I can't help you, I've been suspended.

your friend thinks differently.

Right, work to do, Bolly.

- Where are we going?
- Jarvis has got Rachel.

She talked about her dad.
Her dad's been dead for five years.

I'd just like to say I'm touched
by all your loyalty and support,

but there is
one small thing that I ask.

Name it.

Stop bloody smoking!

You and your Fallopian tubes,
get back in the car and do nothing.

All clear.

- Over you go, Bols.
- You go first.

- You need me to give you a leg-up.
- You'll look at my arse.

For pity's sake! A girl's life
hangs in the balance. Now get over.


It's like Scooby-Doo, this.

You pesky kids!

I feel like a criminal.

Welcome to my world.

This can't be Jarvis's house.
He's only got a couple of trucks.

Here! This way.

My mistake.

No sudden movements
or he'll have your arm off.

He looks friendly enough.

You're the profiler.
Friend or foe?

It's a dog!

He is friendly.

Here you are, boy, come on.


- You shot a dog.
- Quiet!

Do you think they heard that?

Don't tell Shaz we killed a dog.

Wow. It's quite a collection!

Yeah, we're collecting perverts today,
so shall we get on?

No... There's Pre-Raphaelite.

A Vorticist. French Impressionist.

Stop showing off.

No, collectors have patterns,
specialities. There's no pattern.

Maybe this isn't quite the time.

Maybe it is.
Come and have a look at this.

It's Mac.

That's his daughter.

This stuff doesn't belong to Jarvis.

It's Mac's.

No wonder we could
never find any bloody money.

It's all tied up in this house.
These paintings.

This isn't a collection.
It's a pension.

What... So Mac uses Jarvis
to launder his money?

Mac covered for him when
he killed Wendy Gorman...

This is the price Jarvis pays.

He's Mac's bank.

Come on.


I bet this is Debbie Hall's scarf.

Right, we need to find Rachel.

Here you go, Rachel.

Have a little sip. There's a good girl.
You know you'll like it. Go on.

Oh, good man, Dino.

Uncle Dino will take care of you.

- Bastard.
- What do we do?

What we don't do is cause a panic.
There's only four of us.

You'll be all right, I promise.
There's a good kiddie.

She's right.

We'll bide our time
and choose our moment.

Get off me! I said get off me!

It's all right, gentlemen.
Nothing to worry about.

You should be worried.
You're surrounded by armed bastards!

- Oh, that bloody woman.
- What do we do now?

Right, you and I arrest Jarvis.

- The rest, my friends, are yours.
- Fantastic.

Everybody stay where you are!

You only had to knock, DCI Hunt.

You really are a sad, pathetic,
little excuse for a human being, Jarvis.

Nothing more than a museum curator.

- Here you go.
- Thanks.

Well out of your reach, then.

We'll see.

Excuse me.

Shall we?

- You were never very good at knocking.
- I've brought Jarvis in.

I expressly told you not to do that.
You're a bad influence, Drake.

And on suspension,
if memory serves me right.

I don't answer to you. Not any more.

Shut the door, Gene.
Let's have a scotch.

Not this time, Mac.
The door stays wide open.

I should have left
you in Manchester.

You started off like I started off,

wanting to make a small
change in a bad world.

- Spare me the lecture.
- You've done some bad, bad things, Mac.

- Murder!
- Don't be ridiculous.

You might not have
thrown her in the river

but you're responsible for
the murder of Debbie Hall.

You let a fellow officer die.
Sean Irvine, decent copper, good man.

- I had nothing to do with it.
- And you had Hales bumped off, too.

He took his own life, read the file.

Worst of all,

you turned a blind eye when Jarvis
killed Wendy Gorman back in 1977.

You don't know
what you're talking about.

We found the family portrait...
at the house.

Your house.

Along with Debbie's scarf.

Probably planted...

by some DI with a grudge
on a corruption charge.

What happened to you, Mac?

Little girls younger
than your own daughter,

looking to you for protection.

Well, I know what you've become.
You know what you've become.

If you can live with that...

You dare sit there and say,
"No comment"?

No comment.

Why was Rachel Lessing
in the house with you?

She invited herself.
It was just a party.

- He was selling her virginity.
- No comment.

Would you have killed her later?
Raped her first?

No comment.

All the gentlemen
at the private party will declare

that my client did
absolutely nothing wrong.

This scarf was found at the house.

- It belonged to Debbie Hall.
- No comment.

You murdered Debbie Hall
and I'm going to make you pay,

like I'm going to make you pay for
the murder of Wendy Gorman back in 1977.

There's no protection
for you now, Jarvis.

Mackintosh has spilt the beans,
I know everything.

No comment.

Ten blokes and a ruddy great dog.

You have to be careful
with dogs, baby.

Not with this one.

- Why?
- Right...

- The guv shot it.
- He shot the dog?!

- Is it all right?
- Not especially, no.

So you went to the house
of your own volition?

I was trying to help.

OK, and what happened?

I didn't like him.
He really freaked me out.

And when I wanted to go,
he wouldn't let me.

And then he said someone would
pay really good money to have me.

OK. Now, listen,
I've got Jarvis in a room down the hall.

Would you come and tell me whether
he was the man who constrained you?

You don't have to, love,
if you're too frightened.

I'm not frightened. I can do it.

It can be intimidating, giving evidence
when he's in the room with you.

She's not a kid.


If that's all you have,
we'll be on our way.

Is this the man
who held you prisoner?

This is completely out of order!
If you want an identity parade...

Excuse me, the lady is talking!

Is this the man who threatened to
sell you to the highest bidder?

Don't be frightened, Rachel.
He can't hurt you now.

It wasn't him.

Rachel, please...

I'm sorry. I can't.
I just want to go home now.

She said no.

She's had enough.


I can't believe
that bastard's walking.

We'll get him. One day.

No, we won't, Bolly.
We just lost the war.

No! Give it here!

I'm sorry, Gene. Sorry, sorry.

Don't talk.

Somebody get an ambulance!

Forgive me.

- Say it.
- I forgive you.

Don't you dare bloody die on me.

- It's not over. It's not over.
- Of course it's not. Come on.

Hang in there, Mac.

- Rose...
- What? What did he say?

Who cares?
Where's that bloody ambulance?

There's something else.

Bigger. Rose. Rose...

What about Rose? What does it mean?

Operation Rose.

It's coming.

It's over.

- It's all over.
- What do you mean?

They're going to take this
department down brick by brick

and they're not going
to put it back together.


Once upon a time in this room,

a man drew a line.

He said that police corruption was
going to become a thing of the past.

That man was a liar
and that man is now dead.

I'm going to redraw that line.

I am not a liar.

We are police officers,
and we will behave like police officers.

We will fight,

slap, knock down, beat up

and intimidate

to hold back the wave of scum.

That is our right
and that is our duty.

But if I find one man
feathering his own nest

by so much as one bent penny,

I will destroy him.

- Any questions?
- No, Guv.

Right a toast. Stood up.

To Detective Superintendent
Charlie Mackintosh,

there but for the grace of God.

To Mac.

To Mac.

I don't know how you can stand it
down here - nothing ever happens.

Get on the bus, Jackie. You're
a trouble magnet. Always have been.

And you, you gobby Manc tart,
stay where you're loved.

Thanks, Mr Hunt.

Hey! Good luck.

Are you absolutely positive
there's nothing going on?

Yeah, I'm positive.

- Oh, here, you'd better take this.
- You keep it.

You need it to keep the baby warm.

- It smells of whisky.
- Add it to the dry-cleaning bill.

Do you know what?

I'm gonna be a mum.

I need a drink.

Well, he died like a man.
That must mean something.

He tried to destroy
the only thing I ever loved.

It means nothing, not any more.

What's Operation Rose?

I don't know.

I don't think it's over, though.

Then I'll keep knocking
them down until it is over.

We did it, Alex.

We stood tall
and we stared them down.

Yes, we did.

So, what did Jackie mean by,

"Are you absolutely sure
there's nothing going on?"?

She just had this ridiculous idea.

What idea?

You know, just silly girlie...
girlie stuff.

No, I don't know. Tell me.

- Signorina Drake, telephone.
- Oh, thank you.

- Hello?
- You might be right, Alex.

Maybe we can help each other,
you and me.

- Who is this? What do you want?
- Not Hunt. Not Mackintosh.

Just you and me.

Resynchronised by Nathbot
~ bufgelfly ~

If anyone is less than squeaky clean,
pack your things and get the hell out.

- Come on, let's go.
- Who's Bryan?

- It's Pete's dad. Start the car.
- Who's Pete?

Molly's dad.

How could you abandon
Molly like that?

He's too bloody lazy to get a job.

He's only 14.
Are you seeing Boris again?

- Why, are you jealous?
- Don't flatter yourself, sweetheart.

By the way, ma'am, there wasn't
any record of that Summers bloke.

My name is Martin Summers.