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Ashes to Ashes (2008–2010): Season 1, Episode 8 - Episode #1.8 - full transcript

It's the biggest day of Alex's life: the day her parents were killed. She believes that if she can prevent this from happening she can leave the prison of 1981 and get back to her daughter Molly. With Gene waylaid by a station inspection, Alex needs to use every ounce of her strength and energy to stop the elements coming together, throw a cog into the wheel of fate, and finally return home.

Somebody killed my mum and dad.

Someone planted a bomb
under their car and set it up.

Someone who knows
how to stay hidden.

- Have we met before, Alex?
- I was in distress.

You rode to my rescue.

Was your daughter sleeping while
you were shagging her godfather?!

- No need for Tim to find out.
- This could have torn my family apart.

I've got a piece of your past
standing right here in front of me.

I'm going to tell her the truth.

Why her parents died.

What can my parents possibly
have to do with any of this?

Come on, get back in the car!

What's a fun family car
doing in a place like this?

Well, everyone wants a
piece of this little beauty.

And she's called Escort.

Introducing the perfect hatchback
for you and all your family's luggage.

You know two door
but we bring you four door.

Complete with stereo cassette player,
she's yours at an explosive price.

Families just can't get
into this car quick enough.

You try and stop them.

On 10th October 1981,
my parents were killed by a car bomb,

in front of my eyes.

At 10 o'clock tomorrow morning,
this is the place it'll happen.

I'm here again for a reason.

This time, I've got to stop it.

I'm quite happy to get a taxi.

And I'm quite capable of driving
my wife and child to the station.

Think, Alex, think!

It's time to remember.

Come on, Alex, get in!

I remember a red balloon.

Leave it!
We've got a train to catch.

I remember a billboard.

What else?

Some music, Alex?

This is my day of judgment.

I have 24 hours to save my parents...

and go home.


is what will happen.

The man who started this nightmare,
Arthur Layton,

the one person here who knows
something about their deaths.

Does he know it yet?

Alex Drake.

There's a pleasant surprise.

You are my destiny,
do you know that?

Some people get angels,

and I get you.

I never knew you cared.

What do you know about
Tim and Caroline Price?



I think you're bluffing.

I think anything you know
you find out years from now.

A gambler. I like that.

Yeah, I like that a lot.

I'm a very dangerous man
to gamble with.

No, you're not.

You're a petty, vicious little man

and you are locked up tight
in a very safe prison.

I'll see you in 2008.


My name is Alex Drake.

I've just been shot and that bullet
has taken me back to 1981.

I may be one second away from life,
or one second away from death.

All I know is that
I have to keep fighting.

Fight to live,
fight to see my daughter.

Fight to get home.



Yes, this is Inspector Drake.
Who is this, please?

You're absolutely sure about that?

A car bomb will go
off tomorrow morning?

A car bomb will go
off tomorrow morning!


And with this information
we could stop a murder.

Who's getting murdered?

OK. Take care. Goodbye.

That was a call from a
very reliable informant.


My own private informant.

Guv says we should share informants,
otherwise they might blackmail us.

Shut up, Chris!
This is very important.

This is what we know.

The car bomb will be attempted
tomorrow at 10.00am.

- Where?
- Ash Street.

- Near that posh girls' school?
- Yes.

The target vehicle will be a blue,
W reg Ford Escort.

Belonging to?

We don't know that yet,
we'll have to trace it.

Are you sure your informant
isn't tugging on your tits?

The car has something to do with
Tim and Caroline Price

but they don't own a car
so they must have borrowed it.

The Prices. I'd pay good money
to see them go up in pieces.

Shall we call Special Branch in?
Could be IRA.

No, this is my mission.

We know the explosion
will happen somewhere,

near a billboard for an advert
for a soap, Gently Does It.

My mum uses that.
I think it smells of pilchards.

Get on to the council
and the advertisers.

Can they stop it
smelling of pilchards?

No, but they can tell us where
they're putting up the poster.

- You're joking!
- Yeah.

I want you to get a list of every
case the Prices are working on

and any threats
they may have received.

Is that all you've got?

No. The bomb will be connected
to the cassette player.

That is all I can remember.


All my informant could remember.

What's all this then?

Just working
on some information received.

- You're going to love this, Guv.
- Which means I won't.

What is it?

Someone wants to make
a station visit.

It's not that newt-hugging bastard
from the GLC again?

Not Livingstone. Worse.

Worse than Red Ken?
Not possible.

Lord Scarman.

I was idly talking out loud earlier,

wondering if it wasn't time for
me to hang up my hat and badge

and head over to the Last Chance
Saloon for a few stiff ones.

Sit on the porch,

feet up,
chew some tobacco.

Enough with cowboy metaphors.
We are very busy.

Now Lord Scarman
has made my mind up for me.

Lord Scarshole!

So he wants to come and visit us.
He wants to close us down.

It's not going to happen.

This place will gleam like
a virgin's pudendum, understood?

We will be polite.

We will be tidy.

We will be very impressive.

What's happening on
the streets today, Viv?

Nothing much, Guv. A Gay Pride Demo.
They're pretty quiet.

We're going to be as nice as pie
to our pillow-biting chums today.

- Any questions?
- Guv, what's a pudendum?

You're one, Christopher.

Gentlement, let's do this for Shaz.

When she comes back, let's make sure
there's a station for her to work in.

Where are you off to, Bolly?

Got to go and see my informant.
A matter of life and death. Bye!

I'd like to talk to you about
the truth,

the whole truth
and nothing but the truth.

The truth is not a switch
that can be turned on

and off.

It is absolute.

If you deviate from it
for one split second,

you invalidate it,
you shatter it.

There can be no compromises
with the truth.

Tell the court
where you found your notebook.

Stuck, Sir, behind my new one.

Show the court exactly
how the new notebook

obscured the old one.

You seem to be
having trouble, Constable.

I can't get it to work.

Perhaps I could continue my
cross-examination after lunch?


I'm DI Alex Drake.

How may I help you?

We've had some intelligence that
someone is planning to hurt you.

To kill you and your wife.
Tomorrow morning.

Where did you get this
information from?

- From a source.
- A source?

I think you should leave
London right away,

for your own safety.

Evan could take over your caseload.
He's very...

- You know Evan?
- I do.

A very charming man.

Very, er, charming.

All sorts of people must hate you
because of what you do.

Please leave London
but not by car, go by train.

If we ran away every time somebody
said they wanted to kill us, Alex,

we wouldn't get much work done.

Please believe me.

Take a huge leap of faith.


My daughter did it for me.

My daughter's called Alex.

I know.

Thank you for the warning.
I have to say,

you are a little eccentric.

Thank you.

You're not going to take any notice
of what I said, are you?

I shouldn't have thought so, no.

I know how to protect
my family, Alex.

- Goodbye.
- Bye.

If you won't save yourself,
I'll have to do it for you.

Lord Scarman's coming to see
if you're a racist, corrupt institution,

not to check whether you polish
your paper-clips.

He won't find anything
to stick in his poxy report here!

Ma'am. A list of W reg Ford
Escorts you wanted.

What Ford Escort?

So many of them.
How am I supposed to...?

Here it is!
Angus Ashton.

Angus Ashton?
I know him.

He's a big noise
in Gays Rights For Poofs.

Uncle Angus.

Uncle Angus? Is that what he's
calling himself, the dirty bastard?

They must've borrowed
his car that day.

Is it just me or are you
talking in another dimension?

This is good!
There's one other thing.

No other thing. This is
our survival we're talking about!

- What's meant to be in here?
- Trophy cabinet.

- It's empty.
- We haven't won any trophies.

Get yourself down the pawn shop
on Christmas Street

and buy some sports trophies.

If he haggles about the price, tell
him his wife gets the video.

- What?
- The other thing.

- What is it?
- I want Ray.

I could grow a moustache.
I'd draw a line at a perm.

Just for 24 hours.
I can't do this by myself.

We are about to prevent
a major incident.

Think how good
that'll make you look.

I don't want anything spoiling
Scarman's visit, is that understood?

Understood... Raymondo!

Does he know
you're taking the Quattro?

- I'm sure I told him.
- He won't like it.

This could possibly be
the most important day of my life -

I need a decent set of wheels.

- Where to?
- We're off to a rally.

Do your tie up.

I've seen latrines that
are cleaner than this place.

Still, I suppose it'll have to do.

Viv, who's in the cells?

A pick-pocket. A drunk.

A guy who thinks he's Sheena Easton.
Same old, same old.

- Let them go.
- Guv?

I don't want our cells cluttered up
with scumbags while Scarman's here.

I don't think Lord Scarman's going
to be fooled by some empty cells.

But I could be wrong.

You always did have a
guilty face, Christopher.

Viv, lock him up.


What charge, sir?

- Exposing himself on a bus.
- I did not!

You tell Lord Scarman
what a marvellous nick this is

and you'll be out in a jiffy.

I want my phone call!


Uncle Angus!

Where's the car?

- There you are.
- Give us a shifty.

- What?
- Bloody Tom Robinson.


Tom Robinson. You know...

2, 4, 6, 8, never too late

- Me and my radio truckin' on...
- I remember that.

3, 5, 7, 9 on a double white line

Motorway sun coming up
with the morning light.

All right, Ray, I get the picture.

I went out and bought that record.
I'd no idea a poof had made it.

It's a man's record about driving.

If you wanna make poof music,

you should dress up
as a red Indian or a builder.

- But to sing about motorways and be...
- Ray! Please, shut up.

We could impound the car.

That would stop you borrowing it.

But it's a bit imprecise.

I am so sorry, Uncle.

Where are you going?

My car!

Isn't that DI Drake?

- I think it is.
- Fuzz, it's the fuzz!

She may be able to fix it!

What have you done?

- Get your seat-belt on.
- No way. I'm a real man.

- Put it on!
- No.

Suit yourself.

What the bloody hell are you doing?
Me nose!

I told you.

My car!

Anything I can get you, Sir? Soft
toilet paper, magazines, cup of tea?


Very funny. Piss off!

Cheer up, the Governor wants Scarman
to think it's like Butlins in here.

I want to go and see how Shaz is.

The hospital will phone
if there's any news.


I need to go to the toilet.

I just can't go,
not out in the open like this.

You should've thought about that
before you committed a criminal offence.

The one time I ask you
to look presentable

you look like a baboon's arse
with a moustache stuck on it.

It's not my fault.

Top button.

- What?
- Undo your top button.

I will not.

You look like a librarian. Give
the old man something to look at.

For God's sake!
I'm so glad this is nearly over.

Unless he's a poof. Anybody know?

Does he take it up the old...?

DCI Gene Hunt, Lord Scarman.

Lord Scarman, welcome
to our little world.

Detective Inspector Drake.

It's an unexpected pleasure, Sir.

Thank you.

I'd like to say at once, DCI Hunt,

that I want you all to behave
exactly as if I weren't here.

To be honest,
we've been so busy

I've barely had time
to give your visit a thought.


We like our sport
and we like to win.

Esher 1923, girls under-14 netball.

We pulled that one
around in the last minute.

This looks interesting.

Yes, it's, um...

What is it?

We are investigating a murder,
Sir, a double murder. Car bomb.

Really? I don't recall.
When was this?

It hasn't happened yet.

You're investigating
a murder that hasn't happened yet?

Crime Prevention.

Viv, would you like to show
Lord Scarman around?

I'll join you later.

Would you like to come this way,
Lord Scarman?

DI Drake, my office!

People are trying to close us down

and you're trying to find a murderer
for a crime that hasn't happened.

It has actually. I was there.

Whatever crackpot game
you're playing, you drop it.

- No!
- What?

My need is greater than yours.

One more word out of you,
Mrs Fruitcake,

and I'm gonna hang you out of the
window by your knicker elastic!

This is the real deal.

He could close my kingdom down
with one flourish of his poncy pen!

I need everybody onside, is
that understood?

- Whatever.
- Whatever what?

It's understood.


How many detainees can
you take at any one time?

That's a good question... Sergeant?

Eight, sir, with single occupancy.

On your feet.

Good day to you.
What are you in here for?

I'd rather not say.

He felt the need
to wave his penis around

on the upper deck of the 159, Sir.

You should be ashamed of yourself.
You're an outrage to public decency.

An obscene menace to be defeated.

What do you say to that?

I shouldn't have done it.

How has your treatment been
since you've been in custody?

Brilliant. Everybody's been
very kind and understanding.

- Food?
- Delicious.


I hope you learn
to control your impulses.

There are people out there
who can help.

The car's out of commission,
that's a biggie.

Still don't know
who is going to do this or why.

Maybe I just have to stop you
picking me up from school.

I'm sorry about your nose, Ray.

Clunk, click every trip.

You asked for a list of the Prices'
current court cases.

All the usual suspects.

There's one little surprise - an old
friend of yours. Arthur Layton.


And he's got form
for using explosives.


Lord Scarman is trying to unravel
my empire. Of course I'm busy.

I'm going to Wormwood Scrubs
to see Layton.

I thought you might like an outing.

What is it with you and Layton?

- He knows something about my murder.
- The one which hasn't happened yet?

Yeah, that's the one.

It's important to me.

Are you actually asking
for my help, Bolly?

Might be.

You want a hunk of the Gene Genie
in case the nasty man scares you?

For goodness sake!

At least let me borrow your car.

Hang on, Bols.

What do you want, Alex?

Has anybody asked you
about making a bomb?

It's going to go off tomorrow
morning, but I'm going to stop it.

You talking about a car bomb?

A car bomb on a timer

that would blow that car
to kingdom come

after the cassette player's turned on?

I can't recall. No.


You don't say please
to scumbags like him.

Do you want me to
go in there and knock him about?

Seems to me
I've got something you need, Alex.

Thing is,

do you have anything I need?

When I get out of here,

maybe me and you could get together
maybe get married,

have a kid.

He's winding you up like a top.

Don't think you're safe
from me inside here, Layton.

One word from me, you'll never be
picking the soap up in the shower again.

I'm going back to my station
before Lord Scarman closes it,

if that's all right with you.

I'll just be a minute.

# I'm happy

# Hope you're happy too. #

You know something, Layton?

You think this is a low point

in your life, but...

it isn't.

I've seen your future,

and it is desperate.

If you can see in the future,

don't need any answers
from me, do you?

Do you know the truth
about why my parents die?


- Tell me!
- No! I don't think I will.

- You happy now?
- Not really,

but that bastard
can't stop me leaving.

Are you going somewhere?

- You still owe me dinner.
- What?

Tonight's my last night.

So, that's it then. It's a date.
Our last supper.

Will I be Jesus?

- Viv?
- Shush!

You said I'd have a cell to myself.

Yeah, well.
It's getting a bit busy.

Gay Pride March kicked off.

Some nutter went berserk
with a pink tank!

All right?

Yes, thank you.

What you in for?

Raymondo. All sorted?

Where have you been? Scarman's been
looking everywhere for you, Guv.

- You're eating cheese for this.
- What?

I'm not having dinner
with a bird who's full

after half a pickled egg.

Starter, mains, pudding, cheese.

Are you feeling valiant, Raymond?


Courageous. Gallant. Brave.

I know what it means.

Just need some cocaine.

Look at these houses!
Champagne socialists!

No nonsense humour, OK?

Just cuff them and
get 'em straight into the car.

I know how to arrest people.

What are you doing now?

Kick the door in.

Oh, that's a good idea.

Why not just use the key?

Tim, all I'm saying is,
sometimes people have to move on.

That's all.

When you walked into the common
room that first morning,

I felt we'd be together forever.

I was 18.

18 or 80. It makes no difference.

We're not undergraduates any more.
We change or we die.

Forever and ever.

Bloody hell, they have better
dialogue on Dynasty!

What the hell do you think
you're doing? Get out of my house!

I'm sorry. You're under arrest.


- She said you're under arrest.
- What for?

It's for your own good.

- This is an outrage.
- Just get your coat, love.

I believe to arrest somebody,
you do have to have due cause.

- What?
- You are insane!

Timothy and Caroline Price,
I'm arresting you on suspicion of...

Sod it, you're nicked. Come on!

I think I've seen enough, DCI Hunt.
You seem to run a tight enough ship.

I uphold the law, Lord Scarman.

I'm going to sue you for
every wretched penny you've got.

Shut it, you uptight bitch!

- Tim, Caroline.
- Hello, Lesley.

- What on earth's going on?
- I was about to ask the same question.

They are under arrest for
possession of narcotics.

- What?
- She planted drugs.

Do you have any idea
who they are?

Unfortunately, yes.
But I'm sure there's been a mistake.

No, no mistake.
I'm taking them down to the cells.

- This is preposterous.
- I can explain, sort of.

It's all part of my
crime prevention programme.

Sorry about this, Lord Scarman.
You were just on your way. I'll...

I think I'll stay on, DCI Hunt.

The night just got interesting.

# The British police
are the best in the world

# I don't believe
one of these stories I've heard

# 'Bout them raiding our pubs... #

Shut up, nancy boy!

And don't sing about motorways,
neither. It's misleading!

# Sing if you're glad to be gay... #

- Will you shut up?
- Fascists!

I know you.
You end up on Radio 6.

You fall in love with a woman
and have two kids.

She says stuff like that
all the time.

You're in here, sir.

It's a bit busy
so we have to double up a bit.

# Sing if you're happy that way

Trust me, it's just until
ten o'clock tomorrow morning.

You'll be safe after that.

Has he gone?
Can I come out now?

Come out, brother! Join us!

He was about to write lovely things
about me.

And you arrest the two most famous
lefty bastard lawyers in the land!

Everything is fine. Everything
is exactly as I want it to be.

Everything is NOT fine!

I know this is very difficult
for you to understand but

my whole reason
for being here,

my raison d'etre,
this is the denoument...

Speak English!

- Just trust me!
- No!

Where's his Twatship?

- He asked to be put in a cell, guv.
- What?!

He wants to know what
it feels like to be in a cell.

Oh, God help us!

Right, go to Luigi's and
get him some decent grub.

I want some change from that.

Oh, and there's quite a crowd of
gay rights protestors outside, guv.

Want us to let their people go.

Oh, bloody joy.

Caroline Price would very
much like a word, ma'am.

If this station goes belly up,
it'll be down to you, not me.

I should thank you.

I needed some time on my own.

I hope it's not
too uncomfortable for you.

Actually, it was very interesting.

I met two delightful lesbians
from Barking.

- I thought you'd be furious.
- That would be wrong.

If you were physically sick,
I'd send you to a doctor.

- You think I'm mad.
- Not mad, just...


Obsessed, even.

I think you need help, Alex.

I'm trying to help myself.

I have to get back to my daughter.

What's your daughter's name?

- Molly.
- That's a pretty name.

My grandmother was called Molly.

She was a suffragette.
We're all very proud of her.

Go to your little girl, Alex.

- She needs me.
- You need her.

You once told me I should spend more
time with my daughter

and less time
winding up police officers.

You were right.

Was I?

I've talked to my husband, and I'm
going to take a sabbatical from work,

two years, which I'm going to
spend with our lovely daughter,

doing all the silly little things
I should have done with her years ago,

not because women can't work
and be great mothers...

- Of course not.
- ... but because...

... I love her and...

I'm not absolutely
sure she knows that.

As soon as I get out of here...

It won't be long, I promise.

... I'm going to take her
out of London for a trip

and tell her the news then.

I would love to see that.

But, er,
I think I'll be gone by then.


That's my secret.
My confidence to you.

Thank you.

That means more
than you will ever know.

I'd better get back.

Don't want the Barking girls thinking
I'm getting preferential treatment.





It'll be all right, I promise.

Yes. Yes, it will be all right.
I promise.

What the hell's going on in here?

I've got enough beaver munchers
downstairs without you two starting.

It's fun to stay at the


# They have everything
for you men to enjoy

# You can hang out
with all the boys

# It's fun to stay at the YMCA... #

Layton's banged up in one of the
most secure prisons in the world.

I've crushed the Ford Escort
into oblivion and,

my coup de grace,

I've got my parents arrested
for possession of narcotics.

And I really,

REALLY like my mum, Shaz.

How about that?

And she loves me.

She loves me more than I ever knew.

I, er, I hope you wake up
before I go.

I probably shouldn't say this,

but you were my favourite construct.

So bright and...

... so alive.

I have to go, Shaz. I'm, er,

I'm having dinner with DCI Hunt!

Imagine that.

I wonder if this world...

will continue after I've gone.

I hope so.

But whatever happens...

... I'll miss you.

That was one hell of a day,
Bolly, no thanks to you.

It was a great day.
Mission accomplished.

Everything all right?

Signorina Drake,
you look beautiful tonight.

Thank you.


All right, Luigi, don't need
to dribble into your Barolo.

I'd just like to say to you

that your sea scallops
with pineapple rings

are a memory
I will take to my grave.

Grazie mille, Signorina.

- Er, you're going somewhere?
- I'm afraid so.

When I first came here,

the idea of spending time
with you filled me with horror.

You're insensitive, you're
boorish, you're terrified of women.

Bollocks. Completely baffled,
maybe, but not terrified.

And even after 40 years of feminism,

there is still a sizeable rump
of intelligent women...


Rump. Good word...

intelligent women
who would give their eye teeth

to be sitting here with you.

So what about you, Bolly?

Does it make your rump quiver?

Good, because I've seen your rump,

and I've seen more padding
strapped to lan Botham's legs.

It's been hell, Mr Hunt.

But I think, on the cusp...

of my leaving, I can honestly say...


... I'm going to rather miss you.


Yeah, and, er, you, Bolly...

"Yeah, and you, Bolls" what?

You're not bad for a posh bird.

We could pop upstairs to your place.

There's a VHS of They Died With
Their Boots On holding up the table.

It's a big day tomorrow.

The biggest day.

I'll get back to you, Molly.

What did Evan get you
for your birthday?

A Blackberry.

We'll get you some more
and you can make a birthday crumble.

Have we met before, Alex?

I was scared and I was so alone,

and you took my hand.

What would you do if your
goddaughter found out?

She won't.
Why would she?

It'd break her heart.

You know Evan?
A very charming man.

This could have torn
my family apart.

There's no need
for Tim to find out.

I'm on your side.

# In the navy

# You can sail the seven seas
In the navy... #

Let me out! I'm a police officer!

Long night was it, last night?

It was horrible.
All those men in a confined space.

You know what?

- Don't say it.
- No, it has to be said.

Don't say it, Chris.

A lot of them looked like you.

I phoned around.

The advertising company
have no intention

of putting that poster in Ash Street.

- You sure?
- They say there isn't even a hoarding.


I might just pop over to Ash Street

and sit it out anyway,
just to be on the safe side.

By the girls' school? Can I come?

So, Lord Scarman, seen enough?

The man who exposed
himself on the bus.

He's over there typing.

Hello, sir.

We call that Care in
the Community, sir.

I've seen plenty, thank you.

I've spent the night
with a mentally ill man

who thinks he's a police officer,

who you now seem to be entrusting
with actually doing police work.

I've seen two of our most
brilliant barristers treated

with appalling disdain.

I'm sure we can arrange a car
to take Lord Scarman home.

I've talked to several young
homosexual men

and heard their despair,

their dreadful tales
of police harassment.

Put it all in your report,
Your Lordship.

The police harassment
of sexual and racial minorities

is an endemic, ineradicable disease

threatening the very survival
of our society.

Catchy title.
Bestseller written all over it!

Now, excuse me...

I'll be keeping
a beady eye on you, DCI Hunt.

Is that right?

Well, you can take this home in
your Harrods pipe and smoke it.

In 20 years' time, when the
streets are awash with filth

and you're too frightened to leave your
big, posh Belsize Park house after dark,

don't come running to me, mate.

Because I'll be in Alicante,
oiled up,

skin sizzling in the midday sun
like a burnt sausage!

If you're quite finished...

No, not quite.

You can despise us,

you can disown us,
you can try and close us down,

but you will NEVER break us,

because we are police officers.

We are brothers.

We are un-bloody-breakable!

Nice man...

- Viv?
- All done, sir.

- How were they?
- I've seen happier people.

Who are you talking about?

Mr and Mrs Price,

lawyers to the weak and infirm.
I had to let them go.

You released them?

Halfway to the High Court
as we speak.

Stupid, stupid man!

Have you got any idea
what you've just done?

- DI Drake, it's for you.
- Not now!

He says it's important.

I think you'd better take that call.

- Who is it?
- It's your informant.


# I'm happy

- # Hope you're happy too... #
- Layton...

Guv, that's confirmed.

Layton was bailed this morning
by the Prices' legal team.

- Where are they?
- Who?

Tim and Caroline Price.

Nothing to do with me any more.
I've resigned.

But if you must know,

Tim's driving Caroline
to the station.

Caroline's taking Alex
away for a few days.

But in whose car?
Angus's car was trashed. It was...

- Angus Ashton?
- Yes!

His blue Escort.
It was totally trashed.

But it wasn't his car they borrowed.

It's mine.


I've got to stop them, now!

I'm quite happy to get a taxi.

And I'm quite capable of driving
my wife and child to the station.

Come on, Alex, get in.

Leave it. We've got a train to catch.

Some music, Alex?

# I'm happy
Hope you're happy too... #

It's just round this corner.

What the bloody hell...?

Oh, my God.

It wasn't the billboard.

It's happening now!

Get in the bloody car!

Come on, get back in the car!

Alex! Come on, get back in the car!

Just hold it a minute!


It was you!

If all goes to plan,

by the time you are watching this
I will be dead,

along with my wife Caroline
and our beloved daughter Alexandra.

Why did I do it?

"The mass of men lead lives
of quiet desperation

"and go to the grave
with the song still in them".

Well, not me and, er...

not Caroline. We sang our song.

But a very charming man,

a maggot,

wriggled into our paradise and...

... it was compromised.

The truth was sullied
and it could never be unsullied.

But shed no tears for me,

Caroline or Alex.

We are where we want to be,


I knew he was intense,

but his own wife and child?!

I couldn't understand why he was so
keen to get Layton out of the Scrubs.

He needed him...

to plant the bomb.


You sit here, sweetheart,

and if these two naughty boys start
getting out of hand, let me know. OK?

The little girl's asking
to go home with Evan.

You OK?

She's got no uncles or aunts
that she knows.

I mean, I know that I'm not a blood
relative, but I'm all she's got.

And I love her.

So will you help me to get custody?

There's one more thing.

I never want her to know
what her father did.

Maybe she has a right to know.

When she's older.

You'll never tell her.

It's not your fault.

Thank you.

You just destroyed evidence.

How would you like to grow up knowing

your daddy tried to blow you
to kingdom come?

I'm the piece of his past.
I will be.

He'll be blackmailed by Layton

for not telling her the truth.

I need a drink.

I'm taking her home.

Thanks for all your help.

It's just you and me now, eh?

Forever and ever.

Bye, little lady. Any problems,
you just call the Gene Genie.

How come you were there,

taking the little girl's hand?

That couldn't have happened.
You weren't there.

You're not real.

I'm everywhere, Bolly.

I was needed and I was there.


I've learnt something here, Molly.

Something I hope you always knew...

that my mother...

loved me.

And that love will keep me going,

it will make me survive.

Don't blow
those candles out yet, Molls.

I'll find my way home.

I promise.

I love you,

and I will never, ever give up.

Shazza! Shazza!

- How are you, Shaz?
- I'm good,

Thanks to you, my guardian angel.

Hey, Luigi, have you heard about
those Italian war rifles for sale?

No, Chris.

Never been fired, only dropped once!

Hey, Luigi,
why do Italian men have moustaches?

I don't know, Chris.

Cos-a they want-a
look-a like their momma!

Good one... Molto divertente...


Hey, Luigi, how many...

Hey! Bolls!


You look dreadful. Come and join
the land of the living.

Oi, Luigi,
we're dying of thirst over here.

It's all about timing, this life.

Still got things to learn,

adventures to have.

Unbreakable, Bolly...


Unlike this bloody wine,
which is undrinkable!

Luigi! Gimme a beer!

Ashes to Ashes returns to BBC1
for a new series next year.