Arrow (2012–…): Season 8, Episode 10 - Fadeout - full transcript

The final events in the story of the Green Arrow.

My name is Oliver Queen.


[Oliver, voice-over]
After five years in hell...

1 returned home
with only one goal--

to save my city.

[glass shattering]

For eight years, I've fought
alongside brave men and women

striving for justice,

but then a Crisis came,

and I had to become
someone else.

I had to become something else.

1 made the ultimate sacrifice,

which helped birth
an entirely new universe.

Now my friends and family
will have to go on without me,

and although I have become
a Spectre,

there is a part of me
that will always be

the Green Arrow.

[arrow fires, clangs]

Both my children will live.

[tense music]

[Thea, crying] Mom...
what are you doing?

-Thea, I love you.

Close your eyes, baby.



You possess
true courage, Moira.

I'm truly sorry...

you did not pass
that on to your son.

[shouts, grunts]

[both grunting]

It's just such
a strange thing to learn

that there's a whole other...

world, I guess...

where I died.

[Moira] The people that knew
my son best tefl me

that when Oliver sacrificed
himself during the Crisis,

that somehow he's the reason
that everything changed,

that the world we're living in
right now is

a kind of gift from him.

I don't know.
I'm just trying to process it.

[Dinah] II think we're all
still trying to process it,

not only Oliver's death...

but what he leaves behind.

It's a hell of a legacy.

Not just a city of heroes,

a world of heroes.

When I started this project,

it was intended to explore
the history

and the pitfalls
of vigilantism in Star City.

I never thought this documentary
would have to be retooled

to be a memorial.

Nothing really ever, um,

happens the way you expect it
to happen,

and that was, uh,
certainly the case...

with Oliver and his mission.

He always said he would
go it alone

and that the mission
would never...

be over.

I'm glad he was...wrong
about the first part...

heartbroken he was wrong
about the second.

Thank you.

That was very moving.



-[Rene] Hey, hey.
[John] Hey, man.

You all right?

Everything good.

Why do I get the sense
that answer disappoints you?

[John chuckles]
I just can't believe it.

Let's go.

[melancholic music]

[Rene] When Oliver
rebooted the universe,

he fixed things.

Ever since the Crisis,

crime in Star City
disappeared overnight


Dig, he...he saved
this city.


Come on. It's time.

[glasses clinking]


Ugh. I didn't know
you speak Russian.

No. That's what Oliver
used to say

every time he drank
this stuff.

“What exactly is this stuff?

Yeah. It tastes
like turpentine.

With faint hints
of nail polish remover.

[Roy] So what's
the plan?

I plan on getting
as drunk

as humanly possible.

[Roy] No. I mean
after the funeral.

From what Dinah
tells me,

there's not much need
for vigilantes anymore.

Lance's term ends in April.

He's endorsing me
to replace him.

-As mayor?
No. As a bald guy with an attitude.

Yeah, as mayor.

What about you, D?

Mayor, uh--for now at least--
Lance actually

just offered me a promotion
to Chief of Police.

Guys, look. I know
how this looks.

1 just don't feel like this is over,

Yeah. You're not reading
the same comstat reports I am.

We're a month out of
this Crisis, Dinah,

and there's tons
that we don't know,

what I do know is this.

Though Oliver's gone, his mission

is far from over.

[dramatic music]


Finally. What the hell

Jimmy Tarallo gave me
a few problems.

And by a few, you mean a dozen men
armed with knives?

I mean 22 with machetes.

Queen, you shouldn't
be doing this alone.

You're not ready to go
into the field, Diggle.

Yeah? Well, when
I signed on,

I told you I was here to keep
the body count low.

That includes you.

Well, I'm fine.

And Tarallo?

Alittle less so.

[keys clacking]

What's this?

The next name on the list.

John Byrne?
What's the CEO of a beer company

have to do to deserve an arrow
between the eyes?

Well, the company's
a front.

He's using his trucks
to ferry

a very different type
of commodity.




Human trafficking?
Where does this end?

How many names are
on your list?

Too many to cross off.
Listen, Diggle.

This doesn't end.

The mission is
never over.

[water rushing]

[Robert] You can
survive this,

make it home,
right my wrongs,

but you got to live
through this first.

[dramatic music]





[somber music]


“What the frak?

Sorry. Il didn't mean
to scare you.

I meant to time portal
to your front door,

but I guess Il overshot
the mark a bit.

This is a-this is
a nice room.

Time portal?

Yeah. I'm a time traveler,

Right. Okay.
Um, and why did you time travel here?

Because I'm here to take
you to your father's funeral.


[exhales] You know,
I actually should have tried that sooner.

It's not
that hard, actually.

That's because your
arms are the size of telephone poles.

You doing okay?

When am I never
not okay?

I don't think any of us
are really okay,

but it seems to be hitting
you particularly hard.

I'm fine, like always.

You ready?

-Yeah. Let's do this.

So what did Oliver
call this thing?

He called it
the Mark of Four.

[arm whirring]

So how you doing?

Uh, I'm just--I'm nervous
about the funeral.


[sighs] Yeah. You know,
Thea's gonna be there.

Imagine both of Oliver's
sisters would be there.

1kind of left Thea abruptly.

Ah. You're worried
about an awkward reunion.

I'm worried about
any kind of reunion.

[Dinah] Well, hey.
Look at it this way.

After fighting
the Mirakuru soldiers

and the Thanatos Guild,

seeing your ex-girlfriend
should be cake.

That's why I'm scared.

I don't want her to
be my ex-girlfriend.

[Rene] So when's
Felicity get to town?

[sighs] I don't know
if she's coming.

It's her husband's
funeral, man.

Which is exactly why
I think she might miss it.

[melancholic music]

I don't know, Rene.

She has a nanny watching
Mia right now.

Felicity hasn't even
made it out of bed.

I have no idea
how to help her.

[John] At least bring me
for backup.

[Oliver] How many times
are we gonna go over this, Diggle?

You know, I went
through Byrne's financials.

Every month, he gives
over a million dollars

to this outfit
called Black Armada.

-You know who they are?
-Private security firm.

Former special forces.
-That's right,

and you don't think
it's a good idea to bring

a former soldier
of your own?


You know
what I think?

I don't think you
really want me there.

Oh. Thanks for finally
getting my point.

I don't think you want me there
because you're afraid

1 will stop you from committing
cold-blooded murder.


[tense music]

You think that your role is to keep
the body count low.

There's a way you can stop him
tonight without killing him.

You could take him
to prison,

you could see that
justice is served.

The man traffics
in human beings.

Killing him is justice.
-But at what cost?

You say your mission will never end.
Well, trust me,

it will end a lot sooner
if you lose who you are.

[keyboard clacking]


Don't worry. The Monitor
didn't drop me off

because there's
another Crisis coming.

That still doesn't explain
what you're doing here.

Laurel's sister showed up,

thought I might enjoy going to
my dad's funeral.

And what are you doing
with all this stuff?

Trying my best
to channel my mom.

Sorry. Um, when Sara
dropped me off,

she gave me this whole lecture
about not telling people

about the future,

Few weeks before
Sara showed up...

something happened.

[dramatic music]


Right in front of me.
I couldn't do anything to stop it, and...

I am already failing at being
the Green Arrow.

What we do is
not easy.

There are setbacks,
there are tragedies,

but, God, Mia,
your father,

he would be so,
so proud

of how you're carrying
all of that.

I can't even do
the one thing that

he risked his
entire life to do--

protect my family.

[computer beeping]

What's this?

Well, your mother's
Archer protocol scans

news stations for
certain key words.

[computer beeping]
[keyboard clacking]

[tense music]

William Clayton, the son of
the late hero Oliver Queen,

was abducted tonight
in his hometown of Central City.

The police have been
unable to confirm

any suspects
in the kidnapping.

[dramatic music]

[tense music]

[whispering indistinctly]

[keyboard clacking]


Look. I'm sorry
about the way that I left.


Ollie's just passed away,

and William's been
kidnapped, far
as apologies go,

your timing's
a little not great.

[John] If you still think
Oliver's mission's finished,

tell that to William
when we get him back.

We will get him back,
but, John, William

was kidnapped outside
of Star City.

I'm sure that'll make him feel
a whole lot better.

- reached out to Felicity.
-Yeah. Me, too.

Radio silence.

I asked Sara
to check on her.

[elevator doors open]

[melancholic music]

Ah. I haven't seen this many people
down here in a while.


[Felicity sighs]


It's almost like a party.

[Curtis] Um, I tried
running a quad-grid search task

to a keyhole satellite
array, but...

[Felicity] That array's dark-sided
as it undergoes a firmware upgrade,

but fortunately when
William moved to Central City,

his overbearing stepmom implanted
a subdermal tracking device into his arm.


Which went dark as soon as
he reentered Star City.

Well, that's
convenient at least.

Just one second as I work up
a statistically correlated list

of possible locations
he could be at.

-[computer beeping]
-That is a very long list.

Which is exactly why
we called everyone.

[John] Thank you all
for coming,

some on very short notice.

[tense music]

Oliver made
the ultimate sacrifice

for his friends
and his family.

Now a part of his family
needs our help.

This is our
most important mission.

Suit up.

[dramatic music]

Okay. Well, he's not here.

What was the next place
on Felicity's list?

Kord industries.

All right. Well, let's go.

Hey. Can I talk
to you for a second?

You already did
back at the bunker, okay? I...

I get it. You're sorry.

No. I never told
you why I left.

And you don't need to.

I understand.
You were going through a lot.

Dying, getting

it gave me a whole new perspective
on--on everything,

including you.

You know, I got
my whole life back,

and I realized that
I wanted you in it...

[tender music]

forever and...
and always.

And what does that mean?

It means...

will you marry me?


[Rory, deep voice]
Get out.

[dramatic music]

Get out!

“What the hell is that thing?
-Get outta here!

-Come on. Let's go!
-Go, go, go, go!


Nice. I would have
fired some shots in the air.

My way's scarier.

So, how are things?

[men mumbling]

It's been a while.

Yeah. Well, a while
is what it took

for these rags
to work again.

Since then, I've been
fighting for justice.

To honor your father?

To honor Oliver.

[Rene] We've had our differences
over the years.

Yeah, I assumed.


Of everyone,

you're the most like him.

[dramatic music]


Damn it!


He's not here.

[John] Curtis said there's
a bunch of places he could still be.

-Well, we need to find him.
We will.

We have to find
him, Johnny.

We will, Lyla.
Are you okay?

Oliver put our family
back together.

What happens if--

if we can't do the same for his?

Lyla, look at me.
We can,

[tender music]

and we will, I promise.

We will.

[intense music]

Let him go!

[tense music]

Who the hell are you?

[dramatic music]

I said, who are you?

You're wearing his hood.
You should know.

[dramatic music]





No, please, please.


[intense music]


[bone cracks]


[music continues]


[gas hissing]

[bowstring stretching]

[arrow fires]



[intense music]



You stay back!

John Bye...

you have failed this city.

[dramatic music]

Let him go!

I' brought him up here
to throw him off.

My whole life ended
right here!

I don't care!
Final warning.

He thought he was
saving me.

eight years in Iron Heights
never saved anyone.

So you kidnap his son,

the man who spared
your life?

I should put this arrow
in you right now!

Do it! After eight years
in prison,

1 got nothing left
to live for anyway!

Go ahead!

[tense music]


Oliver Queen
didn't kill you,

then neither will I,

but your ass is going
back to prison.

This is the riser,

uh, this is the arrow shelf,

and this is the fadeout.

-That's really cool.



Must be a lot
to take in.

Yeah. That's the...

of the millennium.

She became a hero.

Well, she had
good parents.

Do want
to meet her?

I don't know.

She--she might
be here,

but she's...she's
also at home,

waiting for me,

and I get to see
her grow up.

[tender music]

I'm not sure I want
to rush that.

[Mia] Hey.

Something on the news
you should see.


[soft dramatic music]

William Clayton
was safely recovered

from his kidnapper John Byrne.

Apparently the abduction
was revenge

for Oliver Queen bringing
Byrne to justice eight years ago.

We have exclusive footage
of the rescue.

[helicopter blades whirring]

With Oliver Queen
confirmed dead,

we can only speculate
that he inspired

a new generation of heroes
to carry on his mission.

Like I said...proud.

[metal clanging]
-[tense music]

[Oliver] Diggle!

Don't use
just your arms.

Power's coming
from your hips.

Thanks for the tip.

Just get real good
at that,

and maybe I'll eventually
take you out in the field.

[John] Byrne didn't really
have a good night, did he?

He had a better night
than you think.

He's being arraigned
in the morning.


Plenty of people in this book that
deserve to die,

plain and simple,

probably not

Let's consider
Mr. John Byrne to be

proof of concept.

That people can be

That one day I'll be
able to trust you.

[soft dramatic music]


[Roy] Your mom let me in.

Is it just me,
or does the new Moira

seem to like me a lot more than
the old Moira?


Yeah. She never really
liked you that much,

but in her defense,
you were a criminal.

Well, I regret nothing.

If I never stole
your purse,

then I never
would have met you,

and even if you do
say no to my proposal,

which II really hope
you don't--

[tender music]

loving you has changed
my life, Thea.

If Ollie's death has
taught me anything, it's...

that we don't have a lot of time
in this life.

As long as you promise

if you ever freak out
on me like that again,

you tell me instead
of just leaving.

Yeah, yeah.
I--] can make that promise.

Then yes.


1 will marry you,
Roy Harper.

[both laugh]

[indistinct chatter]
-[phones ringing]

Hey. What are you
doing here?

Looking for you.

Well, I was just
looking for Dinah.

I think she's, uh,
ghosting me.

Do you have a second
to talk?

Want to step
into not my office?

So, uh, what's up?

It's about Oliver.

Well, not
exactly him, but...

who his sacrifice
brought back.

-Like me?
-And Tommy and Moira...

[melancholic music]

but not me

or the other
me, your--

your Laurel.

Look. We don't exactly
know the rules

of this whole
resurrection thing.

Yes, we do.

You're all of
the people who Oliver

would have wanted
his sacrifice to bring back,

and Laurel, she--

she would have been
on that list, too,

if it wasn't for me.

Oliver's death, it
fixed everything else.

Why didn't it fix
this, too?

Because, sweetheart,
there is nothing about you

that needed
to be fixed.

All right.

Dig, what's going on?

The end of the line.

You were right.
The mission's over.

Just took me a while
to accept that.

I think accepting that
meant accepting

that Oliver is
really gone.

[somber music]

You know, Sara said
that before Oliver died

that he became
something else.

I'd like to think
that somehow, someway,

he's still here.

I'd drink to that.

Just as long as it's no more
of that God-awful vodka.

[both chuckle]

Okay. Cool. So...
you're moving on.

So what's next
for you?

Lyla accepted a promotion
in Metropolis, so...

we're all gonna move
there after the funeral.

[soft dramatic music]


I'm not gonna take
the promotion.

Just no point being police
in a safe city,

and there are lots
of cities that still need saving.


And here I am getting
to be elected in a few months,

-and you guys decide to move away.
-[John snickers]

Kind of hard not to
take that personally.

[chuckling] Don't worry, Rene.
You are gonna be a great mayor

because you're
a great man.

I learned
from the best.


And the two
of you.

[music continues]

Who's getting
the lights?

1 will.


[lights click off]

[dramatic music]

I'm gonna miss
this place.

We all will.

[electricity powering down]

[tender music]

Thank you for coming.

For a long time...

I hated Oliver Queen.

I blamed him for the death
of my youngest daughter,

I blamed him for the violence
in my city,

I interrogated him,
I hunted him,

persecuted him.

I've never been
more wrong in my life.

Oliver Queen wasn't just a hero.

[soft dramatic music]

He was a good man.

He was an honorable person.

The fact that he didn't
start out that way

makes him, in my book,

even more honorable.

He stands as a reminder
to all of us

that anyone can change.

So will this.

[camera shutters clicking]

[dramatic music]

-[rain pattering]
-[thunder rumbles]

I just don't

If Ollie could
fix everything,

then why couldn't
he fix this?

[melancholic music]

I think that Oliver
could only change the things

that didn't change him,

and if not
for your father and...

what he did for Oliver,

your brother would never
have become the man that he was.

still can't believe
Ollie's really gone.

I know, sweetheart.

[clears throat]
I'm sorry to intrude,

but I wanted to meet you.

My sister.

Oliver told me a lot
about you.

I'm sorry that it took
something like this

for us to
finally meet.

Yes. Emiko, you are
welcome here anytime.

Thank you.

So you're from
another Earth, is that it?

I know it's a lot
to take in.

Well, I just found out
there's a reality where I was dead,

so that's the curve I'm
grading on these days.

The Laurel of, well,
this Earth, um...

she was my wife.

So it must be
strange seeing me.

Ho! Yeah. Well, strange
enough to blow the curve...

but there's something
nice about it, too.

[thunder rumbles]

My condolences
on your husband's passing.

I had our marriage

Feelings cannot
be erased.

I had no feelings
for him.

Our marriage was
Father's perverse joke,

meant to torment me.

Our father only ever
meant for you to have a normal life.

I have lived a life
far more normal

than the one father
designed for me.

Hey. Thank you
for coming.

There's nowhere
else I'd be.

Sara, this is
my sister Talia.


Talia, this is

my beloved.

Hey, Dad.

[breathing shakily]


Oh. Hi.

- know.

This morning,
you were teething,

and now you're--
I mean, wow.

Dad had a very similar
reaction when he first saw me.

You met your father.

Yeah. He trained me.

He taught me
to be a hero,

how to be like him.

I can tell you're
a lot like him.

I can only hope.

[Barry] Felicity.


I'm so sorry.

He was a good man.

I was there
at the end, and...

every day, I'm tortured
with the thought

that I could have
done more,

should have
done more.

No. You did everything
that you could, Barry.

How could you
know that?

Well, because,
you know, I know you.

I'm sorry.

[whispering] Hey. Hey.
[Felicity] Hey.


I'm so sorry.

There is no body
down there, no?


We buried a casket
full of mementos.

Does anybody wanna say a few words?

I'm barely keeping it
together as it is.

I think that Oliver would
have been worried

that I'd say something
tactless anyway, so...

- don't know what to say.

Words seem...
meaningless. [sighs]


Should be you.

[somber music]

The Oliver that I met
eight years ago

is not the one that we say
good-bye to today.

Oliver always told me
that in order to save his city,

he had to become someone else,

he had to become
something else.

I always thought that meant
becoming the Green Arrow,, I realized
that meant becoming

a better man,

the best man he knew
how to be,

and he took all of us
with him on that journey.

He changed everything.

Oliver brought heroes
into the world,

he inspired heroes,

he inspired all of us here.

I was his brother,

and Oliver Queen...
was mine.

[soft dramatic music]

Of course, life will go on.

It always does,

but how, what twists
and turns it will take,

I can't say.

I don't know
what the future holds...

[portal whooshing]

[dramatic music]


except to say fo expect
the unexpected.


[crackling, rumbling]


Oliver may be gone,

but his mission endures.

That mission lives on,

Oliver lives on

in the people he inspired.

[revving engine]

Some will take that mission
to the rest of the world...

maybe even beyond that...

[music continues]

because if the past eight years
has shown us anything...

[flames crackling]

it's that this universe is far bigger

than any of us
could have dared imagine...

even ifitis
a little less bright

without him in it.

[somber music]

Where I'm taking you,

there is no return.

I have waited
a very long time to see him.

I'm ready.

[soft dramatic music]

[portal whooshing]

[music continues]



Glad you could
finally make it.



[tender music]

This is so nice.

Not to complain.
I just thought

that the afterlife would
look a little less

like your old office.

It's my mom's office.

I wanted to be
where I first saw you.

Well, that would be
in the IT Department seven floors down.

You sure?

[Felicity] You're cute.

Too bad you're,
you know, dead,

which is obviously
a lot worse for you than it is for me.

It's a long story.

Lucky for us...

we have all the time
in the world

for me to tell it
to you.

[dramatic music]

[Man] Greg, move your head!