Arrow (2012–…): Season 7, Episode 8 - Episode #7.8 - full transcript

Previously on "Arrow"...

Dinah: This is a plan
to level all of Star City.

Felicity wouldn't do something like this.

Maybe she had a change of heart,

tried to back out last second.

It'd explain why someone
would want her dead, right?

Last call out was to someone named...

What's this?

Something I lifted off Byrd
before he went into custody.

It's a painting?

All right. Looks like someone doesn't
want us to see this.

Bethany Snow: Ricardo Diaz
is behind bars tonight,

thanks to the unidentified Green Arrow.

- Felicity put a gun right to my face.
- I don't believe you.

I made a deal with the feds.

Oliver will be a free man again.

Woman and man: ♪ When I go ♪

♪ Into the ground ♪

♪ Oh, they got to bury me ♪

♪ Bury me face down ♪

Man: ♪ From the rubble ♪

♪ What do I see? ♪

♪ There's a whole damn army ♪

♪ Thinkin' that they're
gonna harm me ♪

♪ Say good night,
I'll never get free ♪

♪ When I go ♪

♪ Into that ground ♪

♪ Oh, they got to bury me ♪

♪ Bury me face down ♪

♪ Bury me
face down ♪

♪ Oh, they got to bury me ♪

♪ Bury me face down ♪

Bethany Snow: After keeping
a low profile

since his release last week,
Oliver Queen will make

his first public appearance

at a gala supporting
prison reform.

But will Star City welcome back
its former vigilante

with open arms?

Or has public opinion soured
against the Green Arrow

now that we know who's under
that hood?

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== ==


Hey. It's just me.

Hey. I'm sorry about

I didn't mean to freak you out.

No. I'm just, um,
getting used

to being home.

[Pulls zipper up]

Mm. I missed that.

Having someone
to zip your dress?

Well, that, and you.

And I really miss William.

Yeah. Christmas vacation
feels like

it's 20 years from now.

[Clicks tongue]

So why aren't you dressed?

I'm gonna sit this one out.


Oh, no, no, no.

I don't think that's
how this works,

especially when you're
the one being honored.

Besides, you've been
spending more time

in the shadows recently

than when you were
the Green Arrow.

The last time I faced
the city, I was in cuffs.

A lot of people are
mad at me, Felicity.

I lied to them.

They have a right to be
mad at me.

Which is exactly why
this event is

so important.

They want to publicly
recognize you as a hero.

And after all the lives
you saved at Slabside,

let them see you
for who you really are,

without a mask.

I mean, you're probably right.

Oh, I'm always right.

You will always be
the best part of me

for the rest of my life.

You remember.

Of course I remember.

Happy anniversary.

Happy anniversary.

[People cheering]

This used to be the
nicest club in town

20 years ago.

You can practically
smell the money.

Zoe: Yeah. Definitely
not smelling that.

I can't believe Roy's
missing out on all the fun.

[Chuckles weakly]

If he got recognized here,
we'd have big trouble.

And you're sure
Blackstar's here?

Dinah: The Canary network
couldn't find much,

but they did learn Blackstar
likes to frequent this club.

I seriously question this
person's choice of friends.

Dinah: That's why we need
to keep our heads down.

Blackstar was the last one
to talk to Felicity.

Whoever this is could have
either been helping her or...

Or they're the one
who killed her.

[Punch lands, crowd cheers]

And you were worried this
was going to be dangerous.

Dinah: Hey, we're looking
for someone named Blackstar.

You know who that is?

She's right there.


Spectators: Blackstar!
Blackstar! Blackstar! Blackstar!

Blackstar! Blackstar!
Blackstar! Blackstar!

Blackstar! Blackstar...

Well, she seems easy to talk to.

[Piano music]

We didn't get this
treatment after we

put Diaz behind bars.

Envy is not a good look on you.

Neither is the crab cake

on your face.

Rene: This event is
messed up.

Rich folk and politicians

like they actually care
about prison reform.

If everybody in here
actually gave a crap,

they'd use that money
to help people

in hard-up neighborhoods
who end up in the system

because they don't
have anything else.


You ever think about
running for office?

Woman: Oliver, what's it
like to be out of prison?

How does it feel to be back home

with everyone knowing
you're the Green Arrow?

Man: Are you gonna put on the
hood now that you're back?

My husband is very grateful

to be home with
his family. Thank you.

[Indistinct chatter]

Excuse me. Queen!

Max Fuller.

Hey, man, I know we've
had some bad history.

You, uh, had your bodyguards

kick the crap out of me
and Tommy at your club.

Right. Well, you slept
with my wife.

Well, now my ex-wife.

Dude, all that is in
the past, OK?

You're the freaking Green Arrow.

Well, I'm Felicity.

I am the wife of
the freaking Green Arrow.

That sounded a little less
strange in my head.


You see, he didn't used
to be the marriage type.

- Ah. Hmm.
- Yeah.

But, hey, people change, right?

Felicity: Yes, they do.

And we are just gonna say hi
to some friends

if you'll excuse us.

Yeah, please.

Is it just me,

or is that guy
the absolute worst?



I never got to ask you.

What was your first meal
when you got back?

Felicity: Double Double
at Big Belly Burger.

That's what I'm talking about.

John: Taking a while to get
those sea legs back, huh?

Rene: Speaking of,

you thinking about
getting back out there,

trying that old suit
on for size?

Shh, shh. No, no, no.

He's absolutely not

just like we don't
do that anymore.

Dinah's right.

I'm very much enjoying not
being in prison.

So what now?

I don't know.

Find a different way
to help the city,

way you guys did.

What about you, Felicity?

Well, I'm developing a new
security system.

Laurel: Well, then I'm sure
it's the best one in town.

We're friends with her now?

It's more like frenemies.

It's a long story.

Relax. I'm just here
keeping up appearances.

D.A., remember?

Actually, we should all
really be thanking Laurel.

I mean, she is the one
who did the trade

to get Oliver out of prison.

Oliver: That's true.

I'm very grateful.

I know that I haven't
always given you

the benefit of the doubt, so...

Well, it was really Felicity

who was willing to do
anything to stop Diaz.

She's ruthless.


Pollard: Welcome.

Thank you all
for attending this evening.

I would like to introduce
this evening's honoree,

Mr. Oliver Queen.


Thank you, Mayor Pollard.

[Clears throat]

I used to believe
that justice was

as simple as putting
criminals behind bars...

but then I spent
some time in prison,

and I realized that the truth is

nowhere near
that black and white.

The truth is that
our institutions have

a long way to go

before they achieve true justice.

[Arrow flies]

[Circuits blowing]

[Arrow flies]

[Attendees shouting and screaming]

The attack perpetrated by
the Green Arrow this evening

is further proof
why we, as a city,

cannot trust men
that hide behind masks.

There is a reason why the
anti-vigilante law exists.

Thank you.

Rene: Look, I know
how this looks,

but this wasn't
the new Green Arrow.

He hasn't murdered anyone.

That you know of.

Has anyone actually seen
who's behind the mask?

Well, no. But whoever it is
has been helping the city.

And helped us take down Diaz.

This was cold-blooded murder.

Now, I appreciate how
all of you feel as though

the new Green Arrow is an ally,

but I would like to be sure.

And how are you gonna do that

if you're a no-go on the Arrow?

Is there a law against
me consulting?

You mean an investigative
consultant, like "The Mentalist"?

I love that show.

I can't think of
a better way to investigate

a copycat Green Arrow than
with the original.

Rene: I can.
With my help,

because I'm not
sitting this one out.

I appreciate it,

but there's nothing left
to be done tonight,

so go home.

Let my guys work the scene.

And if I need help, I'll
call you tomorrow.

Rene: This is everything Dinah's
compiled on the vigilante...

Every sighting, targets.

It's all there.

It says here the SCPD

nearly arrested him last month.

But he had an accomplice?

Uh, yeah, that... that was me.

I, uh,

I didn't want Dinah
to lock him up.

Oh, I bet she really
appreciated that.

She threw my ass in jail.

I'm really sad I missed that.

What else do we know?

Rene: Uh, he's definitely
not a rookie. I know that.

I mean, the guy's efficient,
disciplined, precise.

I mean,
he works the bow and arrow

about as well as you do.

That takes

a very specific type of training.

Dinah: Hey. Sorry I'm late.

Pollard's on the warpath.

That's OK. Forensics pull
anything from the scene?

Well, nothing we didn't
already suspect.

Arrows are consistent
with the vigilante.

Here. Take a look.

Thank you.

Oliver: Well, they're both

The materials in the arrowhead
seem to match.

This would be difficult
to replicate.

But not impossible, right?

The security camera footage?

Yeah, but you're
not gonna find much.

The killer was off-camera.

His arrows weren't.

If this guy is as precise
with a bow and arrow

as Rene says, then he
would've had a target.

Based on the trajectory,
that guy.

Oh, wait a minute. That's...
That's Clayton Ford.

He's a rich dude who
actually helped the Glades.

He funded a clinic.

This makes no sense.

The vigilante's only
targeted people

who've hurt the Glades.

Ford helped it.

Then what the hell's the motive?

Sure would help

if we could ask directly.


Wait. Hang on.

You're... you're in contact?

That was one time, all right?

And count me out if we're
gonna roll up and arrest him.

Dinah: I'm not talking
about the SCPD.

Just us. We just need to
talk to the new Green Arrow.

Oliver: You think he's
innocent. So we'll be fine.

And what if we aren't?

Then we deal with him.

You should make the call.

John: Hey.

Got to say, I never appreciated

how tightly you run this ship

until you were gone
with the brass.

It is so good to see you
behind that desk again, Lyla.


Shut the door.

What's going on?

I had my contact look
into the image

that Curtis decrypted
from the Malcolm Byrd op.

The "Dante" painting.

It's being used as some sort of

highly advanced
identification protocol

within terrorist circles.

Kobra, Basilisk,

the Third World
Liberation Army...

They're all using the name
Dante like it's a contact.

For what? Or for who?

I don't know, but I might
know how to find out.

When I cross-referenced
the terrorist groups

with the financials that
we obtained in Geneva,

I found a common account.

Could you trace it?

No. Come here.
Look at this.

[Laptop beeps]

John: Five transactions
in the past 7 months

between Dante
and a consulting firm

called Rubrum,
Silentium, and Ursa.

That's Latin for
"red," "silent," and "bear,"

the Longbow Hunters.


You got to be kidding me.

[Sirens in distance]

This is definitely the place.

Oliver: Then where is he?

Maybe he got held up.

Rene, stop.

What are you talking about?

There are motion detectors.

We've been made.

[Distorted voice]
I said, Come alone.

These are my friends.

You already met Captain Drake.

You can trust them.

We only want to talk.

I'll pass.

A piece of advice

from one Green Arrow to another:


Because right now,

most of the people in this city think
you're a killer.

Are you?

- Cut him off!
- On it.

[Engine starts]

Mr. Queen. Mr. Queen,
Mr. Queen,

do you know who
the new Green Arrow is?

Are you helping with
this investigation?

I have no comment, guys.

Dinah: Hey, whoa, whoa, whoa.
What the hell is this?

You all know the precinct is off-limits.

Captain Drake, care to comment?

The SCPD does not comment
on ongoing investigations.

But I do.
The vigilante didn't do it.

OK. Can somebody please
get these guys out of here?

Not helping.

Hey. Why does the mayor
have to have all the fun?

Oliver: Maybe meeting at the precinct
wasn't the best idea.

Yeah. Well, I thought the jig was up
after you were spotted last night.

Oh, and speaking of last night,

turns out we were right about
your Green Arrow clone.

He is innocent.

How do we know?

Remember our second suspected
target, Clayton Ford?

- Mm-hmm.
- My guys found him dead

across town at the same time
we were chasing the vigilante.

- We're his alibi.
- OK.

What do we know about
the Ford murder?

Dinah: Emerald arrow, center...
chest, same as Hutchinson.

Rene: Someone's going
through a lot of trouble

to pin this on
the new Green Arrow.

We really need to come up
with a better name for him.

He's making everyone,
including Pollard,

look away.

The question is from what?

Well, Ford may have known.

He was trying to skip
town when he was killed.

He found him with bags
packed and ready to go,

clothes and cash.

Yeah, he knew he was the target.

What the hell is going on?

Last time I checked,
Mr. Queen and Mr. Ramirez

were not employed by the SCPD.

Well, they're just here
giving statements.

That the vigilante didn't
do it. Yeah, I heard.

You know, it's no big surprise

that the old Green Arrow would
be supporting the new one,

but I expected more from
my police captain.

You telling me how to
conduct my investigation,

Ms. Mayor?

Because last I checked,

I was still in control
of this precinct.

I hired you to restore the
city's faith in this department.

That means bringing that
vigilante to justice.

And if you can't do that,

I will find someone else
who can.

Rene: She may be
the tiniest,

most unpleasant person
I've ever met.

You have to listen
to her, but I don't.

What are you thinking?

It says here both victims were

members of the same
society at Yale.

I know a guy. Max Fuller,
he was a member, too.

I could go see him,
gather some intel.

I'll be in touch if I
learn anything, all right?

Excuse me,
Ms., uh, Blackstar?

Can we talk to you?

I'm kind of busy.


We only need 5 minutes.

Not interested.

Like I said,

I'd love to talk.

So this whole fight club thing,

you just beat people
up for what? Fun?

Stress relief.


Do you really want to
spend your 5 minutes

talking about my hobbies?

Zoe: How do you know
Felicity Smoak?

I don't.

Well, that's strange,
because you were

the last person she called
before she was killed.

Felicity's dead?

Oh, so you do know her.

We worked together sometimes.

What kind of work was that?

The kind that's none
of your business.

So, illegal.

Well, you're one
to talk, Canary.

You're not as smart
as you think you are.

But you want to come
in here and judge me?

At least I'm not
lying to everyone,

pretending to be
some kind of hero.

At least I'm not a vigilante.

You don't know what you're
talking about, kid.

You know, you're part of
the reason Star City is

in the shape it's in right now.

Really? 'Cause I
could've sworn,

the story goes,
it's because of you.

Hey, just tell us why
Felicity called you.

Then we'll leave you alone.

I work as a broker.

I help people find
certain items.

Felicity asked me to find her

an electrical firing circuit

and a couple transmitters.

Those are mechanisms for
triggering a bomb.

Blackstar: I don't know
why she needed 'em.

I didn't ask.

As long as I get paid, you can
ask for whatever you want.

Sounds like you two had
a lot in common.

If that's it, I have
my next fight coming up,

and I really should stretch.

Yeah. I'm done here anyway.

Word of advice.

Asking questions
about Felicity Smoak

will not end well for anyone.

Max: Five fully-stocked bars,

3 private lounges, and the sound
system is the best outside of Europe.

A.I. adjusts the acoustic environment
based on capacity.

Right this way here.

That's a ton of security
you got down there, Max.

It must be costing
you a fortune.

Heh! Not when you pay for them
with crypto you mine yourself.

All it costs me is
the little USB drive

I put it on. Scotch?

It's a 25-year.

Why not?

We can toast your new club.

Hey. Toast to your new prison-
and Green Arrow-free life.

It's really got to piss
you off, though, huh?

Seeing some lame copycat
screw up

everything you sacrificed for.

I wanted to speak with you
about that.

The last two murders weren't
connected to the vigilante.

So the rumors are true.

You are helping the cops
investigate this.

How can I help?

You were a member of
the Scroll and Key

back at Yale.


It is a secret society.

Fair point.

How well did you
know Clayton Ford

and Sam Hutchinson?

Clay and Hutch.

Well enough to mourn them.


But we'd sort of fallen
out of touch.

Ford looked like he was
trying to skip town

before he died,

like he knew the hit was coming,

but we just... we don't know how.

You're looking for skeletons.

And are we gonna find any?

I know you're not supposed
to talk ill of the dead

or whatever, but, you know,
there were always rumors

that they had shady
business dealings going on

with the Triad, I believe.

So who knows? Maybe they got
in over their heads.


I won't take up any
more of your time.

Thank you, Max.


You mind if I ask you a question?

They sent you to prison
for helping this city.

Why the hell should you
care about any of this?

Old habits.

I guess some people don't
change that much after all.

[Chuckles softly]



Sorry I'm late.

That's OK.

I'm still getting used to
you coming home at all.

How did things go with Fuller?

Max Fuller is hiding something.

Do you mind looking into it?

Of course.

Hey, you just came in
the front door,

and none of my security
measures triggered.

You sure?



Who are you?

My husband asked you a question.

Where'd you get that?

We'll talk about it later.

Stay down!

Hey, hey.

Dinah: All right. As soon
as the doc gives the OK,

we'll take him into
the station for questioning.

In the meantime, we'll go through his
effects, see what we can find out.

- Thank you.
- You're welcome.

Oh, hey, and just
a bit of advice.


You probably shouldn't be shooting
people your first week out of prison.

- That's a good tip.
- Yeah.

He must've somehow
countered my alarm

by sonically hacking
into the sensors.


That is a design flaw that
could take weeks to fix.

- We need to talk about this.
- No. We need to be safe.

This security system was
supposed to bring peace of mind.

- You mean like owning a gun?
- Yeah.

Where'd you even get a gun?

Your best new friend Laurel?

Of course not.

I got it from your
ex-best friend, Anatoly.

You what?

I've barely been gone 7 months,

and you've aligned yourself

with two of the most immoral
people we know?

Oliver, you don't
get to judge me.

You just shot a man in
our living room.

Something you've done
a million times.

Hey, this isn't you.

You don't obsess over security.

You certainly don't carry a gun.

This is me, Oliver,

not because I was influenced
by Laurel or Anatoly.

This is me because of you.

You were the one that decided

all on your own that you were
going to sacrifice yourself,

leaving your son and your wife

alone at home as
sitting ducks for Diaz.

And the best part about
the whole thing is that

you didn't even ask us about
how we felt about it.

I've already apologized
for this.

I don't know how many times
you need me to apologize.

What am I supposed to do
with an apology, Oliver?

I'm just supposed to move on?

While you were gone,

I had to figure out
how to survive.

And I am glad that I did

because the old me,
she was weak.

How could you possibly
think that?

The old you was the person
I fell in love with.


she's gone.

And she's not coming back.

[Laughter in distance]

I thought you didn't drink.

Yeah, well, it's been
a tough week.

I know the feeling.

You know, Roy told me

this would only bring me pain,

and he was right.

[Chuckles softly]

I'm going home.

Just like that, huh,
without any answers?

Felicity is dead.

And before that, she had a plan
to blow up an entire city.

So I'm not sure exactly
why I'm supposed to care

about what happened to her.

I'm just sorry I dragged
you all into this.

You need to see something.

It's called the mark of four.

Your dad came up with it.

I don't remember that.

You were already gone.

It was right before everything.

It symbolizes the 4 pillars
of heroism...

Courage, compassion,
selflessness, and loyalty.

We all got them as
a reminder that

no matter what happened,
if one of us was in trouble,

the other ones would be there.

That's why Roy came with
you back to Star City.

He saw the symbol written on the
inside of your father's bow.

So that's why you're helping us?

I didn't know what to
make of you at first.


Trust doesn't come
so easily to me.

Yeah? So what changed?

I started seeing the best
parts of your dad in you...

The strength that
made him a hero.

I am not that.

You sure about that?

'Cause your dad, he had this
way of looking into things,

of seeing beyond the evidence.

So what does your gut
tell you about Blackstar?

That she isn't telling
us the whole story.

Good. Let's find out
what she's hiding.

Hey, hey.
Who's hungry?

Ohh. You're a life saver.

It's not often I get to buy
the police captain dinner.


Well, you'd better get
your fill in now

because I probably won't
have this job much longer.

Why? You don't think this
will blow over with Pollard?


I don't know.

You know, maybe it shouldn't.

How can I really
be effective here

if she's just gonna
undercut me the whole way?

I'd be better off
as Black Canary.

Whew. You don't know
how long

I've been waiting for you
to say that.

But you're the best damn
person for this job, D.

This city needs you here.

[Knock on door]

Hey. How's it going
with the hit man?

Good. He's still

but we got an ID
thanks to A.R.G.U.S.

Frank Cassaday, otherwise
known as "the Mirror."

Specializes in kills
via mimicked m.o.

Proof the vigilante
didn't do it,

but who ordered the hits?

Where'd you find that?

I found that on Cassaday.
Why? You recognize that?


Fuller. He used those to pay
his muscle in the club.

This was Fuller.

He ordered the hit on Hutchinson

and then Ford and then me

once I got too close.

Why? I mean,
he's a rich douche bag,

but I didn't peg him
to be a killer.

Felicity ran
background on Fuller.

He had secret business dealings

with both Hutchinson and Ford.

If they were gonna cut him out,

this was payback.

All right. Well, the hit
on you failed,

so that means Fuller's gonna
know something's up soon

if he doesn't already, right?

I'm gonna send S.W.A.T. in
while we still have

the element of surprise.

It's not that simple.

Fuller's in there right now
with at least 12 hired guns,

and the club is at capacity.

So it could get really messy.


It won't get messy

if the Green Arrow goes
in... the O.G. one.

No. I... I can't risk being
separated from my family,


I can't do it.

I might know a way you can.

Even if you did,

Pollard would never
stand for it.

Pollard wanted me to restore

the city's faith in
this department,

and that is never
gonna happen if we

keep treating our heroes
like criminals.

It's time the mayor
realizes that.

Dinah, I trust you,
but you have to be sure.

Half this city believes
in the vigilante

because they were hoping
it was you.

Now they don't have
to hope anymore.


I need to make a pit stop.

The bunker has seen better days.

Yes, it has.

It didn't seem right
coming back here

after the team disbanded.

Thanks for bringing this.

The FBI still has mine.

It's a good thing
you made another one.


Does that mean you
changed your mind

about breaking
the cycle of violence?


[Clasps snap]

I cannot burden William
with this.

But it's not just about
breaking the cycle of violence.

It's about accountability.

What does that mean to you?

If Star City wants
to hate the Green Arrow,

that's fine.

They'll have to hate me, too.

You want some backup out there?

Thank you, but this time,
I got to go solo.



Don't you need this?



[Dance music playing]

Woman: ♪ Uh, do it
till they feel it... ♪

Cassaday, you were supposed to check
in here when the job was done.

Where the hell are you?

Listen, I want everyone
on high alert, OK?

No one gets in here.


Woman: ♪ Do your thing ♪

♪ Do your thing, do your thing ♪

♪ Just make it happen ♪

[Comms beep]
I'm in.

Copy that.
We're ready.

Keep your men in position
and wait for my word.

I don't want to tip our
hand or panic the crowd.

Let's hope you're not rusty.

All units, stand by.


[Machine gun firing]

Aah! Uh! Uh...

[Fires pistol]

[Pistol thuds along floor]

Aah! Uh! Uh...

Man: ♪ You don't hate me ♪

♪ You hate you ♪

♪ If you're looking for me,
I'm right here... ♪

Dinah: Oliver, do you have Fuller?

I'm about to.

Man: ♪ I'm right here,
I'm right ♪

♪ I'm right here, I'm right ♪

♪ I'm right here! ♪

[People screaming]

Stay back!

Drop the gun, Max.

- I'll shoot.
- Hiring killers is easy.


Taking the shot yourself isn't.

Oh. You're a vigilante.

You don't have the authority
to arrest me.

She does.

Max Fuller, you are under arrest

for the murder of Clayton Ford
and Sam Hutchinson.

[Smartphone cameras snapping photos]

Take Mr. Fuller into booking.

Should I give you two a minute?

We do this together.

Ms. Mayor, to what do I owe the pleasure?

You've got some nerve.

I want Mr. Queen booked

in violation of the anti-vigilante law.

Hmm. Afraid I can't do that.

Then I want your resignation.

I think that would be a mistake.

Oh, that's rich,
coming from the man

who stared this city
in the face and lied.

You made a mockery of city hall.

I'm gonna show you that
no one is above the law.

I could not agree with you more,

which is why, as of today, Mr. Queen

is officially working for the SCPD.

He's no longer a vigilante.

I'll get that tossed by this time tomorrow.

Well, you can try, but
I have a strong feeling

the district attorney is going
to side with me on this one.

This isn't over,

not even close.

This should be fun.

Got to warn you,
this one's a handful.

We know.

You sure you're good with this?

Hiding the truth from
Oliver and Felicity? No.

But this is the strongest
lead we've got.

If we don't exploit it now,

who knows how many people
will be hurt later?

Lyla: Open it.

[Door buzzes open]

We'll take it from here.

Hello, Mr. Diaz.
Remember me?

I'm sure you remember
my husband.

What do you want?

We need your help.

Man. And I thought
I was messy.

How are we supposed to find
anything in this place?



These are the bomb
schematics we found

in Felicity's hideout.

Blackstar knew about her
plan to blow up Star City.

Maybe she didn't just
know about it.

Maybe she was part of it.

Huh. If Felicity
got cold feet,

that's one hell of a motive
to kill her.

OK. But why
hang on to these?

I mean, why not
destroy the evidence?

Because she's still
planning on using them.

OK, we have got to
go to the cops.

The SCPD are a joke.

They'd love to watch

Star City go up in flames.

Well, there is another option.

We go to the Glades.

I thought we weren't
welcome there.

Well, we're not, but she is.

No. No way.

Zoe, we don't know when or where

this is going to happen, right?

And by the time we find out,
it could be too late.

I don't love the idea either,

but we need resources.

[Heavy sigh]

I guess it's time to
pay my dad a visit.

Snow: With the successful
arrest of Max Fuller assisted

by Oliver Queen, the Green Arrow
will officially be working

on the side of the law
hand in hand with the SCPD,

marking a new era for Star City.

[Shuts off TV]


it looks like you're famous again.

Could you have imagined 7 years ago

that you'd be working unmasked
and alongside the cops?


A lot has changed.


All those months at Slabside,

there wasn't a day that went by...

There wasn't an hour

that went by I didn't think
about you and William and...

getting our life back.

Me, too.

[Clears throat]


So what's changed?

I think time apart
forced us to move

in different directions.

OK. But how do we...

start pushing in the same
direction again?

I want to.


But you're right.

You know, I've changed...

more than you know.

I almost killed Diaz,

and I would've killed him

if Laurel hadn't stopped me.

And I know that you're
gonna want

to talk me down to
the old Felicity,

the one that you met
chewing that red pen.

While you were gone,

I had to learn how
to protect myself.

I put you in the position
where you had to do that,

and I'm sorry.

No. This isn't on you.

Well... OK.

I love you more than
a human being

should love another human being.

I just don't know

if what's best for me
right now is

the same thing
as what's best for us.

Hey, Dad, turns out Oliver
is more like you

than I thought,

more like me, too.

But I'm not giving up,

not ever.


[Operatic singing on soundtrack]

You failed.

Why are you doing this?

You did this to yourself.

And now all of you will perish.