Arrow (2012–…): Season 7, Episode 9 - Elseworlds, Part 2 - full transcript

Still trapped in each other's bodies, Oliver and Barry head to Gotham City with Supergirl to find out why their reality changed and cross paths with the mysterious Kate Kane.

My name is Oliver Queen.

After 6 months in hell,
I have been released from prison

and returned home with only one goal...
To save my city, but things have changed.

Instead of operating outside the law,
I am now working alongside the police.

I am no longer inmate 4587.
I am once more the Green Arrow.

Previously on "The Flash"...

Dr. John Deegan, use this book
to reshape the world as you see fit.

I can see everything.

Barry, are you ok?

I'm Barry.

I'm Oliver Queen.

Maybe it's just earth 1
that's been affected.

If we can get to earth 38 and find Kara,

if she remembers us, then maybe she
can help fix whatever's happening.

Whoa, Lois.
Wait, wait.

This is Barry and Oliver.
They're friends.

So you know that I'm
Oliver and he's Barry?

- Why wouldn't I?
- We could use your help.

I vibed somebody
in the speed lab,

some guy with ridges on his head.

I know where to find him.

So what's our next move?

We're going to Gotham city.


Ok. I know this sounds nuts
and completely unscientific,

but I think that freaking
lightning is following us.

- Focus, Curtis.
- This is me focusing.

These atmospheric anomalies
are playing all kinds

of hell on my equipment,

plus you don't want
that lightning to hit

when you're engaging deathstroke's son.

I just had to say it.

Kane wolfman,
you're under arrest

for 19 violations
of international law!

Does that include the murder of...

4 A.R.G.U.S. field agents?

Last chance!
On the ground now!

Play one of the best new FPS shooters,
search Steam for PROJECT WARLOCK

This isn't personal.
Just business.

Son of a bitch.

Is that any way to greet your friends?

All I know is that whenever
the three of you show up,

it usually means
we have one huge problem.

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== ==

So you're you.

And you're you.

An immortal Egyptian,
aliens, parallel earth Nazis.

I have no idea why I'm even
surprised at this point.

I'm still trying
to figure out if this is

more like "freaky Friday"
or "quantum leap."

No. If this were like "quantum leap,"

I'd only look like
myself in the mirror.

Yep. You are definitely
not Oliver Queen.

We think that the red skies

and these lightning strikes
have to be related

to whatever happened to
Barry and Oliver somehow.

We need you to solve the
somehow while we're in Gotham.

No problem.
I mean, A.R.G.U.S. has

all the best analytic toys,

but what we really need is a
pattern recognition algorithm,

and, unfortunately, Felicity isn't...

- I called Felicity.
- Wait, wait.

- You called Felicity?
- Yeah.

Ok. Right.
Well, I guess that makes sense

because technically,
you are her husband.

I'm confused.

I've been summoned?

- Yes. Thank you for coming.
- Of course.

I mean, things might be
fraught between us, Oliver.

That doesn't mean
I'm not gonna show up.

They are? They are?

They are. Yeah, which is... sad.

So, um, this lightning thing.

Um, could you help me out with that?

Can I kind of show you
kind of what I'm thinking?

- Yeah.
- Ok.

Ok. So why didn't you tell Felicity?

Well, because we tried to tell
everybody at S.T.A.R. Labs,

and it didn't really
go over so well.

Felicity and I have
enough problems as it is

without introducing body swapping.

We thought we'd just
let her think everything's

normal and that Barry
and I are solving

another problem.

If you find out
how this lightning thing

relates to whatever it is
that we're dealing with here,

can you please tell us?

Copy that.

Hey. This thing isn't
gonna be permanent, is it?

- I hope not.
- I hope not.


Oh. Barry, there's something
I'd like to discuss before we go.

- What's that?
- That you probably shouldn't go.


Oliver Queen is a public figure

and an infamous vigilante.

If you are in Gotham city,
you're attracting

the type of attention
that we don't want.

No. If... if Gotham can
handle the Batman,

it can handle the Green Arrow.

The Batman's an urban legend.

Wait. You don't believe
Batman's real?

He's not real.
He's an urban legend

concocted by the Gotham
police department

to scare criminals.

And I'm the original vigilante, Barry.

Ok, if you guys are done
fooling around...

Actually, you know what? Could
you pull that thing up?

Because, unlike you,
my identity's not public,

and I'd like to keep it that way.

This isn't your real face!

It might end up being my real face

if we don't sort this mess out,
so could you?

- Happy?
- Ecstatic.

Apparently, you guys aren't done
fooling around.

Well, I guess I'm running alone.

Ho ho ho!
That is so awesome.

So this is Gotham.

Doesn't look so tough to me.

Where's Oliver?

Huh. I don't know.

Guess he's still getting
the hang of it.


Ha ha ha!

I'm still getting the hang of it.

All right.
All right.

So how do we find two people

in a city of 1.6 million?

There is a radio personality
named vesper Fairchild.

She knows everyone in Gotham,

and I know her.

She was doing an exposé
on white-collar crime

back in the day,
and I wanted to persuade her

that Queen consolidated
was above board.

So you slept with her, right?

No. I... I don't know.

Gosh. You really got around
back in the day, didn't you?

Oh. One time, Oliver
cheated on his girlfriend

with her sister.

- Barry!
- Oh, no! Ohh!

You did!

So, what, depending on this past
relationship with this woman,

we might have to come up
with a plan "b."

Is that what you're saying?

- Yeah.
- Guys!

Take a look at this.

You still think he's a myth?

Yeah! Come on.

Batman's real.

If I remember right,
the radio station was this way.

I'm surprised they put it
in the bad part of town.

It's cute how you think there's a
good part of town.

Looks like the one percenters
bring the good part with them.

This is why nobody talks about Gotham, ok?

City might as well be dead.

Sounds like you guys
aren't from around here.

Probably don't know,

but Gotham tourism bureau
collects a tax

on out of towners,

so phones, wallets, watches now.

You know what, fellas? I...
we don't want any trouble,

so maybe we can just talk this out, ok?

Ha ha ha!
Talk it out.

Ok. I'll talk first.



Oh, great.

On the ground now!

All of you, on the ground!
Show me your hands!

Oh, crap.

I need SWAT at Nolan and Burton.

Green Arrow sighted at
Nolan and Burton.

Sir, we don't want any trouble.

Yeah. Tell that to Oliver Queen here.

Oliver, stand down.

Pattern recognition algo
is locked and loaded.

Bringing it online now.

You realize that this
may not work, right?

Like, there may not be
a pattern to recognize.

Is there a suggestion bound
within that dose of pessimism?

Does the energy discharge
of the lightning

look familiar to you?

The quantum amplitude is consistent
with a dimensional breach.

Exactly. We're gonna need
Cisco's help on this one.

I've been summoned!

Ok. That was a disturbingly
coincidental entrance.

It wasn't coincidental.

We'd been getting the same red skies

and freaky lightning in central city,

and I'll tell you this much...
It wasn't speed force.

Wait, wait. Hold up.
"We'd been," "wasn't,"

as in past tense?

Interestingly, the
atmospheric phenomenon ceased

the moment Barry and
Oliver left central city.

It's like it packed up its
bags and followed them here.

That's why we came.

The phenomenon has to be
related to Barry and Oliver's...

- Ok, Caitlin. Ok?
- Body swap?

Ahem. Don't...
Don't say... ahem.

I'm sorry.
Body... body what?

You, uh... you didn't tell her?

Again, tell me... heh... what?

Um, excuse me, officer.

Were you able to get
in touch with Laurel Lance

at the Star City D.A.'s office or...

Yeah. She said, uh,
"I think a night in jail

would do them some good."


What were you thinking?

That you were about to
get yourself shot.

- You're welcome.
- I was deescalating

the situation, you know, like, uh...

- Like I would?
- Uh-huh!

Guess what, man.

I handled it exactly
how you would!

Ok. You guys, maybe taking
on each other's personalities

worked for amazo,
but you were not gonna

talk your way out of getting mugged,

and you escalated the
situation way too fast.

So what would you have done?

What I would have done is
supersped us right out of there.

All they would have
seen is a gust of wind.

I mean, hindsight is 20/20,

but we'll follow your lead next time.

Because there will
really be a next time

when someone threatens
3 superheroes with a gun.

Good news.

Somebody posted your bail.

- Who?
- I don't know.

Guess someone wanted to make
you guys their headache

instead of mine.

We'll show ourselves out.

Please come with me.

I'm guessing this belongs
to whoever bailed us out.

I really think we've had

enough distractions for one night.

Yeah. I agree with my friend.

We appreciate the early release, whatever,

but we're really fine on our own.

I'm afraid my employer insists.


And you said it wouldn't happen again.

Bruce Wayne got us out of jail?

Doesn't sound like him.

No, it wasn't.
Wayne left Gotham 3 years ago.

To go where?

No one knows.

So who's Manning the shop now?

Apparently after he left,
Bruce's board of directors

went to town with a bunch of
aggressive get-rich-quick deals.

Yeah, but an abandoned building

didn't bail us out, right?

Whoa. That is definitely not Bruce Wayne.

Oliver Queen.


Yeah, yeah.
I'm Oliver Queen. Yeah.

- And you are?
- The rain on your parade.

If you're visiting Gotham
to compare grappling hooks

with Batman, you are out of luck.

No one's seen him in years.

Told you.


I would never compare
myself to a total badass

like Batman.

What I think Oliver is trying to say

is thank you for getting us out of jail.

What Oliver's
actually trying to say is

who are you, and why
are you helping us?

Gotham has enough problems
without a guy

in green leather showing off
his arrows to everyone,

so the faster you find
what you're looking for,

the faster you can get
the hell out of my city.

Uh, but, what... what
should we call you...

Rain, Ms. Parade?

Kane, Kate Kane.

You didn't tell her?!

Oliver... the actual
Oliver thought they had

enough problems with Felicity already.

Oh, and you didn't think to
loop us in on the fact that you

were keeping the "freaky
Friday" situation on the hush?

I was thinking it was
more like "quantum leap."

No. If this were
like "quantum leap,"

they'd only look like themselves when
they see themselves in the mirror...

It depends on what type
of quantum leap...

Shouldn't we concentrate on
what this lightning came from?

- Right?
- Right, but...

Oh. Ahem.

Ok, guys. You don't
need to tip-toe around me.

It's just a lot to process.

It's not every day that
you find out that your ex

is your husband and vice-versa.

Yeah. Iris was, pretty freaked
out, too, when she sussed it out.

Wait. Iris.

You know, actually, John...
right before you came in,

John was just saying that we need
to really handle that lightning...

Iris was able to tell
that something was off with Barry?

- No, not exactly.
- Oh, totally. I mean,

- it was like lover's intuition.
- Stop.

That's how you can
tell these two were...

You know, Felicity, um, there's
something very strange going on here,

so I wouldn't take this
as a commentary

on you and Oliver's marriage.

No. My marriage
with Oliver is strained

by the fact that we've
become different people...

Quite literally in Oliver's case.

If the lightning strikes are
attempted dimensional breaches,

there might be a way to
stabilize the quantum flux

to allow whatever's trying to get
through to get through, right?

- Yeah. Of course.
- Yeah.

You guys try facial recognition?

One of Bruce's R&D guys
still works in the building.

I can give this to him.

Uh, we did try it,

so thank you, but no luck.

Besides, I'd think if Wayne's R&D's

in the same shape as this building,

it's not gonna really do us any good.

Suit yourself.

Seems strange, doesn't it,

that Bruce Wayne and
Batman disappeared

from Gotham around the same time.

Well, when Batman left,
the city went

to 5 different kinds of hell,

which for Gotham is
really saying something.

Took a toll on Bruce.

Is that why he left?

Still trying to figure that out.

Right, but you work for him,

and you don't know why he left?

Who said I work for him?

How'd it go with vesper?

She hung up on me.

Apparently, I did sleep with her.

- Hmm.
- Ok. The building is

under renovation, so this is

the best place for you
guys to work out of.

Oh, and the, uh,
Wi-Fi password's "Alfred."

So if vesper's not gonna help us,

we're just back at square one.

No, we're not.
I lifted this off

of a computer at the precinct.

It should have
the entire GCPD database.

You stole data from the police?

No. No. The flash
did it.

- It's not funny.
- I'm not laughing.

Did you lose the coin flip on
who has to come talk to me?

We didn't flip coins.
We drew straws.

I'm kidding. Actually,
I wanted to come talk to you

because I think I've got a
little bit more experience

with alternate realities
than you do.

So what words of wisdom
do you have for me?

That Iris probably has a little
bit more experience, as well,

and maybe that's why
she would have seen

something that you didn't.

As for Oliver keeping
you in the dark,

when he and Barry tried to tell
us what was going on with them,

we knocked them unconscious and
locked them in the pipeline.

- Seriously?
- Wasn't our finest moment.

Look. I'm sure that
that's the reason

that Oliver didn't want to
take any chances with you.

I appreciate you saying that...

But it's just another excuse
in a long list of excuses

for Oliver's behavior.

Oliver does love you, Felicity.

Yeah? Well, what's love
without respect or trust?

I don't know,

but as long as there is love,

you can't give up on it.

That's the one thing I do know

after everything I've been through,

everything I've suffered.

Thank you.

Well, one good thing
about what's going on

is that I have something
to distract me.

Look at this.

- That looks like...
- A quantum flux anchor.

I'm pretty sure if we build it,

whoever's trying to
breach through will come.

Let's get to work.

You really know
your way with a computer.

Well, when I was first starting
out, I had to hold my own

before Felicity showed up.

Got him.
John Deegan.

Illegal experimentation, torture.

Hmm. Seems like he was
conducting experiments

on his own patients' brains.

Sounds like a real charmer.

Well, he was acquitted.
All the charges

were dropped on technicalities.

So where can we find him now?

- No known address.
- What about employment?

Well, he was fired, suspended

by the medical board
for two years,

but that was...
5 years ago.

- So no idea where to find him.
- No.

Except somewhere in Gotham.

Needle in haystack.

- All right.
- Where you going?

I'm gonna put on my work clothes

and do an X-ray flyby of the city.

I don't think miss Kate
would be too thrilled

with us running around her city.

Well, unless she has some
kryptonite stashed somewhere,

I'm really not worried.

Heh. You lost?

No. No. Um, just needed to
clear my head for a sec.

Actually, you know what?

I'm sorry

about the third degree earlier.

I guess the name Bruce Wayne carries

a certain notoriety.

Oh, I know.
Bruce Wayne's my cousin.

Your cousin?

That makes a lot of sense.

Actually, I'm in the process

of turning this building into a
real estate development firm,

so this is me hijacking his office.

My cousin's actually friends with Bruce.

Um, well, frenemies.

- Hmm.
- Heh.

Do you ever wonder
if trying to keep

his private life from the public eye

just got to be too much
for him and he broke?

Heh. Sitting at that desk,

staring out that window,

watching this city
that we grew up in

rot at its core,

you find a way to not break.

Bruce didn't leave
Gotham without a fight.


You know, I got to say, all the
corporate billionaires I know

wear versace and have
500 fewer tattoos.

Hmm. Those are the ones
that you can see.

Well, that's a mystery.

Oh. Is this the...
The old bard himself? Ha!

Hey. You... you wouldn't happen to
know a John Deegan, would you?

I would, actually.

He's a doctor at arkham asylum.

Ah. I have to go
tell the boys.

Uh, hey.
Thanks for the help and the chat.

What the hell is this?

No offense, but you'd need like
5 Ph.D.S for the dumbed-down version.

How about the very
dumbed-down version?

It's a quantum flux anchor
that utilizes wave theory

to fire nano-particulates

across an Einstein-rosen bridge

to create a secure claxon field.

How about the very, very,
dumbed-down version?

Felicity made a magnet
that will draw whoever's

trying to breach through to us.

You could have just said that.

All right.
Field's stable.

All readings are in the green.
You guys are good to go.

I'm reading multiple
quantum surges.

I don't think this is working!

This is what working looks like!

Man, voice cutting in and out:
Ca... you... hear me?

You've got... to...
Get... book.


Only... book... make this right.

If you get the book,
you can fix this.

Am I the only one who
thought that was very cool?

So we're sure he works here?

Well, it's probably too late
for him to still be at work,

but if we find his office, maybe

we can find his home
address or something.

Do you think you have enough
of a grip on your powers

to do a superspeed reconnaissance?

I don't think that we
should risk it if I don't.

Ok. Well, then,
we break in,

do some old-fashioned snooping.

- Ohh!
- Aah!


- Got new intel.
- Those lightning strikes,

they were a flash from another dimension

trying to breach to us.

We think it was Jay garrick

or a Jay garrick.

He said to fix the situation,

we have to "get the book."

John Deegan was reading a book

in the drawing Oliver drew.

Ok. So we find the book in there

or we find Deegan, and we
make him tell us where it is.

Wait, wait. Hold on. Another
flash from a parallel universe

just lightnings in, tells us to
jump, and we ask, "how high?"

If we want to sort
this thing out, then yes.

I have no idea how we're
gonna break into a mental asylum.

I have some ideas.

Uh, how can I help you?

New patient transfer from
Gotham central hospital.

Dr. Danvers said arkham was
the more appropriate place

to treat her...

What's the diagnosis?

Persistent subthermal homeostasis

with, uh, involuntary
gelid substantiation.

She gets cold and freezes stuff.

Yeah. We got a few of those
in here like that.

- Fill this out.
- Ok.

We'll take it from here.

Officer Allen, it really is very...

This is a GCPD-A.R.G.U.S.

We don't need your help.


Barry... I mean,
Oliver, look.

John Deegan.

Oliver Queen!
Ha ha! Whew.

It's a genuine pleasure to meet you, sir.

He knows who you really are.

Gentlemen, I was thinking,

"why did I not become the flash?"

And it seems changing reality itself,

it's got a bit of a learning curve,

so, yeah.

This actually explains a lot.

You did this to us?

You can undo it.

That is true, but I think the question is,

um... why would I want to?

What the hell did he just do?

He bought himself some time.

What's happening?


The crazy bastard let all the other
crazy bastards out of their cages.

All right. Get the patients
back in their rooms

and find that book.

Finally, the inmates
are running the asylum.

Not for long!

Fries, fries, fries, fries.

Come on. Where is it?

Are you ok?

My cryostasis shut off
when the locks did.

I... I need to be cold.

196 below zero.
196, he said.

How does this thing work?

Ok. Maybe you should
just take a step back.

Just get away from me!

Ohh. You cold bitch.




No sign of Deegan or the book.

What the hell are you supposed to be?

Nicely done. Floor it.


Who's this badass?


That's... not Batman.

Kate Kane told you
to get out of Gotham.

You should have listened to her.

Guys, I've been
all over this place,

and I can't find anything.

Guys, I could use a little backup.

On it.

On it.

There you are.

Took the words right out of my mouth.


Listen to me.


Wait. No, Oliver.

Hey. Remember what happened in central...



Oliver's not here.

In fact...

No one's coming to save you.

No one's coming to save you.

You should have killed me
when you had the chance.

You left me to die on Lian Yu.

Unfortunately for you...
Heh heh... I didn't.

Does anybody copy?

Because... I think we have
a new problem.

Come on. You can do better than that.

You're a killer, a depraved monster

who found a way to
channel his darkness

and pat himself on the back for it!

You'll never beat me.
Too slow, big heart.

Mama raised you right, so right,

you couldn't stop me from killing her.

Your father took the coward's way out,

and all these years, you
told yourself it was brave,

but he was a coward
just like you.

A failure.





Who the hell are you?

No. Seriously, who are you?

Your friends were exposed
to a powerful hallucinogen.

Are you guys all right?

Define all right.

So how does a book make
people change bodies?

Deegan said he was using the
book to change reality.

Same question.
How does a book change reality?

We'll figure that out when
we get back to Star City.

Guys, we're gonna need
some help with this lock.

Good. Then you'll be leaving Gotham.

You guys have caused enough
problems for one night.

Hey. Would hitching a ride in the
Batmobile be out of the question?

Get... out.


- She really is like Batman.
- Yep.

I don't do tearful good-byes.

No. I...
I just wanted to wish you luck.

Wherever your cousin is,

I'm sure he's really proud of you.

X-ray vision.

You really do have
a lot of tattoos.

Somehow, I feel like Kara Danvers
doesn't have a single one.

You know, it's such
a shame I have to go

because I feel like
we would make a good team.

World's finest.

Heh heh.

Oh. Look who
finally came back.

With what looks like
a fairly infamous book.

A book with
a cryptographic lock on it.

Can you get to work
on opening it, please?

We don't have a lot of time.

Ok. Geek squad, form up on me!

Not much of a heartfelt reunion.

She's getting used to everything.

Do you want me to talk to her as,
you know, you?

I think I'm in enough trouble
with Felicity as it is,

but no offense.

Hey. Can I talk to you for a minute, then?

- Yeah. What's up?
- I just wanted to see

how you're doing.

I'm compartmentalizing.

I'll fix things with Felicity later.

I don't mean with Felicity.

We both saw some stuff back at arkham.

I saw evil flash.

Eobard Thawne.

I saw Malcolm Merlyn.

- Oh.
- I knew you'd been

through a lot, but...

I don't know, man.
I never realized.

I don't know how you do it.

I wouldn't be able to live

with the burdens that you carry.

Yes, you would.

Barry, I always thought
that you had it easy,

everything was just
sunshine and rainbows

and... everybody likes you.

You have real steel
in you, my friend.

You can carry any burden
thrown your way.

Some unsolicited advice?


Don't wait to work things
out with Felicity.

Our line of work, you never
know how much time you got.

Not only is the lock cryptographic...

It's metaphysical. The readings
I'm getting off this thing

are nuts... and, yes,
that's a technical term.

Um, may I speak
with Felicity for a minute?

Sure thing, Barry...
Oliver... boliver.

Stop helping.

This must be strange for you.

Oh. What gave you
that idea?

I don't know. Maybe it's
easier for you to hear this

coming from...
Barry Allen.

What a stupid...

Hear what?

That we're gonna be ok.

People change, Felicity.

It means we're growing.

It means we're evolving,

except for one thing,

one thing that
will not change...

Is how I feel about you.

Love is too small a word...

And no matter who you are

or... or what you become,

no matter who I am

or... or what I become...

You will always be...

You will always be
the love of my life.

People change.

That never will.

Oliver, I...


- No.
- Oh, my god. Dad?

My name is Barry Allen.

Hello, John.

Do... do I know you?

You're not wearing your ring.

Things must be different here.

Barry, where's there?

My earth, earth 90.

I've traveled from there to warn you.

- Warn us about what?
- His name is mar novu,

but he calls himself the monitor now.

He's been unleashing
the book of destiny

across the multiverse
to test different earths.

Test them for what?

A crisis that he believes is coming.

Novu thinks the elseworlds created

by the book of destiny approximates

the collision of realities
that we're facing.


We got a situation.


That... that's him from the vibe.

Mar novu,

you're gonna stand down.

You're gonna use that book to
help us set reality right.

Well, I certainly
wouldn't have placed it

in Deegan's hands
if that were my intent.


You will not do to this earth

what you did to mine.

I admire your persistence, Barry.

He said you were testing us.

Indeed, and thus far,

I am unimpressed.

A crisis is imminent.

Someone is coming,

someone far, far more powerful
than myself.

I mean to prepare.

By giving a nut bar an all-powerful

reality-rewriting book?

I am testing universes
to find one, I hope,

strong enough to stand against him.

You're causing chaos,

and you're blaming everyone else!

In the hope of finding the champions

that would save
the multiverse entire.

You are the first of those
I've placed under fire

who have managed to retrieve
the book of destiny...

For all the good it did you.

Enough of this.

Yeah. I'd love to.

You show potential.

Let us see if it's anything more.

What is he talking about, Barry?

I offered you godhood,

and you squandered it
on a petty dream.

Do better.

Think bigger.


What the hell?

Where'd he go?
What the hell?

He went to give Deegan the book...

How do you know?

He did it again.
He rewrote reality.

How far do you think

the changes go this time?

- Freeze!
- On the ground!


Uh... speed us out of here.

I can't.
Can you?


Oliver Queen.

I've been waiting to do this

for a long time.



Should I follow you? What...


There's no place you can run
where I can't find you.

It's over.