Arrow (2012–…): Season 6, Episode 8 - Crisis on Earth-X, Part 2 - full transcript

The gang comes together for Barry and Iris's wedding, but the ceremony is crashed by villains from Earth-X.

Oh, my God.
Oh, my God what?
Who is that?
That's Tommy Merlyn.
He died over 4 years ago.
Oliver, who's Tommy Merlyn?
Thea's other brother...
and my best friend.
We're gonna need a moment alone.
- He's a crony. - Anachronism.
That's what I said.
Lately we've been dealing with anachronisms.
It's people and things displaced throughout time.
Ok, but why would Nazis from 1945
want to crash my wedding?
Crab legs. They were delicious.
Well, Iris has a point, though.
If they're out of time, they would've targeted
the military or law enforcement.
Tommy was plucked from 5 years ago
and put in the Prometheus wardrobe.
That doesn't make any sense.
It does if we're not dealing with an anachronism.
Visitors from another earth?
Whoa. There are more than one?
There are 52, actually.
Though I'm hard pressed
to think of one where Nazis are ascendant.
I can.
There's a 53rd earth,
and it's called Earth-X.
It doesn't have a designation
because it's a place so awful, so horrific,
no sane person would ever travel there.
It's basically
our earth--same history, same timeline--
with one crucial and critical difference.
So let me hypothesize.
The Nazis developed the atomic bomb
before the United States did,
and they were more than happy to use it.
Yes, the Nazis won the war,
and New York, London, Paris, Moscow--all obliterated.
The SS set up outposts not only all throughout Europe
but also all throughout the Americas,
and Hitler continued his brutal reign
aided by prime ministers and presidents
sympathetic to him
until his death in 1994.
Now they're not happy ruling just one earth.
God. This is making me physically ill.
Yeah, the line starts behind me.
W--we have to find them.
I mean, do you think they're using the breach
to hop between worlds?
That or they're operating from a staging area
somewhere in Central City or close by.
Well, good thing we have
a metric ton of smart people in this building... and Rory.
Let's get to work on finding our new friends from Earth-X.
That's right.
And I'm dead on this earth.
"This earth."
I'd almost prefer that.
I was born into the Reich.
The whole world is the Fatherland.
We don't have elementary schools
and summer camps.
We have youth groups, military training.
We all grow up without choice.
You have a choice now.
You can tell me where to find
the others from Earth-X.
On my Earth, you are my best friend.
I would die for you.
I would've died for you.
Would have?
You beat me to it.
I lost you.
It was like--
it was like losing a limb.
You weren't just my best friend.
Tommy, you were my brother,
and you sacrificed yourself
for a woman that we both loved.
And I was there, and I had you right here.
You were a good man here.
And I believe that you still can be.
No. You don't understand.
If I--if I talk, if I break,
the Fuehrer will kill my father.
He'll kill my mother, everyone that I love.
I will not let that happen.
I will stop him.
Do you think you can do that?
I promise you that I can do that.
Then you really are a special kind of idiot.
Your naivete would be charming
if your weakness wasn't so pathetic.
Is this how it is on your planet--
everybody swayed by sentiment?
Is everyone here really so weak?
The Reich will change that.
The weak will be eliminated.
Your entire world will be enslaved,
but you, you...
You won't be around to witness it.
He is going to feel your skull crack
under the weight of his boot.
Everyone you care about, everyone you love,
they're going to die badly...
In ways that would give even monsters nightmares.
I really wish that I could live to see it.
T--Tommy, don't!
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He's gone.
The biosensor in his suit
indicates his heart stopped.
He always seemed kind of soft to me.
He died for you.
And we will make his death worthwhile.
That doesn't change the fact
that now we're down a man.
Keep your focus where it belongs
and get to work on locating that Prism.
Watch your tone,
or I'll watch it for you.
Did you just tell me to watch my tone?
You're angry...
And I like it.
Don't you mock me.
Don't threaten me,
or have you forgotten?
I can end your life
before you birth your next thought.
Try it once I break every bone in your body.
Ok, we're all a little emotional.
Here's what I suggest.
I will stop vibrating my hand;
you stop breaking my wrist;
and you be 10% less brooding.
We accomplish nothing by arguing amongst ourselves.
It's the accomplishing nothing that has me concerned.
We came here to conquer this Earth,
or have you forgotten?
Locate the Prism...
Once we have identified
the location of the target,
I will devise a plan of attack.
I'm sorry about Merlyn.
He should've died in the Church
before he allowed himself to be captured.
Kara, we need that Prism.
We are running out of time.
You have to trust in the plan, Oliver.
You should. It's yours.
And do you trust me?
Yes, with all of my heart.
You're kidding me. Are you kidding me?
This feels like a really bad wedding prank.
No, I wish.
You want us to come, then? I mean, Dig's on the mend,
but Dinah, Rene, and I can be up there in a--
what's another word for "Flash"?
No, I need you guys in the bunker, expanding
our search for the Earth-Xers.
I linked S.T.A.R. Labs' system up with ours
so you can know what's going on as we do.
Copy that.
I will get to work on hacking
Palmer Tech's spectrometers--heh--
to help the search for Nazis.
See you soon.
Hey, Caitlin and Wells are trying
to track down the Earth-Xers using
some sort of dimensional something.
Vibrations. I told Curtis to do the same thing
with quantum field analysis.
I'm sorry about Tommy.
It wasn't Tommy.
He said that they are trying to mount
some sort of invasion.
Guess the silver lining to Black Siren is that we
have experience with doppelgangers.
So if it's not Tommy I'm reading on your face,
what's up?
You know what it is.
Well, maybe we should wait
until we repel invaders from another earth
to have this conversation.
Remember when we got back from Ivy Town?
Do you remember Ivy Town?
Mm, so fondly.
When we got back, you said that we could do this
and we could still have our lives.
- Hmm. - That was you.
So, um...
This impending invasion notwithstanding,
may we take 2 minutes and talk about this?
Maybe what wasn't fair was me saying
I didn't want to marry you.
I mean not the way I did,
not with the most terrible timing in the world.
Well, was it how I said it?
Because I know that it was really--
I mean, it was spontaneous.
No, it was so lovely. It was so sweet.
I love you.
I just don't want to be married.
I don't... want to be married to anyone.
You didn't feel that way when we got engaged
two years ago.
Right. And then 10 minutes later, I got shot and paralyzed,
and Barry and Iris have a wedding, and Nazis crash it.
You didn't know that was gonna happen
when you said you didn't want to marry me.
My point is...
We have something so good,
we have something so great going.
Let's not change that.
Let's just stand pat with the cards that we're holding.
I want to move forward.
Felicity, I love you...
And I want to marry you.
I love you. I love you.
I will always, always, always love you.
Please respect me on this.
Thank you.
Felicity's got her friend working on
Palmer Technology's spectrometry satellites.
Ok, but what about the Waverider?
I mean, a time-traveling spaceship must have
some sort of tracking technology that we can use.
Yeah, not exactly.
It's, uh, it's in the Stone Age.
Oh, like,
literally in the Stone Age.
Ok. Well, parallel earth jumping is kind of
Cisco's specialty.
And since he's so busy being unconscious right now,
I guess we're on our own.
Oh, perfect timing, man.
We're trying to find
the guys from Earth-X,
and we're coming up with nothing.
I'm sorry. W-would you excuse us for a moment?
Happily. We don't want to step on whatever...
- Come on, Harry. - Awkward, awkward thing...
- It's not about you. - That is.
Grey, we got Nazis from a parallel earth running around.
We don't have time for--
Which is precisely why we cannot afford to be
at odds with each other right now.
I hardly need a psychic connection to know
that you're upset with me,
but I could stand to know why.
Just forget about it, man.
It would make some sense if my decision to be
with my family forced you to leave the Waverider,
but I--I accounted for that variable,
and yet you're-- you're still upset.
- You just don't get it. - No, I don't get it.
My retirement requires you to give up nothing.
It requires me to give up you, Grey.
Look, I thought I made my peace with it.
I thought, "Ok, fine. I'll stay on the Waverider.
"Maybe I can't be Firestorm,
but I can still be a Legend."
But then it hit me.
I still can't be Firestorm
and I can't be a Legend with you.
I never knew my father, but I got to know you.
You're the closest thing I've got to a dad,
and now you're leaving.
How are you?
Um, well, punching Nazis,
that was definitely as satisfying
as I imagined it would be.
You ok?
Yeah. Oh, me? No. I'm-- I'm fi--I'm ok.
I'm completely ok. I'm ok, ok?
- Ok. - Ok.
This isn't gonna be a thing, right?
Yeah. No, no, I'm--I'm ok. I'm good.
Hey. I was looking for you.
- Hey. - Are you ok?
Why does everybody ask me that question? Heh.
Uh, well, you sort of look like you
just killed someone's puppy.
Uh, no.
I'm--I'm fine.
It's just this whole thing with Sara was--
God, it was a mistake. Heh!
A mistake, but you came here to have fun at a wedding,
and, um, ok, Nazi invaders aside,
you--you had a good time, right?
No. I mean, this--this was all kinds of wrong.
Waking up with a strange woman in a strange bed,
I have never had a one-night stand before.
And this whole thing has just,
it's got me spinning, Kara.
I mean, what--what if I made a huge mistake?
- No, Alex-- - Ok, no, no, no.
I mean, look, I know
I want to have kids,
but Maggie was real.
I mean, what we had, that was real.
And now, um, with everything, I just--
I chose to let her go.
I chose that.
I mean, what was I thinking?
Alex, Maggie was amazing,
and you two were amazing together,
but the best part about her
was that she showed you how to be true to yourself.
You want kids. She doesn't.
You--you just had to do what was right for you.
What if I was wrong?
How long till you brainiacs find these Nazis?
Oh, my answer hasn't changed in the 2 minutes
since you last asked me.
I'm sorry. I'm sorry.
I'm dealing with some Oliver stuff,
not "Nazis ruined the happiest day of our life" stuff
Stuff. Like you don't want to marry him stuff?
You might have said it a little loudly
at the rehearsal dinner.
- Ah. - What happened?
I thought at the salon, you said you guys were good.
We are good. And we're great. We're just as--
we're just as good as we were the last time we got engaged
and I got shot.
That was the beginning of the end for us.
I don't want to tempt fate again,
you know?
A break-in at Dayton Optical Systems?
Ohh! I know this sounds terrible,
but maybe we should let the police handle it.
I mean, we need our peeps to focus on the Nazis.
- This is Nazis. - How do you know?
- I'll go get Barry. - Yeah, ok.
Just a quick reminder,
super speed-- I don't have it.
So what do we know about this place?
Why are the Earth-Xers targeting it?
They had something we need.
Whatever you stole...
We're gonna want it back.
Your confidence is predictable.
You've faced some of the greatest evils known to man,
and you've defeated them,
but if you think so highly of yourselves
that you can defeat any threat
that comes your way...
How do you feel about us?
This is sick.
Do you mean looking at your reflection
and seeing only weakness? I agree.
Direct from Earth-1.
Do you like my face?
It's the face you were wearing
when I became the Flash.
I thought I'd put it on again.
You know, for old time's sake.
Plus, handsome.
I watched you die.
Or did you?
It's time travel, Barry.
So very confusing.
I always seem to be saying that to you,
don't I?
Tommy killed himself.
I heard your Tommy died years ago.
That's what this earth does.
It makes people soft.
We've been watching you.
We've been watching all of you
and how you've squandered the potential of 2 worlds.
On our earth, we've developed a meritocracy.
We've accomplished greatness.
You're perverse.
No, Kara, you're the perversion.
The most powerful being on the planet
rendered weak by saccharine Americana?
My pod was blessed to crash in the Fatherland.
Then go back there.
This is not your earth. Leave.
I don't answer to the likes of you.
My allegiance is to the Fatherland
and to my wife.
His wife?
Gross! No offense.
Last chance. Go home.
And stay there.
All of you.
And what do you think that's going to do?
Bullets bounce off of me.
Oh, this arrow won't.
Is that a kryptonite arrow?
Why do you have a kryptonite arrow?
In case an evil you ever showed up.
Get the Prism out of here!
Are you all right?
I'm pissed.
Well, take it out on that.
It's gonna fall.
All right. Get me over there.
Get the workers to safety!
We need to stabilize the building.
The site's cleared.
- And stabilized. - Nice work.
Let's not celebrate just yet.
We gave those doppelgangers the window they needed to escape.
Escape with what?
Dayton Optical Systems calls it the Prism.
What on earth do they need a sub-light generator for?
It's basically a spectral emitter that...
Uses quantum entanglement.
You could also use it to create
a stable fusion reaction.
Ok, which all means what?
No. Guys, really, I would like to know
what you're talking about.
You got this.
Well, basically, the device they stole can be converted
to a neutron bomb.
I take it back.
The bottom line is that we have to catch
these parallel-earth goose-steppers.
This might help.
- Is that a kryptonite arrow? - Yup.
I know I shouldn't have to ask this question,
but I have to ask this question.
Oliver didn't shoot Kara, did he?
Sort of. The other Archer and flying woman
are Oliver and Kara of Earth-X.
When you said that Earth-X was horrible,
you might have undersold it.
Wait a minute. How--how could there be another Kara?
Well, there are 53 karas,
just like there's 53 Kryptons
and 53 Earths.
And the Thawne from our earth
is working with them.
He's an idiot.
Ok, if that arrow has not-so-Supergirl's blood on it, we c--
We could track it using quantum analysis.
We could.
Hey, guys, I think I might have a quicker way.
These red blood cells are suffused
with shortwave radiation.
- Solar radiation? - Yeah, incredibly high amounts.
Like nothing I've ever seen.
Can you track it?
Well, I once caught a deranged serial killer
off his face cream, so...
No joke. Heh!
Let's just do it and fast.
Will it work?
It will with a few adjustments
and a significant power source.
My husband's on his way to handle that
as we speak.
Your husband has a choice to make.
Me or the Reich?
That's right.
Because we have 2 goals,
and my worry is if we can't accomplish them both,
he's gonna choose you
over a second earth flying under our banner.
Oliver will not abandon our mission.
I've seen this before.
In 1945, Hitler and his men were equally shortsighted.
Hitler was driven by passion
and childish need.
Oliver is 10 times the man Hitler ever was.
Not when he's blinded by his love for you.
If it comes to Oliver
choosing between me and the Reich,
I'll make sure he chooses the Fatherland.
If it comes to it...
By taking the choice out of his hands.
Maybe tracking her off of face cream would've been easier.
Supergirl-X's blood is filled with solar radiation--
more than it should be-- but if I could try to get that to act
as a kind of beacon.
Hey, ahem.
How do you do it?
Do what, Rory?
Bring the other you out of you.
You don't want to know.
Sure I do.
It happens when I am scared or angry.
So if I were to, um, boo!
Nice try.
Boom. Whatever's going on with Kara-X's blood,
it's intensifying.
Worse for her is better for us.
Better for us for tracking her at least.
We should have her location any minute.
I can't believe he's back.
I don't know if I'll ever be rid of him.
I know. And I know how much you're hurting.
I just keep looking for closure,
but every time I see him, all I see is--
Your mother dying.
You're gonna stop him.
How do you know?
Because you always do.
And because we're not gonna let you do it alone.
We're getting close on a location.
Look, guys, I'm sorry.
This is not how this week was supposed to go.
We can't think about that right now.
You should.
We fight to protect the people that we love,
so you guys recognize what you have.
Recognize it and cherish it
and let it make you stronger,
because if you do that,
you will always find your way back to one another.
It's the same for you and Felicity, man.
I don't know, Barry. I d--I--
she told me she doesn't believe in marriage.
I'm not feeling sorry for myself.
I just--I think that if she loved me
the way I loved her, she would want to marry me.
Oliver, I've known Felicity for 5 years,
and I'm here to tell you,
as sure as I'm standing here, she loves you.
- And I appreciate that. - Is standing behind you.
She's right there.
We got 'em.
They're at a shipping depot outside Danville.
All right. We'll get the band back together.
- Oliver, I-- - It's ok.
We can talk when I'm--when I'm back.
But right now, I need--
I need to have my head in the game.
Get your head in the game.
Supergirl and Firestorm are sweeping the perimeter.
It's done. It's wall-to-wall Nazis in there.
Alex and I will take up breach positions
on the northwest corner,
if that's ok with you.
S.T.A.R. Labs thinks they converted
the sub-light generator--
the Prism that they stole--
into some kind of superweapon.
Speaking of super, theirs is our biggest threat.
Agreed. Let's take her out first.
You ok?
No. You know?
It's gonna be ok.
You people have breaches but no mustard.
Um, what are you even doing here?
Yeah, why didn't you go with them?
Go where?
Couldn't have left one for me?
I'm saving Nazi you for you.
There's no sign of the Prism.
Well, it's got to be here somewhere.
We got incoming.
I see...
Their Flash, their Supergirl.
Yeah, I see them.
Where's their Arrow?
It was in the fridge.
Did you check the fridge?
Oh. Thank you, sweetheart.
Any word from the team?
They're over at the shipping depot,
but it's just radio silence.
Oh, God.
There is no God.
You and you, hide.
What about Caitlin?
It's gonna get a lot colder in here.
Afraid of a little heat?
I'm afraid of nothing.
Bet you're pretty angry and scared right now.
I told you, I don't fear anything.
He was talking about me.
Didn't think this through, did you?
Just you against us.
I don't need to think to kill you.
Anyone else want to be a hero?
They wanted to wait,
but I didn't think we'd ever get
a better entry line than that.
Uh! Thanks.
What the hell is that?
Hate to do this to that handsome face, but...
Is everyone all right?
We're gonna have to work on
your definition of "all right," Oliver.
Yo, Grey, you good?
It seems my retirement was somewhat tardy.
Well, here we are.
This is fun... for me,
not so much for you.
All the times you've killed me,
and now here all I have to do is kill you once.
Enough, Eobard. Enough.
Hey, you might want to listen to her.
We know that if you
wanted to kill us,
you wouldn't have put these dog collars on us first.
Now I know what it feels like to hate myself.
Well done.
It wasn't a problem.
Hey. Uh!
The pain, the pain.
I don't know how much longer I can bear it.
It's all right. It's all right.
You're gonna be all right because we found her.
We found her, and now we have her.
I love you.
Now, very soon, this nightmare will be over,
and I'll take you home.
So stand.
S.T.A.R. Labs is secure.
If you hurt my friends...
I did hurt your friends.
I really enjoyed hurting your friends.
Are they alive?
Yes, yes, for now.
We need your Kara's cooperation.
Well, we don't need it. It would be preferable.
But for the time being,
you are more valuable as leverage.
What do you want my sister for?
To save my life.
That's your little mission statement, isn't it?
Help people, save lives.
Well, now's your chance.
The General is dying.
Her blood.
She's been exposed to too much solar radiation.
Yes, like Icarus,
I flew too close to the sun.
But we can save her.
We're going to save her.
All we need is a new heart.
And, luckily, on this planet, we found
the perfect donor.
You stay the hell away from my sister.
Mmm. Such loyalty.
My sister tried to kill me.
That's why you stole the Prism?
So you could duplicate a red sun, weaken Kara,
and cut into her?
Can't make an omelet with invulnerable eggs.
I'm gonna kill you.
Nah, you won't.
You're weak.
And all of you choose the high road.
You're heroes.
I thought we were gonna die.
If I had a dime for every time I thought that, I--
I'd have $2.40.
I really thought I'd have more than that.
It was Oliver, but it wasn't Oliver.
It was Oliver in the high castle.
I just mean there is so much out there
for us to be afraid of--
Multiple earths, aliens,
doppelgangers from the third Reich.
I mean, what else is coming?
And that thought wakes me up at night.
How do you ever get back to sleep?
Barry's by my side.
- Shut up. - I'm sorry.
- I know you and Oliver-- - No, no.
Shut up.
We're not alone.
Stalag S.T.A.R. Labs.
What are we gonna do?
Where's Kara? They're gonna kill her.
It's ok. We're gonna get her back.
We need to figure out where we are first.
Yeah, about that.
This is somewhat disconcerting.
I don't think this is our earth.
We're on Earth-X.
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