Arrow (2012–…): Season 6, Episode 7 - Thanksgiving - full transcript

Oliver celebrates Thanksgiving with his family but the happy moment is interrupted. Meanwhile, Black Siren returns to wreak havoc on the holiday.

Are you wondering how healthy the food you are eating is? Check it -
Previously on "Arrow"...
Last night, a group of vigilantes saved
hundreds of lives.
So if we are going to decide
on diverting police resources
towards stopping them, we are not going to do that
until the people of Star City have spoken.
How the public will decide on the issue of vigilantism
is anyone's guess.
Mayor Queen didn't mention he was under investigation?
Of course he did.
Which makes us overdue for a chat.
I'm not the man you think I am.
No, Mr. Queen. I think you are.
I was able to upload a critical piece of code
to Arclight.
What happens now?
We take the next step.
Thanks very much, guys.
Thank you.
Oh, that's very generous of you.
Thank you, buddy.
- Thank you. All right! - Here you go.
Oh, cranberry sauce. Awesome.
Ok, happy Thanksgiving, guys. Thank you very much.
Happy Thanksgiving.
It's a nice turnout. You having fun?
Yeah! I'm really glad we're doing this.
Me, too, buddy. Me, too.
How do you think Felicity's doing?
Uh, you should go save her.
Can you comment on speculation
Mayor Queen converted
councilwoman Pollard's bill
into a citywide referendum
as a distraction from speculation
that he's the Green Arrow?
If I was dating the Green Arrow,
I think I would know.
Besides, the Flash is much more my type.
Sam, she's a civilian.
Just give her a little space, ok?
How is it that you
don't put an arrow into one of those people?
Oh. Did Oliver save you?
He is heroic that way.
She was doing just fine on her own.
All right. Listen, we're all set inside.
Um, Rene--he is a complete pain in the ass,
but he's a very good advanceman.
Good. Detective, what's the tally?
Um, I got it all here.
Good, good.
All right. Listen, everybody.
Please gather round. Gather round.
Mayor Queen will be making an announcement,
and then we will be touring
the site of the new SCPD headquarters.
Thank you so much for being here today, guys.
It means a ton to Felicity, to William, to myself
that we can all gather together as a city
and help our neediest neighbors on Thanksgiving.
Across these various food drives with your help,
the SCPD has collected enough food
to feed over 1,200 families.
And it is why I am incredibly proud
to be here today at the unveiling
of our new precinct.
It's a top-of-the-line facility
for a top-of-the-line police force...
One that might actually make
federal agencies jealous.
Ms. Watson, are you here to tour our new headquarters?
Turn around.
We're doing this here?
Oliver Queen, you're under arrest.
On what charges?
Murder, assault, burglary, and kidnapping
all stemming from your activity as the Green Arrow.
It's--it's gonna be fine, buddy. I promise.
You have the right to remain silent.
Anything you say can and will be used against you in a court of law...
Ok, the mayor's about to come in, press in tow.
You'll give the formal salute,
he'll say a few words, and--
I want this man processed,
and I'm going to need
an interrogation room.
This is the mayor. You can't just--
I'm a federal agent with a valid arrest warrant.
I want this man bound over until arraignment.
Yes, but you're federal. This is--
Temporary holding request.
I'm going to need the ranking lieutenant to sign off.
Then get him here.
I'm the ranking lieutenant.
Can I expect my prisoner to be here
when I come back for him?
Would you process the mayor through booking, Joe?
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You did this in front of my son.
In front of my son!
Agent Watson, when I get out of here--
and I will--I am going to sue you
for malicious prosecution.
Express yourself.
In the meantime, you're being prosecuted
for multiple felonies.
You show up after 5 years,
and the hood just happens to show up with you?
That was Roy Harper.
Wearing the hood at your instruction,
the same way John Diggle's been doing
since I started my investigation.
I've got more than you think I have.
A confession will make this easier on all of us.
I'd like to see William.
You're not in a position to make demands.
I demand to see William.
Until then, you get nothing.
You said you weren't the Green Arrow anymore.
I am not the Green Arrow anymore.
Even the FBI would agree with me there.
I--I've kept my promise to you.
You're in jail.
I will get out of here
as soon as I possibly can.
For now, go home with Felicity,
and--and Raisa will be there,
and I will be there just as soon as I can.
Ok? I just...
I need you to be as strong
as I know you can be.
Ok, buddy?
Come here.
Ok, uh, this is going to sting,
and by sting, I mean hurt really bad.
Ok, well, as long as it will stop this.
Well, I can't say 100% that it will.
This is a prototype that Felicity and I have been developing
to mass-produce her spinal implant,
spinal, as in I'm not sure if it'll work for your issue,
prototype as in, well, prototype.
Let's do this.
It took Felicity's a while to work.
Hey, you guys need to see this.
Watson just arrested Oliver
in front of basically the entire world.
thankful for this holiday season.
At the Thanksgiving food drive this morning,
the FBI arrested Mayor Queen.
Son of a bitch.
Pretty much, yup.
Did she just do all this now because she
just got through talking to all of us?
Well, heh, sorry.
She didn't talk to all of us.
Heh. She actually never talked to me.
If you got fomo about being interrogated, don't worry.
Think you won't miss out when we all get arrested.
I actually think we're all in the clear for now.
No, because cops arrest up the food chain
in criminal enterprises,
not to say that we're criminal enterprises.
They don't arrest the kingpin and his underlings.
They arrest the underlings first.
That's how it works.
I've seen every episode of "Closer" twice.
Well, I'm a real-life cop,
and I observed Oliver's interrogation,
and it didn't sound like we were targets.
That's enough.
We have to focus.
This might be the most difficult thing
we've ever had to face.
If people think that the Green Arrow's in prison,
then the floodgates will open.
Now more than ever, we have to protect this city.
If the criminals here think that it's open season,
then this city will become a war zone.
You got us in here so easily,
I didn't have a chance to kill anybody.
Well, homicide is not our objective here, Ms. Lance.
Two guards inside.
What's the holdup?
Your generation's so impatient.
Why can't you just savor the anticipation?
Cry havoc and let slip the dogs of war, Ms. Lance.
That was a literary epigram, Ms. Lance,
not a directive.
Potato, potah-tah.
Now, what am I looking for?
The nano-thermite device is
inside the containment unit at the far end.
They do not have the keys.
- Wait. - Why?
And don't say "savor the anticipation."
Nano-thermite is highly explosive.
Your scream will detonate--
You do see how that could have gone wrong, yes?
Yes, but it didn't.
Tell me what you need.
I need some sleep.
I think I can do one better.
FBI transfers can get lost.
Locks can be left open.
I appreciate that,
but if I make myself a fugitive,
then obviously I'm making William an orphan.
Got to do it the right way.
Yeah. I got to do it the right way.
Good night.
The pain's feeling a bit better.
What you got?
There was a break-in last night at Sunderland Corp.
Why didn't we get an alert?
Felicity has us wired--
Up the wazoo. I know. I'm trying to figure it out.
I mean, we're basically the big brother of Star City,
not in a creepy way.
Oh, ok, this makes more sense now.
Yeah, who works with Cayden James,
who can hack any security system
to bypass any alerts, such as ours.
What did they steal?
It's a metastable, intermolecular composite,
a reactive particle.
You know, like a mint inside of a soda. Heh!
Alone, harmless, but together, kaboom,
as in kill lots of people, not spill grape juice all over your cub scout--
What are they targeting, Curtis?
I don't know.
Nano-thermite needs to be combined
in order to be combustible, but once it is,
there are many, many, many, many possibilities.
Can you narrow it down?
No. But Felicity might be able to.
Hey. Talk fast.
Oliver's arraignment is in two minutes.
Laurel and Cayden James got their hands
on a mess of nano-thermite last night.
That means they'll be in the market for an accelerant.
Yeah. What kind of accelerant?
That's a really long list.
The nano-thermite heist, did it involve a computer hack?
It involved Cayden James, so what do you think?
I think that you can backtrace his hack.
Maybe you can get into his system.
But can you come back and do this because
you're, like, way better at this than I am.
I got to go.
Mr. Mayor?
Sam, I didn't realize you were joining my defense.
Can a city district attorney--
He can't, and I'm not.
I'm sorry, Mr. Mayor, but considering
that the charges against you stem
from actions taken within this city--
Is the FBI handing you the case?
I'm sorry, Oliver.
All rise.
Docket QR2861, "State versus Oliver Queen,"
Judge McGarvey presiding.
I understand the defense have waived
the reading of charges in favor of a motion.
Yes, Your Honor.
Defense moves to dismiss for lack of probable cause.
The photograph with the defendant wearing
the Green Arrow outfit
was debunked a month ago.
We're not relying on that photo.
The FBI has provided definitive proof
that Oliver Queen is the Green Arrow.
Then let's see it.
Show my whole card during arraignment? I don't think so.
Sorry, Ms. Loring, but we're not skipping over steps here.
But, good for you, I'm going to release the defendant on bail.
Your honor, the defendant faces 7 counts of murder.
And he's the mayor and sole parent of a minor.
Something tells me he's not going anywhere,
particularly not with a $5 million bail
and a $500,000 bond.
We are going to ask for an accelerated docket
and an early trial date.
Please tell William not to worry.
You tell him yourself when you get home.
I'm sorry. Do you have half a million dollars lying around?
- Actually, I do. - What?
The first round of the Angel investment
for Curtis' and my startup came through.
No. I can't let you do that.
I can't let you not let me.
That is so not fair.
It's not supposed to be fair, but thanks to you,
I might be able to keep my job.
No tremor?
Almost gone.
You're a genius, Curtis.
I bet you say that to all the geniuses. Heh!
What's that?
Hacker tracker.
Our friend Cayden just infiltrated security
at Amertek, which, as it happens,
has 20 different possible accelerants
which could cause, well, lots of damage.
Want to say it?
Call in the team and suit up.
What's this I'm hearing about Watson having a smoking gun?
She gave it to DA Armand.
Yeah, we need to find out what
kind of ammunition they work with.
No, no. I'm not risking
Felicity hacking the FBI.
Ooh, too late. Also, too little.
Whatever information they have, they're keeping it offline.
Well, I can check around the SCPD,
see if anybody's heard anything.
Good. Quentin, let's see if whatever it is came from city hall.
Yeah, yeah, sure. Been a while
since I used my detective skills.
You know, on the plus side, you getting arrested
has done wonders for your approval ratings.
Yeah, and it's had the opposite effect
on the anti-vigilante referendum, too.
There's a silver lining.
Oh, we got to go. Well, us, not you.
There's a bad guy--or girl
who's breaking in to Amertek.
I'm assuming all of those squirrelly looks
mean that the girl in question is what,
Laurel's evil twin?
She's working with Cayden James,
a criminal we've been tracking for some time.
I have been wrestling over whether or not to tell you.
Well, I'm glad you didn't because I don't want anything more to do with her.
Well, Quentin, now that you know?
I will distract myself clearing your good name.
Wow. What a warm welcome.
You really know how to treat a girl.
'Tis the season.
I suggest keeping your lovely singing to a minimum.
There are over a dozen
highly reactive compounds
in this facility.
No promises.
Ok, you got 4 turkeys near the entrance
and 5 more stuffed in on the floor, all puns intended.
Your window to move is now.
Copy that.
Me and Terrific have the guys on the left,
you two--the guys on the right. Move out. Go.
Hyah! Hyah!
John, what the hell's going on?
- I'm ok. - No, he's not.
We need to get you out of here now.
No, you need to stop Laurel. Go!
Go now! Go!
The merry men are approaching your position.
Robin Hood is laying back for some reason.
Take cover!
Our objective here is the package, Ms. Lance.
Dig's been keeping this a secret for months?
Some kind of drugs?
And he told you guys,
and then he didn't loop me in?
It was right when Oliver got home from Kasnia.
And he figured that he'd be ok
after Curtis hooked him up with that prototype thingy.
What prototype thingy?
You'll have to ask him.
Hey, speaking of, any word from Curtis
on Dig's condition?
Stable. They're running tests.
Feels wrong us not being at the hospital with him.
All of us showing up in his room
right now is the last thing we need.
Well, Dig needs to get back on his feet pronto,
'cause we did not exactly shine out there without him.
What'd Laurel steal this time?
Only 100 pounds of polymer-bonded explosives.
When combined with the nano-thermite,
it--well, actually,
I don't know what happens when they combine.
It will take a little time
for this blood work to come back,
but if I had to guess, you're suffering
withdrawal from the drug you've been taking
in combination
with Mr. Holt's experimental treatment.
Is he gonna be ok?
I'll know more
once Mr. Diggle's panels come back.
Thank you, Doctor.
I should've ran a mountain of tests on you
before injecting you with that prototype.
It was my choice.
Don't beat yourself up, Curtis.
We have a problem.
We have a massively, huge problem.
And considering it's in the same week Oliver has been arrested.
What is it?
The nano-thermite
when combined with the explosive creates a thermobaric weapon.
What's a thermobaric weapon?
It disperses what is essentially
a cloud of fire
and then pressure-cooks everything within 200 yards.
I'm guessing we're giving up hope
that Cayden James has to cook
a lot of turkeys for Thanksgiving.
The only good news is that a thermobaric bomb
is extremely difficult to make.
Yeah, well, Cayden James can do it,
given his history,
and he'll probably detonate it
in a populated area.
Maximize casualties.
Go help Felicity, see if you can find out
where he's targeting.
Hey, John...
I just heard about what's been going on with you,
I'm really sorry you've been dealing with this.
Thank you, Felicity.
- Have you told Oliver? - No.
I really think that you should tell him.
Look, he just got arrested.
I don't want to add anything to his plate.
John, I think he'd really want to know.
Not this week.
Thanksgiving day.
There's a million events going on.
I mean, if you're Cayden James,
what do you target?
Soup kitchens? Parade?
Door-buster sales.
Well, that's where my mom took me.
Although Cayden wouldn't guess.
He would be logical.
He'd be calculating. Calculating.
I saw one of his algorithms at Helix.
It's based on traffic patterns
and can extrapolate to predict
population movements.
I mean, maybe if I can re-create it.
I'm here. Uh, what can I do to help?
You can start by telling me what prototype you used
to treat John's condition.
Our prototype, the one
we've been developing
to cure paralysis.
You injected our friend
with our company's proprietary technology,
and you didn't think to-- I don't know--
involve me in that at all?
I thought Lone Ranger was just the way we
did things here at Helix Dynamics.
You know, the name of the company you picked
without consulting me.
I'm gonna work on an algorithm over there
when I figure out what an algorithm is.
I can't believe you just equated a company name
to exposing a friend of ours to an untested procedure,
one you still haven't told me about.
It's the prototype of your spinal implant--
well, mine, seeing as how I'm the one who invented it,
which is why I probably don't understand
how you get to be so offended here.
We don't have time for this right now.
You should cross-reference
the crowd's patterns
with the bomb's path of destruction.
I'll work on a particle cloud SIM.
You could've just told me you
didn't like the name.
It's more than just the name.
Felicity, you picked the product we're making.
We're working out of your loft.
That's called being decisive, taking initiative.
I didn't do anything in secret.
Can we maybe fight about this
when we don't have a thermobaric bomb to stop?
You don't have to ask me to do anything
because that's how you and I work together.
It's done.
Let's hope it works.
I told Felicity not to bother you with this.
Which part?
You being in the hospital?
The experimental steroid? Or...
The nerve damage...
that has affected you for months?
Are you gonna be all right?
I'll be fine.
I didn't want you to worry, Oliver,
which is why I didn't tell you.
No, no, John.
You didn't tell me because you knew
I'd never let you go out there compromised
and that I'd certainly
never let you compromise the team.
I've been mad at you before, John,
but this--
is the first time I've ever been disappointed.
Oliver, you gave up the right to judge me when you gave up that hood.
You don't get to claim the moral high ground here, my friend.
Oh, I'm not, Oliver,
but I apologized to the people who I endangered--
the team, Oliver.
The team.
My obligation begins and ends with them.
I don't owe you a damn thing.
For the sake of our friendship,
I hope that's withdrawal talking.
I put on this hood because you asked me to.
Don't blame me for this.
I'm not blaming you, Oliver. I blame myself...
For putting your needs, your goals,
even your family, above my own.
I've done that from the very beginning.
That was my biggest mistake.
That was your biggest mistake?
Mine was trusting you to be the Green Arrow.
Hey, Speedy...
I miss you.
I miss chatting.
They say that, um...
People in comas can hear
other people talking to them.
If you can hear me,
just wake up, all right?
'Cause I need you now.
Should we order our traditional Thanksgiving meal?
I can call Big Belly Burger.
I'm gonna crush my French fries and pretend they're mashed potatoes.
Got it.
Maximum damage for a thermobaric bomb
is Starling Stadium.
Today's Thanksgiving.
Yeah, we just covered that when we talked about
ordering Turkey burgers.
I'm saying, Billy Joel's playing there tonight.
Sold-out crowd.
I happen to like a wide variety of music,
and "The Stranger" is a treasured piece
of rock and roll history. Yeah.
Starling Stadium seats 35,000 people.
Guess that sold-out crowd's gonna get pressure-cooked to death.
So how do we go in without Diggle?
We got to step it up, fight without him.
Yeah, 'cause that went really well at Amertek.
We have 4 hours until showtime.
That's definitely the place
because Cayden already has control over the system.
What can we do about shutting it down
or cutting the power or something?
Tried that. Didn't work.
That's how I know Cayden has me locked out of the grid.
Ok, I know the saying goes, "the show must go on," but this can't.
I might be able to help with that.
I'll declare a state of emergency
and make them cancel the concert.
- Did you talk to John? - John and I spoke.
I'd like to apologize to everyone.
I didn't know about John's injury,
and I should have.
I will have them shut down the concert.
I wanted to see Billy Joel.
Like I said on the phone, Mr. Mayor,
I'm not canceling.
The cost will be catastrophic.
Well, so would a terrorist attack.
You have no actionable intelligence
or confirmation from law enforcement.
You're asking me to set a match
to millions of dollars on a hunch?
Have you even brought this to Mr. Joel?
Brought what?
You haven't given me anything substantive.
I'm trying to save lives.
You're trying to save your ass.
You give me some proof--
something more than your gut to go on--
then I'll cancel.
But without it,
we open the gates at 7 pm.
Oh, come on.
- You all right? - Yeah, yeah. Why you asking?
- Because you don't look it. - Whoa!
Well, I get it.
No one wants to believe someone that they care about
is capable of unspeakable things.
I've been there.
Oh, yeah?
Has your daughter's otherworldly doppelganger
been on a murder spree lately, Dinah?
Not exactly, no,
but I did find out my ex-boyfriend is vigilante.
What, the guy in the ski goggles?
And I never thought in a million years that he
had it in him.
And ever since I found out,
I've been trying to reconcile
the man that I loved with the monster he is now.
Huh. Well, I'm sorry.
Um... Last--
last month when Laurel attacked the bunker,
I had a chance to stop her.
Yeah. I had a gun on her...
But I couldn't pull the trigger,
not like I did on Lian Yu.
Point being, you know those people that she's been killing
you told me about?
They're on me.
That's not anywhere close to true.
And why are you saying that?
I'm hoping it...
Because I had a chance to stop Vince,
and I let him go, too.
We're good people, Quentin.
We see the best in the people we care about,
and I, for one, am not ready to believe that
that's a bad thing.
Come back for round 2?
No, no.
Back to apologize.
You said you put my family in front of yours.
You did. Then I asked you to put on the hood
to make things better with my son, and I...
I didn't give proper consideration to yours.
I'm truly sorry.
I was thinking about William today, a lot,
and you getting arrested in front of him.
How's he doing?
Oh, he's fine.
He's a tough kid,
but he is very grateful and thankful
that you are the Green Arrow
so I don't have to be.
Don't know how much longer I can keep doing that,
especially in the short-term.
You get your test results back?
The nerve damage in my arm
spread to my back.
And because of the steroid use,
I caused permanent damage.
If I continue out in the field,
I could end up paralyzed.
Oh, John, I...
I really wish you hadn't have gone to these lengths for me.
Heh. Well, now it's my turn
to apologize to you.
I should've never said that I
was doing it for you.
You remember last year when the Dominators
put us into this alternate Star City?
Yeah. Kind of difficult to forget.
We got to see what our perfect life would be.
Mine was being the Green Arrow.
So you asking me to take the mantle
was not selfish.
It was giving me the one thing
in the world that I never knew I wanted.
Felicity thinks that Cayden James is going after
Starling Stadium.
There's going to be 35,000 people there tonight.
You're the mayor. Shut it down.
I tried. Getting arrested is not doing a lot
for my credibility.
What are you going to do?
I've been working on a probable location
for Cayden's thermobaric bomb,
but Starling Stadium is massive.
We'll have to split up.
Still, who's going to be calling the plays out there?
I vote Dinah.
She has the least field experience of the three of us. No offense.
She has super powers, tactical training, and police experience.
It's all right, Felicity. It's all right.
We just cannot have a repeat
of what happened at Amertek.
Anybody have any suggestions on how we do that?
I have a suggestion or two.
Overwatch, we're onsite.
Any luck locating the bomb?
I'm running a code to find
the building's weakest architectural joint--
well, targets of opportunity, so stand by.
And I'm still trying to get
into the venue's security system,
but Cayden has me frozen out.
Couldn't we pull the alarm here,
evacuate the stadium that way?
I'll do it.
Can't risk the SCPD spotting you as the Green Arrow.
I have Overwatch running interference for me on that.
If there's a cop near you, you
will be the first to know about it.
Still, better safe than sorry.
♪ ... There's cable now in zombietown ♪
♪ now we're gonna get the closed circuits ♪
♪ now we're gonna get ♪
♪ the top 40... ♪
The bomb is definitely down there.
I'm locking in on it.
About 400 feet up, down corridor 52.
♪ who remembers when it all began ♪
♪ out here in no man's land... ♪
Overwatch, I see the fire alarm,
but I'm not gonna pull it like I did in high school.
I'm not seeing you on any security cams near an alarm box.
How did you--
a magician never reveals his secret, Hossette.
False alarm, everyone. False alarm.
Don't worry. Go back to your seats. Everything's ok.
Cops aren't letting anyone out these doors.
That doesn't make any sense.
They can't know it's a false alarm.
Well, let's remove any doubt.
Everybody, get the hell out of here.
Police have locked all the doors.
Why would cops do that?
Because they're not cops.
Get your damn hands up.
Easy. I'm just a fan in a mask.
Overwatch, what's happening?
All you need to know is that there's
no SCPD or FBI folks near you.
Just focus on the bomb.
You're, like, super close.
Like, 50 yards.
Guys, a little help here?
Terrific, Canary, go.
Make this easy on yourself.
It's cool, Hoss.
Overwatch,I am at the device.
The wiring's all wrong on the thermobar--
that's not a bomb at all.
That's a... decoy.
- You're welcome. - She did all the work.
I know what you're thinking:
Where's the horrifically huge bomb?
This is going to be
an incredibly insightful evening.
Where is it?
No need to play nice. Those jerk-wads aren't cops.
Get those fans out of there.
Where is it?
Your generation is so impatient.
Why can't you just savor the anticipation?
There is no bomb, so relax.
And all of this?
To get your attention.
To talk, that's all.
It's not like I have your number.
You're insane.
Thomas Szasz, the renowned psychiatrist
and psychoanalyst, says that there's
no such thing as insanity.
Revenge, on the other hand...
is very real.
I've never even met you.
And yet you cost me something dear to me...
Someone very dear...
My son.
That's why I have arranged
this little tête-à-tête...
So that when your city burns,
you'll know why.
We ran facial recognition,
and none of those cops are on the force.
No surprise.
Fake cops, fake uniforms, fake bomb.
That's a lot of trouble to go through just to have
a conversation with the Green Arrow.
Now, did he really lose his son?
Alena helped me connect the dots.
There is a boy named Owen Post,
who has Cayden James listed as his father on his birth certificate,
but he's never been known to live with Cayden.
Two months after Argus put Cayden into custody
last year, Owen went missing.
He was never found.
H-how does this have anything to do with the Green Arrow?
Or any of us?
You keep digging, because even if we bear
zero responsibility, we need to know
why Cayden James thinks we do.
Guys, a dude I used to code for just blasted off this link.
It's super-trending.
Yup, local news stations are picking it up,
and, of course, no one knows
that these cops aren't legit.
Does anyone else find this timing
just a little bit too convenient, right?
The whole city is voting on the anti-vigilante referendum today.
I guess we know which way
Cayden James wants them to vote.
He pulled us in to get those videos
to sway the referendum.
That's not all he did.
The man has a real thermobaric bomb now.
Which he doesn't intend to use,
at least not yet anyway.
It still sounds pretty dangerous.
Yes, it does, but it's a problem for another day.
How's the polling going?
It's gonna pass, boss.
Let's prepare a statement.
I'm right behind you.
I just need to finish up with Lance.
Hey, you know, if the bomb had been real,
we still would have stopped it from going off.
Yeah, I know. Heh!
It's good to have Oliver back in the saddle.
Yeah, that, and you and I knew
where Cayden was targeting
because we worked on the trace algorithm together
because we're a good team.
I'm sorry that I named the company
without consulting you,
and I'm sorry that I picked our first project.
And that I took the prototype without asking you.
So there's just one more thing
that I am also sorry about.
- What? - Um...
You know the Angel investment we got?
Oh, wh--what?
Good evening, everybody.
I think we all would like to applaud city officials
for conducting today's vote in such a professional manner.
I believe in my heart
that vigilantes have worked to make this city
a safer and better place.
I also recognize, as mayor, that it is my duty to honor
the will of the people.
You have spoken today
and demanded the harshest possible penalties
for anyone caught engaging in acts of vigilantism.
Some people still believe that includes me.
Uh, but I remain confident that my innocence
will be proven
and I will be exonerated at my trial.
Thank you very much, everyone.
We'd have won had it not been for the video.
You did great out there.
I feel like I just kicked myself in the--
Maybe it's because you didn't believe
a single word that you said.
Give us a minute.
It's fine.
I'm headed back to Washington.
Something tells me you'll be back in time
to testify at my trial.
The time of vigilantes is coming to an end
because how can you idolize someone
hiding in the shadows, who won't show his face,
who refuses to own up to his shortcomings and culpability?
That's not a hero. That's a coward.
What does your boy think of you?
Leave my son out of this.
Doesn't matter what I do, Mr. Queen.
It matters what you do.
Are you ok, Mr. Diggle?
Well, I'm happy as hell to be getting out of here.
And it's "John."
William, it's "Mr. Diggle."
And you were the Green Arrow for my dad, right?
That's right, William.
But if you were here last night,
who was at the stadium?
The Green Arrow wasn't at the stadium last night, buddy.
Just, uh, just his team.
Oh, ok.
Hey, man, let's go pull the car around here
for Mr. Diggle.
All right.
I'm sorry you had to step in.
And I'm sorry you had to lie to your son.
I don't want to lie to him,
but I can do it if it's temporary,
if I'm just, uh, subbing in for the real Green Arrow.
What do you mean?
I mean as soon as you're healed up,
I want you to put that hood back on.
Oliver, I like the way that sounds.
That makes two of us.
I'm almost ready, Doc.
Um, actually, I'm here for Mr. Queen. It's your sister.
Something's happened.
Hi, Ollie.
Well, that stuffing smells
a whole lot better than this cranberry jell-o.
William made the stuffing.
The young man can cook.
Yeah, just like his father.
Raisa helped me a bit.
Hmm, Raisa, as in our Raisa?
As in our Raisa, yeah.
But, uh, I have a--I have a lot to catch you up on, so...
Uh, I'll save you some stuffing for later
if you want, Auntie Thea.
I would love that.
How did you make such a miraculous recovery?
- Lazarus pit water. - She's kidding.
For blast victims like Thea in a minimally conscious state,
the trick is just to find the right drug to literally wake her brain up.
In this case, a new form of Zolpidem.
It's not even on the market yet.
So more like cutting-edge neuroscience
than--I don't know-- a miracle.
Well, it seems pretty miraculous to me.
I missed you very much.
Hell of a Thanksgiving.
I've never had more to be thankful for.
Come here. You, too.
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