Arrow (2012–…): Season 5, Episode 9 - What We Leave Behind - full transcript

After the attack on Curtis, Oliver realizes Prometheus is planning to make a deadly move on all of Team Arrow; Felicity and Malone find a clue that ties Prometheus to Oliver's past.

Previously on "Arrow"...

You're all
this city has.

Now stop being
so hard on yourself.

That notebook
belonged to my father.

I thought that it was
my way to save the city.

We all want to believe
in Oliver's crusade,

but I am pissed that
the guy who only shares

the important information with
his inner circle

used to be
a serial killer.

For a long time,
I blamed you

for my parents

Knowing all this
doesn't make it any easier.

Nobody followed me.

They don't suspect
a thing.

I brought
what you asked for.

Addresses are
on the back.

I took those
last two myself.

What? That's it?

We had a deal.

I get you the Intel,

I get to be there
when you take him down.

You think you
can make demands of me?


No, of course not.
I know he's your kill...

But I want to watch
him die.

You haven't been

I'm not going to
kill him.

I'm gonna make him wish
he was dead.

? Arrow 5x09 ?
What We Leave Behind
Original Air Date on December 7, 20

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This is incredible,

I can't believe you
pulled it off,

especially after
the whole--

Ok. I thought we
decided not to talk

about aliens anymore.


Besides, how can you
be so surprised?

I'm Moira Queen's

and that means throwing
a killer Christmas party

is in my blood.

Mom and dad would be
very proud of you, Speedy.

Me? Come on.
You're the mayor.

They'd be so happy,
they wouldn't know

what to do
with themselves.

Are you all right?
Because what the Dominators

showed us, it was a little like losing
them all over again.

They didn't take
anything away from me.

They gave me something.

Reminded me how lucky
I am to be a part

of this family and to
have you as my brother.

That's very sweet.

- Sorry I'm late.
- No, it's fine. Hmm.

I know, I know.
I already broke

the first rule
of being a good date

by not arriving with you,

but I had
a crushing deadline.

Glamorous life
of a journalist, right?

The dress that you're
wearing makes up for it.


So, uh, you're his--
his date?

- Yeah.
- Yeah.

Yeah, just--uh, just
for this party,

which by the way, is
a definite improvement

over the previous
mayor's holiday bash.

Nicely done.

Thanks. It's really
great to know

that this administration
can do, like,

one thing right.

Be nice, Thea.

No. I'm gonna go
get a drink now.

Talk to you later.

She's--I mean, she's
just being protective.

Hmm. To be fair.
I didn't make

the best
first impression.

Well, I, of all people,

that sometimes doing a job
means pissing people off.

It just means that
you're doing it well.

I see you've reclaimed
your optimism.

Well, thanks to you.


Is that your
second champagne?

- Third.
- Are you really that nervous

to finally introduce me
to your friends?

I just want them
to love you

as much as
I llllike you.

These are my friends!

Guys, this is my
Malone boyfriend.

This is Billy Malone,
my boy--boyfriend.

I'm Curtis,
by the way,

the guy awkwardly
standing in front of you

waiting to be introduced,

and this is
my husband Paul.

Curtis is my best friend at work--
well, was

until I was fired
from my own company.

- Cheers.
- I thought you guys were working

on a startup together,
the one he's been putting

all the late nights
in on.

The very late nights,
the startup, yes.

We--it's just--
the startup is so fun.

I mean, we barely
call it work

because it's just,
like, "whoo!"

Wow! So much fun!

So much...Fun.


Who needs a fancy part
at city hall

when all the most
important people

are right here?

Aw shucks, John.

You're gonna make
us all blush.

Do you think it's
a fire hazard to light

the menorah in here?

I think the only
hazard's gonna be

if you mess
with that table setting

before Lyla gets back
with the turkey.

- What do you think?
- Nice.

- Cute kid.
- Yeah. He gets it from his mom.

I figured.

Must be, uh, weird finding out
about Flashpoint.

Yeah. I'm still not
sure how I feel about that, man.

I should be used to
all the unusual things around here,

after last week,


I could never imagine
a daughter.

Being a father's
the best thing in the world,

around the holidays.

Sounds like you know
something about kids. You got any?

Sorry I'm late,

but I come bearing gifts.

We had this tradition
in my family

where we'd all open
our presents

at the exact same time.

Since you guys are
the only family I have,

I, uh, figured
I'd try it with you.


Were you even
listening to the rules?

I don't like

or listening.

? how fun
it is to ride... ?

This is dope, Evie.

Thanks, Evelyn.

It's very sweet.

You know, the best
part is this is

gonna piss Oliver
off when we hang these up

all over the place.


Happy holidays.

Everyone, thank you
so much for coming.

My favorite Christmas movie
is "Die Hard."

Heh. It's true.

My second favorite
Christmas movie is

"It's a Wonderful Life,"

and, uh, I was very lucky
to be able

to rewatch that movie
last week.

It reminded me how much work
I still have to do,

how much work
all of us still have to do,

and it inspired me
to recommit myself

to making our city,
our home

a better and a safer place.


- Great speech.
- Great speech.

- I...
- Uh...

What she said.

Uh, Felicity, right?

Yeah. You must be
the superhot reporter.

Um, uh, thank you.

What I meant to say
was this is--

this is my
boyfriend Billy.

It's nice to see you
again, Mayor Queen.

Billy, please call
me Oliver.

Hey, um, we're
actually gonna head out.

Everything all right?

It will be...
I think.

? in a one-horse... ?

So you guys want
to go on a double date sometime or--

No. Cool.


Paul! Paul, come on!

Tell me the truth.
All those nights you

said you were with Felicity, what
have you been doing?

- Nothing.
- Are you seeing someone?

Baby, of course not.

I don't believe you.

Let me explain.


Get out of here! Run!


Do what you want
to me.

Just leave him



Oh, no.


Somebody, help us!
Please! Help!

- Hey.
- How you feeling?

Like someone threw
a throwing star at me,

kicked me down
a flight of steps,

and knocked me out.

The doctor said
you're not supposed to sit up.

Yeah. Well, the doc
doesn't know me that well.

Not sure I do
anymore either.

I can explain

Great. Let's start
with where you learned

to fight like that.

Fight like what?

I case you hadn't noticed,
I lost badly.

You think I don't know
who that was, Curtis.

That was the Throwing
Star Killer.

He's murdered people,
and yet somehow, you're still alive.

How is that even

Oh, my God.
Curtis, are you all right?

I'm great.
Just a little banged up

like I always am when I
get into street fights with muggers.

It wasn't a mugger.

It was a serial killer,
the Throwing Star Killer.

I thought you had
the anti-crime unit taking care of this.

We do, Paul,
and we're working

very hard to catch
him, I promise.

Actually, your
statement could really help.

Detective Malone is
just outside

if you'd feel comfortable
answering a few questions.

It's all right,


He attacked me
as, well, me.

So he knows you're
Mr. Terrific.

Yeah, which means
he probably knows--

He knows that I'm
the Green Arrow.

If you remember
anything else

that could help us,
give me a call.

My cell's on there, too.

Thank you, Detective.

I can't believe that
this is happening.

Can't you?
You think I haven't

figured out that the tall guy
in the black mask

rolling with
the Green Arrow was Curtis?

Promise me you didn't
tell Paul.

No, but right now,
I'm more worried about you.

If Prometheus is targeting
the people working with the Green Arrow--

- I'll be fine.
- And I'll feel better

if you're staying
at my place,

at least until we
track down Prometheus.

- We?
- It's my job, Felicity.

If there's a killer
out there, I'm gonna stop him,

especially if he's
a threat to someone I care about.



Everything all right?

No. The doctor was
speaking with Curtis.

He's gonna be fine,
but they found a drug in his system

called Dycloseral.

I've never heard of it.

But you have.
What is it?

Well, it's gonna take
some adjusting

not trying to
catch you giving me the slip.

I grabbed
some Big Belly on the way in.

Hope you're hungry.

I lost my appetite.

Come look at this.

TB outbreak
in Lamb Valley? Since when?

Since this guy
got greedy.

That's one smug-looking
son of a bitch.

Justin Claybourne owns
Claybourne Pharmaceuticals

that recently acquired
the rights

to this drug

which fights this
particular strain of TB.

Let me guess.
As soon as the outbreak started,

he jacked up
the prices.

Price went from $10
a pill to $1,000 overnight.

The people in Lamb Valley,
they're working class, low income.

They can't afford this.

Well, it's disgusting
but not illegal.

Claybourne is
on the list.

I'm not worried
about illegal.

Just because your
father wrote down his name?

My father explained
this list.

These are terrible people.

How would you know that?
I thought he was dead.

I am gonna make sure
that Claybourne stops gouging people.

And what if he refuses
to cooperate.

You ask that like
he has a choice.

After what seems like a respite

from the serial murders
weeks ago,

the Throwing Star Killer
strikes again.

Another attack
by the Throwing Star Killer

disrupted the annual
holiday party at city hall.

Maybe we should change
the security codes on the bunker.

And we did that
over an hour ago.

All the good
that will do.

Rene's right.

And you know how much
she hates saying that.

If Prometheus knows
who Curtis is,

he knows
who we all are.

Maybe Barry could do that
Flashpoint thing again.

Yeah, he does that,
Dig might end up with 5 kids.

That stuff makes
my brain hurt.

How's Curtis?

He's gonna be fine.

Better now that
the Dycloseral's

out of his system.

Prometheus injected
him with it when he attacked him.

Now why does that ring a bell?

Because 4 years ago,
the Hood took down

Justin Claybourne,
the CEO

of the pharmaceutical company
that manufactures it.

By took him down, you
mean killed, right?


After Claybourne's death,

his company went down.

He had no other family members
to leave it to.

Still, Prometheus
using Dycloseral

4 years after the fact
can't be a coincidence.

It does send
the message.

What message?

"I'm alive,
and I'm coming after you."

You think Prometheus
is Justin Claybourne?

How's that possible?

In our town, people
who are dead turn out

to be secretly alive
almost every Wednesday.

Case in point, the old Claybourne
manufacturing plant

reports heavy usage
of water and power

over the last few months.

Doesn't mean
it's Claybourne.

It's worth checking out.

Suit up.

- We're in.
- Copy.

Ragman, are you
in position?

If he's in there,
he's not getting out.

Nobody makes a move
until I give the order.

Got it.

Hey. He said don't
make a move.

Yeah, but he knows
I never listen to him.

That could
be something.

You keep moving.
I'll check it out.

- Overwatch.
- Already on it.

Tracking the transmission
from the sensors now.

That was fast.

No. That was impossible.

He's letting me in.

No. You need to pull back.
It's not safe.

5 years, and he still
doesn't listen.

Justin Claybourne,
you have failed this city.

Not as badly
as you have, Mr. Queen.

Spartan, go upstairs.
Green Arrow needs your help!

Me and Artemis
are on the stairwell.

We can get there faster.

You ready for a rematch
with this bitch?

More than.

Prometheus doesn't
scare me.

I've been waiting
4 years for this.

Let him go,
you son of a bitch.

What the...



Because you're
not a hero.

You're a fraud.

This city needs
to be saved from you.

Where's Prometheus?

He's gone...
with Evelyn.

He took her.

He's working with her.

from the plant.

Can you put it
over there?

Where's Oliver?

He's with Thea
helping her pack.

He wants her
to stay here.

Lyla and J.J. are
at a Argus safe house.

Give me the names and socials of the
people you care about.

I'll make sure they get
to that safe house.

Wait. What other
secret information

could Evelyn have told
Prometheus about us?

We want to
assume everything.

No one is safe.

This is on me.
I should have done

a better job
at vetting her?

This wasn't
your fault.

Seriously...No one could
have seen this coming.

We don't have time
to play the blame game.

We have to find

We were hoping
there was something here that could help.

Like ashes?

Those look like
crematorium ashes.

The question is whose?

Well, I got to go,

so you guys need
to run a DNA test

on these ashes
and bone fragments

to find out who
this person was

and why Prometheus
is keeping their remains.

You guys know how
to run a DNA sequencer, right?

No. Of course
you don't.

Look who I'm
talking to.

Just put some of
the bone fragments onto the slide,

put it in the slot,
and the machine will do the rest.

- Got it?
- Uh, sure.

I'll be back.

Did you get all that?

You're the smart
one, remember?


I thought you were gonna
let the Green Arrow handle this.

No. I'm pretty sure
my exact words were

"if there's a killer out there,
I'm gonna stop him."

Yeah. I was just hoping
that was boyfriend posturing.

I cross-referenced
Curtis' medical records

with old SCPD
case files.

Prometheus injected him
with Dycloseral,

which was manufactured
at the Clay--

Claybourne Pharmaceuticals,
and their plant

just came online.

Yeah. I know.

How--how did you know?

Because the Green Arrow
hit it already,

and we already got
everything that there is to get there.

Why didn't you tell me?

Remember that part
about me not wanting you

to work on this case?

Yeah, I'm a cop,

- This is my job.
- Yeah, and Prometheus' job

is killing cops,
so you need to stay away.

If you're not gonna
do it for yourself,

will you do it
for me?

I'm not letting
this go.

Felicity, you know
how I feel about you,

but I have to be true
to who I am.

I can't believe it.

Evelyn was playing us
this whole time?

Not the whole time.

Rene thinks she went dark
after we all found out

about the Hood.

You know, I always
thought she had a sort

of "Children
of the Corn" vibe.

Anyway, I was just calling
to give you the heads-up.

Watch your back.

Will do.
Thanks, Rory.

Hey, baby!
Uh, what's going on?

Were you able to find
me that ice cream?

Who's Rory?

Oh. Oh Rory.
He's a friend of mine

from my Palmer Tech days.

Saw what happened
on the news

and was just
checking in on me.

You're the world's
worst liar, Curtis.

That's one of the reasons
I married you.

What are you
talking about?

You know exactly
what I'm talking about.

The late nights out,
canceled dinners,

the inexplicable

I can't do this anymore.

You have to tell me
what's going on.

How do I put this?

I work with
the Green Arrow.


You work
with the Green Arrow?

- Yeah.
- Heh.

- Come on.
- It's not impossible.

You're helping the guy
who's going around

putting arrows
into people?

Well, yeah,
but only bad people

and only the ones
who really try to put up a fight.

Most guys we just
try to send to jail.

This is
completely insane.

Yes, I know that,
but, you know, when you're

out there doing it,
it's different.

I feels...amazing,

Almost a little

You lied to me...
for months!

- To keep you safe.
- To keep me safe.

What about you?

You've been hurt
how many times since you started this?

I actually lost track.

Which is why you
need to stop.

- Stop what?
- This, being a vigilante.

I made a commitment!

You made one
to me, too!

Last time I checked,
our vows didn't include

me worrying every night
about whether or not

you were gonna
make it home alive the next morning.


You can be a vigilante,

or you can be
married to me,

but you can't do both.

I can't do both.

Paul, wait.

Think in Flashpoint I maybe dated her
back in high school?

It's an alternate timeline,
not an alternate reality.

What's that
supposed to mean?

It means--
and no offense--

but in a multiverse
of possibilities

there's no world
where Thea Queen goes out

with, you know,
someone like you.

What's that supposed
to mean--someone like me?

It means you're
not my type.

- Any news?
- Nothing.

If Claybourne's
out there,

he's not showing
his face.

Well, maybe his dead
friend will give us some information.

You get the sequencer

- I think.
- Oh! Good work.

You got the sequencer

Great. So whose
ashes was Claybourne

keeping as
a souvenir?


The ashes are his.

So if
Claybourne isn't


Who is?

to the influx of cash

from our Dycloseral

our R&D pipeline's
fully funded

for the next
two years.

These are exciting
times, gentlemen,

and it's just
the beginning.

Justin Claybourne,

you have failed
this city.

I--I think you got
the wrong guy, pal.

My company makes
drugs that help people.

Not the people
in Lamb Valley.

It's not my problem
that some people can't afford it.

It is now.


Your days of holding
this city's health hostage

are over!

Do you understand me?

Ok, ok. Yes!

You have until 11 pm
tomorrow to make this right.

And what happens
if I don't?

Unh! Ohh!

I'll aim higher.

SCPD! Show yourself!

Cute baby.

Cute, yeah,
but why would your

boyfriend send this
to you?

That is that I'm
trying to figure out,

that and why men
don't listen

when you specifically tell
them not to do something.

Why don't you guys

Ok. Did you ask
him why he sent it?

Yeah, I texted right back.
No reply.

I'm kind of worried.

Billy says he found it at the
Claybourne manufacturing plant?

Yeah. According
to the GPS tag oh his text.

Why would he send
this photo?

the relevance?

That's what I'm
trying to figure out

right after I try
to figure out

why men don't listen.

This is so strange.

First, human remains.
Now, baby pictures?

he's leaving a trail

of breadcrumbs
for me to follow.

Did you try
facial recognition?

Facial recog isn't
exactly baby-friendly.

Well, try it

It's kitchen sink

and we don't listen
because we're stubborn.

Yeah, tell us
something we don't know.

Take it Claybourne
wasn't impressed

with your
Robin Hood act.

No, he wasn't,
so I did some more digging.

Claybourne didn't just
price gouge with his drug.

He created
the epidemic.

He's connected to
something called

the AK Desmond Group.

They are black marketeers
who specialize

in creating bioweapons.

What do you think
they've been working on?

Weaponized tuberculosis.

He created
the marketplace, Diggle,

and he didn't care
who died in the process.

And now you're
gonna kill him.

How can you read
what's in that folder

and have a problem
with that?

Have you thought
about the ramifications

of your actions,
of actually crossing names

off a list, of being judge, jury,
and executioner?

Men like Claybourne
buy judges,

they buy juries.

The law doesn't
apply to them.

I'm not saying that
you don't do some good.

So what are you saying?

What I'm saying is
that maybe one day

your actions might have
some unintended consequences.


Got your 911.

911 might have been
understating things a bit.

Detective Malone's
been abducted.

ACU thinks
by Prometheus.

Why do they
think that?

He went out
to track down a lead,

didn't come back,

his missed his last
3 call-ins,

GPS on his phone's
been switched off.

Do you think
he's dead?

I think that every cop that's
crossed paths with Prometheus is.

Whether or not
Billy's alive--

and believe me,
I hope that he is--

the ACU and the SCPD,
they need instructions.

Well, we've had a BOLO
out for weeks.

I'm not talking about
a be on the lookout order.

I'm talking about
a shoot to kill.

I don't know how
that will sit with the public.

I do. They'll love it.
You know why?

Because they are sick
and tired as I am

of watching this psycho
murder Star City's finest

and get away with it.

Our cops need to know
that they can fight back.

They don't have to take it
easy on this guy anymore.

Ok. Do it, but you
pull in every cop that you can find.

You tell them
holiday hours are revoked.

- Talk to me.
- Facial recognition did

kick back something
on the baby photo.

Court records related
to Claybourne's divorce.

The baby is
Claybourne's son.

You told me that
Claybourne didn't have any kids.

Not of the legitimate

but the divorce
petition Claybourne's

ex-wife filed says

There's no record
of the kid's name in the files,

but due to
the filing date,

he'd be about 30

- Oh.
- Just old enough

to put on a hood
and a mask.

Old enough to want
revenge on the man

who murdered
his father.

Oliver, this isn't
on you, man.

Yes, it is.

Yes, it is.
You warned me, John.

You warned me that there
would be unintended consequences,

and I didn't listen.

Prometheus surprised me
at the plant

with a move, a very specific,
unique move.

It was taught to me
by a woman that I met in Russia.

You think you and Prometheus had
the same teacher?

I think what's saying is
Prometheus had over 4 years

to learn everything
he does.


Felicity, Billy
has gone missing.

Chase thinks that
it's Prometheus.

We alerted the police. We ordered
them to shoot Prometheus on sight.

Now we are gonna
find Billy,

we are gonna bring
him back to you.

I promise.

Let's call Rory
and Rene.

We're gonna hit
the streets.

If you learn anything,
contact me.

Do not engage this enemy
under any circumstances.

Thought you weren't
suiting up anymore.

Yeah? Well, it's
Felicity's boyfriend.

Figured all hands.

Plus John told me
about Claybourne and 4 years ago.

Speedy, are you
about to tell me

after everything
that's happened

and everything that's

this isn't my fault?

Do you remember when Tommy
and I went to the U.S. Open

and you tried to
land a helicopter on the grounds

because Tommy wanted
to impress Maria Sharapova

and then made dad blow that
huge acquisitions deal?

Because he had to
bail me out, yeah.

Pretty sure that was
the most disappointed

he's ever been in you.

I'm not seeing
the relevance, Speedy.

My point is dad
wouldn't be disappointed

in who you've become.

It's like you were saying
at that Christmas party.

Mom and dad
would be proud.

They might not be proud
if they knew that

I created something
like Prometheus.

There's two types
of every legacy,

two versions of what
we leave behind.

There's the good
and then the bad.

You just really have
a lousy habit

of focusing only
on the bad.

Why are you not
still in the hospital?

Rory called me,

told me what
happened to Billy.

There's not way
I'm sitting this out.

Wow. What did Paul
have to say?

Actually, he made it
pretty easy.

Give up the team
or give up him.

He clearly doesn't
know you very well.

What do you mean?

Well, you don't
really respond well to ultimatums.

He just doesn't get it.

I have to do this
no matter what.

I have to be true
to who I am.

A singing telegram? Ok.

Mm-hmm. My friend
loves them,

and I thought that
I would surprise her.

- Her?
- Just a friend...

But I don't know
where her office buildings are.

She works at
the AK Desmond Group.


Hmm. They're not
on the Internet, like, at all.

- That's really weird.
- It's superweird.

All right.
Well, lucky for you,

there is the Internet,
and the there is the "Internet,"

and these magic fingers
can pull things out of it

even Google can't find,

not that I believe
in magic--heh heh--

or that I have
magic fingers.

I just--I'm really
good at--I'm--I can un--


Right. Uh...

Mm-hmm. "1852"...

"West Maple,
30th floor."

- Great.
- There you go.

Uh, just--I meant
to put it there.

Just leave it there.

Thank you.

- I--you can just--
- Ahem.


I do believe
in magic.

- 1852.
- What?

1852. I just
remembered something

I should have thought
of a long time ago.

Thought of what?

I think I know
where Prometheus is.

- I'll call the team.
- No.

I created
this situation.

I am gonna deal
with it alone.

Detective Malone?

Kill that Robin Hood
son of a bitch!

You gonna
tell me again

I failed this city?

You infected the people
in Lamb Valley

to turn a profit.

You want to make
this city great again,

this is how--
with business, money.

You are sentencing
innocent families, children to death.

Nobody cares
about those people.

They're a blight...

And I'm just...
thinning the herd.

So am I.


Did you hesitate
at all when you killed him,

or was he just another name you
crossed off your list?

If you want revenge,

I'm right here.

This is about so much
more than revenge.

I've studied
you, Oliver Queen.

I know everything--

who you love, who you trust,

who you've hurt,

but do you know how easy it
was to turn Evelyn against you,

how easy it will be
to turn them all?

You're not a hero.

You're a killer,

and I'm going to
show them that.

I'm going to show them
how everything you touch dies.

4 years I've waited

to make you answer
for your sins.

I told you, Oliver--

everything you touch dies.

What happened
out there, man?

Did you kill

did you find Billy?


Prometheus staged...


He duct-taped
his mouth,

and he put a weapon
in his hand,

and he put him
in his suit.

- Prometheus knew...
- No, Oliver, don't.

That I was there
to kill him.

- Don't!
- He calculated every moment.

Where is he?

Where's Billy?

I killed Billy.

I'm so sorry, Felicity.

I didn't know
it was Billy.

I couldn't have known
that it was him.

I couldn't--

I couldn't have known.

Oh, my God.

This was Prometheus.

This was all him.

He's trying to prove
to me that everyone

I--I--I come
in contact with,

everyone close
to me dies,

and he's right.


I think that, uh--

I think that all
of you should get

as far away from me
as you possibly can.

Oliver, we are exactly...

Where we're
supposed to be.

Ok. I know I picked
the worst possible night

to come home late again,

but you have to
believe me.

This was a seriously
terrible day.

Which is not gonna get
any better.

I'm going
to my brother's house.

Come on, baby.
It's been less than 24 hours

since your ultimatum.

That's the thing.
I never wanted to be

the guy that
makes ultimatums.

You know it's funny.

You were coming home
every night late,

banged up all to hell,

and I've never seen
you happier.

I don't want to be
the one to take you away from that.

You don't have to be.

I also can't live

knowing that every time
I see you might be the last.

I love you too much.

Paul, please.

I'm sorry.

please, please.


Johnny, I need you
to come to the safe house.

Something's wrong
with J.J.



Oliver, uh...

What time is it?

I'm sorry. I didn't
know where else to go.

You want to talk
about it?

Not really.

Come on. Come in.

Can I get you
a drink?

I could use a drink.



I thought things
were getting better.

So did I,
but, um...

That feeling never
seems to last.

- Thank you.
- Mm-hmm.

And why do you think
that is?

I was reunited with someone from
my past recently.

I knew their father,

and they told me that

I ruin the lives
of everyone

that I come
into contact with.

Doesn't matter
who they are.

Doesn't matter
how much I love them.

If I'm
in their life...

that life turns to ash.

I think
that's ridiculous.

Everyone's life touches
everyone else's.

the result is good,

and sometimes,
it's bad,

but you are only
focusing on the bad.

My sister said something
very similar to that.

Well, she's
a smart woman.

Look. No matter what's
going on in your life, Oliver,

shutting people out
is the last thing you should do.

Let me show you.

Hi, Ollie.

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