Arrow (2012–…): Season 5, Episode 10 - Who Are You? - full transcript

Worried that Prometheus may be right about him being a killer, Oliver finds a ray of hope in the apparent return of Laurel. Felicity swears revenge against Prometheus for causing Malone's death.

Previously on "arrow"...

4 years ago, the hood took
down Justin Claybourne.

You told me that claybourne
didn't have any kids.

There's no record
of the kid's name.

He'd be about 30 today.

Just old enough to put
on a hood and a mask.

Old enough
to want revenge

on the man who murdered
his father.

Evelyn, why?

You're a fraud.

This city needs to be
saved from you.

Johnny, I need you

to come to
the safe house.

-Something's wrong with JJ.

Did you find Billy?

I didn't know
it was Billy.

I couldn't have known.

Hi, Ollie.

I saw you die.

I was saved.

I saw this white light, and...It's--

it's just like they say.

This angel, she-- she reached out to me,

but she wasn't an angel.

She was my sister.


Sara--she--she had me teleported

to the wave rider.

They have this technology

that fixed the embolism.

I was there.

Everyone was there.

Nobody saw a white light,

and you didn't go anywhere.

That's because she hadn't done it yet.


Ollie I asked her--

I asked her to bring me to your present.

She gave me the same gift that I gave her.

She gave me a second chance.

It's a miracle.

It's a miracle.


Hi, Felicity.

Oh, my god!

Ohh! Oh, my god!

It's a miracle.

Oliver said the exact same thing.

I thought Sara and the legends

were against changing history.

Sara said that they figured out a way

to bring me back without causing

an aberration.

Yes. That.

Are you ok?


Yeah. I just wish the legends could

everybody we wanted.

What happened? What'd I miss?

We'll talk about it later.

The important thing is that you're back

which they brought you back from

and they just dropped you here.

So weird.

Time travel. Am I right?

Do you guys want a coffee?

I, um--gonna get a deca--decaf

because of...

It's nice to see some things haven't changed.

Oh. I have to call my dad.

He's gonna kill me for coming here first.

Laurel, after you...

Uh, y-your dad left with Donna

and, uh, it didn't go well.

-He's drinking again.
-He's in rehab,

but he's--he's--he's getting better.

He's getting the help that he needs.

Wow. 9 months.

I guess I have a lot of catching up to do.

Which is why I'm gonna tell everyone

-What party?
-The party that we're gonna

throw for Laurel tomorrow night.

That sounds great.

I mean, i--i would love to see everyone--

Oh, my--John! Ohh!

I came here to tell you,

and I totally forgot.

What's going on with John?

John: I can't believe she's back.

I walked into the bunker,

and sh--and she was just there

like nothing had happened,


Like it was some kind of gift.

How much does she know about what's happened?

We're easing her in.

There's a lot to process.

-The recruits.

The fact that you killed his dad.

Felicity and Lyla are working on

What happened with the dude who

Well, she...

Doesn't stay in one spot for very long,

but, uh, I'm working on finding her.

In the meantime, we need to work

on a way of getting you out of here.

Yeah. Well, we did that, remember,

and here I am right back on the inside.

-Well, John-- -no, man. No more running.

It's time I faced this head-on,

fight these trumped up charges.

That's an improvement from last time.

Roger that. I'm gonna show Walker

that he picked the wrong soldier

We need to have some kind of plan.

I'm gonna need one hell of a lawyer.

I might know a guy.

My captains warned me that you'd be a risk,

an American Bratva.

But I thought that you could be useful.

I did what you asked me to do.

I tried to blow up kovar's casino.

No. All that you were interested in

was killing konstantine kovar

but not for the Bratva.

For yourself, for a woman.

Kovar told me everything.

Kovar...Is a government agent,

and the deal that you made with him

Your vendetta betrays the Bratva.

My deal with kovar benefits our

and in any case, i am pakhan.

My decisions are the law,

and I will get obedience from you,

even if I have to beat it into you.

Is this why you join Bratva, hmm,

to get to kovar,

because you had some promise to her, hmm?

You don't have to drop everything
and fly home, thea.

I'll still be here when the conference is over,

and the way Oliver describes it,

you're the one that's doing all

at the mayor's office.

I guess spontaneous resurrection is as good

as any reason for a party.

-But we haven't even buried

detective Malone yet.

It feels weird to be celebrating?

It doesn't feel weird to you?

Y-yes, weird, yeah.

Weird or--i guess.

After the past 4 years, it's just hard for me

to accept good news.

Rene: Hss. Weird, man.

She was dead. Now she's not.

Well, that's time travel for you.

Well, I don't mean Laurel being back

It's how you're all reacting to it

like it's happened before.

It's happened before?

The Lance sisters have a habit

of coming back to life.

Wait, what?

Yo, Curtis.

Come back inside. We're gonna make a toast.

Doesn't feel right to be...

Gathering around like this.

Detective Malone is dead,

Evelyn betrayed us,

and prometheus is still out there.

We should be trying to find him,

making him pay

for everything.

Oliver: A little over a year ago,

i--i stood right here,

and I remarked that i wished

it wasn't just the dark times

that brought us together.

With all the loss that we have suffered,

I think it's important that we embrace

the miracles, too,

and that we remember they are still possible.

Welcome home, Laurel.


Rory: Hey. What?!


I wasn't expecting anyone here.

It's late.

I--i don't sleep much or at all.

Side effect of wearing haunted rags, I guess,

so I figured I'd train.

What's that?

It's nothing.

It's, uh--it's, uh, my q-mail,

you know, my facechat, snapbook stuff.

All the kids are doing these new, crazy

You know, I just--

-you're running a DNA analysis.
-Yeah, I am

on Laurel's glass.

That, what, you took from the party?

Oh. If by party, you mean my

to collect her DNA, then, yes, you


You know, there's looking a gift horse

and then there's--

being driven by paranoid delusions,

drawing comparisons on genetic base pairs?

Yes, I'm aware, thank you.

-I--yeah. Yeah. -Yeah.


DNA matches.

Ok. So we can rule out shape shifter.

-Ooh. What about,

uh, evil twin?

-Ok. I was joking.

No. No. No, no, no, no.

-She actually has an evil twin.

Yeah. She's locked up in s.T.A.R. Labs.

Right now, we have to call cisco.

Finally. It's about time someone figured it out.

You know, I am so sick and tired

of playing this weak, vulnerable Laurel.

She's such a pill, it's pathetic.

You know, the one problem with my ability

is that I can never hear my
poor, little victims scream.

Oliver: Laurel!

Are you hurt?

I'm gonna be ok, but...

It's not our Laurel.

So that Laurel's from an alternate reality?

Technically, she's from a parallel universe.

We're on earth-1.

The look-alike Laurel's from another earth, earth

Over there, we all have doppelganger

who could be very similar or incredibly different

based on an infinite amount of variables.

I would love to see what I'm like on earth-2.

Oh, god. What if I'm straight?

Rory: Ok. One thing i don't get--

well, you know, there's a list

but at the top is this fake Laurel

seemed to know, like, everything.

-How's that possible?

Cisco just sent this over.

It is from 3 days ago, but nobody knew

because no alarms were tripped.

It's like he's a dybbuk.

Yeah. I don't know what that is.

One question.

Just one?

Curtis: Prometheus breaks into s.T.A.R. Labs,

gets not Laurel, Henry higginses her

into coming off as real Laurel.

That's a lot of hoops. Why not just kill you?

Oliver: He told me he doesn't want to.

He's proving to me

that I will destroy myself

and everyone close to me.

Well, he's gonna be disappointed

but we are gonna put black siren back in her cage.

Black siren?

Every meta gets a nickname.

Let's hit the streets.

She is not leaving the city until

What are you gonna do?

John needs my help as mayor.

I will be on my cell.

Gregor: Let me see if I understand.

You carry this girl with you

through all of your trials and tribulations

-Lian Yu?

And yet when you get off this island,

you do not return home.

No. Instead, you come to a country

where you know just one person,

you join my organization,

pass all of our tests and all of this.

So you can avenge the death

The woman in that photo's name is Laurel,

and I didn't return home because after...

Everything I've been through,

everything I've done...

She wouldn't recognize me.

Now I see.

You think that you've been made

Better a monster than a sell-out.

How much did kovar pay you to betray

Your failure is unacceptable.

You should have let me kill them

instead of some stupid role-playing idea.

It is not your place to question my agenda.

Your freedom, your life is contingent

on following my orders.

Do you understand?

Hey. Thanks for coming in.

No problem.

I wanted to talk with you, as well.

Ok. Uh, the file that I sent you.

John Diggle is my former bodyguard

And facing a court-martial

for espionage, murder, escaping

and attempted theft of a wmd.

He's innocent.

So why did he escape a federal prison?

Because he's innocent.

The man who framed him is a 3-star general.

John did not think that he would get

a fair trial in the court system,

which is where you come in.

Oliver, I'm a city prosecutor,

not a military defense attorney.

That's why I thought of you.

John needs someone outside of the military

This is the only way for justice to get done.

He doesn't even know me.

John Diggle is a good man.

He's better than the both of us put together.

Getting the judge advocates to

to pro hoc in would be a miracle.

Sounds like a yes?

Eh, more like a "god help me"

Hey. I will owe you one.

This is worth more than one.

Um, actually, uh, hey.

Uh, as if we don't have enough on our plate,

have you heard about the circumstances

surrounding the death of detective Malone?


He was wearing prometheus' outfit

His mouth was taped shut,

a sword taped into his hand.

There was a wireless speaker found


What are you saying?

That it looks like Malone was set up,

that it looks like the green arrow was

manipulated into killing him.

By prometheus?

I made sure the cops who caught the scene

and I'm handling the coroner.

I just wanted to let you know.

Yeah, that you're gonna...

Cover this up.

If the city finds out that a member

of the anti-crime unit was prometheus,

there's gonna be panic.

If the green arrow killed a member

hoo--there's gonna be panic.

Either way...

Got to keep this quiet.

It's the only way to see justice done.

This is mayor Queen.

Oliver, it's me--Laurel.

Don't you say her name.

I--I'm sorry. What I did was unforgivable,

but--but he made me do it--prometheus.

What do you mean he made you?

He threatened to kill me.

You have to help me, please.

Can you meet?


The black canary statue.

I'll be there soon.

Now wait--

Any sign of black siren?

Not yet,

but everyone's gonna stand
down and do not--

yeah, we get it.

Yeah? Well, I say take her down.


You heard the boss.

This is an eyes-only operation for you.

I have eyes on.

Boys, I just put you on a separate channel.

Uh, why?

So if black siren looks like she's

about to double-cross-- and trust me, she will--

you have it on my authority to light her up.

Thank you for meeting me.

You don't believe me.

Prometheus threatened to kill me.

You're a very convincing liar.

I deserve that.

According to s.T.A.R. Labs,

you'd help prometheus even if he wasn't

That's what they think.

What do you think?

I can help you track him.

Take her out.

I told you not to engage!

We know. It's just--

she, um, spooked us.

You guys are terrible liars.

I told them to move on her.

Since when are they taking orders

I don't know, but I kind of like it.

She had something in her hand.

She had her phone in her hand.

Well, it didn't look like her phone,

so I told them to move.

I had the situation under control.

She told me that prometheus

Now whether or not that is true,

she was going to give us valuable intel on him.

She's playing you, Oliver.

I understand that you're suspicious of her,

and I know this Laurel is from another earth,

that this is not our Laurel,

but we don't know why.

We don't.

I told you. Blinders.

Hey. You good?

Why wouldn't I be?

Just got my ass kicked for the bazillionth time.

So basically, I'm trading a cell

for a cell in starling city.

Actually, on this earth,
e call it star city.

I'm sorry about the cell.

I told you that prometheus was

and that is why I did what I did.

Your history on earth-2 would suggest you

You don't trust me?

Can you blame me?

No, because on my world,

you've been dead for 10 years now.

I moved to central city for a fresh start.

That's where this happened,

and from them, it was just one bad

and I guess once you let the darkness inside

and now I am trapped in a parallel dimension,

telling my sob story to the doppelganger

of the man that-- that I loved.

So stop running.

Face the darkness.

How does that work?

First, you need to tell me everything

that you know about prometheus,


and then we keep you safe.

And you're willing to do that why?

Why? Because I look like someone you

Someone once told me that a circumstance

poison or nectar.

What they meant was that we get to choose

we get to choose who we are,

so tell me...

Who are you?

Rene: Yo. Hold up.

I'll walk with you.

I'm hopping the "l" line.

-You taking the subway?
-No. I'm just gonna walk.

By yourself? You--you do have

a tendency to get your ass kicked.

Did you just come all the way out here

I'm just going home, but that was merely

I'll see you tomorrow, Rene.

Damn you soft.

I thought had some wit, man.

What, the black siren kicked that out

Not now, man. Not now.

What, did I hurt-- hurt your feelings?

Just let me be, man.

What's your damage, Hoss?

I mean, ever since the party, you been off.

You're supposed to be the happy one, remember?

Like what?! Like this?!

What the hell's gotten into you?

I been stabbed, shot at, put in a coma,

had magic powers used on me,

superpowers used against me,

What difference does it make?

All it's done is cost me my blood,

my sweat...

My Paul.

It cost me Paul.

That's your husband, right?


He left me.

Because of you being Mr. terrific?

Because of me trying,

but I'm never gonna make it

because I don't have what it takes...

So now I don't have anything.

Hey. Keep your wrist straight

just so you don't jam it.

I, uh--i spoke to Laurel.

When did she become Laurel?

She's not Laurel, not Laurel Laurel.

She's not our Laurel, ok?

Ok. Felicity, I'm-- i can't pretend

to understand parallel worlds,

but if I'm gonna believe in them--

and--and I kind of have to now--

then I need to believe that differences

are caused by circumstances,

so why can't we change this
Laurel's circumstances?

You think that you can save her?

After she's thrown in with prometheus?

Under duress.


Heh. I think i can reach her.

When did you find the time to get

I'm a quick study.

My name's Adrian chase, star
city district attorney.

John Diggle, convict.

You here to add to my charges?

Not exactly. I'm representing you.

Your friend Oliver's persuasive,

plus he's my boss. Heh.

General Walker, the guy who wants you

you know who his boss is?

The president.

So you can imagine how difficult

this is about to be.

Mr. chase, mp officers are here

to remand the prisoner into

Wait. I thought I was supposed to stay

You're under their jurisdiction.

-The trial-- -the trial?

Man, there won't be a trial.

As soon as I'm out of here,

Walker will concoct some reason to put

a bullet in my head.

Ahh. Sergeant Diggle. Heh. Good to see you again.

Have sergeant Diggle cleared out of here

and ready for transport asap.

Got a long ride back to langham ahead of us.

So tell me...

What happened between you

Did he find someone else,

or were you not tall enough?

Do you have a sister?

Because I hear he loves sisters.

Oliver seems to think that because you

that you could become her.

And what do you think?

I think...

You should get used to living in cages.

There's a part of him that blames himself

It's who he is,

so when he looks at you...

He doesn't just see Laurel.

He sees a shot at redemption.

Wow. It must be really frustrating

that he doesn't listen to you.

Oh, I'm used to it.

How'd she escape?

The power went off and the dampener

Rene: And goldilocks huffed and puffed

and blew the door down.

That's not exactly how her power works.

Was there something wrong with cisco's specs?

Because didn't we just replicate the pipeline

We did.

I let her go.


Damn, blondie!

I'm sorry, but, everyone, just relax.

It put tracking nanites in her water,

the same once we used to find Malcolm Merlyn.

That makes everything better!

Isn't that exactly how you used anarky

to find darhk last year?

Could we have the room, please?

Seriously? This is getting good.

Rene, Rory, come on, guys.


You could have been hurt.

Whatever happened to

"if we change her circumstances"?

You risked your life to get a line on prometheus

because of Billy.

Well, now that you're killing again,

I thought, "why not put it to use?"

No. We're gonna get justice for Billy.

But first, we need to take care of your ex,

who's not even your ex.

Felicity on recording: There's a part of him

that blames himself for Laurel's death.

It's who he is,

so when he looks at you,

he sees more than just Laurel.

He sees his shot at redemption.

It's like I said. You know me better

I failed Laurel before.

I can't...

I can't fail her again.

I don't have to remind you that this isn't her.

I know.

Our--our Laurel's gone.

She's the last chance that I have...Ok?

Billy is my responsibility...

And we will get justice for him.

I'll let you know when the trackers

Gregor: You've been here for just few months,

and already you think you know everything.

Did it not occur to you that I could

I--i don't believe that.

Of course you don't

because you don't understand

that circumstances are what makes

a thing poison or nectar.

You believe your fool's errand

because you think that you are

for this darkness that's inside you.

Like baby blaming himself for being

left out in the cold by his mother.

If it weren't for that island...

You would be that harmless

American douchebag that you pretended

to be in kovar's casino.

So I guess I'm...

Just supposed to listen to you instead?

I can give you family,

one that does not see a monster

All I am asking in return

is your obedience.

Or else.

Or else...

You don't leave this room alive.

So mom and dad are going 12 rounds

They're just having a discussion.

Look. I--i know that i took the teasing

too far earlier.

I can be an acquired taste,

but...I'm sorry to hear about Paul

and that I made you feel worse about it.

Thanks. That's really big of you.

So what are you doing down here?

Well, since the black siren's cry

works on a more powerful frequency than Laurel's,

these are useless.

So I was trying to see if there's a way to make

the dampener portable so next time

we go up against her--

you can take her powers away.

That's awesome.

Yeah. Well, ideas are one thing.

Executing them is another.

-You don't get it, do you?
-Get what?

That maybe instead of beating yourself up

about what you can't do,

take a moment and appreciate

because it's pretty badass.

General Walker. Sorry, general,

but I cannot let you take John Diggle

without the proper paperwork turned in.

Excuse me?

Forms i-55 and w

and the completed transfer assignment

singed by the langham warden.

Never seen a d.A. Get involved

in military matters and on the defense side.

I'm expanding my practice.

Anything else?

It's not common for someone of your rank

to personally supervise a prisoner transfer.

I make exceptions for traitors and terrorists.

I'll need a district judge to ratify

That could take a few hours,

maybe even a few days.

Do you have the Attorney General

I do, and she owes me a favor.

I can have you disbarred in 15 seconds.

Now I expect the prisoner to be in my custody

in 24 hours.

Am I clear?

-Tracker's live.
-Where is she?

The nanites just metabolized.

I'm triangulating them with the keyhole

Remind me to upgrade our Internet tomorrow.

Got. 1400 block brand boulevard.

Pulling up keyhole now.

Curtis: I think I have something that will help,

a mobile version of the dampener


I might need some more time with it.

The circuitry's pretty complex,

I'm feeling a lot of pressure,

Felicity can come with and help you.

Hold up. Not getting a good enough reading off

There's no way to tell if black siren is actually

and the whole point of doing this is to catch


We need to wait till we get visual confirmation

We're not waiting for anything.

We're gonna bring her in right now.

Get on board with this.

Suit up.

This is private property.

Ma'am, what are you doing here?

I'm just waiting for a friend.

She's here. Create a perimeter. Go!

-Did you hear that?
-Hear what?

Kidding. I think people in Florida heard that.

She--she was crazy. She could scream.

Run away and call the police.

Don't move, Trinity.

Oh. I thought you'd be someone else.


-This should do it.
-Are you sure?

No, but we're out of time.


Diazepam. That should slow you down.

Diazepam--you could say i have a tolerance,

but you shouldn't be worrying about me

Ahh. Felicity.

I am so sorry,

but I think it's about time that

Felicity or me!


Don't do this.

There's no coming back for you.

If you kill Felicity, then you're killing

that part of yourself that existed

before you lost your family.

If you end this now,

then we can find that person again...


She was never there.

You really need to shut your damn mouth.

Hey, pumpkin.


Kept my wrist straight.

You turn me over, I'll be dead

before you get back to your office.

I believe you.

You know, when I woke up,

I didn't think that I'd be pissing off

one of the most powerful men in the military.

Hit me.


Hit me.

What the hell is going on here?

Your prisoner just decked me.

Unsatisfied with your legal counsel?

Who knows, but...

We are in starling county,

and in county code, section 47.15,

it specifically states that the district attorney,

me, can supersede transfers to other

jurisdictions if the suspect commits

a secondary crime within my jurisdiction.

Attacking a city official's

a very serious offense, Mr. Diggle.

I think I'm gonna have to
prosecute this one myself.

It could take a while.

Fine. I'll be back with a writ signed

Can't wait. I've always wanted her autograph.

You know how people hate to say,

I don't hate it. I friggin' love it.

You really weren't kidding about that

It's like shooting fish in a barrel with you.

It's cool. I can take it.

You were right, Rene.

I need to start embracing what I can do

for the team instead of what I can't.

That's what I'm talking about.

More tinkering and less fighting.

Well, i--i wouldn't exactly call it

-Oh, one more thing.
-Yeah. What's up?

You put your hands on me like that

and I'll kick your ass.

Oh. Good talk.

This is why i usually leave

the punching to you guys.

It was a memorable punch.

Ow. Typing is going to be a...Bit

of a challenge the next couple days.

Serves me right.

Because I let black siren go,

one of those guards could have gotten

We almost got prometheus.

Your plan worked. He was there.

No. If it worked, we'd be putting cuffs

We'll get there.

We'll get him.

I'm sorry she wasn't her.

I know.

I'm sorry about Billy.

He was a good man.

Like you.

So I'm guessing that Laurel is on her way

back to central city then.

Secure lockup at argus.

I'm keeping her close because...

If there's anything left of the real

I'm gonna find it.

You know what?

I could really get used to this newfound

I'm done asking.

Follow me or die.

Find out what's happening.

Hello, Mr. Queen.

My name is Talia.

I've been looking for you.

Just doesn't feel right,

them just taking it away like this.

We should build a new one.

I think we can do better.

Yeah. What are you thinking?

I haven't kept my promise to Laurel.

You're gonna train a new black canary?

I think that somewhere out there there is

a woman worthy of Laurel's legacy,

and...Now all we got to do is find her.

you boys want another round?

No. I was thinking of ordering

uh, not on the menu, huh?

Hey. Where you going, baby?

Seriously, could you two be

any more of a cliche?

Don't worry, sweetheart.

There's plenty of me to go around.

I thought people like you only existed

You know, two guys trying to overcompensate

for their lack of manhood by taking it out

on a defenseless woman.

What are you gonna do about it?