Arrow (2012–…): Season 4, Episode 9 - Dark Waters - full transcript

Oliver moves against HIVE; Malcolm goes to see Thea, leaving her with a warning; Damien Darhk retaliates at Oliver's holiday party.

Oliver: My name
is Oliver Queen.

After five years in hell,

I returned home
with only one goal--

to save my city.

But my old approach
wasn't enough.

I had to become
someone else.

I had to become
something else.

I had to become
the Green Arrow.

Previously, on "Arrow"...

So, when are you
gonna pop the question?

[Doorbell rings]

This is a map of
Lian Yu.

I think that it leads
to whatever Reiter is looking for.

To get there,
I'll need your help.

The restoration
of Starling Bay.

Leave the Bay
as it is.

What if I refuse?

The fight to save
Star City

isn't going to be fought
in the shadows.

It's gonna be fought
in the light of day.

And I promise you that
I will never stop fighting

to save this city.

Oliver: There was a time I would
have thought this was my fault.

It's not my fault.
It's my responsibility.


Hey. How we doing?

It's actually
a pretty great turnout.

Who knew people would
rather pick up garbage

than celebrate
the holidays, huh?

Not bad for a hippie,
crunchy campaign proposal, huh?

Nobody likes an
"I told you so."

Accept apparently
Star City.

Your approval rating
is up 10 points.

I have an approval rating.

Yes. Yes, you do.

Welcome to politics,
Mr. Queen.

Mr. Queen.

Yes. Excuse me.

How do you feel
about inspiring

so many people to
come out here today?

Oh, I didn't inspire

This is the city that I know,
it's the city I remember,

and it's the city
that we can be again.

Nice. Thank you
for your time.

Thank you.

Nice line.

Wish you'd given him
that one?

I might have given
a note or two.

Diggle: Well, you've got
people picking up garbage

when they should be
picking up presents.

I think you missed
your calling.

How are you doing?

I have my brother home
with me for the holidays, Oliver.

He's in a cage,
but he's here.

We're gonna get Andy
out from under Darhk's influence, John.

That is a promise.

If we can reduce just
40% of the toxicity

that's produced by
the bacterial micro-organisms

that have just
sprung up here--

We can swim in just
12 more days

if the restitution rates
stays consistent.


She's like a mini you.

So cute.

That's awesome.


Everybody get down!

Get down!

Come on, let's go.


Go, go. Get down!


I think I can power
the drones down remotely.

I think now would be
a good time for that.


Laurel: Hurry!

Get down!

You all right?

♪ Arrow 4x09 ♪
Dark Waters
Original Air Date on December 9, 2015

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A day of hope for
a better tomorrow

has turned into another day
of despair for Star City.

A terrorist attack has left
dozens in critical condition

after people showed up to help
Oliver Queen and his campaign staff

clean up the Star City Bay.

In the meantime, SCPD
and national authorities

are searching for
the individuals responsible,

but so far,
there are no suspects.

Any news on the victims?

Some are being released,
some are still in surgery.

It's a miracle
that no one died.

Despite Darhk's
best efforts.

Are we sure that
this was HIVE?

Yeah, that's what
I thought.

Are you ok?

There were kids there.

It's Alex.

He's saying that
every news network

in the country is looking for
a comment from you.

No comment.

Ollie, we have to
give them something.

What do you want me
to say?

I asked people
to come and help,

they almost died
because of it.

It's--when we have
a plan to get Darhk,

then I will talk
to the press.

I know HIVE wants
this city to die,

but going after
a volunteer event,

it just seems
a little overkill.

Two weeks ago Darhk told me
to back off my plan to clean up the Bay.

Today he went after

This is important to him
for some reason.

We need to understand
what it is.

Last time I tried to
talk to my brother,

it didn't go
too well.

Try to talk to him

A couple of weeks in a cage
will change your perspective.

Trust me.

All right, almost there.
Maybe two more miles.

Since when does two more miles
mean almost there?

Taiana, we need
to push forward.

No. That's what
you want.

My brother's dead and you have me
marching to the sea.

I thought that you wanted
to get back at Reiter.

I want to kill the bastards who
killed my brother.

Conklin is just
an extension of Reiter.

You want to hurt them,

you keep them from
getting what they want.

Your idea of revenge
is a bit more indirect than mine.

You're right.
I'm using you.

You said you were a dive instructor.
I need those skills.

But I'm promising you,
if I get what I want,

Reiter and Conklin
will suffer.

What would Vlad
want you to do?

My friends seem to
think you're ready to talk.

But I know better.

You were always
one stubborn son of a bitch.

Pictures of Carly
and Andy Jr.

A real man would
have asked for them by now.

You know Carly cried
for months

because she thought
you were killed.

Andy Jr. grew up
without a father.

And you let them.

It wasn't me.
It was HIVE.

They fake our deaths
so we're untraceable.

Floyd Lawton shot me
with ammo supplied by HIVE.

He didn't even know.

But you destroyed
your family, Andy.

And you never
reached out to them.

Not even once.

How could you
do that?

I get it. You didn't care then,
you don't care now.

Just so you know,

your good friend
Damien Darhk

attacked the Star City Bay
this morning.

Hurt a whole lot
of people.

And the neuro-blockers

he was using on you are
no longer in your system.

So chemically speaking,
Andy, you're no longer his bitch.

I'm not anyone's bitch.

And I'm not yours.

What happened to you, Andy?

If Damien Darhk
brainwashed you,

I could get it.

But according to Darhk,

were you running drugs
and weapons in the Stan?

I had to do what
I had to do.

I'm giving you
a chance here, man.

[Sighs] A chance, Andy,
to redeem yourself

for all that
you've done.

I have to believe that some place
deep inside of you

you want to make
the right choice.

So I'm asking whatever's left of
the brother I love,

the one I still love,

one last time, man,

what does Darhk want
with the bay?

I don't know.

Hey, mom.

Thank God you're ok,

Yeah, I'm ok.
I'm fine.

Ohh, it's so awful.

It's like who shoots up
a bunch of people during the holidays?

That's what makes it

Why does it look like Santa Claus
threw up in here?

[Laughs] It's for
Oliver's campaign holiday party.

I wanted to make sure
your Jewish heritage was represented.

Yeah, not so sure
that's still gonna be happening.

What? Humbug.

No, no, no.
That's ridiculous, sweetie.

No, you can't let
the terrorists win.

I'm gonna go take
a shower.



Mom! Mom! Are you ok?
Are you ok?

Are you ok?

In the Christmas lights...

In a ring box.

I found this.


3 carats, Princess cut.

No cloudiness at all.

I knew Oliver loved you,
but not this much.

He's gonna propose.

Oh! [Laughs]

He's gonna propose.
Oh, my gosh.

Oh, honey, I don't know
who's more excited, you or me.




[Indistinct chatter]

Thanks for coming.

I've been trying to
figure out how to deal with them.

Sort of think our best bet is
telling the truth.

It's the only play
we got, man.

The HIVE has us

If we have any
chance of stopping Darhk,

we need to ask
the city for help.

If we do this,
it's going to paint a target

on all of our backs.

We can take care
of ourselves.

Let's light them up.

[Clears throat]

Thank you for coming, everyone.
Thank you.

As today's tragedy
has reminded us,

we are at war.

For 6 months, we have been besieged
by a nameless

and a faceless

that seems hell bent
on destroying our city.

You know them as
the Ghosts.

And while they
may be anonymous,

their leader is not.

He has a face,
he has a name,

and I think that
it is high time

the people of Star City
know the truth about who he is.

His name is Damien Darhk.

He controls the Ghosts
on behalf

of an organization
known as HIVE.

HIVE wants this city
to die.

Now, I will be
distributing this,

the only known
photograph or Mr. Darhk,

to every news outlet
and social media feed in the country.

For months, this man has made us
afraid to walk the streets.

I suggest that we
return the favor.

We will also be
setting up a hotline.

Now, individually, Mr. Darhk
may be able to defeat us,

but united, he doesn't
stand a chance.

Congratulations, Damien.
You're famous.

Well, that should get
his attention at the very least.

You good with the hotline?

I'm on it.

All right.

Happy hunting.

That is a whole lot
of Hanukah.

Yeah, for your campaign
holiday party.

You better believe that my faith
is going to be well represented.

Felicity, ahem, we just waved
a red flag in front a bull.

That doesn't mean
the bull is gonna charge right away.

And it doesn't mean we can put our
entire lives on hold in the meantime.

But--help me out here, man.

Can't do. Can't throw a grenade
and then go to ground.

John is right.

As much as your speech
was about outing Darhk,

it was also about sending the message
that you're not afraid anymore.

And canceling your
Christmas party--


Your holiday party is sending
the opposite message.

Ok. Talk to Lance, see if he can get
some extra security

for this holiday party.


Can I ask you a question?

Now? Here?

I mean, what's
the question?

Did we do the right thing?

You mean with Darhk?

Yeah. He's gonna retaliate
somewhere, someplace.

When he does,
we'll be ready.

I think the drugs Reiter has you and
the other captives growing

is just funding
his bigger plan.

Searching for some sort
of mystical artifact.

He likes his prayers
and trinkets.

And maps.

But I cannot make that one

without detailed
survey maps of the island.

Reiter doesn't
have them?

Not that I've seen.

But Reiter is not
the first person

to come to this island while
I've been here.

If you're here to give me
a Christmas present,

you can keep whatever knife
or torture device you plan on giving me.

No presents.
Nothing gift-wrapped at any rate.

I just wanted to
check and see how you're feeling.

I'm great.

Haven't wanted to snap
anybody's neck

who's given me
the wrong look

since Damien Darhk
whammied me.

I think I might
be cured, Dad.

So you can keep whatever file
you have on a pedophile

or meter maid
or politician,

whoever it is that
you think I'm gonna kill.

Since you told me about
your encounter with Damien Darhk,

I had my minions
looking into it.

You love having minions.

Darhk's affect on you
had nothing to do

with his exposure
to waters from the Lazarus Pit.

Then why do you think
he's affecting my bloodlust?

I don't know.

There are very few things in this world
that scare me, Thea,

but I'm beginning
to suspect

we're dealing with something
that might fall into that category.

Cheer up, Dad.
Ok? It's Christmas.

We are dealing with
universal forces

that I don't
understand yet.

Please promise me
that you will be careful.

I pinky promise.

[Indistinct chatter,
music playing]

You were not kidding
about the extra security.

Where did you find
all these guys?

A friend of mine
is a SEAL.

He knows someone who
knew someone who knew someone.

Really big

These guys are
like 3 of me.

Yeah. Where's Laurel?

Probably fielding
a million calls on the hotline.

She must love you
right now.

Is it just me

or did you hire the us army
as your caterers?

Actually, they're marines.

I am John Diggle.
I work security for Mr. Queen.

Curtis Holt, I work for
Mr. Queen's girlfriend.

This is my husband Paul.

Wow. A hottie.

Nice work,

What, was--wait,
was that weird?

A little.

Don't worry,

you're handsome,

but you bat for
the other team

and I'm practically

And by practically

I mean not engaged
at all.

Right? I mean,
anything can happen eventually.

In like years.
In another galaxy.

Excuse me, can I steal
you for a second?

The fire department
chief's here.

Very nice to meet
you. Curtis.


How long have you
two been married?

5 years right about now.

Oh, a winter

It must have been

It was the summer,

We got married on
a scuba diving boat

near the Great Barrier Reef.

I hid the ring in a seashell
at the bottom of the reef.

And you are lucky
I found it.

Well, you never
would have found it

if I had put it in a dessert
like straight people do.

Have you seen him
eat a piece of cake?

He doesn't chew, he inhales.


Felicity, are you ok?

Yeah, just got to
find my mom.

[Indistinct chatter]




Uh, I am never gonna be
able to unsee this.

Sorry, honey.

Um, sweetie, I would like you to meet
my boyfriend, Quentin.

She's your mother?
He's your boyfriend?


Did you say

I'm sorry, do--do you
guys know each other?

I thought it was
just like a date or something.

Can--can--can I talk
to my mom?

For a second.

Oh, yeah.

Listen, um, Laurel
doesn't know.

Yeah, I'm gonna hit myself
over the head

with something very heavy
so that I don't know either.

All right.
Yeah, ok.

Bye. [Laughs]

Isn't Quentin amazing?

Oh, my gosh!

Oliver was gonna propose
to me 3 months ago.


3 months ago.

How do you know?

It's a long story,

but he was gonna propose,
and then we moved back here.

So why didn't he just
pop the question

once you settled
back in?


Never mind.

What? Excuse me.

Hey! Hey! Hey. Hey.

What's going on?

I don't know.

Is it Darhk?

In as much as he's the reason

that Laurel and Thea showed up
on our doorstep 3 months ago

right before you were
going to propose.

And before you say
anything, you should know

that my mom found the ring
in the decorations box.

It's not what you think.

That depends on
whether or not

you think that I think
that you were gonna propose

and then that you
changed your mind.

I didn't change my mind.

Well, something changed.

Everything changed.
Where we live,

what we do, who we are.

I was gonna propose.


But then we came back
to Star City

and I just needed some
time to rethink things.

Because you thought
I wasn't gonna say yes?

No, because what we're
doing is dangerous. And I--

But I chose this life
and I chose you.

And I don't understand
why we can't have both.



[People screaming]

[Gunfire continues]

Mmm. Mmm.

Malbec. Nice.

How did you know that
was my favorite red?

So full bodied,
so full of life.

Unlike your security

Oh, and in my defense,
they fired first.

I guess my invitation
was lost in the mail.

I'm only kidding.

It's not my
kind of scene anyway.

Hmm. I'm only here to have a word
with the man of the hour.

What do you want?

Well, something I
can't have, apparently.

Your loyalty,
your allegiance.

I told you there would be
a price to pay if you refused.

I made that decision,
not these people.

Let them go.

Oh, I wish I could do that.
I really do.

But sometimes the best
way to teach someone a lesson

isn't to punish them,

it's to punish the ones
he cares about the most.

[People screaming]

Take them.


Oliver. Oliver,
they took her.

They took my baby girl.

It's ok.

It's all right.
It's ok.

I'll get her back.


They took Thea, too.

All right,
she's gonna be ok.

What happened?

It was all over
before it started.

John and Thea, they didn't
stand a chance.

And I couldn't make a move
because then Darhk would know

that I was playing
for your side.

And I'm not sure
that was the right call.

You made the right call.
We need to track Darhk.

You need to dig up
everything that you can find, ok?

Yeah, I'm on it.

Police are gonna want to ask you
about what happened.

Take care of these people.
Get them home if they need it.

Get them medical attention
if they need it.

And pay for it out of
the campaign fund.

Of course. What
about the police?

Stall the police.



Tell me where to find
Damien Darhk.

Where is Damien Darhk?

Oliver, we'll find them.

Not even the Ghosts
know where they are.

Did you learn anything
from the hotline?

Only how many crazy/bored
people there are in the city.

Don't go there.

Your go-to place.

Where you sit there
and you say that it's all your fault.

Well, it is my fault.
I'm the one who outed Darhk.

I know. I seem to remember us
all being there when you did.

I ran for mayor because
I can protect myself

and I thought that all
of you could, too.

And you were right,
we can.

I know, but you didn't
sign up for this.

Oliver, we can take care
of ourselves.

And that's including

You inspired a lot
of people.

Well, Thea and John
and Felicity,

inspiration is not what
they need tonight.

[Cell phone vibrates]

But somewhere, someplace
there is a Ghost that's gonna talk to me.

What if there isn't?

I'm going to take great pleasure in
trying to make them.

Are you ready?

I hope so.

I don't see how you can free dive
after only an hour's instruction.

Well, since coming
to this island,

I've learned I can do
a lot of things

that I didn't think
I could.

Plus, you're a good teacher.

I could go with you.

I know the ship.
I'll be back in a few minutes.

All right, I want every uniform
canvassing leads.

I want every detective talking to
every CO we got. You get it?

[Sighs] Hey, baby,
what's--what's going on?

Something happened?

Got a message
from the office.

A tip came
through the hotline.

Yeah? Something we can
move on?

About you.

Come here.

Are you working for
Damien Darhk?

It's not what you think.

You don't know
what I think.

Darhk threatened you, ok?

I did what I had to do
to keep you safe, honey.

Oh, really?
And what's that, Dad?

How many people died?

How many fathers'

None, I hope.
None, I...

I just--I just been
eyes and ears, all right?

First for Darhk, and then
for the past month or so...


Oliver knew about this?

Yeah, he found out.
Didn't take it too well at first,

but then I think
he understood.

Understood what?

That there was nothing
I wouldn't do to protect my baby girl.

[Cell phone vibrates]


[Approaching footsteps]

You got something?

[Sighs] Just a lot of
suicidal Ghosts.

Yeah, and where does
that leave us?

Honestly, Oliver,

this place is even
easier to break into

than your last lair.

What the hell's


We're pressed for time.

Suffice it to say, I'm a little less dead
than most people think.

What are you doing here?

My daughter's in danger.

Shouldn't your first
question be

what took you so long?

What is this?

HIVE used polyphasic-encrypted
satellite phones

to communicate.
That is one of them.

And where did you get it?
I'm Ra's al Ghul.

Maybe we can use the
phone to track Darhk.

If Felicity were here,

But as it is, our only play
is trading me for them.

Ok, listen, I'm not
gonna pretend to understand

what is going on

But the idea of you
turning yourself over to Darhk,

that's the worst
idea I've heard in a while.

Maybe, but it's
our only play.

I brought all this on,
I have to end it.

Well, I hope
you're all enjoying the city.

You know, we have
a lovely symphony

and the best coffee
on the western seaboard.


Ms. Fayad said you like
to play games, Damien.



Games. Now you're just
wasting our time.

We came here to check on
your progress with Genesis,

not to watch you exercise
a personal vendetta.

Oh, you're talking
about Oliver Queen's friends.

We have greater concerns
than some mayoral campaign.

That campaign's
involvement in the Star City Bay

turned out to be
a concern.

[Cell phone vibrates]

Well, folks, turns out
things are gonna get real interesting

real fast.

I was surprised
to get your call.

And on one of our
secure phones no less.

You are more than
you see, Oliver.

Oh, you really
better hope that isn't true.


What's the word for a man
who threatens the man

who's holding his
nearest and dearest captive?

I don't know, idiot?

You didn't kill
my friends.

You took them
to make a point.

You've made it.


Not yet I haven't.

[Metal detector buzzes]

I'm here.
Let my friends go.

I'm sorry, did you think this was
quid pro quo, Mr. Queen?

We have a deal.
Now let my friends go.


Do you know who perfected
the gas chamber?

The Nazis.

For years I wondered why the world
would allow those monsters to exist,

let alone thrive.

And then I realized, the
world needed them to.

As horrible as it sounds,
every now and then,

humanity needs a reset,
a do-over.

That time has come.

What is this?

A demonstration

of the project that you're
gonna help us with

once we install you
as mayor.

Think of it as your friend's and
family's life insurance policy.

Oh. [Snaps]

Thank you for
your service,

your mind, and your
belief in me.

You will forever be
part of our HIVE.

Man: The bloom is active.


Oh, and by the way,
thank you for doing the legwork

on skimming the bay.

My people were using
the harbor

to create
a certain type of algae.

One that would allow us
to do this undetected.

Oh, bummer.

Well, at least he lasted
longer than the previous one.

I guess that's something.

All right, let's continue to adjust
the ratio of the bloom.

If you told me I'd
ever get used to

seeing you dressed
up like that, I'd...

Excellent. You've got
your bondage outfit on.

And no mask for you?

Not my thing.

If we're going
after Oliver,

wouldn't it make sense
for you to bring along

a few of your
little ninja friends?

I can't afford to
pit the League against HIVE.

Do you have
Oliver's location?

An abandoned industrial complex
outside Pennytown.

You'd think Darhk would have checked
to see if he was tagged with a tracker.

Well, I'm sure he did.
Damien's very thorough.

But Oliver had me
tag him

with the same
particular nano technology

he used on me
last year.

What about me?

No, you'll blow your
cover with Darhk.

It's pretty much
already blown.

Can you give us
the room?

I have enough

drama in my life as it is.

Good luck.

Thank you.

Remember, we're
on a clock.

Ok, if this is about
you not trusting me anymore

after working
with Darhk, then--

No, it's just the opposite.

You've done things,

things that you'll never
forgive yourself for,

because you were
protecting me,

but I'm the one
who gets to decide

whether I need
anyone's protection.

That's not how
parenting works, sweetheart.

I think that you and I
can both agree

that our relationship is
a little unconventional.

[Sighs] Mask should have
been the first clue.

Listen, sweetheart.

You just be careful
out there, all right?

'Cause I don't know what I'd do
if anything were to happen to you.

In fact, that's not true.
I know exactly what I would do.

And it'd be ugly.

These people,
they're volunteers?

True believers.
Every last one.


Aw. Well, I'll give you guys
some privacy to say your farewells.

Are John and Thea all right?

Yeah, I think so.

Please don't tell me
that you traded your life for ours,

because that
would be extremely old Oliver.

I had to turn myself in.

It was the only way
to know where you were being held.

One little problem.
Two if you think

that Darhk is gonna
keep up his end of the bargain.

But what happens
when the calvary shows up

and the Green Arrow's
not present?

Darhk is evil,
not stupid.

I have that handled,

It had to be this way.

Why? 'Cause you
think that we're in this situation

because of
your decisions?

Look, I really hate
to be the one

to break this
to you, Oliver,

but you are not
the boss of me.

And I am the one who decides
whether I need anyone's protection.

But at the Christmas
party from hell,

you said you were
gonna propose and you didn't

because you weren't
sure our relationship

could survive
this kind of life.

It was a holiday party.

And I had more to say,
but we were attacked.

And here we are,

Fighting our way
through the danger

instead of running
away from it.

Isn't that the whole
point of marriage,

to get through the hard times
because we are together,

not in spite of it?


Just so you know,
if you would have asked me,

I would have said



Ahh, thank you
for coming.

Oh, my God.
What's going on?

The deal is that I
bring myself here

and you let my friends go.




Let me go!

I'm so sorry
about this.


We had a deal!

I think if you replay
our conversation

in your mind, our bargain
was only at best implied.

Even so, bad guy,

You let them go.

I will.
Existentially speaking.

You do this, you lose
any leverage that you have over me.

Wrong. As long as
they're alive,

you have something
to fight for.

That is what
I am taking away from you.

But don't worry,
it's painless.

[Air blows]

Well, mostly.


[No audio]

Look for seams.

This place may not be
100% sealed.

I love you.

[No audio]

Oh, Oliver, don't worry,
there are plenty of fish.

If it's blondes you like, I can have one
at your house in 20 minutes.

One that I won't kill.

[Canary screeches]



Hey, come on, let's go.


I thought
I lost you.

I'm here.
I'm here.

Is that my father?



And here I was ready
to just call it even for the night.

You may go.

As the kids say,

I got this.

You really haven't
learned anything, have you?

Oh, I might have
learned a little.

Hi, there.

Where's Malcolm?




I'm dying to see
what's beneath that mask.


Seems like you're
dying a bit, too.




We shouldn't leave
all these guys here.

If they're anything like
Darhk's guy in the gas chamber,

we probably should.

[Alarm sounding]

Ok, they're definitely
like Darhk's guy in the gas chamber.


Is that the best
you've got?

There's four of you
and a lot more of us.


Yeah, well, now
there's five.


Guess you decided you didn't need
anyone's protection.

Brought the calvary.
Hope you don't mind.

Let's go!


Good news.

I'm gonna let you live
long enough to watch me

kill your little
green buddy.

Get clear.


Kanjigar septum...


Are you sure that Darhk

didn't make it out of
the explosion?

Have you seen
any horror movies?

These guys don't stay dead.

Especially if
you can't find a body.

Glass half empty much?

Good news is
whatever Darhk had going on there,

we lit it up
pretty good.

Where is Merlyn?

Said he had to
attend to League business.

Can't believe
I'm gonna say this,

but I owe him one.

I helped out
a little bit, too.

Yes, you did.


Aren't we supposed to go
to that thingy?

What thingy?

It's a surprise.

You're not the only one
that can keep a secret.

What happened?

A shark.

Guess I don't taste
very good.


Ahh. That is gonna
leave a scar.



Well, hey, Taiana.

You're a little less dead than
you're supposed to be.

And you, you may not
be a spy,

but you're
definitely a liar.

Which means you're
probably lying about being a spy.

I'm gonna enjoy
taking pieces out of you.

What do you want?

To talk.

Thought you gave up
on that.

I did, until I met
your cult leader, Damien Darhk.

It's not a cult.

The man has people,
regular people,

honest people,
I'm thinking,

so brainwashed
they're willing to die for him.


You know what, think what
you want to think.

It's a free country.

For now.

This isn't you,

The man I knew

pulled me out of
dark waters,

convinced me to keep
going when I didn't see the point.

No, what you didn't see,
what you failed to see

is the man I really am,

right in front of you
the whole time.

So my brother's
a Ghost?

Fine, we'll treat
you like a Ghost.

Your vigilante problem's
getting worse.

Oh, relax, Ms. Nixon.

Focus on the here and now.

There's concerns
that you're leading us off the rails.

No, I'm leading us exactly
where we need to be.

Beautiful, isn't it?

And I don't even
like corn.

Go ahead, breathe.

Drink it in.

Tell me what it
reminds you of.

Seems so real.

Ahh, I liken it to
the air on Everest.

Little thin, maybe,

but just enough
to keep things interesting.

I thought the tests
had failed.

Not the last one.

Thanks to the algae
we engineered from Star City Bay,

the air down here is now
perfectly breathable.

We are right on schedule.

Phase 4 begins now.

And what of Oliver Queen?

This is all
Alex's idea.

He wanted to show
the people

that you're not
backing down.

All you got to do is, uh,
flick a switch and give a speech.

That's it?

We'll be here waiting for you
when you're done.

You're coming with me.

No. Whoa.



Oh, jeez.

Thank you.

Thank you, everyone.

This week, an event just
like this was interrupted by terrorists.

But all of us
are here tonight

to send those people
a very simple message.

We're not gonna let
the darkness win.

So all of us are here to
light a candle together.


[Cheers and applause]

This right there's possible
because of all of you,

and I am grateful
for each one of you.

There is one person
in particular

that I am grateful for.


Someone that has stood
beside me

when times were darkest.

She is the one
who lights my way.

Felicity Smoak...


Would you make me

the happiest man on
the face of the earth?


[Laughs] Yes.

[Cheers and applause]

♪ Come they told me,
pa rum pum pum pum... ♪

Wow, it looks even
bigger in here.


But to tell you
the truth,

I don't even care
about the bling.

All I care about is you.

♪ Our finest gifts we bring,
pa rum pum pum pum ♪

♪ to lay before the king,
pa rum pum pum pum ♪

♪ rum pum pum pum,
rum pum pum pum ♪

♪ so to honor him,
pa rum pum pum pum... ♪

What's going on?

[Song continues]

♪ I played my drum for him,
pa rum pum pum pum ♪

♪ I played my best for him,
pa rum pum pum pum ♪

♪ rum pum pum pum,
rum pum pum pum... ♪

Hey, hey.

♪ Then he smiled at me,
pa rum pum pum pum ♪

♪ me and my drum ♪

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