Arrow (2012–…): Season 4, Episode 8 - Legends of Yesterday - full transcript

In this cross-over from "The Flash", Oliver and Barry Allen hide Kendra and Carter in a remote location while they try to figure out how to defeat Vandal Savage, while Felicity, Thea, Diggle and Laurel work to come up with a weapon to destroy Vandal. Meanwhile, Oliver tries to re-connect with his old girlfriend Samantha and her son.

Previously on Arrow and Flash...

- Thanks, mister.
- Yeah.

Barry said that you need our help.
Somebody very dangerous is after you.

Give her to me and I'll
make your death fast.

The man you're looking
for is Vandal Savage.

An Immortal.

Chay-Ara, it's me, Khufu.

We're drawn to each other in each life,
and after we die, we reincarnate.

Do you know who
Vandal Savage is?

In every lifetime,
he hunts us down.

We think he's trying to
locate the Staff of Horus.

I'm never gonna become who I
really am unless I let go.



Prince Khufu, my son, what
have you come to offer?

Father, we bring this tribute to the
protector of all we see and know, Horus.

Praise be upon him.

It is a fine offering, Khufu,
a feast worthy of a god.

And yet, Priestess Chay-Ara
does not seem to agree.

Your offering is lovely, my prince.
If not a bit naive.


To think that Horus would
be appeased by trifles.

The portents of his dissatisfaction
grow with each passing day.

The celestial rocks used
to fall once a generation.

Now they strike with
each phase of the moon.

I thought it was your job to keep
Horus in a good mood, Priestess.

Priestess Chay-Ara only speaks
out of concern for all.

Otherwise, she would
remain a bit more polite.

We have warned you, time and again, of
the sky rocks and the threat they pose

to the court of Ramesses the Wise.
Dark times are coming, my pharaoh.

Prayers and trifles will not
be enough to stop them.

Priestess! You spoke with
quite the tongue in there.

Did I over-act?

No. I love your tongue.

You okay?

Yeah. I'm fine. I
just have a headache.

Are you sure? Usually, that's a
sign of your memories returning.

Yeah, I'm sure. I can't
remember anything yet.

A bunch of superheroes
in a farmhouse?

Feel like I've seen
that in a movie before.

We need a secure location.

What's wrong with S.T.A.R. Labs?

Well, I mean,
absolutely nothing,

if you forget about the revolving
door you guys installed

so the bad guys can come
and go as they please.

Remind me again what
happened to your old lair?

Or the one before that?

Well, lair number one was
compromised by the police.

And I will stop helping.

Savage only let Barry and I
live because he felt Kendra

start to emerge as Hawkgirl
and went after her.

He can sense her and
Carter's presence.

We don't need to make it easier on
him by staying in the city limits.

Bet you wish you stayed at
your mother's place now.

We need to find a way to neutralize
Savage's advantage. Barry, you're late.

Sorry. It turns out it's not easy
finding the ass-end of nowhere.

Yeah, for real. The roaming charges
alone are going to bankrupt me.

We're discussing how to take
away Savage's new-found power.

His magic stick thing.

Uh, Staff of Horus.

Well, it's protected by
some kind of energy field.

- I couldn't lay a finger on it.
- Maybe wear mittens next time.

What if we made some sort
of insulated gauntlets?

Ooh, yeah, yeah, yeah. The magnetic
shielding could disrupt the...

- Staff's magnetic polarity.
- Yeah.

- Well, while the geek squad works...
- Heard that, honey.

While they work to get the
staff away from Savage,

we need to know everything
there is to know about him.

Well, I googled "reincarnated
nutjobs" and came up with nothing.

Uh, Kendra and I would be the reincarnated
nutjobs. Savage is merely immortal.

- Merely?
- Welcome to the new normal.

Anyone who's been around for 4,000
years should leave a trail.

I'll check with A.R.G.U.S. See
if they have anything on him.

Uh, Laurel and I can check police
reports and stuff like that.

Good. We need to find a way
to utilize your new ability.

- My ability?
- It might give us an advantage.

Yeah. Whatever you do,
don't let him train you.

I'm sorry, but when it rains, I can still
feel where you shot me with those arrows.

I'll handle her training then.

- Yeah.
- Oliver.

I need to run something down.
I'll be back as soon as I can.

And what exactly are
you running down?

Don't worry. It's
nothing dangerous.

Well, are you okay?

Well, we're up against an immortal
madman armed with a magical staff,

so I do have a few
things on my mind.

Yeah, but you were acting fine with
everything while we were home.

And now that we're here in Central
City, you've just been not you.

Well, maybe it's too bright
and sunny for me here.

There is something going on, and I'm
going to tell you all about it.

I would just like the chance to
know what I'm dealing with first.



Hey! You must be going
through a lot right now.

Yeah. You know, we should talk.

Never in the history of romance have
those words ever meant anything good.

I just mean we should probably talk
about everything that's happened.

That's happening.

You know what? I'm gonna suggest something
radical here and say let's not talk.

Look, you got a lot on
your plate right now,

and I just don't want to be that
piece of very nutritious broccoli

that you scrape off the
plate to give to the dog.

My point being, I don't think you can
afford to be distracted right now.

Let's go.

Yes. Let's.

Sorry, buddy. This is private.

- Private?
- Yep.

I'm just gonna go do some
push-ups over there.

Open it.

Why? What's inside?

Something we have to track down
in each of our incarnations.

Sometimes, I find it.

Sometimes, you find me and
we go look for it together.

Four thousand years, 206 lives, we've
seen about every combination there is.

I don't think I'm really...

Ready for this. You say
that in every lifetime.

Look, as you emerge, as your memories
come back to you, so will other things.

Skills. Languages. Pieces
of your prior lives.

There you go.

Oh, this is nuts.

It's okay. I'll help
you through it.

Yeah, well, the last time you "helped"
me, I got pushed off a building.

Yes, and after that, you, uh, you
soared, if I remember correctly.

And that is because
anger, fear, adrenaline,

those are the things that
bring out the warrior within.

Well, according to
Savage, I'm a priestess.

The clergy were warriors.
Warrior priests.

And that is the side that
you need to remember.

And if I can't?

Well, then we'll, uh,
both probably die. Again.

- Today?
- Yeah.

- All right, let's not be late.
- Okay.

Thank you.



Uh, hold on one second.
What are you doing here?

I'm so sorry to just
drop by unannounced.

I came to town the other day, and
I saw, I saw you with your son.


William? That's a nice name.

Oliver, what are you
doing at my house?

I saw you and William
together, and I...

It's difficult not
to wonder because...

He's what, nine? And, you know,
we had our thing 10 years ago.

- Okay, let me stop you right there.
- All right.

William isn't yours. I told
you, I lost our baby, Oliver.


And I met William's father two months
after moving to Central City, so...

Mom, we're gonna miss the game!

- I'm sorry. I have to go.
- No, go.



Here you are.

- Sorry.
- Thank you.

Wish William good luck
for me, all right?

I will.

Now is not a good time, Malcolm.

I've arranged a meeting with Vandal Savage.
You, me and the speedster.

What? Wait, why...

Because negotiation is the only way
out of this situation, Oliver.

Savage is going to decimate Central
City to get what he wants.

If your child were here,
you would understand.

Suit up. I've already spoke with
fleet feet. He's on his way.

Thank you for coming. I know this
is more than a little crazy.

Yeah. Well, your friend with the
creepy ring asked so nicely.

Please tell me we're not going
to negotiate with terrorists.

Or, you know,
4,000-year-old bad guys.

Just think of this more as
a fact-finding mission.

Maybe Savage slips up
and gives us something

that we can use
to our advantage.

Thea said you were being a
little bit more humorous lately.

I'm sorry. How do you know so
much about Savage, anyway?

I don't know anything about him, Mr.
Allen. No one does.

That is why I'm afraid of him.

That's not the only reason to
be afraid of me. I assure you.

- Thank you for joining me.
- What do you want?

What all living things want.
Not to die.

I thought that wasn't
a problem for you.

Only if I take the life force from
Prince Khufu and Priestess Chay-Ara.

Kendra and Carter.

The three of us are locked in a vicious
circle played out over thousands of years.

None of your concern.

We've made it our concern.

Robin of Locksley. I taught
him how to use a bow.

He taught me how to not feel pain.
I'm the enemy you can't defeat.

The only way for you and
yours to live through this

is to render unto
me what is mine.

Turn over Prince Khufu and Priestess
Chay-Ara within 24 hours,

or I will lay waste to this city,
killing everyone that you hold dear.

And after that, I will travel to your
home and do the same thing there.

All right, I'm just curious, did you
rehearse that speech in a mirror

this morning or is this
all just off the cuff?

Why would you risk the lives of your
friends and family for two strangers?

Two hundred and six times
I have killed them.

What hubris possesses you that makes
you think that you can prevent me

from doing so again?

Not hubris. Hope.

I came to this meeting out of curiosity.
It is now sated.

Bring Khufu and Chay-Ara to
Jurgens Industrial in 24 hours

or I will see you dead and buried
under the bodies of your loved ones.

We're not giving up
Kendra and Carter.

That's not your
decision to make.

This is a cycle that has played
out for the last 4,000 years.

Savage may be immortal,
but he isn't a god.

- No. But he's the next best thing. Oliver.
- What?

You better be certain
that your stubbornness

does not get my daughter killed.

Because if that happens,
I will come for you,

and in a way that will make you beg
for the likes of Vandal Savage.

Twenty-four hours.

Until what?

Until we are supposed to hand you
and Carter over to Savage or...

- Savage lays waste to Central City.
- Yep.

We've been through this before.
1887, The Huang He flood,

Savage killed nearly two million
people to get to us. And he did.

We weren't helping you then.
We are now.

We have 24 hours to come
up with a workable plan.

No, this is insane. My life isn't
worth millions of people's lives.

- Kendra... I'll talk to her.
- Yeah.

Hey, I got this.

I said I'll talk to her.

Hey, here's an idea. Why don't we
just toss him over to Vandal Savage?

- Where were you?
- Hey.

You missed the whole save the
city or turn my girlfriend over

to an immortal
psychopath briefing.

I'm sorry, I'm sorry. Um, dude, I...
Last night, I, um, I ghosted.


- Yeah. I think I'm gonna...
- Don't say it.

- I think I'm going to time jump...
- I just told you not to say it!

I'm sorry. I don't know what
else I'm supposed to do.

Barry, the first rule of time travel
is you don't talk about time travel!

Because by having this conversation,
we're screwing history.

Look, I know that time
travel has consequences.

I mean, the last
time you vibed...

Well, I'm not vibing anything right now.
Okay, um, all right, look, don't panic.

A, you don't know that you
time-jumped for a bad reason.

It could have been a good one, right?
B, now that you know you time-jumped,

you might not do it, right? So, knowing
the future might change the present,

which might change the future.


My head hurts.

Chay-Ara! Sorry. Kendra.
You shouldn't run off.

- We don't know if Savage is...
- Do we ever kill ourselves?

Excuse me?

In our prior lives. Savage has to
kill us in order to live forever.

Do we ever kill ourselves
in order to deny him that?

You know, in our past lives, I'm
typically the one that makes the plans.

And I'm starting to think
this is probably why.

Everyone in there is willing
to die to protect us.

You don't think that's
a little bit insane?

No. I think it's noble. I think
it's what makes them all heroes.

Yeah, well, heroes or not, I'm
not letting anyone die for me.

Then don't.

Be the person, the woman, the
warrior you were meant to be.

The one you always have been.

- Come at me.
- What?

Hit me or, or try to.

Yeah, well, as much as
I'd like to do that,

I'm really not in
the mood right now.

Oh, really? Well, I'll just tell
Savage to come back when you are.



Good. Do you feel that? The rage?
That's the key, Kendra.

It's the only way of finding
the warrior within.


Sorry to interrupt
the weirdness.

Um, John, Laurel and Thea are
back, and they've got something.

Where are Oliver and Barry?

Oliver's back in secret-keeping
mode, apparently.

Barry, I don't know. Caitlin and Cisco
are working on the anti-Staff gauntlets.

What do you guys have?

Betamax. Aw. Where'd you get this?
Off of eBay?

Lyla hooked us up.

Yeah, well, it's gonna
take a while to play,

since we live in a
digital world now.

The tape came from a conspiracy theory
group that's interested in Savage.

The Pentagon had a file
on Savage back in '86,

but it's all been
heavily redacted.

Got it.

Is this on? I hope so. My name is Dr.
Aldus Boardman.

I'm a professor at St. Roch University.
The date is April 8th, 1975.

I don't think anyone else knows this.
And those that do don't believe.

He's a myth. An urban legend.

He's been compared to Machiavelli and
Nostradamus. He's gone by many names.

But I know him as Vandal Savage, and
he will be the death of the world.

But I believe there
is a way to stop him.

Savage is an immortal
Egyptian priest.

His long life is the result
of an unearthly calamity.

I believe that any object associated
with this calamity should be able to

undo its effects and kill him.

And I suspect that our precious, fragile
world may one day depend upon us

doing so.

Well, that's the
understatement of the year.

Or, you know, the
last 4,000 years.

You have any idea what he meant
by these objects? This calamity?

No, I don't recall a calamity.

- The staff.
- The Staff of Horus?

Yes. I think the staff belonged
to Savage back in ancient Egypt.

You remember?

It's a hunch.

And if Professor
Boardman's guess is right,

that staff is how
we kill Savage.

Okay, someone needs to
inform Oliver and Barry.

Okay. Here you go. I
gene-sequenced the hair strand

with the blood
sample you gave me.

Still not sure what it has to do with
Damien Darhk, but the Y chromosomes match.

Are you okay?

Thanks for this.
It's a big help.

Yeah. You're wel...

- Barry.
- Yeah?

Don't tell anyone about this.

All right. I'd like to
know what's going on here.

- Felicity...
- Yes, I tracked you down.

I find people for a living.
Actually, I don't get paid...

What was that?

What was what?

You just super-speeded
something into your pocket.

Oh. Um, no, nothing.

Um, well, actually, it's, um, it's
something Oliver wanted me to track down.

- It's about Damien Darhk, I think.
- I want to see it.


Because you don't
want me to see it.

- I'm sorry. Oliver specifically asked me...
- Show me.

Okay. I don't know what the big deal is.
It's just a DNA test.

No, it's not.

Honey, why don't you
finish that inside?

Mom, Flash hasn't
saved the city yet.

Now, honey.

Can we talk?

Look, I don't know what you're
trying to accomplish here, Oliver.

I know, Samantha.

I know that William is my son.

- Okay.
- Why didn't you tell me?

Okay, just keep your voice down.
Your mother told me not to.


She offered me a million dollars
to tell you that I miscarried.

My mother was a complicated person,
but she would never do that.

Wait here.


I never cashed it.

I didn't need her money to know I
didn't want her anywhere near my child.

Or me anywhere near him.

So, what? He can be
just like his dad?

Punching out paparazzi and
getting young girls knocked up?

Samantha, I'm not
that person anymore.

I know. I know you're running for mayor.
Your mother was killed.

Your friend Tommy. You're
a different person now,

but can you really tell me that
your life is any less crazy?

Can you honestly say that
William isn't better off

with your world
kept away from his?

You know, you're right. I'm being
selfish, but I want an opportunity

to get to know my son. And I
think that a young boy deserves

the opportunity to get
to know his father.

Look, he's happy. He's well-adjusted.
I don't want to run the risk of him

getting sucked into your orbit.
That can't happen.

Which means that he can't know that
you're his father. And nobody else can.

I don't care if that sounds harsh.
I'm his mother,

and I will do whatever I feel
I have to do to protect him.

Samantha, there is someone in my life now.
Please, don't make me keep this from her.

Oliver, you will if you want
a relationship with my son.

These are my conditions. You've
already asked the world of me.

I'm just asking for
the same in return.

Everyone's waiting for you.

Sorry, just something I
had to take care of.

So I guess you're off the
secret-keeping wagon.

- That's not it.
- Then what is it?

I think Damien Darhk has someone
operating in Central City.

So I sent Barry to
run down a lead.

This kind of lead?

He didn't know what
he was giving me.

But I've run enough tests on your blood
to recognize your DNA sequence anywhere.

You don't know...

You had him run a paternity
test, didn't you?

- Look, Felicity...
- Stop!

I cannot hear another lie!

- It's more complicated than that.
- God, Oliver,

you are the only
person on this planet

who considers the
truth "complicated."

Just to be clear, I don't
care that you have a child,

I can't believe that you have a child
that you didn't tell me about.

I care that you lied
to me just now.

Do you know that my whole
world just exploded?

And I think that I'm entitled to a
minute to process that by myself.

You somehow managed to go to C.C.P.D.
and track down Barry.

You didn't keep it to yourself.
You kept it from me.

When were you planning
on telling me?

I don't know.

If you loved me, if you trusted me, telling
me this wouldn't be such a burden.

It would be a relief.
But you don't trust me.

You never will.

And how can I be with someone
who doesn't trust me?


Are you guys okay?

Oliver? What happened?

Nothing. I'm fine.

Are you sure? I mean, you don't seem fine.
You seem out of it.

Is everyone inside?


We're coming up on
Savage's deadline.

Where's Felicity?

- Are the gauntlets working?
- They're gonna have to be.

- We're out of time.
- I think they'll work.

That staff's gonna go from Can't
Touch This to Invisible Touch.

Savage doesn't know Kendra has
access to her full abilities,

which makes you our ace in the hole.
We're gonna put you up against Savage.

You attack with the element of surprise.
I will lay down cover fire.

Barry, you speed in and...

- Snatch the staff. I got it.
- Where do you need us?

This is me, Barry, Kendra and Carter.
We've got it.

- Ollie!
- No. We're not risking any more

lives tonight than we have to.

Suit up.

You brought them. And dressed
for the occasion, I see.

We're only doing this because two
lives aren't worth two cities.

Well, in that case, you are wiser
than I gave you credit for.

It's been a lifetime. Still wearing
those ridiculous outfits, I see.

You don't need to
be here for this.

The culling has a
tendency to be unsightly.

Your new friends betrayed you.

Just do what you're going to do.

It's wonderful to see
you again, my love.

I will never be your love.

I know.


That always makes this easier.

Chay-Ara, parting is
such sweet sorrow.

Now, Kendra!


I've got it! The
gauntlet's aren't working!

Let go, Barry!

No, I'm not leaving you.

You're fast enough to get away.

Ollie, no.

Run, Barry, run.

Thank you for coming. I know this
is more than a little crazy.

I came to this meeting out of curiosity.
It is now sated.

Bring Khufu and Chay-Ara to
Jurgens Industrial in 24 hours

or I will see you dead and buried
under the bodies of your loved ones.

Barry, you all right?

We need to brief the team. Come up
with some type of counter attack.

It's not gonna work.


Nothing, all right. Never mind. I
shouldn't have said anything. I...

Hey, what's going on?

Okay, look. This isn't going to
make any sense to you, but I...

All right, so I traveled back in time
from when we tried to take out Savage.

I mean, later, when we try to
take him down, in the future,

and it doesn't work.

You're right. That doesn't
make sense to me.

My world is stranger than yours.

Well, maybe we use
that to our advantage.

You say that whatever we do
against Savage doesn't work?

- Yeah.
- Then we come up with a new plan.

No. No, no, no. Okay,
look, you can't.

When I mess with time, it just...
It doesn't end well.

But what you're telling is that
it already doesn't end well.

Barry, people in our line of work,
we don't get second chances.

We need to take this one.

All right. I hope you're right.

All right. Let's start
with what went wrong.

You did. When we go up against
Savage, your head's not in the game.

- You're not yourself.
- Why not?

- Oliver, I...
- Barry, why not?

Okay, are you planning on
giving me a hair sample

to run forensics on
in the near future?

- Yeah.
- Yeah.

Well, I did. And you were
pretty shaken after the fact.

And then Felicity found out. And
you guys had a pretty big fight,

and it sounded like it was
over between you two.

What was the fight about?

I'm pretty sure you're
someone's father, Oliver.

So when we go up against
Savage, you're not focused.

And then Kendra can't
access her powers

and then the tech they're developing to
counteract Savage's staff does not work.

Everyone dies, Oliver.

This time, they won't. This
time, we do things differently.

How're they coming?

For my first pair of anti-Gandalf magic
staff gloves, pretty good, I think.

Yeah, just double and
triple check, okay?

I'm a little worried
about them not working.

Based on what?

Call it a gut instinct.

Also, I need you
to talk to Kendra.

Oh, I get it. You shoot
arrows, you give love tips.

It's like you're
Cupid or something.

What Carter is doing
with her isn't working.

We need her power
to fight Savage,

and we need her to be
able to use it reliably.

Carter's a jerk. But he's supposed
to be with her, 'cause destiny says

they're supposed to be together and
he's supposed to be her soulmate.

So I'm not even sure
what I could say...

You need to do something, Cisco.
We need to reach her.

Egyptian reincarnation
is not in my wheelhouse.

What Kendra is going through is
about accepting who she really is.

Who better to help her do that than a
guy who is clearly in love with her?

I don't know if we're at
the L-bomb stage yet.

I'll talk to her.

You don't think that's
a little bit insane?

No. I think it's noble. I think
it's what makes them all heroes.

Yeah, that's nice. I'm gonna talk
to Kendra for a minute, He-Man.

It's Hawkman. Thanks.

We should talk.

I thought you were the one that said
we should wait till this was all over.

Oh, this isn't that talk. This is the
trying-to-help-you-sprout-wings talk.

Yeah, well, according to Carter,
I'm a warrior priestess,

and rage is the key to
rediscovering myself.

Yeah, I'm not surprised Mr.
Aggro thinks that,

but I think he's got this
whole thing twisted.

Instead of focusing on the
warrior, focus on the priestess.

And the nurturer.

The good-hearted person inside.

How do you know I was so
goodhearted 4,000 years ago?

Because I know you, Kendra,
and some things don't change.

I think you're resisting what
Carter's trying to teach you

because it means remembering who you
were, and that is somebody else.

Somebody who loves him.

Ever since I emerged,

I've been remembering
our first life.

In Egypt.

But I've been telling Carter I
can't remember anything because.

I don't want to accept that I'm some
reincarnated Egyptian warrior priestess.

Okay. Yeah, that's pretty heavy.

But it's also pretty amazing.

I've been through this.
You know I have.

And what you're going through
right now, this is a gift.

It's a miracle that most people
don't even get to experience.

Yeah, well, it feels
like a nightmare.

Yeah, but that is a choice. You
can choose the other thing.

To remember who you
are, or who you were.

Close your eyes. Just
close your eyes.

Let yourself... Let
yourself remember.

Hey, hey, hey, wait.
Stay a little longer?

I can't. Hath-Set and I need to
make another offering to Horus.

The augers have said more sky
rocks will be falling soon.

Well, I hear he covets you.

How fortunate I know the
man who can handle him.

Prince Khufu. What a
surprise to find you here,

in Chay-Ara's bed chamber.

Surely you must know that the clergy
is forbidden to lie with royalty.

Get out.

The penalty for such a
transgression is death.

I said get out.

I'm not afraid of your father.

Soon, the sky rocks will decimate
this kingdom and end his rule.

But first, I shall know
Chay-Ara as you have known her.

It will be all right.

Behind you.

The sky rocks have
come to do their work.

My hate will be everlasting.
My enmity will never die.

It will follow you from this life to the
next and to the next and to the next.

Horus, your children
need you now.

We need your protection.
Shroud us in your wings.

I will wait for eternity.

Come back to me.

What? What happened?

I think I know how to
beat Vandal Savage.

Oliver, you were right. I don't know
how you knew, but you were right.

The gauntlets won't work. They're
missing a critical element.

- How do you know?
- Because I remembered.

I remember how Savage killed us
the first time. Back in Egypt.

I've never been able to
remember our first death.

Well, these sky rocks, meteors,

they fell and they completely
destroyed the royal palace.

During the Middle Kingdom,
Egypt experienced a high level

of meteorite activity.

I know stuff.

Which is one of the many
reasons we love you so much,

but also doesn't seem
to help us stop Savage.

It's the calamity Professor
Boardman was referencing.

The meteors, they had
a glow about them.

And Savage's staff had two gemstones
with the exact same glow.

Yeah, the gemstones might be made up
of the same element as the meteorite.

The Egyptians would use meteorite
in their craftsmanship.

And the minerals glow in
proximity to each other.

Like Sankara Stones.

Oh, wait, the Indiana Jones reference
is the only thing I understood.

Two pieces of the same
meteorite, like an Nth metal.

That is the key to
counteracting the staff.

Believe it or not, that isn't actually
the craziest thing I've heard today.

There's a sample of the meteorite
from the Middle Kingdom

at the Keystone City
Museum of Natural History.

Hopefully, I got the right one.

I could synthesize a compatible
isotope out of this,

and coat the gauntlets with it.

Okay, do it. Savage doesn't know
that Kendra's gained access

to all of her abilities. That
makes you our ace in the hole.

Where do you need us?

Suit up.

Ollie. Everyone's in position.

Are you sure about this?

About changing the future?

Barry, what can happen here that
is worse than what already did?

If I knew that, I
wouldn't be so worried.

Let's do it.

It's wonderful to see
you again, my love.

I will never be your love.

I know.

That always makes this easier.

Chay-Ara, parting is
such sweet sorrow.

Now, Kendra!

Stand clear!

The gauntlets are working!

No, no, no. Oliver, get
yourself to safety!

We're not leaving each other!

Did we do it? Is he gone?

Yeah, looks like.

I knew you could do it.

I'm having the
strangest déj à vu.

You're not the only one.

So, how do you feel now that
Savage is pushing daisies?

Does this mean you guys are
the immortal ones now,

and he's the one who gets reincarnated?
'Cause that would suck.

I just sprouted wings
a few days ago,

and I'm just trying to
wrap my head around that.

You know, he does raise
a good point, though.

Savage is gone for
good now, right?

I don't know. We've never
defeated him before.

But we're free.

Ugh, get a room.

Finally have the rest of
your lives in front of you.

Have you thought about
what you're gonna do?

Carter says in our past lives
we used to help people.

After everything you
guys have done for me,

I think I should
give that a try.

You make it sound like this try
is happening somewhere else.

In our prior incarnation, we
used to live in Saint Wilkin.

You really liked it there.

Could Cisco and I have a moment?

Of course.

Here we go.

Cisco, I'm really sorry.

You know what? It's fine. It's cool.
It's actually kind of a classic story.

Boy meets girl, boy gets girl,
girl sprouts wings and flies away

with her reincarnated soulmate.
The only part I don't get is,

you don't even really
seem to like him.

It's kind of a complicated

Like most 4,000-year-old
relationships are, I guess.

A week ago, I was a barista.

And I really didn't have a plan for
what I was going to do with my life.

And now you do?

Well, at least I know
I want to find out.

Okay. I made you something.

To remember me by, I guess.

I made it out of the Nth metal
that Barry got from the meteorite.

It's got a micro-GPS
chip embedded in it.

So if you're ever in
trouble, I'll come find you.

What was that for?

For being you.

Thank you, Cisco.

Well, you did it, Barry.
Everyone's alive.

Our guardian angel.

That's what you told me I could be
when I told you about my powers.

Meant it then, and
I know it now.

Hey, Oliver, um, we need to have a
difficult conversation, I think.

About my son? God, it
feels weird to say that.

Well, less about your son and
more about whether or not

you're gonna tell
Felicity about him.

I don't think that's
any of your business.

You know, yeah, you're right.
It's not really my business.

Except I told you, when I mess
with time, time messes back.

And we've already changed how
things turned out with Savage.

And I'm worried about
temporal backlash.

Wait, do you think that the timeline
cares about what I tell my girlfriend?

What are you gonna tell her?

Well, you're right when you say
that the rules keep changing

and that the lives that we lead,
they make us feel powerless.

And it makes me wonder if
William wouldn't be better off

with my world kept
separate from his.

Look, Oliver, take it from someone who
didn't get to grow up with his father.

I think the best thing for William
is for you to be a part of his life.

Thanks, Barry.

Yeah, man.

I'm not really a hugger.

Yeah. Tell me something
I don't know.

But the thing is, I am fast enough
to just hug you without you knowing,

- so you might as well let me.
- Fine.

Thanks. That wasn't
so bad, right?

These are my conditions, Oliver.
You've already asked me for the world.

I'm just asking for
the same in return.


I won't tell anyone.

Even Felicity.

Felicity. That's a nice name.

She is a nice person.
She's the best.

William is in his room.

You're just a friend
of Mommy's, okay?

- Hey, William.
- Hello.

You like the Flash?

Can I tell you a secret?

I've actually met the Flash.

What's he like? Is he cool?

Yeah. He's super cool. He's one
of the best guys that I know.

I'm Oliver. I'm a friend of your mom's.
We've known each other a long time.

Wanna play action figures?

Sure. Sure.

William, I'd love to come by every
once in a while to say hello.

Would that be all
right with you?

That's Captain Cold.
He's a bad guy.

Yes, he is. The Flash is gonna
have to be very fast to catch him.

He will. He's the
fastest man alive.

- Oh!
- Got you.

Oh, what a mess. Oh, we have
to clean this place up.

Unless you're ready to tell me
what you said you'd tell me.

Felicity, um...

Oliver, we have a
life together, right?

- We're a team.
- Ow.

If something is bothering you,
and I don't know about it,

I can't help you fix it. I
can't be a good teammate.

I love you.

And that makes me want to
be the best teammate ever.

Not in the Lance Armstrong
performance-enhancing drugs kind of way.

More like the more positive
sports analogy I would use

if I knew anything about sports.

What had you acting so strange
when we got to Central City?

It doesn't matter. It's over.

And I am back in Star City.
With you.

- Mmm.
- Come here.

Your hate will be everlasting.
Your enmity will never die.

It will follow them from this
life into the next and the next.

You owe me one, buddy.

English - SDH