Arrow (2012–…): Season 4, Episode 1 - Green Arrow - full transcript

A new enemy lures Oliver Queen back to Starling City and forces him to put on the hood once more.

Last season on "Arrow"...

Was it worth it, all the pain and misery

you brought back from that island?

The reason I came back

was to try and save
the people of this city.

You've got the wrong guy.

Oliver Queen isn't the Arrow.

I am.


Everyone thinks the Arrow is dead,

which means Oliver Queen is innocent.

When I joined the League
I was conscripted with another man,

Damian Darhk.
Damian continues the League's ways,

but through his own organization
filled with a hive of agents.


Something's wrong.

First let me assure you that
no harm will come to Lyla.

You didn't just lose my friendship,

you lost my trust. You lost my respect.

It was about making sure
that you and you were safe.

I had to keep the circle
as small as possible.

You opened up my heart in a way

I didn't even know was possible.

And I love you.

Can I say something strange?

I'm happy.

How you doin'?


Oh. Ok.



Felicity Smoak...


You have failed this omelet.



You know, it's criminal
how easily cooking's come to you.

Well, I always wanted
to expand my horizons

beyond what I could do on the island,

which was basically...
was cooked and uncooked.

How was your jog?

It was good.

I'm getting used to running

without chasing after someone.


Kind of sweaty.

I know. It's amazing.

Why'd you get this one removed?

I don't need it anymore.

So what do you have planned
for the rest of the day?

A video conference
with the Palmer Tech board,

who still question whether
I'm fit enough to inherit Ray's legacy.

Hey, how'd you like the company back

as an early Christmas gift?

You're doing a better
job of running it than I would.

It's flirting with bankruptcy.

Exactly. This is flirting.


I gotta go.

Where are you going now?

I have to get stuff
at the Farmers Market

for brunch tomorrow.

Right. The Hoffmans
are coming over. I forgot.

I'm never gonna get tired
of making plans

that don't involve
people shooting at me.

This is so cool!

We're really gonna have to work
on your definition of cool.

Get back.

This is so awesome!

Speedy, behind you!


I thought I told you guys
to call me Red Arrow.

A Red Arrow just means
you can't make a left turn.

Whatever. I'm inside the hijacked truck.

Canary, you're up.

They've got backup.

# Arrow 4x01 #
Green Arrow
Original Air Date on October 7, 2015

Anyone manage to get eyes
on that stolen cargo?

They look like equipment containers.

Not equipment. Weapons.

Among other things, Kord Industries

is one of the largest
arms manufacturers in the world.

They also make a really
awesome cell phone.

Yeah, but weapons are more likely.

These ghosts, if that's
seriously what we're calling them,

are stepping up their attacks.

Escalating. People are so scared,

they don't even want
to leave their homes.

Unless it's to pack up
in the middle of the night,

get the hell out of town.

What do you want us to do,

take our football and go home?

No. We ask for help.

Oliver walked away.

That was before these guys
started taking over our city

and turning it into a war zone.
We're dealing with a crisis.

Which Oliver believed
we could handle, Laurel.

And he was right.

I spoke to Walter Steele
last night. He passed.

Well, does that surprise you?

In 3 years we've had 3 mayors
and one candidate for mayor

who've all ended up dead.
Anyone with any common sense

is not gonna throw
their hat in the ring.

Can't we just go on as we have,

running city hall by committee instead
of electing a mayor?

Maybe we should have you
focused on catching these Ghosts.

That's just what the media calls them,

because they disappear like ghosts.

Yeah, I didn't say it wasn't cute.

The truth is, these guys
are hard to catch.

They're not your average
everyday criminals.

Average everyday criminals
don't have cyanide capsules

in their teeth so they can
off themselves rather than be interrogated.

I'm doin' the best I can here.

We need you to do better.

This city was dying before more masks
showed up to wreak havoc.

Look, we'll get these guys
eventually and things will turn around.

I mean, look, we rebranded the city,

we got the new tourism program,

we got the new high-speed
rail line to Central City.

Hopefully from Central City.

Well, maybe we can have
a Flash day, just like them.

Bottom line, we need
an influx of people,

which means an influx of cash.

Oh, no, no. Keep your seats.

Excuse me, this is a private meeting.

Oh, excellent.

I despise interruptions.

Who the hell are you?

Me? I'm the man you're looking for.

I'm the one who controls--
what do you people call them?

The ghosts?

So you're all fretting
about the city dying.

I'm here on behalf of an organization

that wants you to let it die.

See, death is a beautiful thing.

We die, we go into the ground,

our remains grow into flowers.

It's only in the interval
after dying that new things can sprout.

And now, get the hell out of--

Cities are like puppies.

You see them writhing
in agony on the streets,

you put them down.
You don't let them suffer.

I'm getting security.

Susanna, calm down. Get down.

That's very rude behavior.

None of you seem particularly likeable,

but if you do have any friends

or anyone who does love you,

I suggest you say goodbye.

My people will be in touch.

Mmm, mmm. Oh, Oliver,

these eggs are heaven.

Don't tell me you made them--

In the slow cooker.
The slow cooker you got us, yeah.

Aww. I knew it. I knew it.

People are always
so hesitant to try them,

but slow cookers
are absolute life-changers.

I don't know how that
is not a bumper sticker yet.

I know.

On the topic of life-changers,

you guys really need
to get on the school situation here.

We could write you a recommendation
letter for our school's waiting list.

But--but wouldn't it help to
have kids first, or, I don't know, a kid?

Oh, it takes years to get on that list.

And I'm sure kids aren't
too far down the line for you two.

Yeah, we haven't talked about it.

Who wants more mimosas?

I need to see it.

Do you have it on you? Honey--

Shh, shh.

You have it on you, right?
Do you have it?


Oh, it's stunning.

It's my mother's.

So, when are you gonna

pop the question?


What are you guys talking--



Nice reflexes!

Back off, psycho.

6 people have died

from the crank you've been pushing.

4 of them were kids!


You've certainly chosen
an unusual hobby, Mr. Queen.

He said he'd kill us all.

That was a hell of a press conference.

These people needed a strong reminder

that the city doesn't bow to terrorists.


I thought that tasted funny.

Call 911!

John, we have a new problem.

The city's leadership is being targeted.

They just poisoned
the district attorney.

I'm headed to my father.

I need you and Thea
and all the other two members.


I'm closest to the head
of emergency services.

Thea, I need you at city hall.

Are you ok?

Can we get a nurse over here?

Hey, listen, the district attorney
just collapsed.

Staffers think it might be poison.

I need toxicology--

All right, all right,
all right, all right.

It's all right.

All right, all right,
all right, all right.

Just hold on. I'll get you some help.

Unh! You ok?

Captain Lance, you were warned.

Gaah! Unh!

Are you ok?

Oh, yeah, it's just a flesh wound.

Captain Lance, the district
attorney was pronounced dead,

and reports are coming in
that the city comptroller

and the head of emergency
services have also been killed.

That's pretty much
the city's leadership.

Carries on like this,
there won't be a city left to lead.


So what's the occasion?

We need an occasion for dinner?

No. Ever since you discovered cooking,

life's been a never-ending
episode of "Master Chef."

But this isn't dinner.
This is a production.

Are we... Celebrating something?

It sort of depends on how dessert goes.

Oh, no, no, no.
I'm almost disgustingly full.

You are going to have
to try a bite or two of this souffl?.

Oh, diet saved by the bell.


What's goin' on?

You have visitors.

We probably should have
called first, but...

We really need your help.

The media has been calling
them the Ghosts.

They're like nothing
we'd ever seen before.

Well-trained, well-armed.

And committed.

Anytime we get too close to one of them,

they off themselves with cyanide.

What's their agenda?

At first we thought they were thieves

because they were hitting
banks and jewelry stores.

Then we found out that they'd just been
building their war chest.

They've now been stealing
munitions and heavy arms.

And assassinating people.


Where are the police?


Well, a group of this size

has to work out of a central location,

a base of operations.

Which we haven't been able to find.

Dig seems to think we can handle it.

You disagree?

I think we're in over our heads.

We need the Arrow.

The Arrow's dead.

We're hoping that's not the case.

We're hoping that you can't change
who you are in your bones.

Come help us stop these guys,

and then you can come back to your--

your domestic life
of tranquility and souffl?s.


You're uncharacteristically quiet.

What should I say?

Our friends need our help.
We should already be in the car.

How did you find me?

The world's too small

for someone like Oliver Queen
to disappear.

Truth be told, I expected
to find you in Starling City.

I don't want to be near my family.

Because of what you did to Shrieve?

I read his autopsy report.

I knew you had a capacity
for the unfathomable,

but I actually underestimated you.

What do you want, Amanda?

To help you.

You haven't returned home

because you feel you're a monster.

You're trying to deny it,
channeling your killer instinct

into something productive.

But you can't change
who you are in your bones.

I don't need a therapist.

The hood and eye makeup
may suggest otherwise.

Stop trying to run
from your inner darkness.

Embrace it.

Let it run its course.

Oftentimes, the only way out is through.

Through what?

Argus agents.

When you wake up,

just remember
that I'm trying to help you.

Here I thought that my days

of riding in the back
of limos was long gone.

Ah--one of the perks of being
Palmer Technology's CEO in absentia.

Now that I'm back, they might actually
expect me to do stuff.

I wouldn't worry.
We're not going to stay long.


It's tough not to look
out this window with wonder.

Wonder what?

What did we really accomplish?

Felicity and I have a lot
to catch up on,

so maybe take us through
all the evidence the team has gathered.

That's easy. Nothing.

Ok, so maybe we'll go
through all the encounters

that you've had with the ghosts,

everywhere they've hidden,
and places you can cross...


We should have discussed this.

Thea and I did.

We need him.

I'm not expecting you
to welcome me back with open arms.

What I did to you
is not easily forgiven.

I'm here to help you with your problem,

and then I'm gone.

Oliver, we don't need your help.

And if we did,
we'd probably choose someone

who didn't kidnap my wife
and endanger my child.

And no one is asking you
to pretend like that didn't happen.

But we're in trouble.
The city is in trouble.

Laurel, I don't need you
to remind me of that.

I just can't go into battle
with a man I don't trust.

Understood. But things
are a little worse than you guys thought.

I hacked into Kord Industries computers
just to see what the Ghosts stole.

Cluster bombs.
Sensor fused and high yield.

Any more powerful and they'd
have to be nuclear.

What do you want to do, John?

I'm gonna do whatever it takes

to save my city.


Weapons need targets.

These had to be stolen for a reason.

Felicity, hack into Kord
Industry databases.

I want to know everything there is
to know about these explosives.

Laurel, we want to start
a dialogue with your father

and make a list of potential targets.

Dig, Thea, hit the streets,
see what we can find.

Oh, sorry. Sorry.

Old habits.

It's probably not a bad idea

to give your father a heads-up.


John, look--

I have a wife and a toddler
to get back home to.

Felicity, will you let me
know if you find anything?

Will do. Say hi to Lyla for me.

He'll come around.

I'll go hit the streets.

Well, I have to say
it feels good to be at a keyboard

for something other
than a teleconference.

I need a map with a list
of all the spots

the ghosts have hit, including where
they encountered the team.

And if we get lucky, maybe we can--

Triangulate and determine
the point of origin

of where the ghosts
are operating out of, yes?


All right, here's the rest
of all their heists and attacks.

That was fast.

Yeah? Yeah, like riding a bike?

First spot they hit
the Larson Credit Union?

No, no, no. It was Starling National.



How'd you know that?

Same way you knew about Larson.


Want to play a game?

What game am I playing?

Playing the reason that you know so much

about the ghosts is because

you've been helping
the team behind my back game.

These guys have got cluster bombs now?
You gotta be kidding me.

Well, that's why I'm here, to see
if you're aware of any potential targets.

The only thing that I'm aware of

is that I want you to stay as far away
from this mess as possible.

Dad, I thought we'd moved past this.

We've moved past a lot of things,

and I am glad, really.
But I don't want you

mixing it up with these psychos.

Even after what happened
to the city leadership?

I mean, honestly.
I thought that you would be happy

to have our help.

Do I look happy?

Dad, the Ghosts were dangerous before

they go their hands
on experimental explosives.

How are you gonna feel
when they take out a city block,

knowing you didn't
do anything to stop it.

Have you heard of anything
going on that's a potential target?

Landmarks, Starling General, et cetera.

What about city events?
Any dignitaries coming to town?

A few ballgames, concerts.

Not that there's anyone to buy a ticket.

Train station's getting
reopened tomorrow night

for that new rail line.

And Starling General
is having a canned food drive.

People don't come
to Star City anymore, Laurel.

They want to leave.

Who is the cutest?

Who is the cutest, ever, ever?

Playing with her like that,
I'm pretty sure it's you.

It's amazing how everything
else can just melt away

except for her.

What's melting tonight?

I know it's been a rough few months.

These men you're dealing with.

Tonight it's just one man.

Oliver's back.

That didn't take long.

If you knew he was coming back.
Why didn't you warn me?

What's the saying?

"Only the dead have
seen the end of war."

Oliver's not a soldier.

Isn't he?

That's pretty forgiving,

considering he kidnapped you
6 months ago.

You know why he did.

You have to let go
of it sometime. I have.

That's because you're better than me.

That's one of the reasons
why I love you.

It was war, Johnny.

Maybe not against a country,

but it was war.

And in time of war,
we do what we have to do.

Really, Lyla?

I mean, that include lying to me?

Lying to Felicity?

What was the point?

Oliver did what he thought
he had to do to defeat Ra's.

I'm not saying he made the right choice.

But if Oliver Queen
always made the right choice,

he wouldn't need you.

I used to think that
yelling Oliver was scary.

I'm starting to think
that silent Oliver is a lot worse.

I'm just going over the past
5 months in my head.

When you got food poisoning
when we were in Thailand...

Yes. I might have been
secretly working with the team,

but I didn't exactly lie
about the food poisoning.

Laab moo is extremely hard to digest.

What about when you
missed our boat, missed in Positano?

Ok, that one was a little fib.


Felicity, you said
there wasn't even email in Bali.

I know!

But we both know I'm just that good.

I don't understand.
The whole point of starting over

was to get away from all of this,

and we were both right there together
leading that charge.

I know. And I thought
that's what we needed.

And the first few months
were great, really great.

But then when you and Laura Hoffman

started exchanging cooking tips,

I secretly wanted to gouge out my eyes.

I thought you were happy.

I was. Deliriously happy with you,

but bored with everything else.

I missed this.

I missed saving the city
and helping people.

It gives my life purpose.

And I wish I got the same thrill

from picking between
the dimpled flatware or the scalloped,

but I just don't.

Hey. I don't care that you lied to me.

I don't care.

I care that the entire time

we were supposed to be away together,

part of you was still here,

I love every moment that I'm with you,

no matter where we are.

What's that?

I hacked Kord Industries
to check their design schematics

for their bombs.

Turns out they have
a GPS tracker built in.

Can you find out where it is?

At least where they've been.

GPS is offline now, but
their last location was...

Admiral Transport interchange.

It's a truck depot outside Pennytown.

Closed up shop two months ago.

I'll call Thea. You get Laurel and Dig.

This might be a good time
to tell you that Cisco

worked up a little something
before he knew you were leaving.

A new suit.

We're not staying long enough
for a new suit.

I heard about places like this.

Owners must have left when
the city started tanking.

Well, our new friends
seem to have found a use for it.

Gentlemen, the world's a--

it's a funny place.

It resists change.

It fights progress.

And so the only way
to move things forward

is to fight back.

And you men are here today
because you understand that.

But our cause is only as strong

as our weakest man.

Mr. Alvarez, please step forward.

You commanded the hijacking
the other night,

the cluster bombs from Kord Industries.

Yes, sir.
We encountered some resistance,

but we handled it.


Well, I guess my definition of "handled"

is a little different than yours.

You see, when I "handle" a problem,

the problem dies.

Sir, we got away with the bombs--


You know, I love this town in the fall.

I mean, yes, it looks
pretty much the same

as it does in the other 3 seasons,

but I admire consistency.

I respect dependability.

And you've shown me neither.

So now, allow me to show you something.

It's another kind of beauty.

It's the manipulation
of primordial energies.

No? Over your head? Yeah.

The grazing of the levers

that God uses to move the world.

No? No?


Oh, my God.

What the hell is that?


Hey, Speedy!

What are they gonna do with
the explosives?


Tell me!

They're gonna destroy Star City station.

We got to go.

We got to go.


Oh, I remember that look.

That is not a good look.

We found out what they
had planned, at least.

They're gonna use the explosives on
the new train station.

Ah, pretty sure
I had that one in the office pool.

Too soon?

They're probably planning the attack
for tomorrow night,

celebrate the re-opening
of the new rail line.

Are we not gonna talk about
what just happened?

That dude just killed
that guy by touching him.

Wait, we're dealing with a metahuman?

Like we didn't have enough problems?

He wasn't a metahuman.

Oliver, what that man did
was not natural.

I know. It was mystical.

How can you be so sure?

Because I've seen things.

There's things that can't be explained,

even by science.

I suppose you aren't going to tell us

about these things you've seen, Oliver.

We need to focus on finding
the cluster bombs.

Can you activate the GPS?

Eventually. But I'm pretty sure

the train station's
gonna be blown up by then.

Fine. So we do this
the old-fashioned way.

So this is the old-fashioned way?

Can we maybe discuss last night?

It's pretty amazing, right?

But how could you
ever want to give up that rush?

Extremely easily.

It's--it's not what I'm talking about.

You seemed a little out of control.

This coming from the guy

who used to use
criminals as target practice.

I'm amazed by how far
you've come in 5 months,

and I'm under no illusions
that this isn't a violent life.

I just, I want you
to remember that it's restraint

separating us from them.

Well, you've managed
to be back, what, 24 hours

before giving me a lecture.

Think I owe Laurel 50 bucks.

I'm being serious.

How long has this been going on for?

Nothing is going on.

Ok, I've just--just
become a better fighter.

A better fighter remains in control
when they fight.

Is everything ok?

It's not ok.

My brother can't seem to
stay out of my business.

Any luck?


Does Thea seem a little off to you?

No, she's fine.

Just a little too aggressive maybe.

Remember, you were
the same way when you started out.

Saw that you took my advice on the
identity concealment.

Oliver, man, what are we doing?

Pretending everything's normal,

that we are normal?

I'm looking for a way in.

I was furious to think that you trusted

Malcolm Merlin more than you trust me.

But then I realized that
I'm not angry at you,

I'm angry at myself for
thinking you're someone

that you clearly aren't.

I don't know what that means.

Oliver, after everything
we've been through, man,

I couldn't fathom why
you didn't trust me.

But then I realized you couldn't.

It's not who you are.

You don't trust. You don't love.

You were able to fool
Ra's and join the League

because inside you are
every bit as dark as they are.

Thank you for coming.

Responding to a bomb threat's

kind of in the SCPD job description.

You know what I mean.
I'm glad we're working together.

It seems like you're working
with a lot of people these days.

What's that supposed to mean?

Excuse me.


Prodigal Arrow returns.

Captain Lance.

I thought that was you last night,

some mask over your head.
Felt like old times.

Only trying to help.

That were true,
you wouldn't have come back.

This town started going to crap
the moment you put on that hood.

You brought madness
into all of our lives,

and the monster you were
inspired monsters.


But I'm not a monster anymore.

Then what are you?

Nice nap?

I wasn't napping. I was drugged.

Where's Waller?

Back in Coast City
sleeping off the scotch.

Wake her up.

I want to know what I'm doing here.

Director Waller has asked me

to thank you for agreeing
to take on this mission.

I didn't agree to take on any--

Sorry. We're in a bit of a clock here.

Now, you're getting off this plane.

You can do that with
a chute on your back

or a bullet in your head. Your call.

Why is Waller doing this?

Guess she likes you.

I didn't think Waller
could like anybody.

Plus, you know the terrain.

What terrain?

Your job is to infiltrate the area,

assess the threat, and report back.

You have AES-encrypted
communication gear in your pack.

Now, according to our Intel,

your target may be radar capable,

so you'll have to HALO in.

So when you think you're about to splat,

only then do you pull the shoot.

Wait, is that--


Uh-oh. You have mopey face.

Were you worried
after 5 months of happiness

that you weren't going to be able to
make it anymore?

I ran into Lance.

And he gave you
a hug because he missed you?

Yeah, well, it's not just Lance.

Thea. There is something
wrong with Thea.

She doesn't want my help
and neither does Diggle.

We should never have come back here.

Let's go. Let's go home.

You don't want to go home.

I love our new home.

And I love you.

But I also love it here,

and you can't honestly
tell me that you don't.

Yeah, no, of course
I miss aspects of it.

The sense of purpose,
the idea of helping people.

But Lance was right.

About what?

A few months ago he told me

that all I brought back from the island

was pain, misery, and darkness.

Of course I knew
that the moment we came back here,

that darkness would be waiting for me.

Well, he's wrong. Dead wrong.

You didn't bring the darkness back
with you from Lian Yu.

But, Felicity, I'm telling you that

the only way I know
how to fight the darkness

is to be darkness. That is why I left.

And I don't want to
be that type of person anymore.

Maybe you just need to be
a different kind of person.

And you're not doing this alone anymore.

Train station was a bust.

No incendiaries on the platform,

on the tracks,
or inside any of the trains.

Yeah, but if there's no bomb
in the station,

then how did they expect to blow it up?

You didn't bring the darkness here.

The bombs aren't at the station

because they're bringing them in.

On a train.

When's the reopening
ceremony scheduled for?

9:58, to coincide with the arrival

of the first high speed train
from Central City.

Let's suit up.

You should suit up, too.



Get me closer.

I'm trying.

Everybody get out of here.

It's not safe.

Out of the way,
out of the way, out of the way.

Whoa. You're really strong.


This is SCPD.

Everyone quickly
and quietly evacuate the station.

Everyone move calmly
towards the exits. Calmly.

The train is 10 minutes out.

6 minutes till safest blast radius.


Situation report.

Mr. Slater.

Sorry. He had to get off
at an earlier stop.

You can't be the Arrow,
he died. So who are you?

You're about to find out.

Stop the train.

No, I don't want to.

Even if I did, I couldn't.

I destroyed the braking system
20 miles ago.

Willing to die to destroy
a train station?

No, that would be ridiculous.

Then how are you planning on
getting off the train?

Oh, you don't know who I am, do you?

I'm Damian Darhk.


Is that all you got?


It seems you've much
in common with the Arrow.

You're both dead.


Thank you.

We need to stop the train.

Got any ideas?

Yeah, blow it up.



So what are you gonna call yourself now?

Everybody thinks Roy was the Arrow.

He won't need a code
name if he's headed back to Ivy town.

Well, then I guess I need a code name.

Felicity and I, we have missed this.

We've missed all of you.

And the city is far
worse off than we thought.

What are you talking about?

The man leading the
ghost is Damian Darhk.

Darhk left Star City months ago.

Why would he come back?

Did Rra's tell you anything about Darhk

that would give us
any idea about his agenda?

He said that Damian Darhk had a
hive of operatives

at his disposal.

A hive?

That was the exact word he used?

Yes. Why?

Does it mean something to you?

Who would want to kill Andy?

Don't know their names, just an alias.



No, nothing.

You all right?

Yeah, yeah.

I'm fine, man. I'm just beat.

Plus, I have a little girl to tuck in.



Listen, I'm, um,

I'm not quite there yet, Oliver,

so let's not do this right now.

No, I know. I get it.

But there is something we do need to do.

Captain, new problem.


Someone's hacked into
the emergency broadcast system.

They've taken over all the networks.

6 months ago, the Arrow died.

But what he stood for didn't.

It lived on in the heroes
who took up his mantle.

People who believe that this city

should never descend into hopelessness.

Who believe although light
is full of darkness,

that darkness can be
the key to find light.

And tonight, I am declaring my intention

to stand with them,

to fight for this city,

to be the symbol of hope
that the Arrow never was.

I am the Green Arrow.

Who are you?

Answer me.

Kanjigar septum vohnostrum.

You have a visitor.

Sorry about the arm.

Unnecessary subterfuge to prevent anyone

from suspecting
your involvement with the HIVE.

What do you want?

Well, I'm a little disappointed

the train station isn't
a smoldering pile of ash.

I'm not. Mass murder, killing innocents.

I didn't sign up for this.

You signed up to follow my instructions,

to do my will.

I want to know everything
about this Green Arrow,

where he lives, and who he loves,

and I want him off
the boards by the time

my associates arrive.

And if I don't help you?

Well, then I would be surprised.

'Cause I think I made it
abundantly clear

you don't have a choice.

So my guilt for displacing Thea

is only slightly outweighed

by how amazing this place is.

Thea's actually been living with Laurel

for the past few months.


Ra's stabbed her right over there.


We can get a rug.

You know, I'd hate to disappoint you,

but that speech is pretty hopeful.

Why would that disappoint me?

Oh, you know how you
said you didn't know

how to be a hero without the darkness?

And I know how you hate being wrong.

Sorry I missed the funeral.



There was a time I would have
thought this was my fault,

that I brought this darkness upon us.

Now I know it's not my fault.

It's my responsibility.

Responsibility to do what?

To end it.

I'm gonna kill him.

Is there anything I can do?

I want to be left alone.


original sync: @elder_man
resync for WEB-DL: fimmer