Arrow (2012–…): Season 3, Episode 21 - Al Sah-Him - full transcript

Oliver goes through a transformation; Laurel asks Felicity and Diggle to help Nyssa face the League of Assassins.

My name
was Oliver Queen.

For three years,
I worked to save my city.

But to save my sister,
I had to become someone else.

I had to become
something else.

Previously, on "Arrow"...

You can still
save her, Oliver!

Take your rightful place
as heir to the Demon.

Ra's al Ghul will bring
your sister back.

I fulfilled my end
of our arrangement.

I suggest you begin
to make peace with yours.

The only way that
I'm going to survive this

is if I know that
you're out there

living your life, happy.

Oliver Queen
is dead, and for now,

only the Arrow,
Al Sah-him, shall remain.

Heir to the Demon.

Oliver Queen
is alive only in the past.

He is forgotten.

Oliver Queen
is alive only in the past.

He is forgotten.

You are Al Sah-him.

You have made great progress
in three weeks.

Al Sah-him.

You no longer flinch
upon hearing your new name.

Oliver Queen is alive
only in the past.

He's forgotten.

Indeed. You are Al Sah-him.

You are Wareeth al Ghul.
Heir to the demon.

My lord.

I apologize for this

We captured
this intruder.

Why, then, is he
still yet alive?

He is known
to Al Sah-him.

Oliver, what the hell
is going on?

Clearly he made another attempt
to free Al Sah-him.

Well, then it falls on Al Sah-him
to deal with him.

Oliver, they're lying to you.

I never made it home.

They've had me here
prisoner for weeks.

My oath of mercy
on your friends

was premised
by your fealty.

Prove it.

No, Oliver.
Listen to me--

they're lying to you.
We could still get out of here;

you and me working together.
There's still a chance.

Remove his chains.

Give him your sword,

I will not kill
an unarmed man.

That's the way this is?

You've been here
for a few weeks

and you forget
who you are.

Do you remember when
you brought me into your crusade,

I told you that I would
be here to help remind you

who Oliver was, if you ever became
something else.

I haven't given up
on that promise.


The past three weeks,

you've been exposed
to a rare herb centuries old.

It causes one's conscience

to come to the forefront
of their mind

so it is the only
thing that they see.

The herb's effect
is different for everyone.

Some people see family
and loved ones.

Others encounter
trusted friends or teachers.

Who did you see?

Very well.

There is something else
I wish you to see. Come.


The past.

A place now home
only for the dead.

I had the vial
in my hand!

What's happening
is not your fault.

Shrieve is to blame,
this is his doing.

I can't get through.

Everyone's calling the police.

We're all inoculated,

I want to get back
to my son.

Have not
been back to this place

since I pledged myself
to the League.

happened here?

When I joined the League,
I was conscripted with another man.

Damien Darhk.

We would become
the prized agents of Ra's al Ghul.

We were his horsemen.
And he molded us into warriors

the likes the world
had never seen.

We were as brothers.

What happened
to him?

He believed himself worthy
of becoming heir to the Demon,

but I was the one chosen.

So you had
to kill him.


But you see, I hesitated.
And with that hesitation,

he found an opportunity
to escape,

taking with him his loyalists and
water from the Lazarus pit.

And he has vexed me
ever since.

And you.

I don't follow.

Damien continues
the League's ways,

but through his own
organization filled

with a hive of agents

devoted to his own agenda.

Last year, he tried to purchase
Malcolm Merlyn's earthquake generator.

He gave Gholem Qadir
safe haven to Markovia.

And he hired Mark Shaw to steal
a secret file from A.R.G.U.S.

This was all
the work of one man?

The list goes on.

Many lives have been lost,
others endangered.

And all because I was slow
to swing a vengeful sword.

And I will not have my heir

haunted by the same mistake.

What is it you
wish me to do?

There is a rival who claims
to be heir to the Demon.

And you must eliminate
this threat from your reign.

And you must do so
without mercy.

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Al Sah-Him
Original Air Date on April 29, 2015

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Did you hear?

Masks aren't wanted
in Starling no more.

Tell that to the woman
you mugged.

You underestimated
your opponent again.

I should have known
he had a knife.

He didn't have a knife.

What the hell?

He had two.

Shall we continue
your training?

I'm starving.

There's a diner near here
that serves the best

black and white milkshakes
in Starling City.

What is a black
and white milkshake?

I never understood
your country's need

to fry everything.

That's because everything tastes
better that way.

This is more oil than potato.

Dip it in
your milkshake.

I sense you're mocking me.

I'm serious.

Here. Dip it in
your milkshake.

I have to admit...

It's fun seeing you
like this.

Like what?

Like a normal

I am a normal person.

I can't believe
you just said that.


That's actually not bad.

And the student
becomes the teacher.

You have a point.

For me, normal is a world
where only the strong survive.

One without simple pleasures.

Thank you, Laurel.

I was alone and adrift,

and you have
shown me kindness.

I'm only
returning the favor.

Isn't that what
you did for Sara?

little comparison

between my current situation and Sara's
after her time with Oliver on Lian Yu.

What's wrong?

It's about Oliver.

There's something
that I haven't told you.

He's in Nanda Parbat.

I don't understand.

He's accepted your father's offer
to become the next Ra's.

You should have not
kept that from me.

I'm sorry,
it's just--

it's just that
you seemed so happy,

and after what
happened with your father, I...

And here comes the Cat-5 prong
into the Ethernet port!

Even if she knew what that was,

even if I knew what that was,

I think Sara's still a little young
for chicken cacciatore.

Well, my mom used
to feed me nachos from the bar

at the Grand before I was
off the bottle,

and I turned out normal.



What's the house rule?

No Glocks
on the dinner table.

How'd it go
out there tonight?

Your Intel was spot-on.

Caught four Halcones
at the docks

trying to unload
a shipment of M16s.

Well, I'm especially proud that
you didn't get yourself killed.

That was my
favorite part, too.

If you're going to keep
going out into the field,

Do not say


Identity concealment.

Look, eventually we're going
to have to figure out

a new status quo,
a working one,

now that...

Ollie's gone.

How are you doing?

Having never been
resurrected before,

I don't really have anything
to compare it to.

I mean about Oliver.

Being gone.

I don't know.

Mornings are the worst.

I can't really...
leave the loft,

so it's nice to be able
to come here.

You are always welcome
in our home.

I just miss him.

The fact that he's gone
because of me--

He wouldn't want you
blaming yourself.

In the military,
they have a saying

for a soldier

that makes
the ultimate sacrifice.


but never forgotten.

Gone, but never forgotten.

Liling's apartment
is just a few more blocks north.

Wallace said
there wasn't a cure.

It's United States
Army. Shrieve's men.

That's not a cure
they're giving those people!

It's the virus!

Shrieve is leaving
nothing to chance.

He wants to infect
as many people as possible.

Come on, we have
to stop him.

Hey! Get away from there!

Tatsu, the truck!

I had him!

What do we now?

Destroy it.
All of it.

I'm sorry I didn't tell you
about Oliver earlier.

That was your right to know.

I just--

things were going
so well for you.

You seemed happy,
and I didn't want to upset you,

but I still shouldn't
have kept it from you.

Were I so inclined,
I'd question why your first instinct

is to always keep
matters secret.

Even after doing so
cost you a relationship with your father.

But I have much
greater concerns.

What's going on?

You should go.


I'm not leaving.

Friends don't do that
to one another.

Now that Oliver
has ascended to his position

as heir to the Demon,
he will come for me,

with as many men
as it takes to see me dead.

Nyssa al Ghul

faces justice
for her betrayal.

Wait a second!
Oliver wouldn't.

I don't see how.

I think what
she's trying to say

is that Oliver would never do anything
to hurt you, Felicity.

And the only reason why
he joined the League

is to protect
the people he loves.

Now what you need
to understand

is that Oliver Queen
is dead.

He's a memory.

Apparently, the League
has some of their recruits