Arrow (2012–…): Season 3, Episode 22 - This Is Your Sword - full transcript

Oliver must complete two final tasks before becoming the next Ra's al Ghul; Nyssa is threatened; Malcolm makes an offer to the team; Thea visits Roy.

My name was Oliver Queen.

For three years I worked to save my city...

...but to save my sister,
I had to become someone else.

I had to become something else.

Previously on Arrow:

Roy's alive. We faked his death.
He's starting a new life.

- John.
- Oliver?

Bring Nyssa to the warehouse at Fullerton
and Halsted and I'll let your wife go.

- There's no way of getting him back.
- He's gone, Felicity.

There's only one thing left of him now. Us.

- Do you recognize this?
- The Alpha and Omega bio-weapon.

You'll unleash this on Starling City.

His fever is getting worse.

Maseo? A pharmacy.

The Romans called it vastatio.

The systemic destruction of a land
to ensure its subjugation.

And what they found was that immolation
left a blank slate to build anew.

Until you have destroyed your home
and severed all ties from your old life...

...can you begin anew?

I did not foresee the day that
Maseo Yamashiro appeared at my door.

You had the courage to demand
an audience of me.

And those who do usually offer money
and treasure in exchange for my favor.

But you gave me the Alpha and Omega.

The plane is en route. It will be ready
tomorrow, as you've commanded.

You will marry my daughter
and you will ascend to Ra's al Ghul...

...and then you will fly to Starling City
carrying death itself.

I hate when they run.

Well, at least you're getting
your cardio workout in.

I still have 40 minutes on an elliptical
in my immediate future.

You supposed to be undercover
or something?

I sniffed you three blocks back.

And you led me right to your gang.

- Smart plan.
- Thanks.

No, I meant smart plan...

...because it was mine.

John, I think he gives up. John. John!

Thanks for coming in through the back.

With Sara and Lyla gone, the last
thing I need are neighbors talking.

About some strange woman
dressed in all-black leather. Yeah.

You're out of ice. How
can you be out of ice?

- Here.
- Thanks.

Okay, so the night's young and there's
a meth dealer working a corner on Fulton.

- Sounds good.
- Actually, it doesn't.

You were completely unhinged
out there tonight, Dig.

- You're in denial about how angry you are.
- No, Felicity, I'm not in denial.

But I am angry.


He was my best friend...

...and he kidnapped... wife.

You think that justifies
hospitalizing people?

No, Felicity. It doesn't. You're right.
It won't happen again.

I'm not saying that life doesn't suck...

...but you can't take it out
on every criminal you see.

How can you, out of all people,
be so sanguine after what happened?

- I know that wasn't Oliver.
- Who's in denial?

It wasn't. Our Oliver, my Oliver,
died the day he joined the League.

- This is someone else.
- You truly believe that?

I have to.

Don't try to talk me out of going.

Mr. Harper went through a lot of trouble
to fake his death.

- You know he can never come back here.
- Yeah, well, maybe I'm just going to go there.

- Permanently?
- Look, I don't know.

Honestly, I don't know anything anymore.
I barely know who I am.

Thea, it's understandable.

You've been through something
very few people have ever experienced.

- Of course you feel...
- Is that what you think this is all about?

Almost dying?
Because I'd rather have died...

...than have my brother
sacrifice his life for mine.

And don't think for a second
that I forgot the whole reason...

...Ra's al Ghul was brought into our lives
is because of you.

You're no longer in danger from the League.

Maybe getting away from Starling City
for a while is what's best for you.

You approve? Is that supposed to worry me?
Because it actually kind of does.

But look, the only thing I know right now
is that I need to go be with Roy.

My daughter.

I am not hungry.

Yes. Many a bride has skipped
a meal or two before their wedding day.

I would rather die than wed this pretender.

You speak as though they are the only
two options before you, my daughter.

Daughter? And to think
I once wore that title with pride.

Perhaps "mother" will suit you better.

After your betrothal to Al Sah-him... will extend my lineage
by having a child.

- If you think I will bear his child...
- Yes! I do.

And you will have no more say in it
than your mother was given.

You're quiet.

I'm prepared for my ascension to Ra's.

I'm still coming to grips with marriage.

Perhaps a walk to clear my head.

I'll send a guard to accompany you.

If I can't protect myself,
I don't deserve to inherit your mantle.

You're late.

Sorry. Nanda Parbat's not exactly
the easiest place to infiltrate.

Don't joke.

Things are worse than we thought.


Ra's plans to transport the virus
to Starling on a plane.

That's oddly modern for the League.
Do you think Ra's suspects you?

- He has no reason to.
- I warned you it would be difficult.

I just thought that I'd... Ahem.

We'd have more time.

When you explained to me
that my ascension to Ra's...

...would include the destruction of Starling...
I anticipated you wouldn't be Ra's for months.

More than enough time
to dismantle the League.

Malcolm, we need help.

From all accounts, you were too good
at convincing your friends...

...that you'd allied yourself with Ra's and I
don't think I carry much credibility with them.

I know someone who they'll trust.

You've been gone a while.
There was concern.

I've just been here thinking.

- We need to find ibuprofen.
- You know that can't help him now.

Why isn't the inoculant working on him?

He's young. His immune system
probably isn't strong enough.

Akio, swallow.

General Shrieve.

Maseo. I want to kill Shrieve too,
but you need to focus on helping Akio.

Shrieve's men made a vaccine.
Maybe they also made a cure.

- No, Maseo, they didn't make...
- I know it's unlikely, but I have to try.

Okay. I'll help you.

Hi, I'm looking for Jason?

Oh, yeah? Well, lucky him.

Yo, Jason. You got a visitor.


That's right.

I have a '67 Mustang
that needs a little work on it.

- Somebody said you were the guy to see.
- You came to the right place.

I can't believe you're still alive.

I wanted to tell you.
But if you knew, you'd tell Oliver.

- And then Oliver would've...
- Would've broken you out of prison.

And probably kicked your ass.
And I would have helped him.

I had to do it. For Oliver.

You think maybe there's some other place
we could go talk?

There's my place.

That's such a good answer.

- Hey.
- You got it to fly. What more do you want?

True art is never finished, it's only abandoned.
Plus, I had this little idea I just couldn't kick.

Are you okay? You have this little cloud
that keeps following you around.

Yeah. Something happened
while you were away.

I'm just handling it.

Is it, uh, Oliver-related? It's Oliver-related.
If you want to talk about it...

Maybe we shouldn't cross that line.
It's a long story anyway.

Well, if you change your mind, I have time.
And, hey, you're my friend.

I'm always going to be there for you.
It's non-negotiable.

Thanks, Ray.

So while I'm waiting
to do something for you...

...there's a little something
that you can do for me.

Sign here and here.


- What's this for?
- Just a little corporate stuff, Ms. Vice President.


Everything okay?

Probably not.

- You've been quiet.
- I have a lot on my mind.

I meant about the virus. The Alpha Omega.

When did you take it?

From the truck, before we blew it up.

So before...

Even before Akio died, I wanted revenge
on Shrieve for the pain he caused.

But instead, you used it
to trade your way into the League.

I am not strong.

Not enough for myself
and certainty not enough for Tatsu.

- If you could go back to her, would you?
- It is immaterial.

- Maseo Yamashiro is no more.
- He doesn't have to be.

When I'm Ra's,
I can release you from your oath.

I can set you free.

The League is not my prison.

From my prison...

...there is no escape.

So now Malcolm Merlyn can summon us.

I really don't like the idea
that he can summon us.

Any idea what this is about?

No, but Merlyn assures me
he'll be waving the white flag.

- I'm sorry, I forgot the flag.
- That's too bad.

I would have told you
where you could put it.

- What is this about, Malcolm?
- This won't be easy for all of you to believe...

You're a sociopath and a liar.

Be that as it may, this will be
much quicker for all of us...

...if we could fast-forward
through the cynicism...

...and realize that I am telling the truth.

- About what?
- Oliver.

His allegiance with the
League is a charade.

Why would you even play
with our emotions?

This plan was born the moment Oliver realized
that he had to capitulate to Ra's to save Thea.

And instead of sharing this plan with us,
he trusted you.

The man who had my sister murdered.

I am better practiced in
the art of deception...

...and, no offense,
none of you are good actors.

I'm out.

You've seen for yourselves how dangerous
Ra's and the League are.

- The circle of trust had to be small as possible.
- Until now? What changed?

Forget it. There's nothing he could say
that we could believe.

Mr. Diggle's right. Which is why
I brought along a friend of Oliver's.

My name is Tatsu Yamashiro.

And your city is in great danger.

You expect us to believe her?
We never even met her.

- We never met her, right?
- No.

Apart from my brief time helping Oliver
recover from the wounds...

...Ra's al Ghul inflicted on him,
my life has been one of isolation.

Okay, Merlyn. This is your big plan?
A woman we've never met or even heard of?

Oliver doesn't speak about the past.

He's not forthcoming
about the present, either.

My son was killed by the virus
Ra's intends to use on your city.

- You're Akio's mother.
- Oliver was with me when it happened.

He knows that the danger
you all face is very real.

Okay, how many times are we gonna believe
him after everything that he's done?

I am not privy to your history with
Malcolm. This request comes from Oliver.

- We're not sure that's any better at the moment.
- Look, I am not playing a game here.

My daughter lives in this city, remember?
This is everything I have on the bio-weapon.

I've arranged for all of us
to go to Nanda Parbat.

If you're coming,
be at Ferris Air before sunrise.


- Charming.
- It's a sublet. I won't be here for much longer.

- What about the auto shop?
- It's temporary.

Sure, they don't ask a lot of questions...

...but it's inevitable someone
puts two and two together.

How about your other night job?

I figure I'd just leave the crime-fighting to
the cops. I kind of just want to be normal.

- Yeah, and how's that going for you?
- I am so bored.

- Ha, ha.
- Heh. Yeah, well, that's why I brought you this.

Malcolm stole it out of impound. Don't worry,
I made him promise nobody would get killed.

I never thought I'd see this thing again.

I figured since everybody thinks
that Roy Harper's the Arrow...

...they don't have to know
that he's Arsenal too, right?

So that's why you came here?
Just to give me this?

Well, yes.

This, and...

How could we not know about this?

Not know about a terrorist attack
in Hong Kong?

Beijing had us believing these deaths
were caused by a chemical spill.

- You don't really believe Merlyn.
- Looking at this, we can't afford not to.

He is a murderer who has lied so many
times, it should be a drinking game.

And I've never even heard of this Tatsu.

Felicity, I don't know if you're right
that Oliver's gone forever or not.

The truth is, for me it doesn't matter.

If there's even a possibility of this kind of
danger in my city, I'm reporting for duty.

- Me too.
- I don't believe them.

And even if I did, I can't go back there.

Not after what they did to Oliver.

- Relax, my child.
- Another order I cannot follow.

You speak to me as though I'm a monster.
I am your father, Nyssa.

Then why do you ask me to marry someone
I do not love?

When I was in Odessa, tending to some
affairs, I crossed paths with a woman.

She was breathtaking
in both visage and fortitude.

Her name was Ameena Raatko.

I had taken other lovers before...

...but she was different.

She had a wit and a fire about her that I
found myself I could not live without.

So she became my concubine
and the mother of my child.

This was my gift to her in honor of you,
the gift that she gave me.

And so I kept it in the hopes that one day
you would wear it on your wedding day.

You expect me to marry Al Sah-him
because of some trinket?

I expect you to marry Al Sah-him
because it is my will.

You defy that and I will see you
suffer the pain of a thousand deaths.

I am sorry to intrude.
Mr. Merlyn said that I would find you here.

That might be the only thing
he's ever said that isn't a lie.

I did not come here to convince you
of the threat to your home.

There is nothing I can say that you will
believe, more than what you have seen.

Then why are you here?

To speak with you about Oliver.

During his recuperation,
Oliver spoke of you.

Of how his last thought
before the fall was of you.

You love him, still.

- Oliver belongs to Ra's now.
- If you believe that, you must fight for him.

There is no him left.

I thought as you do once.

My husband, Maseo,
was consumed by the League's darkness.

I was so convinced that he was lost to me
that I didn't even try to reach him.

Don't make my mistake, Felicity.

Are you sure Shrieve will be here?

Know of any other rogue
U.S. Army bases in the area?

Shrieve will have reinforced this station
since the last time we were here.

Two there. Waller took you from Lian Yu
because she saw something in you.

My son needs that from you.
The killer inside.

Sir, this is a restricted area.

- Is that a Masamune blade?
- A katana.

Passed down for centuries within my family.

- The first son of each generation.
- You are not a son, Tatsu.

No, I am not.

Let's get this over with.

The plane's ready. It should be big enough
for all of us. Including her.

- Thought you weren't coming.
- I changed my mind.

If you betray us, I'll make sure
the whole world knows you are alive.

And where they can find you.

So this is Nanda Parbat.

Next time we should really look
into getting some horses.

- You think they rent horses here?
- There won't be a next time.

There it is. The plane Ra's intends to use
to spread the Alpha Omega over Starling.

I need to be within 5O yards
to breach the plane's...

...navigation software
to be able to ground it.

- Quiet.
- I don't see anything.

There'll be more.

Get to the plane. We'll cover you. Go!

Close enough.

Surrender now and you might live.

- Maseo.
- Maseo is a memory.

Our child was gone and you left me
when I needed you most.

But you can still come back to me.
It's not too late.

Yes, it is.

- I wouldn't have done the same thing for you.
- I know.

Your husband is long dead.
If Sarab must die as well, then so be it.

Frak. More frak.

Oh, that makes more sense.

- Can you bring it down from the sky?
- They destroyed my gear.

- I had some insurance come along.
- What kind of insurance?

The atomic kind.


Get down!


You should see the other guy.

Tell Akio I love him.

You tell him for both of us.

Thank you...

...for releasing me...

...from my prison.


You have failed.

Any further attempt to undermine
our cause would be futile.

Uh, you see that burning plane there?

We destroyed
your city-threatening bio-weapon.


You merely think you did.


...or die.

Hey, Oliver. Oliver, what's going on?

If any of you speak, we're all gonna die.

- What?
- I need you to trust me.

Stir the grass and you startle the snake.

My ruse with the plane was meant to reveal
any traitors among me.

How did you know of the virus?

Of the plane?

Maseo told me. And I told them.

So a dead man told you?

How convenient.

He said only three men knew about
your plan. You, him, and Oliver.

Oliver Queen is dead. I am Al Sah-him.

This would not be the first time
that Sarab has betrayed me... Maseo Yamashiro's weaknesses.

And though your timing was a function of
my gambit, it was nevertheless fortuitous.

You see, by tradition, the Ra's would
contemplate mercy upon his enemies...

...on the eve of a wedding.

You are getting married? I guess there
really is a kettle for every pot.

The wedding is mine.

I am betrothed to Nyssa al Ghul.

Take them below.

- So can you tell me now?
- Tell you what?

- What you're really doing here.
- Seeing you is not good enough?

What's going on?

Something happened.

I was hurt.

And to save me...

...Ollie had to accept Ra's' offer
to join the League.

Oh, my God. Thea...

I tried to stop him.

I couldn't,
and now he's become someone else.

Everything just is a lot easier
when I'm with you.

I understand that.


When bad things happen,
your go-to move is to bolt.

To get out of Starling. I don't think
this is something you can run away from.

I'm not running away.

I'm running to you.

You don't want me to?

The only thing that I want
is what's best for you.

You always have.

Come here.

I can't believe he's gonna marry her.

You should worry more about
getting out of here alive.

Is that even a remote possibility?

- Didn't think so.
- We aren't gonna die here.

- Oliver would never let that happen.
- He let this happen.

Wah-reeth al Ghul commands your presence.

Leave us.

- Is everyone okay?
- Like you give a damn.

- Didn't Malcolm speak to you?
- He did.

You plan to leave my daughter alone
when you kidnapped my wife?

I had to do something
to prove my loyalty to Ra's.

So taking Lyla, that was your idea, Oliver?
In front of our daughter?

Yes. You met Tatsu.

- What does that have to do with anything?
- Tatsu told me that in order to beat Ra's...

...I would have to sacrifice all of the
things in my life that I hold most precious.

- And your friendship was on that list.
- Oliver, you didn't just lose my friendship.

You lost my trust. You lost my respect.


Ra's demands that we return
this man to his friends.

I repeat, two assailants... Aah!

Johansson's down.

I have visuals.

- Give us the cure.
- You boys make quite the entrance.

The cure. Now.

The Chinese own enough of our national debt
to decimate our economy...

...all without firing a shot.

Or they could destroy us
with the largest army in human history.


- My son needs your cure.
- What makes you think...?

The next one goes in your head.

You see that safe over there?
The passcode is 4-5-8-7.

You'll have to deliver the cure subcutaneously,
in the exact ratio I give you.

- You may want to write this down.
- You don't need to tell us.

You're coming with us.

This is so beautiful...

...and yet so dangerous.

Much like its former owner.

Sarab's former love.

Who is now my prisoner,
along with Al Sah-him's former friends.

You see, their treachery was anticipated.

Yours, however, Al Sa-her,
is disappointing...

...because I expected more loyalty
from a man whose daughter I saved.

The last time I appeared before you
in chains, I offered my fealty.

And I am here to offer it again.

You had nothing to offer then
and you have nothing to offer now.

I have the name of the person
who betrayed you to Al Sah-him's friends.

It wasn't Maseo Yamashiro,
it was Oliver Queen.

Heh. He's been lying to you all along.

- What's this?
- I'm sorry, Oliver.

- My name is Al Sah-him.
- Not according to Mr. Merlyn here.

You see, he claims that you've been
deceiving me the entire time.

I have killed for you.
I have severed all ties to my past.

I have hurt people
who were friends to Oliver Queen.

And if you hadn't stopped me,
I would have murdered your daughter.

What if this is all just part
of your own elaborate ruse?

Then I will have nothing
and no one to go home to.

Oliver Queen is dead and the Arrow is gone.

We shall see.


- Excuse me, I'm looking for...
- Jason's friend. Yeah, I remember.

He said you'd probably be stopping by.

- Oh. Can I talk to him?
- I don't know where he is.

He came in an hour ago to quit.
He, uh, said to give you this.

"Dear Thea,
I wasn't supposed to make it this far.

I was supposed to end up in jail
or dead by now.

But then I met you, and you made me
want to be the man I saw through your eyes.

And now all I want to
do is give that back... you be the person
you can be without Oliver...

...without your father and without me.

Living on the run from the police
isn't the life you deserve, Thea.

It's not what Oliver gave up his life
for you to have.

Whatever happens with me,
I will always love you.

PS, thanks for the suit, but I always
thought red was more your color anyway."

What did Oliver say to you?

Nothing worth hearing.

You were right about Oliver.
I should have listened to you.

- I told you about Oliver. You were supposed to...
- I was supposed to do what, Mr. Merlyn?

Grant you mercy? I am.

Because this death will be a lot shorter
than the one I had planned for you.

Oliver, if what Malcolm said is true, if
you're going to do anything, now is the time.

Al Sah-him has said that
the swordswoman is inoculated... you can take her to another chamber.

No. Oliver. Oliver, we believed in you.

Seal the room.

Oliver, listen to me. Oliver!

- For the love of God.
- No, Oliver.

- What the hell are you doing?
- You've got to get us out of here.

We trusted you. You asked us to trust you
and we trusted you.

- Don't do this. Oliver!
- Oliver!

Oliver, don't do this!


There's a cure
and he knows how to administer it.

A little help.

He's not breathing.
The cure, he needs it now!

Akio, please wake up.

Please wake up.

He was dead the moment he was exposed.

- But you said...
- There is no cure.

- Then what the hell is that?
- Insulin.

I'm diabetic.


I want to thank you for bringing me here.

It would have taken us weeks
to track you all down.

And I do so hate loose ends.

You are Wah-reeth al Ghul,
heir to the Demon.

Before the night is over,
you will be lbn al Ghul, son of the Demon.

There is no vow more sacred,
nor covenant more holy...

...than the one between man and woman.

With this ceremony, your souls
are bound together. Forever joined.

You will never be free. You will always be
held captive by your love for each other.

- Continue.
- I'm sorry, Felicity. For everything.

You don't have to be sorry
for anything, John.

And for this shared life...

I'm glad to have known you.

...we offer blessings.

Bara-ka t.

The union is sealed.