Arnold (2023): Season 1, Episode 3 - Part 3: American - full transcript

My visions

were so clear,

and they were so targeted.

It was like the rifle approach.

The target is in front,
and I was aiming for the bull's-eye.

And you just have to
really be careful of that,

because you can get so obsessed...

you start losing sight
of everything else around it.

More misery for Californians
hit hard by the power crisis there.

The stock market suffered
a fall.

that could possibly go wrong

has come together here all at once.

Scary economic times, indeed.

When I saw
the mess in California,

more and more I saw myself

being in Sacramento

and being the governor,

with no idea how.

People said to me, "That's crazy."

"People usually run for city council,

then mayor."

"You work your way up."

I said, "Well, no. Ronald Reagan did it."

So I was not concerned about it at all.

In 2002,

I then went to Andy Vanja,

the owner of Carolco.

I said, "What do you think
about me running for governor?"

"You're rich. You know rich people
and studio executives."

"And I need you
to help me with raising money."

And he said to me,
"You're out of your fucking mind."

I said, "What kind of...
What reaction is that?"

He says, "Remember we talked
about doing Terminator 3?"

"Well, I sold the movie."

"We're gonna start shooting
beginning of next year."

"I would have to sue you
because they will sue me."

"So I wouldn't go there.
Do it some other time."

So then I instead did Proposition 49,

which was continuing on my work
with after-school programs.

The After School Education and Safety Act.

You always make it a spicy name
so that everyone gets it.

I think the time for lip service is over.
The time for action is here.

I am the action hero in the movies,

and I want to create action
for the children.

That was a way to taste
a little of what it's like

to campaign out there
for your own project.

- Arnold Schwarzenegger is here.
- Tom, it's really great to be here.

Let's say "Hasta la vista, baby,"
to the problem.

- What are we voting on Proposition 49?
- Yes!

I'll be back.

I'll be back. I'll be back.

Thank you very much.

Thank you.

After Arnold Schwarzenegger
worked his Hollywood magic

and came up big with Proposition 49...

So now, in 2003,

the timing was perfect

that we had
a recall election in California,

and they were looking for another leader.

It would be hard for me
to win a Republican primary,

but there is no primary.

There's not a lead-up time of two years

where people can investigate

and look at your background
and dig everything up.

Two-months campaign. It's like in Europe.

Two months. Bang.

The life you know,

all the stuff you take for granted,

it's not gonna last.

I was in the middle of
promoting Terminator 3.

I was going all over the world.

So I went to Iraq.

I play the Terminator,

but you guys are the true terminators.

I went to Japan.
I went to Asian countries.

Middle East, Europe.

When the recall was announced,
I was in Mexico.

It's one
of those only-in-California stories.

The state's unpopular governor,
Gray Davis,

beset by an ailing economy
and a $38 million budget deficit,

faces possible recall.

Have you signed
to recall the governor yet?

What started as a small
movement to recall Governor Gray Davis

has mushroomed into a powerful,
multi-million dollar campaign.

On October 7th,
voters will decide if Davis should go

and who should replace him.

And the big question,

is the Terminator waiting in the wings?

Up to that point,
Maria hated the idea of me running,

and that's why I didn't really know
if I'm gonna run or not,

because I didn't want to run
if she's not 100% behind it.

I was sitting with her in the Jacuzzi,
and I said, "By the way,

what do you think
about me running for governor?"

She just, you know, flipped out.

I mean, she was just...

I almost felt like
she was hyperventilating,

because she's always felt kind of like,

"I've gone through this with my family."

From Dallas, Texas, the flash.
President Kennedy is dead.


Robert Kennedy was shot.

A shooting by an unknown
assailant at the Ambassador Hotel.

A very emotional reaction.

She was really going through
some serious trauma.

He's gonna end this war.
It's gonna end under McGovern and Shriver.

It's not ending under Nixon.

Senator Edward M. Kennedy
drove a car

off a narrow bridge and into a pond.

A young woman
in the car with him was drowned.

And you know, "Being in power,
it's horrible. You lose your privacy."

"This would drag us through the mud."

And so, therefore,
I pulled back on the idea.

Davis may have
one less distraction

when Arnold Schwarzenegger appears
on The Tonight Show next Wednesday,

the day he is expected to announce
he will not enter the recall election.

That would clear the way
for Schwarzenegger's friend,

former Los Angeles mayor, Richard Riordan.

Dick Riordan ran for governor in 2002.

If he wants to run again

in the recall,

I would support him.

So I went over there
for dinner with him at his house.

Went out for a walk on the beach.

He says, "You know, Arnold,
I have to be honest with you."

"I don't feel like running."

"I don't have the fire in the belly."

He says, "But you should run."

And I said to him, I said, "Wow. Pfft."

If there's any higher power,

it couldn't have been
presented to me in a better way.

The morning of The Tonight Show,

Maria actually put a note
under my bathroom door...

that said,

"In case you decide to run,
here's what I would say."

"And here is if you decide not to run,

what I would say."

I felt like, okay,

now Maria, for the first time,

is open to the idea.

That feels


that I can go to The Tonight Show

and then whatever comes out
of my mouth, go with that.

Let me ask you about this now.

I know it's been weeks
and people going back and forth.

It's taken you awhile.

You said you'd come here tonight
and tell us your decision.

I thought he was not running.

I felt like a bit of a hypocrite,
because when he said he was coming,

it was like... even in the dressing room.

"We'll talk
and you'll see what you'll do?"

He goes, "Yeah." Okay.

All right. I said, "Well, all right,"
you know.

I figured we'd get it over quickly
and I'd say, "Oh, too bad."

The man that is failing the people
more than anyone

is Gray Davis.


He's failing them terribly,

and this is why he needs to be recalled.


And this is why I'm going to run
for governor of the state of California.

I was stunned, 'cause I thought,

"You're the biggest movie star.
What are you doing?"

I was stunned and shocked,

and it just seemed like
a madcap thing to do.

For me, that was absurd.

I think it was, like, ridiculous.

He wanted to become governor.

You know, what are you... Please.

Who knew he was spending that time
preparing for his biggest part?

I remember thinking, like,

"Hmm. Yeah."

"He'll win."

"He'll win, for sure."

I knew if Arnold ran,
that would be serious,

because he's not a normal politician.

He's part of the Kennedy family.

Having all that come
as part of the package with Arnold,

that's a huge advantage.

The very agents
and managers and studio executives

that said to me in the '70s,

"You will never make it,
don't even get into acting,"

are the very same that said,
"Are you crazy?"

"You're making $20-30,000,000
a movie now."

But the more someone says that you can't

or this is impossible,
the more I get excited over it.

Within about three or four hours
of Arnold announcing on Leno,

I'm sitting in, you know,
Arnold and Maria's living room...

and it turned out

that he had no staff,

no real plan,

uh, no people.

You know, we didn't have a name.
We didn't have a theme.

We didn't have anything.

Literally, we all called
everybody we knew.

I was already in LA.

Dick Riordan had hired me,
who was thinking of running

in the recall for governor.

I went to have breakfast with Riordan.

I had a new poll
and getting ready to launch the campaign.

He said, "Now I'm gonna be for Arnold.
Come with me."

Drive over to Oak Productions in Venice,

and I meet Arnold Schwarzenegger.

The Arnold thing was so big
and so much press attention.

It was almost like
a mini presidential campaign.

Arnold got in,
and the interest level went from here to...

You know, it became interesting, kind of
"California, there they go again" story

to all of a sudden, it blew up.
It became a worldwide phenomenon.

Hollywood hard man Arnold Schwarzenegger
is hoping for a new goal.

The election
will be as action-packed

as one of his blockbuster movies.

And he is married
to JFK's niece.

He's married to a Kennedy.

He's not one
of those crazy, nutty right-wingers.

Get a good close-up, okay?

Her writing,
then you pull the camera lens up

and get a shot of Maria.

Maria had the idea

that I have to be connected
with the people as much as possible.

She saw me over the years,

and how much I thrive
when people are around.

Because you have to have fun.

This is the attitude.
It's like, let's have fun.

This is all about fun and work
and fun and work.

Most people don't know that.

They worry

and they work

and they worry

and they work.

Where's the fun?

This is fun.

This is a six-wheeler,
so it goes through the snow

and it is really...

It's a safe vehicle to drive,

and it's a fun vehicle to drive.
In essence, a toy.

Do I need it? No.

But, I mean, it's like a toy.

You know, boys and their toys.
You know, we never grow up.

The recall might've been
the best story in 40 years.

It was captivating. It was fascinating.

It was something
that no one had ever seen before.

I call it political burlesque.

♪ One step beyond! ♪

Californians are lining up
to get on the ballot.

It doesn't take much to qualify,

just 65 signatures and 3,500 bucks.

The list includes
one-time actor Gary Coleman

from the hit show Different Strokes.

You had Mary Carey,
the adult film actress.

And a retired policeman who
wants ferrets legalized as household pets.

Then there's
the porn publisher, Larry Flynt.

Vote for a smut peddler who cares.

And bit-part actress
and billboard queen, Angelyne.

We've had enough Gray and Brown,
and we need pink in California.

The cult of celebrity gone mad.

So why not a wealthy Austrian bodybuilder?

I loved those guys,

because I was already
kind of an odd person.



From Austria.

So now, how do I make myself
kind of, like, normal?

By having everyone else weirder, right?

Two, one.

My candidacy is all about
big change in Sacramento,

and the people have a right to know
what that means for them.

I knew that that was my strength,
to communicate and to penetrate,

not just the brain, but the heart.

If you want to change this state,

then join me.

Let's bring California back.

- Very good.
- Right?


Arnold Schwarzenegger
entered like a champion

and seemed not to notice when an egg
landed squarely on his broad shoulder.

The media is a business.

And so if you've got something interesting
for clicks and ratings,

they're gonna show up.

This guy owes me bacon now,
'cause you can't have eggs without bacon.

- Hey, guys. How are you doing?
- Hey, Arnold.

Punchy points. Funny line or two.

Gray Davis has terminated hope.
Gray Davis has terminated opportunities.

And now it's time we terminate him!

Short stump.

Something has gone
terribly wrong in this state.

Pump the crowd. Pandemonium.
Throw some stuff.

On to the next one.

Didn't Mr. Buffett talk
to the Wall Street Journal

about the unfairness of Proposition 13?

First of all, I told Warren

if he mentions Prop 13 one more time,
he has to do 500 sit-ups.

So he is not gonna talk about that
ever again, I can guarantee you.

It was very clear that the people
wanted to recall Gray Davis.

It was very clear that the people
felt comfortable with the idea

of having him replaced
with an outsider like me.

The Super Bowl of debates
is just an hour away.

The top candidates vying
to replace Governor Davis in what could be

the most watched debate
in California political history,

perhaps because of one man.

If he stumbles,
he could be in real danger.

Okay, here's what we're gonna do.

We're gonna go and study
the policy issues.

But... that should be half of the practice.

The other half of the time
we should spend on the characters

that will be involved in the debate.

I did exactly what I did in bodybuilding.

I did my training, but I also was thinking

about how can I
derail them psychologically.

In California,
we have a three strikes system.

You guys put wool
over the people's eyes twice.

The third time, now you are out.

On October 7th, you guys are out.
It's that simple, okay?

I had my comedy writers
write up some jokes.

So whenever I did not know
the issues well, I would use the jokes.

One more thing, Arnold.

- You talk about the three...
- Arnold?

- Yes. You talk...
- Let me just say one thing.

Your personal income tax
have the biggest loophole.

I could drive my Hummer through it,
that's how big it is. Let me tell you.

- Let me finish.
- We're talking about income tax.

- Not about education.
- This is impolite.

This is the way you treat women,
we know that, but not now.

I just realized I have
the perfect part for you in Terminator 4.

That's it.

When Schwarzenegger announced
he was running for governor,

the staff of the LA Times
immediately went into high gear

to start looking into
stories that we had heard

for years,

but no one had actually
really investigated them fully.

We had barely six weeks to work on this,

and we started talking to women.

We found these women

by talking to people in Hollywood,

people who were sources,

and we just started reporting.

We'd get the call
from the LA Times,

"Hey, we're going
in a couple hours with this story."

"Well, what's the name of the accuser?"
"Won't tell you."

"When did it happen?"
"Uh, one year. Won't tell you."

The next morning,
we are to kick off a bus tour

from San Diego all the way up,
wind up in Sacramento

with 10,000 people at the Capitol.

Arnold Schwarzenegger!

And then...

A graphic article
on the front page

of today's Los Angeles Times

detailing the allegations
of a half-dozen women.

Among the claims,
that he groped their breasts,

made lewd sexual suggestions,

and tried to remove
one woman's bathing suit in an elevator.

The paper quotes one woman as saying,
"Did he rape me? No."

"Did he humiliate me? You bet he did."

We weren't going to write
about just one woman.

We wanted to see a pattern of behavior,

which we found,

and it took place
over a course of decades.

As soon as the first story ran,

people were really angry at us.

People immediately accused us
of holding the story

until five days before the election.

It ran October 2nd
because that's how long it took.

You know, when you get into politics,
they try to tear down your character,

tear down everything you stand for.

And as you know,
this morning they have begun

with the tearing down.

Yes, absolutely.

Let me tell you something.

A lot of those what you see
in the stories is not true.

But at the same time,
I have to tell you that I always say

that wherever there is smoke,
there's fire.

That is true.

And so,
what I want to say to you is that yes,

that I have behaved badly sometimes.

Yes, it is true
that I was on rowdy movie sets

and I've done things that were not right,
which I thought was playful,

but now I recognize
that I have offended people.

And to those people that I have offended,

I want to say to them,

I am deeply sorry about that

and I apologize,

because this is not what I'm trying to do.

This is crazy.
You know they try to tear you down.

They try to tear your character down
and everything you stand for.

You can listen to all the negativity,

and you can listen to people
who have never met Arnold

or who met him
for five seconds 30 years ago,

or you can listen to me.

I advise you to listen to me.

The day that it ran,

all hell broke loose.

My email inbox was flooded.
People were calling us with tips.

We had so many tips

that we had to put
more reporters on the story.

This morning's
Los Angeles Times reporting

that more women have accused
Schwarzenegger of groping them,

bringing the total to 15.

I am sorry,

and I apologize to anyone

that I have offended.

As the days went forward,

he kind of changed his tune.

He would talk to other interviewers

and pull it back.

Well, first of all,
a lot of it is made up.

I've never grabbed anyone

and then pulled up their shirt
and rub their breasts and stuff.

This is not me.

- You deny all stories about grabbing?
- No, not all.

My reaction in the beginning...
I was kind of, like, defensive.

We cannot have a governor who gropes women

and tries to deny it.

I can look at it and kind of say,

"It doesn't really matter

what time it is."

If it's the Muscle Beach days

or 40 years ago

or today.

This was wrong.

It was bullshit.
Forget all the excuses. This was wrong.

Things happen.
People are young and they do things.

We do not care. We need leadership.

- Are you gonna vote for him?
- Yeah, absolutely.

Personally, I was surprised
that it didn't have more of an effect

on the election.

I thought that more people would be

offended themselves.

I don't think attacks
on his character were ever going to work.

I mean,
I'm convinced by seeing the polling

that our story, rather than sinking him,

made him surge at the end.

♪ We're not gonna take it ♪

♪ No, we ain't gonna take it ♪

♪ We're not gonna take it ♪

♪ Anymore ♪

♪ We're not gonna take it ♪

♪ No! ♪

♪ No, we ain't gonna take it ♪

♪ We're not gonna take it ♪

♪ Anymore ♪

Thank you, Sacramento!

There's a new governor in town!

His name's Arnold Schwarzenegger!

When Schwarzenegger took
the stage, someone handed him a broom.

We are here,
ladies and gentlemen, to clean house!

We are here to clean house!

Today, with polls
still showing the recall passing

and Schwarzenegger winning
the governorship,

his aides confidently predicted
the stories about his past behavior

won't have much impact.

- Good morning.
- Good morning. Good morning.

- Just stick it in the box.
- Okay, like this.

- It's in God's hands.
- God's hands.

It's up to God,
therefore, the decision is...

We did all the work,
and we worked hard and campaigned hard.

The polls
have just closed here,

and CBS News now estimates that
when all the votes are in and counted,

Republican Arnold Schwarzenegger
has won the race to succeed Davis.

In your mind, you have won,

but all of this is

out in the clouds.

But then, when the reality sets in,

it was, like, so powerful.

I mean, I had tears in my... in my eyes.

I will never forget this moment.
It was just so unbelievable.

I remember the joy

when they announced me to be Mr. Universe.

A standing ovation in London.

When I got my citizenship.

When Katherine was born,
the first baby coming out.

All of these moments I remember, but this

was just so profound, so big.

It was like... It was really overwhelming.


Thank you very much. Thank you.

And God bless all of you.

Thank you.

These people

trusted you

and said, "Yeah, we want you to lead us."


You know, photos say
more than 1,000 words, right?

So I mean, it's like this is saying,

"Even though Arnold was the governor,

he never tried to sell out
and do the kind of things

that politicians normally do."

No politician is gonna have
alligator boots

and flaunt it like that.

And I didn't hide my Cuban cigars either.

I smoke because people should know
that's who I am.

When I ran for governor,
there was a lot of things I didn't know.

But one thing I knew,

that I'm going to serve
the people of California

and I'm not gonna serve just my party.

I'm not gonna be a party hack.

I'm gonna be a public servant
and serve the people.

That I knew.

Former bodybuilder
and actor Schwarzenegger

has started the third phase
of his professional life.

Schwarzenegger will be
sworn in as California's 38th governor.

...with 700 credentialed media,
7,500 invited guests,

a couple thousand more
un-ticketed stargazers,

and Vanessa Williams
as part of the program.

This is gonna take some getting used to.

I will now ask you,
please, to place your left hand

on this historic family bible.

Raise your right hand.
Repeat the Oath of Office.

And from then on,
now you have to shift gears.

Part of you has to go,

because you are not now
representing anymore Arnold,

you're now representing 40 million people.

I am humbled.

I am moved,

and I am honored beyond words

to be your governor.

You get sworn in

and you're kind of standing there
like a puppy.

You know...

All excited.

When I think about any character

that I played in the movies,

Julius, actually,

was the character that I am really.

Julius is the character in Twins.

He's kind of the innocent guy
that had a mind like a sponge.

But he still had to learn,

and he had this kind of, like,

open mind.


I went into the office,

and I was sitting there,

and I kind of felt lost.

Makeup, please. No.

How does this work in here now?

How do we get going here?

What do I do in my office?

Sit there and wait for them
to bring me an issue or a bill?

And so that's why
I went around the Capitol,

and I visited the Speaker's office.
I visited the President Pro Temp's office.

And we would sit down,
and we would schmooze.

Arnold was blessed

with the absence of knowledge

about how other people did it.

He did it the way

it needed to be done,

without the political baggage.

Hello, everybody.

During the campaign,

I would use everything that I could,

my movie career,
that I'm married to a Democrat,

to show that I'm with them.

This is Twins 2. Look at this.

Twins 2.

That's why I then decided
when I became governor

that I should actually
have a smoking tent.

And it was not so much about smoking.
It was just a social place.

We were very successful
in bringing legislators down,

Democrats and Republicans, and I just sat
outside in the tent and schmoozed.

These were total strangers.

- How are you?
- Would you like a cigar?

- Good to see you.
- Senator, you gonna join us this time?

The smoking tent is not a tent.
The smoking tent is a stage.

All the people in the offices up
and in his office

could see who was in the smoking tent.

"Why am I not in the tent talking to him?
I need an idea that goes there."

It's unsettling,
because people that met with him

could see that they were being watched.

He's totally comfortable being watched.

That's strategic.

Part of that persona,

apart from the fact
that he's just a likable guy,

is that he's Arnold Schwarzenegger.

He's the most famous guy in the world,
and he knows that.

- Very nice.
- Yeah.

Freakin' perfect.

Property tax for state-mandated
programs that you could only...

It was staggering to sit there

from sometimes nine o'clock in the morning

and have one meeting after the next,

where you learn about things

that you have not even thought about.

I remember when the day was over,
I went home and I said to my wife,

"The things that I learned today..."

"There is no university in the world

that can teach you those kind of issues."

Passing legislation...

But then how do you make
this policy come alive

and then turn it into reality?

Wouldn't it be the best
if we could get it to the people?

Whenever you feel like you don't
have success with the legislators

and you have
a strong personality like myself,

you can use that as a weapon,

and you go
and speak directly to the people.

We went out and collected signatures.

- Thank you. Exactly.
- Bring it back to where it was.

Every time we had
another 100,000 signatures,

I would put it on the desk

of the Democratic Senate Pro Temp.

This initiative strategy

is a very old strategy in California.

Politicians often use the process
as leverage to get legislation.

He just did it on a scale
that we had never seen before.

Traveling up and down the state

to just let the people know that now is
the time for the people to get involved.

That created
the conditions and urgency to get a deal.

The legislators
started doing polls,

and sure enough they saw

that it would actually win,

and therefore they stayed
at the negotiating table

and we negotiated a great deal.

Many thought the Republican
would fall on his face,

that the political neophyte

simply would not be able to tackle
the massive problems of California.

Voters follow his lead
simply because of who he is.

I mean, I am a Republican
and I want to work with Democrats.

I want to let them know first,

"I don't want to screw you,

except what we agreed upon
to screw each other."

The only thing worse than
a poor loser is a poor winner.

- Exactly.
- I'm a poor loser.

- No.
- You fucked me on my bill.

Sometimes you go
and you make a deal behind the scene,

and then you go out and attack each other
in front of the press

in order to satisfy your constituents.

That's saying enough for McClintock,

the man who says
what he means when he loses.

Bad winner, good loser.

It's bullshit, right?

A little Schmäh here,
a little bullshit there. This and that.

But that's politics.

We thought,
"Well, we've got the formula."

He was right more than he was wrong,
but we're all wrong sometimes.

Give me the tools
so we can reform the broken system.

Thank you very much, and I'll be back.

His impatience started
to work against him,

and also he was always on,
and people got a little tired of it.

No one wanted to give him a deal,
and they decided to beat him.

I'm not about to change
anything of my reforms

because I have a few nurses protesting

or a few teachers protesting.

Schwarzenegger has got to go!

My mouth has been
one of my biggest assets.

I hope that those that want
to sell out to the special interests,

those girlie men up there in Sacramento...

But at the same time,
it is one of my biggest liabilities also.

Why would I possibly call him?

I mean, are you people nuts?

"Hi, this is the scumbag girlie-boy.
How you doing?"

Voters rejected every initiative
he proposed.

Good afternoon, everybody.

I was with him just before he had
to go face the Capitol Press Corps

and the people of California
in the face of that defeat.

And I ask him, "What are you feeling?"

He said,
"I should have listened to Maria."

You know, I think that
I operate with a different mentality

than most people do,

uh, which is that I am, uh, very forceful

and, uh, impatient.

As governor,

or I think any politician,

I think you have to be more patient.

And I think
that, uh, I recognize that now,

more so than I did before.

I think that was
the beginning of him growing into the job

and recognizing that, um,

he didn't want to be some tool
of conventional Republicans

just based on his celebrity.

He wanted to govern by who he was

and who he was with.

I have always two sides fighting.

There's the left side
and the right Arnold, right?

They're always arguing
about everything, about politics,

about how to deal with
various different issues,

and everything like that.

It's just the way it is with me.

How do you convince people
you're a Centrist

and not a dyed-in-the-wool Republican?

A lot of work.

A lot of work,
and I'm willing to work hard to do that.

Now I knew exactly
which direction I wanted to go

with my, uh, administration,

and I felt that maybe
I should bring new blood in.

The first thing
I was called in to talk about

was his choice of a new chief of staff.

The most qualified candidate

was a woman who had been the executive
director of the Democratic Party.

She had been an abortion advocate.

She was an out lesbian
and her last name was Kennedy.

Your Republican colleagues are going to be
outraged by everything about this woman.

And he got this gleam in his eye

that I would later come to recognize
as delight in being disruptive.


Do it.

Do it now.

I was waiting for a flight,

and the call comes in from Zingale,

and, uh, I literally just, you know,
started banging my head on the table,

thinking, "Fuck,
why did you wait a year to call me?"

I'm here today to introduce you
to my new chief of staff,

Susan Kennedy.

Tone it down.
Not so much applause, please.

And when I started
picking Democrats for my team,

they felt this...
is the influence of the Kennedys.

In the meantime, Susan Kennedy
had no connections with the Kennedys.

It was all bogus.

I was fed up with Republicans,
she was fed up with Democrats,

so we were kind of both in the middle.

I asked him,
"What do you wanna do?"

"What do you want
to be remembered for as Governor?"

He hesitated,
then he just said, "I want to build."

Today, I propose

a strategic growth plan
for California's future.

Arnold had this passion
for thinking ahead,

for putting something in place

that maybe doesn't happen
while you're still in office,

but you're building something
that takes multiple administrations.

So I say build it.

Even though I'm known as a person
that has very little patience,

but for projects I have a lot of patience.

And so for building my body

into a perfect body took
years and years and years,

and the same is with infrastructure.

Democrats and Republicans voted

to approve a $37 billion
transportation infrastructure package.

That was one
of the fastest 180s you'll ever see.

This is the guy
who turns his boat towards the torpedo.

And he flipped it really, really quickly.

There was Republicans
and Democrats together.

Oh, the people love that.

It really helped me
beat my reelection campaign,

because I really didn't have to go out
and campaign.

This was the campaign.

With just a month to go
before Election Day,

California's Republican governor
is pumped up

about his prospects of winning.

And I won the governorship again.

And the people were happy.
And everything was dandy and fine again.

But that's politics.

What a fantastic evening.
You know, I love doing sequels.

I love... I love doing sequels.

I maybe say, "I'm a Republican,

and here is the way
I'd solve the problems."

But then at the same time, I have to say,

"What is it that the Democrat says

about solving the problems,
and why do they think that?"

I remember that Bobby Kennedy, Jr.,
when I ran for governor,

he's a Democrat, and he calls me
and says, "I want to help you."

I say, "How?"

He says, "I'm gonna give you someone that
is the number one environmental expert."

"Terry Tamminen."

"Bring him onto your team
and talk about the environment."

As a Democrat
and flame-throwing environmentalist,

many friends said, "How could you
possibly help Arnold Schwarzenegger?"

"He's a Republican."
I said, "Yeah, but look."

"We want a Republican
to be saying the things we're saying,

and I think Arnold is that Republican."

These are the kind of things
we can accomplish

if both parties work together.

I set out to go
and do whatever I could

to pass the strictest environmental laws
in California.

I said, "Why would we
reduce greenhouse gases by 5%?"

"That's bullshit."

"That's fucking little thinking.
What's the matter with you guys?"

"Let's reduce greenhouse gases by 25%."

"And California has so much sun.
We're not using it."

in San Francisco,

announcing with great fanfare

a California law to curb
emissions of greenhouse gases.

In a few minutes,
we will be signing Assembly Bill 32.

When we sign this bill,
we will begin a bold new era

of environmental protection
here in California

that will change the course of history.

I realized that
we are onto something really big.

We could be the leaders,
not only in California,

but the leaders in America

and the leaders in the world.

California is moving the United States
beyond debate and doubt

to action.

So I urge this body

to push its members to action also.

And then when Obama was elected president,

he then adopted our California
tailpipe emissions standards

and made it national.

And I want to applaud
California Governor Schwarzenegger

and the entire California delegation
for their extraordinary leadership.

They have led the way on this,

as they have in so many other efforts,
to protect the environment.

When I became leader
of the Conservative Party in Britain,

one of the first things I did
was to point out

it is a Conservative thing
to be concerned about the environment.

It was inspiring to see someone running

one of the most important economies
in the world,

but at the same time saying, "Actually,
these two things aren't in conflict."

"If you want a growing economy,

you need to have, long term,
a green economy too."

And all agree to the net-zero,
so we're in good shape...

When you step back,

it's exciting
to kind of look at an issue like that,

study and learn it, and then try
to figure out how can you help.

And that opportunity for me

to do something and to have an impact...

When I was in movies,

the kids would come to the studio
and they would do their homework.

Then, whenever they called me to the set,

they all run to the set and were waiting,
and then all the sudden, boom!

There was a shootout
and everything was blowing up.

"That was really cool. Wow."

They were high-fiving each other.
So the kids loved all this stuff.

So when I go to Sacramento,

and then all the sudden
the kids visit me up there,

they said,


"I hate it here."

"These people act so serious.
Why are they all wearing suits?"

They just were absolutely in shock

and despised my job.

And then on top of it,

then you spend four days a week
up in Sacramento,

and my kids would say,

"You didn't come
to my recital on Tuesday."

"What about my basketball game
on Wednesday?"

And I'd say, "I promised
to serve the people of California."

"Yeah, but you promised
family's supposed to be number one."

And they started crying.

Maria didn't help much at all,

because Maria says,
"Just express yourself, kids."

"Let Daddy know how you really feel."
I said, "Thanks a lot."

It was very important
to see each one of the kids

have their needs,

that your wife,
that the whole family has its needs,

that how you have
to take vacations together,

how you have to communicate
with the kids every night,

that you don't just
stay upstairs with your goals,

but then that becomes a more bigger goal.

But that's a tough one to handle,
when you hear your kids complaining

and your wife complaining
about you not being at home enough,

when you know
you're not home because for a reason.

Across the northern perimeter
of the fire, and, uh...

When we had fires,

and you go to bed

and someone tells you that
there's 580 fires now in California...

I got up at 5:00 in the morning
and then they told me there's 2,012 fires

that morning.

And you don't have enough resources.

That was really the toughest thing
during those years.

There is problems and problems
and problems.

I mean, it doesn't stop.

Tonight, the Dow plummets
as the financial world is rocked

by the fate
of two powerhouse investment firms.

The financial system is in crisis.

The economic news goes from bad to worse.

Of all the states, California
may be in the worst financial shape.

Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger
has proposed higher taxes

and deep spending cuts.

People are concerned

that this state
is going to go off the cliff.

Every governor faces a recession,

and the one that hit on Arnold's watch
was a global recession.

Everybody took a beating,
and Schwarzenegger went down in the polls

like every politician did,

but he actually left the state stronger

than any governor
that faced it before him.

Arnold Schwarzenegger was
the most ambitious governor

California had
in the second half of the 20th century.

He tried policies
of every flavor and stripe.

They think he actually sort of
advanced us 25 years of stuff in seven.

I think there were probably three things
that would be on the highlight reel.

When it came to appointing
women and minorities as judges,

he went out of his way
to find the best and the brightest

and make sure it was the most diverse,
and they achieved that.

Political reform is
by far the most impactful.

Take the districts out
of the hands of politicians

and put it into the hands of the voters.

Open up the primaries, so the parties
didn't have a lock on the primary.

It permanently changed how people
are elected to office in California.

Another big difference
between Schwarzenegger and other governors

is how much joy he got from the job,

and that kind of happy warrior approach

has a way of lifting up the staff
and lifting up the state.

Schwarzenegger personifies
what I think is the essence of California.

Arnold Schwarzenegger finishes
his seven-year run

as governor of California today.

And the question Arnold
watchers are asking now is, what's next?

It was very, very tough

on my marriage,

on my relationship with Maria

and with the kids

when I was governor.

And I also lived in denial

of a lot of the problems that exist.

Maria and I went to counseling

once a week,

and then at one of the sessions

the counselor said,

"I think today Maria wants to go
and be very specific about something."

"She wants to know
if you're the father of Joseph."

And um...

I was like... I thought my heart stopped.

And then I told the truth.

"Um, yes, Maria."

"Joseph is my son."

She was, you know,
obviously crushed because of that.

Late last night, Maria Shriver
and Arnold Schwarzenegger

put out a statement
saying they are separating

after 25 years of marriage.

I had an affair

in '96.

In the beginning, I really didn't know.

I just started kind of feeling.

The older he got,

the more it became clear to me,

and it was then
just really a matter of, like,

how do you keep this... quiet?

How do you keep this... a secret?

Schwarzenegger and Maria Shriver
had separated.

So a bit of time passes

and I receive a tip

that one of the reasons was the fact that

Arnold Schwarzenegger had had a child
with a member of the household staff.

Didn't have a name, didn't have anything.

Through reporting, we put it together,

and I called the Governor's spokesman
for him, whoever it was

and, you know,
they confirmed the story was true.

The human and the kind thing to do

was to afford him and Maria Shriver
some time to talk to their family.

I had to go

to my kids and...

and explain it to them.

Former California governor,
Arnold Schwarzenegger,

has admitted to fathering a child

with a member
of his family's household staff

more than a decade ago.

The New York Times
reporting tonight, the child is a boy.

He's now 14.

Baena had worked
for the couple for two decades

as a housekeeper,

and he hid that child for years,
not just from voters,

but from his own family.

How could he keep this secret for so long?

The reason why I feel
reluctant talking about it

is just because

every time I do,

it opens up the wounds again,


and I think that...

that I have caused
enough pain for my family

because of my fuckup.

You know, because of that,
everyone had to suffer.

Maria had to suffer.
The kids had to suffer.


His mother. Everyone.

I am gonna have
to live with it the rest of my life.

I mean, you know, people will remember

my successes

and they will also
remember those failures.

It's a major failure.

I mean, I had failures in the past,

but... you know, in my career,

but I mean, this is
like a whole different ball game.

This is like
a whole different dimension of failure.

I just saw Joseph
developing into a fantastic human being

and this fantastic man.

He makes me feel proud,

and I feel really good about him.

It was wrong,

what I did,

but I don't want to make Joseph feel
that he's not welcome in this world,

because he's very much
welcome in this world,

and I love him,

and he has turned out
to be an extraordinary young man.

See you, guys.

Have a good day.

I'm very happy

within this sad story

that, um...

that Maria and I were able
to raise the kids really well.

I think
that there's nothing more important

than to have a good partner by your side,

and every step of the way,
Maria was exactly that.

We have a really great relationship.

- Making a mess.
- Making a mess. Exactly.

Any kind of a special day,
we are all together as a family,

and everyone is really happy about that.

But it's not

what it was,

where we were all together
kind of under one roof as a family.

That is not the case anymore.

It's all about the circular motion.


- Look at this.
- Oh my God.

It's so sick.

My father always said, "As long
as you concentrate on being useful,

rather than, 'How do I feel today?',

it doesn't matter.
It's not gonna help anything anyway."

"So you can feel shitty,
you can feel happy,

the world is not gonna change,
so let's get going."

All right.

It's the routine.
Every day the same thing.

First, I let the animals out.

Fresh cookies.

Then I bang, make a lot of noise.

That means they have to run out
to the tennis court and get the grass.

Now for 15 minutes,
they're gonna eat now grass.

That's all they're gonna have.

Everyone has to be cut down
to a limited amount of calories.

Good boys and girls.

I play with them. I clean them off.

I clean the stable. I shovel the shit.

So for an hour and a half,
I cannot think about anything else.

There's a mission.

Now some people
take seminars about this stuff,

how to feel better about yourself
and all this stuff,

but I always tell people,

"Stay busy. Be useful."

All right.

I think that I went through this stage

where you kind of lose it.

Where I felt kind of like,

"I'm not going to take off my T-shirt,

because my abs are not quite
anymore what they were."

And you look at your body
and all the sudden you see a wrinkle

below your pectoral muscle.

You look at that
and lift up your arm and say, "What?"

"I wonder if this can be
surgically removed?"

The first drama

I went through
years and years and years ago,

when I says, "You look like shit."

"This is not anymore
the Arnold that I know of."

Now, I don't even look
at that anymore that way.

Now I'm just fighting to hold on.

You're 75 years old
and you look in the mirror and you say,

"What the fuck?"

Well, let's just see
what else we have here.

Now this

is Franco Columbu,

also known as Dr. Franco Columbu
because he was a doctor and chiropractic.

He was my best friend,
and he was my training partner.

There was no one that trained
more hours with me than him.

I met him when I was 18 years old.

He was powerful.

He inspired me to get stronger.

I inspired him to get bigger muscles.
We were really great training partners.

Franco was also a bodybuilding champion,
but because he was short

he did not get the notoriety.

It's always, like, the tall guy
who in the end wins.

So I was very sensitive
about him being left behind.

So when I got into the movie business,

I tried to put him into
as many movies as I could.

We used to live together.

We made wine together.

I helped him build his house.

It's been the greatest,

the closest relationship
that I've had with any guy.

After he passed away,

there's not a day

when I don't go into my living room
and look over at the chessboard.

That's where Franco and I
spent so much time.

I really miss him.

I mean, he was such a wonderful man

and such a good human being.

I wish that everyone

has a friend like that,

because if you don't,
you miss out on a lot.

That's all I can say.

It is a big adjustment

when you see
so many of your friends pass away.

You know, when I think about Gerstl,

when I think about Wag Bennett,

Reg Park.

When I think about Joe Weider,

and this year,

Bob Rafelson,

Ivan Reitman.

These are all people
that I am indebted to.

When someone says,
"Arnold, you're the perfect example."

"The self-made man."

And I say, "The only thing that is self

is kind of my motivation
and my visualization and all this stuff."

There were endless amounts
of people that were helping me.

You can call me Arnie.

You can call me Schnitzel.
You can call me Kraut,

but don't ever call me self-made man,

because I'm not.

I dreamt that I would be Mr. Universe,

that I would be an actor and all that,

but I never would have thought
that this would turn into a museum.


The day when my friends came here

and sat around the Stammtisch,

they looked very happy.

Everyone has
their own definition of success.

People's ambition is just to have a family
and to make normal money

and to see their kids
and see their grandkids,

and they're happy.

I was more adventurous,
and I was more hungry,

because of the needs that I had,

but in the end, we have the same values
and we're striving for the same thing.


It's kind of like the fighting's over.

We are the last dinosaurs.

We're kind of the elder statesmen,
if you want to call it that.

But Arnold has developed
that kind of impervious,

bigger-than-life character.

Let me do one with the arms out.

And I don't think it's gonna stop.

Arnold is Mr. Universe.

He is one of the few, if only, people

who has succeeded
in three completely different realms.

But he never turned his back
on bodybuilding.

He always cared about the sport.

That's why he ran the Arnold Classic.

And acting, he didn't stop making movies.

He looks old.

Never seen a terminator old before.

My auditory circuits
have not degraded, however.

I'm old,

not obsolete.

Arnold wasn't trained
to think in those terms,

but I don't see anything slowing him down.

He loves life.

He loves people.
He loves getting things done,

and as long as he's got a breath,
he's gonna continue doing it.

With every bid,
you're helping After-School All-Stars.

He's got this huge brand
and this huge fan base.

He's just trying to give back.

I'm back.

We need the people to put the pressure
on our elected leaders.

He is an elder statesman now,

and a statesman with global stature.

The world needs him.

You just have to ignore the naysayers,

because anything
and everything is possible.

All right, I just got my vaccine
and I would recommend it to everyone.

Come with me if you want to live.

I say to myself,

"Well, Arnold,
you wanted to change things?"

"Now is your time. Now is your chance."

I have a big platform,

so I have to use that power of influence

in a good way.

I'm sending this message
through various different channels

to reach my dear Russian friends

and the Russian soldiers
serving in Ukraine.

I'm speaking to you today,

because there are things
that are going on in the world

that are being kept from you.

A lot of the stuff that I talk about,
I have witnessed firsthand.

For instance,

the broken man in Austria

after the Second World War,

when I was born,

and I saw them getting drunk.
I saw them being in pain.

Not only because they lost the war,
but also because they fell

for a horrible, loser ideology.

They were lied to and misled

into a path that ended in misery.

So when I see something similar
happening today...

I mean, I see people marching
with Nazi flags and all this,

I say to myself,
"There's someone that is lying to them

that this is the way to go."

I knew what that led to.

That led to World War II,

and it led to the atrocities.

More than six million Jews were killed.

Innocent other people
were tortured and killed,

only because these people were lied to.

I speak with the same heartfelt concern

when there was an attempted insurrection
on January 6th last year.

There are moments like this
that are so wrong,

and then we have to speak up.

I ask you to help me spread the truth.

To me, I don't understand this idea

of looking at anyone as the enemy,

because I can get together with anyone

and try to figure out
how can we work together.

Don't we all want to be loved,

and therefore,
we should give love back to people?

Over the years, that thought started
coming more and more into my mind...

that I've had as close to a perfect life

than anyone can have.

Then, of course,
you feel like it's too short.

I hope that when I am long gone,
people say that he made a difference.


let's get back to work.

♪ We can be heroes ♪

♪ Forever and ever ♪

♪ We can be heroes ♪

♪ Just for one day ♪

♪ What do you say? ♪