Arnold (2023): Season 1, Episode 2 - Part 2: Actor - full transcript

Arnold Schwarzenegger talks about his movie career.

I think destiny
is what we make of it.

You have to have the vision,

and then if you follow that,
I think miracles can happen.

So this is exactly what
my life has been about.

I saw the peak of bodybuilding.
I climbed that peak.

Then I saw the other peak.
The leading man.

The movie star.

And it reminds me of
this famous mountain climber,

Edmund Hillary,

who was the first man
to ever climb Mt. Everest.

The press asked him,

"What were you thinking about
when you looked around

and you were up on this peak?"

He said,

"I all of a sudden saw another peak

far away."

"And I started planning my route."

"How do I get up there to that peak?"

In 1969,

we found out that they were casting
Hercules in a movie.

Oh my God. This is now my chance
to be another Reg Park.

I was not ready for it.

I didn't understand
half of what was in the script.

It may not be entirely without merit,
but you wouldn't like it down there.

Let me be the judge of that.

I am tired of the same old faces,

the same old things.

I had never taken an acting lesson before.

No man is superior to Hercules.

- I'm Hercules.
- So you told me.

No mortal is superior to Hercules.

They replaced my voice.
I couldn't speak English barely.

They told me Americans want to hear
their idols talk like John Wayne,

not like you.

They changed my name

from Arnold Schwarzenegger
to Arnold Strong.

The movie came out,

and it was

not a hit at all.

For five years, there was no offer

for anything.

So there was a lot of things
I had to learn,

obstacles that I had to overcome,
including the biggest obstacle,

when everyone says,
"No, it can't be done."

Why didn't you give up?

Well, because my vision
didn't talk about giving up.

My vision was climbing that mountain.


What is best in life?

Crush your enemies.
See them driven before you.

And to hear
the lamentation of their women.

His artistry came

from being really original
about everything that he did.

It wasn't just about popularity.
He made it cool.

The most remarkable American success story
of any I know of.

We pushed each other.
I wanted to push him off a cliff.

Unfortunately, I didn't find one,
so I had to live with him.

Hasta la vista, baby.

He's not a hollow version
of what one might think Arnold is.

It's easy to diss him
as this over-the-hill '80s action star,

but he's so much more than that.


Come here.

You can read with me.

Yeah. King in a castle.

Typical line for me, huh?


Wow. Here we're gonna break in.

It's a weird adjustment

to go from bodybuilding

to becoming an actor.

I am Rico!

Oh, yes.

Where we do it?


Here or in the bedroom?

Oh. Oh, here. Here. Here. Here.

In the '70s,
the agents and the managers

and the studio executives,

they were very clear when they said to me,
"You're way too big."

"You're too muscular.
This is not gonna play now."

"Forget about that 250-pound
muscular body."


You think I'm funny, huh?
You think I'm funny!

Well, you've gotta admit.

I mean, when you do that
you look like some big ape or something.

Stop that!

"Let's just keep going."

"Let's work on the substance.
Let's work on the acting ability."

"Your moment will come."

By that time,
I have now retired from bodybuilding.

My friend Charles Gaines told me
that he's written this novel, Stay Hungry.

That they're wanting to adapt it
to a screenplay.

Stay Hungry was written for a bodybuilder.

So I felt like
I'm in the right place at the right time.

In the novel,

I go about defining
what it means to stay hungry.

Never being satisfied with where you are.

And the minute Arnold heard the phrase,
uh, he identified with it.

It was his credo. It was the way he lived.

No matter how many successes he's had,

he's always hungry for something more.

Bob Rafelson bought it to make a movie.

Bob and I wrote the script together.

For the part of Joe Santo,

you had to be convincingly
a great bodybuilder.

I said, "Look, there's only one guy
who's gonna be right for this part,

and that's Arnold Schwarzenegger."

Bob said, "That's not gonna work.
He needs a voice coach."

"He's still got too thick an accent."

Arnold made it his job to convince Bob

that he was right for the part.

Bob Rafelson just did
Five Easy Pieces and Easy Rider.

And he did a lot of famous movies.
He was a really hot director.

He did not guarantee me the role.

He said, "In a few months from now,
let's do a test."

"In the meantime,
go to this acting class."

I got a call from Bob Rafelson.

And he said he has an actor

who has never really acted
dramatically before.

"Would you work with him?"

For the first six weeks,

I found out everything I could
about Arnold's life.

"Tell me about your father."

"Tell me about your mother."

"Tell me how it was
growing up in Austria."

"Don't just talk about it.
I want to know what you experience

when you talk about it. How do you feel?"

I realized that there are
certain things that I'm missing in me.

I guarded myself so much,
there are no emotions really there.

Or they're there and hidden away
and they have to be brought out

in order to be a good actor.

As soon as my emotions bother my training,

I turn them off.

I have to let my mind know
that it is okay to have them come out.

When I went to the office of Bob Rafelson,

in the middle of the scene,
Bob says, "My hair stood up."

"I got goosebumps."

"You're in."

With the help
of Jeff Bridges and Sally Field,

and with their intense interest to make me
shine and to make the movie work,

they were at any given time
ready to rehearse with me.

When are you gonna take that mask off?

So when you work
with professionals like that,

it makes you shine too.

I don't like being too comfortable.

Once you get used to it,
it's hard to give up.

I'd rather stay hungry.

I was very excited,

but Stay Hungry is not gonna come out
for a while.

Now what do we do?

Two months later, George Butler
and Charles Gaines came to me

and said they wanted to do a documentary
about the world of bodybuilding

called Pumping Iron.

This is it. First slate, take one.

I perform better in front of an audience.

And so here you were,

ten people did work
with the documentary crew.

Then the cameras were in my face.

So therefore, you had to perform harder.

Pumping Iron and Arnold together,

is what made bodybuilding what it is.

It was the first thing that
introduced bodybuilding

to the general public.

And it also made Arnold more accepted
in the movie industry.

That crossed over where people saw me
not as the muscle freak,

but as a personality.

- Lou, what do you think your chances are?
- I'll lose, Arnold. You're the best.

- Thank you.
- You're welcome.

The wolf on the hill is not
as hungry as the wolf climbing the hill.

- That's true.
- See?

He's not as hungry,
but when he wants the food, it's there.

The greatest feeling
you can get in a gym is the pump.

It's equal to me
as it is with a girl having sex

and coming.

It's the same thing.

1977 was wild.


At the film festival in Cannes,
Pumping Iron became a sensation.

Hundreds of photographers following us.
And there was a standing ovation.

♪ Wish upon a star... ♪

Am I married? No, I'm not married.


No one made a bigger splash
that year than we did.

The big, strapping kid
pulled out of the Austrian hinterland.

His openness and wit
make Schwarzenegger the star of this film.

...meets a publicity man's dream,
Mr. Universe.

- It's too much for me.
- "Too much for me." Can you do this?


♪ No matter who you are ♪

I was hanging out
with Andy Warhol, famous artists,

on the cover of magazines,

and talk shows.

And then Stay Hungry came out.

It was even more insane.

The Golden Globe Awards.

And I'm getting a Golden Globe
for Best Newcomer.

It was very clear the next thing
I'm going to do is not just acting,

but be a leading man in movies.

To be a star.

♪ Shining star for you to see ♪

♪ What your life can truly be ♪

Can you give me the lighter?

A lot of times,
people only pay attention to success.

But the reality of it is,

besides all this great success
that I enjoyed, it was a struggle.

I did the movie called The Villain

with Kurt Douglas and Ann-Margret.

Would you, uh...
would you like to scrub my back?


I better get the wood.

When the movie came out,
one of the reviews said

the horse had better facial expressions
than Schwarzenegger.

I was so frustrated.

It was very difficult to find an agent.

They all kind of had the same rap.

"We cannot sell you right now."

"This is the '70s."

"It's Dustin Hoffman that is in."

"Al Pacino is in."

"These are all little guys.
They're totally the opposite of you."

Luckily, I didn't need the money.

Joe Weider,
after he brought me to America,

taught me real estate
is one of the greatest investments.

I bought my first apartment building
in the '70s,

when there was huge inflation.

And I knew right away
what the potential was.

Then I started buying office buildings
on Main Street in Santa Monica.

I became a millionaire in the '70s

before I ever took off
in the movie business.

I did not have to take the bullshit roles,

to be a character actor.

"What the fuck?
I don't want to be a character actor."

"I want to the leading man."

"I want to be the star."

Just because there is difficulty,
just because there's an obstacle...

I don't care what it takes.

I eventually will be up there with them.

So I said to myself,

"Those things that they say
are an obstacle,

I'm gonna make them
not a liability but an asset."


Are you all right?

Partially live
from the West Side Tennis Club once again,

this is the Robert F. Kennedy
pro celebrity tennis tournament.

And boy, do I ache.

Ethel Kennedy called me

and said,
"Bobby Shriver brought your name up

for the Robert F. Kennedy
tennis tournament."

"You will be fantastic."

"You have the right personality
to entertain everyone. Would you come?"

I said, "Ethel, I've never had
a tennis racket in my hand."

Everything I did,
I always double-checked with my publicist,

who says, "Ethel Kennedy called you?"

"Holy shit."

"Go. Accept it."

Before the actual tennis tournament,
there was a big party.

All of the Kennedys were there.

Eunice came up to me and says,
"Oh, hi, it's so good to have you here."

"By the way,
this is my daughter, Maria Shriver."

Then later on, when she says,
"So my daughter is really fond of you."

I said, "Well, your daughter has
a really nice ass."

I says, "I have to tell you that."

Eunice said, "Thank you."

And then she walked away,
kind of like, "What the hell?"

It was stupid to say.
I don't even know why I said it.

Former Mr. Olympian, Mr. Universe,

Arnold is now beset by frustration,

tears the shirt off,
ready to renew the fight.

When we are at
the actual tennis tournament,

I could see
Maria looking at me the entire time.

After it was over,
she and Caroline Kennedy

came over and started chatting.

Then Maria said, "I think you should come
to Hyannis Port with us tonight."

I said, "The only thing is I have to
go back to get my clothes from the hotel."

I said,
"I only have my tennis stuff here."

"Are you crazy?
We all run around in shorts up there."

We left that night
with a private plane to Hyannis Port.

I then go with her to the beach,
and now we swim out in the ocean.

We climb into the boat,
run around with the boat in the bay.

And so this is how crazy it was.

And it was all about,
kind of like, "Let's test this guy."

The next morning, on Sunday,

everyone was rushing into my room
and says, "Are you ready? Are you ready?"

"We're going to church!"

I said, "What do you mean to church?
I have no clothes."

At the church, Rose Kennedy was sitting
there in the front.

You had to dress up.
Everyone was decked out, because Rose...

I'm sitting there like a schmuck
with my tennis shorts on,

my tennis shoes,
and with Bobby Shriver's shirt.

So at least I have a shirt on.

I really fell in love with Maria.

Not because she was a Kennedy,

but she just had
the extraordinary personality.

I could see that little rebel in her.

I wanted to escape from my home,
from Austria.

She also wanted to escape.

So that was kind of the beginning

of Maria and I.

The next year, I finally found one agent
willing to represent me.

I gave the whole thing you gave me
to my lawyer, and he's looking at it...

He told me, "You have an interview
with Dino De Laurentis."

I mean,
he's the guy that has made 500 movies.

He has Academy Awards and Golden Globes,

so he was a real big shot.

We went to his office,
and the first thing I see

is this little guy

sitting behind his massive desk.

As he got up from his chair,
he didn't get much taller,

and I realized he was really little.

So I said, "Why does a little guy
need such a big desk?"

And he immediately went nuts.


"I cannot use you. You have an accent."

"That's funny you say that," I said,
"because you have an accent too."

"I barely can understand you."

"Ah. Get him out of here."

The door barely closes.

My agent starts screaming at me.

"Look at this, Arnold."

"It was one minute and forty seconds."

"It was the fastest meeting
I've ever had in Hollywood."

"You had to open up your mouth."

Later that year,

Ed Pressman bought the rights
for Conan the Barbarian

and fell in love with me
after having seen Pumping Iron.

He felt that
I have the perfect personality

for playing Conan.

Ed Pressman asked Dino De Laurentis
to produce the movie.

Dino right away said, "I cannot use him."

"He is a Nazi!"

"I don't like him."

So Ed Pressman had no idea
what this was all about.

before they threw me off the project

they hired now the director John Milius.

And he says, "Dino doesn't like you."

I said, "I know he doesn't like me."

He says, "Don't worry about it.
I will straighten it out."

And John Milius was a tough guy.

He goes to meetings with a .45 loaded,

puts it on the desk when he
starts talking to studio executives.

Dino did not want to deal with him at all.

He thought that Milius was crazy.

Then Milius says, "I'm not gonna do
the movie without Arnold."

"He's gonna be Conan."

The shoot was tough.

Milius was crazy.

He wanted you to be out there in the cold,

freezing your ass off.

The theme of the movie is suffering.

He loved that.

One of the things
I've learned to be is ruthless.

Long after you're gone,

they'll decide whether you were
any good or not, you know?

I did all my own stunts.
There was no one around with the body.

So therefore,
I had to do everything myself.

God dammit.

It was fine the first take.

Then we did a second take.
Third take, fourth take.

And eventually, I was now really bleeding.

I was always a fanatic about preparation.

No matter how many reps,
no matter what it takes,

you don't go to the set unprepared.

That's all you'll ever need.

Five in the morning,
we met and did samurai training,

grappling training, broadswords

so that I can really handle
and understand the movement.

Hours of horseback riding,

because I wanted to feel
one with the horse.

And eventually,
Dino De Laurentis came to the set.

He comes up the steps.

Right up to me.

And he says to me,
"Schwarzenegger, you're Conan."


Turned around...
7down again.

I remember Milius running over to me,

giving me a big hug,

and saying, "Yes! He loves you!"

"You hear what he said?"
I said, "He said I'm Conan. I know that."

"This is, like, the best compliment
you could ever get. You are Conan!"

"You are the character."

And a former Mr. Universe,
who's built like a Mack truck,

stars in a new movie, Conan the Barbarian.

- What's the film about?
- It's a fantasy movie.

It's an adventure movie
that takes place in an imaginary time.

Arnold Schwarzenegger. Conan le Barbare.

I went to every country
in the world to promote this,

because I wanted to show

that I'm now Arnold the actor,
not Arnold the bodybuilder.

♪ Everybody, it's a good thing... ♪

And it worked
because I established myself

as an international actor.

Conan made 90 million dollars worldwide.

I'd proven to the naysayers
that a foreigner with an accent

and with a 240-pound body
can actually become a leading man

and have the sales worldwide.

♪ A monumental good thing ♪

So fuck them all.

I've had this house now
for more than 25 years.

This is a combination
of Austria and America.

It's the Austrian warmth

and it is the American size.


Too big is not big enough.

That's the idea.

When I came here in the '60s and '70s,

America had problems.

The Manson murders
and protests against the war.

Hippies were rising up.

An immigrant like myself
doesn't look at any of those things.

I'm going to the shining city on a hill.

Yes, it maybe has its faults
and awful stuff,

but I don't see that.

To go and be able to step
from one world to the next,

from bodybuilding
to show business and acting...

Only in America.

I fell in love with America because I saw

a black-and-white film in school.

High rises of New York.

There was the Golden Gate Bridge.

Everything looked just gigantic and big,

and I wanted to be part of that.

I love this American music.
I love this American politician.

It was all America, America, America.

I applied for the citizenship.

Of course, you have to pass a test.

I practiced for it. I passed it.

In 1983, I became a citizen.

I was waiting for this moment
for a long time.

Today I'm finally an American citizen,

and, uh, I feel just wonderful.

I really felt what a great gift that was

to become an American.

I was born in Austria
and I'm very proud of that,

but I'm made in America.

This country needs a new administration

to make America great again.

In the '80s, people got past
the problems of the '60s and '70s.

And then Ronald Reagan was elected,

and he didn't take any shit of anybody.

America came back.

♪ Everyone's watching... ♪

All of you have given the muscle,
the moral courage,

and yes, the spiritual strength

that built the greatest, freest nation
the world has ever known.

♪ Everybody's working for the weekend... ♪

America was strong,
and that had an effect on the movies.

All of a sudden,
the people were hailing the action movies.

It was very important to have
a muscular body

and look like an action hero.

♪ Let's go! ♪

So we benefitted
from Ronald Reagan coming into office

and for people saying,
"Yeah, America is coming back."

As for Arnold,

well, he's ridden all of this
straight to the silver screen.

I went to this party
and met Mike Medavoy,

who is a very well-known producer.

He said to me,
"We have a great, action-packed movie

that's called The Terminator.

I felt kind of reluctant.
Not another stupid B movie.

But the writing was so good.

He said,
"We still have one character to cast,

which is Reese."

I had been told by Mike Medavoy
the movie was all cast.

"I got this all worked out."

O.J. Simpson and Arnold Schwarzenegger.

I said, "Well, which is which?"

Those two names
just sounded so wrong to me.

I couldn't get out of it.

I'll have to at least see
this Schwarzenegger guy.

I'm meeting Arnold at Le Dome,
which was a big deal-maker restaurant.

Arnold's read the script.

He's marked it up,
and he just starts talking.

I'm just sitting there watching him.
It's like the sound goes down.

And I'm seeing how the light
kicking off the glass windows

is hitting his face when the door opens.

I mean, I'm thinking,

"He's got a hell of a face."

During our conversation,
it became clear no one was hooked

to O.J. Simpson playing Terminator,

because he could not be sold
as a killing machine.


he's talking about the Terminator.

He's not talking about Reese.

I said, "Look, whoever it is,
he has to go and be totally unlike

a human being."

The way he steps on the motorcycle.
The way he runs. The way he gets up.

Everything has to be
exactly like a machine.

He says,
"Why don't you play the Terminator?"

"You totally understand that character.
You are the machine."

I said, "No, no, no,
I don't want to play villains."

"The character only has 26 lines."

I started fighting him about it,

and he calmly just said,
"Well, think about it."

I thought for three days,
then I called him back

and I said, "Every time I reread it,
I visualize myself more and more

playing Terminator."

I told him I'm in,
and then we started prepping.

He understood
that this was exactly what he needed

to counterweight
this massive brand-value that he had

as "the body."

This wasn't about the body.
This was about the face.

It was truly just another job.

I didn't think that
it was particularly greater

than other scripts I'd read.

I mean, really clueless.

It was a very low budget,
and we were all rather new at it.

I definitely had my doubts.

By our snotty definition,
Arnold was a poser.

Bodybuilder pretending to be an actor.


But, because I was curious,

I went and stood
off to the sidelines watching Arnold.

That Terminator is out there.

It can't be bargained with.

It can't be reasoned with.

It doesn't feel pity

or remorse or fear.

And it absolutely will not stop ever

until you are dead.

And I bought it.
The physicality and the stiffness

and all of the things
that he was implementing.

I was like, "Okay, this might work."

Sometime in the shoot,
we're doing this police station scene.

I am a friend of Sarah Connor.

I was told that she's here.
Could I see her, please?

No, you can't see her.
She's making a statement.

The line is, "I'll come back."

It wasn't meant to be,
like, a big moment at all.

It was literally meant to be,
on it's face, no problem.

I'll come back. I'll come back.

For some reason,
Arnold didn't say, "I'll come back."

I said, "Well, just say 'I'll be back.'
Keep it simple."

I said, "Jim, to me, it sounds
funny when I say, 'I'll be back.'"

"It sounds much more machine-like
if I would say, 'I will be back.'"

And he says, "Are you the writer?"
I said, "No."

And he says,
"Don't tell me how to fucking write."

I said, "Okay."

"I'll be back."

"Oh yeah, yeah, yeah!"

"Oh my God, I got goosebumps.
It's fantastic."

I'll be back.

He was absolutely right.

It became the most quoted movie line,
I think in the history of motion pictures.

So this just shows to you
who was right and who was wrong.

All I demand of a movie like this
is a lot of action, well-done,

and a rooting interest,
somebody to care about.

This movie provides both.

It's got an awful lot of action,
people you care about.

And it's got an ingenious plot.

When I walked out of The Terminator,
at the end, mind you,

I was thoroughly entertained.

What is success
for box office-wise,

doesn't mean that the critics like it.

So to have Time Magazine,

their critics,
pick it as one of the top ten movies

was unheard of.

It even freaked out Jim Cameron.

All of a sudden, I was on a roll.

But there was something off.

I always need an enemy.

Visiting somebody around here?


In '77, Arnold won Best Newcomer.

I go, "Really?"

The '80s was an interesting time,
because the definitive "action guy"

had not really been formed yet.

Up until that time,
action was a car chase,

like Bullitt or French Connection,

and a film all about "intellect"

and innuendo
and "verbal" this and verbal that.

With First Blood, it was about action.

You actually relied upon your body

to tell the story.


Dialogue was not necessary.

I saw that it was an opportunity,
because no one else was doing this,

except some other guy from Austria...

who doesn't need to say much.

Sly was ahead of me in the '80s,

so it was for me to catch up.

Every time he came out with a movie,
like Rambo II,

I had to figure out a way
of now outdoing that.

This new film you've made, Commando,

it's been, of course, compared to Rambo.

You can't compare those,

because mine doesn't take place
in a jungle.

How about the muscles?
How do yours compare with Mr. Stallone's?

I mean, I'm the one that won the titles,
so I don't have to defend myself.

Arnold started to come on strong.

We became incredibly competitive,
like Ali and Frazier

or great warriors
that are traveling the same course.

There was only room for one of us.

We had a different style of acting,

He was superior.

He just had all the answers.
He had the body. He had the strength.

That was his character.

Knock, knock.

I would try to be the kind of guy

that's not overly gifted.


I had to get my ass kicked constantly,

whereas Arnold, he never got hurt much,
and I'm going, "Arnold."

"You could fight a dragon
and you'd come back with a Band-Aid."

We were incredibly antagonistic.

I think what you need is a little iron

in your diet.

We couldn't stand to be in the same room.
People had to separate us.

- Dillon!
- We competed about everything.

You son of a bitch.

The body being ripped and oiled up.

What's the matter?

Who is more vicious?
Who is more tough?

And he goes, "Well, if Stallone kills 15,
I'm gonna kill 30."

Who uses bigger knives?

Stick around.

Who uses bigger guns?

We continued exponentially
to carry cannons.

Sly and I were at war.

He wanted to be number one.

Unfortunately, he got there.

Without Stallone, I maybe wouldn't have
been as motivated in the '80s

to do the kind of movies that I did
and to work as hard as I did.

I'm a competitive person.

My whole life was always like this.

When I was a kid,

my brother went into Graz
to go to middle school.

The bus was like a half-an-hour walk

through a forest.

My brother was afraid

of the dark.

So it was very, very scary
when he walked home.

So I had to go

and make sure that my brother didn't cry
on the way home.

I wanted to prove to my parents
that I was the bravest of us two.

I wanted them to be proud of me

and to show that yes,

I can make it.

In 1985,

I took Maria with me to Austria,

to Thal,

to my home village.

And then we went to the Thalersee,

that lake in my village.

It really meant a lot to me

that she got to see where I came from

and where it all began.

And I said to her,

"The boats are out there.
I'll take you on a little boat ride."

When we were in the middle of the lake,
I then pulled out the ring

and I proposed to her.

I pulled off the surprise.

The wedding was in Hyannis Port

at the same church
where I first met Maria's grandmother,

Rose Kennedy.

It was the biggest wedding
that I've ever been to.

At least 500 people were there.

I knew ten percent.

How do I love thee?

Let me count the ways.

I love thee

with the breath,

smiles, and tears

of all my life.

- I, Maria...
- I, Arnold...

- Take you, Arnold...
- Take you, Maria...

In good times and bad,
in sickness and in health,

I will love you...

- And honor you...
- All the days of my life.

Now what?

You can kiss the bride.

I always thought
I'm the luckiest son of a bitch alive.

I'm so fortunate
that I'm successful in the movie business

and in my personal life.

There's very few people that can say
they're successful in both.

And then, becoming a father

is a whole new ballgame.

People talk about it a lot of times,
but you have no understanding

what they're talking about.

When Katherine was born,

I was in there
with tears running down the eyes.

I was just so emotional

about this life

that I have just created with Maria.

And you realize
this is a whole other world.

And so it was just staggering
what kind of great joy it brought to us.

And, kind of, great motivation

to continue on with your career.

But now, you have to,
kind of, think about this.

I always liked when you read a quote
and you say to yourself,

"This is something
that I could have said."

Ted Turner's "Early to bed, early to rise,
work like hell and advertise,"

was one of those quotes.

The first time I bumped into Arnold,

we were both in Colorado skiing.

He was stepping out of the Snowmass Club.

He just suddenly stopped,
and he pointed at me.

"You're that Ghostbusters guy,
aren't you?"

I said, "Yeah, that's my movie."

He said,
"You know, I could be a ghostbuster."

That was such a clever way
for him to let me know,

"I can do comedy.
It's not just action stuff."

We went out to dinner,
and he caught me off guard.

He spoke very well,

and his intelligence
and humor came through.

I said,
"We'll make a movie one day together."

Later on, Danny DeVito and I
were at some Disney studio screening,

and something about seeing those two guys
within a week of each other

put that idea in my head
that they might be the perfect couple

in a movie.

Totally out of the blue,
I got a phone call from Ivan Reitman.

He says, "How about you
and Arnold Schwarzenegger being brothers

in this movie Twins?"

I said,
"Oh, Jesus, this is, like, amazing idea."

I was in New York with my kids.

I was in front of a hotel,
and I was getting out of a car,

and I was struggling with the bags,
and I felt a hand on my shoulder

and then grab the bag,
and I thought it was the doorman.

And I turn around,
and there's Schwarzenegger.

"Yo, Danny." And I said,
"Oh, Arnold! Thank you!"

So that was our first meeting.

For this really to work,

you had to believe in the truth
of the story, as absurd as it is.

- I have a brother?
- Yeah.

You were sent to an orphanage
in Los Angeles.

I felt playing
a much more naive,

much more new-to-the-world character
could be effective.

He's probably just like me!

We wrote it that way,

and part of my job as the director
is to take advantage of everything you can

exposing the deeper Arnold.

I particularly did not want
the one-liners as an approach.

He always thought
that the way to deliver the line is

to just pitch it in a physical way,

where really the great comedians
underplay things as much as possible.

I always told writers
they have to write for me.

Remember, Sully,
when I promised to kill you last?

That's right, Matrix, you did.

I lied.

The lines that I'm famous for,
that's not how you talk in a comedy.

It was one of those interesting switches
that you had to make,

where something worked for you,
the more you had to work to get rid of it.

Immediately, bingo.

We kind of fit.

My name is Julius
and I am your twin brother.

Oh, obviously!

The moment I sat down,
I thought I was looking into a mirror!

We are not identical twins.

And then we do the whole
looking in the mirror kind of thing.

Twins was actually the first movie
that made over $100,000,000 for me

at the box office.

♪ The best things in life are free ♪

♪ But you can give them
To the birds and bees ♪

♪ I want money... ♪

Everybody's got
that movie on their shelf.

At least, my bank account says that
everybody's got that movie on their shelf.

♪ That's what I want... ♪

I met Arnold at a Halloween party.
I grew up in an Austrian family,

and so we connected on skiing

and Wiener schnitzel and lederhosen.

He said, "You know, I'm starting
to make a lot of money."

"I wanna do more than real estate."

"I'd like you to manage my money.
Would you help do deals?"

Tonight, the wait is over.

Planet Hollywood is open
in our part of the globe.

His influence
in the mid '80s to 2000s

was tremendous.

He helped start the cigar boom.

Suddenly, cigars became this huge thing.

He was the biggest movie star
in the world.

And he was always filmed with a cigar.

The big watches. Nobody wore big watches.

The Hummers. Arnold had been involved
in developing the first commercial Hummer.

The whole idea of America
going to bigger cars, SUVs,

and all that stuff,

that's all part of that.

That's his brand.

I am a stud. I am ballsy.

I smoke my stogie anywhere I want.

I don't have to find
a hideout place like you.

It's the Schmäh.
It's the Schmäh, right there.

Everything's bullshit.

To sell things,
you have to have the Schmäh.

The only way I could translate it really
is like "bullshit," right?

That in America, we just say bullshit.

When you go out and promote a movie,
"The pump is better than coming."

It's all the Schmäh.

I just always liked big,
monster military vehicles.

And driving around with a Hummer,
then I have a tank.

To drive a truck like that,
you gotta have a stogie in your mouth,

because then the whole thing
is more ballsy.

It's just the Schmäh.

- Terminator 2. He's back.
- That's right.

Whenever you do a sequel,
you cannot just do the same story.

In Terminator 1, I was this evil machine

that just destroyed anyone
and everyone that came in my path.

And in the second one,

I say, "I swear..."

I will not kill anyone.

At first,
Arnold was absolutely against the idea.

Arnold and I were gonna meet
and talk about the script.

So I sit down. I could see
he's not his usual cheerful self.

I go, "What's the matter?
You didn't like it."

He goes, "Jim."

"I don't kill anybody."

Come with me if you want to live.

"Now you're the good guy,
the defender, the protector."

He said, "Okay. All right."

"Can I shoot them in the leg?"

I said, "Yeah, let's just shoot them
in the leg. How's that?"

He goes, "No, that's good."

- What the hell are you doing?
- He'll live.

A few days before we start,
Jim Cameron says,

"Let's all get together
and have a nice dinner."

Linda comes in
and she takes her sweater off,

and I'm looking at her arms.

Veins on the biceps

and then the triceps.

Everything was like a bodybuilder,
except miniature.

I do remember the fierce pride that I had

to show to Arnold.

I said,
"I can't believe that son of a bitch

is fucking more cut than me."

When I made a film with Arnold,
I had him speak to the cast.

Actors usually try to share a little truth

of the acting process.

Arnold says forget all that.

He saw

half the job was performing the film
and half the job was promoting the film.

You have to be involved yourself.

You have to go in there and just say,
"Here's why you should see this movie."

It doesn't matter
if the other stars say no,

because they're spoiled brats.

"I am a star. I don't sell movies."

"You have to sell the movie.
I am the artist."

Bullshit. You have to sell everything.

No matter what you do in life,
you have to sell it.

And the movie didn't make, like,
$50,000,000 like the first one.

It made over $200,000,000 domestically.
It became the highest-grossing movie.

Arnold Schwarzenegger terminated
his box office competition.

Why does Arnold want
to play a good cyborg?

I think there will be a day

you'll see him running
for the Senate in California,

and he didn't want to ruin it
by turning around

and being the bad guy he was back in 1984.

And it's just a tiny theory,
but that's mine.

- You heard it here first.
- Yes.

There probably isn't a person
anywhere on the planet

who doesn't know who
that man behind the screen is.

He's the number one
box office star in the world.

Today, his latest film opened.
It's called Last Action Hero.

Please give it up
for Arnold Schwarzenegger.

When Last Action Hero came out,

I had reached my peak after Terminator 2,

having the most successful movie
of the year worldwide.

Not just in America, but worldwide.

So at that point, it was everyone
was gunning to take me down.

Not everyone is taking
to Arnold Schwarzenegger's wild new movie,

The Last Action Hero.

In fact, some of the reviews
have been downright nasty.

Last Action Hero flies
uncommonly close to turkeydom.

I cannot tell you

how upset that I was.

It hurts you.

It hurts your feelings. It's embarrassing.

You get embarrassed
when you watch the box office.

I remember calling Arnold
on Saturday morning,

and I hadn't really read the news.

I said, "How'd the picture open?"

He said...


And he sounded like he was,
like, in bed crying.

He took it as, like,
a deep blow to his brand.

I think it really shook him.

I said, "What are you gonna do?"

He says,

"I'm just gonna hang out by myself."

That's the only time
I've ever heard him down.

I didn't want
to see anyone for a week,

but you keep plodding along.

And my mother-in-law
also said this all the time,

she says, "Let's just move forward.
Let's just move forward."

"Let's go. Move. Move. Move. Move."

It's a great message.

After Last Action Hero came out,

Bobby Shriver called me.

He says, "You should see La Totale!"

A little French movie that no one saw.

It was very entertaining
and very well done.

And the concept was
so refreshing and so new.

So I called Jim Cameron,
and I said... I said to him, "Jim."

"You gotta see this film."

Arnold's bringing me
a project that he believes in.

He'd never done that before.

I thought we could have fun with comedy.

I knew Arnold had done comedy.
He had a great sense of humor.

And that it would be a good action film.

He said, "Let's make it big."
And I said, "Yeah, let's make it big."

May I see your invitation, please?

Sure, here's my invitation.

The phone in my bedroom rang,
and I heard this...

"Hi, Jamie. It's James Cameron."

"I've written a movie
for you and Arnold Schwarzenegger."

Plumber called. He says
he has to dig under the slab or something.

It's going to cost $600.

Mmm, that's okay.

Well, it's not okay. It's extortion.

So what did you tell him?

I slept with him
and he said he'd knock off $100.

That's good thinking. Bye, Honey.

Arnold is incredibly generous
to his crew and his cast.

His door is open all day long.

Maria was there. The kids were there.

It was lovely.

I was as free in that performance

as I had ever been in my life.

Come on, baby.

And then, the movie is finished.

And the phone rang.

It was Jim Cameron,

and he said, "I went to Arnold,

and asked him

if I could put your name
above the title of the movie."

So much effing money is spent
on lawyers and agents

for credits.

It's a big business.

With all of his big bravado and ego

and all the things that have made him,

he had the grace

to make some room for me.

It was a very moving moment for me,

and that movie,
of course, changed my life.

Like a phoenix rising
from the dust of Last Action Hero,

Arnold Schwarzenegger is back
stronger than ever.

True Lies is true gold.
Claimed the number one spot.

So then I was back again.

"Arnold is back.
When he says, 'I'll be back, ' he's back."

♪ Back with another one
Of those block rockin' beats... ♪

Then we came out with Junior

that Ivan Reitman directed.
It became a successful movie.

I'm gonna be a mama too.

♪ Back with another one
Of those block rockin' beats... ♪

And then the next movie, Eraser,
made over $100,000,000.

What killed the dinosaurs?

The Ice Age!

And then was Batman and Robin.

And everything was just dandy and fine.

It's a play.

Life is a play.

You have to be able to take
the failures with the successes,

and that's just the way it is.

Hi, listen.
What are you doing this afternoon?

Come over to my house.
My mother makes good apfelstrudel.

Okay, no apple strudel.

When my brother passed away,
and when my dad passed away,

then I was the only one
left in the family.

So now I had to really shift gears
and think much more about my mother.

In 1974, she stayed with me
for a few weeks and she loved it.

And I started to really appreciate
my mother much more,

hanging out with her
and having a good time.

She went on every movie set.

She took pictures on the movie set.

She made her photo albums,
took it home to Austria,

and then she showed off over there
with her friends.

Very, very proud of me.

In Austria, there's two things
you don't talk about ever.

About your finances

with anyone

and about your health problems.

In 1997,

after I was finished
with Batman and Robin,

my mother was staying with us.

She got up in the morning,

and Maria said,
"Arnold is in the hospital."

"He's having heart surgery."

And my mother said, "What?"

After I woke up from the surgery,

the doctor sat down in my bed
and held my hand.

He says, "Arnold, I'm so sorry."

"It didn't work."

"One of the valves blew out
and you started collecting blood

in your lungs."

"We have to have
another surgery right away."

They started preparing me
for the second surgery.

I said to myself,

"What the hell is going on here?"

"No one has given me any anesthesia yet,

and the guy is standing here
with the knife."

The doctor said to me,

"We want to wait until the last second.
I don't want to lose you."

I said to myself, "What?"

Then, they did give me the anesthesia,
and I wiped out.

It was kind of touch and go.

Sixteen hours later, I woke up again.

The surgery was successful.

My mother came into the hospital

and gave me a lot of hell
for not telling her,

and "How could you do this to me?
I'm your mother."

"You're supposed to be able
to tell me anything."

It was just too much for her.

A year later,

I got a phone call

that my mother was visiting my dad

at the graveyard,

and right there on the grave,
she passed away.

Yeah, so...

My mother passed away

from the same valve problem that I had.

She refused the surgery.

She just always said, "If God wants me,

he can have me."

I immediately felt this sense of,
"Well, now what?"

It was so deep inside me
that I never thought about it,

that I'm maybe still trying
to look for approval from my mother.

Who am I doing all this for now?

♪ Happy birthday to you ♪

I want to, uh, thank everybody
for coming here this evening.

Quite a year for us.

I don't have to go into that,

but anyway,
I met Arnold two weeks after he turned 30.

In two weeks
we'll have been together 20 years, and...

...which, uh, is an accomplishment.

Let me tell you.

After the surgery,
I was not working for a year.

Studios started calling my agent
and saying,

"I think we're gonna postpone this movie,"

or "I think we're gonna go
and rethink this and that."

And there were changes made,

where all of a sudden
I started losing movies.

Here's the action star.

The guy that cannot be killed
on the screen

almost died.

I was concerned

my career is going to come
to a grinding halt.

I knew, the first movie that I do,

the insurance company will be
sitting on the set, watching every take

to see if there's any difference

between my performance
now after the heart surgery

versus what it was.

Please, God.

Help me.

Give me strength.

And that's
when I said to myself, "Okay."

"This is a new day."

"Let's just move forward."


You want collateral? Here.

There was a time when I was
the number one movie star in the world.

I could walk into Sony,

Warner Brothers,
Universal Studio, Disney, wherever it is,

and they would offer me a movie.

But that's not really
what I was looking for.

I was looking for another challenge.

Just like in bodybuilding,
I've done everything that I could do.

There was nothing anymore to conquer.
It was the same thing over and over again.

Let's do something different.
Something more exciting.

When I met Maria

and I was exposed
to all the conversations in Hyannis Port,

always talking about politics
and all of the different issues,

I found it fascinating.

And also the whole idea of serving people.

Eunice, Maria's mother,
introduced me to the Special Olympics,

and then I fell in love with it.

And then President Bush appointed me to be

the Chairman of the President's Council
on Physical Fitness and Sports.

I realized how much fun this is.

All right! Yeah!

I was happier than being on a movie set.

I made all the money that I've made
because of America.

So why wouldn't I stop that now
and give something back?

Over a period of years,

a new vision started shaping.

Politics interests me very much.

Many even say that sooner or later,

after the whole film career,
I maybe move on to politics.

- Schwarzenegger the politician?
- Yes, exactly.

As we look to the future,
why do I keep hearing people talk

about you moving into politics?

Ladies and gentlemen,
Arnold Schwarzenegger!

I lost any skepticism

to put any limits on him.

A lot of history makes sense to me

through the lens of having been
pals with Arnold for 40 years.

His whole life, you could see
he was heading towards something

so much bigger.

I believe politics was his destiny.

Everything else was a warm-up act.

He understood
the political system itself is the box,

and he blew up the box.

We are here,
ladies and gentlemen, to clean house.

You see this peak?

I gotta climb this.

No matter what it takes,

I'm gonna go after it.

♪ Here comes Johnny Yen again ♪

♪ With the liquor and drugs ♪

♪ With the liquor and drugs ♪

♪ Well, I'm just a modern guy ♪

♪ Of course I've had it
In the ear before ♪

♪ I got a lust for life ♪

♪ A lot of lust for life ♪

♪ I got a lust for life ♪

♪ I got a lust for life ♪

♪ I got a lust for life ♪

♪ Well, I'm just a modern guy ♪

♪ Of course I've had it
In the ear before ♪

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