Alfred Hitchcock Presents (1955–1962): Season 7, Episode 22 - The Big Score - full transcript

While Dora's babysitting, her boyfriend and two of his pals show up. They clearly intend to rob the house but are caught in the act when the owner returns home unexpectedly. They steal a large sum of money but one of the young hoods, Gino, stabs the owner and Dora offers to call the police with a good story. Gino agrees but is worried that they not give themselves away but soon realizes that one of his gang has already fenced a lighter stolen from the house. Turns out the homeowner had a reason for having a large sum of money on hand.

Good evening ladies and gentlemen,

and welcome to another school session,

I think we have at last conceived the
perfect football play,

if you have
10 men to do your blocking,

and follow this plan,

you should have no trouble reaching
the refreshment stand at half time,

if you haven't ten men,

you can do just as well using two
elderly ladies armed with hatpins,

tonight's training film
is called The Big Score,

but first the head coach wishes
to give you a one minute pep talk.


Good night Larry,

now you do exactly as Dora tells you.

-Oh he will mr Fellowes.
-Good night daddy.

Good night son,

now go to bed and
Dora come in and read,

Larry’s become very fond of you Dora,

you seem to be his favorite babysitter,

he does miss his mother so much,

well I won't be late tonight but uh,

oh, in case of emergency I left my number on
the pad there where you can reach me.

Oh Ryder Rooney mr Fellowes.

See you later doll.

Ryder Rooney.

-Dora, Dora...

now if you want to grow up to be a big
man like your father,

-you've got to sleep Larry.
-Why don't you tell me a story?

-But wouldn't you rather look at
television? -Bang bang.

Ryder Rooney, cops and cowboys.

-I love you.
-I love you too.

Baby what a bad,

wall-to-wall money...

hey Arnie come on get something going,
will ya?

Something crazy...

Hey Gino wake up boy.

Do you want to wake up
the kid, you stupid jerk?

-Hey cooler, cooler.
-The kid up it's watching television.

Yeah hey you see, you see, I'm
always cool and everything, huh.

He can hear, he can see,
you wanna he hearing things?

spread is probably twice yours.

Gino why he keep it cool tonight, Arnie,

little Larry likes to choose his own

What do you have there people?


Hey Mike,

give me a beer, uh?

Bit of brandy, for me you know old boy,

strictly neat.
Gino my dear boy name your poison.

Who gets slaughtered on a job?

Hey we got time to swing man.

Gino, you know we're
swinging man we're swinging.

Mr Fellowes won't be back for a couple of hours.

Yes, look let's move babe
where's the dog where's the loot.

-Hey you cork.
-Hey no pause man,

want you trouble?

Do you want trouble Mike boy?

Yeah why not.

Gino's right,
I got a job set up here not a ball,

come on,

come on.

Hey, look at this.

Stupid dumb, can't you see
this house is a national senate?

FHF, F Hubert Fellowes,

do you want to copy this?

why not just take a written confession
right down to the DA personally?

Oh stop yakking and follow
me treasure hunters,

Hey look at this.

So mr Fellowes its a sportsman?

Do you guys know the difference between
punks like us and the big guys on top?

fat bank accounts on the private heater,

we're not old enough to get gun permits,

now I don't need one.

Hey Gino, it's in here.

Here it is let's go.

Dora what's that?

It was just little
Larry listening to television.

Have a look in the box,
let's bust it open now.

We can't open it here,
we got the tools in the car,

now we open on the way home, let's go.

Hi mr Fellowes,

yeah you came back so soon.

Who's these boys?

Oh they're just friends of mine
they're keeping me company.

What are you doing with that?

-You know what, the box, give it to me.

You want it?

take it

All right, now get out, you too Dora.

Hey, what she do?

It was their idea mr Fellowes.

You little sneak get out all of you.

Oh wait a minute you got no right to
talk to her like that.

And tell me what I should say it.

-Was a mistake mr suntan.
-Don't shoot, Gino,

he'll bring the cops.

-You littles punks...

You're dumb mr suntan.

you’ve been walking into
a private party like this,


give it to him,


-let's go.
-Hey let's get out of here.

Come on baby let's go.

I trusted
babysitter Catley little Larry,

besides I gotta call the police,

I gotta have a good story ready for them.

Right baby, tell em.

Oh please,

can I go home?

I know your folks are coming right over
Dora, they're on their way now,

I know how much of an
ordeal this has been for you.

But little Larry who's
going to take care of little Larry?

Well Larry will be all right we've got a
woman coming over to take care of him.

Are you going to arrest me as a material
witness or something?

Of course not honey,

it's just that I thought you'd
want to help us find whoever made.

I mean...

I do want to help you,

but I’ve already told you everything I

I was sitting in the nursery with little

when mr Fellowes came home,

he he told me he had just
forgotten something so,

I went back to sit with Larry,

about five minutes later the door chime

and I, and I heard men's voices but I
couldn't hear what they were saying,

and then suddenly somebody yelled,

and the door
slammed and I heard a car drive off,

and I went out to see what had happened,


I saw mr Fell...

Did you see what kind of a car it was?


I was I was too scared to do anything.

And you didn't see who did it?

could you tell how many there were that
is by their voices?


I couldn't be sure but,

well it sounded like there were two
other people besides,

mr Fellowes,

oh please could I have a glass of water?

And now for the local news,

two workmen were injured
on a construction job,

at Blinkman street when a
girder accidentally fell,

the condition of both men is said to be serious,

traffic on Richmond road is
congested due to unusually heavy traffic,

motorists are advised to take alternate

the weather calls for bright sunshine
tomorrow winds around 10 miles per hour...

Hey I want to get some music.

Well get music then,

get nothing from mr newspeak,

all about a lousy war,

golf, who needs it?

do you want to get high blood pressure Gino?

take it easy easy.

She says,

we've been here all the time and we hear
nothing about mr Fellowes,

look at thirty two thousand dollars,

look at a thousand, a hundred, five

-it's crazy. -So what Gino? we got it made

it's a breeze, let's

That in clover up to here.

-The phone jack.
-Oh yes sir.

Hello, Intl World Lines? I’d like to charter
a plane reservation if you please.

Hey knock it off clown!

What's the matter with this guy?

we got it made Gino,

we could be wearing
make bibs,

instead I’m starving without bearing
this fly trap,

look at this, 32 000 g's,

and five bean tins,

we could be heading out
in our gold-plated raid,

and instead we fry,

this dumps so bad even the bugs left.

Shut up man,

you dumb head,

I've worries on my own.

I’m dumb,

here we break into Fort Knox by mistake,

this keeps making like a bum and I’m dumb,

bugs me.

What kind of a guy would leave that
amount of money lying around loose?

He moved into town about a year ago.

all anybody knows about him is that he was a
fat cat with plenty of cash.

Listen tight, we can come out of this
melon like roses,

that's smart,
if we've done, we've had it,

we killed our guy remember?

that's 99 years old or the chair,

and we got all this,

but what are we out there Mike?


try, here take a look,

take a hundred dollar bill and say uh,
give me a case of beer,

punk like you flashing so much money,

you know what you get?

you get cops,

cops on a murder rap.

What are we doing now Gino?

We wait,

wait till it hits off a little, I’ll find
a fence and then we'll unload the loot,

there'll be less money to the dollar but,

this small stuff we can spend.

Let's get going, let's go.

Listen man, we don't leave that loot
alone not for one minute,

if we go out, we go out in pairs,

except you Dora, you keep on babysitting
and going to school,

the rest of us stay right here,

been working a lifetime to get out of
this punk class,

I got big time loot now,

I’m going up,

yeah, I’m breaking out,

I’m finding a new song.

Give me a cigarette, huh?

okay thanks swimmer,

why you let mike and Arnie go out?
I wouldn't trust them,

I have to,
maybe they can hear something,

besides I gotta think,

it's so dumb.


Mike's such a punky jerk,

you know I’ve had it with him,

but you got it Gino,

you and me we can really fly.

you mean take the money?

let's say we do,

Mike runs
to the cops and we're dead.

No we leave the creeps they're
cutting and swing off together,

you need me Gino, you're smart but I’m

I can look good get in the right places.

Yeah later on you dropped me
like that, like with Mike.

No, no real fits with Mike, no chemistry,

like with you,

I feel like a statue with Mike.

You don't look like a statue with Mike.

I was thinking of you all the time.

You know baby you can put that on and
off like a faucet,

I like it when it's on.

Do you want a vent in the head?

Okay you're the boss man, but don't go
right in my preserves dig,

this is all staked out for me.

Ah keep, it keep it,

just tell me where you got the money
to buy that brew,

-We mooch though up an old body of Arnie's,

-a guy from out of town.
-Shooting heist that brew?

Look, an old buddy of Arnie’s.

Look man if you guys said that
brew you're gonna have a fat lip,

find it on your head.

Yeah boss.

-You can take a turn out any
time you want huh? -That's right,

I’m gonna go get a radio with a police band,

-I gotta find out what that newspeak
doesn't talk about. -Why?

they haven't said anything.

a radio with a police band?
man, what are you gonna use for bread?

I’m gonna take a hundred,
then I’m gonna go see a fence,

-What fence?

Ozzy who?
-Just Ozzy,

he runs a discount store,

he sells everything from claw hammers to
thousand dollar tv sets,

and then down in the basement he sells
the hot stuff,

he's part of a big operation,

Gee, how do you have to get onto a guy
like that.

Well, I sold him some stuff growing up
you got to know the right people,

right now it's Ozzy.

-Yeah, you're going way up Gino.
-That's right,

and you know something?

when I get to where I’m going, I’m
going to be able to buy and sell Ozzy,

and you two better be
here when I get back,

with the money.

What about me?

Yeah, what about you?

Tell him I want to see him.

Over there, punk.

-I don't see him.
-The door, punk, show off.

I’m buying this time,
not selling,

I got a fat deal if he wants any
better make a quick appointment.

It looks real.

what else?

Come with me.

Ozzy this kid wants to talk to you.

Montana C, Ozzy, how's business?

Expanding, so don't waste my
time with heisted peanuts.

Gino isn't selling these

he's buying.

What are you buying?

I want a radio, the best,
with a police band.

What are you using for money Gino?


plenty more where this one came from,

got a hot deal for you,

I want the radio now though.

What's matter kid,
you never seen one of these before?

Sure, give me a light will ya?


now, where's the radio?

Latest model.


You stole the guy's slider.

Oh wow we gonna win some beer.

You stole it then you have to sell it to
the lousy fence,

that ties us into the killing,

we could have gotten rid of that money,

but the guy sliders got his initial on it,

oh you're too dumb to

Watch it Gino,

don't worry about them
leave the crips,

we're all in on it right,
so they go to the cops,

they talk themselves right
into the electric chair.

Go on take it all.

me? I was happy before,
then I had beer, chicks,

go on bye bye cats.

Come on baby.

Must be a cop car still on our tail.

Coming up, coming up fast.

Fast in your life, but baby,
I put beef under this hood,

we got a hot iron here,

-goodbye cops.
-Lose them Gino,

-Get out.

Most of it it's here Murphy,
like I stick it.

Move punks.

You got the money what do you
want with us?

Over there.

But you got the money.

nobody kid takes syndicate money.

How are you talking about,
syndicate money?

we took that from mr Fellowes's house.

Mr Fellowes was our boss,

right Murphy?

-that's right. -And we don't like what
you kids did to our boss, do we Murphy?

We don't like it,


What are you going to do
with us?

What are you saying? punks.

And that concludes tonight's play, The
Big Score,

however while Ozzy and his friends appear,

to be ahead on point in our final quarter,

it was the police who finally won the

Mike, Arnie, Ozzy, and Murphy have
all been benched for 20 to 30 years,

in case you've been puzzled by this
athletic theme,

I should explain,

this portion of the program was originally,

prepared for a story about college football,

of course we soon discovered that football
is hardly a suitable subject for television,

there's far too much violence,

then there's a matter of athletic

and quite a bit of bribery,

and all in all we felt the
story put American youth,

in much too bad a light,

for this reason only,

we substituted tonight's tale of
juvenile delinquency,

and now for that part of the program,

for which I wish there were a substitute,

after which I shall return.

How do you do? I’m Alfred

I thought you might have
forgotten during my absence,

this concludes
tonight's training session,

we shall return next week,

when I shall lecture on
the art of point shaving,

and game throwing,
until then, good night.