Alfred Hitchcock Presents (1955–1962): Season 7, Episode 2 - Bang! You're Dead - full transcript

Rick Sheffield visits his brother and sister-in-law after a lengthy absence living in Africa. His nephew Jackie unpacks his suitcase and finds a revolver. Jackie and his friends are always playing with their toy guns and Jackie goes around town, pointing the gun and pulling the trigger, oblivious to the fact that there is a live round in the chamber. When his parents and uncle realize he has the gun, they set off on a frantic search but not before he fires at someone.

Good evening, and welcome to
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This is not a hold up,

I wish to dramatize the
title of tonight's play,

tonight's story is
called: Bang! Your Dead,

despite the fact it has been
introduced with my usual flippancy,

it concerns a very
serious subject,

and I would be doing it a disservice
if I led you to regard it lightly,

now I must hurry
into the theater,

I don't want to
miss the beginning,

fortunately I have a minute to find
my seat before the feature starts,

for it is preceded by an
unselected short subject,

it's the management's way,

of discouraging those who might
stay through more than one show.


-Where'd you get it?

-How many bullets you got?
-A box full.


-What a cheesy gun.
-Can I try yours? -Nah...

-No, go on home.

Can't I get in the
war too Stevie?

This is our war I told
you, go on home halftime.

-Hi. -Hi. -Jackie, here's your
uncle Rick home from the wards.

I’d know him if I met him in
the jungle,how are you Jackie?

-you got your own war on?
-They dont wanted me in their war.

Oh they won't huh?

Jackie, uncle rick was
in Africa yesterday,

-wonderful gadget the airplane.

-You made it.
-Sure did sis.

Hey, what's going on here?

You think you're the only one that had
trouble with the natives? Oh brother...

What on earth
is that?

Well that is what the
well-dressed witch doctor,

is wearing it's a little something
I picked up for you, Johny.

You're home for
good really?

Well it's a little tough to do business
in a country that's blowing sky high.

-Oh thanks.

Ah peace it's wonderful,

now that little item was all
that was left, just one incident,

-you might say that it uh, had its bug pass.
-Pass, uh?

Well there's no place for an innocent...
I’ll tell you,

that going to sleep every
night with a gun under your pillow,

it leads to a certain
amount of insomnia.

-Well, better days...
-And nights.

Where is that Cleo? nobody's
even started the canapes.

But she'll be
here honey.

Oh I didn't do
it, now partner.

Show Rick is room
Fred. I’d better call,

oh Rick, if you could have stayed on, we
wouldn't have rushed you into a party.

Maybe you can make friends
and influence people.

Well I’ve got a couple of connections
up North but I can be bought.

-All right, where am I?
-I’ll show you uncle Rick.

Lead on Wild Bill.

That thing gives me the
old-fashioned Willie.

I must say I don't care
for it next to the olives,

conversation piece.


-Have a transfusion.
-No answer,

I should have told Cleo to
come at a regular time,

but it's not her regular day.

Nope, I never did meet Tarzan I guess
he must live in another part of Africa.

-Okay forke over.

-There you go.
-Gee thanks uncle Rick.

You're welcome Jackie,

say I’ve got a surprise for you
that'll really knock your eye out for,

you just wait left to the party.

Can't I have it now?


How's it going?

-Okay between shakedowns.
-Take, drink it while it's hot. -Thanks.

We've got to cheer Amy up she thinks the
mage falling down a man holds up place.

Daddy, uncle Rick’s
got a surprise for me.

Well it's a fine decent good-hearted
uncle that's what he is,

why don't you unpack for?

-after you.
-I'll right back Jackie.

Well I guess it's as good as way
as any to work up the people,

I tell you if you could just
see it or hear it you'd,

wish you were six years old
again shooting honest engines,

this is probably a museum piece.

No offense but it probably
ought to be in a museum.

How could you left an hour ago and still
not be here it only takes for 25 minutes.

-Hand swap.
-Pf course I know how the buses are,

I just can't help being upset I’ve
got guests arriving in an hour,

don't bother me honey,

yes I know Jackie, please,

well let's just hope
Cleo arrives soon,

thank you so much, goodbye.

-No luck? -She left an hour ago,
it's my fault I should have picked her up.

But don't fret honey, I have
limitless confidence in Cleo.

-Honey... -What? -I have a strange feeling
something's wrong.

-I don't know, I hope nothing's happened to her.

-Run along honey, go out and play.

Yeah why don't you go outside see if you
can bring down a real-life mate, huh?

Thanks to the surprise uncle Rick.


He thanks me in advance Josie
has a very trusting spirit.

I brought him one of these
uh massage feather hats,

-still out in the car isn't it?
-well you know I want to get in the whole picture.

you know old story
type telling uncle.

If you get him off of this western
kick, I’ll be glad for a change.

Stick them up!

-put them up.
-Now just a minute Billy the Kid.

I’m not a rebel soldier,
I’m the united states mail,

and it's against
the law to shoot me.

-what you want?
-Nothing I’m just practicing.

Tell you a secret, the real big
stuff's down at the post office,

registered mail, jewelry,
gold, watches, money.

Money, I got a
lot of money, see?

Uncle Rick gave it to me
I’m going to the store.

Great, run along now and buy
yourself a 20 cent belly,

I gotta crank up the stage and get,

going before the engines get me, okay?

-Sure, bye mailman.
-Bye Jackie.

I thought I’d give Amy a
sneak preview, does this...

something wrong?


-Hey you gotta feed it.

Dimes in the slot
there, fight him cowboy.

You're sure he isn't playing
in your backyard Judith?

all right, no no I’ve
called the Davidson’s,

of course something's wrong, he's got his
uncle's revolver with live ammunition,

he thinks it's a toy.

Did you look at
the gun he had?

I told you mr Chester, it's a
cap gun, he wanted to get in,

our war and I wouldn't let
him I told him to go home.

Then you didn't see him
when he came out again?

No sir, I was over Gary...

I called everybody I could think
of no one's seen him since lunch.

That settles it we call
the police right now.

I’m gonna go
call the police.

The mailman said he saw him heading
for the supermarket climb in, hurry.

Honey, the horsey's got a
customer, can't you see?

now come on now, don't give
daddy a bad time come on.

How about it friend, give us a fast
ride just once around the corral?

-I got here first.
-I know I know but give us a break, huh?

you know how women are
and this one's murder.

-I got here first.
-I want to ride the horsey.

Yeah, well here, look pal,

-there, will that make a ride?
-I got here first.


Come here.

-Hey that's my horse. -I know I know and I’ll
put you right back on him in just a minute.

-Horse thief.
-Yeah well don't be too hard on the sheriff.

Here you go Darlene, down.

Okay, run along kids,
go to the public library.

Keep that on this job, uh?

see you on television,

-George Webster on register 7 please.

I know how busy you are, but I’m just
beat down to a nub, we should have got,

this done last week, but we just let
it go and let it go you know the way...

-What can I do for you?
-Oh she's looking for cartons, big cartons.

All the cartons we got are back.

Oh I saw those, they won't do, but you
do have some in the back room that,

are just perfect except they're
full of dog food or something...

-Excuse me please, have you seen...
-Just a minute, please.

this is a true, you see we're all
making puppets for the camp craft...

-I'm sorry but this is important...
-So was this.

I said just a
minute lady.

Therefore puppet theaters
we cut out the front...

I’ve got to find
my little boy.

Check with the manager please,
at the desk number six.

-Excuse me...

-Just a minute please.
-Can I have your driver's license please.

All right I’ll take you to
the cashier on number three.

-Yes ma'am.
-Would you please make an announcement,

my little boy is around
here someplace with a...

Jonathan, yeah,

how many cases?

-Hands up. -Oh come now,
you wouldn't shoot a girl wouldn't you?

Sure I would, watch.

How that?


that's why your outlaws are
so mean, you're always hungry,

never saw an outlaw shoot
anybody on a full stomach,

now you tell your mommy we have six
different kinds of jiffy snacks,

all she has to do is
open the can, okay?

what's your name?

-Bye Jackie. -Bye.

Please, please this is an emergency
I want you to make an announcement.

You want to ride this
pony, you take your turn.

Your attention please, we
have a missing boy named...

...five years old, wearing
a straw cowboy hat,

his mother is waiting here
at the desk on aisle six,

Jackie Chester, five years old please
send him to the desk on aisle six.

I just saw him down there.

He was sitting right
there loading his gun.

-that's a real bullet.
-Yes, it is.

-Jackie, Jackie this is mother...
-Somebody just saw him out in the parking lot.


-Any luck? -He's out here
somewhere, somebody just saw him.

Come on.

Did you hear that?

over there.


Who's that?

Where's everybody honey?

I don't know.

Stick them up Cleo.

I got no time to play games sweetie pie,

your mother's probably fit to be tied.

Uncle Rick gave me this you can
put bullets in it, just like real.

Did he tell you
all about Africa?

-Tarzan doesn't live there.
-He moved? -I don't know.

He probably got himself all
crippled up swinging all the,

trees the way he does found
himself a nice quad cave.

-Nobody will play war with me.
-I’ll play with you tomorrow.

-Stick them up Cleo.
-You put that down Jacky,

I told you I can't play now.

-Make me.
-Why you little rascallion, huh.

if I get my hands on
you Jackie I bet I’ll...

-I ought to have my head examined.
-That won't help us now.

I don't know what happened my
mind just went blank or something,

if anyone gets
hurt is Jackie.

Sitting here crucifying ourselves
is not gonna solve anything,

let's go call
the police.

Stick them up Cleo.

Okay, you go ahead and shoot me.

-You tell mom?
-Sure I’ll tell her.

I’ll tell how you
tormented me with a cowboy gun,

and wouldn't mind
me for some apple.

-that's what I’ll tell.
-I'll shoot you Cleo, I’ll shoot you,

It's all right, I made
my peace so almighty,

go on, blaze away,

-It's a real gun...

Mommy, mommy.

After an experience
like that,

you need something
to break the spell,

and I have
just the thing,

I shall rejoin you in a moment.

On rare occasions we have
stories on this program,

which do not lend
themselves to levity,

Bang! You're Dead,
is the case in point,

we only hope that this play
has dramatized for parents,

the importance of keeping firearms and
ammunition out of reach of children,

accidents of this type occur
far too frequently nowadays,

and the tragic fact is that with proper
precaution they could be avoided,

that is all for tonight,

please join us next week,
when we shall return,

with another story,
until then good night.