Alfred Hitchcock Presents (1955–1962): Season 7, Episode 19 - Strange Miracle - full transcript

Pedro Sequiras loses the use of his legs in an accident and his condition is considered by everyone to be permanent. Over time, his wife Lolla becomes dissatisfied with him and with her situation. It turns out that Pedro isn't paralyzed and is only pretending to be so he can collect from the insurance company. Lolla is worried that they will be found out, but Pedro devises a plan: go to a local shrine and let God perform a miracle. Pedro is surprised at the results however.

Good evening mr and mrs,


tonight's story is called: Strange Miracle,

and I consider it first class,

before I’m permitted
to deliver it however,

there's a certain gentleman
with another message,

which I can only say is
in a class by itself,

I have attempted to dissuade him,

but neither snow nor rain,

nor any amount of acrimony can
stay this eager courier,

here he comes now.


Is that my hand down there,

should I try and move,

can I?



Wait here.

Oh you're alive oh thank god,

what did the doctor say?

darling tell me
the truth.

I I don't have any pain, I I’m lucky.

you're going to,

to walk again aren't you?

It's a it's just a nerve something in my
in my back but,

let's not talk about that anymore,

I I like that dress,

I like the way it fits,

well I’m your husband,

you know, can't I?

Cant' you move your legs at all?

not the tiniest bit?

Stop thinking what
you're thinking,

I love you,

I’m going to be well,

in two weeks I will be home and,

I will walk in
that door.

Do you know where uh señor Sequelas lives?

Drive up a little closer.

-Is he still paralyzed?
Yes señora.

-But he can be cured? -The doctors
have tried all they know, señora,

I am an insurance adjuster for
the railroad company,

I assure you your husband will receive
compensation for the accident.

Did you lock the shutters,

but I asked you to lock them.

The door is locked, why should we bother?

Because I want them locked.

I’m tired,

going up to bed.

It's a very attractive dress,

thank you for wearing it for me tonight.

You're welcome,

darling I am so tired,

I have to go to

Good night.

Good night dear.

I’m sorry you are tired tonight,

it was nice of the father to come and
see me,

wasn't it?


didn't you hear me?

Yes I heard.

When we get the money from
the railroad,

we can buy an automobile,

you can drive me all over,

we could even buy this house.

Please don't talk anymore,

I’m gonna get some sleep.

We could go to Acapulco,

Yes, yes...

Would you like that role?


go to sleep.

Pedro you can walk,

you're cured.

Of course not,

I am incurable,



a great specialist who came all the
way from Mexico city to examine me,

the one the railway paid especially,

said I’d never walk again.

But then you have cured yourself?

Of course not,

I keep telling you I am incurable,

and I intend to remain incurable until
they pay up,

and they will pay up plenty,

I can tell you that.

But it's wrong,

-it's cheating.
-Don't you understand?

I have fooled them all all those people
at the hospital,

we need only be patient and the money
will roll in,

we'll have enough for the rest of our

what's the matter?

Are you sure they
won't find out?

Where's that bank book?

let's have another look,


isn't that pretty?

Every morning I lie in bed counting all
the zeros,

and then I worry a little.

Stop worrying.

We better go for our walk,

it's time to
make your daily appearance.

Let's go.

I don't want to go.

You have to.

I can't stand looking at that wheelchair anymore.

What do you want to do, walk
out and lose all the money?

It's easy for you to talk,

you don't have to sit in a
wheelchair for the rest of your life.

You think I like to will you every

you think I wanted to get rid of the
maid so she wouldn't find out the truth?

No, but you like money too.

Oh be quiet.

Let's go.

Maria I’m glad to see you.

And I’m glad to see you father.

Who's the girl?

She lives out in the country,

she comes every market day.

The blanket, is there something wrong with her?

She's paralyzed.

She's calling us.

Señor Sequeiras,

a very dear friend of
mine, Maria,

Maria like you sir,
bears affliction with grace.

What else can we do?

we are in god's

I have hope.

Maria goes every year to the shrine of Novales.

Yes I pray for a miracle and each year I
try to make the pilgrimage.

Are you making the pilgrimage this year?

-No, not this year.
-This year she hasn't the money.

Maria supports herself by knitting and
things have been going too well.

But I have hope.

Father you have shown me a wonderful

I too shall try to live as cheerfully as

Goodbye father.

We met a young girl just now,

she's paralyzed too,

-but she never complains.
-Has she received any treatment?

The priest says she goes every year to

to try for a miracle.


I brought your final payment,

and a statement for you to sign,

you know, more pilgrims are going to
Novales every year to be cured,

ah here it is,

you may sign it now,

or show it to your

and sign, it later because I must point
out to you,

that once you sign this,
your claim is settled once and for all,

you realize that?

I realize that,

but I have had a fair settlement.

Speaking of Novales,

there is a convent
there and in the courtyard is a fountain,

and on the fountain is a statue of the

the waters from that fountain they say
have miraculous powers.

You mean cripples are actually cured?

So I have heard.

You mean somebody like me can get

Well I would not say that señor,

one has to have great faith,

and this check is for you,


that concludes the business here,

-thank you señor. Goodbye.

You are better know my plan,

it might be a good idea if you started
talking about in the neighborhood.

What do you mean?

We are going to travel you and I.

Where on earth can we go?
the police will always find us.

We are not going to hide,

quite the country,

I want our neighbors to know that we are
going to Novales,

there I will suddenly find my legs,

just another of the famous miracles.

Now, do not help me,

I am going to drag myself to the fountain.

A nun is watching.

when the clock hits 5,

I will dip my hand
into the water,

and then I will stand.

Let's do it tomorrow.

Please be quiet.

-A miracle!
-A miracle!

My legs!

my legs!

I gotta move them!

I know you won't believe
me but please hear me up?

Of course I’ll hear you up what's the

It happened yesterday,

exactly at five o'clock,

my mother had
gone to market and I was alone in my room,

I suddenly had the impression
it had become very dark,

and then in the corner of
my room,

over the statue there was a
sudden light,

and I heard the Virgin's voice.

-My dear child you must not...
-No, no,

she spoke to me,

she said: Maria I have taken from someone,

a pair of useless legs,

with which you will be able to walk,

perfectly well,

and when I stared at the

she smiled, and said: stand up Maria,

stand up and walk.

You had a dream,

it was a dream.

No father it wasn't a dream,


I shall see you in a moment,

I have orders to get this package
to the addressee with all possible speed,

yes, I have much time,

well I delivered my package,

it's a shame I didn't give it to the right person,

but there wasn't time,

the important thing is
that someone got it,

after all the mail must go through,

that's all for tonight's delivery,

next week I shall have some more,
until then, good night.