Alfred Hitchcock Presents (1955–1962): Season 7, Episode 18 - The Woman Who Wanted to Live - full transcript

Ray Bardon is an escaped convict who robs a gas station and kills the attendant. He then carjacks a car driven by Nita. He has every intention of killing her but Bardon is wounded and she convinces him that if he lets her live, she will drive him anywhere he wants to go. She makes no attempt to escape and gives every appearance of helping him escape. Unfortunately for Bardon, he hijacked the wrong car and driver.

Good evening,

I’ve been replacing a loose
board in the steps,

someone could have had a nasty fall,

and we certainly don't
want anyone to get hurt,

this of course needs no explanation,

this one passenger model,

now seems quaint,

but prior to the introduction
of more efficient methods,

this was the best way our ancestors had,

to cope with the population explosion,

notice the raised platform,

this was placed in the center of a courtyard,

or other public place,

and men could crowd
around with their ladies,

to watch criminals being put to death,

of course we do the same thing today,

but we call it a drive-in movie,

and now for a modern

which instead of driving audiences in,

drives them out,

after which our story.


Oh I must be getting deaf I
didn't hear anybody drive up.


no, don't do it,

put it all in there, put the sack
by the door.

-There isn't very much.
-I’II count it later.

-And the car keys.
-I haven't got any car keys.

I saw a truck out there.

You didn't look good,
I tore the motor out, I’m overhauling it.

-Turn out your pockets
-Now listen,

you're running out of time.

you see? no car keys.

I suppose you were checking out
for the night, huh?

That's right.

You stay open a
while longer,

somebody with a big fast car might drive up,

get down on the floor
flat on your face,

put your hands behind your back,

outside hurry it up, move,

oh I can use this car,
you drive,


This is far enough pull it over,

get out.

I can't believe that you'd kill
me too.

As you too.

-But I won't say anything.
-I can't take that chance.

I was listening to the radio,

descriptions of the men who escaped,

it said that one
was shot in the arm,

Yeah, yeah, that's me.

You could kill me
just like that just?

Like that, just like him back
there, what makes you think,

you're any different because you're a woman.

but it doesn't make any difference
now out, get out.

Please listen to me,

you're wounded and and you must
be tired too tired to drive,

you want to get away
and I want to live,

isn't that how it is,

so let me drive for you just let me

-It's no good.
-Maybe you thinking straight,

what have you got to lose?

you've got a gun I can't talk or do
anything while I’m with you,

if you stopped,

if you stopped it might look less
suspicious if I were with you.

It might,

it might,

till you opened up your mouth.

But I won't do that,
I won't do anything like that.

I just want to live,

I do anything,

I do anything you

anything you want.

Start engine.

There's three spots
up ahead with mayby have roll blocks up,

you say something.

I said my name is Lisa.

US-6 is just ahead,

-make a ride on 16.
-But that's a bad road.

There's probably a road block up but
the intersection of three and u.s 44.

Now we can skip that if
you make a right on 16.

But I just came through there,
there isn't any roadblock,

if you could just trust me a little
maybe you could rest.

Later I'll rest.

Why should I lie to you?

if there was a roadblock you'd
just kill me, wouldn't you?

You know I would,

and you don't want
to die now, I know,

later maybe, but not now,

everybody wants to

like that guy back at the gas station,

he wanted to live too,

the lights up ahead,

that's just too bad
for you Lisa.

But it can't be a roadblock, I just came
through there.

You want to live so much? just keep going,
got it straight and fast so don't stop.

You see?

All right,

so you made your point.

-Take the next turn off.
-You don't want to leave the highway.

-Take the next turn.
-But that's a rough road.

I want a rough road it'll help keep me awake,

these smooth highways
would put an all to sleep.

If you have to stay awake there's
some tablets in the glove compartment,

go ahead they'll keep you awake.

It might be stay awake pills and it
might not.

Could be sleeping tablets,

-maybe even cyanide.
-For heaven's sake,

give me some of those pills,

not that I need them.

So you could be used to it taking so
many that a few more wouldn't bother you.

I give up.

That's good, but keep talking,
it helps keep me awake,

where's the turn off.

Left front tire, the man at the garage
told me last week it should be changed.

Well you got to
change it now,

-you got tools? -Of course.
-Well, then change it.

-You think I can't?
-I’d make book on it.

I have to get in the trunk.

Take a closer look,

quite a cookie it
looks like, Rook.

See, if the showboat's got any friends.

You need the assistance
from the dragons, baby.

I'am just
fine thank you.

Hey Rook,

she can manage,
"she is just fine thank you",

she don't want any help
from the dragons tonight,

nobody else to help her, Rook,

queen Guinevere is all alone,

with nobody but us dragons.

Hey doll,

how come you don't want us
dragons to help you.

Let it Rook, she's going to
spoil those pretty white hands.

Yeah Cook, she'll get calluses,

come on doll it ain't bright,

it's not polite let a lady do dirty work.

Keep away from me.

You hurt me doll,

you gotta learn better,

you best go loose and dance with us,

maybe you want that pretty face open
with the edge of this belt buckle,

say goodbye to the bolt bucket doll,

you're going for a
real fast ride today.

hey Rook, there's a guy in the car.


hey doll who's the guy?

He ain't move Rook,

maybe he's loaded.

Hey doll what's your guy on? chicken glass?

Let it go fatso.

I don't use an eye
for a gun mr beard,

just my belt sometimes my boots.

Okay warlord so you got a big mouth.

You know sitting in that
car ain't even a gentleman,

you're a punky,

you're chicken.

You're chicken.

Warlord I’m gonna give you a
slow ten count to get these,

two creeps and go back to
your butterfly collection,

well, you're going to end up with a
ventilated head.

This is it mr beard,

you need a close
shave baby.

Gather up this pumpkin
shag out of here,

come on!

-You right? -I just couldn't afford
to lose a driver that was all,

well you didn't ask for help.

Well I thought you didn't want to be

And you could have
gotten away,

could have gone through the
brush or something ,

you said you only wanted to live?

Maybe it's more than
that, I don't know,

maybe we have something in common,

you don't want to go back there,

I don't want to go back either.

I think maybe you're

they might have recognized me and
they could blow the whistle on me,

we gotta get out of here.

I can't tell what road
we're on from this match.

Please ray let's stop
at a motel,

nobody will see you,

a few hours rest,
I’II get us something to drink,

there's a first aid kit in the
car I keep one for emergencies,

I can bandage your arm,

I’II fix everything.

Fix everything?

And sleep,

sleep as long
as you want.


It'll be all right Ray,

you can rest,

get a good long sleep.

Where are we?

I.t's all right don't worry

-How long have been?
-Not long.

Well it could have been long enough.

you're still here?

I waited till you woke up to see if
you wanted to rent a cabin for a while.

A cabin?

I can check in for both of us,

no one will see you.

I’II be overdoing it
if I don't ease up.

I can't stay awake anyhow,

so why not be comfortable?

Why not?

Go ahead,

check in for us.

You know honey we bought this
place to retire,

and I haven't had a night's
sleep or a weekend off,

since the war ended and that's a fact,

for five dollars I have a very nice
single cabin, five.

I need a double please.

You ain't alone

-No. -I thought you were,
I I didn't see him.

My husband he isn't feeling well.

Oh, I understand honey, cabin six,

two doors down and that'll be seven dollars,

-and I’II help you with your luggage.
-No no, we still don't have any luggage,

-We had to leave in such a hurry and...
-You don't have to explain honey,

whoever wrote that, you know, the world
being full of a number of things and all,

well, they should have run a motel.

It's all right,

they don't ask questions
in a place like this.

I gotta ask some questions.

About what Ray?

About you.


right now I’m gonna fix that arm of yours
and then you're gonna get a good long rest.

Oh I’II do that.


I know it must hurt so much.

I’m getting used to it.

You know, I’m really
a very good nurse.

I don't understand you.


when I was 16 I got married,

it wasn't a very good marriage,

I had a rough time of it,

it was years before I got over it,

and then I met Fred,

it was a wonderful thing with Fred,

I won't try to explain,

how wonderful it

we were so happy,

maybe you never knew
about that kind of happiness,


I’II never know it again either.

that boy you killed,

back at the filling

was waiting for me to pick him up,

that was Fred,

that was my Fred.

I never thought of it,

I never thought of it,

you could have gotten away,

going to the

Do you think I wanted them to do it?

That should teach you men never to
accept a ride with a pretty girl,

and judging from
this instance,

it did Lisa no good either,

the law is not kind to
those who meet out their own justice,

now it is time for you to view a
brief institutional announcement,

as for me,
I should be hanging around at its conclusion.

Thank you for bearing with me all this time,

next week we shall return with another story,

and three well chosen words from our sponsor,

until then, good night.