Alfred Hitchcock Presents (1955–1962): Season 6, Episode 7 - Outlaw in Town - full transcript

Tony Lorca arrives in a small town in the middle of a blizzard to a less than pleasant reception in the local saloon. One of the locals says he's seen him before but leaves the saloon before trouble starts. Lorca loses his gun in a poker game at which point the same local returns with a sheriff's poster: Lorca is a wanted man with a $5000 reward on his head. Seeing no way out, Lorca auctions himself to the highest bidder, offering to turn himself in without a fuss. His plan is to spend the money and have a good time before he meets the hangman. Turns out he killed the saloon girl's husband some time ago and she has something else in mind. But is Lorca really who he says he is?

Good evening ladies and gentlemen.

This is one instance when two
heads are not better than one.

However I don't
believe people realize,

what a happy lot
we criminals have.

What could be better
than to be wanted.

It gives one the inner security of
knowing he has a place in society.

That he is popular
and sought after.

No wonder criminals
buy with each other,

to be among the top ten.
Tonight's story is called,

"Outlaw in town" and most of it takes place,

in the last chance saloon.
It should follow immediately.

But I have promised my
sponsor first chance.


Well boys how you
like the weather?

Outside it's snowing and blowing.

Thousands of our cattle
are freezing stone cold dead.

And in the face of that this red
crested bobbling has the gall to,

walk in there and ask us
how we like the weather.

How would you like a good
solid smack on the bugle?

I don't think I care
for it thank you.

Shout out 40 rod if
you please bartender.

Out here we call
our poison red eye.

The only ones which call it 40 rod are
texans and other foreigners of that.

Wwhere you from mister?

Oh I just wrote in
over the north trail.

Which if you did you just performed a feat
unparalleled in the history of buffalo bend.

-How so? -To the north to
here lies buffalo mountain.

Not even a big horn
sheep could come,

down the sheer face of that cliff
especially in a blizzard.

Does it make any special difference just how
I got to your miserable little metropolis?

No, it don't. But I
found out that when a

man lies about where
he come from.

He usually had to leave
there in a hurry.

I don't care where you're from or what
you've done I just don't like liars.

I see.

Well now this calls for
some sort of physical action.

Oh don't fight boys. You ever
hear of an old engine proverb?

-Yeah. -Well you're gonna
hear it again doc,

from an authentic old engine.
Never fight over anything,

that you can eat make love
to or put in your pocket.

Now you stay out of
this mini red wing.

This year jasper has just
insulted my civic pride.

And I want to kill
him just a little bit.

Was this what you were
fumbling for mister?

Which the son of a gun steals my
sixth gun before I can bat an eye?

That's a trick and gun fight I never
encountered before mister.

What'd you pick up the knack I handled
other people's personal firearms upset?

No it's nothing really.

I hereby proclaim that this
here stranger just performed a feat,

unparalleled in the
history of Buffalo Bend.

He came down a face of
buffalo mountain in a blizzard.

My name is Bart Mccormick so,
what do they call you?

-Some people call me Tony.
-Tony waht?

Where I come from little man it's,

considered bad manners to
ask a stranger his last name.

Unless he volunteers
the information.

Do you really want
to know little man?

Not specially.

But I uh I've seen your mug somewheres mister.

That's Shasta Cooney, but don't
waste your time on her dunk.

She may be prettier than me but,
I have a warm generous heart.

Name's tony. Can i
do something for you?

-I was wondering if you'd care to buy
a lady a drink? -Oh I sure know would.

-What is she?
-I was referring to myself.

Are you really a sure enough lady?

How would you know? You never
even met one before in your whole life.

-Not even at home. -If you're
one oh I should not have.

I've been bumping into ladies in
bars and such all over the west.

But in my simple ignorance
I didn't recognize them.

I always thought a
lady was somebody who,

wouldn't be caught dead badging
drinks in a place like this.

I'll have you know
that I do not deal in,

sell trade or give away anything
that cannot be pulled out of a bottle

Anyway, out here ladies
gotta earn a living somehow.

Especially a widow lady.

My husband was killed in Texas
by a bandit more than a year ago.

I was dealt that
hand before.

Only this girl said her husband
had been killed by a sheriff.

She had eyes like you and hair
like you and she talked like you,

and being young and
unsophisticated, and I believed her.

-So? -So one day i found myself
minus my money my silver spurs,

and my belt buckle. I had to walk out of town.

She also stole my horse.

Seeing as how I
never accept anything,

from a gentleman i cannot fit in my suitcase.
I am not interested in your horse mister.

Just your silver spurs and your belt
buckle and whatever else you got in your poke.

Now that the card's on the table,
would you care to try your luck?

Well I like to buy
you a drink at that chester,

unfortunately I just spent
my last dollar at the bar. I'm broke.

Well there's still room in my suitcase
for your silver spurs and your belt buckle.

I happen to value my silver spares and
belt buckle even more than I do the,

pleasure of your continued company shinsta.

How would you like
to play out that hand?

Minie red wing this poor
man's broke and he's thirsty.

Give him a small
beer and put it on my tab.

Oh and Minie, he's probably hungry
too. Throw in one pretzel.

Tae quad.

In his case beggars
can't be choosers.

Drink up mister.

Sirs are right for being so tight,
but your credit's good with me duck.

You can have anything
you asked for.

You name it and if i haven't got
it I'll go out and get it.

-No thanks Minnie I'm not thirsty.
-You're a man after my own heart tony.

If you should wish
another drink even,

for the purpose of pouring
it down shasta cooney's neck.

-It's on me. -No i don't accept
drinks i can't pay back.

But uh, I would like
to play some poker.

-Well what are you gonna
use for money doc? This.

Oh if this is a stick
up I won't resist.

You can have anything on the
premises and that includes me.

-I'll go peaceful.
-it isn't a stick-up Minnie.

I'm just going to put up my sixth
gun for the stake in the game.

I'll call with my sixth gun and,

I raise my belt holster
and cartridges.

That's all for me.

-What have you got?
-Three aces.

Four trays.

But now that he ain't armed
I'll explain to you why he's so,

bashful about telling
where he come from.

He's from Texas, and
his name's Tony Lorca

Alias the Whistling Kid.

And if you don't believe me take a look at this
here poster that I found on the post office.

Boy that sure enough is
a picture of you Tony.

That describes you too.
Donny of spurs, a fancy buckle,

haven't you got a whistle when
you're in the mood to kill.

I want a dead or alive from mail robbery

stagecoach holdups bank robbery murder,

desertion, treason.

Arson mayhem manslaughter
and kidnapping.

Not to mention
cattle rustling, horse stealing,

and a theft of 100
meals from the u.s cavalry.

Oh my goodness, seems to me the only, crime you
ain't got around the commitment is hurting sheep.

-I deny everything.
-What's he accused of?

Everything. This here
is the Whistling Kid.

-Which is real monika's
Tony Lorca. -Tony look,

you're the man the Texas sheriff
wrote me about. You killed my husband.

If I did you have my commiserations
but not my apologies.

The only man I've
ever killed were those,

who were trying to turn
me in for the reward money.

Don't look at me. Well...

I wouldn't I wouldn't think of taking
you to the u.s marshall at center city.

Like it says to doing
that their poster.

Even if the uh reward money
is five thousand dollars.

Five thousand dollars?
Well what are you waiting for?

He is no I'm somebody
take him into custody.

Which if anybody tries it he's able to
get his teeth shot out with his own gun.

-Besides I don't need five thousand
dollars that much. -Well I do.

Anyway reward money is rightfully mine.

Now how do you figure that?

-I found that poster, didn't I?
-It was my husband he killed, wasn't it?

The Whistling Kid ought to be community
property for all of us to participate in.

-Share and share like.
-Now that's socialism.

I say that the reward money
should go to the man who earns it.

I don't want to butt in but
would anyone be interested...

You stay out if this. Now somebody
grab him before he tries to get away.

He won't get very far.

I just came in from the south and
the only pass out of town is closed.

Hmm, well looks like you'll
be with us for some time son.

Meanwhile I freely offer to finance your creature
comforts and whatever luxuries the town affords.

I never accept money I don't earn.

Oor steal it.

I don't think you
cost me much son.

One of these horned toads is a cinch
to shoot you in the bag for the reward,

before you can run
up much of a bill.

Now that's a consolation. Here I
am worth five thousand dollars,

and I haven't got the price of a
pint of beer or a plate of beans.

I am a certified
check I can't cash.

I'll cash you.

-At a discount of course.
-Why whatever do you mean Shasta?

If I advance you the
money for grub and booze,

will you let me turn you into the marshall
and center city, when the road's clear?

That's the most immoral
proposition i ever heard of.

-You're asking me to sell my own
life. -It's better than giving it away.

Like Bart says, somebody like
to shoot you in the back.

This way you get to spend some of
your own reward money on yourself.


What would be a joke
on the government, wasn't it.

What's uh
your offer shasta?

Well seeing as how you killed the only
husband I ever had I'll be generous.

-Fifty dollars0 -I'd rather
be shot in the back.

All right I hereby agree to Shasta
Coon's deal but not her terms.

Now here I stand before you gentlemen look at me,
worth five thousand dollars.

All I ask is a mere piece to see
me from my last few days on earth.

Come on what am I doing. Huh?

-I'll make it sixty dollars.
-I have sixty dollars away, here 70.

Personally I haven't got 60 cents
in cash but I do own 600 merinos.

-I'll bid 65 sheep.
-Now you say I killed, your husband Shasta.

Are you going to let someone else, have the
honor of turning me over me over to the hangman?

Two hundred dollars.

Oh my bitch anytime i pay 600 sheep for

a man I want them alive awake and available.

All right the last bid was 500.
Do I hear 600?



-800. -Oh the little lady
really wants to see me hang.

-What's it worth to you Zack?
-900 dollars.


800 dollars is all I have in cash.

-I refuse to dip into
my suitcase. -Sold! For 900 dollars.

Ah I'm so sorry Shasta.

But I'll make it up to you. I'll see that
you get an invitation to the hanging.

I wouldn't miss that for
anything in the world.

Waste of it all. A horrible waste.

What's wasteful about?
It business being,

what it is those girls haven't
had a full meal in weeks.

-Spending money that's rightfully
mine. -I don't know how you figure that.

And what do you expect him to do with
the money, save it for his old age?

Don't forget there's a
rope waiting for him Shasta.

-That's a consolation.
-But don't console me none.

He's too pretty a pale face to
die with his tongue sticking out.

-George I'd like to ask you about...
-Zach you better ride hurt on him.

Government isn't going to pay you any,

reward money if he eats himself to death.

I rightfully don't care what
happens tony now I sold him.

-You sold him?
-Well, that is I sold my,

rights for the reward money to avoid
for a thousand dollars worth of hay.

Anything illegal about
that judge?

Well i being a mere justice of the
peace I'm not sure but,

I am sure that I hope you
haven't set a precedent.

Excuse me.

Don't think I'm neglecting
you Shasta. Here.

Champagne. It's a
genuine french article.

And don't you think that you can buy my, friendship
with any just being trumped out of a grape.

Take your champagne.

Considering their enemies and he still
kisses her like that.

I wonder what he'd do
if they were friends?

It should happen to me.

Put that on my tab.


Hey somebody bring a hooker
a red eye Shasta's done faded.

Why that big brute
crush the wind out,

over here this
water ought to do it.

Keep it up maybe she'll drown.

-A new all-time high.
-Hey Tony Lorca stock sure enough here.

Well who owns Tony Lorca now?

-Bill Younger. -Now that pass has
been open for a whole day.

Why don't Bill just take him over
to center city and cash him in.

Well that's a long trip besides bill is,

hoping to turn tony over for a quick profit.

Well now who'd be silly enough to pay more

in 37.50 for tony under the circumstance.

-What's silly about us?
-Who are you?

I'm Trigg Owens.
This is Pac Muntz. We represent,

a syndicate out of the
town of O'leary's Laps.

We just paid 4500 for Tony Lorca.

In case anybody's interested
the new price is 7000 dollars.

Well that's 2000 over.
The government only offers 5000.

Well if the government
wants any part of,

the whistling kid they'll
have to pay our price.

After all we got a
corner on the market anyway.

Yes, but can
you deliver the goods.

How do you know that Tony hasn't
arranged with a gang of his to hold you,

up and snatch him away from
you on the way to center city?

I'll bet you anything that's just
what Tony's got up his sleeve.

You don't think he's going to let himself
get hung without putting up a fight, do you?

Well I'll be it looks like we've
been horn-swaggled and hoodwinked.

Let's go gather up the boys and
shoot up this mangy town, Craig.

This mangy town's
full of suckers pack,

and they'll go for any
deal they can get on cheap.

Come on we're going
after the small investors.

Get in.

Is this kidnapping, you
know that, don't you?

Shut up.

I just won you in a raffle.

Suppose you're taking me to the
united states marshall at center city.

-Why should I? -Want to see me hang
for killing your husband of course?

I forgot to tell you.

Before you killed him he
deserted me and ran off with a,

female pharaoh
dealer from Gila Ben.

I wouldn't want to see you
hang just for killing him.

If you forget I'm worth 5000
dollars at the end of the road.

The border isn't far off.

The other day you kissed me.

I know you did it just for spike but,

It shook me to my
very foundations.

I suddenly felt it
crazy overwhelming,

impulse to give you
the entire contents of my suitcase.

it make you feel?

Come to think of it. There
does seem to be some kind of,

haunting memory
attached to the episode.

Maybe I better refresh my memory.

This here's Tony
Lorca, marshall.

Now he was here until last night
when he just disappeared.

That's Tony Lorca all right.

For wherever he is he must be in a
remarkable state of decomposition.

Considering the fact he's
been dead more than a year.


-Then who...?
-Oh, that other man.

That was Tony's brother,
Pepe. He looks like Tony.

But pepe's not a man of crime of
violence he's he's more of a con man.

I knew he was some kind of
crook. You going to arrest him?

No. Pepe's been making
his living going around,

hanging up his brother's
wanted posters and post offices.

Then he waits for
human greed to set in.

As far as I know there's
nothing illegal about that.

He he wrote zach martin out
of 900 dollars. Ain't that illegal?

Zach got his money back made
a profit on the deal.

Yeah, so did all the
others including that,

syndicate from o'leary's laps where they
more than come out even on the raffle.

Well somebody must have lost.

Sure that's it. What did shasta
cooney get for her money?

Shasta cooney only invested in
the price of a lottery ticket.

And shasta got Peppy look.

This way.

I have your room all ready for you.

I see he's got her

He sure enough has.

Now don't tell me
that ain't illegal.

I married them last night.

Thus ends the saga
of the whistling kid.

I'm afraid he no longer does much

but he's no kid anymore
either. I shall return,

after we hear about a product which
my sponsor feels is the most wanted.

I have just been reading
some of the shocking things.

They have written about me.

Age, weight, I assure
you I'm not guilty.

Why don't you tune in next
week and see if I beat this rap.

Until then good night.