Alfred Hitchcock Presents (1955–1962): Season 6, Episode 38 - Ambition - full transcript

Ambitious District Attorney Rudy Cox is under pressure to combat organized crime, especially mob kingpin, Mac Davis. Cox may finally have the evidence he needs in the form of the mob's onetime bookkeeper. Problem is, Davis saved Cox's life while they were in the army together. Davis visits him one evening to let him know that he giving up control of the organization. When the bookkeeper is murdered, Cox turns out to be Davis' alibi.

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-Oh Cliff.
-The cat's out of the bag mr Cox.

-They know we've got Lou Heinz.

-Who? who knows?

stories all over the courthouse.

How can they know? we just
put them on ice last night.

The boys downtown aren't stupid,

after all you sprung him from jail,

they know he's been involved with
Mac Davis and Ernie Stillinger,

-you had any calls from the press yet?
-No. -You will.

Why did this have to happen now?

first decent break I?ve had since,

I became D.A. and
some loudmouth tips.

Well it'd come up by Monday anyhow.

By Monday I would have had indictments
against Davis and Stillinger.

If Heinz holds up
before the grand jury,

however you should
have left him in jail.

He wouldn't have talked
that was part of the deal.

He's going to testify against
two top racketeers to,

get out of a 90-day sentence
as a habitual drunkard.

Cliff, will you just
let me handle this.

It's not me you have
to convince, boss,

it's the Mayor,

he's waiting to talk to you.

Third floor front right side.

-Where's Heinz?
-Where would he be? the bar up the street.

Park around the corner and wait,

take care of this car
and watch.

-How'd you get here?
-Yeah bright,

-a real genius, honey.
-Charlie told you?

Which makes him twice
as smart as you are.

it's a good thing it's me
instead of Heinz, isn't it?

I wish it was him.

Now get out of here
before it comes back.

Not until I get what I came after.

-What are you looking for?
-It's records.

There aren't any records, they're
almost head that's why I hired them.

Yeah, you did didn't you?

-You want the landlady hear you?
-She wentout with her son.

She could come back and soak
with Heinz, now get out of here.

-I want to wait for him.

To get rid of the
evidence, Mac.

-You would wouldn't you?
-I?m not going to jail.

You will if you kill him.

I?ll take that chance, when you
get out look after yourself.

Ernie, it's his word against ours,

his nerves are so shot from
drinking he'll need a couple,

of belts to brace him our lawyer
will tear him apart at the trial.

There's not gonna be any trial,

you've never done time back, I have,

I sweat when I think about it,

I wake up at night,

I?m not going
to jail.

All right Ernie, but let
me play my cards first.

What cards?

The D.A. owes me a favor.

-What for?
-Something happened...

That's Charlie someone is coming,

now clear out.

-Are you sure Mac?
-I said I?d fix it tonight now come on.

You better fix it.

And who is this witness?

His name is Lou Heintz your honor.

Is he in
protective custody?

-No sir.
-Why not?

-Well... -That was part of the
deal, that he wouldn't be confined.

-How did you look at him?
-He asked to talk to me, it was,

droug tank at the city jail and,

-wanted to get out.
-Drug tank, what kind of a witness is that?

-Well he was key man in the organization
until a couple of years ago. -Hoodlum?

An accountant.

Oh he knows the
whole operation then,

you have copies of the records.

No, sir no records. Well you're not
expecting to keep books, do you?

-What evidence do you have without records?
-He has it all in his mind,

he's a sort of uh
mathematical wizard.

You and Mac Davis are old friends.

-Who told you that?
-Oh I have my informants too,

care to deny it?

Your honor, I haven't seen that man
since I became district attorney.

Since you took office we've uncovered
very few major crimes in the city.

Maybe there haven't been any.

And a city this size let's
not kid each other Rudy,

you used the word yourself,

-All right.

Why does it work so smoothly?

Because Davis isn't a
cheap racketeer from,

the prohibition era he's
quiet and he's smart.

Smart or uh protected?

I don't think I like
what you mean, George.

This isn't my question Rudy,

it's one that's beginning to come
from a bunch of disgruntled voters,

reform group that may
set up a third party,

in the next city
and state elections.

Good, good, let them run a
magician for district attorney,

see if he can get
convictions without evidence.

I I just don't understand you Rudy,

when you took office I thought
you were bright, ambitious,

that's the impression
you gave the whole party.

Just as ambitious as the next man.

And you haven't shown it.

Why because I haven't got
an indictment against Davis?

Let's not forget Stillinger, he's
not as smart as Davis or is quiet.

-Mac keeps him under control.
-Mac? your friendship is showing.

Do us both a favor will you
George, don't mention that again.

I can't help it,

you see I?m not running
for office again,

with any kind of a showing you
could be elected mayor next year,

you're still a young man, good job here
might put you in line for governor.

Now don't you think I know that?

Rudy, there's another way one
that'll protect all of us.

Like what?

Step aside make a public admission of your,
friendship and disqualify yourself from the case,

-let the governor appoint a special
prosecutor. -No.

Be sensible, people will
admire your loyalty to a friend

if he's convicted, you'll get
credit for not helping him.

The answer is still
no, I?ll do my own job.

I hope you know what
you're doing Rudy,

but if you don't get an indictment,
and a conviction this time,

you're through.

I?ll just be a couple of
minutes you wait here for me.

All right that mayor's
got you jumping.

Okay got me jumping
if we got a case.

I just want to check and
see if Heinz is okay.


Heinz, it's mr Cox, let me in.

-Talk again.
-It's me mr Cox, open up.

Just a minute mr Cox.

-What's the matter with you?
-I thought it might be a trick.

I thought it might be Mac Davis.

Now listen, don't you go getting
yourself worked up over nothing.

-we just moved you in here last night,
he can't possibly... -But he can...

That's very funny mr Cox,

that's real funny,

take a look,

to MD, with gratitude, 1944.

-Where'd you find it?
-On the table.


you went out didn't you?

Well I had to have a drink tonight,
you didn't leave me anything.

And one of his runners
must have spotted.

You gotta help me, they're gonna get me, I know it.
-Calm down, calm down,

-that's not Maxwell. -But he's not
alone is there any still Stillinger.

-Ernie Stillinger it's not...
-Ah, gotta get out of town.

Listen that is all you have to do
and you gotta get yourself killed.

Sit down, sit down.

Now listen to me,

look, maybe you'd better come
down to the city jail with me,

-You'd risk your life for that booze, dindn't you?

will you go out in the street
again and it will be your obituary.

-Now what am I going to do?
-You are going to stay right here,

where it's safe to keep yourself locked
in, I'll call guards placed around you.

-Will you do that?
-And don't you go out,

if you need anything,
you send a landlady here.

All right mr Cox anything you say.

Are you going to be all right now?

And don't open this door
for anyone, except me.

All right, anything
you say mr Cox.

-How is he?
-He's drunk.

-Well, have a good weekend, Cliff, what's
left of it. -See you Monday.

Hi beautiful,

you go some place?

Well, the club dance tonight,
now don't tell me you forgot.

I?m afraid I?ve had too
many things in my mind.

I don't think you have
to shave again, do you?

And the appreciate has been
waiting for us since 8:30.

Annie could we
possibly skip this one?

Oh Rudy it's Madge?s birthday.

Honestly I am I?m just beat.

between this uh, gardening,
this thing downtown...

goodness can't you
ever get a weekend off?

Why don't you go on ahead and uh say
I?m stuck with work or something.

-Oh no darling.
-Why not they believe you?

You work twice as
hard as you have to.

Get an argument about
that from the mayor,

he says I?m not ambitious.

-Are you sure you don't mind if I go?

Wake me when you come in. Have fun.

-Hello Rudy, long time no see.
-What do you want Mac?

-Little talk with an old friend.
-I?ve got nothing to say to you.

I have something to say to you.

-What's the matter with you?
-Open your jacket, open it!

I haven't used one in years I wouldn't
even know where to look for it.

Yes, you hire boys to do that
for you nowadays, don't you?

I?m alone, I even parked
my car around the corner.

-In case you have nosy neighbors.

That's better,

where's your wife?

She's asked for the evening.

How about a
cup of coffee?

Sure, yeah just fixing a sandwich.

But I?m starving.

What do you want Mac?

I want you to drop it Rudy,

I can't.

Why not?

-You haven't got anything.

Is that why you tore
Heinz?s room apart today?

-You're dreaming.
-Am I?

What a match?

What happened to that
lighter I gave you?

-I lost it.
-Not up at Heinz by any chance?

Okay, I was there,

but only to get Stillinger
are off his back,

-you got the lighter?

-Why not? -I didn't think I should
take property that wasn't mine.


I remember when you gave it to me.

All right I?ll say it for you Mac,

for saving my life.

It was a memento,

I appreciated it.

I?ve often thought of
that night in Germany,

when you dragged me
across that field.

-You were lucky.
-No, you had guts you,

-you didn't have to do what you did.
-So I did it,

that was then,

but now I?m tired.

I?ve come a long way since
those days and so have you Rudy,

what else I say I?ve had it,

I know you don't have
much of a case, but any scared silly,

he's all
for getting rid of Heinz.

-You want that heated up.

Ah, the thing is this,

there's a reform element in this
town, it's howling for my scout,

that's a big role Rudy, enough to get
you into the governor's mansion someday,


so you'll keep on trying and
maybe one day you'll get a case,

but I?m getting too old and
comfortable to do a stretch,

I?ve made my pile,
I?m fixed for life,

and I want to get married.

You'll never get married Mac, you've
been a bachelor too long to submit now.

Now laugh isn't it no
this is a real thing,

she's different, she's got class,

she'll marry me if I
get out of the racket,

What do you mean?

I mean I?m getting out, I?m dumping
the whole organization at 90's lap,

washing my hands
at the whole thing.

-Isn't it uh too late?
-Not if you lay off.

I?m getting out it's what
the good D.A. wants isn't it.

-So it won't benefit you politically because,

you won't have a chance
of setting me up,

but that's not going to stop
you from being governor,

-you're going to make it, I know.

But on somebody
else's back, hey Rudy?

for old time's sake.

I told you Mac I owe you my life.

I?d appreciate it, if
she got me that lighter,

kind of memento like I said.

-Glad to.
-Good night.

Oh uh,

I?d invite you to the wedding but it
wouldn't look right you know what I mean.

Good luck just
the same thing.

Regards to the bride.

Sorry to bother you on a
Sunday mr Cox but something's happened,

I figured you'd want
to know about right away.

Well I want to get this
weeding done today lieutenant,

-you like begonias?
-Oh yeah.

Dear would you excuse it us?

Officer would you be so kind
to turn the water off for me?

Thank you.

Is about is that
witness of yours uh,

advice case involving Mac Davis
and this Stillinger.

-Oh you mean Heinz?
-Yes, he's dead mr Cox,

they shot him last
night about 10 o'clock,

he was in his room.

-You sure about that time?
-No doubt about it,

his landlady went out to
get him a bottle of Gin,

when she came back 15
minutes later he was dead.

So Ernie Stillinger finally
got trigger happy, huh?

Well we figured it was either
bound to be Ernie or Mac,

but it looks like Mac,

but we found Mac?s cigarette lighter in
the room with his name engraved on it,

and the bullet we dug from Heinz
came from a gun owned by Mac.

Well uh Ernie could
have used Mac?s gun?

Sure that's circumstantial, but
there's a matter of the alibi,

Ernie has a couple of
boys that'll swear,

they were playing cards
with him last night.

What about Mac?

Well that's the only thing
that's got us stumped,

either he's bluffing, he's crazy or
he's got the best alibi in the world,

Mac said he was in
your house with you,

last night at the time
Heinz was shot, mr Cox.

And uh,

-what what time do you say that was?
-10 o'clock.

-Are you holding Mac?

he must be out of his mind to think he
could get away with an alibi like that.

You know something lieutenant?

I haven't seen that man
since I took office.

Then we've got him this
time, dead to right.


yes, I believe we have it.

Thank you mr Cox.

-Yes sir?

Uh, don't step on the
begonias anyway out.

-Yes sir, uh, goodbye mr Cox.

I?m afraid we didn't show
you all of that story,

unfortunately Helen discovered
that two coffee cups,

had been used the night
before and became suspicious,

and to save his marriage poor
Rudy had to tell the truth,

of course his career was ruined,

but that's the way
life is on television,

have you ever observed that
catastrophes usually come in threes?

if this is true another
commercial must be on the way,

I shall rejoin you as
soon as it seems prudent.

Thank you for your kind attention,

regardless mr Lloyd
is no longer with us,

he has answered a higher calling,

next week we shall return with
another story until then, good night.