Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. (2013–…): Season 4, Episode 2 - Ghost Rider: Meet the New Boss - full transcript

Daisy goes to battle Ghost Rider at a terrible cost, and Coulson faces the new Director, and his bold agenda surprises them all.

Previously on "marvel's agents of s.H.I.E.L.D."...
[ rumbling ]
call the director. We struck out again.
They won't give up on you, especially coulson.
It's not just the watchdogs now.
Local gangs have been working for them.
I was tracing the sale of a weapon.
A breath of fresh air.
[ ghostly shriek ]
and I think I may have stumbled upon a serial killer.
Daisy: Everyone's attached to something.
You actually trust this guy?
I don't trust the new director,
but he trusts me.
The director will want to have words with you at h.Q.
It's been a long time since we had a moment alone.
You okay?
Yeah. Just a long day.
[ thud ]
dad! Dad!
Buddy, what are you doing up?
There was a ghost in there.
There was?
Friendly or not friendly?
Not friendly. Yeah?
It seems like he's gone now.
She. It was a girl.
Still, bed.
Dad, don't!
what are you doing in my house?
Oh, my god! Who the hell are you?
Joe, come here! Hurry!
There's no joe.
We lived here for years. This is our house.
[ shrieks ]
dad, I'm scared.
No. No. No. No!
[ engine starts ]
[ tires screech ]
[ tools whirring ]
ignacio: Jefe, no way, no.
The ball touched the ground. You could see it.
Canelo: No, no, no, no, no, no.
Listen, robbie will settle this.
Hey, reyes, did you see the game last night?
Oh, missed it.
I was out. Canelo: Out?
Oh, I know your code, man.
Oh, you do, huh?
Sure. I was young once.
Did you at least get her name? Ignacio: [ laughing ] oh-ho.
Nah, it wasn't like that. Oh, man.
We wait this long for a team to come into town,
and you don't even watch.
If it ain't silver and black, I don't really give a damn.
[ laughter ] silver and black...
Fitz: As we have discussed,
it appears to be a simple empty box.
Simmons: Yes, one lined with a rare alloy
and emitting energy readings off the charts
that drove six men insane, but yeah.
Simple empty box.
Right. Well...
Y-you joked about how it would be less of a puzzle
if schrodinger's cat were in there.
[ chuckles ] thanks very much.
But did get me thinking.
What if there is something in there
in an unobservable quantum state?
Out of phase with visible light?
So, by using light outside of the visible spectrum
and reversing the phase, we get this.
Cue jemma gasping.
[ gasps ]
oh, my lord.
It's beautiful.
It's indescribable.
I've never seen technology like this.
Feel like a dark ages blacksmith looking at a tesla.
Crystal-like structure, wrapping on itself,
or a containment field, maybe, but containing what?
I think I know.
A family turned up at the local er this morning.
And the father --
well, he had the same signs of dementia
as our gangster friends over there.
Near los angeles? Yeah.
Now, he said that, uh, there was a ghost in the house
and it walked through him.
So he's suffering from the hallucinations, as well.
Well, that's what I thought.
But as I started going through the footage...
Maybe he wasn't hallucinating.
may: We've been waiting an hour.
I can read a clock, too.
His assistant said he's held up in a meeting.
Look at this.
Maybe they're discussing
new ways to implement bureaucracy.
He's making you wait just to remind you he can.
He's pissed.
We went after daisy without clearing it.
I've been in his shoes before.
Doesn't mean he'll go easy on you.
I don't need him to go easy.
I'll own what I did, make my apologies,
then head out on our next deployment.
You're going right back out?
Not a moment too soon.
All this -- the meetings, the waiting...
I do not miss that part of the job.
It'd still be your job if you put up half a fight.
This room -- does it seem...?
Like it was decorated by someone who needs to unclench?
[ chuckles ]
yeah, the zephyr's feeling more and more like home.
In-flight meals could be better, but it's mine.
At least they can't take that away.
Okay, mrs. Serrano.
Just sign here.
Just, uh, take this into the office.
You can pay inside.
daisy: Oh, my god. I never even thought of that.
You must find so much weird stuff in people's cars.
Now I'm racking my brain,
wondering what I've left in mine.
Canelo: Ah. [ chuckles ]
oh, hey, robbie.
So, this girl is telling me --
daisy: Robbie reyes.
You look so different from the last time I laid eyes on you.
Long time no see.
Yeah, it's been a minute.
I was just telling canelo here
how tight we used to be back at garfield high.
The stories I could tell...
What are you doing here?
I'm having trouble with my van.
Yesterday, out of nowhere, it just burst into flames.
And I hear you're sort of an expert at that kind of thing,
so I figured it was time for us to reconnect.
I don't know. Looks fine to me.
The engine caught fire.
How is that not a dangerous problem?
Maybe you should leave it alone.
So you don't get hurt.
Or smoked.
You claim your victims earn that.
Hard to verify all of them.
Somehow, you tracked me down.
Just to talk.
I figured you're either on the right side of things or --
or what?
Or else?
You're out of your mind coming here.
You may know who I am,
but you don't know me or what I'm capable of.
It's funny you should mention that.
I was just thinking of how many memories I have of you, reyes.
Not this "too cool for school" version
you've got going on now, but...The real you.
He wasn't always the, uh, strong silent type?
Well, I've known him since crandall elementary.
He was always quiet, like he was hiding something.
[ chuckles ]
the two of us used to hit up the moonraker arcade
down in little tokyo.
Isn't that right, robbie?
Yes, it is,
so I've seen a side of him that most people haven't.
We used to hang there every day
till your uncle would pick you up.
How's he doing these days?
You get lost...
Or I'll get angry.
So angry, I may not remember what I do to you.
Sometimes, I prefer it that way.
In front of them?
It's just a hose loose.
You're all good.
[ engine starts ]
[ rumbling ]
[ engine stops ]
oh, no. Look at that.
Looks like we'll be here for a little bit longer.
only two hours late.
Let's just get this over with.
He doesn't appear to be moving.
Director, they're here.
Mace: Send them in. Yes, sir.
It's good.
I just think that that should be the headline
if that's the sidebar.
Right, would you take a note of that?
[ chuckles ] agent may.
[ sighs ] thanks for waiting.
Seems like this job requires you to be an hour behind
like all the time.
Or two. But you already know that.
Right, phil? Glad you're here.
Let's get down to business.
Guys, can we have the room for a minute, please?
Cecilio, go get yourself a coffee.
Yes, sir.
Coulson: Look, I get you're disappointed
there was a mission to find agent johnson
without your authorization,
but we had intel that suggested --
phil, it's okay.
She was your friend.
Loyalty's a good thing.
But I had a whole speech ready.
Sure it's good. Use it next time.
But today, you impressed me.
You're impressed? Really?
I try to live by a simple rule --
a team that trusts is a team that triumphs.
I mean, you get that.
You -- you get how I think.
Then why do I still feel like there's a "but" coming?
And trust is important, especially now.
Ah. Not a "but," an "and."
and daisy's a problem because you need the public's trust,
given that you're about to unveil s.H.I.E.L.D.
As a legitimate agency again.
We're preparing for an official announcement, yes.
So it's kind of a bad time for a former s.H.I.E.L.D. Agent
to be robbing banks.
She would never get in the way.
Hey, I'm only talking pr here.
And I'm sure you don't like hearing about optics,
especially since agent johnson was your friend.
The way things look, the package we present.
I know what it means.
It just seems trivial.
Try to understand that this is a very delicate stage.
Public opinion matters a great deal.
Without it, everything falls apart.
And I don't want your friend
responsible for destroying everything
that you have worked so hard to rebuild here.
It won't come to that.
There's an issue
I'd like to discuss with agent coulson alone.
Could you give us a minute?
And, agent may...
I can tell you're the one to keep an eye on.
melinda may. [ sighs ]
now, there's a riddle I'd like to solve.
Good luck with that.
I got a special assignment for you.
Mack: Wait, wait, wait.
So, this woman caused a disturbance
in chen and his people with a touch?
Yeah, it seems there's something to do with physical contact,
but how is she incorporeal?
Maybe a multidimensional event caused it.
Like tobias ford.
Or perhaps a matter-energy phase shift.
You know, if the box is utilizing phase shifting --
ma-maybe she's just a ghost.
That's also a theory.
Look, the alloy in the box itself is very rare.
It's only made at momentum labs
in three locations around the world.
Or was. All three have been shut down for years.
Yeah, so you've got new york, pasadena --
pasadena, california. Hold on.
The family that checked in to the er?
They live in pasadena.
I'll requisition a quinjet for us.
Yeah, I'll come, too.
Simmons can't.
I'm stuck.
Assignment for the director.
Oh, you know,
"a team that trusts is a team that triumphs."
what's he got you doing?
Oh, well, that's the best bit.
My expertise is needed here for a tour.
A what? It'll be fun.
It's not my job anymore, jeffrey.
And wouldn't my time be better spent in the field
instead of --
instead of walking some overly pampered u.S. Congresspeople
around your private base?
Maybe. You love this stuff.
History, ssr trivia -- that's where you shine.
You're just complimenting me so I'll do this.
I'm complimenting you because it's true.
Look, you're the expert on all things s.H.I.E.L.D., not me.
And...We both know why I have this job.
But what I don't have is the anonymous,
unlimited funding you seemed to have before.
To build billion-dollar airplanes?
Our budget hinges on the u.N. And the sokovia accords
and on impressing the house appropriations committee.
[ chuckles ]
I can't do that myself.
[ electricity humming ]
[ electricity crackles ]
[ computer beeps ]
[ crackling continues ]
what happened?
God, lucy, look at you.
What did he do?
[ gasps ]
oh, my god.
where are the others?
Trapped in these cells, like us.
Now, I know this is confusing, but I need you to focus.
Focus? Look at us.
What did he do to us?
He has to pay. We have to find him.
We could've been in there for hours.
We have been in there for years.
what do you want?
I looked into your kills.
Some of them check out.
I told you. It's vengeance. Vengeance.
Well, "vengeance" seems to put you
on the same track as me.
So tell me what you know.
Look, detective...
They got what they deserved.
End of story.
I'll tell you what I know.
There's a group called the watchdogs.
They're hunting people like us.
That's not what I am.
Look, I -- I know what you're going through.
I've been there, and I know that it's hard to understand,
but killing people is not -- you're here to counsel me?
You want to save my soul?
I'm telling you, girl, I sold mine.
To the devil?
He was the only one buying, you know?
look, I'm done talking.
You want to throw down again, we could do that.
I like my chances.
You want to turn me in?
Try it.
I've got nothing to lose.
You may not,
but gabe might be a little sad to lose his big brother.
You're all he's got.
Canelo: Robbie!
Listen, I got to take the truck,
drop off a gto in palm desert.
Take all the time you need.
I'll lock up.
Andale. Mañana.
[ door closes ]
now, you?
You shouldn't have mentioned my brother.
doesn't have to go this way. You're wrong.
[ rumbling ]
[ grunts ] come on.
[ rumbling ]
[ grunts ]
[ gasps ]
piper. Get the squad ready.
Training in 10.
Yes, ma'am. "ma'am"?
Is there a different title you'd prefer?
Uh, commander? Sir?
Let's just stick to "may."
I can do may.
I can do that, may.
[ clears throat ]
agent carter herself didn't know it all.
Oh, but this guy?
This guy's our real expert.
He actually does know it all.
I know some ssr history.
It's not a big deal. No, no, no, no.
He's being modest.
Not only does he keep this place running,
I bet he could tell us the exact year it was built.
Told you.
Uh, one interesting fact --
peggy carter herself oversaw construction of this base.
Most people know the legend of peggy carter,
but there's so many stories that were never recorded.
I remember one time...
may: You're seeing their faces, aren't you?
Everyone else -- what's wrong with them?
Why don't they see it?
I do.
how do I help them?
You can't.
It's everywhere.
There has to be a way for me to --
it's everywhere!
It's everywhere!
Everywhere! Everywhere!
Everywhere! Everywhere!
Everywhere! What the hell is happening?
Everywhere! Everywhere! Everywhere!
He'll nap for an hour.
May, what happened?
Did you say something that made him...?
Shame simmons couldn't come with us.
Seems the new parameters at hq
come with nothing but more paperwork.
Yeah, you're telling me.
Inventory before deployment?
I mean, this is a-a lot of numbers.
I'm a mechanic, not an accountant.
You're an engineer, mack.
And a small tank.
I can't tell
if some of our medication supply is missing or...
I'm just too fried to figure it out.
You are looking a bit more feeble than usual.
Thank you for that.
It's these long deployments, turbo.
Weeks at a time.
I mean, coulson loves it,
but the isolation gets to me.
Have you been seeing yo-yo?
Yeah. Yeah, we skype occasionally.
Well, at least you're not on the wild goose chase
for daisy anymore.
We tried, man.
I promise you.
Yeah, I know.
Should be landing in about an hour.
All those years...
My wife -- she's out there.
My life --
calm down.
I don't have time to be calm.
What that backstabber did to us --
it wasn't just him. It was you.
We trusted you.
This is not my fault.
I had no idea.
You shouldn't have used the darkhold.
He's right.
This is all because of your obsession with that damn book.
That book can help us now.
Fix us.
Or give you the power you wanted in the first place.
Like we could ever find it.
He's years ahead of us.
We will find the book...
And kill him...
Along with anyone who tries to stop us.
[ gasps ]
[ grunting ]
[ winces ]
I've seen a lot of breaks.
Your arm is fractured, not broken.
[ grunting ]
keep trying to bust out of that,
I can't guarantee it'll stay that way.
What are you doing?
Looking for proof.
You see, this is new for me.
I've never been -- a kidnapper?
You know who I am, which is a problem.
For both of us.
A problem that has to go away.
Threaten me all you want.
You think I'm afraid to die?
I think you want it.
No doubt.
You got a death wish.
Coming back to find me after I let you live.
You told me not to.
Said you deserved it.
I'm just looking for proof that you do.
And then?
My problem goes away.
And your wish comes true.
lucy: Vincent, calm down.
[ distorted speaking ]
[ no audio ]
well, he has it the worst.
[ garbled shouting ]
I think he wants to know your plan.
We're gonna find the book
and reverse what's been done to us.
We'll make this right.
Hugo, you take those power cells.
We're gonna need them.
Vincent and I will look for joe.
And you --
I'll burn this place to the ground.
We all need to work together.
I'm done working for you.
I mean...
Look what happened to us.
It would be smarter --
you were never smarter.
You just had the damn book.
You don't control me anymore, lucy.
take the boxes.
But I'm destroying this place.
[ screaming ]
you've got ghosts haunting you.
Something in your past you can't live with.
You could just tell me.
Haunting me?
This coming from the guy who thinks he's possessed.
I prayed for vengeance. I got it.
Fighting to right every wrong,
all the while begging to be taken out.
Seems to me your thing is serving penance.
we're not so different, you and me.
yeah, you just feel bad for the dead in your wake.
I don't feel anything.
If that were true, you would've killed me by now.
are you really telling me you don't feel curious
about what's going on out there?
You hunted those skinheads down.
They spilled innocent blood.
Listen to you. Take yourself seriously much?
They were working with the chinese.
Does that happen a lot around here?
Didn't think so.
And outfitted with rpgs.
You're not interested in how these things are connected?
Look, I know that the big picture is kind of lost on you,
but someone is arming them, uniting them,
and that should concern us both.
I said I'm not what you are.
You're enhanced,
and you just said that we're not that different.
I'm sorry, but you just said that
like 10 seconds ago.
They won't stop until a lot of people are dead.
Or they are.
And who knows what kind of weapon
they stole from the energy lab in pasadena.
Still haven't been able to dig up any infor--
wait. What did you say?
Momentum alternative energy lab.
Printout right there in your hands.
Best I can tell,
that's where they stole the weapon from.
But it's been shut down for years.
Wait. Does that mean something to you?
Robbie! No!
[ muffled shouting ]
[ grunting ]
[ groans ]
[ rumbling ]
[ groans ]
[ engine starts ]
[ tires screech ]
[ tires screech, horn honks ]
[ grunts ]
[ panting ]
coulson: Ah. Agent simmons, there you are.
Here's the special advisor of science and technology.
Glad you could finally make it.
Yes, because we were supposed to meet 15 minutes ago.
Right. Unfortunately --
well, luckily, the united states congress is used to waiting around.
Right, guys?
'cause, I mean, how much work really gets done in washington?
Although you don't often wait around for someone
who's honestly changing the world.
Oh, I don't know if I'm doing that.
So why don't you go ahead and tell us
what you were working on that kept you?
Word of advice -- everything she does is hugely fascinating
and I understand none of it, so feel free to smile and nod.
It's what I do.
Well, I was just in the containment rooms.
Ah, yes.
One of s.H.I.E.L.D.'s most important advances
in recent years.
It uses adaptive materials to contain enhanced individuals
and actually neutralizes their powers.
Oh, neutralize powers -- that does sound useful.
I'd love to see them.
Great idea.
But maybe not the best idea, director.
Excuse me.
Guess not. What happened?
There was an incident.
Blood everywhere.
Not a great time.
[ chuckles ]
turns out it wasn't the best idea
'cause agent coulson here has a better one.
Uh, who wants to step inside a real-life quinjet?
[ chuckles ]
let's go.
Do you have any idea what set him off?
Have you spoken to may lately?
You ever notice we never get to check up on
a bright-lit place filled with nice, friendly people?
[ tablet beeping ]
Looks like a short electrical transient
set off a quick current spike, other side of that door.
[ energy humming ]
[ keyboard clacking ]
[ computer beeps ]
oh, boy.
We got a big problem.
The reactor terminals are s--
This guy disappears.
I hate these guys.
Where'd he go? Think you scared him off?
What do you think the chances of that are, turbo?
What's up?
The base has been infiltrated.
Something got in.
So you thought you'd redecorate?
Maybe somebody brought something in,
something that's getting to everyone.
And if you find it, you can destroy it.
That's right.
Always ready to do the brave thing.
Always looking out for us.
I won't let them take you.
May, uh, what if we stop, take a minute?
Rest, make a plan.
I can't. I can't.
No time.
[ locker thuds ]
you know what?
We have current blood samples on file
for every s.H.I.E.L.D. Agent, even the director.
That could help us figure out who's been infected.
We just have to go to the lab.
How does that sound?
He's like the woman who got chen,
so if he does come back, you can't let him touch you.
You'll go crazy.
Don't let him touch you! You'll go crazy!
[ air hissing ]
he must've set the reactor to blow.
What are you talking about? Blow up a building?
I mean, no, it could be a couple of city blocks.
Then what are you talking to me for, man? Shut it down.
You're the one who keeps asking me questions! I'm trying to shut it down if you give me five --
we can help you. No.
You can't.
wait. No.
May? You all right?
Why do you want me to go to the lab so badly?
I told you -- so we can...
Okay, look.
There's a situation you need to be aware of.
I'm aware.
and I'm gonna stop them!
she's sick! Don't hurt her!
[ grunting ]
may, stop. It's me.
[ grunts ]
may, wait! Please.
You're not well. I can help.
I'm doing what has to be done.
so am I.
agent may, I urge you to stop now.
You're a monster.
[ grunts ]
I prefer the term "inhuman."
[ gasps ]
I'm sorry about this.
too bad you can't put that on the tour.
Not yet.
[ alarm blaring ]
where is he?
Mack: Get me out of here, turbo!
I don't understand.
He's keeping the reactor in meltdown.
I won't go back.
I'll kill you all first.
I don't know what you mean.
It was hell in there.
[ grunts ]
what are you?
[ growls ]
yeah. What are you?
Fitz, get me out of here!
[ alarm blaring ]
yeah, I got it.
[ grunts ] it's stuck!
I really wish our roles were reversed right now.
[ rumbling ]
fitz: We need to turn the reactor off.
[ screams ]
[ alarm continues ]
it's done.
no. No.
Is that too tight?
That fire-headed inhuman...
He's... Not an inhuman.
I'm not sure what he is.
I am.
He's a killer.
That truck heist in east l.A. --
Three people were brutally murdered.
What if they deserved it?
Is that how it is now?
You're running with a vigilante
who decides who lives or dies?
I'm not running with anyone.
But he can't be all bad.
He came here tonight and he saved fitz's life.
Yeah, but from what? What -- what was that thing?
I have no idea.
Daisy, come home with us.
So we can properly take care of that arm.
We have a drug that can help those bones heal faster.
Now, our supply keeps running low,
but we're about to...
but you already have it, don't you?
[ sighs ]
it's yo-yo.
She's stealing it, and...
You two have been in touch this whole time.
we've been out there looking for you,
trying to protect you
and put the pieces back together, and you --
why? Why are you doing this?
Because she's turned her back on us, mack!
Because something terrible happened,
and she didn't want our help getting through it.
Slow down, turbo. Well, we've all been through terrible things --
all of us --
and we've never turned our back!
Doing what I need to do.
And it still affects us.
Like it or not.
Thank you for the splint.
hey, can we get a picture?
Hey, um, do you mind?
Not at all.
[ clears throat ] okay.
Nice and close, nice and tight.
There we go.
You know I love a photo op, right?
[ laughter ]
[ camera shutter clicks ] all right.
Thank you.
Now, as tempting as it may be to post these pictures on facebook,
snapchat, your re-election campaign website...
[ laughter ]
...Everything you saw today is confidential.
You all signed an nda,
and unlike the climate change accord,
this one's enforcable.
So if all goes well -- we hope it does --
next time we do this, it'll be much more public.
Safe ride home, my friends.
All: Thanks, director. Thanks for coming.
You got a moment? Sure.
It's about may.
I have a plan that I think will help --
oh, don't worry, phil. I've got it handled.
The thing is, my experience can help here.
I dealt with a similar situation when I --
were the director. I know.
Phil, am I getting something wrong?
This was your idea.
When you stepped down, you told the president
you didn't want to be the face of the agency.
For a whole host of reasons.
And you said we needed a new face.
And now that steve rogers went awol,
you wanted a hero.
I said the new director should be a powered person
the public could trust.
And they came up with you.
And now you're stuck with me.
[ chuckles ]
I count on you to be one of my top advisors.
There's no one better than you, truly.
Okay. So --
but when it comes to may and daisy,
you can't be objective.
And to that, I take exception.
So, you focus on being the best agent we got,
and I'll focus on being the best director I can.
But what -- what treatment are you implementing?
How long will --
hey. I'm sorry.
That's classified.
[ beep ]
get away from me.
[ shuddering ]
get away from me.
Get away from me!
Get away from me!
Get away!
[ gasping ]
we'll return in a moment.
[ engine sputtering ]
come on, come on, come on, come on.
Come on! [ sighs ]
[ tires screech ]
your friends with you?
I left them.
You want to know what's connecting these things.
I think it might be me.
[ door creaks ]
[ tires screech ]