Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. (2013–…): Season 4, Episode 1 - Ghost Rider: The Ghost - full transcript

Daisy has left S.H.I.E.L.D. and is trying to solve the mystery of a bunch of serial killings in the Los Angeles area. At the same time her old friends suspect her for the killings and are following her trail in an attempt to find her.

[Car engine revving]

[Gun cocks]

[Tires screeching, horn honks]

[Grunts] It's coming! Get ready!

[Tires screeching]
Go, man, go!


Man: Damn it! Damn it! Engine's dead!

[Tires screech]

Get it. Kill it!
Shoot anything that moves.

[Breathing shakily]



He... He got me. He'll kill us all.

Give me that damn thing.

Get back!
[Gunfire, woman screaming]

[Engine revving in distance]


[Tires screeching]

Man: Shoot it! Shoot it now!





No! No! No!

No! No, please!

No! [Screams]

[Tires screeching]

[Sirens wail]


You need to sacrifice everything
if you want to survive.


That's funny.
'Cause I thought I would just...

Mm. Yeah, that's one way to go. [Sighs]

[Chuckles] Want a beer?

It's 6:00 in the morning.
What, are you Hemingway?

No, is that real? When did
we cross the North Pole?

An hour ago.

Oh, my gosh. It's hard
to keep track in this thing.

We shouldn't have to stay on clock

when we're moving through time zones.

I mean, what is that...
three continents in two days?

If you count Berlin.
We were only there three hours.

Yeah, we knew that
Inhuman call was a hoax

as soon as we stepped foot
in the apartment, saw that bong.

- I could smell it from the hallway.
- Jokers. Hungry for attention.

And potato chips.
If the munchies was a superpower,

they'd be signing
the Sokovia Accords as we speak.

[Breathes deeply]

You should let me work on Lola.

I warned you.
Everything in Lola is custom.

Yeah, yeah, everything is custom.
But it would be something to do.

There's only so many times a guy
can win cash off you... sir.

You got to stop calling me that.

- We're being called back to H.Q.
- They say why?

We're not due for a restock
for another 10 days.

- No idea. They said it's classified.
- Oh, everything is nowadays.

[Breathes deeply]
All right, we'll need full inventory.

Medical, provisions, fuel cells,

and make sure you tell the crew
they'll need to call ahead

if they want off our next deployment.

Agent Thompson...

- Wonder what that's about.
- Oh, I don't know.

- It'll be good to see Fitz and Simmons.
- And May.

Yeah... I think you look forward
to that more than I do.


What was his mistake?


You know I'm not gonna talk.

He didn't anticipate your back kick.
Opened himself up.

His mistake was he tapped out.

[Motor whirring]

- Piper.
- Okay, people!

What, you never seen the
biggest plane ever built before?!

Next pairing, on the mat!

- How long has it been?
- Six weeks in the air.

Only the Quinjet touched down.

- Is that a record for Zephyr One?
- It is. It was supposed to be even longer.

- You know who called us in?
- I do.

You? Okay. Now I know something's up.

I got word from contacts
in law enforcement, Los Angeles.

Two civilians were violently killed.

Mack: Mysterious burns, heads bashed in,

spine pulled out of his... Wow.

Many conflicting accounts,
but all agree... it was odd.

Odd? Isn't that our wheelhouse?

He's right. Why call us in?

We could be headed
to the scene right now

to confirm the presence
of an enhanced person,

- if there is one.
- If it checks out, we bag and tag.

We handle these on the fly.

Didn't exactly want to send
this out on the wire.

May, you're not sharing again.

Now would be a really
good time to share.

The police also have
another victim in custody.

Critical condition.

Under sedation,
he mentioned seeing a girl,

saying it was the one from the news.


Which you didn't want to send
over the wire.

You were pulled off Daisy's case.

The Director thinks she slipped
through our fingers too many times.

The Director thinks you let her.

No, we pursued her. She was a ghost.

Well, in his infinite wisdom,
he says you're now forbidden to.

But you're telling us this because...?

In case we want to do
something about it.

Look, I can bury this until the
official police report comes through.

That'll buy us a few hours lead time.
Get to L.A., sniff around.

Yeah. We have an active
Inhuman asset in Los Angeles

that's due for a check-in soon enough.

It'll justify our presence there,

but as soon as the report's filed,
they'll pull us out.

And the armed forces
will be sent in after her.

With orders to kill.

- To kill?
- If she's responsible for these bodies.

- That's not Daisy's M.O.
- The world knows her as Quake,

and Quake is an outlaw who
takes down banks and bridges.

- Oh, come on. We both know
- She's hunting violent radicals.

She's tracking
these fanatics, the Watchdogs,

trying to take down their funding,
their... their escape routes.

Regardless, you should fuel up
and get back up in the air ASAP.

Find her before the military
does something bad.

Or Daisy does something worse.

[Monitors beeping]

Man: Hey. You can't be here.
Stop right there.


How are we feeling today?


I've been tracking weapon sales,

and I know you were hired to steal one.

You even jacked a big rig
to help carry it out.

We were just paid
for a smash-and-grab job.

Who was that hunting you?

Man: Open the door!

He nailed me, but we almost got away.

Who was it?

- Did he kill my friends?
- All but one.

But you're gonna have to
give me a little bit more

if I'm gonna find him alive.

[Shuddered breathing]

Save him, please,
before he gets burned, too.

You'll see your buddy again
once you heal up.

- Just tell me what's...
- [Grunting] No. No.

It's too late for me.

They say when the Rider burns you

[breathing heavily] he burns your soul.


And a soul can never heal.


[Indistinct shouting]


Man: Stop right there!

[Echoing] Hello?


I hear my voice echo, but
it sounds strange in my head.

The detail is amazing.

However, I am 3 feet off the ground.

Fitz: Wait. What? Hold on. Damn it.

Uh, well, I did adjust the Y axis
earlier for some reason.

- What does that look like now?
- Better.

The CPU seems to be handling
the high poly count.

Textures are impeccable.

We should build a place to get away...

a meadow or a cottage somewhere.

[Sighs] I wish it were ever this quiet.

[Monitors beeping]

Direct-current stimulation.

Creates the other senses
like touch and taste

but also takes feedback.

So I've just mapped
your brain's response...

Response to the environment. Of course.

Dr. Radcliffe came up
with the architecture?

Yeah. Yeah, he calls it "The Framework."

But all the transcranial
apparatus, that's all me.

No. Of course, you're brilliant, too.
Of course.

'Cause soon you won't even need
the eyewear or the earwear,

'cause it'll all be inside your head.

So May's strike team
will be able to train virtually

instead of May constantly
breaking their ribs.

Nathanson: Hey, hey.
Authorized personnel only, pal.

No pass, no entry.

- Who the hell are you?
- Leave them be, Nathanson.

They have more reason
to be here than you do.

Wow. A lot of new faces.

Good to see yours.

Six weeks. That's a record.

- Heard you got a promotion.
- Oh, yeah, and a title.

Yeah, Special Advisor to the Director
in Science and Technology.


- They keeping you busy?
- With busywork, mostly.

Yeah, and random state-of-the-art
lie-detector tests.

So that's the cost of being
in the Director's inner circle.

Yeah, he's paranoid about what happened

the last time S.H.I.E.L.D.
was government-run.

Calls it his Widespread
Infiltration Monitoring Program.

Or "WIMP." Hey, uh, you should join us

'cause we're gonna go to
Radcliffe's and watch the

Aberdeen-Inverness Caley
Thistle League cup final.

They're... Those are football teams.

I'm not sure they are, Turbo.

Unfortunately, we have to be
wheels-up in 10 minutes, so...

Okay. All right.
Well, strictly business, then.

Aw, yeah. New toys?

The exploding pen that you asked for.
I can't imagine a use for it.

You never wanted one? [Chuckles]

And for you, Direct...

uh, Agent Coulson...

...with new bells and whistles.

And the directions will be there
when you boot it up.

What's, uh... What's the assignment?


- It's classified.
- Right. Everything is these days.

- Fitz, sadly, um...
- Yeah, you can't make the match, either.

- I have to finish my reports.
- Yeah, no, I get it.

That's okay.

Just a shame we hardly get
to see each other.

- Any of us.
- [Sighs] Yes, well...

At least it's better than the
friends we'll never see again.


[Laptop beeps]


_ [Door closes]

[Breathing shakily]

We just stole a box.

I don't even know what was inside of it.

We... We loaded it onto an 18-wheeler,

we parked it in a warehouse,
and we just left it.

Man: Left it for who?

The Chinatown Crew.

They set the job up
and were willing to pay big.

[Grunts, groans]

Lies. Aryan Brotherhood
working with the Chinese?

I swear! I swear that's all I know.

Where's this warehouse?

I... I can't tell you that, man.

My people are gonna be
mowed down in the payback...

the ones you didn't already kill.

If you don't tell me,
you'll have to tell him.

Coulson: This guy's missing.
The rest are dead.

Aryan Brotherhood.
They're not my kind of brothers.

They've been know to work for cash.

Burglary, assault... sort of
the value meal of hired guns.

They're suspected in the recent
theft of this big rig.

- Probably prepping for a larger score.
- Big, yellow, hard to hide.

So, what, are we looking for this thing?

And if Daisy's chasing the same angle,

maybe we get to the finish line first.

I'll greet her when she arrives.

- Davis: Agent Coulson?
- Davis.

Preparing for decent.

Inhuman asset will be waiting
on the tarmac.

[Tablet beeping]



- How's your wife, Davis?
- Getting bigger every day.

- Oh. Don't tell her that.
- More beautiful every day.


There you go.


Mack: Yo-Yo.


- Just have a few questions.
- I'm all yours.

Uh, so, I see you went
to Colombia for a week.


Mm. And, uh, tickets to Miami coming up.

Yes. Do you watch me sleep
or shower or...?

Just procedure.

You don't have to use a satellite
to get to know me better.

Just ask me to dinner again.

You know the rules about fraternizing
with assets in the field. [Chuckles]

Oh, we haven't fraternized anything yet.

And I thought you were
breaking the rules,

coming to do my checkup early
just to see me.

Or are you here because, uh,

there's been a lot
of little earthquakes lately?

Daisy could be in the area.
But officially, that's not the mission.

Doesn't matter.

We'll never find her.
She's always one step ahead.

What is the official mission?
Can I help?

Here's where I have to remind
you that Sokovia Accords,

- which you signed...
- Oh, all right.

...require approval by the
United Nations subcommittee...

- before an enhanced indiv...
- Rules, rules, rules. Blah, blah, blah.

S.H.I.E.L.D. moves
too slow now, Turtleman.

- I prefer to move fast.
- Uh...

Mack, they found the truck.

Good to see you, too, Coulson!

Well, if you're in Miami, look me up.

Just because we can't work together

doesn't mean we can't live a little.


[Crowd cheering on television]

[Doorbell rings]

Hey, just in time.
They've just taken to the pitch.

Where's Jemma? Is she not coming?

Yeah, she wanted to. Same story.

All work and no play, huh?
That's a bit disappointing.

Still, make yourself comfortable.
I'm just, uh, finishing cleaning up.


Yeah, should be pretty lopsided,
don't you think?

Their keeper's absolutely crap...
Oh, my gosh! I'm so sorry.

I'm so sorry. I had no idea
there was somebody here.


[Sighs] You...
You weren't meant to see that.

Hello. I'm glad to final...

- Hello. I'm glad to final...
- Fitz, meet Aida.

- Hello. I'm glad to final...
- She's, uh, crashed.

Hello. I'm glad to final...

Hello. I'm glad to final...

Hello. I'm glad to final...

Hello. I'm glad to final...

Hello. I'm glad to final...

Hello. I'm glad to final...
[Powers down]

[Remote beeping]

- What the hell?
- Well, I've just upped her PSU

to compensate for image processing.

Must have overcranked it. I'll reboot.

Unh-unh, that's not what I meant.
I meant...

- ...what the hell?!
- Well, you've already met Aida,

digital personal assistant,
as a voice on the computer.

So, uh...

- I built her a body.
- Yeah, a naked body.

I-I was just now
installing new hardware,

updating her gyroscopic sensors.
I'm not some sicko.

When did you build this?

Have you forgotten
the very strict stipulations

that came with your pardon?

You are not allowed experimentation

- without approval and oversight!
- Oversight, I know.

I'm well aware of that, yeah.

That's why I wanted Simmons here.
I wanted to show both of you.

Look. This has been
a lifelong dream of mine, Fitz.

When I saw the work you
and Simmons were doing

in replicating human tissue
and internal bone structure

in Coulson's hand, I knew...

I knew right then
that this was within reach.

- A robot?
- Not just a robot.

It's one that can cross
the uncanny valley

and come out the other side...
pass for a human.

I mean, it has bloody micro-expressions.

She. It's a... It's definitely
a "she" 'cause I saw...

- Yes...
- She has micro-expressions,

full range of motion. I mean,
physically, it's...

- she's nearly perfect.
- She is...

...very realistic.

Now, mentally, well,
you've spoken with Aida.

She's bright, she laughs at the jokes

I programmed her to recognize,
but she's never pass the Turing test.

At the moment, that's a pipe dream.

However, I think, with your help...

No, no. No, no, no, no!
We have to report this right away.

- You could lose everything.
- I know.

- Or you could go to jail.
- I know!

I know, you're right.

Full disclosure at this time
is the best course of action.

I... I agree.

Hmm. At least let me
show you how it works.

[Air brakes hiss]

They're in town.

I supposed you guessed that, texting me.

They're looking for a truck.

That mean you have something for me?

They watch my every move, but
certain moves they can't see.

You can't get these over the counter.

S.H.I.E.L.D. issue
for rapid bone healing, yes?

I know you splintered your bones
when you first powered up.

- Are you pushing yourself too hard?
- Don't worry about me.

You can't use your powers too much.

- Your body will break down.
- I'm fine.

I'm surprised you're still in town.

You're usually moving and moving.

Are you, uh, still hunting
those perros rabiosos?

It's not just the Watchdogs now.

Local gangs have been working for them,
which I... don't understand.

I was tracing the sale
of a weapon, and I...

I think I may have stumbled
upon a serial killer.

Ooh. Fun. He live around here?

He mostly hits this area,
but he's hard to track down,

leaves no traces behind, operates alone.

Sound familiar?

I thought maybe you were,
uh, growing roots, they say.

- L.A. used to be where you hang out, no?
- No roots.

Everyone gets attached
to something eventually.

Don't forget to wait
two stops after I get off.

Yeah, yeah. Hey.
Send me a picture of this guy.

Maybe I can cover some ground
if I know what he looks like.

No, I still haven't gotten
a good look at him yet,

so just... take care of yourself, okay?

But thank you
for the S.H.I.E.L.D. intel.

They won't give up on you,
especially Coulson.

All he wants is to find you.

Well, that's too bad, 'cause
there's only one thing I want.

Oh, yeah? What's that?

Nothing to lose.

Here's the Mapping-Action
Eyewear you requested.

Should help your team
in case of a blind takedown.

- Great. Thanks.
- I need you to sign for it.

I don't get the new color-coded
security-level rainbow of...

- What's it called?
- The "Spectrum of Security."

Why do I, level red, have to go through

you, level orange, to request hardware?

Shouldn't red be higher than orange?

Well, orange encompasses
both red and yellow, so...

It's hard to explain,

but the Director
didn't want to use numbers

because he didn't want any
team member to feel less than.

Well, you do have
a higher clearance than me.

Only in most instances.

I feel less than.

Hey, we just had a report come in.

A death in a hospital in Los Angeles.

Suspicious circumstances.
Suspect is an Asian female.

You think it might be Daisy.

I'm going to look into it.
I just wondered if you'd

heard anything from your
law-enforcement contacts?

I'm mostly in the dark these days.
Why don't you ask the Director?

Since you're one
of the few people allowed

or willing to do that.

[Spray-pain can rattles]

What you got there?

Didn't hear?
Word is, he hit again last night.

- Two dead in the street.
- Who?

Ghost Rider. You must
not be from around here.

Do you know where I can find him?

Nobody does.

Everybody that sees his face
ends up on this wall.

"Everyone gets attached to something."

[Engine revs, tires screech]

Man: We got to get this truck
out of here.

What are you, the Feds?

Something like that.
We'll be sealing the scene.

Not for long, I hope.

I was just gonna have
this guy tow this thing away

so me and my crew can get back to work.

We got this.

Man: This warehouse usually sits empty.

We were gonna store
some inventory today.

Found the lock broken and
this big, honkin' thing inside.

- Have at it.
- Coulson: Thank you.

[Wrist beeps]


Not fair.

You want tech like this, you
should've cut off your own hand.



Mack: Looks like these guys
tore each other apart.

Zhang Wei, resident of
Monterey Park. Organ donor.

Say anything about him being
a flesh-hungry rage monster?

Uh, no, I'm not seeing
anything about that here,

so we have to assume that he wasn't

until he came in contact
with whatever's in that trailer.

Not much here that'll lead us anywhere.

Well... there's that.

[Door slams]

[Keys rattling]

There was no buyer there.

[Car door closes]

[Engine starts, revs]

No, no, no.

No! Please, God, no!

No! I don't deserve to die!

- No! No!
- Everyone says that.

No! No! No!

Diego: Yeah, those chargers
are hard to find.

Between "Fast and Furious"
and "Dukes of Hazzard,"

they wrecked a lot of them.

My boyfriend wrecked his in a
street race. He's pretty broken up.

I guess he was more attached
to it than I thought.

I ain't seen none around here, though.

- Sorry.
- All right. Thanks, man.

Hey, uh, most of them
wrecked movie cars,

they're dumped
at El Monte Junk and Salvage.

If your boyfriend wants
to fix his ride up,

might want to go over there
and find scraps.

Thanks. Maybe he'll go there.

Simmons: Daisy's in Los Angeles.

There was an eyewitness, now dead,

and I just received Yo-Yo's
check-in report a week early,

which means Coulson
and Mack are there, too,

- no doubt, trying to track Daisy down.
- Sounds right.

You know it is, because
according to the logs,

you called Coulson back to H.Q.
for resupply yourself.

Why, if not to give him
that intel in person,

knowing it's against
the Director's orders?

I didn't send them.
I don't have the authority.

- They acted on their own.
- You knew I'd find out.

Why not tell me?
I have daily lie detection.

- That's why.
- And now I have to report it,

which means now I either
look like I'm incompetent

- or colluding with you.
- Wouldn't want you falling

out of favor with the director.


Okay. I get it. It's abundantly clear

you're uncomfortable
with my new position...

I just want to know
how comfortable you are with it.

You actually trust this guy?

Our team split up to lead
departments, given different colors.

'Cause we're experts? No.

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I think the Director broke up
the band on purpose.

Of course he did!


As soon as Talbot gave
the location of this base

to the president, things changed.

I knew we'd be divided,
undermined, kept in the dark,

so I have been clawing for as
much power as I can possibly grab

to keep a modicum of control
over any of this.

After all we've been through...


I don't trust the new Director,

but he trusts me, so now,
in order to keep that trust,

I must take the appropriate action

to address this break in protocol.

I'm sending you and your strike team

to take Coulson and Mack
out of the field,

by force, if necessary.
Clean up whatever mess he's in.

- That's an order.
- Yes, ma'am.

Mack: Place them at the four corners
of the exterior of the building.

That'll give us visuals
through the walls.

Fitz: This could be very dangerous.

- So much could go wrong.
- Ultron, yes. I know.

But this is not A.I.
A.I. is banned, and that's good.

This is mimicry of human behavior.

Still, in the wrong hands,
this could be used as a weapon.

- Is that the idea?
- No, absolutely not. No...

Look, I know the dangers.

That's why I've been...
I've been reticent to divulge.

I don't know these new people
at S.H.I.E.L.D.

But a weapon is absolutely not the idea.

Well, then, why? What's she for?

Why not let Aida tell you herself?

[Remote beeps]
[Silent whir]



I'm glad to finally shake
your hand, Leopold.

Where's Jemma? We were
hoping that she would come.

S-She's, uh... indisposed, I'm afraid.


- I was wondering...
- Yes, Agent Fitz?

[Breathes deeply]

I was wondering if you could tell me

exactly what it is you are designed for.

Of course.

Dr. Radcliffe, time and again,
has expressed his deep regret

for causing pain when all he
ever wanted was to prevent it.

He speaks often of the pain

that you and Agent Simmons
have had to suffer,

having lost so many friends...
Lincoln Campbell,

Andrew Garner, Antoine Triplett...

Okay, stop it, stop.
You don't have to list them.


The hope is that I will be able
to prevent future tragedies...

save the lives of agents
by putting myself in harm's way

in their place.

- To kill?
- No. I am incapable of that.

I will protect.

I will serve as a decoy target,
a safeguard...

- ...a shield.
- Okay. T-Turn her off.

[Breathes deeply]

[Remote beeps]
[Powers down]


We can't tell Simmons about this.

What? Don't we want to move forward?

Her approval is...

This is too dangerous
to show the new Director.

We don't know what he'd do with it.

And she would have to tell
him, so... she can't know.

- Not until...
- Until...?

Until she's perfect.



Coulson: They're walking in now, six.

Really convivial-looking fellows.

At least four of them are packing.

Mack: We should be tapped
into surveillance now.

Let's see what we get.

[Tablet beeps]

Where are the other two men?

We had to leave them
at the pick-up site.


Those guys were transferring the
box into the armored transport.

Maybe they peeked inside or something.

But they went berserk
and tore into each other.

There was blood everywhere.

We put two bullets in each of them
and locked them in the truck.

No, no. Look, we were freaking out.

We had to get out of there!

Did you burn their bodies
or dump the truck in the ocean?

Because if not,
they can be traced back here.

They probably saw what was in this box

and were fighting over it, you idiot!

I have been told it's powerful enough

to bring our new enhanced
enemies to their knees.

We get on comms and call
the Zephyr for backup,

headquarters will know
we're on Daisy's trail.

No orders to pull out.
She's been tracking this sale.

- She could show up here any minute.
- I don't know.

Let's let this play out, see if
anyone else makes an appearance.


Daisy: Excuse me.

Uh, the yard's closing.

To sell a junker, you can
call the number on the gate.

Oh, no, I'm not here for that. I, uh...

Uh, sorry. What's your name?


Well, Robbie, I am looking for a guy

with a sweet black '69 Charger.

Maybe he bought some parts here.

Sorry. Doesn't ring a bell.

I only work nights once a week.

Uh, well, maybe I'll...
I'll come back in the morning.

Thank you.

Or... there's a book of sales

you can flip through in the main office.

Not really an office.

More of a trailer, but I can show you.

That would be great, thank you.

[Men gasping]

[Tablet whirs]
The hell...?

What was that?

A breath of fresh air.

[Ghostly shriek]

[Men grunting]

Get away from me!

That's it there.

- So, you live around here?
- No, I used to.

I'm just in town for a couple
days, soaking up the sun.

Strange place to spend your vacation.

[Keys rattling]

Not a great neighborhood.


[Breathing heavily]


you've got the devil inside you, too.

What's going on, guys?

[Tablet whirs]

Call for backup, yeah?
We can't wait for Daisy.

These guys might kill somebody
besides each other.

Yeah. Us.

Z One, we got a situation.
We need a little help here.


That was efficient.

[Tablet beeps]

[Goggles beep, whir]

[Goggles beeping, whirring]

You guys know what to do.



May: All clear.

[Fighting sounds]


You shouldn't have gotten involved.

Serial killers always complain
when we try to intervene.

I only kill asesinos who deserve it.

It's vengeance, chica.

For what? You killed a detective.

But he had blood on his hands.

- A teacher!
- A pedophile.


You don't get to decide
who deserves to die.

I'm not the one who decides.






Do it. [Panting] I deserve it.

Do it.


[Engine starts]

[Tires screech]



[Music stops]

[Brakes squeak]


Thank for the ride, Janet.

You never accept rides. Bus break down?

Or you still trying to holler
at Janet's little sister?


I only needed a ride to help
Canelo balance some books

because my brother
didn't finish high school.

Yo, I finished high school...
in the 11th grade.


"Everyone's attached to something."

[Engine starts]

[Indistinct conversations]

- Spent a lot of time in here?
- Too much.

My wallet's starting to get sick of it.

Your little side mission
didn't go unnoticed.

Well, you showed up, so, yeah.

The Director will want
to have words with you at H.Q.



- No Daisy, huh?
- No.

But she was tracking these guys,
so maybe this is a win.

I don't know.
The ground team is checking

for contagion, but hopefully,

whatever messed with these guys'
heads is no longer an issue.

We're gonna analyze the box it came in.

It's good... to have a moment, just us.

It's been a long time
since we had a moment alone.

- You okay?
- Yeah. Just a long day.

Well, take advantage of the down time.

Who knows what tomorrow holds?