Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. (2013–…): Season 3, Episode 21 - Absolution - full transcript

It's a showdown a season in the making as S.H.I.E.L.D. takes on Hive, and when his master plan is finally revealed, the team must spring into action.

Coulson: Previously on
Marvel's "Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D."...

I got another glimpse...
into the future.

I don't know when...
but someone on our team is gonna die.

Keep the faith, Alphonso Mackenzie.

Your friends are very persistent.
They keep fighting us.

If it happens again,
there'll be no absolution.

Every Inhuman is here for
a reason and serves a purpose.


Now you're free.

Ragtag base,
I'm coming home.

Hive could create
an all-in-one virus

that instantly transforms any humans

into swayed Inhumans
completely under his control.

If he finds a way to disperse it
high enough in the atmosphere.

He could potentially infect a
significant percentage of the human race.

He has a way.
He stole a fully operational warhead.

3x21 - Absolution


How long do you think
we can survive in here?

We're the last ones.

You always find a way
to survive, don't you?

It's in our blood.

I knew someone was gonna go.

I just didn't know everyone would.

Once I connect the wires,
I can hack the controls on the module

- and finally pilot us back to Earth.
- Daisy...

...this is Earth.

[Exhales slowly]

[Inhales deeply]


[Alarm beeping]


The kill switches to our
vests, if it comes to it.

How we holding up?

Not sure.
It wasn't designed for this.


I've told you everything I know.

I'm here to provide progress updates

based on the intel you gave us ...
nothing more.

And they only send you.

If anything I tell
you jogs any memories,

any pertinent information at
all, I'll ask you to divulge.

It's because you're
the only one I didn't hurt ...

personally, I mean.
That's why.

Have you thought of any
new pertinent information?


As I said, Hive's followers
tell him everything,

but he rarely returns the favor.

I'm sorry that's not enough to act on.

Well, we are acting on a new lead.

We've located a U.S.
missile silo in the Pacific.

Seems like a good fit.

If that's where they plan to do it,
they'll be there ahead of you.

Yes. The silo's staff
went silent five hours ago.

Giyera: Sir, the warhead is in
place, and the missile is armed.

The man who starts
the launch sequence ...

is he willing to cooperate?

Yep. Turned out to
be a real team player.

What about S.H.I.E.L.D.?
I've warned you about cloaking.

And we've calibrated for it.

If they fly anywhere near
this island, we'll see it.

Very good.

[Engines rumbling]


We're looking for the freight
dock on the North side.

Daisy: Even if you infiltrate,
you can't shut down the launch ...

not without government Kill Codes.

- We are aware.
- Hand-delivered by a D.O.D. official.

- It's not hackable. You won't be ...
- We are aware.

I'm sorry. The answer is no.

I'm asking you for one Missile
Launch Kill Code, General.

Violating chain of command.

"Chain of command."
Chain of command's gonna take two weeks.

You like to cut red tape. I get it.

But procedures are
in place for a reason.

You'd say the same thing.

[Laptop beeping] I don't even hold
Kill Codes here at the D.O.D., Glenn.

They're held at the
Defense Logistics Building,

and I need an Arms Nullification order

before I can request them
from Undersecretary Thomas.

Okay, fine.
Red tape it is.

[Keyboard clacking, laptop beeps]

Defense Logistics Building.
Did you get that, sir?

Copy that.
[Engine revs up]

[Tires screech]

The team's just got to
secure that uplink in time.

[Tires screech]

All right, here. This is us.

- Now, look, none of this works unless you ...
- We'll get the uplink.

Coulson's just got to
get those codes in time.


- You sure this is gonna work?
- Nope.



Many men on the Moon.

The ... maaaaah.

Aaah. Aaah.

Aaah! Aaah!

- Aaah! Aaah!
- Stop it.

[Breathes sharply] Andaz
is an inch taller than I am.

Undersecretary Thomas,

thank you for getting
back to us so quickly.

General Talbot.
General Andaz.

Yes, Undersecretary Thomas.

I have an Arms Nullification order,

and I need you to provide
the Kill Codes for ...

The code must be provided in person.

I have a high-level ATCU agent
waiting outside right now.

He's acting under my authority.

I'll need his credentials.

Oh, he has them.
You bet.


Giyera: Launch sequence has begun, sir.

[Exhales sharply]

[Tires screech]

- Undersecretary Thomas?
- Very good.

[Tires screech]

[Tablet beeping]

We're in. Uplink's established.

Daisy's intel panned out.

- We got security feeds, too.
- Yeah, bonus.

Every time I see his face,
I want to punch something.

[Laptop beeping]

They've got us the uplink.
Ready, sir.

[Tires screech, gearshift clicks]

Fitz: Did you get it? Read it out to me.

Okay. It's ...

We are at 20 seconds.
Give me the code, sir.

Okay, try to keep up.

Bravo. 5. Hotel. 9.
Mike. 1. Charlie. 1.

Sierra. Tango.

1-3-5. Sierra.
Whiskey. 0-1-2-0-0-9.

Come on. Come on.

[Beeping continues]

The only thing you gave us that
didn't pan out was that word.

You said he mentioned "absolution."
Any idea what he meant?

He thinks he's the savior.

[Beeping continues]



[Both sigh]

Someone shut us down.

That can only be done
within the building.


Fix this.
Bypass this override!

W-What ... What can I do?

I'm not a-a flight systems engineer.

No, you're not.

So the only thing that's left to decide

is whether to add your mind
to my current collection...

or just consume your flesh.

No, I-I can handle it.
I'll fix it, I swear.

Please, don't... do those things.

You two, escort Dr. Radcliffe
to the missile silo...

...while I show S.H.I.E.L.D. something
they haven't seen from me yet.


Hive: Start searching on the main floor
and work your way down.

Any S.H.I.E.L.D. Agents you find,
bring them to me.

Well, Fitz came through.
That's good, right?

Well, we have pissed-off Inhumans

and a pissed-off Hive, so good and bad.

But, I mean, at least Lash ...
at least Andrew didn't die in vain.

The information Daisy
brought back has been useful.

[Sighs] You're trying
to make us feel better.

Find meaning in Andrew's death
or what Daisy's done.

- Maybe.
- Don't do that.

- They know where we are.
- [Sighs] I need to move fast,

make my way up to the silo
and secure the warhead.

- Good luck.
- You, too.

Okay. Let's see...

Your work ... it's too slow.

Well, I'm sorry we all
don't have superspeed.

Oh, this isn't about superspeed.
This is about your turtle speed.

You work and then you stare
and work and then more staring.

- We have to go.
- Hurtful.

We have to get the hostages.

Well, if this doesn't work,
the hostages won't matter.

Neither will we.

'Cause if Hive gets through here,
we're all dead...

or worse.

Would you really use these?

Good. Because I'd rather
die than be anyone's slave.


I don't even know why you're
on this damned mission.

It's too dangerous.

[Bag unzips]

- That's why you should have this.
- What do you think you're doing?

I'm giving you your cross back.
You need it more than I do.

This isn't a lucky rabbit's foot.
This is a symbol of faith.

Who would return such a gift?

Now hurry.
We're running out of time.

You walked Mack through the assembly?

Yep, more times than I can count
and gave him written directions.

And I think it's out of our hands now.

- Taking down Hive's up to the field team.
- They're not just fighting Hive.

There's a legion of memories inside him.

They're up against
every soldier, every genius,

every killer he's ever been.
That's a lot of people to outsmart.

- Simmons: Daisy's awake.
- Did she have any more information?

Did she remember what
"absolution" means?

- I don't think she knows.
- Maybe it's buried too deep.

We have to keep digging.

All right. We don't have much
time, so let's just jump right in.

Obviously, someone has fed a code

into the facility's network,
thereby disabling the system.

All I have to do is...
bypass it altogether

and manually launch the missile.

However, that situation would
require a rocket scientist

or an engineer, and I am neither.

Therefore, we're gonna have
to put our heads together

and sort this out.


I'm gonna call you "Ronald" and you...

"Ronald Two."

Now, as I'm sure you
were both productive,

intelligent members of society
before you... became... you.

So, tell me ... have either
of you retained any ...

any knowledge from your past,
any computer skills,

engineering, or mechanics?

[Sighs] I don't know if you
remember what begging is,

but this is exactly that,
so please give me something,

because I don't have the tools to...

All right. This is progress.
Just keep pushing on.


[Door closes]

I know you're in here, Lincoln.

It's useless to hide.

I think it's time we had
a heart-to-heart, don't you?

Sorry for taking Daisy from you.

Oh, I know that hurt.
She told me it would.

[Door slides open]

Fitz entered the Kill Code in time.
That's step one.

- And Hive?
- That's step two.

Thank you for the update.

I know you're doing everything you can

to try to jog your memory,
but when he said absolution ...

I told her everything I know.

Just like I told him.

Once we get an update, so will you.


You're a prisoner right now,
but that's temporary.

You have to understand ... this ...
this is a new situation.

- I understand.
- The security protocols are in place

- to keep everyone safe.
- I get it!

No one blames you for this.

Then that's on you, because I
deserve the blame ... all of it.

And these protocols?

Make them permanent,
because I belong in this box.

- You're not a criminal.
- That's exactly what I am.

So you can keep your
forgiveness and your pity

because I shouldn't have
either ... or your friendship.

Daisy... you were brainwashed.

So was Ward.


We make the perfect pair.

Daisy loved you ...
at least, she thought she did.

You deserve to know that.

You have to understand, Lincoln,

I gave her something you never could ...


True happiness comes from belonging.

That's something she needs
that you could never offer her.

Now, deep down, you know this.

I made Daisy whole...
and I can do the same for you.

We can walk out of this
room, find her together.

[Electricity crackling]

You're never gonna see Daisy again.

Oh, go ahead.
Destroy this body.

It's well-worn.
I'll just go in someone else.

Maybe someone in S.H.I.E.L.D.

Coulson: Hive didn't
just get in your head ...

he changed it
on a fundamental level.

He altered the chemistry
of your brain like a drug.

These are the aftereffects.

You're going through
withdrawal right now.

Is that all you think this is?

- That I'm dope sick?
- You're not gonna feel like this forever.

I want to. I want to feel
this pain until I find Hive.

And get revenge?

I can't imagine
what you've been through,

but that craving?
I know something about that.

You think vengeance is the
missing piece of the puzzle,

that it will make you whole again,

but all it does is break you further.

You're going to get better.

- It just takes time... and distance.
- No.

I should wake up every
morning and feel like this,

remembering every drop
of blood I spilled.

Do you still have the memory machine?

You used it on that Strucker kid.

- Daisy, stop.
- Put me in it.

I bet you're already thinking about
doing that, right, to jog my memory.

So bring it in here.
Make it my bed and keep every memory,

every detail right at the surface,
where it belongs.

That's enough.

We pulled the memory
machine out of storage,

but it's not for you.

[Door slides open]


Is it ready yet?
Tell me it's ready!

I need more time.



You guys, go on.
Get back! Run!

I don't want to have to use this.

- You won't need this.
- How did you...

I watch you work slow.
I move faster.

Your turn.

[Electricity crackling] Aah!



Simmons: If I ever see you again,
I'll kill you.

- This won't kill me!
- No. But it'll suck.

[Electricity crackling]


Does this mean the plan worked?

- It's doing something.
- The hostages.

I know.

[Electricity crackling]

- Closure.
- I thought we had a deal.

Fitz: I know that you
care about us, Ward!

Gideon: I'm asking you to lead.


I can't hold this much longer.

You think we've done it ...
fried his brain?

Let's not wait around and find out.

Come on. Let's go.


Do you believe
I'm telling you the truth?

Do you believe I'm ...
"Do you believe I'm telling you the truth?"

Of course we believe you.

- "You have to go."
- Okay. Okay.



Jemma, run! go!

Run! Run!

Do you think the boss has
gone a little gonzo maybe?

Together to the end.

Together to the end.

Together to the end.
Together to the end.

To the end.
[Breathing heavily]

We have a connection ... a connection.

I want ... I want a connection.


Radcliffe: Well, at least you
bring strength to the table.

That's never been my forte.

Right, listen up.

This is called a Unified
Extensible Firmware Interface.

Grunt along with me ...
"Unified ..." [Door slams open]

On the ground, now!

What the hell did you do to them?

Well, it's not my finest work,
but I was under extreme duress.

I want that warhead.

I'm here.

Mack: Good. You got to hurry.

Oh, turtle-man wishes for me to hurry.

[Speaking Spanish] _

Follow me.

Come on!

"There are things about me...

you wouldn't like me if you knew."

You wouldn't like me if
you knew ... if you knew.

- "You wouldn't like me if you knew."
- Sir?

Let us help you.

"I am not a good man, Skye."

He wanted a connection ...
a connection with her.

You can't ever get
attached to anyone ...

to anyone or anything.

You have to fight that weakness in you.

Fight that weakness!

You have to fight... that
weakness... inside of you.

- Dude, what the actual hell?
- I need a connection.

I want a connection.

I want a connection.
A connection.

To connect, we have to...

- We need to disconnect it.
- Disconnect what?

Disconnect the warhead...
for absolution.

So, you got that?
Do you want to fill a brother in?

"I just wanted to save you."
Save you.

[Echoing] I gave you a fighting chance

to find a way out...
find a way out...

to find a way out, like
you always do... always do.

"Like you did.

You want me to cross them off?"


Did S.H.I.E.L.D. send you?
Did they?

- Yes. I'm with S.H.I.E.L.D.
- Oh, thank God.

Take me with you.
You have to, please!

[Door slides open] Oh, no.

- Giyera.
- He's taking the warhead.



We have to move!
Come on!


Let's go, people! Move, move!

We need to get away
from this place now! Go!

She did good.
Look at all these people.

Yeah, good thing we brought the
very small plane to carry them.

We'll have room.

We're adding another one!
Come on.

Come on.

Hive: Wait!

[Breathing heavily]

- What did you do to me?
- The only thing we could think of.

[Device beeping]

- Did ... Did we just...
- Yeah, we did.

We caught Hive.

Yes! Whoo!

[Engines rumbling, shouting]

Is everything okay?

What's going on?!

Talbot: The hostages are free.

We got Hive. Finally, some success.

I have to admit ...
your sending Inhumans in after him ...

I thought that was a stupid gamble.
Seriously stupid.

Like "betting on WrestleMania" stupid.

But you were right.
You knew what you were doing.

- Congratulations, Coulson.
- The mission isn't a success yet.

The warhead's still in play,

laced with a pathogen that could
alter humanity as we know it.

I'm well aware of what
it's capable of doing.

I've got a crew running clean-up
at the facility right now.

I think they've rounded up
a few of those freaks already.

I think you mean "victims."

Look, I don't want one
more soul on this planet

to end up looking like that.

We need to reverse what
that monster's done,

and you got to find somebody
to help us figure out how.

Start with him.

He's the one that turned
those people into Inhu...

Primitives. Primitives.
I call them "Primitives."

Radcliffe ... Dr. Holden Radcliffe.

[Clears throat]

And I really can't apologize enough

- for what's happened to those people.
- No. You really can't.

But I'm also a victim here.

I was forced to develop that formula.

- You better do right by those people.
- I can tell by your mustache

that you're a man of importance
and not to be trifled with,

so I will be absolutely
honest with you ...

the process is irreversible.

And I can tell by your beady
little eyes that you're a worm.

So let me be absolutely honest with you.

If you don't find
a solution to this problem,

you're gonna end up looking like

one of those
mouth-breathers you made.

- You understand?
- How could I not?

Almost as scary as Hive, that one.


Remember us?

Coulson: Fitz and Simmons
are working with Dr. Radcliffe

on a way to counter the
effects of Hive's formula,

but that's a long shot.
The threat has to be neutralized

before it comes close to detonating.

We need to find Hive's
base of operations

and get the jump on his people.

[Grunts] Mack: They might
make our search easier for us.

As long as we have Hive,
they're gonna come for him.

We'll be ready.

I want everyone on high
alert and the base sealed off.

That includes the hangar door.

Yeah, parts for its
hydraulics finally came in.

- Already got a team on it.
- What can I do, sir?

You've done enough.
Mack filled me in on your performance.

- Well done.
- I just want this to be over.

Remember, I told you ...

I decide if you get to be
a part of S.H.I.E.L.D.?

I think you'd make a great agent.

You also said that I had to want it.

I don't think that I do.

You got a lot of good people
on this team ... real heroes.

That's not me.

Once we're done with Hive,

- I'm done with all of it, I think.
- Just like that?

Wha ...
I mean, what are you gonna do?

I don't know, Mack.
Trying to figure that out.

- See the world.
- I think that's a mistake, Lincoln.

You have a future here at S.H.I.E.L.D.
What about Daisy?

There's nothing I have to offer
Daisy that she wants or needs.

- I know that now.
- Is anyone gonna talk to her ...

at least let her know we have Hive?

That's not a great idea right now.

We need to stick
to the security protocols.

You got to be kidding me.

- Should we stop him?
- I don't think we can.

We got him.

- Hive.
- Mhm.

Safe, sound, and catatonic
in a Gel-Matrix chamber.

I thought you'd want to know.


But you should be in the module.

The protocols
are for your own safety.

You think I give a damn
about security protocols?

You're my partner.


We're not partners anymore.

So just leave.

You remember what happened last time.


And I forgive you.

I didn't ask for that.

That's too bad.
I forgive you.


No, don't be stupid.
Get away, okay?

- Um, just get ... get ...
- It's okay, Daisy. It's okay.

Get away. Get ...
Get ... Get away!

- Daisy, it's okay.
- No! Mnh!


I don't deserve this.



I've only scratched the surface

of the thumb drive
that Radcliffe gave us,

and I can already see that
he was in way over his head.

His enhancements rely on technology.

These changes are pure bio.
The Parasite in his formula

actually attaches
itself to strands of DNA.

- We'll find a cure.
- Possibly, in a decade or so.

- What are you working on?
- Oh, nothing.

Just browsing some... things.

You're a terrible liar.

[Monitor beeps]

Well... it was
supposed to be a surprise.

- Booking a trip?
- For two.

That's a romantic gesture.

How very... not you ... to be romantic.

What? Of cou...
That is ridiculous.

We both know
that I'm the romantic one.


But it might not be the best time
to be skipping off to the...


- Does look nice.
- Hive's in custody,

S.H.I.E.L.D. is going
to recover that warhead,

and then I was thinking that...

We've had enough tragedy.
A little fun wouldn't kill us.

You think I'm not romantic?

I'm gonna do something
with you on that island

that will take your breath away.

What is ... Are you?

- Are you? Are you? Wha?
- Snorkeling.

Did you know there are over 1,000
species of fish in the Seychelles?

I cannot wait.

[Monitor beeping]

Everything all right?

Yeah. I need to go inspect
the Gel-Matrix chamber

and sign off before they
can bring Hive into the base.


- Is this yours?
- No. I think it's Yo-Yo's.

All right.
I'll give it to her.

You're a man of faith.

You know I am.

So what was it like ... coming
face-to-face with the devil?


Well, he's evil, scary as all hell,

- but I don't think he's the devil.
- You don't get it.

When Hive takes over a body,
he steals that person's memories.

That's as close to stealing
a soul as you can get.

"Memory is the scribe of the soul."

- The Bible?
- Aristotle.


What? I have dimensions.

Look, Tremors,
I've had my mind controlled.

No, this... wasn't that.

The worst part about Hive is,

when he's making you hurt
the people you care about,

he makes you love him for it.

If Hive isn't the devil,

he's the closest thing to
it you and I will ever see.

It's not safe.

- If he got out, he ...
- He's not getting out.

He can't be contained.
He has to be destroyed.


You know... another thing
the devil is capable of?

Filling a person with...
so much anger

and so many dark thoughts
that it consumes them.


But it's up to that
individual to make a choice ...

either let the darkness
fester and grow or...

let the light inside shine through

and vanquish the darkness.

- This isn't about revenge.
- Hey.

We're safe.
Coulson's sealing up the base.

[Machinery whirring]

[Metal thuds]

[Tablet beeping]

Gel's stable.
Power's strong enough for transport.

Um, make sure you reconnect
that once it's inside and secure.

You got it.

When's the bloody hangar door
gonna get closed, O'Brien?

We've got engineers on it.

We had to wait a few days.
Parts were delayed.

[Tablet beeps]


O'Brien! Wait!





[Alarm blaring]

What is it? What's happening?

Jemma, there was an
explosion in the hangar.


What do we do?


Let's get out of here!



No! No, no, no, no!
The lockdown.

- Hey! Hey, help!
- They're trapped inside.

- Can we override the doors?
- We put everything on lockdown.

By the time we override, Fitz will be...

[Tablet beeps]
Fitz, do you read?

Yeah! Sir, I'm in a bit of trouble!

We know. We're gonna
get you out of there.


[Growls] No, no, no, no!
Stay away from them!

Stay away from the gas!

We have to get out of the hangar!

[Men screaming] No, no, no.
There's nothing you can do for them.

We have to get back out to the base.

[Screaming continues]

Hey! How are you doing in there?!

Fitz, it's the lockdown. We can't ...

The motion sensors!
You have to get them working again.

[Tasers firing]

If we isolate them from the system,
can we get around the lockdown?

Yes! You can fry the bridging,

which connects the sensor
system to the security protocol!

I can do that.

No, the server system is on the
other side of the base. It won't work.

Well, we need to do something fast.

Fitz... Professor Vaughn's
Third Year Compiler Theory?

Fitz: Yeah! Yeah!
Do that! Fast, please!

I'm not an engineer. I hope I
can re-create what you did there.

No, no, no! You saw me do it!
You have a good memory!

I mean, you do, right?

[Weapons firing]

Hey, it's open! It's open!



[Panel beeps]

[Alarm blaring]


Thank you, Jemma.


What the hell is Professor Vaughn's
Third Year Compiler Theory?

It's complicated.


[All grunting]

Well, that's not good.

- If Hive gets out of stasis...
- It's not an "if."

No. It's not.
At least we sealed off the hangar.

But there are S.H.I.E.L.D.
personnel in there.

They're gone.
We have to cut our losses.

It's all we can do.


I can't believe this is happening.

[Alarm blaring]

Mack: He wants a way out.

- No...
- What? Daisy, what is it?

I told him everything.

Yeah, we know that, but
what does that have to do ...

No, Mack, I told him everything,

including the plans to the Zephyr.

And the fact that it has
high-altitude capabilities.

Hive has his delivery system now.

[Panel beeping]

[Footsteps approaching]

- Daisy.
- She's safe in her cell.

- Which is where you two should be.
- Not a chance.

You can put the vests
on us, but we fight.

We don't have time for this!

Daisy said Hive knows everything
the Zephyr's capable of.

- If he gets his hands on it...
- That's his new missile.

And we brought him right to it.

Mack: He still looks shaky.
Maybe he won't remember how to fly it.

May: That's a thin hope to hang onto.

Coulson: We can't let Hive get
control of that ship.

[Panel beeping]

- We need to get someone in there.
- I can't ask anyone to do that.

I can go in.
The gas won't change me.

No, but it can sway you.

I won't let what happened to
Daisy happen to anyone else.

Take a breath.

You don't need to think
of the whole solution.

Just ... Just part of it. Right?

[Door slides open]

- Pieces solving... a puzzle.
- Hey.


Having trouble.

My memories.

You were in that one....

Do you have any idea...
what you did to me?

Yes. I remember.

You're in pain.



[Breathes shakily]
...take me back.