Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. (2013–…): Season 3, Episode 22 - Ascension - full transcript

In the conclusion to "Absolution," S.H.I.E.L.D. must spring into action to combat Hive.

Previously on "Marvel's Agents Of S.H.I.E.L.D."...

We got him.

Hive. He has to be destroyed.

Hive could create a virus

that transforms any humans

into swayed Inhumans.

If he finds a way to disperse it

high enough in the atmosphere.

He could infect

a significant percentage of the human race.

I told him everything,

including the plans to the Zephyr.

And the fact that it has high-altitude capabilities.

Hive has his delivery system now.

I want to find Hive.

And get revenge?

This isn't about revenge.

You're in pain.


take me back.


Your name.


Not pretty like the sky.

A flower.




What is it?

I can't.

What? Why not?

What did S.H.I.E.L.D. do to you?

It's not what S.H.I.E.L.D. did to me.

It's what that creature stole from you.

He made you... impervious.




I'm sorry, Daisy.

Once the hangar doors are open,

his monster patrol will storm the base.

Any idea how many Hive has infected?

Everyone in Quadrant D,

along with agents O'Brien and Marshall.

That's something like 20 agents?

It's 28.

Was that Daisy?

Perhaps this was always meant --

No more talking, then.

Daisy's in trouble.

Sir, there's been a malfunction

in Daisy's containment module.

You check the feed from the plane?

Yeah, it's gone dark after the earthquake.

So either the Primitives found their way down to her or --

She found a way up.

- No. - Take a look.

Report back ASAP.


What the hell are your Primitives capable of?

Well, it's hard to say, really.

I mean, these creatures are in their infancy.

You did create them, didn't you?

It was either that or be eaten.

I never would've created something so unsophisticated.

I mean, the crudeness of these creatures is really quite...


We'll discuss the consequences of your science fair later.

Right now, we need to know exactly what we're up against.

The Primitives possess

adrenaline-induced peak-human strength

but rather poor eyesight.

They're connected to Hive in the same way that Daisy was,

but they don't exhibit any original thoughts of their own.

They have memories?

They possess memories of previous talents --

weapon skills and the like.

We have 28 ex-S.H.I.E.L.D. agents

that know this base inside out.

Ho long before they find their way through the hangar doors?

Several hours at least.

They may not have to.

They're in the vents.

Lock down the armory.

Simmons, secure what you can in the lab

and then rendezvous in my office.

Lincoln and I will protect the nerve center.

So I'll just stay here?

Daisy took the module into the plane.

To stop Hive.

You think that she can do it?

Get us some rope in case she can't.

You know killing me won't make the pain go away.

Or will it? I can't remember.

I don't want you to die.

I want you to suffer.

Seems you're the one who's suffering.

I'm sorry you won't feel our connection...

...pieces solving a puzzle.

But we must continue without you.

Bones don't hold me up.

I'm held up by all the parts working as one.

Glad we found you, boss.

We got communication coordinates from S.H.I.E.L.D. agents.

How did we manage to...

Right. That's how.


I'll load the warhead in.

So, she, uh, back on the team?

I believe her presence guarantees

they won't try to blow us out of the sky

before we reach altitude.

What about the rest of these friendly faces?

All but a few will stay behind

to destroy the last of S.H.I.E.L.D.

When in doubt, follow the leader.

Then try to keep up.

The armory's up ahead.

I'll secure the weapons rack while --

No, no. No. No.

Yo-Yo, what'd you do?

What'd you do?

I can fly this.

You have experience with this thing?

It looks a little sophisticated.

Between Will Daniels and Grant Ward,

I have enough.

Help me get her into the workshop.

They're right behind us.

Close the door! Close the door!

What the hell happened?

The Primitives got to the armory first.

Yo-Yo took a bullet in the gut for me.

Sir, where's everyone else?

Did we just stop midair?

I've transitioned the aircraft into vertical flight.

We're ascending.

Straight up to 100,000 feet.

Calculations are, uh, helping me collect my thoughts.

We'll set the timer to blow the warhead

at the optimal elevation...

Dispersing the formula into the stratosphere.

And by dawn,

it will descend onto most of Europe.

Hang on. Hang on.

We're still riding this bloody space elevator.

How are we supposed to connect

to all our new brothers and sisters

if we're blowing ourselves to bits?

We'll drop in the containment module to safety

before it detonates.

Unless you want to stay behind,

make sure nothing goes wrong.

Look. It's really bad.

She's bleeding out.

I can't see.

Hey, "Electric Company," can you light things up?

I got it.

Oh, that's not good.

She's bleeding way too fast.

Her metabolism must've increased

to compensate for her Inhuman speed.

Can you fix it?

If we can get her an injection of Acebutolol from the lab.

We can't get to the lab 'cause this idiot

turned good agents into kill zombies,

so come up with something else.

I'd been kidnapped, repeatedly threatened.

Yeah, well, Daisy said you

were more than happy to play mad scientist.

- I need tools, medicine. - Well, the alternative was death.


We can either argue or we can save her -- not both.

We're trapped in this room,

so we need to stop the bleeding with something in here.

You're gonna be alright.

I didn't say it was a good idea, but it may be our best.

- It could kill her. - We can do better.

Not in the time we have.

Hold this.



The heat.

There are a lot of agents still out there.

At least Yo-Yo's stabilized.

Don't do that to me.

Don't take a bullet in the gut for me.

I try and catch them. Too slow.

This is very impressive.

Is this the young Scotsman's work?

Of course.

Know if has a working model yet?

Are you serious?

Oh, this is stunning.

Must be looking for another way in.

What are you doing here?

Grabbing you, taking back the Zephyr.

No, Fitz, don't open that.

- What? - I should be in here.

I'm a liability.

Okay, well, I think there's some weapons in the back.

Guys, she's burning up.

Could be a sign of infection,

which means we'll need antibiotics.

No, it's hot as hell in here.

I'm sweating like a horse.

It is. - I thought the power was off.

Uh, the heating system's old school.

It doesn't need electricity.

What? They crank up the heat?

Why would they do that?

Trying to flush us out? Why else?

She's blinding them.

Simmons. Genius, you say?

She must've figured it out.

Their eyes were damaged, clouded over.

I suspected they could see somehow,

- but it must be -- - Infrared.

Must be infrared.

Clever girl.

Crank the heating up to 110 degrees Fahrenheit,

and we're free to move around as we please.

So you want us - to go out there on a hunch

and hope those things don't rip us apart?

It's not a hunch. It's science.

It's a science hunch.


Well, we better follow him.

He has no idea where he's going.

It's like he scraped me out of my own skull.

Even when I tried killing him, he beat me.

My powers are nothing compared to Hive.

I don't give a damn about your powers.

They're not what made you an agent.

I did.

May, you --

you have no idea what I did.

I have nothing left.

Then why did Andrew save you?

Yeah, you did a lot of bad things.

All you can do now is balance the scales, do some good.

You want to give up, live in a box? Go ahead.

But that hurt stays in there with you. Believe me.

Listen, I may not always show it, but I --


Wait, wait, wait, wait, wait!

If you kill me, you'll die. I swear. I swear.

I have a weapon in place on this plane

that's designed to kill you.

So if you shoot me, I can't tell you what that is.

But you won't see it coming.

Leave him alone! Giyera, listen to me. Look at me.

You and I - have a connection, right?

Not anymore.

I swept the plane.

Didn't see anything.

I'm telling the truth, I swear. You won't see it.

- Show me. - Okay. Okay.

Okay, just let me put this down.

Remember, we don't want to hurt you if we don't have to.

People that are under sway --

they're not in control of their actions.

They're not bad people.

Well, except you.

You were a murderous wank before all this.

I did tell you. A few times.

I'm okay.

We disabled the containment module.

Hive can't escape.

So you're with us?

You okay? You're shaking.

She's going through withdrawals.

Plus, the Zephyr can handle high altitude,

but it's not designed for it.

It's subfreezing outside, which also means --

The air's getting thin in here.

So we should limit our movements and try and keep warm.

So, what do we do next?

This is as far as we got.

I sealed off the stairs.

Not sure how long it'll hold, but, hey.

Thank God.

Thank God you missed.

Is she okay?

She's stable for now.

Have you seen the others?

I checked the containment room.

By the looks of it, Fitz and May climbed up into the Zephyr.

Then there's hope they'll stop them.

Or be blown to bits.

Did you notice the heat?

I increased the temperature because --

We figured it out, yeah.

I did. Picked up on it straight away.

We make a pretty good team

here at the Strategic Homeland --

What comes after "Homeland"?

Just say S.H.I.E.L.D.

Are you all right?

What happened?

Mack lit me on fire.

Long story.

- She needs a hospital. - There's no way out.

Took me a while to open the lock-down window,

but it's a 40-foot drop.

- What about the underground tunnels? - Sealed shut.

I have a way.

Hey. Who came up with --

Fitz was inspired by your work,

put a few new tricks up my sleeve.

- Remote Quinjet? - Hell yeah.

It's on its way, but let's be clear.

I'll get you to medical, to safety,

we'll contact Talbot,

have him authorize military force to take back our base,

but then I take the Quinjet to intercept the Zephyr on my own.

Sir, I have to get to Fitz.

-You can't expect us to just -- -It's not up for discussion.

You're agents, I'm the director.

I brought Hive to this planet.

It's on me to stop it.

If May were here --

She'd give me a very dirty look, yeah.

I'll get them out, get them home,

but I'm not gonna lose anyone else.

I have to say, I really enjoy the way you do things.

I'm starting to think clearly.

Adjusting for wind speed.

Setting the last of the coordinates now.

So, uh, when we blow this thing,

three continents' worth of people

are gonna end up looking like these buggers, yeah?

Even the ladies?

Look, I don't want to seem ungrateful.

I'm pumped to be changing the world and all that,

but down the road,

can we still look at tweaking the formula?

I've had some not so "Golden Girls" in my time.

You know, I had too much booze in the mix.

I'm just trying to manage expectations moving forward.

It's done.

Let's tell Giyera to prepare the containment module.

What is this?

Stowaways. Tenacious little rat bags, aren't they?

Find them.

The Quinjet -- it's here.

Yeah, the Quinjets fly themselves.

Director Coulson must've called one to him.

They're ducks in a barrel until they deplane, though.

We need to get to the docking station.

Let's just hope whoever's on the Quinjet

has an idea about what happens next.

I know exactly what happens next.

You came alone.

I gave the order for the others to stay behind.

I don't need anymore agents dying for my lapses in judgment.

So you acknowledge that you'll die.

I'm prepared to.

If you plan on blowing this plane up with both of us onboard,

it won't end this.

Millions will still be turned.

Yeah, they won't be handsome,

but at least they won't be swayed

and stuck with your winning personality.

I'll end you first.

And sense of humor.

Look, I'll do whatever it takes.

I crossed a line with you -- a line I vowed never to cross.

I hunted you down and killed you,

unleashing this Ward reboot

nightmare hell beast on the planet.

You give yourself too much credit.

Every Inhuman has a purpose.

My fate is to do what I'm doing...

Yeah, yeah. crusade for all Inhumans.

Your real mistake was opposing us.

It's ironic.

I actually set out to protect Inhumans.

In fact, lost friends over it.

Even good old Agent Blake said

my policy on the matter made him sick.

You're hiding something.

A few stowaways, yeah.

Probably already made their presence felt.

I'm just here to offer a helping hand.

Pun absolutely intended.

Or have you given me

exactly what I need to finally defeat them?

Your body.

I'll shed this host and take you

and march down to announce to the S.H.I.E.L.D. agents

that I finally succeeded in defeating the great Alveus.

The day is won.

No need to remain concealed in the shadows.

Yeah. You sound just like me.

Oh, I will...

once I'm in that head of yours.

I can't wait.

We're two sides - of the same coin, Coulson --

commanders leading soldiers.

The only difference is, when you give an order,

you followers have no choice but to obey.

But when I gave my team the order to stay behind,

they just wouldn't listen.

They got out right before docking was complete --

climbed along the top of the fuselage to a maintenance hatch.

I'm just a distraction.

I said I was willing to die, sure,

but I certainly don't want to.

I picked up this little move

from my misguided buddy Blake.

Figured I could get an egomaniac

who'd been alone for 1,000 years to chat.

Plus, I always wanted to do this.

Help me, Obi-Wan Kenobi.

You're my only --

He'll be coming soon. Let's go.

We need to get to the cargo bay.


I'll get the medkit.

Pull him over against this wall.


Is he okay?

Lincoln, stay with us!

Tell me he's gonna be okay.

Yes, yeah, he'll live,

um, if there's no internal hemorrhage.


Sorry, sorry.


Stay with me, hey?

Yeah. You're okay. You're okay.

Hey, look at me. You should be fine.

But you need to remain as still as possible

until we can get ground, properly dress it, okay?

I'm sorry, Lincoln. I'm sorry.

I never meant to turn against you.

- I never -- - I know.

I don't blame you.

You weren't yourself.

I am now.

You never came to see me in my cell.

I knew what you were going through

and that you needed time

to put yourself back together.

D-Did I ruin this?


I just think...

we need to work on ourselves before we can talk about us.


The stuff that I did, Lincoln,

I can't live with it.

I remember that pain --

sick with guilt, anger.

I know why you went to face Hive alone.

I tried. I tried to defeat him.

- I did, but I -- - Daisy. Daisy.

I know why you went to him.

Like I said, I've been through it.

I've hit bottom.

I know what it's like to be so addicted to something...

...that you'd do anything to get her back.

Hive and his worker bees will be down here any second.

And then?

Even if we could steal the warhead,

it's probably on a timer by now, timed with their ascent.

I don't suppose you came with any concrete ideas.

I have one.

Coulson's gonna need your help.

I don't know what he's planning, but --

I do.

What are you --

He -- He had the Quinjets fly here remotely, right?

So he probably...

Set new coordinates for outer space.

The Quinjet will disconnect from the Zephyr

and then fly straight up until it leaves the atmosphere.

If we can steal the warhead

and load it onto the Quinjet somehow,

it'll blow in the...

Vacuum of space,

and the pathogen will disperse harmlessly...

Solving at least that part of the problem.

What are you -- That's --

Where did you get that?


What are you --

I'm accepting fate.


Don't try to do this yourself.

Hive will come down here looking for us.

If the others can keep him occupied, I'll be able --

No, I remember what you said about your vision.

Someone will be in that Quinjet with the warhead.

Only if I have to.

Do not go in there.

That thing will fly itself if nobody touches the controls.

I know.

I --

I know what you're thinking.

You said you can't live with what you've done,

but you have to.


Promise me you won't --

you won't try to... atone for your sins

with some kind of sacrifice.

Now all we have to do is decide who goes

and who stays to hold off a wave of Primates

and Hive the terrible.

Well, I'd like to be in a fight.

Built this damn thing for a reason.

Where's Daisy?

I couldn't stop her.

He's here!

It's time to finish these guys off!


He went for Daisy.

Well, isn't this poetic?

Feels like it was meant to be.

You're easy to find. I smelled your blood.

Led me right here.

Every Inhuman has a purpose.

Lash saved me so I could end this.

S.H.I.E.L.D. has you fighting their wars again.

We plan to end wars, remember?

Bring peace.

You mean absolute power.

Well, not today.

The autopilot coordinates have been set.

This thing is going to outer space with you in it.

Ward is still here.

I can just manually override the controls.

That's why I had to come.

I shorted the manual controls.


Lincoln. Lincoln, come in.

Damn it, Lincoln! Do you copy?


I'm here.

What are you doing? This is crazy.

This is my purpose. I know that now.

W-Why -- Why would you --

I was the only one who could fry the manual controls

to make sure this worked

and to make sure...

you didn't try to do this yourself.

No. No. It's supposed to be me.

I saw the future. This is my destin--

Yeah, sorry.

I stole it from you.

This is not how it's supposed to be.

It should be me

to fix the damage to my friends, to you.

You can't just die for me like this.

It's -- It's wrong.

I don't know.

Saving the girl that I love and the world at the same time?

Feels pretty right to me.

The jet's shaking pretty good.

I hope it...together.

Lincoln, you're breaking up.

The communication system's dying.

I must've fried that, too.

Lincoln, I can't take it if you...

You...can't do this.

I wouldn't have thought so, either,

but here I am.

No, you ca-- you ca-- you can't do this.

Not like this. I can't just --

I can't just say goodbye.

I -- I have too much I want to say.

Me, too.

Come to think of it, I just did.

I mean, I tried,

and we didn't even realize it.

Realize what?

A moment ago.

The first time I said I lo--



Try to sway me if you want,

but there's no turning this thing back around.

I can see that.

I think we're already gonna share a connection

as we experience the one thing

that's eluded me all these years.


Turn it back.

Turn it back. Turn it back.

Can't. Remote access is offline.

You have to. You have to.

Help me, Coulson.

Even then, the Quinjet's not designed

to maneuver in space, Daisy.


We have to at least try, Coul--

He wouldn't want us to.

He's paying for my mistake.


He's paying for all our mistakes.

Well, I got to see the world.

It's beautiful.

Smaller than you imagine.


I only wanted to make it better.

I know.

To feel a connection.

But you must feel that already...

to sacrifice for them... with all their flaws.

They're only human.

So, what now?

Hey, I got us some sandwiches.

- You should - They're here.

Early today.

Well, you should eat.

I will.

After the meet.

I don't know why you're so sure today's the day.

I mean, you said the same thing a week ago.

Just got a feeling.


Well, I'm gonna eat.

I wanted to thank you.

The money was too generous, and to help us relocate...

I was treated as a pariah back home.

Do you like animals?


Your dad made this.

It's a robin. Like you.

She's here.

All units move in. Go, go, go!

You've been a real friend.

I actually wanted to introduce you to a friend of mine.

He has a practice near here.

I think you'd get along.

He likes animals, too.

You're too kind.

I'm just keeping a promise.

Seal the perimeter. But you won't find her.

Call the Director.

We struck out again.

That'll take us off her trail.

And call in the National Guard, yeah.

Where will we be assigned?

Guess we'll have to wait and see.

We'll return in a moment.

Welcome back, Dr. Radcliffe.

Hold my calls, Aida.

Today is a special day.

Where's my boy Fitz? Did he get the invite?

Leopold had to decline.

He's organizing a surprise for Jemma.

Right. All right.

Well, we'll just have to celebrate alone, my dear.

What will we be celebrating?

Today was your last day of hearings.

Yes, name's been cleared --

with a few stipulations, of course,

but that's not why I am cracking open a 40-year-old Balvenie.

I don't see anything else on the calendar.

I had hoped to bring Fitz in on this.

You are fond of agents Fitz and Simmons.

That I am.

Put the two of them together, and you've got a younger me.

Plus, it would be fitting.

This is based on an old S.H.I.E.L.D. program.

Poor kids have had a lot of friends die.

Maybe they didn't have to.

Is that what - we're celebrating today --

the inclusion of your new colleague Fitz on this project?

No, Aida.


Today's your birthday.