Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. (2013–…): Season 2, Episode 1 - Shadows - full transcript

Carl Creel is sent after an item that was stolen from Hydra during WWII. Fitz tries to cope with his mental issues.

COULSON: Previously on Marvel's
Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D...

I swore an oath. We all did.

To protect the world
against the much weirder world.

It's got to be
some sort of activation signal

to HYDRA members within S.H.I.E.L.D.

COULSON: We've had a wolf
in the herd the whole time.

WARD: They've infiltrated the highest
levels of our organization.

BOTH: Ward!

Ward, you don't have to do this!

SKYE: Fitz? Is he okay?

He's alive.

On behalf of the

United States Armed Forces,

I order you to stand down.

We're not HYDRA,
we're agents of S.H.I.E.L.D.

Well right now, to the rest of the world,
that's the same thing.

Fury always said
a man can accomplish anything

when he realizes
he's a part of something bigger.

You want me to start over?
Rebuild S.H.I.E.L.D.?

MAY: What is this place?

BILLY: I call it the Playground.

It is an honor to meet you, sir.

I know we don't have much, but what
we have is yours, Director Coulson.



Ripped By mstoll


I don't think I need to remind you
that the clock is ticking.

We are almost finished loading.

- Herr Reinhardt, I fear Schmidt...
- Oh.

No reason left to fear
the Red Skull. He's dead.

However, his vision is not.

The work HYDRA has done will live on.
The Obelisk?

- They're bringing it out now.
- Carefully, I hope.

HYDRA OFFICER: I don't understand.

I thought the stockpile
held only artifacts.

Not everything we dug out of
the ground was an antique, my friend.

Some of it was quite advanced.

- Is this the reason these men...
- Hmm?

Ja. The Red Skull said
it may hold the answer.

The answer to death itself.


I'll give 'em an "A" for effort.

Guten Tag, boys!
All right, nice and calm.

No sudden moves or we'll tie
a blasting cap to your...

Hey, Dugan,
what's the German word for "nuts"?

- I don't know, Jim.

But tie a blasting cap to 'em,
I bet we'll hear it.

Put it down.


These assets are now under protection

of the Strategic Scientific Reserve.

They'll be relocated
and hidden out of sight indefinitely.

As will you.

Cut off one head,
two more shall grow in its place.

Then I guess
we'll keep cutting them off.

Get him out of here.

All right, boys, let's pack it up.

Agent Carter,
what the hell is all this stuff?

- Dangerous.

Right now,
we need to contain everything

and get it out of enemy territory.

Mr. Stark plans to go through it tonight.

And that we must never touch.

This is the last HYDRA site we know of.

- They're finally beaten.
- DUGAN: You don't sound thrilled.

Well, these things
can't simply be boxed up.

Someone needs to establish
a permanent unit during peace time.

To keep dangerous
technology contained.

And watch over people like Stark,
who are toying with it.

Until then,
all we can do is box it up, lock it up

and dedicate ourselves to making sure
it never sees the light of day.

We've got ears on them.
The package is in the open.

Don't engage until the deal's done.

- Copy that.

- Trip, we got eyes?
- Now we do.

BROWNING: That's what I'm selling.

I'm sure you'd like
to see some credentials.

Agent Browning, for ex-S.H.I.E.L.D.,

you seem awfully indifferent
to who we are.

What you are is the highest bidder.

Whether you're in it for profit or
for HYDRA, it doesn't concern me.

Not anymore.

That's what we wanna hear.

What are they buying from him?

Intel. Not hardware.

The mystery I'd like to solve is,
why should we be paying you so much?

This looks like a box.
Sorry, a picture of a box.

A picture of a box you don't have.

The government has it.

Along with thousands of other assets
they seized from S.H.I.E.L.D.

And they don't know
what to make of half of them.

I worked in a S.H.I.E.L.D.
containment facility

that had hundreds of boxes
that looked just like this.

But this is the only one

that has a Level 10 classified file
dedicated to it.

You're selling us
a needle in a haystack.

Finding the haystack is up to you.

I know your reputation.
I'm sure you'll be fine.

What I don't appreciate is you
changing the terms on me now.

We're asking for clarification, Browning.

You're the one who changed the terms,

bringing more than
the two guards we agreed upon.

I only brought two guards.



What the hell are you doing here?

Who was that?

A third party.

- A party's what you call that?
- TRIPLETT: He's gone.

25-foot drop.

This was supposed
to be an undercover operation.

You wanna explain
why you're shadowing us?

We were your backup.
Which you needed.

Yeah, so did he.


Sir, mark's down.

Third party, possibly HYDRA,
and we're out in the open.

What are our orders?

Go dark.

They're fugitives.
They deserve to be punished.

We witnessed the single greatest

intelligence collapse
in recorded history, George.

We have a duty to the American people
to hunt down those responsible.

So, no, I don't sleep most nights.

General Talbot, you said you have

S.H.I.E.L.D. personnel and
weaponry locked in a secure facility.

So is it fair to say that S.H.I.E.L.D.
and the HYDRA terrorists

who poisoned its ranks
have been defeated?

The corrupt institution
has been dismantled, yes.

- We cut down the tree,

we pulled up the roots.

But let's just say I'll rest easier
when we throw it all on the bonfire.

You didn't get them all?

HUNTER: Our black-market contacts

were the reason the guy believed
we weren't with S.H.I.E.L.D.

SKYE: Coulson knows Hartley.

She's the only person
on your team he trusts.

But Why'd you break
Silhouette Protocol?

- MAY: He ordered us to.
- Orders.

We can't maintain solid cover
with agents tailing us.

And we can't be sure
you won't run off with the money.

Any idea how that freak show
found us, Hartley?

- I have a theory.
- Cool it.

The man said
we were the highest bidder.

Means he sent the word out wide.

And he paid for that mistake.

- Yes, he did.
- That's an understatement.

Agent May, Agent Skye,

Lance Hunter, Agent Hartley...

Operation didn't go well, I take it?

What gave you that idea?

That's a shame, man.

I was hoping that agent
you were scoping out

would have some tech we could use.

Sorry, Mack. No new toys.

You get anything?

A new enemy.

I know. I know.

Director wants you for debrief.

The feeling is mutual.
Throw him up on the big screen.

We'll tell him that his enemies
have gone bulletproof.

He's in his office.

- Coulson's here?

Kind of buried the lead there, Bill.

Just Agent May.

Copy that.


Well, tell him I'd like to
voice my opinion, too.

On being kept in the dark.
'Cause I don't like being left out.

Get used to it.


So, the guy was bulletproof, huh?

That's sweet.

What, like, protective clothing or...

Maybe. We found these metal shards.

They broke off with the bullet hits.


I'm gonna take it to the lab.

I'll let Coulson know.

It'll be good to see him. If I see him.

He's a busy man.

that's all I can give you.

Try to move up
with your head down. And, hey,

only use the dead drop from now on.

There aren't enough pay phones
left in this country.


You're the man in charge,
but I'm in charge of you, remember?

I had two rules.

Avoid field operations...

And check in with me every few days.
It's been two weeks.

And I'm flying back out tonight.

I have to focus on recruitment.
It's starting to wear me down.

- The hours?
- The numbers.

Between the traitors, military detainees,

and the sellouts in the private sector,

the people who could possibly
be considered loyal to S.H.I.E.L.D.

is not impressive.

And they're scattered all over
the damn globe.

Well, you have no choice
but to meet them face to face.

- Get a read on them.
- I know. And I prefer it.

But flying economy blows.


Any progress
on the cloaking equipment?

Like I can tell.

Well, we need it now. Badly.

Our plane's been
gathering dust for months,

but I still can't risk a takeoff

with this guy trying
to throw us on a bonfire,

so flying coach it is.

Though I did score an exit row
on the way back from London.

- And what was in London?
- Allies.

Ready to be activated if necessary.

It's a decent start,

but it's gonna be slow-going
without more resources.

Bad news on that front.

We were hoping Agent Browning
would be a friend,

and if not at least sell us tech.
Negative on both.

- The assassin. HYDRA?
- Likely. Possibly Gifted.

Killed Browning. He wanted the intel.

Another 084, I guess.

What's your assessment
of Hartley's people?

You know what I think.

They're mercenaries,
here for the money.

But what's your assessment?

They're good mercenaries.

Well, Hartley spent
a lot of years undercover.

Those are the kind of friends
you make. If she trusts them...

- What?
- "SSR." I just read about this.

- It's not in any of the history books.
- No.

It's in Fury's Toolbox.

Koenig, cancel my flights.

What did it say about this?

An 084 could be anything.
That much we've learned.

It's not just an 084. It's the first.

And all Fury knew about
was the trail of bodies that follows it.

Talbot's saying he's beaten both sides,

but we're just hiding underground.

If HYDRA gets their hands
on this, they may not have to.


- Hail HYDRA.
- Yeah.

- Is the package secure?
- Uploading now.

He expected a positive result,
and sent a gift along as a reward.

For this assignment and the next.


- A diamond?
- Musgravite.

From the caves of Madagascar.

One of the rarest gemstones
in the world.

He believes you'll find
its structure quite pleasurable.

Was he right?


He's always right.

Whatever. It's better than that crap
you cooked up in Budapest.

I didn't have much to work with.
It was farm-to-table.

- It broke my tooth.
- That's 'cause you're English.

Hartley, Hunter, Idaho.

- What's the word?
- In his office.

- Director requests an audience.
- No, the man doesn't do requests.

And listen, when we get in there,
no matter what you do,

don't look him in the eye.


Nah, he's all right.

HARTLEY: But you should both focus
on not saying anything overly stupid.

IDAHO: Yes, ma'am.
HUNTER: I'm not making any promises.

(SIGHS) You took the material
to the lab'? That's the top priority now.

Yeah. But I don't know what it'll get us.

How's the mood in there today?

It's as good as can be expected.

Fitz. Now would be the time

I'd have you test the resonant
frequencies of the metal.

So that I could determine what
properties we're dealing with.


Fitz, can you even hear me?


Yes, Simmons, I can hear you.

I'm trying to hear
the bloody resonant frequency

you keep going on about,
but all I can hear is you!

Calm down. I'm only asking.
You haven't been able to isolate...

No, I haven't been able to isolate the...



- Rate of oscillation?
- Yes.

I was just about
to say that, actually.

And no, I haven't, because it keeps...



What's the word again?
Give me the word.

- Fluctuating.
- Yes. Good. Fine. Thanks, go away.


- Have you taken your medication?
- Yes.


Don't. Don't.
Please don't touch anything.

That's the cloaking technology
for the plane! How's it coming?

Good. Slower than I'd like.

I've hit a few bumps, but it's... I'm close.

- And I don't need you mucking it up.
- Fitz, I'm trying to help.

I know. I know.

But I also know
how important cloaking is, okay?

So I just need everybody to be...

Everybody to...

I just need everybody to be...

- Patient.
- Um... Yes!


You need to be patient
with yourself, Fitz.

You're almost there.


Yeah, I'm almost there.

Any update on the metal we found?

Yeah. Yep. Yep, um, no. Actually, no.

I'm just having a bit of trouble
identifying the...

I'm having a bit of trouble
identifying the material.

- Okay.
- FITZ: Yeah.

So this is the same lead
that we use in our bullets,

but there's...

There's something bleeding... Uh...

Uh, okay, that's... Are you...
Can you see that?

- Looks like flesh.
- Yeah, I see it. It's blood.

Good. I mean, that's...

What? That's weird.

Can you figure out whose blood?

- That shouldn't be too hard.
- That shouldn't be too hard.

I'll stay and help anyway.

COULSON: So the man had powers?

We emptied our mags at the guy.
Might as well have been blowing kisses.

- Never seen anything like it.
- HUNTER: Oh, I have.

And usually these encounters come
with better financial compensation.

- Hunter.
- What?

Don't be yourself right now.

You like me like this.

Look, you both have your S.H.I.E.L.D.
traditions and all that nonsense.

And personal reasons
for being dedicated to the cause,

but you've known me a long time, Izzy.

And what gets me
out of bed in the morning.

He's not a big-picture kind of guy.

You sound like my ex-wife.

- You should've listened to her, too.

DNA match.

COULSON: Carl Creel.
He was on the Index.

More importantly, crossed off the Index.

S.H.I.E.L.D. protocol.

Sometimes hostile Gifted individuals
are put down.

Well, they didn't do a great job here.

They didn't try.
Check who's the supervising agent.

Agent John Garrett.

They must have faked creeps
termination, recruited him.

Well, now we know he's HYDRA.

John Garrett. Isn't that your mate
who, you know, went to the dark side?

Oh, yeah. And then he went nuts.

TRIPLETT: It's a little bit strange.

- I mean, they're exactly the same.

You really think
they were just twins? Come on.

I have heard all your theories, Trip.

And Koenig's always mentioning
other brothers.

Every day, another brother.

If he brings up one more brother,
I don't know what I'm gonna do.

Coulson said we can trust him.

There's something fishy
going on there, man.

You'll go crazy staring at this crap.
What is it again?

Not sure.
Something Garrett was messing with.

Coulson put me on it a month ago.

Searching Deep Web contacts,
even Rising Tide,

looking for a match. I've got nothing.

There he is. (CHUCKLES)
Happy to see you, sir.

Agent Triplett. Skye.


- Can you give us a moment?
- Watch this.

What, no hugs? He was
really looking forward to it.

I've crosschecked
the writing from the lab

with the new images you've given me.

Mostly the same. But the code breakers
haven't found anything...

That's not why I'm here.

The bulletproof assassin
you encountered on the sting?

We know who he is.

You want me
to go down there, don't you?

You're the only one who can.

Is this really what it takes for you and I
to get a one-on-one these days?

Why now?

Because the technology in play
warrants it.

And do I have a say in this?


Copy that.

There's an inertial confinement
laser barrier down there,

which is cool.

Now, this button turns it soundproof,
this button makes it opaque.

Just tell me there isn't
an off button I can accidentally hit.

You'll be safe. I promise.



Aren't you a sight for sore eyes.

I told Coulson weeks ago that
I was willing to speak to you.

To give you intelligence.

Why now? Something bad happen?

Carl Creel. Garrett reported him dead,
turns out he's alive.

Do you have any information on that?

How have you been?

The name sounds familiar.

Do you have a picture?



Coulson didn't tell you?

I went through a rough stretch.

The first pair of pants they gave me
had a button on the back.

They took that away,

but you fold a piece of paper
just right, it gets sharp.

And when they took that away,
I started running at the walls.

- You should've run faster.
- I'm through all that.

When I came out of sedation,
I was clear-headed. Accepting.

Of who I am, what I've done, and why.

MAY: You sure about this?

Giving Ward exactly what he wants?

Of course he said
he'd only talk to Skye.

He wants to fill her head with lies.

He hasn't lied yet.

Now, your arms tell a different story.

I see May's training you.

She's got you favoring your left side
first 'cause you're right-handed.

- That's smart.
- SKYE: I'm gonna say this once.

I'm not gonna believe a word
that comes out of your mouth,

but if a single word is about anything

other than the question
that I'm asking, I walk.


Creel was a boxer.
Nicknamed "The Crusher."

Turns out any opponent
has a glass jaw

when you have steel fists
under your gloves.

Garrett thought he'd be an asset.

Now, once Creel touches
a substance, he can absorb it,

and somehow consciously transform

the molecules of his body
into that substance.

He wouldn't tell us how.
But he enjoys the way it feels.

Almost as much as he enjoys killing.

You two must've gotten along great.

Well, this was fun but pointless.

We've already figured that stuff out.

So if you don't know where to find him...


When HYDRA was communicating
with S.H.I.E.L.D.,

we'd use white noise
in the gaps between

S.H.I.E.L.D.'s quantum key distribution
channels to hide messages.

And S.H.I.E.L.D. might be gone,
but not those frequencies.

If HYDRA is giving commands
to Creel, that'll be how.

SKYE: We'll see.
WARD: It's true.

And so will be every word I say to you
for the rest of my life.

I'm not asking for forgiveness.

I just wanna help you.

And when that information proves true,
I hope you'll come back.

There is so much
I wanna tell you about...



...your father.



Believe it or not,
there's a directive going out

over those channels right now.

Now, I can ping an echo request,
see if there's other receivers out there,

how many HYDRA agents
can communicate this way.

So he's telling the truth.

It looks like it. Thank you.

I guess that visit
was the first of many, huh?

We kept Ward here for this reason
and it's paying off.

(SIGHS) What is his deal?

I really don't know.
But it doesn't matter.

As long as he's giving us
an inside look at HYDRA'S operations.

BILLY: Yeah, guys, about that...


MAY: You called it.
Talbot hasn't crushed HYDRA.

Just sent them slithering
back to the shadows.

I hate being right.

- The Navy?

You said that? You must be kidding me.

Said he likes boats.

He likes messing with his old man.
That's what it is.

Don't go far.

Excuse me.

- The Navy.
- Yep.

I'll tell you what,
I'll have something to say about that.

Sweetheart, he's 11.

I'm sure you'll wear him down
soon enough.


- Glenn.
- Yeah.

- Your phone's ringing.
- That's not my...


Take George, get to the car. Now.

- What?
- Now!

Okay. All right.

Who is this?

COULSON: General Talbot,
you're in danger.

We're here to ensure your safety.
Please listen carefully.

Agent Coulson, is this you?

Show yourself so we can talk about it.

There's no time.
We're here to protect you. Listen to me.

No, you listen to me.
I have my own protection.

And a cell for you at Gitmo.

- This is Talbot.

I need reinforcements
at my location. Now!

MAY: Watch your six!








Secure that bastard!

- Move, move, move!
- Yes, sir.

General, let's get you to cover, sir.

SOLDIER: Right there. Go, go.

SOLDIER 2: General, we should get you
somewhere safe.


Hi again.

(SIGHS) Son of a bitch.


Are these straps really necessary?

COULSON: You tell me.

I guess, to ensure your safety.

I'm hoping we can work together.
Be buddies, like we used to be.


Last time we saw each other,
you assaulted me and my team.

So I could go stop a killer. Which I did.

Whereas you discovered
that secret base,

got a big promotion,
Brigadier General Talbot.

Sounds like a pair of best buds to me.

I gotta say.

I respect you.

You managed to evade us
for an entire winter.

And I respect you for making it
so damn hard. I'm exhausted.

(CHUCKLES) I'll bet.

But I wanna make your job easier.

Chasing us is
a waste of resources, General.

We're the good guys, and we can
help you catch the bad guys.

Kidnapping me and tying me up
in your honeycomb kill room

is not helping your case.

- Do you think I'm an idiot?
- Oh, no. You're the real deal.

But you're surrounded by people

who constantly underestimate
the threat they're up against.

Me and my people swore an oath
we don't intend to break.

To protect the innocent.
To watch out for people.

People like your son.

How dare you bring my family into this?

We save lives. Including yours.
Whether you like it or not.

That was smooth. Riled him up,
got him to grab the arm rest.

And now, active fingerprint
analysis, 89%.

COULSON: We were there
for your protection.

Everyone's safe, no one got hurt.

Look at Koenig, running analysis.

Looks like we've got a new golden boy.

New? As opposed to the original?

Yes. Me. And I've been sidelined.


Well, I mean, maybe,

but in the way that a player is sidelined
due to injury in a football match.

Football or American football?

'Cause a head trauma joke
right now, Simmons,

that's in severely poor taste.
Even for you.


And I see the way they look at me.

Especially when they keep on
asking about the...


- Cloaking.
- Yeah.

No, they're just anxious about it.
They know you're nearly done.

Yeah, well, I may not seem
like the genius I used to be,

but I still have ideas.

- Yeah.
- I'm just having a hard time...

- I'm just having... (SNAPS FINGERS)
- Expressing them.

Yeah. And that doesn't mean that
they have to treat me like...

Like what, Fitz?

Treat me like I'm gonna break.

It's distracting.

And, you know, talking to you
is the only time I feel clear and calm.

Like I might actually get better.

You are getting better. Every day.

I see it. They see it.
And soon you'll see it yourself.


You know, they really should be
analyzing speech patterns

and tracking voice...

- SIMMONS: Voice biometrics.
- Biometrics.

Yes, Fitz, I think they are.

Coulson, I don't think
we see eye-to-eye on this.

My team was up to the task
when they took that freak into custody.

Before you took me.
They have him on lockdown.

- That's the problem.
- How's that a problem?

You've said in your numerous public
appearances that you have a facility

where you're storing
the technology and prisoners

captured in the S.H.I.E.L.D. raids, yes?

Yeah. I'm flattered you keep up
with my press. What's your point?

Creel's after a deadly weapon
stored in that facility.

Here's some more press.

He targeted your family to force you
to give up the location of that facility.

But now he doesn't have to.

Your people just took a man
they have no idea how to contain

to the one place he wants to be.

Now I need your help to stop him.

I'll make you a deal.

You let me out of here
and I promise not to kill you.

But there is no way on God's
green earth I am ever gonna help you.



you might.


Son of a bitch!


This is Brigadier General Glenn Talbot.

Access code

I want double detail on that prisoner.

I want the walls
crawling with semi-autos

and a vehicle at my location now!

Absolutely, sir. We'll get right on that.

(SOFTLY) Victor-Niner. Niner.

Okay. All right.
You just hold tight, General.


Okay, we, uh, traced the number
to a spot near the Pentagon.

We are ready to go.

We have a small logic question.

Why? Why are we going in?

- Look, we trust Coulson's judgment.
- We do?

But Talbot's not a bad guy.

And last I checked, the U.S.
government is one of the lesser evils.

So they've got the weapon

- in a locked box.

And now they've got this
absorbing man in a locked box, too.

It's not so bad.

MACK: She's got a point.

It does seem as safe a place
to keep them as any.

They have no idea
what they're dealing with.

Yeah, but is that danger worse

than the risk of sending
every field operative you have available

into a secure military compound?

They're guarded by the same people
that's been hunting us.

- Belly of the beast, man.

HUNTER: We're already on our heels,

we can't even get this thing
out of the hangar.

COULSON: Exactly.

This is a make-or-break moment.

For an object we have zero data on?

That's not the only thing we're after.

It's all or nothing, huh?

Well, all right, then.

You taking point?

Coulson will be on comms, okay?
Let's stick together on this one.

SKYE: You got it.


Come on, girl. You know I look good.


No, they're saying General Talbot
up and vanished. Don't know how.

Think this guy might've pulled
some kind of magic trick.

What the...


SOLDIER: He's gone. Call upstairs.


I have General Jones and his party
here to meet with General Talbot.

General Jones?


I'm sorry, sir. I don't have this visit
in the register today.

You might wanna double-check that.

Military installations bury
all their cables. Wisely.

Not that wisely.

Okay. "Delta-3-6-5-Sierra-Victor..."


If it's not in here,
there's nothing I can do.

Exit to the left, please.



This is General Talbot.

Why has General Jones
and his government escort

been delayed at the gate, soldier?

Wave them through.

Uh, sir, sorry, sir, his name's not in the
register and my orders are to strictly...

- Now, you listen to me, son.
- (SOFTLY) Private Tilden.

- It's Private Tilden, isn't it?
- Yes, sir.

Well, I don't care about
this register or that.

I want General Jones and his friends

sent directly to the ordnance
depot to meet me.

(WHISPERING) Hey, hey.
Go bigger, go bigger.

Or I'll have you so deep
in horse manure, son,

you'll need a damn snorkel.

- I understand, sir. But I can't...


Never mind... (CLEARS THROAT) ...sir.

Nice work, soldier.

Next time you see me,
come shake my hand. Talbot out.



Stay and keep it running
in case we have to abort.

Got it.

HARTLEY: Needle in a haystack.

Turns out I was not exaggerating.

All right, we know
what we're looking for.

Don't we?

I've got the 084.

Repeat, I've got the damn thing.
Southwest side.



Okay. Why don't we find out
what makes this thing so deadly?






What the hell is happening?

(BREATHING HEAVILY) I can't let go!


MAY: Okay, Hartley,
just relax your hand.

HARTLEY: I can't let go!


Don't touch it. Just stay away.

They'll be on us any second.

Okay, time to go. Help me get her up.

- Can you walk?
- HARTLEY: I think so.

What are you waiting for?

We need to get her out of here
before we all get killed.

We got what we came for.

- Not everything we came for.
- Wait, what are you talking about?

Coulson. Hartley has the item,
but it's attacking her.

She needs medical, right now.
Do we abort?

BILLY: Alarms have sounded.

Chances of them being captured
or killed here just skyrocketed.

MAY: Should we just cut our losses?

Come on. Come on!

Sir, I repeat, what are our orders?
Do we go dark?

Negative. Do not abort.
Proceed as planned.


- You heard him.
- Help me up. I can follow.

- Are you mental?
- We have our orders.

Screw the orders.
We need to get you to a doctor.

- SKYE: Hunter...
- No, no,

stay here and die,
if that's what you wanna do,

but I'm making sure she doesn't.

I wish you the best of luck, really,
but we're out of here.

MAN 1: Over here!
MAN 2: This way.



MAN: Let's go!
They're headed to the west door!


Get us the hell out of here!

- You got it.



Cut it off.

What? No! We'll get you to a hospital!
They'll fix this.

This thing is killing me. I can feel it.

I need you to cut it off or
I won't make it to the hospital.

It's no big deal.

You've seen what they can do
with robotics these days.

Probably be an upgrade.

I don't wanna die.



COULSON: I know it was a risk.

If we went down today,
we'd probably be down for good.

But now we have a chance to survive.

We have soldiers willing to sacrifice.

But they need weapons.

The enemy has the advantage.
We need one of our own.

- You risked that for a Quinjet?

For what we can do with one.

Disappear. Become ghosts.

That's how we have to live now.
In the shadows.

To save people even
when they don't know it, don't want it.

Fitz said he could engineer cloaking,

but I'm afraid he can't do anything.

The damage to his temporal lobe
was too extensive.

He's not the same,

and since Simmons left,
he's only getting worse.

This is number two of five.
If I don't get this one finished...

Simmons, I said not to touch anything.

Yes. Yes, I know. I know.

And I have told them
to be patient, like you said,

but I'm still having trouble
communicating the...

Yes! Thank you.


COULSON: Simmons said she thought
he'd be better without her here.

But her leaving just broke him.

In the months since,
he's grown isolated.

Talking to himself more and more.

I know.

I know, I'm almost there.

COULSON: We have to fight on for him.
For those we've lost.

We have to take risks.

So the sacrifices they made
were not made in vain.

And then,

we'll disappear.




BAKSHI: Creel has escaped.

And did indeed
make off with the Obelisk.

He should contact us shortly.

I would have him come in,

but I'm being overly discreet
with this operation.

I know how long

you have been searching
for this, Dr. Whitehall.

You have no idea.

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