Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. (2013–…): Season 2, Episode 2 - Heavy Is the Head - full transcript

Hunter gets captured by General Talbot. May goes after Creel and the Obelisk.

Coulson: Previously on
"Marvel's Agents of S.H.I.E.L.."...

Coulson: Chasing us is a waste
of resources, general.

We're the goo guys.

What's your assessment
of Hartley's people?

May: They're mercenaries,
here for the money.

The enemy has the avantage.
We nee one of our own.

You riske that for a quinjet?

Coulson: For what we can o with one.

Fitz sai he coul
engineer cloaking, but...

The amage to his temporal lobe
was too extensive.

Since Simmons left,
he's only getting worse,

talking to himself more an more.

Coulson: It's not just an 0-8-4.
It's the first.

An all Fury knew about was the
trail of boies that follows it.


2x02- Heavy Is the Hea

Hey, laho.
laho, can you hear me?

Come on!
amn it! Come on!

Creel's on foot.
But he won't be for long.

- Hartley an laho?
- ea.

That's no use. It's jamme.

We have to get you out of here!

Look, my leg is pinne. on't
worry about me. There's no time.

Soliers are coming.

Creel has the amn thing
that burne Harley!

You nee to get him!

Goo luck.

Hans on your hea!

On your knees!

What the hell was Hunter thinking?

- He was trying to save Hartley!
- An you're absolutely sure?

They're gone.
It was ba, Coulson.

Two agents own, another capture.

This shouln't have happene.

We got a hit.
911 just picke up

a stolen-vehicle call
up the roa from you.

Oler moel
re-an-white pickup.

That's got to be Creel.

May, you're approaching
a civilian area without backup.

If you see him,
o not engage. You copy?

o you copy?

May, that oesn't soun covert.

I've got him.
Closing in.

No, rop back.
o not engage.

I repeat...
o not engage.

He's not looking.
I have a shot.

- Negative!
- We can't just let him go, Coulson.

Creel isn't working alone, an
I want to know who he answers to.

rop back into surveillance moe now.

That's an orer, Agent May!

Yes, sir.

I still can't raise
Hunter or Hartley on the comms.

Not surprise. Raio silence
on the op is protocol.

Still, Hartley was in pretty ba
shape when we left.

Or you' think we' have
hear something by now.

No nee to think the worst

till it shakes your han
an says hello.

Is that another one
of your granma's sayings?

Fortune cookie.

I ha some kung pao chicken
the other night.

- Maybe Coulson's hear from them.
- Coulson: I nee to get

a complete inventory by the
time Agent Koenig returns...

foo, fuel, an ammo...

You got the quinjet.
Well one.

- Thank you, sir.
- Thank you, sir.

- Any wor about Hartley?
- Not now.

Let Mack know the jet's here.

I want him

that cloaking harware right away.

Sooner he oes, sooner we get
the bus operational again.

Roger that.

Something else?

The item that messe up Hartley's arm,

it ha those weir symbols on it,

- the ones you've ha me researching.
- The same symbols?

- You sure?
- Yes.

They came up out of the object.
It remine me of Braille.

It was like Hartley triggere
something by touching it.

What the hell is that thing?

I have no iea.
But goo work.

"Goo work"?

How about, "holy crap, Skye.
We got to get on that"?

After a month of combing
the planet for these things,

we finally got a clue...

Right now, we have
more important problems...

a five-alarm fire otherwise
known as Lance Hunter.

- Is he...
- Capture.

But if he talks, our entire
operation's compromise.

We'll have to burn the base
an evacuate.

I know. An we just
re-tile the bathrooms.

Oh, just as I was
ropping off to sleep.

Thank you very much.


Excuse me, gents.
Can I get a glass of...


Mr. Hunter, I on't believe
we've ha the pleasure!

Brigaier General Glenn Talbot.

Looks like you nee a lift, solier.

So, this is cloaking harware.

- Uh-huh.
- Let's take a peek uner the hoo.

Fitz woul be crushe if he saw this.

He's been working on cloaking
since before Simmons took off.

Still can't believe
she abanone him like that.

She abanone all of us.
But Fitz has been clinging to

- his work like a lifeline, an...
- Maybe we shouln't tell him.

Coulson wants a retro version
of this for the bus.

He sai that no one knows
the avionics on this thing like Fitz.

Think he can hanle it?

I on't know.
Why on't you ask him?

- Hey, Fitz.
- Hey, what's up, man?

- How are you?
- So that's the, um...

- that's the...
- Cloaking, in all its glory.

You know, you weren't that far off.

Check out the transmitter coil.

Yeah, to negate the...
the resonant... the...

the... the resonant...?

- No, um... the, uh...
- I-It's okay. Just take your time.

Uh, what he's trying to
say is there's an auio

component to cloaking that
inverts soun waves, too.

Like noise-canceling heaphones?

- Yeah, same concept.
- Okay.

You think you can give
me a han with this?

Um, u-uner
the circumstances, uh...

well, the trick is you woul... n...

the trick... the trick woul be
in the meta-materials.

Uh, oh! Yeah, but you' have
to alter the, um...

- Uh...
- Fitz, it...

Yeah, coul everyone just stop
talking for one secon?

No, sorry.
Gonna have to go.

It's like sometimes
he's the same ol Fitz,

- an other times...
- Not.

I'll take your wor for it.

Meantime, I'm still gonna nee
an extra pair of hans.

- Is everyone back from the mission?
- Not everyone.

Sierra Leone, three years ago.
Ring a bell?

How about Basra, '08?
Operation Panther's claw?

Come on, lieutenant.
Tell me the stories are true.

I'm not a lieutenant anymore, sir.

Why is that, son?
Your recor?

Five commenations
for istinguishe service...

Merits for basket weaving, pottery.
on't forget those.

I'm just trying to figure out
how a guy like you,

one of the SAS's finest,

wins up running with a bunch
of mouth-breathing mercs.

Why oes any man o anything, general?

I met a girl.

Look, Hunter, I think
we're pretty like-mine guys,

so let's on't waste each other's time.

- You know what I'm after.
- Guessing it's not Carl Creel.

Creel's small-time.
Think big fish.

- Coulson.
- Coulson.

He's a vigilante...

a zealot who'll risk anything
to further his own agena.

But lucky for you, I've got a senator

with very eep pockets that wants him.

So you go ahea.
Name your price.

- You must be joking.
- I on't have a sense of humor.

An if I on't give you
Coulson, what? I go for a swim?

You shoul know I've been helpe
out of a chopper before, sir.

Coulson broke into a secure
government facility,

he... he let a psychopath
on the loose,

sacrifice the lives
of his own men... your friens.

For what?

Hunter, I'm not here to play ba cop.
I shouln't have to.

- I want $2 million.
- one.

- An a proper burial.
- Excuse me?

For Hartley.
She's a S.H.I.E.L.. agent.

She'll be brane a terrorist
after what you sai on TV,

probably umpe in a pauper's grave,

her family wonering
what happene to her.

They eserve better.

She eserves better.
I'll make sure she gets it.


"Keep an eye out for this."

I just wante to report
that Mack an trip

are working on cloaking, so...

I'm free if you want me
back in the fiel.

That won't be necessary.
May's still out there.

What about Hartley an laho?

They're not out there, are they?

It was that thing, wasn't it?
The object.

- It was Creel.
- Sir, I nee to get back out there

- an help May take him own.
- No.

She's my S.O. I'm a fiel agent
now, an I can hanle myself.

- That's not what this is about.
- Then what is it about?

The object?
The symbols?

Because I can't help
if I on't know what's going on.

If you' like to help,

go own to the bunks,
pack up Hartley's things.


I know you're the boss an you have to

compartmentalize everything,
but it's not healthy.

You nee to loosen up.
Try... yoga or something.

I trie it, but I'm...
really not flexible.

But thanks.

Fitz: We were so close.

If they' just given us
a little bit more time

- to calculate the object's...
- Refractive inex, yeah.

That's the problem these ays...
everyone nees answers immeiately.

- No one has any patience anymore.
- Yeah.

I bet they're relishing the fact

that we couln't crack
the cloaking evice.

on't be silly, Fitz.

Everyone here knows how valuable
you are to the team.

- Well, they avoi me like the plague.
- They o not.

They... they just have
their own problems right now.

Oh, yeah.
The Creel business.

In fact, perhaps they nee
our assistance.

If they're looking for a way
to neutralize Creel's ability...

No one has our experience with giftes.

Of course, we can't just hijack
the project from them.

- That woul shatter their confience.
- Yeah, no.

- o not want to o that.
- No.

- Or o we?
- Fitz...

Yeah. Yeah, no, no.
Stupi, silly iea.

- I on't know why I sai...
- Hey. Look.

There's a whole packet
of research they just left

laying about all willy-nilly
for anyone to see.

- It's Creel's NA results.
- Interesting.

Shall we see what we can o with these?

Yes, we shall, Simmons.
Yes, we shall.

You all goo, hon?
Are you still waiting on a frien?

- Yeah, I'm still waiting.
- All right, then. No hurry.

Here, let me clear that.
Excuse me.


I'm sorry.
Think I got a shock.

Static electricity or something.

Coulson: What's the status on Creel?

He's been in there for
over an hour. Either he's

waiting for a rop or he's
getting runk off his ass.

Something's happening, Coulson!
I'm going in!

- Everyboy, get back!
- I on't know what happene!

All she i was touch the guy!

- An then he took off.
- Please...

- help me!
- Hang on.

All the woman i was touch his arm.

Coulson: We know that Creel absorbs

the properties of whatever he touches.

He must have absorbe the
Obelisk an its ealy powers.

But why hurt a waitress?

- I on't think it was intentional.
- You're saying he's losing control?

He ha some control issues when
S.H.I.E.L.. first came across him.

If that's what's happening,
anyone near him is at risk.

I shoul have engage
when I ha the chance.

Then you' be ea, too.
If this is on anyone...

Just because you're irector,
oesn't mean

- everything's on you, Phil.
- Yes. It oes.

Go ark.
Get back when you can.

Now what?

Nice rie.

Some rich guy loan it to you?

Yeah, something like that.

- Shame about the rims, though, eh?
- Yeah.

Probably cost a gran each.

- At least.
- Mm.

- This isn't a frienly stop, is it?
- Nope. Hans on the car.

How the hell i you lose him?!

Why haven't you got
every agent out there

looking for Creel right now?!

You think you're entitle to answers?

He kille two of my friens.
I think that's entitlement enough.

- Well, it's not.
- You shoul have aborte the mission.

Hartley shoul have followe my orers.

Yeah, well, she trie to.
Izzy's only mistake was listening to me.

Is that why you came back?

A esire for revenge?

Or was it because
of what Talbot promise you?

All of the above.

- So you took the eal.
- I have 48 hours to eliver you.

Or else you're a ea man.

- Wors to that effect, yeah.
- Talbot.

An you in't give him our location?

on't get me wrong.
I thought about it.

He put a four-man etail on me.
Took three hours to shake them.

I coul have le them
right to your oor.

So kin of you to reconsier.

An in exchange for me,
you get what, exactly?

A proper burial for Isabelle Hartley.

I wante to make sure
her recor was cleare,

that her family were properly notifie.

- Really? That's all?
- Look, between you an Talbot,

I know you'll get to Creel first.
He's the only thing I want.

Well, that an the money you owe me.

You're kiing, right?
'Cause sometimes I can't tell.

No, I'm not. I want my pay,
an not just mine, either.

I want Hartley's an laho's, too.

- Okay. Now you're kiing.
- It's for their families.

I think they eserve something
for their loss. on't you think?

- I'll take care of it.
- Goo. Once we have Creel...

I'll be in the win.
Or three sheets to it.

Fitz: Why are they going
the biochemical route?

Using an aenovirus factor
to counter Creel's ability.

Yeah, well, it's pointless, really,
since the injecte, um...

Injecte vector will never bin
to his cellular membranes.

Yeah, so... well, then they'
have to fin a way to estabilize...

The molecular structure
of Creel's epiermal cells, yeah.

- estabilize.
- Oh.

I in't solve this toay.

Who you talking to?

- Me.
- What? No one.

You like talking to yourself.
That's cool.

A lot of people o. You know,
I like singing in the shower.

Yeah, I know it's not really
the same thing,

but I wouln't want anyone to hear it.

- What o you want?
- All right, for cloaking,

were you thinking about
putting it uner avionics or...?

Enough about cloaking!
I'm busy... with... something.

Well, it souns like
you're just blowing me off.

You want to be alone?
That's cool.

You know, I think I like him.

- He's honest.
- Blunt, I' say.

I call them like I see them.

No, he oesn't talk to you
like the others.

- It's quite refreshing, actually.
- Yo. Fitz.

- Your min go wanering again?
- What?

- See?
- No.

What o you got there?

- No... this... this is just, uh...
- Go ahea an show him.

What harm woul it o?

oes it have something to o
with stopping Creel?

I think...

I think that we are...

I-I... have...

- I in't solve this toay.
- You think you can?

Izzy's sister, Jane.

Her favorite person in the worl.
After me, of course.

Looks like they like each other.

Yeah, those two,
when they got together,

there was a lot of laughs.
An bottles of wine.

Izzy was goo when it came to family.

Which is why I'm taking this.
It belonge to her mum.

ie of breast cancer
about five years back.

- Jane has it now, too.
- That's awful.

Yeah. Life can be
a mean runk that way.

Never knows when to stop punching.

How i you guys meet?

- Through my psychotic ex-wife.
- Mm-hmm.

Those two were goo friens
back in the ay.

I'm really sorry.
Tough to lose people you care about.

Secret to that?
on't get attache.

Trie that.
in't work.

For you, either.

You know, you remin me a bit of Izzy.

Raw but sharp.
You got skills.

- Mm.
- Type that coul earn you

some real money in the private sector.

As a mercenary?
Yeah, I on't think so.

We prefer the term
"private military contractors."

on't knock it.

Everyone nees
an exit strategy eventually.

Not me.
S.H.I.E.L..'s my life now.

S.H.I.E.L.. isn't a life.

It's just a job...
a means to an en. Remember that.

You hear anything more
about Creel, let me know.

Who's this?

Bakshi: Goo evening, Mr. Creel.

We've been trying to reach you.

Where the hell were you? I waite
at the rop site for an hour.

Calm own, Mr. Creel.
There's no nee to panic.

We're being cautious now that
S.H.I.E.L.. is a factor.

Forget them.
I got a real problem.

That thing really messe me up.

I turne to rubber when I touche it.

Thought that it woul protect
me, but it infecte me, too.

We're well aware of your conition.

But believe me when I say

that Mr. Whitehall wouln't have
selecte you for this job

if you weren't capable of completing it.

You on't know what it's oing to me.
I can't keep it off.

Once we have the Obelisk,
you will be taken care of

the way Hyra has
always taken care of you.

Please procee
to the seconary rop site,

an I shall meet you
at the appropriate time.

Goo night.


What are you looking at?!

Leave them alone, Mr. Creel.

We have far more important
things to iscuss.

- I know you from somewhere?
- My name is Raina,

an I'm a huge amirer of yours...
an your gifts.

Beat it, lay.
I'm not into groupies.

You misunerstan.

I know you recently acquire

something extremely
precious an rare...

something I'm very intereste in.

Whatever you're offering...
it ain't enough.

Maybe not.

But aren't you the least bit
curious as to what it might be?

It's calle carbyne,

an allotrope of carbon
foun in starust,

three times harer than iamon...

With an ae bonus.
It can store energy.

Beautiful, isn't it?

So fille with potential.

- Am I suppose to be impresse?
- I'll settle for intereste.

You have no iea
who you're ealing with, lay.

- You ever hear of Hyra?
- Name rings a bell.

Let me give you a tip... run.

'Cause if the guy I'm working
for gets ahol of you,

I' hate to see what he's gonna o

to that pretty little face of yours.

Looks like you nee
some help there, Mr. Creel.

I'm not the one who nees help, lay.

You o if you touche the Obelisk.

I'll tell you what...
I'm gonna o you a soli

an not tell my boss about you!

- What about the carbyne?
- It's the cost of oing business.

May: He couln't have gone far.

Local authorities have his
escription. Roablocks are up.

Talbot's people are still out there.

- Why was Creel at the bar?
- He was waiting for someone.

We just on't know
if that person ever showe.

We nee a solve for Creel's powers.
An we nee it yesteray.

- How's the lab coming?
- Nothing yet.

You remember that encrypte
Hyra frequency we shut own?

- Well, it's back up.
- Someone sent a message.

A message for us
with a phone number to call.

Yeah, coul be Creel.

Creel? A phone number?
What, is he lonely?

I oubt it.
The guy is jacke.

An he can turn any boy part
into any material.

- Okay. Thank you for that.
- Mm-hmm. Yeah.

- Call the number.
- Okay.

- Raina: Hello?
- Who is this?

Agent Coulson,
I'm gla you got my message.

Raina, as I live an breathe.

It's been a while since we've spoken.

I'm kin of in the mile of a
manhunt. Can we make this quick?

Why? You nee time
to trace this call, on't you?

I take it, then, you haven't tracke
own Mr. Creel or the item he stole.

What o you know about that?

I know Hyra's about
to get their hans on it.

- Well, congratulations.
- Let me be clear.

Mr. Creel is working for Hyra.
I am not.

Why the breakup?
Ba ental plan?

Hyra only has one thing
on their mins...

worl omination...

- which is so 1945.
- What o you want, Raina?

It's what I on't want,

which is the Obelisk
falling into the hans

of people who on't unerstan it.
I'm thinking you might.

An I'm thinking
you're gonna tell me why.

John Garrett unerstoo it.

The moment he was injecte with
the same rug that save you,

he ha visions.

He starte carving those
visions on the walls.

Garrett was a maman.

Garrett was enlightene.

He witnesse our fate...
what we' become.

- Have you?
- You're not calling to talk about fate.

You want us to catch Creel.

You rea my min, Agent Coulson.

Truth is Mr. Creel
stole something from me.

Fortunately for the
both of us, it has an

embee tracker. But
you' better hurry.

He's growing less stable by the secon.

Moment that tracker's
frequency comes through,

I want everyone on the move.

If Creel's haning off
the item to Hyra,

we nee to see where that leas.

What if Creel melts own again?

The lab hasn't figure out
how to shut own his powers yet.

If he's an immeiate threat
to civilians,

- Trip's got the backup plan.
- What kin of backup plan?

The heavy-uty kin
with armor-piercing rouns.

Will that work?

Get close enough to him,
catch him off guar...

Hopefully, we won't have to fin out.

Where o you want me?

That epens.
Can you follow an orer?

Absolutely, sir.

Because part of me wants you
here running back-en.

The other part knows
we nee boots on the groun,

an I've only got a few goo pairs.

I'll be goo.
Scout's honor.

Please, sir.
I owe Hartley one.

- We coul use him.
- Suit up.

It's all about the...
the resonant.

I in't solve this toay.

What... what... what...
what is this?

What, is this some kin of sonic thing,

- like the cloaking evice?
- No, I in't, uh...

Look, forget about
the cloaking evice, all right?

No one's blaming you for that.

Right now we just got to focus
on taking own Creel.

Whoa! Whoa!
Calm the hell own!

Hey, beat it!
You're pissing him off.

- Okay.
- Take it easy.

- Look, I in't solve this toay!
- Yeah, I know.

You sai that alreay!

I in't solve this toay!

Wait. Are you saying
you in't solve this toay.

- You solve this before?
- Yes.

Y-you're looking
for an ol esign?

- Yes! Yeah. Yeah.
- All right. Okay.

All right.
I'm with you.

- Yeah.
- I'm with you, turbo. All right.




Um... go back one.
Go back one.


Icers? Great.

How i we get stuck
with a nonlethal option?

Coin flip.
Trip calle tails.

Just getting wor from the lab.

Fitz might have something we can
use to neutralize Creel's powers.

Best news we've ha all ay.

Raina's tracker just poppe.
Creel's here.

Trip, are you in position?

Locke, loae, an looking...

Foun him.
He's got the package.

Looks like Creel is talking
to the guy with his back to him.

That's his Hyra contact.

The eal's going own. Skye?

Running facial recognition now.
Let's put a name to that face.

Let the exchange happen.

Skye an Hunter, follow the new player.
May, stay with Creel.

Everyone copy?

- Copy that.
- Copy.

Copy that, sir.

The package is still in place.

Woner why Creel hasn't
mae the exchange yet.

Can we get a laser mike on him?

Skye, you copy?


Oh, hell no.

You're not listening.

It's spreaing all over.
I can barely contain it.

Pass me the case an I'll help you.

Help me, an I won't o to you
what I i to the waitress.

Calm own, Mr. Creel.

Take a eep breath an clear your min.

Remember your training.

Remember, compliance will be reware.

- I'm happy to comply.
- Goo. Very goo.

- Whoa!
- Man: He's got a gun!

Oh, my go!

Everyboy out! Move!

I'm not gonna sugarcoat it, pal.

This is really gonna hurt.

Coulson: "Scout's honor"?

You were never a boy scout, were you?

Solier: Present! Huh!

Orer! Huh!

Breaking into cars now?

Following up on a promise.
Thanks to you.

General Talbot's
not the only one with friens,

Though I am sorry about
that $2 million you wante.

- That I can't swing.
- Oh, you knew about that, too, eh?

I'm the irector of S.H.I.E.L..

Well, that's just marvelous.
Talbot wants me ea.

An now I have no funs to run with.

- Any tips?
- Yeah.

on't run.
Work for me instea.

Creel must have hit you in the hea.

I shot three of your agents.

Incluing Agent May.
Not a smart move.

- She the type that hols a gruge?
- Savors it, actually.

No oubt, you've mae some mistakes.

So have I,
like letting you go after Creel.

- But I felt for you.
- Yeah, an I took avantage of that.

How o you know I won't o it again?

I on't, but the reality is

I on't have a fleet
of helicarriers or quinjets

or thousans of agents
at my isposal anymore.

We're lucky we still have
our George Foreman grill.

You nee warm boies.
Is that it?

I nee skille assets in the fiel

who are willing to step over the line,

to o the wrong thing
but for the right reason.

I nee you because I
can't be you. Not anymore.

Yeah, well, you're better off.
Trust me.

Look, it's your choice.

But goo people...
people I respect...

vouche for you.

- I' like to fin out why.
- Hell if I know.

- But I'm curious.
- Goo enough.

Oh. I just nee you
to o one thing.

- Oh, yeah?
- Sell me out.

The soun waves isrupte
the molecular, um...

The molecular...
the, um...

Well, you shoul unerstan.
You moifie it.

You know how some guys
can play a tune by ear?

Well, I nee sheet music.

The original one...

you built this with this Agent Simmons

- I keep hearing about?
- Yeah. What about Simmons?

Oh, no, no.
I hear that she was cool.

Hear that you two were pretty tight.


It's tough to lose a goo partner.

How you been holing up since she left?

I'm okay.

I'm gla he's talking to someone.

I've got to amit,
I'm having a tough time with it.

May: It's unerstanable.
He's change.

We all have.
Even the irector.

Coulson has a lot on his plate,
rebuiling S.H.I.E.L..

I wouln't know.

He's not exactly
the sharing type these ays.

He has the worl to worry about,

not just us, not just the team.

That's not it, May.
I've been watching him for months,

an I know
he's keeping something from me,

an it's not just because he's
the irector of S.H.I.E.L..

I think something is wrong with him.

- Skye...
- No, May, be honest.

- Is Coulson okay?
- Of course.

May: What is wrong with you?

You're irector now,
not some level 1 fiel agent.

There are no levels anymore.
I got ri of those.

You never shoul have gone
into the fiel like that.

- You're welcome.
- It's not funny, Phil.

I know you. An I know
when you're overly stresse.

It's been 18 ays
since your last episoe.

- 17.
- 18.

Which means you're ue or another one.


- An I'm tire of fighting it.
- So on't.

That's why I'm here.

You i well.

- Thank you. I...
- Now... pick it up.

You want me...

I nee to know.
So o you.

Pick it up.

- It worke.
- No.

It let you live.
There's a ifference.

Show me. Please.

Bring me my aughter,
an I'll show the both of you.

Coulson: We'll return in a moment.


- Can I call you "Glenn"?
- No.

- Where's Hunter?
- Watching "Cake Boss," I believe.

Sorry. I change
the terms of your eal.

Well, he kept up his en.

- You're here. Question is why?
- I felt ba for kinapping you,

so I brought you a peace offering.
Carl Creel.

I thought Creel was ea.

He's turne to stone,
but he coul always o that,

so I'm not sure how long it'll hol.

I've got him in a cryostasis
chamber in the back

of the van for 58 more minutes
before the juice runs out.

I' get him someplace
secure pretty quick.

Maybe a little more secure
than last time.

- Just saying.
- Very generous of you.

Like I tol you before, general,
we're the goo guys.

So, how about we make a eal?

S.H.I.E.L.. will keep
ropping off presents like this,

you keep getting promote.

All we ask for in return
is a little breathing room.

- Soun goo?
- You...

You must have
some big brass ones, Coulson.

Coming out here by yourself
to meet me...

face-to-face, no backup.

Let's face facts.

You an your little ban of
misfits are harly S.H.I.E.L..

Our intel says you on't have
enough manpower or artillery

to take own a convenience
store, so I'm sorry.

- I'm gonna have to say no to that eal.
- I on't know.

I think we're goo on artillery.

An in case you get any ieas,

that's just the tip of the iceberg.

Let's get out of here before
the iceberg runs out of fuel.